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Shimadzu Corporation
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Shimadzu Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Shimadzu Corporation. Shimadzu Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Shimadzu Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Shimadzu Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Control device for analysis device
04/20/17Image pickup breast examination
04/20/17Liquid sample introduction device
04/20/17Data processing device for mass spectrometry and program for said device
04/20/17Laser device
04/20/17Magnet bearing device and rotor rotary-drive apparatus
04/13/17Oil-lubricated bearing device and vacuum pump
04/06/17X-ray analyzer
04/06/17Time of flight mass spectrometer
03/30/17Sample introduction system
03/30/17Image-processing device
03/23/17Ferrule container, and ferrule container containing ferrule
03/23/17Light-synthesizing laser device
03/23/17Fiber coupling module
03/23/17High-frequency voltage generator
03/23/17Mass analyser
03/16/17Method for manipulating magnetic particles and device for manipulating magnetic particles
03/16/17Vacuum pump and mass spectrometer
03/16/17Information display processing device and control program for information display processing device
03/09/17Structure and film formation method
03/09/17Mass spectrometry method and mass spectrometer
03/09/17Data processing system and program for chromatograph mass spectrometer
03/09/17Device and processing target component in tube
03/02/17Radiation tomography device
03/02/17Film formation device and film formation method
03/02/17Protein detection method using mass spectrometry
02/23/17Manufacturing nanoparticle
02/23/17Irreversible mechanism
02/23/17Method for assessing state of differentiation of cells
02/16/17Moving-body tracking device for radiation therapy, irradiation region determining device for radiation therapy, and radiation therapy device
02/16/17Torque transmission mechanism
02/16/17Material testing machine
02/16/17Feedback control device
02/16/17Automatic blood coagulation analysis device
02/02/17Cell culturing device, cell culturing system and cell culturing method
02/02/17Mass spectrometry method, mass spectrometry , and mass spectrometric data processing program
02/02/17Control image pickup apparatus
01/26/17Laser machining device
01/19/17Radiographic apparatus
01/19/17Mass spectrometry polypeptides
01/12/17Spectroscopic detector
01/12/17Measurement method using differential refractometer, differential refractometer using the measurement method, and liquid chromatograph
01/12/17Mass spectrometer
12/29/16Optical measurement system and optical measurement apparatus
12/29/16Radiographic device
12/29/16X-ray imaging device
12/22/16Liquid delivery pump
12/22/16Ion analyzer
12/15/16Radiation inspecting apparatus
12/15/16Vacuum pump and mass spectrometer
12/08/16Gas-blowing liquid sample infusing device and infusion container used for the same
12/08/16Heating control device, heating control method, and program for heating control device
12/01/16Optical measurement probe and optical measurement device provided with the same
12/01/16Icp analyzer
12/01/16Guide file creation program
11/24/16Imaging device
11/24/16Discharge ionization detector
11/24/16Tandem mass spectrometry data processing system
11/24/16Tandem mass spectrometry data processing system
11/24/16Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer
11/17/16Measurement app cleavage peptides
11/17/16Radiation detector
11/10/16Ion mobility analyzer and mass spectrometer
11/10/16X-ray generating apparatus
11/10/16Mass spectrometer
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11/10/16Mass spectrometer and mass spectrometry method
11/03/16X-ray analysis device
11/03/16Circuit for generating a voltage waveform
10/27/16Infrared light imaging apparatus
10/27/16Trabecular bone analyzer
10/27/16Optical analyzer
10/27/16Sampling device
10/27/16Liquid collection device and automated analyzer provided therewith
10/27/16Mass spectrometer and mass spectrometry method
10/06/16Mobile x-ray imaging device
10/06/16Fraction collector
10/06/16Gear pump or motor
10/06/16Preparative separation chromatograph
09/29/16Radiographic apparatus
09/29/16Contour image generating device and nuclear medicine diagnosis apparatus
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09/29/16Liver tissue culturing device, liver tissue culturing system, liver tissue culturing method, and liver function evaluation method
09/29/16Flow cell
09/29/16Analytical device
09/29/16Radiation detector, and producing the same
09/22/16Fluorescent image acquisition device
09/22/16Vacuum pump
09/22/16Liquid carbon dioxide delivery pump, and supercritical fluid chromatograph provided with the same
09/22/16Autosampler and liquid chromatograph
09/22/16Liquid carbon dioxide delivery pump, and supercritical fluid chromatograph provided with the same
09/22/16Refractive index detector and liquid chromatograph
09/22/16Amino acid sequence analyzing method and system
09/15/16Multicomponent quantitative analysis method using chromatography
09/08/16X-ray fluorescence analysis method and x-ray fluorescence analysis system
09/08/16Blazed diffraction grating and producing blazed diffraction grating
09/08/16Software license management method and system
09/01/16Analytical device and autosampler used in the same
09/01/16Method for preparing peptide fragments, kit for preparing peptide fragments to be used therein, and analysis method
09/01/16Radiation detector
09/01/16Metal electrode, and electron gun, electron tube, and x-ray tube using metal electrode
08/25/16Positron ct apparatus and a timing correction method
08/25/16Cantilever attachment fitting and scanning probe microscope provided therewith
08/25/16Ionization apparatus
08/18/16V-block refractometer
08/18/16In-waveform peak end point detecting method and detecting device
08/18/16Waveform data processing device and waveform data processing program
08/18/16Data processing system for comprehensive two-dimensional chromatograph
08/18/16Chromatograph mass spectrometer
08/11/16X-ray imaging apparatus and x-ray imaging method
08/11/16Chromatogram data processing system
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08/11/16Optical analyzer
08/04/16Resin identification device
08/04/16Method of determining the composition of a separation medium for electrophoresis, program for determining the composition of a separation medium for electrophoresis, recording medium which stores said program, separation medium preparation device which prepares a separation medium, and electrophoresis method using the prepared separation medium
08/04/16Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer
08/04/16Peak detection method
07/28/16Nuclear medicine diagnosis apparatus
07/28/16Micro droplet operation device and reaction processing method using the same
07/28/16Data processing chromatograph
07/28/16Method of controlling a dc power supply
07/21/16Interconnection mechanism for column and needle
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07/21/16Pressure control valve and supercritical fluid chromatograph
07/21/16Chromatograph mass spectrometer
07/21/16Chromatogram data processing system
07/14/16Particle manipulation method and particle manipulation device
07/14/16Supercritical fluid-liquid chromatograph, and analysis method thereof
07/14/16Data processing system for chromatographic mass spectrometry
07/14/16Periodic polarization reversal electrode, periodic polarization reversal structure forming method and periodic polarization reversal element
07/14/16Sample-analyzing system
07/14/16Image processing device
07/07/16Vacuum valve
06/30/16Optical analyzer
06/30/16Reagent preparation support equipment, program for implementation thereof, and computer-readable recording medium on which this program is recorded
06/30/16Ion transport apparatus and mass spectrometer using the same
06/30/16Triple quadrupole mass spectrometer
06/23/16Branched amphipathic block polymer and molecular aggregate and drug delivery system using same
06/23/16Ion processing device, ion chromatograph provided with the ion processing device, and eluent generator provided with the ion processing device
06/23/16Particle size distribution measuring apparatus
06/23/16Analytical data display processing device
06/23/16Magnetic particle manipulation apparatus
06/16/16Matrix film deposition system
06/16/16Data processing device for chromatograph and data processing chromatograph
06/16/16Data processing system and data processing chromatograph
06/16/16Image processing device
06/16/16High-voltage power unit and mass spectrometer using the power unit
06/16/16Matrix film forming device
06/09/16Fluoroscopy apparatus and fluoroscopy method
06/09/16Jig mounting device for material testing machine
06/09/16Ionizer and mass spectrometer
06/02/16System and retrieval treatment of proteins in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section
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05/26/16Raman spectroscopic analyzer
05/12/16Pressure control valve and control valve
05/12/16Radiation ct apparatus
05/05/16Molecular assembly using amphipathic block polymer, and substance-conveyance carrier using same
05/05/16Sample odor testing device, test retainer used therein, and sample odor examination method
05/05/16X-ray tube assembly and adjusting filament
04/28/16Radiographic apparatus and using the same
04/28/16X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
04/28/16Mass spectrometer
04/21/16Mass analysis device
04/14/16Thermal conductivity detector and gas chromatograph
04/14/16Reference sample for analysis
04/14/16Mass analyser and mass analysis
03/31/16Mass spectrometry data processing apparatus
03/24/16Object movement control device and fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer
03/17/16Radiographic device
03/10/16Vacuum pump
03/10/16Liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer
03/10/16Image processing device
03/10/16Arc-plasma film formation device
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03/10/16Imaging mass spectrometric data processing method and imaging mass spectrometer
03/03/16Mobile-type radiographic image pick up device
03/03/16Spectroscopic analysis device, spectroscopic analysis method and program for spectroscopic analysis device
03/03/16Image processing apparatus, radiation tomography apparatus, and performing image processing
03/03/16Photodiode array detector
03/03/16High-frequency power supply device
03/03/16High-frequency power supply device
02/25/16Total nitrogen measurement apparatus
02/11/16Slide valve
02/11/16Mass spectrometer
02/04/16Liquid collecting apparatus and liquid collecting method
02/04/16Chromatogram data processing device and processing method
02/04/16Mass analysis data processing apparatus and mass analysis data processing method
02/04/16Sample preparation method and sample preparation device for maldi
01/28/16Flow path switching valve
01/28/16Chromatography/mass spectrometry data processing device
01/21/16X-ray imaging device
01/21/16Preparative separation chromatograph system
01/21/16Analytical device
01/14/16Total organic carbon meter
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01/14/16Method for judging presence or absence of epithelial-mesenchymal transition
01/14/16Mass spectrometry method using matrix
01/14/16Analysis target region setting apparatus
01/07/16Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
01/07/16Multiplex colon cancer marker panel
12/31/15Surface chemical treatment fine patterning
12/31/15Particle size distribution measuring apparatus
12/31/15Capillary unit for electrophoresis and electrophoresis device comprising the capillary unit
12/31/15Discharge ionization current detector
12/31/15Envelope rotation type x-ray tube apparatus
12/31/15Data processing device and data processing method
12/31/15Ionization chamber
12/31/15Mass spectrometer
12/24/15Positron ct apparatus
12/24/15Method and analyzing the concentration of materials in suspension
12/24/15Discharge ionization current detector and tuning the same
12/24/15Chromatograph/mass spectrometer data processing device
12/24/15Ion transport device and mass analysis device
12/17/15Pressure control valve and control valve
12/17/15Spectrometry device, liquid chromatograph, and wavelength calibration spectrometer
12/17/15Ion generation device and ion generation method
12/10/15Radiographic device
12/10/15Turbo-molecular pump
12/10/15Sample cooling device, autosampler provided with the same, and sample cooling method
12/10/15Sample heating device and elemental analyzer
12/03/15Optical biometric device and position measuring device used therein
12/03/15Vacuum pump and manufacturing vacuum pump
12/03/15Vacuum pump
12/03/15Sample cooling device, and autosampler provided with the same
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12/03/15Sample concentration device
12/03/15Flow rate control mechanism and gas chromatograph including flow rate control mechanism
12/03/15Data processing device for comprehensive two-dimensional chromatograph
12/03/15Diffraction grating for laser pulse compression and laser device
11/26/15Gas absorption spectroscopic system and gas absorption spectroscopic method
11/26/15Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer
11/26/15Circuit for generating a voltage waveform
11/19/15Material testing machine
11/19/15Supercritical fluid processing device
11/19/15Analyzing apparatus
11/05/15Gas pressure controller
10/29/15Radiation tomographic image generating apparatus, and radiation tomographic image generating method
10/29/15Data processing system and data processing chromatograph
10/29/15Display device, display method, and display program used in measurement system
10/22/15Optical biometric device
10/22/15Drift calculation device and light detection device provided with the same
10/22/15System for setting analysis target region
10/22/15Ion trap analyzer and ion trap mass spectrometry analysis method
10/15/15Liquid controlling method
10/15/15Atomic absorption spectrophotometer and signal voltage optimization method used by the same
10/15/15Linear image sensor and driving method therefor
10/08/15Gas chromatography equipment
10/08/15Radiation detector and radiation detector manufacturing method
10/08/15X-ray tube device
10/08/15High-voltage power unit and mass spectrometer using the power unit
10/01/15Vacuum pump
10/01/15Ion mobility analyzer, combination device thereof, and ion mobility analysis method
10/01/15Liquid chromatograph
10/01/15Mass spectrometry method using matrix additive

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