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Shimadzu Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Shimadzu Corporation. Shimadzu Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Shimadzu Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Shimadzu Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Mass spectrometer and ion mobility spectrometer

A cylindrically-shaped auxiliary electrode and a cylindrically-shaped reflecting electrode are located anterior to a spray flow ejected from an ESI ionization probe. An inlet end of a heated capillary extends into the space between the two electrodes. The auxiliary electrode and heated capillary are grounded, while the reflecting electrode is... Shimadzu Corporation

Noise level estimation method, measurement data processing device and program for processing measurement data

In a method for estimating a noise level representing the magnitude of a noise component from measurement data, first waveform data composed of high frequency noise components extracted from assumed noise data are divided into segments so that each section where positive values successively occur or each section where negative... Shimadzu Corporation

Mass spectrometer

In a device adjustment process, when a solenoid valve is opened, a gas resulting from vaporization of PFTBA held in a container is drawn into an ion source, a relationship between ambient temperature and a correction coefficient for actual signal values is experimentally determined beforehand. In an actual adjustment process,... Shimadzu Corporation

Laser device

A laser device has a plurality of laser diodes; a plurality of optical elements installed corresponding to the plurality of the laser diodes; a plurality of units formed by fixing the laser diodes and the optical elements per each laser diode and installed corresponding to the plurality of the laser... Shimadzu Corporation

Radiographic apparatus

A radiography apparatus is provided in which delays in it do not occur due to the influence of preliminary preparation of a radiation detector. The FPD 4 receives a signal from an X-ray tube control unit 6 and then completes preliminary preparation for the detection of radiation during accelerated movement... Shimadzu Corporation

Noise level estimation method, measurement data processing device, and program for processing measurement data

A method includes: performing a time-frequency analysis on measurement data to obtain waveform data representing a temporal change in the intensity of each of a plurality of frequency components; dividing the waveform data of each of a plurality of predetermined frequencies into a plurality of segments so that each section... Shimadzu Corporation

X-ray generator

An X-ray generator capable of reliably reducing an X-ray focal spot size without depending on the focal spot size of an electron beam on a target. Providing, within the irradiation range of an electron beam B of a target laminated structure 3 comprising a target 2 and an X-ray irradiation... Shimadzu Corporation

X-ray generator and x-ray analyzer

A heat pump is used to cool an X-ray tube, and waste heat from the heat pump is used to heat a separate part (a spectroscope, for example). As a result, the X-ray tube can be cooled using the heat pump, and the waste heat from the heat pump resulting... Shimadzu Corporation

Sensitivity correction coefficient calculating system and x-ray analyzer

The invention provides a sensitivity correction coefficient calculating system for an X-ray detector with which the sensitivity correction coefficient can be calculated using a multipurpose X-ray source instead of a specific X-ray source. In the sensitivity correction coefficient calculating system for an X-ray detector having a detection surface where detection... Shimadzu Corporation

Objective optical system for atr measurement

An objective optical system includes a convex secondary mirror configured to reflect a measurement light irradiated from an infrared microscope, a concave primary mirror configured to reflect the measurement light reflected by the secondary mirror, a prism to which the measurement light reflected by the primary mirror is irradiated, and... Shimadzu Corporation

Head-up display apparatus

A head-up display apparatus is provided with an image emission mechanism that emits image display light, and a combiner arranged in front of an eye (or eyes) of a pilot to introduce the image display light to the eye(s) of the pilot. The head-up display apparatus is equipped with a... Shimadzu Corporation

Rotor life estimation device and vacuum pump

A rotor life estimation device of a vacuum pump including a rotor rotatably driven by a motor and a rotor temperature detection section configured to detect a temperature of the rotor, comprises: an arithmetic section configured to calculate a strain equivalent corresponding to creep strain of the rotor based on... Shimadzu Corporation

Three-dimensional spectral data processing device and processing method

When performing an analysis of the difference between a specific sample group and a nonspecific sample group, a principle component analysis processing unit (33) performs principle component analysis on a collection of a plurality of mass spectrums created from data obtained for a single specific sample, and a characteristic spectrum... Shimadzu Corporation

Gas chromatograph

A gas chromatograph is provided which is capable of effectively reducing the amount consumed of a carrier gas, reducing the time and effort required for an operator to manually set parameters, and preventing damages to a column and a detector due to a setting mistake. In a case where a... Shimadzu Corporation

Big-data analyzing method and mass spectrometric system using the same method

Provided is a method for sorting a number of samples into an appropriate number of clusters according to their characteristics. Highly-correlated peaks are extracted from mass spectrum data obtained for the samples (S2). Using the extracted peaks, highly-correlated sample pairs are extracted (S3). While removing samples having low degrees of... Shimadzu Corporation

Time-of-flight mass spectrometer

An ion reflector has a configuration in which multiple plate electrodes having a rectangular opening are arranged. The components are arranged so that a central axial line extending in the longitudinal direction of the opening lies on a plane which contains a straight line (Y-axis) connecting the centroidal position of... Shimadzu Corporation

Defect detection method and defect detection apparatus

A defect detection apparatus is provided that can inspect a measurement region of a target object at one time and without inconsistencies arising within the measurement region. A defect detection apparatus 10 includes: a generation unit (signal generator 11 and vibrator 12) for generating an elastic wave in a target... Shimadzu Corporation

Scanning probe microscope

The invention provides a scanning probe microscope capable of eliminating the influence of vibration noise and obtaining, accurately and with high resolution, surface information of a sample S. A scanning probe microscope 1 includes: a main body unit 10; a control unit 30; and a wireless stand 60 that is... Shimadzu Corporation

Analysis data processing

When conducting imaging mass analysis for a region to be measured on a sample, an individual reference value calculating part obtains a maximum value in Pi/Ii of respective measuring points, and stores the value together with measured data as an individual reference value. When performing comparison analysis for a plurality... Shimadzu Corporation

Radiation phase-contrast imaging device

Provided is a radiation phase-contrast imaging device capable of assuredly detecting a self-image and precisely imaging the internal structure of an object. According to the configuration of the present invention, the longitudinal direction of a detection surface of a flat panel detector is inclined with respect to the extending direction... Shimadzu Corporation

Liquid chromatograph

A liquid chromatograph includes: a concentration column for capturing a target component; an analysis column for separating the target component from other components; first passage-switching units for switching between the state of forming a passage through which a sample-introduction mobile phase containing the liquid sample is fed to the concentration... Shimadzu Corporation

Dynamic image processing device for head mounted display, dynamic image processing head mounted display and head mounted display system

This dynamic image processing device (20) for a head mounted display includes an attitude detection means (30) capable of detecting the attitude of an imaging device affixed to the head of a user, a first image deviation amount calculation means (41) that calculates a first image deviation amount (G1) in... Shimadzu Corporation

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump for rotary driving a rotor by a motor to perform vacuum pumping, wherein a motor rotor of the motor includes a yoke fixed to a shaft of the rotor, and a permanent magnet held at the yoke, and the yoke includes a holding portion provided apart from... Shimadzu Corporation


A photodetector includes a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements arranged within a photosensitive-element area constituting one photosensitive element; the plurality of detection circuits each of which is provided for one of the plurality of photoelectric conversion elements, each of the detection circuits including a capacitor; and a signal processing section... Shimadzu Corporation

Chromatogram data processing method and chromatogram data processing apparatus

The EM algorithm for a Gaussian mixture model is applied to the separation of peaks that overlap one another on a chromatogram. However, the number of overlapping components is unknown. Thus, a suitable number of models is set, and the fitting of model parameters is performed while an actually measured... Shimadzu Corporation

X-ray imaging device

An X-ray imaging device and method of operation is capable of acquiring a long-length image and is naturally connected. A configuration data of the signal intensity depending on the position along a moving direction of the long-length imaging is acquired by acquiring a model data prior to the long-length imaging,... Shimadzu Corporation

Particle operation method and particle operation device

The present invention relates to a particle manipulation method to disperse magnetic particles 70 in a liquid 35 filling up a tube container 10, wherein a circumferential direction moving step to move the magnetic particles 70 along the circumferential direction of the container 10 in the liquid 35 and in... Shimadzu Corporation

Method for specific cleavage of c alpha-c bond and side chain of protein and peptide, and determining amino acid sequence

The present invention provides a method for specifically cleaving a Cα-C bond of a peptide backbone and/or a side chain of a protein and a peptide, and a method for determining amino acid sequences of protein and peptide. A method for specifically cleaving a Cα-C bond of a peptide backbone... Shimadzu Corporation

Ion mobility spectrometer

A spray area in which a large number of droplets of a liquid sample sprayed from a spray nozzle is separated from the tip of a needle electrode for corona discharge by a sufficiently large distance, with a grid electrode facing the needle electrode placed in between. Ring electrodes for... Shimadzu Corporation

Chromatograph mass spectrometer

A chromatograph mass spectrometer including: an MSn−1 analysis setter for setting an analysis execution period for performing an MSn−1 analysis, an execution time for the analysis and a loop time; an analysis period divider for dividing the analysis period into segments according to a change in number or analysis condition... Shimadzu Corporation

Digital holography device and digital hologram generation method

A generation method of a digital hologram includes steps of emitting coherent light from a coherent light source, imaging a hologram that is an interference pattern of an object beam and a reference beam due to the emission light from the light source, and setting a plurality of wavelengths of... Shimadzu Corporation

Tomographic image display device

In a tomographic image display device, an MIP-axis setting unit sets a predetermined axis of a subject as an MIP-axis. A position information calculation unit sets each position of three-dimensional volume data obtained for different regions of interest at three-dimensional positions corresponding to positional relationships between the MIP-axis and the... Shimadzu Corporation

Atomic absorption photometer and atomic absorption measurement method

There are provided an atomic absorption photometer and an atomic absorption measurement method which can easily perform background correction in a short time period by using a plurality of types of methods while suppressing the amount of samples consumed. Background correction is performing by using each of the D2 lamp... Shimadzu Corporation

Data display processing device, data display processing method and control program for scanning probe microscope

A data display processing device for a scanning probe microscope includes: a group information storage unit for managing and storing a plurality of measurement data sets; specified data acquisition means for acquiring, from the storage unit, a specified measurement data set; display controlling means for displaying the specified data set... Shimadzu Corporation

Mass spectrometer

A high-voltage power source for applying high voltage to a nozzle of an ESI ion source includes a charge release assistant section (26) including switch circuits (62 and 65) and other elements for forcing electric charges accumulated at output terminals to be discharged in a polarity-switching operation, whereby the positive/negative... Shimadzu Corporation

11/02/17 / #20170312544

Moving-body tracking device for radiation therapy, irradiation region determining device for radiation therapy, and radiation therapy device

A radiation therapy apparatus includes a radiation irradiation unit 35, an X-ray imaging unit 36, a CT imaging device 37, a treatment planning device 38, and a controller 10. The controller 10 includes a CT image deformation amount calculation unit 11, a shape calculation unit 12, an irradiation region determining... Shimadzu Corporation

11/02/17 / #20170315025

Sample introducing device and analyzing device provided therewith

A carrier gas flow path of at least from a trap to an analyzing portion is shared between a state wherein a sample component is trapped within the trap and a state wherein the sample component is not trapped within the trap. In this case, even after the sample has... Shimadzu Corporation

11/02/17 / #20170315243

Radiation detector

A radiation detector has reflection materials that segment a scintillator array to respective areas, a first accumulator 41, which adds multiple signals amplified by amplifiers 30 in the area segmented by the reflection materials, per area segmented by the reflection materials, a first trigger generation circuit 42, that generates a... Shimadzu Corporation

11/02/17 / #20170316563

Image processing device

A borderline extraction element 15 extracts a borderline B of adjacent vertebrae from an X-ray image on which multiple vertebrae are projected connected in a line. A vertebral area setting element 17 sets a area sandwiched by the adjacent borderlines B as a vertebral area and an area number is... Shimadzu Corporation

11/02/17 / #20170317900

Analyzing device system and program for the system

An operator creates a function table on an analyzing device, a computer for analysis or a server. In the function table, an instruction is described which includes designation of the computer(s) for analysis or the server, and a process to be executed by the designated computer(s) for analysis or server,... Shimadzu Corporation

11/02/17 / #20170318653

X-ray device

An X-ray device may comprise a timer for monitoring a nonoperation time, such as a time from a previous signal input to a control circuit to the next input signal. When the timer detects that the nonoperation time has exceeded a preset time, the control circuit controls the contactors and... Shimadzu Corporation

10/26/17 / #20170306967

Monitoring device and vacuum pump

A vacuum pump includes; a rotor, a stator, a motor, a heating section heating the pump base portion, a base temperature detection section detecting a temperature of the pump base portion, a rotor temperature detection section detecting a temperature equivalent as a physical amount equivalent to a temperature of the... Shimadzu Corporation

10/26/17 / #20170307551

Sample-analyzing system

Provided is a sample-analyzing system used for identifying a target sample from its measurement data obtained using a plurality of analyzing devices including at least one device selected from a fluorescent X-ray analyzer, atomic absorption photometer and inductively coupled plasma emission analyzer as well as at least one device selected... Shimadzu Corporation

10/19/17 / #20170299515

Optical measuring device and safety device used therein

An optical measuring device including a sample placement portion for a measurement sample to be placed therein; a light source portion for emitting a measurement beam toward the measurement sample that is placed in the sample placement portion; and a detector for detecting sample information from a measurement sample that... Shimadzu Corporation

10/19/17 / #20170299547

Capillary electrophoresis apparatus

A pump is used to draw in a sample into a sample suction tube, and the sample is introduced into a capillary tube that is disposed straight in the horizontal direction. Because the sample is drawn in through the sample suction tube in this way, there is no need to... Shimadzu Corporation

10/19/17 / #20170299557

Simultaneous multicompound analysis method and simultaneous multicompound analysis program using mass spectrometry

The operation efficiency and accuracy of the simultaneous analysis of phospholipids, including fatty acid compositions are increased. After a first-time LC/MS/MS analysis for determining the phospholipid classes of the phospholipid contained in a sample is performed (S2-S3), a second-time LC/MS/MS analysis for determining fatty acid compositions is performed only for... Shimadzu Corporation

10/19/17 / #20170301531

Ion mobility spectrometer

An offset voltage adjusting portion is provided in an amplifying portion for applying respective pulse voltages to a pair of grid electrodes that structures a shutter gate grid. Because the pulse voltage is shifted in the direction of the voltage axis, with the amplitude and pulse width thereof maintained, when... Shimadzu Corporation

10/19/17 / #20170301532

Ion trap design method and ion trap mass spectrometer

In a three-dimensional quadrupole-type ion trap, a shape and an arrangement of the ring electrode and the end cap electrodes 11 and 12 are shifted from an ideal state in which only a quadrupole electric field is formed, so that the polarities of the ratio of strength of an octupole... Shimadzu Corporation

10/12/17 / #20170291042

Positioning apparatus and positioning

A positioning apparatus and a positioning method has a control element and function 40 includes a radiograph acquisition element 41 that acquires radiograph data detected by two radiography systems selected from a group consisting of a flat panel detector, a DRR (Digital Reconstructed Radiograph) generation element 42 that generates DRR... Shimadzu Corporation

10/12/17 / #20170292679

Light-emitting device

A light-emitting device for increasing power by combining beams from a plurality of light sources and for improving focusing performance including a plurality of light sources; and a light-outputting device for generating collimated beams for respective emitted lights from the plurality of light sources and for outputting enlarged beams wherein... Shimadzu Corporation

10/12/17 / #20170294295

Methods and devices for parallel analysis of ion mobility spectrum and mass spectrum

A method for parallel analysis in mass spectrometry and ion mobility spectrometry includes enabling a sample to be subjected to a chromatography separation; ionizing the chromatography separated sample and then feeding the sample into a succeeding stage device for analysis, comprising: analyzing at least part of the ionized sample through... Shimadzu Corporation

10/12/17 / #20170294297

Sample preparation method and sample preparation device for maldi including depositing matrix substance on sample substrate in two steps

After a sample such as a biomedical tissue section is attached to an electrically-conductive slide glass (S1), the film layer of a matrix substance is appropriately formed by vapor deposition so as to cover the sample (S2). The crystal of the matrix substance in the film layer is very fine... Shimadzu Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170281116

X-ray imaging rounds

This X-ray imaging apparatus for rounds includes inside a cart a battery, a charging circuit adapted to limit charging current flowing through the battery, and a control circuit, in which the control circuit includes: a power supply voltage detecting part adapted to detect power supply voltage supplied from an external... Shimadzu Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170284981

Preprocessing device and analysis system provided with same

The present invention provides a processing device with a high degree of flexibility in setting of preprocessing and which is capable of increasing the preprocessing efficiency, and an analysis system provided with the same. Setting receiving means (84d) receives, for each sample, setting of a plurality of types of preprocessing... Shimadzu Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170284982

Preprocessing device and analysis system provided with same

The present invention provides a preprocessing device of a more compact structure, and an analysis system provided with the same. A preprocessing device (1) includes a container holding section (12), a filtration port (30), and a transport arm (24). The container holding section (12) holds a separation container (50) and... Shimadzu Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170287689

Ion manipulation device for guiding or confining ions in an ion processing apparatus

An ion manipulation device for guiding or confining ions in an ion processing apparatus. The device has a first circuit board, wherein at least one first electrode for manipulating the path of ions is mounted on a mounting surface of the first circuit board; a second circuit board, wherein at... Shimadzu Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170287691

Mass spectrometer

In a mass spectrometer according to the present invention, when MRM measurements for a plurality of MRM transitions need to be performed within one cycle, a measurement order rearranger determines an analysis sequence by sorting the measurement in ascending order of the absolute value of an optimum application voltage (an... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170276602

Light measuring apparatus

An optical measurement device 100 comprises a apparatus main element 1 including a light emission aperture 11, a light emission probe element 2 that includes the optical fibers 21 and transmits a light the other end 21b of the optical fibers 21 attached and detached relative the light emission aperture... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170276652

Analyzing device

An analyzing device includes a splitting part for causing fluid containing a sample component to flow separately in a first flow passage and a second flow passage; an analyzing column provided on the first flow passage for separating the sample component from the fluid; a first back pressure regulating valve... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170276654

Gas-liquid separator and super-critical fluid device

A gas-liquid separator according to an embodiment of the present invention separates a mobile phase containing a gas and a liquid into a gas and a liquid. The gas-liquid separator according to the embodiment of the present invention includes an introduction flow channel to which a mobile phase is introduced,... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170276806

Radiation detector

The radiation detector according to the present invention is always able to calculate the summation value accurately, regardless of the intensity of the fluorescent emission that is produced in the scintillator. That is, if the method for calculating the summation value set forth in the present invention is used, then... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170278689

Mass analyser and mass analysis

An electrostatic ion trap for mass analysis includes a first array of electrodes and a second array of electrodes, spaced from the first array of electrode. The first and second arrays of electrodes may be planar arrays formed by parallel strip electrodes or by concentric, circular or part-circular electrically conductive... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170278691

Time-of-flight mass spectrometer

A voltage applied to an exit gate electrode forming a potential barrier and temporarily trapping ions within the inner space of the ion guide is higher than a voltage at an ion guide's exit end. A higher voltage is applied to the exit gate electrode for a lower m/z value... Shimadzu Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170265759

Photobiological measurement apparatus

A photobiological measurement apparatus 1 may include a second received light quantity information calculation unit 33 for calculating measurement data relating to cerebral activity, a data display controller for displaying the measurement data for a specified area of a subject's brain, is characterized: is being provided with a reference light-receiving... Shimadzu Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170268519

Magnetic levitation vacuum pump

A magnetic bearing vacuum pump comprises: a first displacement signal generation section configured to amplify, by a resolution multiplying factor K of K>1, a displacement modulated wave signal modulated according to a displacement of the rotor from a predetermined position to generate a high-resolution displacement signal in a first displacement... Shimadzu Corporation

Patent Packs
09/21/17 / #20170271135

Multidimensional mass spectrometry data processing device

For a sample whose components are separated from each other, an MS2 analysis is repeatedly performed by an MS/MS unit to obtain MS2 spectra. Peak information is collected from the MS2 spectrum acquired for each micro area on a two-dimensional chromatogram. A principal component analysis processor performs a principal component... Shimadzu Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170271140

Time-of-flight mass spectrometer

Ions ejected substantially simultaneously from a collision cell after being temporarily held inside the collision cell arrive at an orthogonal acceleration unit through an ion transport optical system. When the ions enter the orthogonal acceleration unit, voltages having a predetermined potential difference are applied to an entrance-side electrode and an... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170258330

Imaging device

The fusion element of the imaging processing element 31 generates the fused image by combining: the corrected image generated by using; at least one parameter relative to the color space including RGB value of each pixel, luminance, value, saturation and hue of the visible image, and each pixel value of... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170258331

Imaging device

An imaging device includes a visible light source 22, an excitation light source 23 that irradiates an excitation light to excite indocyanine green administered to a patient; an evaluation light source 24 that irradiates the light having the wavelength corresponding to the fluorescence from indocyanine green; a aperture mechanism 60... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170260999

Temperature control device and turbo-molecular pump

A turbo-molecular pump includes a stator provided at a pump base portion, a rotor rotatably driven on the stator, a heating section configured to heat the pump base portion, abase temperature detection section configured to detect a temperature of the pump base portion, and a rotor temperature detection section configured... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170261622

Radiation detector and tof-pet apparatus having the same

A radiation detector provides improved time-resolution under consideration of an incident of a multiple scattering event. An individual comparator 11 extracts a pulse from the detection element 3a through a total circuit 12 and converts to the time data. In addition, each detection element 3a comprises the total circuit 12.... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170263412

X-ray target and x-ray generation device having the same

An X-ray target and an X-ray generation device including the X-ray target are provided. In an X-ray target, a frame for supporting an irradiation window is divided into a first frame closer to the irradiation window and a second frame on the outer side of the first frame. The irradiation... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170265289

Emitter and x-ray tube device having the same

An emitter that can be lighted even if a line of any part thereof is broken by ensuring an electric pathway. The X-ray tube device includes an electron emission surface P having an electric pathway; electric heating elements 21, 22 that are connected electrically to both ends of said electron... Shimadzu Corporation

09/07/17 / #20170256387

Focusing ion guiding apparatus and mass spectrographic analysis apparatus

A focusing ion guiding apparatus includes at least one ion guiding inlet and ion guiding outlet connected to each other via a transport axial line; at least one group of focusing electrode structures comprising at least one smooth and non-concave focusing electrode or focusing electrode array to which a focusing... Shimadzu Corporation

09/07/17 / #20170256388

Mass analysis method and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer

An Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer including: a plasma ionization part; a mass analysis part; a storage part that stores ion information about mass-charge ratios and presence ratios of isotopic ions of all elements and mass-charge ratios and generation probabilities of compound ions and multivalent ions generated when the measuring... Shimadzu Corporation

08/31/17 / #20170248562

Analytical measurement device system

Provided is an analytical measurement device system 10 having a plurality of units (liquid-sending pump 12; detector 15) including: a sensor (flow sensor 121; light amount detector 151) provided in at least one unit among the plurality of units, for detecting the condition of a specific portion of the unit;... Shimadzu Corporation

08/17/17 / #20170234839

Preparative separation liquid chromatograph system and preparative separation condition searching method

Provided is a preparative separation liquid chromatograph system and preparative separation condition searching method which allows for an easy setting of the preparative separation condition. A sample temporally separated into components by a separation column is introduced into a detector and a fraction collector, with each component fractionated and collected... Shimadzu Corporation

08/17/17 / #20170236698

Ion optical apparatus and mass spectrometer

An ion optical apparatus and a mass spectrometer are provided. The ion optical apparatus includes at least one planar insulating substrate which is covered with metal patterns to form an electrode array including a plurality of cell electrodes, wherein each of the cell electrodes is arrayed according to a first... Shimadzu Corporation

08/17/17 / #20170236699

Mass spectrometer

Before a sample is pierced with a probe of a PESI ion source, a total ion current is measured under a condition with no voltage applied from a high voltage generator to the probe as well as under a condition with the voltage applied. If the probe is properly attached... Shimadzu Corporation

08/17/17 / #20170236701

Time-of-flight mass spectrometer

An ion transport optical system is disposed between a collision cell and an orthogonal acceleration unit. When releasing ions that are held in the collision cell, an accelerating electric field in which a large potential difference exists is created between an exit-side end of an ion guide and a first... Shimadzu Corporation

Patent Packs
08/10/17 / #20170227018

Vacuum pump device and vacuum pump device system

A vacuum pump device comprises: a power supply device including a dew condensation detector configured to detect dew condensation, a regenerative braking resistance, and a controller configured to energize the regenerative braking resistance; a cooling system using coolant; and a pump main body including a motor rotatably driven by the... Shimadzu Corporation

08/10/17 / #20170227055

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump comprises: a bearing device; and an exhaust function including a rotary body supported by the bearing device and configured to exhaust gas. The bearing device includes a bearing having an outer ring, an inner ring, and a rolling body, a lubricant storage configured to store lubricant, a... Shimadzu Corporation

08/10/17 / #20170229275

Particle charger

A particle charger is provided with: a filter (28) partitioning the inside of a housing (20) into a first space (29) and second space (30); a particle introducer (22) for introducing a particle into the first space; a gas ion supplier (10) for supplying the first space with a gas... Shimadzu Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170219542

Peak extraction method and program

A peak extraction method for extracting a true peak from a measured waveform, including acquiring a second derivative waveform; extracting a provisional peak on the basis of a maximum value and/or a minimum value of the second derivative waveform; determining the peak width of the provisional peak on the basis... Shimadzu Corporation

07/27/17 / #20170209109

Radiographic imaging device

The purpose of the present disclosure is to provide a radiographic imaging device in which visibility is improved by preventing a phenomenon in which a stent image is inverted in an enlarged displayed video of a stent image that appears in a live image. The present disclosure makes it possible... Shimadzu Corporation

07/20/17 / #20170202522

Radiation tomography apparatus

Disclosed herein is a partially movable radiation tomography apparatus capable of superimposing an anatomical image and a functional image without causing misalignment. The apparatus of the disclosure includes a device associated with a CT gantry having a top board, and a device associated with a PET gantry. The latter device... Shimadzu Corporation

07/20/17 / #20170205287

High-frequency power supply device

A high-frequency input voltage and a high-frequency input current to a series resonant circuit are detected by a voltage detection unit and a current detection unit, respectively, and plasma input power is detected by a plasma input power detection unit based on the detected high-frequency input voltage and high-frequency input... Shimadzu Corporation

07/13/17 / #20170197098

Fluoroscopic device, moving body tracking device for radiation therapy, and x-ray detector

An X-ray fluoroscopic device includes an X-ray imaging mechanism having an X-ray tube 1 and a flat panel detector 2; filters 23 to form a correction region, in which the scattered radiation S caused by irradiating the therapeutic beam to the subject 57 can be incident, but the X-ray that... Shimadzu Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170181979

Process for producing nanoparticles

Provided is a method for producing a nanoparticle having a uniform particle diameter. A method for producing a nanoparticle comprising an amphiphilic block polymer, the method comprising: with use of a nanoparticle production device that includes: a polymer solution supply channel Cp; an aqueous liquid supply channel Cw1, Cw2; a... Shimadzu Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170182488

Segmentable container and segmenting substance contained in container

Provided are a simple, quick, and low-processing cost method capable of reliably separating part of an accommodated substance accommodated in a vessel only by simple mechanical operation while maintaining a hermetically-sealed state without any contact with an outside atmosphere, as well as a vessel with which the method may be... Shimadzu Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170184113

Monitoring device

A monitoring device for monitoring power consumption of a magnetic bearing vacuum pump rotatably driven by a motor and configured such that a rotor is magnetically levitated and supported by a magnetic bearing, comprises: a calculator configured to calculate the power consumption of the magnetic bearing vacuum pump, the power... Shimadzu Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170184225

Column-attaching device and ferrule set

In a state in which a ferrule 10 is sandwiched and fixed between a ferrule receiving part 20 and a ferrule pressing part 30, the ferrule 10 is urged toward the ferrule receiving part 20 side by an urging member 33. With this structure, without configuring such that the ferrule... Shimadzu Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170184573

Surrogate biomarker for evaluating intracerebral amyloid ß peptide accumulation and analysis thereof

Provided are a biomarker for evaluating a cerebral Aβ accumulation state using an amyloid precursor protein (APP)-derived peptide in a living body-derived sample as an index, and a method for analysis thereof. A living body-derived sample derived from a test subject is measured, and at least one ratio selected from... Shimadzu Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170176382

Electrophoresis device

A capillary electrophoresis device including a capillary tube, a suction pump for taking liquid, an intake tube whose end is formed vertically downward, a connection block in which there is an intake flow path that holds the end of the capillary tube and connecting the suction pump to the intake... Shimadzu Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170164921

Radiographic device

An X-ray imaging apparatus that reduces the workload of a user when the X-ray imaging is performed while moving a table in 2 axes directions in a loading plane relative to an X-ray irradiation detection element. The X-ray imaging apparatus 100 comprises an X-ray irradiation detection element 1 including an... Shimadzu Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170168027

Preprocessing kit, preprocessing apparatus using said preprocessing kit to preprocess sample, and analysis system provided with said preprocessing apparatus

A preprocessing kit includes a separation device, a collecting container, and a skirt part. The skirt part is integrated with the separation device, and is provided to surround an outer circumferential surface of the separation device with a clearance being left from the outer circumferential surface so that a space... Shimadzu Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170168028

Analyzer control system

An analyzer control system 20 for monitoring and controlling an analyzer 20 includes: a plurality of sensors for detecting the condition of each component of the analyzer; a potential problem inference section 23 for receiving detection results obtained with all or part of the sensors and for inferring whether or... Shimadzu Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170169983

Emitter and x-ray tube device

An emitter for an X-ray tube device is configured to irradiate an anode with electrons for X-ray emission. The emitter includes an electron emission portion to be heated by an electric current, a current application leg for supplying the electric current to the electron emission portion, a support leg, a... Shimadzu Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170160213

X-ray spectroscopic analysis apparatus and elementary analysis method

An X-ray spectroscopic analysis apparatus includes: a radiation source configured to irradiate a predetermined irradiation area in the surface of a sample with an excitation beam for generating a characteristic X-ray; an analyzing crystal provided facing the irradiation area; a slit provided between the irradiation area and the analyzing crystal,... Shimadzu Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170160245

Data processing device for comprehensive two-dimensional chromatograph

A two-dimensional chromatogram creator creates a two-dimensional chromatogram based on data obtained for each of two samples. A chromatogram difference calculator creates a two-dimensional differential chromatogram showing the intensity difference between the two two-dimensional chromatograms. A blob detector detects blobs on each chromatogram. A matching-blob extractor compares the blobs located... Shimadzu Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170161188

Information management system

An information management system for detecting not only a set of management target data which has been changed but also another set of management target data which is affected by that change among a plurality of sets of management target data. The present system includes a dependency manager for managing... Shimadzu Corporation

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