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Shiseido Company Ltd
Shiseido Company Ltd A Tokyo Japan Corporation
Shiseido Company Ltd Tokyo Japan And Bio Chromato Inc
Shiseido Company Ltd_20100121
Shiseido Company Ltd_20131212
Shiseido Company Ltd_20100114

Shiseido Company Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Shiseido Company Ltd. Shiseido Company Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Shiseido Company Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Shiseido Company Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Elastic jelly-like composition
11/09/17Makeup cosmetic
11/02/17Skin spot evaluation apparatus, skin spot evaluation method and program
11/02/17Serum-free medium containing pdgf for ds cells
10/12/17Solid lip cosmetics
10/05/17Vegfc production promoter
09/21/17Stick-shaped cosmetic for moisture replenishment
08/24/17Starting material for cosmetics
08/10/17Oily cosmetic
08/03/17Longevity gene expression enhancer
08/03/17Solid powder cosmetic
07/20/17Oil-in-water emulsion composition
07/06/17Optical resolution lenalidomide
07/06/17Method for pretreatment and analysis of lenalidomide in biological sample
07/06/17Optical resolution lenalidomide
06/22/17Oil-in-water type emulsified cosmetic
06/22/17Oil-in-water emulsion cosmetic
06/01/17Oil-enclosed powdery composition and production the same
05/18/17A-gel-intermediate composition, and production a-gel-containing o/w emulsion cosmetic using said composition
05/11/17Water-based cosmetic
04/20/17Alpha-gel-intermediate composition, and production alpha-gel-containing o/w emulsion cosmetic using said composition
03/16/17Method for screening agents promoting skin barrier function and evaluating skin barrier function taking epidermal serine racemase and/or d-serine level as indicator
03/16/17Artificial skin
03/02/17Water-in-oil emulsion solid cosmetic
01/19/17Agent for sedating response to external stimulation in skin and sedating that response
01/12/17Oil-in-water type cosmetic composition
12/29/16Liquid skin-conditioning composition
12/22/16Packing material for hydrophilic interaction chromatography
11/03/16Oil-in-oil type cosmetic composition
10/27/16Skin cosmetic product
10/27/16Marker for early diagnosis of kidney failure
10/20/16Voice coil motor and brush unit comprising it
09/01/16Low-stringiness thickener and cosmetic material admixed with said thickner
08/04/16Water-in-oil emulsified sunscreen cosmetic
07/07/16Method for regenerating hair follicles using cd36-expressing dermal sheath cells
06/09/16Cell mass capable of serving as a primitive organ-like structure comprised of a plurality of cell types of somatic origin
05/05/16Serum-free medium containing pdgf for ds cells
04/21/16Fragrance-containing capsule and cosmetic in which said capsules are blended
03/17/16Cleansing composition for pump foamer
03/17/16Mass spectrometry method, ion generator and mass spectrometry system
03/10/16Method for screening skin barrier function enhancing agent based on epidermal serine racemase and/or d-serine level, and skin barrier function evaluation method
03/03/16Aqueous composition
03/03/16Water-in-oil emulsion cosmetic composition
03/03/16Image analysis apparatus, image analysis method, and image analysis program
02/11/16Compound, optical resolution method, and derivative of an optical isomer of an amino acid
02/04/16Skin dullness evaluation apparatus and skin dullness evaluation method
01/07/16Method of making oil-in-water emulsified composition using corona-core microgel emulsifying agent
01/07/16Skin activation by acceleration of pdgf-bb activity
12/17/15Method for evaluating state of horny layer and evaluating horny layer improvement effect of cosmetic preparation
11/26/15Oral preparation, injection preparation, external skin preparation and cosmetic preventing or improving wrinkles
11/19/15Vegfc production promoter
11/19/15Oil-in-water emulsion composition
11/19/15Vegfc production promoter
10/29/15Method and evaluating ultraviolet radiation protection effect, and recording medium
10/22/15Cosmetic method
10/15/15Melanin production inhibitor
10/15/15Water-in-oil emulsion composition
10/08/15Cosmetic method
10/08/15Water-in-oil emulsioon sunscreen cosmetic
10/01/15Makeup base for skin removable with warm water
09/03/15Cosmetic device, applying current, and storage medium
08/20/15Sunscreen cosmetic
07/23/15Water-in-oil emulsion cosmetic
07/09/15Filaggrin gene expression promoter
06/18/15Method for evaluating cosmetic for effectiveness in improving wrinkles
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06/11/15Oil-in-water type emulsified sunscreen cosmetic
04/30/15Method for screening ameliorants of dry skin caused by atopic dermatitis using bleomycin hydrolase activity as indicator
04/02/15Method for evaluating cosmetic
03/19/15Apparatus, analyzing disease sample
03/12/15Skin temperature elevating agent, and cosmetic composition, food and sundry article containing the same
03/05/15Method for quantitatively analyzing cysteine and cystine and reagent kit for quantitatively analyzing cysteine and cystine
03/05/15Compound, optical resolution method, and derivative of an optical isomer of an amino acid
02/26/15Application operation evaluating apparatus and application operation evaluating method
02/05/15Electric makeup brush
01/22/15Mascara applicator
01/08/15Artificial skin
01/08/15Artificial skin
01/01/15Oil-in-water emulsion composition
12/25/14Separating agent and manufacturing method thereof
12/04/14Liquid cosmetic
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12/04/14Redispersible powder-dispersed cosmetic
11/27/14Water-in-oil emulsified skin cosmetic
11/20/14Oil-in-water emulsified skin cosmetic
11/20/14Corona-core microgel emulsifying agent and oil-in-water emulsified composition
10/30/14Water-based skin cosmetic
09/11/14Oil-in-water emulsion sunscreen cosmetic
09/11/14Expression promoting agent for clock gene and hyaluronic acid synthase gene
08/21/14Oil-in-water-type emulsion cosmetic
08/07/14Liquid skin-conditioning composition
07/24/14Water-in-oil emulsified sunscreen cosmetic
07/03/14Water-in-oil-type skin-whitening cosmetic
06/12/14Uv protective cosmetic composition
05/15/14Oil-in-water-type emulsion cosmetic
05/15/14Plant cell differentiation promoter
05/01/14Skin cosmetic
05/01/14Thin film supporting hyaluronic acid or derivative thereof and thin film cosmetic
04/17/14Solid cosmetic for lips
04/17/14Cell mass capable of serving as a primitive organ-like structure comprised of a plurality of cell types of somatic origin
04/03/14Lip cosmetics
03/27/14Shampoo compostion
03/20/14Heparanase activity inhibitor
03/06/14Translucent fragrance composition
02/27/14Expression modulator for clock gene
01/30/14Oil-in-water emulsion sunscreen cosmetic composition
01/16/14Water-in-oil emulsion cosmetic composition
01/16/14Water-in-oil emulsified cosmetic
01/09/14Solid cosmetic materials
01/09/14Bleomycin hydrolase production promotor
01/02/14Degradation inhibitor of hyaluronic acid, comprising rosemary extract and retinol acetate
01/02/14External preparation kit
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12/26/13Water-in-oil emulsified sunscreen cosmetic
12/19/13Sunscreen cosmetic composition
12/12/13Production o/w emulsion composition
11/28/13Whitening agent, anti-aging agent, and antioxidant agent
11/14/13Mass spectrometry method, ion production device, and mass spectrometry system
11/14/13Method of skin massaging
10/31/13Mass spectrometry method, mass spectrometer, and mass spectrometry system
10/24/13Sheet-like cosmetic
10/10/13Method for forming a cell aggregate
09/26/13Fragrance compositions
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09/12/13Expression modulator for clock gene
09/05/13External oil-in-water-type skin preparation
08/22/13Content reproduction apparatus, content reproduction method, and storage medium
08/15/13Solid powder cosmetic
08/15/13Composition for regenerating hair follicles comprising cd36-expressing dermal sheath cells
07/25/13Analysis method, adhesive tape, and pen
07/25/13Oil-in-water emulsified composition
07/18/13Skin activation by acceleration of pdgf-bb activity
07/11/13Foamable skin washing agent
07/04/13Ultraviolet protection effect evaluation method, evaluation apparatus, and recording medium
06/27/13Hair styling cosmetic composition
06/20/13Thickening composition and cosmetic preparation containing the same
06/13/13Cosmetic composition
06/06/13Skin cosmetic
05/16/13Water-in-oil emulsified cosmetic
05/16/13Chinese medicine hair-blackening preparation and formula and preparation method therefor
05/02/134-alkylresorcinol derivative and external preparation for skin containing the same
04/25/13Lip cosmetics
04/18/13Vesicle-containing composition and production method thereof
04/11/13Oxidation hair dye composition
03/07/13Method for alleviating and/or preventing skin reddening
02/28/13Method of observing cross-section of cosmetic material
02/28/13Concentrated liquid detergent composition and process for production thereof
02/21/13Solid emulsified cosmetic
01/31/13Vesicle-containing composition
01/24/13Expression modulator for clock gene bmal
01/24/13Expression modulator for clock gene period
01/03/13Substrate mimicking intercellular lipids in stratum corneum and evaluating skin roughening using the same
01/03/13Platelet-derived growth factor-bb production promotor, and mesenchymal stem cell production accelerator, stem cell stabilizer and dermal regenerator comprising the same
01/03/13O/w emulsion composition
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01/03/13Artificial skin
12/27/12Lighting device, image analysis device, image analysis method, and evaluation method
12/27/12Method for growing fibroblasts
12/27/12External preparation for skin
12/13/12Reference material for nmr, sample tube for nmr, capillary for nmr, and measuring nmr for a sample
12/06/12Cleansing composition, generating foam, foam, and cleansing hair
11/29/12Hair styling cosmetic composition
11/29/12Method for screening ameliorants of dry skin caused by atopic dermatitis using bleomycin hydrolase activity as indicator
11/15/12Water-in-oil emulsion sunscreen cosmetic composition
11/08/12Scca-1 production inhibitor having a carboxamide derivative and/or a salt thereof as an active ingredient
11/08/12Method for producing pyrimidinylpyrazole compounds
10/25/12Lip cosmetics
10/18/12Ultraviolet absorber-including clay mineral and cosmetics containing the same
10/04/12Oil-in-water external skin preparation
10/04/12Hair styling cosmetic composition
10/04/12Parakeratosis inhibitor and skin preparation for external use
10/04/12Massaging device
09/27/12Screening substance capable of promoting recovery of skin barrier function technical field
09/20/12Lip cosmetics
09/13/12Polymersomes and production method thereof
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09/13/12Parakeratosis inhibitor, pore -shrinking agent and external compositon for skin
08/30/12Inducing agent for plant root
08/16/12Packing material for hydrophilic interaction chromatography
08/16/12Method of isolating dermal stem cells
08/09/12W/o emulsion cosmetics
08/02/12Facial treatment mask and beauty care method
08/02/12Sunscreen cosmetic
07/26/12Oral composition for alleviating ultraviolet irradiation-induced damage
07/26/12Skin external preparations
07/26/12Oral composition for reducing wrinkle formation
07/19/12Laminin-332 production stimulating composition
07/19/12Composition for promoting collagen production
07/19/12Oil-in-water emulsified composition
07/19/12Antioxidant composition
07/19/12Heparanase activity inhibitor, wrinkle improving agent containing same, and pharmaceutical composition
07/12/12Hair treatment composition
07/05/12Pressed powder cosmetic composition
07/05/12Oil-in-water emulsion skin care cosmetic composition
06/28/12Production o/w emulsion composition
06/28/12Hair styling cosmetic composition
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06/28/12Production high-viscosity o/w cream
06/28/12External preparation
06/28/12Oral composition for alleviating rough skin
06/28/12Wrinkle-improving agent
06/21/12Sunscreen cosmetic
06/21/12Container for forming a cell aggregate and a forming a cell aggregate
06/21/12External composition for skin
06/21/12Skin state analyzing method, skin state analyzing apparatus, and computer-readable medium storing skin state analyzing program
06/14/12Solvent composition for conversion of makeup cosmetic
06/14/12Composition for alleviating ultraviolet irradiation-induced damage
06/14/12Skin barrier function recovery accelerator
06/14/12Methods for preventing and improving skin elastic property loss
06/07/12External skin preparation, whitener, antioxidant and anti-aging agent
06/07/12Composition for alleviating ultraviolet radiation-induced damage
06/07/12Cosmetic promoting recovery of skin barrier function using sound wave having a specific frequency
05/31/12Whitening agent and skin external preparation
05/31/12Water-in-oil emulsion sunscreen cosmetic composition
05/17/12Skin-whitening agent and cosmetic whitening skin
05/10/12Method for preventing or treating yellowish discoloration of skin
05/03/12Skin substitute membrane, mold, and evaluating external preparation for skin
04/19/12Hair cosmetic
04/19/12Hair cosmetic
04/05/12Hair cosmetic
03/29/12Sheet-like cosmetic
03/22/12Hair cosmetic
03/22/12Cosmetic composition
03/08/12Oil-based skin treatment composition
03/08/12Phosphorylcholine group-containing compound, manufacturing a phosphorylcholine group-containing compound, surface-modifying agent, and a modifying a surface using a surface-modifying agent
03/01/12Hair cosmetic
03/01/12Method for preventing skin elasticity loss by suppressing increase of subcutaneous fat
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03/01/12Cosmetic for eyelashes
03/01/12Parakeratosis inhibitor and skin preparation for external use
02/23/12Hair cosmetic
02/23/12Phosphorylcholine group-containing compound, manufacturing a phosphorylcholine group-containing compound, surface-modifying agent, and a modifying a surface using a surface-modifying agent
02/16/12Solid powder cosmetic and producing the same
02/09/12Elastase inhibitor
02/09/12Solid powder cosmetic and producing the same
02/09/12Surface modified substrate, biotip and a producing thereof
02/02/12Hairstyling cosmetic
02/02/12Solubilized composition
01/26/12Application external dermatological medications, evaluating the same, application evaluating apparatus, and application evaluating program
01/19/12Lip cosmetics
01/19/12Water-in-oil emulsion composition
01/12/12Solubilized composition
12/29/11Method for manufacturing packing material, packing material, and column
12/29/11Oil-in-water emulsion-type hair cosmetic
12/15/11Method and pharmaceutical composition for treating psoriasis, squamous cell carcinoma and/or parakeratosis by inhibiting expression of squamous cell carcinoma-related antigen
12/15/11Fragrance compositions
11/24/11Whitening agent, anti-aging agent, and anti-oxidant agent
11/10/11Double container, inner container, and outer container
11/10/11Sunscreen cosmetic
11/10/11Hair cosmetic
11/10/11Production fine o/w emulsion external preparation
11/10/11Oil in water emulsion cosmetic composition for skin
10/13/11Oil-in-water external skin preparation
10/13/11External preparation for skin
10/06/11Liquid fuel and fuel cell
09/29/11Water soluble thickener and cosmetic preparation containing same
09/29/11Oil-in-water cosmetics

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