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Shimadzu Corporation patents (2017 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Shimadzu Corporation. Shimadzu Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Shimadzu Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Shimadzu Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Rotor life estimation device and vacuum pump

A rotor life estimation device of a vacuum pump including a rotor rotatably driven by a motor and a rotor temperature detection section configured to detect a temperature of the rotor, comprises: an arithmetic section configured to calculate a strain equivalent corresponding to creep strain of the rotor based on a correlation between a creep strain speed equivalent and the temperature of the rotor and the temperature detected by the rotor temperature detection section; an estimation section configured to estimate a rotor life based on the calculated strain equivalent; and a providing section configured to provide information on the estimated rotor life.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

Head-up display apparatus

A head-up display apparatus is provided with an image emission mechanism that emits image display light, and a combiner arranged in front of an eye (or eyes) of a pilot to introduce the image display light to the eye(s) of the pilot. The head-up display apparatus is equipped with a light guide including first and second plane arranged in parallel planes, an incidence plane including a first reflector and an emission plane including a second reflector disposed between the first and second planes. ... Shimadzu Corporation

Objective optical system for atr measurement

An objective optical system includes a convex secondary mirror configured to reflect a measurement light irradiated from an infrared microscope, a concave primary mirror configured to reflect the measurement light reflected by the secondary mirror, a prism to which the measurement light reflected by the primary mirror is irradiated, and a light shielding means provided on an optical path of the measurement light between the primary mirror and the prism to shield a part of the light beam of the measurement light.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

Sensitivity correction coefficient calculating system and x-ray analyzer

The invention provides a sensitivity correction coefficient calculating system for an x-ray detector with which the sensitivity correction coefficient can be calculated using a multipurpose x-ray source instead of a specific x-ray source. In the sensitivity correction coefficient calculating system for an x-ray detector having a detection surface where detection elements for detection the x-ray intensity are aligned one-dimensionally or two-dimensionally, fitting is carried out on the measured x-ray intensity detected by a detection element using an approximation function so as to calculate the sensitivity correction coefficient using the calculated x-ray intensity calculated from the approximation function and the measured x-ray intensity.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

Time-of-flight mass spectrometer

An ion reflector has a configuration in which multiple plate electrodes having a rectangular opening are arranged. The components are arranged so that a central axial line extending in the longitudinal direction of the opening lies on a plane which contains a straight line (y-axis) connecting the centroidal position of an ion distribution in an ion trap and a central position on the detection surface of a detector, and a central axial line (x-axis) of an ion-ejecting direction. ... Shimadzu Corporation

Gas chromatograph

A gas chromatograph is provided which is capable of effectively reducing the amount consumed of a carrier gas, reducing the time and effort required for an operator to manually set parameters, and preventing damages to a column and a detector due to a setting mistake. In a case where a stop operation for the power supply of the gas chromatograph is performed (yes in step s101), the flow rate of a carrier gas to be supplied to a sample vaporization chamber is decreased and the temperatures of the column and the detector are sufficiently lowered (steps s102 to s104), and then the power supply of the gas chromatograph is switched over from an on state to an off state (step s106).. ... Shimadzu Corporation

Three-dimensional spectral data processing device and processing method

When performing an analysis of the difference between a specific sample group and a nonspecific sample group, a principle component analysis processing unit (33) performs principle component analysis on a collection of a plurality of mass spectrums created from data obtained for a single specific sample, and a characteristic spectrum acquisition unit (34) acquires a characteristic spectrum for each of a plurality of principle components using factor loadings. A spectrum similarity calculation unit (35) calculates the similarities between all mass spectrums and the characteristic spectrum for each sample, and obtains a representative value for the same. ... Shimadzu Corporation

Analysis data processing method and device

When conducting imaging mass analysis for a region to be measured on a sample, an individual reference value calculating part obtains a maximum value in pi/ii of respective measuring points, and stores the value together with measured data as an individual reference value. When performing comparison analysis for a plurality of the data obtained from different samples, a common reference value determining part reads out corresponding a plurality of the individual reference values and determines a minimum value as a common reference value fmin. ... Shimadzu Corporation

Scanning probe microscope

The invention provides a scanning probe microscope capable of eliminating the influence of vibration noise and obtaining, accurately and with high resolution, surface information of a sample s. A scanning probe microscope 1 includes: a main body unit 10; a control unit 30; and a wireless stand 60 that is connected to the control unit 30 through a power supply signal cable 42 and includes a power supplying coil 63 and a transmission and reception unit 64. ... Shimadzu Corporation

Defect detection method and defect detection apparatus

A defect detection apparatus is provided that can inspect a measurement region of a target object at one time and without inconsistencies arising within the measurement region. A defect detection apparatus 10 includes: a generation unit (signal generator 11 and vibrator 12) for generating an elastic wave in a target object s; an illumination unit (pulsed laser light source 13 and illumination light lens 14) for performing stroboscopic illumination onto a measurement region of a surface of the target object s; and a displacement measurement unit (speckle shearing interferometer 15) for collectively measuring displacements in a normal direction at each point of the measurement region with respect to at least three mutually-different phases of the elastic wave by controlling a phase of the elastic wave and a timing of the stroboscopic illumination. ... Shimadzu Corporation

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump for rotary driving a rotor by a motor to perform vacuum pumping, wherein a motor rotor of the motor includes a yoke fixed to a shaft of the rotor, and a permanent magnet held at the yoke, and the yoke includes a holding portion provided apart from the shaft and configured to hold the permanent magnet, and a pair of fitting portions provided respectively at both ends of the holding portion in an axial direction and bonded to the shaft by fitting, and a radial thickness dimension of each fitting portion is set less than that of the holding portion.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

Dynamic image processing device for head mounted display, dynamic image processing method for head mounted display and head mounted display system

This dynamic image processing device (20) for a head mounted display includes an attitude detection means (30) capable of detecting the attitude of an imaging device affixed to the head of a user, a first image deviation amount calculation means (41) that calculates a first image deviation amount (g1) in the yawing and pitching directions of the imaging device based on the detection result of the attitude detection means, a second image deviation amount calculation means (42) that calculates a second image deviation amount (g2) between a past image (52) and a current frame image (51) based on the first image deviation amount, the current frame image captured by the imaging device, and the past image, and an image synthesis means (43) that corrects the past image based on the second image deviation amount and synthesizes the past image and the current frame image.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

Liquid chromatograph

A liquid chromatograph includes: a concentration column for capturing a target component; an analysis column for separating the target component from other components; first passage-switching units for switching between the state of forming a passage through which a sample-introduction mobile phase containing the liquid sample is fed to the concentration column, and the state of forming a passage through which an eluant for eluting the target component captured in the concentration column is fed to the concentration column; a storage unit for storing the eluant; and a second passage-switching unit for switching between the state of forming a passage through which an analysis mobile phase is fed to the analysis column and a passage through which the eluant from the concentration column is fed to the storage unit, and the state of forming a passage through which analysis mobile phase is fed to the analysis column via the storage unit.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

Radiation phase-contrast imaging device

Provided is a radiation phase-contrast imaging device capable of assuredly detecting a self-image and precisely imaging the internal structure of an object. According to the configuration of the present invention, the longitudinal direction of a detection surface of a flat panel detector is inclined with respect to the extending direction of an absorber in a phase grating. ... Shimadzu Corporation

11/23/17 / #20170336370

Chromatogram data processing method and chromatogram data processing apparatus

The em algorithm for a gaussian mixture model is applied to the separation of peaks that overlap one another on a chromatogram. However, the number of overlapping components is unknown. ... Shimadzu Corporation

11/23/17 / #20170336254


A photodetector includes a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements arranged within a photosensitive-element area constituting one photosensitive element; the plurality of detection circuits each of which is provided for one of the plurality of photoelectric conversion elements, each of the detection circuits including a capacitor; and a signal processing section for totaling output signals produced by the plurality of detection circuits.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

11/16/17 / #20170329281

Digital holography device and digital hologram generation method

A generation method of a digital hologram includes steps of emitting coherent light from a coherent light source, imaging a hologram that is an interference pattern of an object beam and a reference beam due to the emission light from the light source, and setting a plurality of wavelengths of the illumination light that generates the hologram detected by the detector, and wherein the plurality of wavelength are specified by the wavelength setting step based on a magnification percentage x of a conjugate image set up by a user not to disturb visibility of an image when a real image and the conjugate image reconstructed by a predetermined calculation means relative to structures of observation targets are superimposed to a corresponding real image so that a shortest wavelength λmin and a longest wavelength λmax satisfy the expression λmax/λmin≧(1/x+1).. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

11/16/17 / #20170328874

Chromatograph mass spectrometer

A chromatograph mass spectrometer including: an msn−1 analysis setter for setting an analysis execution period for performing an msn−1 analysis, an execution time for the analysis and a loop time; an analysis period divider for dividing the analysis period into segments according to a change in number or analysis condition of msn−1 analyses to be performed within the same time window; an msn analysis setter for performing msn−1 analysis to obtain mass spectrum data and for scheduling msn analysis, an ion corresponding to a peak satisfying a set condition being designated as a precursor ion; an msn analysis execution time allotter for allotting, in each segment, a time period for execution of the msn analysis, the time period being calculated by subtracting an event execution time from the loop time; and an analysis executer for repeatedly performing msn−1 analysis and msn analysis in each segment.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

11/16/17 / #20170328863

Ion mobility spectrometer

A spray area in which a large number of droplets of a liquid sample sprayed from a spray nozzle is separated from the tip of a needle electrode for corona discharge by a sufficiently large distance, with a grid electrode facing the needle electrode placed in between. Ring electrodes for creating an electric field which drives primary ions that should react with the sample and generate sample-derived ions are provided within an ion chamber between the grid electrode and the spray area. ... Shimadzu Corporation

11/16/17 / #20170325773

X-ray imaging device

An x-ray imaging device and method of operation is capable of acquiring a long-length image and is naturally connected. A configuration data of the signal intensity depending on the position along a moving direction of the long-length imaging is acquired by acquiring a model data prior to the long-length imaging, in order to obtain an approximate configuration. ... Shimadzu Corporation

11/09/17 / #20170323773

Mass spectrometer

A high-voltage power source for applying high voltage to a nozzle of an esi ion source includes a charge release assistant section (26) including switch circuits (62 and 65) and other elements for forcing electric charges accumulated at output terminals to be discharged in a polarity-switching operation, whereby the positive/negative switching of the polarity of the output voltage can be quickly performed. In the mass spectrometer according to the present invention, for example, when the voltage applied to the nozzle needs to be changed from vi to v2 (where v1 and v2 are positive, and v1>v2), a voltage control section (20) under the command of a main controller (9) operates a positive voltage generation section (21) and negative voltage generation section (23) so as to temporarily provide a negative output voltage. ... Shimadzu Corporation

11/09/17 / #20170322234

Data display processing device, data display processing method and control program for scanning probe microscope

A data display processing device for a scanning probe microscope includes: a group information storage unit for managing and storing a plurality of measurement data sets; specified data acquisition means for acquiring, from the storage unit, a specified measurement data set; display controlling means for displaying the specified data set as an image; preliminary image generation means for, triggered by determination of the specified data set, acquiring other measurement data set or sets belonging to a group including the specified data set from the group information storage unit, and generating a preliminary image which is an image or images which will be used when displaying the other measurement data set or sets; and first display switching means for switching to display the preliminary image within a predetermined region in response to a first predetermined input operation by the user performed while the specified data set is displayed.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

11/09/17 / #20170322147

Atomic absorption photometer and atomic absorption measurement method

There are provided an atomic absorption photometer and an atomic absorption measurement method which can easily perform background correction in a short time period by using a plurality of types of methods while suppressing the amount of samples consumed. Background correction is performing by using each of the d2 lamp method, the zeeman method, and a self-reversal method, according to measurement data in each of measurement periods t41 to t46 obtained in one data acquisition cycle. ... Shimadzu Corporation

11/09/17 / #20170319163

Tomographic image display device

In a tomographic image display device, an mip-axis setting unit sets a predetermined axis of a subject as an mip-axis. A position information calculation unit sets each position of three-dimensional volume data obtained for different regions of interest at three-dimensional positions corresponding to positional relationships between the mip-axis and the region of interest. ... Shimadzu Corporation

10/26/17 / #20170307551

Sample-analyzing system

Provided is a sample-analyzing system used for identifying a target sample from its measurement data obtained using a plurality of analyzing devices including at least one device selected from a fluorescent x-ray analyzer, atomic absorption photometer and inductively coupled plasma emission analyzer as well as at least one device selected from an infrared spectrophotometer and raman spectrophotometer. The system includes: a storage section for holding measurement data obtained for each of the reference objects using the analyzing devices; a measurement data comparator for comparing, for each analyzing device, the measurement data of the target sample with those of the reference objects and for determining the degree of matching of the target sample with each reference object; an integrated degree-of-matching calculator for calculating an integrated degree of matching from the degrees of matching determined for the analyzing devices; and a comparison result output section for outputting information concerning a predetermined number of reference objects in descending order of the integrated degree of matching.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

10/26/17 / #20170306967

Monitoring device and vacuum pump

A vacuum pump includes; a rotor, a stator, a motor, a heating section heating the pump base portion, a base temperature detection section detecting a temperature of the pump base portion, a rotor temperature detection section detecting a temperature equivalent as a physical amount equivalent to a temperature of the rotor, and a heating control section to control heating of the pump base portion by the heating section such that a detection value of the rotor temperature detection section falls within a predetermined target value range. A monitoring device comprises: an estimation section configured to estimate, based on multiple temperatures detected over time by the base temperature detection section, maintenance timing at which the temperature of the pump base portion reaches equal to or lower than a predetermined temperature; and an output section configured to output maintenance information based on the estimated maintenance timing.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

10/12/17 / #20170294295

Methods and devices for parallel analysis of ion mobility spectrum and mass spectrum

A method for parallel analysis in mass spectrometry and ion mobility spectrometry includes enabling a sample to be subjected to a chromatography separation; ionizing the chromatography separated sample and then feeding the sample into a succeeding stage device for analysis, comprising: analyzing at least part of the ionized sample through an ion mobility spectrometer to obtain an ion mobility spectrum, and analyzing at least other parts of the sample through a mass spectrometer to obtain a mass spectrum, wherein the period for obtaining each ion mobility spectrum and each mass spectrum being not longer than 5 s; and performing data post-processing, comprising: correlating the peaks in said ion mobility spectrum and the peaks in said mass spectrum with a deconvolution algorithm according to the consistency in retention time or elution profile for the same analyte in said chromatography.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

10/12/17 / #20170292679

Light-emitting device

A light-emitting device for increasing power by combining beams from a plurality of light sources and for improving focusing performance including a plurality of light sources; and a light-outputting device for generating collimated beams for respective emitted lights from the plurality of light sources and for outputting enlarged beams wherein the beam diameters of the respective collimated beams have been enlarged in the direction wherein the beam diameters are small.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

10/12/17 / #20170291042

Positioning apparatus and method of positioning

A positioning apparatus and a positioning method has a control element and function 40 includes a radiograph acquisition element 41 that acquires radiograph data detected by two radiography systems selected from a group consisting of a flat panel detector, a drr (digital reconstructed radiograph) generation element 42 that generates drr in two different directions by virtually performing fluoroscopic projection relative to the 3-dimensional ct data obtained through the network 17, a positioning element 43 that positions a ct to the x-ray fluoroscopic radiograph obtained from two radiography systems, and a displacement distance calculation element 44 that calculates a displacement distance of the tabletop 31 based on the gap between radiographs for improved positioning. The positioning element 43 has a multidimensional optimization element 45 and a 1-dimensional optimization element 46 that optimize parameters relative to rotation and translation of the fluoroscopic projection to maximize an evaluation function that evaluates a matching degree between the drr and the x-ray fluoroscopic radiograph.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170287691

Mass spectrometer

In a mass spectrometer according to the present invention, when mrm measurements for a plurality of mrm transitions need to be performed within one cycle, a measurement order rearranger determines an analysis sequence by sorting the measurement in ascending order of the absolute value of an optimum application voltage (an application voltage which gives the highest ionization efficiency) to the nozzle of the esi probe. An analysis controller performs the analysis by controlling the high-voltage power source and other relevant units according to the determined analysis sequence. ... Shimadzu Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170287689

Ion manipulation device for guiding or confining ions in an ion processing apparatus

An ion manipulation device for guiding or confining ions in an ion processing apparatus. The device has a first circuit board, wherein at least one first electrode for manipulating the path of ions is mounted on a mounting surface of the first circuit board; a second circuit board, wherein at least one second electrode for manipulating the path of ions is mounted on a mounting surface of the second circuit board; at least one bridging electrode for manipulating the path of ions, wherein the at least one bridging electrode is mounted to both the mounting surface of the first circuit board and the mounting surface of the second circuit board, wherein the bridging electrode is configured to hold the first circuit board and the second circuit board apart from each other in a fixed spatial relationship in which the mounting surface of the second circuit board faces towards the mounting surface of the first circuit board.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170284982

Preprocessing device and analysis system provided with same

The present invention provides a preprocessing device of a more compact structure, and an analysis system provided with the same. A preprocessing device (1) includes a container holding section (12), a filtration port (30), and a transport arm (24). ... Shimadzu Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170284981

Preprocessing device and analysis system provided with same

The present invention provides a processing device with a high degree of flexibility in setting of preprocessing and which is capable of increasing the preprocessing efficiency, and an analysis system provided with the same. Setting receiving means (84d) receives, for each sample, setting of a plurality of types of preprocessing and a parameter for each preprocessing. ... Shimadzu Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170281116

X-ray imaging apparatus for rounds

This x-ray imaging apparatus for rounds includes inside a cart a battery, a charging circuit adapted to limit charging current flowing through the battery, and a control circuit, in which the control circuit includes: a power supply voltage detecting part adapted to detect power supply voltage supplied from an external power supply; a charged voltage detecting part adapted to detect the charged voltage of the battery; a charging current detecting part adapted to detect charging current at the time when the battery is charged; and a charging current value control part adapted to, depending on a variation in the power supply voltage detected by the power supply voltage detecting part, control a charging current value set for the charging circuit.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170278691

Time-of-flight mass spectrometer

A voltage applied to an exit gate electrode forming a potential barrier and temporarily trapping ions within the inner space of the ion guide is higher than a voltage at an ion guide's exit end. A higher voltage is applied to the exit gate electrode for a lower m/z value of the measurement target ion, to push back the ion which has slowly moved along a potential gradient and reached the exit end of the ion guide. ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170278689

Mass analyser and method of mass analysis

An electrostatic ion trap for mass analysis includes a first array of electrodes and a second array of electrodes, spaced from the first array of electrode. The first and second arrays of electrodes may be planar arrays formed by parallel strip electrodes or by concentric, circular or part-circular electrically conductive rings. ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170276806

Radiation detector

The radiation detector according to the present invention is always able to calculate the summation value accurately, regardless of the intensity of the fluorescent emission that is produced in the scintillator. That is, if the method for calculating the summation value set forth in the present invention is used, then the number of instantaneous intensity data d that are added together each time a fluorescent emission is produced in the scintillator will be larger the greater the intensity of the fluorescent emission. ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170276654

Gas-liquid separator and super-critical fluid device

A gas-liquid separator according to an embodiment of the present invention separates a mobile phase containing a gas and a liquid into a gas and a liquid. The gas-liquid separator according to the embodiment of the present invention includes an introduction flow channel to which a mobile phase is introduced, and a plurality of discharge flow channels connected to the introduction flow channel. ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170276652

Analyzing device

An analyzing device includes a splitting part for causing fluid containing a sample component to flow separately in a first flow passage and a second flow passage; an analyzing column provided on the first flow passage for separating the sample component from the fluid; a first back pressure regulating valve corresponding to a first pressure controlling unit for controlling a pressure in the first flow passage; and a second back pressure regulating valve corresponding to a second pressure controlling unit for controlling a pressure in the second flow passage, wherein flow rate of the fluid in the first flow passage and flow rate of the fluid in the second flow passage are controlled based on a ratio of the pressure in the first flow passage to the pressure in the second flow passage.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170276602

Light measuring apparatus

An optical measurement device 100 comprises a apparatus main element 1 including a light emission aperture 11, a light emission probe element 2 that includes the optical fibers 21 and transmits a light the other end 21b of the optical fibers 21 attached and detached relative the light emission aperture 11, and a light block element 6 that blocks the light irradiated from the light emission aperture 11 under the condition in which the light emission probe element 2 installed to the apparatus main element 1 is detached from the light emission aperture 11.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170271140

Time-of-flight mass spectrometer

Ions ejected substantially simultaneously from a collision cell after being temporarily held inside the collision cell arrive at an orthogonal acceleration unit through an ion transport optical system. When the ions enter the orthogonal acceleration unit, voltages having a predetermined potential difference are applied to an entrance-side electrode and an exit-side auxiliary electrode, and as a result an electric field having a rising potential gradient along an axis is created in the orthogonal acceleration unit. ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170271135

Multidimensional mass spectrometry data processing device

For a sample whose components are separated from each other, an ms2 analysis is repeatedly performed by an ms/ms unit to obtain ms2 spectra. Peak information is collected from the ms2 spectrum acquired for each micro area on a two-dimensional chromatogram. ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170268519

Magnetic levitation vacuum pump

A magnetic bearing vacuum pump comprises: a first displacement signal generation section configured to amplify, by a resolution multiplying factor k of k>1, a displacement modulated wave signal modulated according to a displacement of the rotor from a predetermined position to generate a high-resolution displacement signal in a first displacement region including the predetermined position; a second displacement signal generation section configured to generate a low-resolution displacement signal in a larger second displacement region including the first displacement region; a selection section configured to select either one of the high-resolution displacement signal or the low-resolution displacement signal based on an unsteady-state response signal obtained by excluding a steady-state whirling displacement component from the high-resolution displacement signal or the low-resolution displacement signal; and a bearing control section configured to control the magnetic bearing based on the displacement signal selected by the selection section.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170265759

Photobiological measurement apparatus

A photobiological measurement apparatus 1 may include a second received light quantity information calculation unit 33 for calculating measurement data relating to cerebral activity, a data display controller for displaying the measurement data for a specified area of a subject's brain, is characterized: is being provided with a reference light-receiving probe 14, which is disposed at a position separated by a first setting distance r1 from the light-transmitting prober 12 that is shorter than a second setting distance r2, and a first received light quantity information calculating unit 32, which calculates skin blood flow data relating to the skin blood flow using first received light quantity information Δa1 from the light transmitting probe 12 to the reference light-receiving probe 14, and in displaying the skin blood flow data at a specified position of the subject's scalp by indicating the measurement position on the subject's scalp and displaying the skin blood data.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170265289

Emitter and x-ray tube device having the same

An emitter that can be lighted even if a line of any part thereof is broken by ensuring an electric pathway. The x-ray tube device includes an electron emission surface p having an electric pathway; electric heating elements 21, 22 that are connected electrically to both ends of said electron emission surface; and two branched terminals that are branched in the middle of the electric pathway of the electron emission surface p between electric heating elements 21 and 22; second electric heating element, in order from the electric heating element 21 as the supporting element 23 and the supporting element 24; and further comprises: a relay 33a that switches the electric heating element 21 and the supporting element 24 to be in a short-circuit/open condition and a relay 33b switches the electric heating element 22 and the supporting element 23 to be in a short-circuit/open condition. ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170263412

X-ray target and x-ray generation device having the same

An x-ray target and an x-ray generation device including the x-ray target are provided. In an x-ray target, a frame for supporting an irradiation window is divided into a first frame closer to the irradiation window and a second frame on the outer side of the first frame. ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170261622

Radiation detector and tof-pet apparatus having the same

A radiation detector provides improved time-resolution under consideration of an incident of a multiple scattering event. An individual comparator 11 extracts a pulse from the detection element 3a through a total circuit 12 and converts to the time data. ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170260999

Temperature control device and turbo-molecular pump

A turbo-molecular pump includes a stator provided at a pump base portion, a rotor rotatably driven on the stator, a heating section configured to heat the pump base portion, abase temperature detection section configured to detect a temperature of the pump base portion, and a rotor temperature detection section configured to detect a temperature equivalent as a physical amount equivalent to a temperature of the rotor. A temperature control device of the turbo-molecular pump comprises: a heating control section configured to control heating of the pump base portion by the heating section based on a detection value of the rotor temperature detection section; and an informing section configured to inform a warning when a detection temperature of the base temperature detection section is equal to or lower than a predetermined threshold.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170258331

Imaging device

An imaging device includes a visible light source 22, an excitation light source 23 that irradiates an excitation light to excite indocyanine green administered to a patient; an evaluation light source 24 that irradiates the light having the wavelength corresponding to the fluorescence from indocyanine green; a aperture mechanism 60 that narrows only visible light between visible light and fluorescence; a camera 21 capable of detecting fluorescence and visible light; a focal adjustment mechanism 70 that executes focal adjustment of the camera 21 using the light irradiated from the evaluation light source 24.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170258330

Imaging device

The fusion element of the imaging processing element 31 generates the fused image by combining: the corrected image generated by using; at least one parameter relative to the color space including rgb value of each pixel, luminance, value, saturation and hue of the visible image, and each pixel value of the near-infrared image imaging fluorescences from indocyanine green; and the second corrected image that is the near-infrared image after colored.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/07/17 / #20170256388

Mass analysis method and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer

An inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer including: a plasma ionization part; a mass analysis part; a storage part that stores ion information about mass-charge ratios and presence ratios of isotopic ions of all elements and mass-charge ratios and generation probabilities of compound ions and multivalent ions generated when the measuring object samples are plasma-ionized; a representative sample measuring part; and an element-containing inferring part that infers types of elements contained in the representative sample; an interference ion judgment part that, respective target elements in the inferred elements, judges according to ion information whether there are isotopes without interference ions; a determination part of measurement mass-charge ratio that determines the mass-charge ratio of the isotope without interference ions and a mass-charge ratio of an isotope whose a mass peak has the maximum intensity obtained by subtracting the intensity as a mass-charge ratio for measurement; and an all-sample measuring part.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

09/07/17 / #20170256387

Focusing ion guiding apparatus and mass spectrographic analysis apparatus

A focusing ion guiding apparatus includes at least one ion guiding inlet and ion guiding outlet connected to each other via a transport axial line; at least one group of focusing electrode structures comprising at least one smooth and non-concave focusing electrode or focusing electrode array to which a focusing voltage is applied, the focusing electrode structure causing the ions transported in the apparatus to be radially focused for many times under the action of a focusing electric field formed by the focusing electrode structure; and a neutral gas flow transported in the axial direction, a diffusion path of the gas flow in an at least partially radial direction relative to the axial direction being blocked by the focusing electrode or its bearing substrate to increase a transport velocity of the gas flow in the axial direction and reduce retention or turbulence of the transported ions.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

08/31/17 / #20170248562

Analytical measurement device system

Provided is an analytical measurement device system 10 having a plurality of units (liquid-sending pump 12; detector 15) including: a sensor (flow sensor 121; light amount detector 151) provided in at least one unit among the plurality of units, for detecting the condition of a specific portion of the unit; a determination section (flow rate determiner 122; light amount determiner 152) provided in the unit, for receiving a signal from the sensor and for determining an overall condition of the unit based on a predetermined determination criterion; a storage section (flow-rate determination information storage section 123; light-amount determination information section 153) provided in the unit, for storing the determination criterion and a result of the determination by the determination section; and a display section (flow-rate determination result display section 124; light-amount determination result display section 154) provided in the unit, for displaying the determination result.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

08/17/17 / #20170236701

Time-of-flight mass spectrometer

An ion transport optical system is disposed between a collision cell and an orthogonal acceleration unit. When releasing ions that are held in the collision cell, an accelerating electric field in which a large potential difference exists is created between an exit-side end of an ion guide and a first stage of the ion transport optical system, and a decelerating electric field in which a relatively small potential difference exists is created between a final stage of the ion transport optical system and an entrance end of the orthogonal acceleration unit. ... Shimadzu Corporation

08/17/17 / #20170236699

Mass spectrometer

Before a sample is pierced with a probe of a pesi ion source, a total ion current is measured under a condition with no voltage applied from a high voltage generator to the probe as well as under a condition with the voltage applied. If the probe is properly attached to the holder, a considerable difference in total ion current occurs between the period with no voltage applied and the period with the voltage applied. ... Shimadzu Corporation

08/17/17 / #20170236698

Ion optical apparatus and mass spectrometer

An ion optical apparatus and a mass spectrometer are provided. The ion optical apparatus includes at least one planar insulating substrate which is covered with metal patterns to form an electrode array including a plurality of cell electrodes, wherein each of the cell electrodes is arrayed according to a first direction to form a geometric pattern distribution of the electrode array, wherein cell electrodes are applied with radio frequency (rf) voltages having different phases to confine ions, a direct current (dc) voltage gradient is applied along at least part of the cell electrodes in the electrode array to drive ions to move in the first direction along the electrode array, and a corresponding electric field distribution is formed by the geometric pattern distribution to drive ions to move in a second direction substantially orthogonal to the first direction, thereby realizing ion deflection, focusing or defocusing.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

08/17/17 / #20170234839

Preparative separation liquid chromatograph system and preparative separation condition searching method

Provided is a preparative separation liquid chromatograph system and preparative separation condition searching method which allows for an easy setting of the preparative separation condition. A sample temporally separated into components by a separation column is introduced into a detector and a fraction collector, with each component fractionated and collected by the fraction collector based on the result of a detection by the detector. ... Shimadzu Corporation

08/10/17 / #20170229275

Particle charger

A particle charger is provided with: a filter (28) partitioning the inside of a housing (20) into a first space (29) and second space (30); a particle introducer (22) for introducing a particle into the first space; a gas ion supplier (10) for supplying the first space with a gas ion; a potential gradient creator (26, 27, 31) for creating a potential difference within the housing so as to make the gas ion and a charged particle resulting from a contact of the aforementioned particle with the gas ion move toward the second space; an ac voltage supplier (32, 33) for applying ac voltages having a phase difference to the neighboring electrodes (28a, b) included in the filter; a controller (35) for performing a control for applying, to the plurality of electrodes, predetermined voltages so as to allow the charged particle to pass through a gap between the electrodes while trapping the gas ion by the electrodes; and a charged particle extractor (23, 25, 34) for extracting the charged particle admitted to the second space to the outside of the housing. By this configuration, the occurrence frequency of the multi-charging is suppressed.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

08/10/17 / #20170227055

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump comprises: a bearing device; and an exhaust function including a rotary body supported by the bearing device and configured to exhaust gas. The bearing device includes a bearing having an outer ring, an inner ring, and a rolling body, a lubricant storage configured to store lubricant, a lubricant supply structure configured to supply, to the bearing, the lubricant stored in the lubricant storage, a holding member configured to hold the bearing, and a porous body disposed outside the outer ring of the bearing and filled with the lubricant supplied from the lubricant supply structure to the bearing.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

08/10/17 / #20170227018

Vacuum pump device and vacuum pump device system

A vacuum pump device comprises: a power supply device including a dew condensation detector configured to detect dew condensation, a regenerative braking resistance, and a controller configured to energize the regenerative braking resistance; a cooling system using coolant; and a pump main body including a motor rotatably driven by the power supply device. When the dew condensation detector detects the dew condensation, the controller energizes the regenerative braking resistance to heat an inside of the power supply device.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170219542

Peak extraction method and program

A peak extraction method for extracting a true peak from a measured waveform, including acquiring a second derivative waveform; extracting a provisional peak on the basis of a maximum value and/or a minimum value of the second derivative waveform; determining the peak width of the provisional peak on the basis of a model peak function; computing, on the basis of the model peak function, a theoretical value for the height of the provisional peak using two points corresponding to the two ends of the peak width; computing, based on the second derivative waveform, an index value for a variation in the noise on the measured waveform; and computing an s/n ratio, which is a ratio of the peak height theoretical value and the index value, and extracting the provisional peak that is equal to or greater than a preset value as the true peak.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

07/27/17 / #20170209109

Radiographic imaging device

The purpose of the present disclosure is to provide a radiographic imaging device in which visibility is improved by preventing a phenomenon in which a stent image is inverted in an enlarged displayed video of a stent image that appears in a live image. The present disclosure makes it possible to provide a radiographic imaging device in which visibility is improved by preventing a phenomenon in which a stent image is inverted in an enlarged displayed video of a stent image that appears in a live image. ... Shimadzu Corporation

07/20/17 / #20170205287

High-frequency power supply device

A high-frequency input voltage and a high-frequency input current to a series resonant circuit are detected by a voltage detection unit and a current detection unit, respectively, and plasma input power is detected by a plasma input power detection unit based on the detected high-frequency input voltage and high-frequency input current. By directly detecting the plasma input power in this manner, the plasma input power may be accurately controlled regardless of the state of a plasma-generating gas or an analysis sample. ... Shimadzu Corporation

07/20/17 / #20170202522

Radiation tomography apparatus

Disclosed herein is a partially movable radiation tomography apparatus capable of superimposing an anatomical image and a functional image without causing misalignment. The apparatus of the disclosure includes a device associated with a ct gantry having a top board, and a device associated with a pet gantry. ... Shimadzu Corporation

07/13/17 / #20170197098

Fluoroscopic device, moving body tracking device for radiation therapy, and x-ray detector

An x-ray fluoroscopic device includes an x-ray imaging mechanism having an x-ray tube 1 and a flat panel detector 2; filters 23 to form a correction region, in which the scattered radiation s caused by irradiating the therapeutic beam to the subject 57 can be incident, but the x-ray that is irradiated from the x-ray tube 1 and transmits through the subject 57 cannot be incident; and a correction element that corrects the data of the region other than the correction region of the flat panel detector 2 by using the data of the correction region of the flat panel detector 2.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170184225

Column-attaching device and ferrule set

In a state in which a ferrule 10 is sandwiched and fixed between a ferrule receiving part 20 and a ferrule pressing part 30, the ferrule 10 is urged toward the ferrule receiving part 20 side by an urging member 33. With this structure, without configuring such that the ferrule pressing part is screwed in the ferrule receiving part by rotating several times, the ferrule 10 can be pressed toward the ferrule receiving part 20 side by a sufficient pressing force by the urging force of the urging member 33. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170184113

Monitoring device

A monitoring device for monitoring power consumption of a magnetic bearing vacuum pump rotatably driven by a motor and configured such that a rotor is magnetically levitated and supported by a magnetic bearing, comprises: a calculator configured to calculate the power consumption of the magnetic bearing vacuum pump, the power consumption of the magnetic bearing vacuum pump being obtained by adding power consumption of the motor based on a motor rotational speed and a motor current value and power consumption of the magnetic bearing together; and a display controller configured to display, on a display device, the power consumption of the magnetic bearing vacuum pump calculated by the calculator.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170182488

Segmentable container and method of segmenting substance contained in container

Provided are a simple, quick, and low-processing cost method capable of reliably separating part of an accommodated substance accommodated in a vessel only by simple mechanical operation while maintaining a hermetically-sealed state without any contact with an outside atmosphere, as well as a vessel with which the method may be used. A separable vessel comprises a first vessel portion, a second vessel portion which is contiguous with the first vessel portion, a fracture-inducing portion formed between the first vessel portion and the second vessel portion, and a self-fusing material provided on an outer surface so as to cover the fracture-inducing portion; and may contain an accommodated substance therein.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170181979

Process for producing nanoparticles

Provided is a method for producing a nanoparticle having a uniform particle diameter. A method for producing a nanoparticle comprising an amphiphilic block polymer, the method comprising: with use of a nanoparticle production device that includes: a polymer solution supply channel cp; an aqueous liquid supply channel cw1, cw2; a junction j of the channels; a nanoparticle formation channel cn; and a nanoparticle-containing liquid outlet on, supplying a solution of a polymer and an aqueous liquid to the junction j; forming a nanoparticle while bringing a laminar flow of the polymer solution and a laminar flow of the aqueous liquid into contact with each other; obtaining a liquid containing the formed nanoparticle from the nanoparticle-containing liquid outlet; and controlling a particle diameter of the nanoparticle by measuring a statistic of the particle diameter of the formed nanoparticle in real time, and by controlling at least one of an amount of the polymer solution supplied to the junction and an amount of the aqueous liquid supplied to the junction such that the statistic becomes a desired value.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170176382

Electrophoresis device

A capillary electrophoresis device including a capillary tube, a suction pump for taking liquid, an intake tube whose end is formed vertically downward, a connection block in which there is an intake flow path that holds the end of the capillary tube and connecting the suction pump to the intake tube, a sample storage unit which contains a sample and has an upward opening into which the tip of the intake tube may be inserted, an intake tube access mechanism to insert the tip of the intake tube into the sample storage unit, and a voltage application mechanism that applies an electric potential difference across the capillary tube.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170169983

Emitter and x-ray tube device

An emitter for an x-ray tube device is configured to irradiate an anode with electrons for x-ray emission. The emitter includes an electron emission portion to be heated by an electric current, a current application leg for supplying the electric current to the electron emission portion, a support leg, a current application leg fixing portion for supporting the current application leg and supplying the electric current to the current application leg, and a support leg fixing portion for supporting the support leg. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170168028

Analyzer control system

An analyzer control system 20 for monitoring and controlling an analyzer 20 includes: a plurality of sensors for detecting the condition of each component of the analyzer; a potential problem inference section 23 for receiving detection results obtained with all or part of the sensors and for inferring whether or not the analyzer is in a potentially problematic condition; and a potential problem display section 32 for showing, on a display screen, information on the potentially problematic condition. The “potentially problematic condition” is neither a condition in which the analysis data being collected by the analyzer are unusable, nor a condition which requires deactivation of the analyzer; it is a condition in which the analyzing operation may be continued for the time being, although the analyzer is likely to soon fall into the aforementioned situations if the operation is further continued. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170168027

Preprocessing kit, preprocessing apparatus using said preprocessing kit to preprocess sample, and analysis system provided with said preprocessing apparatus

A preprocessing kit includes a separation device, a collecting container, and a skirt part. The skirt part is integrated with the separation device, and is provided to surround an outer circumferential surface of the separation device with a clearance being left from the outer circumferential surface so that a space having a closed upper side and an open lower side is formed between the outer circumferential surface of the separation device and the skirt part. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170164921

Radiographic device

An x-ray imaging apparatus that reduces the workload of a user when the x-ray imaging is performed while moving a table in 2 axes directions in a loading plane relative to an x-ray irradiation detection element. The x-ray imaging apparatus 100 comprises an x-ray irradiation detection element 1 including an x-ray irradiation element irradiates an x-ray to a subject 10 and an x-ray detection element 1 that detects the x-ray transmitting said subject 10, a table 2 that can load the subject 10 on the loading plane, and a control element 3 that moves the x-ray irradiation detection element 1 or at least one side of the table 2 in the first direction and the second direction orthogonal each other along a pathway of the relative position of the preregistered loading plane 2c and the x-ray irradiation detection element 1 when the x-ray imaging of the subject 10 is performed.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170161188

Information management system

An information management system for detecting not only a set of management target data which has been changed but also another set of management target data which is affected by that change among a plurality of sets of management target data. The present system includes a dependency manager for managing the association of one set of management target data with another set of management target data which depends on the former set of management target data; and an inspector for detecting a set of management target data which is affected by a change in another set of management target data.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170160245

Data processing device for comprehensive two-dimensional chromatograph

A two-dimensional chromatogram creator creates a two-dimensional chromatogram based on data obtained for each of two samples. A chromatogram difference calculator creates a two-dimensional differential chromatogram showing the intensity difference between the two two-dimensional chromatograms. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170160213

X-ray spectroscopic analysis apparatus and elementary analysis method

An x-ray spectroscopic analysis apparatus includes: a radiation source configured to irradiate a predetermined irradiation area in the surface of a sample with an excitation beam for generating a characteristic x-ray; an analyzing crystal provided facing the irradiation area; a slit provided between the irradiation area and the analyzing crystal, the slit being parallel to the irradiation area and a predetermined crystal plane of the analyzing crystal; and an x-ray linear sensor including linear detection elements arranged in a direction perpendicular to the slit, the detection elements each having a length in a direction parallel to the slit. By detecting characteristic x-rays from different linear portions of the irradiation area for each wavelength, it is possible to perform analysis with sensitivity higher than the sensitivity of a conventional x-ray spectroscopic analysis apparatus that irradiates a point-like irradiation area with an excitation beam.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170154764

Ion radiation device and surface analyzer using said device

Used as an ion beam guiding unit for introducing primary ions to the surface of the sample is an ion optical system of reflectron tofms for achieving time focusing including an orthogonal acceleration unit for accelerating the ions in the orthogonal direction, a flight space of a non-electric field, and an ion reflector for forming a reflecting electric field. A dual stage type is used as the ion reflector to superimpose the correction potential showing a predetermined non-linear potential distribution on the potential having a linear gradient of a uniform electric field at the side deeper than the second order focusing position that fulfills the mamyrin solution, thereby correcting the temporal spread of ion packets emitted from the orthogonal acceleration unit until the deviation of third or higher order in energy, achieving high time focusing.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170154444

Image reconstruction processing method

An image reconstruction processing method according to this invention is characterized by adding weight to conventional reconstruction processing steps. That is, weighting is performed when performing the reconstruction process based on optimization calculations of a multivariate function in which a digital image is unknown, and which consists of data function generalized from the likelihood function of poisson distribution. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170154416

Image processing apparatus and radiation imaging apparatus

An image processing apparatus includes a current image acquisition device which acquires a current image of a subject having a structure having a periodic movement, a past image acquisition device which acquires multiple past images of the subject such that the past images captured for over one or more periods of the periodic movement are acquired, and circuitry which searches multiple feature points on each past image and the current image, associates the feature points on the current image and the feature points on each of the past images, calculates, for each of the past images, a degree of similarity between the feature points on each of the past images and the feature points on the current image based on association, and identifies to which one of the past images the current image corresponds such that at which phase of the periodic movement the current image is positioned is estimated.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170152509

Method for operating magnetic body particles and device for operating magnetic body particles

A method for operating magnetic body particles that is for fixing a target substance in a liquid sample to the surface of the magnetic body particles; and a device for operating magnetic body particles that is used for said method. The magnetic body particles are particles to which a target substance can be fixed selectively. ... Shimadzu Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170151335

Skin external preparation and skin irritation-reducing method

Provided is a skin external preparation including a drug and nanometer-size molecular assemblies. The molecular assemblies contain an amphiphilic block copolymer having a hydrophilic block chain including a sarcosine-derived structural unit and a hydrophobic block chain including a hydroxy acid-derived structural unit. ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170140911

Device for manipulating charged particles

The present invention is concerned with a device for charged particle transportation and manipulation. Embodiments provide a capability of combining positively and negatively charged particles in a single transported packet. ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170140909

Ms/ms mass spectrometric method and ms/ms mass spectrometer

When, in performing ms/ms analysis on a multivalent ion originated from a target component, an analyzing operator inputs at least two values of a mass value mloss of an eliminated fragment, a valence zloss of the eliminated fragment, a valence zprec of a precursor ion and a valence zprod of a product ion by an inputting unit, a valence calculating unit calculates an uninput valence zprec or zprod based on the relation, zprec=zprod+zloss. Upon the start of the ms/ms analysis, a precursor ion m/z setting unit sets m/z=mprec of an ion that passes through a front-stage quadrupole mass filter , and a passed product ion m/z calculating unit calculates m/z=mprod of the product ion that passes through a rear-stage quadrupole mass filter by applying mprec, mloss, zprec and zprod above to the relational expression, mprod=(mprec×zprec−mloss)/zprod.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170138916

Chromatograph mass spectrometer and program

A chromatograph mass spectrometer has a function that: based on a compound table in which an elution time range and a measurement ion is described for respective compounds, divides an overall measurement time into multiple segments and assigns one or more compounds to each segment; determines an event time for each compound by dividing a previously given measurement loop time in accordance with a number of compounds belonging to the respective segments; and determines a dwell time, which is a data collection time for each ion, based on the event time and the number of ions to be measured for each compound; the chromatograph mass spectrometer allowing an analysis operator to designate whether or not to perform a high-sensitivity analysis for each compound.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170138904

Ion mobility separation device

A drift voltage generator under the control of the control unit applies a rectangular waveform voltage to each annular electrode so as to form alternately in times a uniform accelerating electric field for accelerating the ions introduced to the drift region toward the end of the drift tube and a uniform decelerating electric field for decelerating the ions. The control unit adjusts the duty ratio of the rectangular waveform voltage according to the preset degree of separation. ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170138824

Preprocessing apparatus

A preprocessing apparatus uses preprocessing kits prepared for samples, respectively, sets the preprocessing kits in plural processing ports provided so as to correspond to preprocessing items, and executes a predetermined preprocessing item. A controller which controls operations of a carrying mechanism holding and carrying the preprocessing kits, and processing parts executing the preprocessing items in the respective processing ports, includes a processing-state control part, a random access part, and a preprocessing part. ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170135658

Fluoroscopic imaging apparatus

An x-ray fluoroscopic imaging apparatus controls movement of shield plates so that a length of a first pre-image in an x direction is larger than a length of a strip image. A capturing position of the first pre-image is adjusted so that an upper end of the first pre-image matches an upper end of a capturing range of a long image. ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170131324

Scanning probe microscope

A scanning probe microscope includes sample moving means 111 and 133 including a cylindrical piezoelectric scanner and configured to move a sample 110 arranged on an upper end surface of the piezoelectric scanner by bending the piezoelectric scanner 111 by an applied voltage, scanning control means configured to control a relative position of the probe 114 and the sample 110 by controlling the applied voltage, sample thickness acquisition means 138 configured to acquire a thickness value of the sample 110, and correlative information determination means 139 configured to determine correlative information showing a corresponding relationship between the applied voltage to the piezoelectric scanner 111 and a displacement amount of a surface of the sample 110 in a horizontal direction using the thickness value, wherein the scanning control means 132 performs controlling of the relative position using the correlative information. With this, it becomes possible to perform accurate sample scanning considering effects on the movement amount of the sample 110 in the xy direction due to the thickness.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170131248

Mass-spectrometry-data processing device

Nonuse-indication information can be set for each peak on a mass spectrum collected in a compound database, as attribute information, the nonuse-indication information allowing the selection of whether to be used in a database search. For example, nonuse-indication information is set in advance to a noise peak mixed in actual measurement, an impurity-originated peak, and the like. ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170125233

Mass spectrometry method and mass spectrometer

The present invention is a mass spectrometer (1) for sequentially performing a measurement for a plurality of target ions, characterized by a storage section (41) for holding ion time-of-flight information concerning the time required for each of target ions to fly through each of the sections constituting the mass spectrometer, and a voltage controller (42) for changing, based on the ion time-of-flight information, the voltage applied to each of those sections to a voltage suited for each target ion, with a time lag corresponding to the difference in the timing of the arrival of the target ion at the section concerned.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170120259

Device for constant-volume collection using centrifugation or for further storage

A centrifugal separation device including a supporter attached to a centrifuge and a divisional part removable from the supporter is provided. The divisional part has two flow channels and an extracting part. ... Shimadzu Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170120251

Column attachment device

A ferrule 10 is pressed by a pressing plate 35, and the ferrule 10 is thereby sandwiched and fixed between a ferrule receiving part 20 and ferrule pressing part 30. The pressing plate 35 is displaced by a displacing mechanism 350, whereby the pressing plate 35 is switched between a contacting state in which the pressing plate 35 is in contact with the ferrule 10 and a non-contacting state in which the pressing plate 35 is not in contact with the ferrule 10 and the ferrule 10 can pass thorough the inside of the ferrule pressing part 30. ... Shimadzu Corporation

04/27/17 / #20170115261

Control device for analysis device

A specimen information storage section (361) holds specimen information showing the relationship between a number of specimens to be analyzed and compounds whose quantities need to be determined. An analysis method storage section (362) holds the files of analysis methods created by an administrator. ... Shimadzu Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170110930

Magnet bearing device and rotor rotary-drive apparatus

A magnetic bearing device comprises: a magnetic bearing configured to magnetically levitate and support a rotor rotatably driven by a sensor-less motor; a detector configured to detect displacement from a levitation target position of the rotor to output a displacement signal; a signal processor configured to compensate, based on motor rotation information from a motor controller of the sensor-less motor, for the displacement signal to reduce a vibration component of electromagnetic force of the magnetic bearing; and a current controller configured to generate control current of the magnetic bearing based on the displacement signal having been processed in the signal processor.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170110849

Laser device

A laser device has a plurality of semiconductor lasers, a driving device that supplies a driving electric current to the semiconductor laser, a trigger generation circuit that sends a trigger signal to the driving device in order to output the driving electric current, and a wave-combining device that wave-combines laser light emitted from the semiconductor lasers at the combined-wave end, and at least any one of a signal transmitting time, an electric current transmitting time and a light transmitting time is adjusted so as to be the time set respectively for transmitting paths; wherein the signal transmitting time in which the trigger signal transmits over the signal path, the electric current transmitting time in which the laser light transmits over the electric current path, a light transmitting time in which the laser light transmits over the optical path.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170108478

Data processing device for mass spectrometry and program for said device

A check condition setting screen (6) to set conditions for confirming, using a qualifier ion, whether a target ion originates from a target compound, is provided with choices: “absolute toleration” and “relative toleration”, as well as “absolute toleration or relative toleration” mode, as qualifier ion modes. When the “absolute toleration or relative toleration” mode is set, an identification range pa is calculated from a qualifier ion ratio reference value and an absolute tolerance, and an identification range pr is calculated from the qualifier ion ratio reference value and a relative tolerance, for each qualifier ion for one target ion, and whichever of the two identification ranges is the greater is selected. ... Shimadzu Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170106364

Liquid sample introduction device

A liquid sample introduction device including: a multiport valve having a port (a) in communication with a sampling loop, a port (f) in communication with a mobile phase supply passage, a port (e) in communication with a column, a port (d) in communication with a sample injection unit, a port (b) in communication with a measuring pump, and a port (c) in communication with a multi-position valve. The multi-position valve having a common port (g) in communication with the measuring pump, a port (i) in communication with the multiport valve, a port (j) in communication with a cleaning liquid supply passage, and a port (h) in communication with a washing container.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170105693

Image pickup apparatus for breast examination

An image pickup apparatus for breast examination capable of reliably imaging an entire breast is provided. That is, according to this invention, a breast introduced into a detector ring can be placed reliably in a radiographic field of view of the apparatus. ... Shimadzu Corporation

04/13/17 / #20170102034

Oil-lubricated bearing device and vacuum pump

An oil-lubricated bearing device comprises: a rolling bearing including an inner ring, an outer ring, rolling bodies, and a holder; a tapered member; a lubricant storage disposed on a side provided with the tapered member with respect to the inner ring; and a contact portion. The holder includes pockets each formed with outer and inner ring side openings and configured to hold a corresponding one of the rolling bodies, a lubricant scraping portion formed at an inner peripheral surface of each of the pockets and configured to scrape lubricant adhering to a surface of each of the rolling body, and a second inclined surface formed at an outer peripheral surface portion of the holder adjacent to the outer ring side opening and rising with a slope toward the lubricant storage.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

04/06/17 / #20170098533

Time of flight mass spectrometer

A time of flight (“tof”) mass spectrometer including: an ion source configured to produce ions having a plurality of m/z values; a detector for detecting ions produced by the ion source; a tilt correction device located along a portion of a reference ion flight path extending from the ion source to a planar surface of the detector; wherein the tilt correction device includes tilt correction electrodes configured to generate at least one dipole electric field across the reference ion flight path, the at least one dipole electric field being configured to tilt an isochronous plane of ions produced by the ion source so as to correct a previous angular misalignment between the isochronous plane and the planar surface of the detector.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

04/06/17 / #20170097309

X-ray analyzer

The detection surface of each of a plurality of detection elements is arranged on an arc along a diffractometer circle (reference circle). This allows each detection element to detect x-rays diffracted by a specimen at the focal position. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/30/17 / #20170091908

Image-processing device

According to the aspect of the present invention, an image processing device capable of absolutely removing noises in each frame forming a live image can be provided. Specifically, according to the aspect of the present invention, a target block t can be set in the original image it and it is searched out where such target block t is imaged in the superimposition target image ot−1. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/30/17 / #20170089870

Sample introduction system

Provided is a sample introduction system for sequentially introducing a plurality of samples into an analyzer 200, the system including: an auto-sampler 300 including a sampling needle 302 for suctioning a sample from each well 312 provided in a plate 311 placed on a sample rack 310 or from a sample container 313 placed in the well 312, a needle drive mechanism 303 for driving the sampling needle 302 in horizontal and vertical directions; an operation section 10 for allowing a user to command the needle drive mechanism 303 to drive the sampling needle 302; and a display controller 28 for displaying, on a screen of a display section 30, an identification of the well 312 related to a reference point defined on the plate 311 in a correction process conducted by the user by manipulating the operation section 10 no as to operate the needle drive mechanism 303 so that the sampling needle 302 is transferred to a predetermined position serving as the reference point.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170084445

Mass analyser

A mass analyser comprises a pair of electrode arrays. Each array has a set of focusing electrodes which are supplied, in use, with voltage to create an electrostatic field in a space between the electrode arrays causing ions to undergo periodic, oscillatory motion in the space, ions passing between electrodes of the sets of focusing electrodes and being repeatedly focused at a centre plane, mid-way between the electrode arrays. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170084441

High-frequency voltage generator

A radio-frequency voltage generator includes a first dc power supply for generating first direct-current voltage; a second dc power supply for generating second direct-current voltage; a transient alternating voltage generation circuit for generating a transient alternating voltage having a cycle shorter than a cycle of the radio-frequency voltage and having a voltage value oscillating between the first direct-current voltage and the second direct-current voltage; and a voltage switch section for switching voltages from the first direct-current voltage, to the transient alternating voltage, to the second direct-current voltage, and to the transient alternating voltage in this order, wherein the voltage switch section switches the voltages applied to the load so that the transient alternating voltage oscillates a half-integer of times starting with an initial value having the value of the direct-current voltage applied immediately before the switching, the half-integer being equal to or greater than 1.5.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170082811

Fiber coupling module

A fiber coupling module comprises an optical fiber connector detachable from an optical fiber cable, wherein an end surface of the optical fiber cable is treated with an anti-reflection coat to set the reflectance lower than a predetermined value relative to the light of a first wavelength band and to set the reflectance higher than a predetermined value relative to the light of a second wavelength band excluding the first wavelength band, and the fiber coupling module connects to the optical fiber cable through said optical fiber connector. A main light source 2 outputs the light of the first wavelength band to the optical fiber cable. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170082805

Light-synthesizing laser device

The light-synthesizing laser device includes a plurality of collimating lenses that are arranged in a one-to-one relationship with a plurality of laser light sources which exhibit anisotropy in a laser light emission angle, and that convert laser light beams emitted from the laser light sources into parallel light; a condensing lens that condenses the laser light that has been converted into parallel light by the plurality of collimating lenses; and an optical fiber (5) having a square waveguide core (sc) which has a square shape, the fiber receiving and synthesizing the laser light condensed by the condensing lens. A longitudinal axis of a condensed beam condensed by the condensing lens is aligned with a diagonal axis of the square waveguide core.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170082584

Ferrule container, and ferrule container containing ferrule

A ferrule container 1 is provided with a ferrule accommodating part 11 and a first column guide part 12. A ferrule is accommodated in the ferrule accommodating part 11. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170078679

Information display processing device and control program for information display processing device

In an information display processing device 1 for displaying a predetermined process result on a screen 14 of a display unit, the present device includes an encoding section 34 for creating a code image by encoding a piece of information held in the device and a display control section 35 for displaying, on the screen, the code image created by the encoding section 34 and a single identification header in a predetermined positional relationship to the code image, whereby the device reduces the processing load on a computer caused by an image search in a system which assists user operations through an image recognition process on a software basis.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170074283

Vacuum pump and mass spectrometer

One or more through-holes communicating with one or more of the plurality of screw grooves are formed at the cylindrical stator, a total of circumferential dimensions of the one or more through-holes formed at the cylindrical stator is set at equal to or greater than a circumferential dimension of an outer peripheral surface region of the cylindrical stator facing the second suction port, and a gas path through which inflow gas through the second suction port is guided to a screw groove is provided, the one or more through-holes penetrating through the screw groove and the screw groove being apart from the region facing the second suction port.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170073667

Method for manipulating magnetic particles and device for manipulating magnetic particles

A magnetic particle manipulation method for magnetic particle comprises the steps of; subjecting magnetic particles and a magnetic solid having a larger particle diameter than said magnetic particles to existing together in a liquid layer, and moving said magnetic solid and said magnetic particles in said liquid layer by a magnetic field manipulation. According to one aspect of the present invention; a manipulation method for magnetic particles comprising the steps of; moving magnetic particles in a first liquid layer into a gelled medium layer by a magnetic field manipulation in a device, wherein gelled medium layers and liquid layers are in-place alternately in a container, moving said magnetic particles present in the gelled medium into a second liquid layer by the magnetic field manipulation; and moving said magnetic particles along with said magnetic solid in the second liquid layer.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/09/17 / #20170067923

Device and method for processing target component in tube

The present invention provides a small and low running-cost device capable of minimizing the generation of contamination sources as much as possible while performing a series of all the desired manipulations. A device for manipulating a target component in a manipulation tube, comprising: a manipulation tube comprising a tube having an optionally-closeable open end for supplying a sample containing a target component at one end and a closed end at the other end, and a manipulation medium accommodated in the tube and having a gel layer and an aqueous liquid layer multilayered in a longitudinal direction of the tube; magnetic particles that should transport the target component; and magnetic field applying means capable of applying a magnetic field to the manipulation tube to move the magnetic particles in the longitudinal direction of the tube.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/09/17 / #20170067865

Data processing system and program for chromatograph mass spectrometer

In a chromatogram mass spectrometer's data processing system, if the intensity of a target peak originating from a target component at a target mass-to-charge ratio is equal to or higher than a threshold, the mass-to-charge ratio of a peak having a signal intensity lower than the threshold on the mass spectrum corresponding to the point in time where the target peak appears is designated as a correction mass-to-charge ratio. A mass spectrum at a point in time in the target peak where the signal intensity does not exceed the threshold is acquired. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/09/17 / #20170067864

Mass spectrometry method and mass spectrometer

In a mass spectrometry method for performing a qualitative and/or quantitative determination of an analyte compound contained in a sample, using a mass chromatogram acquired for one or a plurality of ions selected as a reference ion from the ions produced from the analyte compound, the present method includes the steps of: setting one or a plurality of reference-ion candidates for each of the one or a plurality of reference ions; acquiring a mass chromatogram of the sample for each of the set reference-ion candidates; calculating a shape similarity between a peak appearing at a predetermined position on the mass chromatogram and a preset model peak; and designating, as the reference ion, a reference-ion candidate corresponding to a peak having the shape similarity equal to or higher than a predetermined value.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/09/17 / #20170067142

Structure and film formation method

Provided is a structure configured such that even when resin, such as methacryl resin, exhibiting a low adhesion to a metal thin film is used, the resin and the metal thin film are firmly stacked in close contact with each other, and a film formation method capable of manufacturing a structure in which a metal thin film is, with a high adhesion, formed on a resin work exhibiting a low adhesion to the metal thin film, wherein the structure is configured such that an al thin film 102 is, by sputtering, formed on a work w made of methacryl resin to form a stack of the work w and the al thin film 102, and has a mixed region 101 of al, si, o, and c between the work w and the al thin film 102. In the mixed region 101, al is covalently bound to any one of si, o, and c, or al, si, o, and c form a diffusion mixed layer.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/02/17 / #20170059579

Protein detection method using mass spectrometry

The present invention provides: a method of pretreating a serum or plasma sample for detection of a protein or a plurality of proteins of interest in a serum or plasma sample via mass spectrometry and a method of detecting such a protein or proteins, wherein proteins such as albumin present in abundance in a sample are removed in a convenient manner, thereby making it possible to collect digested peptides from the protein of interest. Specifically, the present invention provides a method of pretreating a sample for detecting proteins in a serum or plasma sample via mass spectrometry, comprising a step of adding a protease to the sample under non-denaturing conditions to digest proteins and a step of separating the obtained peptides from undigested proteins, and a method of detecting proteins, comprising subjecting the obtained peptides to mass spectrometry.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/02/17 / #20170058394

Film formation device and film formation method

A film formation device for forming a metal thin film on a polycarbonate work molded by a resin molding machine, comprises: a film former including a chamber configured to house the work, and a sputtering electrode including a target material and disposed in the chamber; and a carrier configured to carry the work molded by the resin molding machine from the resin molding machine to the chamber within such a short time period that no moisture adheres to a surface of the work.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

03/02/17 / #20170055936

Radiation tomography device

In a radiation tomography imaging device, the imaging range calculation element 35 calculates a possible imaging range of the fpd 5 based on the imaging distance g, the irradiation swing angle θ and the movable range sp of the x-ray tube 3. The operator can preliminarily calculate the possible imaging range of the radiation detection means prior to the x-ray tomography imaging because the imaging distance, the irradiation swing angle, and the movable range sp are all predetermined parameters. ... Shimadzu Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170052171

Method for assessing state of differentiation of cells

In the present invention, for test cells which are either stem cells whose state of differentiation is unknown or cells obtained from stem cells by differentiation induction, an lc-ms or gc-ms analysis is performed on culture supernatants collected from a culture dish of the test cells and a culture dish of control cells whose state of differentiation is known, and the state of differentiation of the test cells is assessed based on the amount, determined as a result of the aforementioned analysis, of at least one compound selected from the group of putrescine, kynurenine, cystathionine, ascorbic acid, riboflavin, pyruvic acid, serine, cysteine, threonic acid, citric acid, and orotic acid in both the culture supernatant of the test cells and the culture supernatant of the control cells.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170051798

Irreversible mechanism

This irreversible mechanism (1) includes a rotatable input shaft (3), an output shaft (4) that rotates according to the input shaft, a conversion mechanism (5) that converts back drive torque from an output shaft side to an axial force, a brake portion (6) that includes a first brake surface (61), and a second brake surface (56) provided to rotate integrally with the output shaft and pressed against the first brake surface according to the axial force of the conversion mechanism. The first brake surface and the second brake surface include taper surfaces tapered in the action direction of the axial force of the conversion mechanism.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170050341

Manufacturing method for nanoparticle

A manufacturing method for nanoparticles including an amphiphilic block polymer having a uniform particle diameters has steps of forming a laminar flow of polymer solution by inducing a solution comprising an amphiphilic block polymer having a hydrophilic block and a hydrophobic block in an organic solvent into a polymer solution supply flow passage, a step of forming at least two laminar flows of a water system solution by inducing the water system solution to at least two water system solution supply passages, and a step of forming nanoparticles comprising the amphiphilic block polymer by making a confluence as if at least two laminar flows of water system solution sandwich the laminar flow of the polymer solution.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170045539

Automatic blood coagulation analysis device

An automatic blood coagulation analysis device including a computation processing unit which executes computation processing according to a pre-installed program, and a storage unit which stores data acquired from outside and data obtained through computation processing by the computation processing unit. The computation processing unit comprises an fbg computation module, a correction coefficient computation module, a reference value setting module and a difference module. ... Shimadzu Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170045482

Feedback control device

A feedback control apparatus includes: a detector configured to detect an output value based on a controlled object; a p control circuit including a differential amplifier circuit and an analog circuit, the differential amplifier circuit being configured to receive a detection value of the detector and a target value, the analog circuit being configured to output a p control component vp to an output of the differential amplifier circuit; an i control unit configured to output an i control component vi by integrating a deviation of the detection value from the target value by digital processing; and a driver element configured to be driven based on the p control component vp from the p control circuit and the i control component vi from the i control unit to control the controlled object.. . ... Shimadzu Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170045092

Torque transmission mechanism

This torque transmission mechanism (1) includes a transmission mechanism portion (2) that includes an input shaft (21), an output shaft (22), and an intermediate portion (23) including a connection portion (23b). The torque transmission mechanism includes a limiting mechanism portion (3) that is capable of switching between a connection state where the limiting mechanism portion is connected to the connection portion and limits rotation of the intermediate portion and a disconnection state where the limiting mechanism portion is disconnected from the connection portion and allows the rotation of the intermediate portion, and switches to the disconnection state when torque of at least a predetermined value acts in the connection state.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

02/02/17 / #20170034402

Control apparatus for image pickup apparatus

Provided is a control apparatus for an image pickup apparatus that can synchronize an image sensor with a frame period from an external device, such as a display apparatus, without use of any frame buffer, while optimizing the frequency of a clock signal used for the operation of the image sensor. An image sensor (11) receives a trigger signal from an external device (2), such as a display apparatus, and image data from an image sensor (11); calculates, for each frame, information of a time difference from the trigger signal to a time at which to start the output of the image data; and establishes, on the basis of the information of the time difference, a frame period of the image sensor (11) such that the time difference is accommodated within a given range, thereby allowing the image data to be supplied to the external device (2) within a given time difference relative to the trigger signal, though some degree of variation occurring in each frame.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

02/02/17 / #20170032947

Mass spectrometry method, mass spectrometry , and mass spectrometric data processing program

In a mass spectrometric method of the invention, a mass spectrometer (2) is used having a mass separation unit (231, 234) before and after a collision cell (232) for fragmenting ions. When a product ion corresponding to a precursor ion set for a sample is selected by performing product ion scan with respect to the precursor ion, an exclusion range of mass-to-charge ratios is set based on information on non-selection ions input by a user, and a product ion that satisfies a predefined criterion is selected within a range of mass-to-charge ratios excluding the exclusion range in a product ion spectrum. ... Shimadzu Corporation

01/26/17 / #20170021449

Laser machining device

A laser machining device machines a machining target subject by irradiating the converged laser beam output from each laser diode of a plurality of laser diodes connected in series to each other. A machining laser beam output-power driving circuit q1 outputs a machining laser beam by driving the plurality of laser diodes 11a-11 d, 13. ... Shimadzu Corporation

01/19/17 / #20170016910

Mass spectrometry method for polypeptides

Provided is a method for measuring a target polypeptide in a biological sample abundantly containing impurities by mass spectrometry. A method for measuring a target polypeptide in a biological sample includes: a first reaction step of bringing a liquid containing a biological sample into contact with a first antibody-immobilizing carrier to bind the target polypeptide in the biological sample with the first carrier; a first washing step of washing the first carrier; a first eluting step of eluting the target polypeptide from the first carrier by using an acidic solution to obtain a first eluate; a neutralizing step of obtaining a first purified solution by adding a neutral buffer to the first eluate; a second reaction step of bringing the first purified solution into contact with a second antibody-immobilizing carrier, to bind the target polypeptide in the first purified solution with the second carrier; a second washing step of washing the second carrier; a second eluting step of eluting the target polypeptide from the second carrier by using an acidic solution to obtain a second purified solution; and a step of detecting the target polypeptide in the second purified solution by mass spectrometry.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

01/19/17 / #20170014092

Radiographic apparatus

A mobile x-ray radiographic device has an extended operable time by employing a regenerative energy system and assembly. A regenerative brake circuit acts to provide a braking force for a rear wheel set during a circumstance and an adaptive use wherein a driving force is cut off to the rear wheels, and a second battery system charges with the generated electric power for adaptive use. ... Shimadzu Corporation

01/12/17 / #20170011897

Mass spectrometer

The mass spectrometer (1) provides an ionization chamber (11) therein with: a probe (15) having a sample to be measured flow path (155) for spraying a sample to be measured; and a standard sample flow path (255) for spraying a standard sample used for the calibration of the mass-to-charge ratio of the mass spectrum into the ionization chamber. The standard sample is intermittently introduced into the ionization chamber via a pulse valve (216). ... Shimadzu Corporation

01/12/17 / #20170010213

Measurement method using differential refractometer, differential refractometer using the measurement method, and liquid chromatograph

A differential refractometer including a measurement section for measuring the diffractive index difference between a sample cell and a reference cell by radiating light on a measurement cell and detecting light which has sequentially passed through the sample cell and the reference cell includes a mobile phase supply section for delivering a mobile phase in a sample introduction channel that is connected to the sample cell. The mobile phase supply section includes a mobile phase container for containing the mobile phase. ... Shimadzu Corporation

01/12/17 / #20170010157

Spectroscopic detector

Provided is a spectroscopic detector including: a light source for generating polychromatic light 11; a single diffraction grating 13; an excitation optical system for guiding the light from the light source 11 onto the diffraction grating 13, for selecting one wavelength from the light diffracted by the diffraction grating 13, and for casting the selected wavelength of light into a sample as excitation light; a detection optical system for guiding observation light emitted from the sample irradiated with the excitation light onto the diffraction grating 13 to disperse the observation light; and a photodetector 15 for detecting the observation light dispersed by the detection optical system. By using one diffraction grating 13 in both the excitation optical system and the detection optical system, the number of diffraction gratings is reduced, whereby both the cost reduction and the downsizing of the device are achieved.. ... Shimadzu Corporation

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