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Recent patent applications related to Sidel Participations. Sidel Participations is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sidel Participations may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sidel Participations, we're just tracking patents.

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10/12/17Molding unit for blow molding containers, equipped with a guiding wear ring
10/05/17Device for gripping a hollow body having an enhanced capacity for evacuating heat
08/24/17Preform having a variable thickness around a main axis
08/17/17Mold with raised land for manufacturing containers
08/10/17Method for detecting the defective status of an article to be contact filled with a pourable product and filling device
08/03/17Receptacle handling filing and capping receptacles
07/27/17Unit for heating hollow bodies, which comprises a low-temperature cavity
07/20/17Method for controlling a process for the blow-molding of plastic containers
06/22/17Clamp for gripping a hollow body such as a container preform or a container
06/22/17Mold bottom with wide air vents for the forming of a container
06/08/17Measurement of the boxing travel by the stretching function, in an installation for producing containers
05/25/17Container provided with a curved invertible diaphragm
05/18/17Method and system for decontaminating caps or necks of containers by pulsed electron bombardment
05/18/17Electromagnetic processing module equipped with thermally regulated confinement elements
05/18/17Unit for processing blanks provided with an optical confinement section having convergent walls
05/11/17Heating device comprising a lamp removably mounted on an associated reflector
05/04/17Container provided with a base with bulging beams
05/04/17Method of capping a hollow container, capped container obtained by such a method and use of such a capped container
04/27/17Container provided with an invertible diaphragm and a central portion of greater thickness
04/13/17Method for forming a packaging from a container, comprising a thermal monitoring phase
03/16/17Preform molding unit equipped with a rotatable core holder
02/09/17Facility for producing containers, comprising a device for disinfecting a transfer wheel
02/09/17Molding unit comprising mold bottom actuation means supported by a fixed holder
01/26/17Method and molding unit for producing containers with long boxing travel
01/05/17Device for transporting a hollow body comprising a magnetically actuated gripping means
12/01/16Installation for thermally conditioning preforms with one portion of the preform being cooled by a blown blade of air
11/24/16Molding unit for manufacturing containers from preforms made of plastic material
11/24/16Container for carbonated liquid and pack comprising a plurality of containers
11/17/16Mold element for forming a container, provided with pressure-release air vents in the form of slots
11/17/16Method and device for manufacturing containers from blanks, with detection of defective opening of solenoid valves
11/10/16Molding device including a one-piece mold bottom including a heat-exchange cavity matching a molding surface
11/10/16Method for manufacturing containers from preforms, allowing a systematic check on the conformity of the preforms
10/27/16Device for serial treatment of hollow bodies comprising a treatment rod slidingly controlled by an electric actuator and treatment method
10/20/16Container provided with a deformable base with a double arch
10/06/16Container with a reinforced base, and manufacturing such a container
10/06/16Container having a bottom provided with a stepped arch
09/29/16Mould with a movable bottom and horizontal joint plane
09/01/16Molding unit for the manufacture of containers comprising a compensation gripper
08/25/16Container having a mini-petal-shaped bottom with transverse grooves
08/18/16Container comprising a bottom provided with a varying arch
08/18/16Container with a cross-section which changes between a square contour and a rectangular contour
08/11/16Container made from thermoplastic material having a petaloid bottom with increased blow-moldability
07/21/16Device for gripping a container comprising a nose wherein expansion jaws are held circumferentially in position
06/16/16Heating module comprising a lamp and a lens fastened by a brace to a non-emissive portion of the lamp
06/16/16Oven for the thermal conditioning of preforms and control an air cooling device fitted to such an oven
06/02/16Method for ejecting a vessel carried by a mandrel by abutment of an ejection face against a bearing face of the neck arranged under the mouth of the vessel
06/02/16Machine and processing filled containers having an invertible diaphragm
05/26/16Container having a petaloid base and groove
02/18/16Flattened container having an arched bottom with a variable-width base
01/21/16Device for transporting a hollow body comprising improved grasping means
12/31/15Mold having an offset parting line for manufacturing containers having increased stability
12/10/15Method for producing a marked container comprising a step for marking a preform
12/10/15Mold for blow molding a hot-fill container with increased stretch ratios
11/19/15Method for blow molding a hot-fill container with increased stretch ratios
11/12/15Control system of a container forming unit comprising a master control unit and slave controllers
11/12/15Modular control system of an installation for producing containers
10/22/15Method for stretch-blow moulding a container, including measuring the movement of the stretch rod during a boxing operation
10/22/15Stackable container including a shoulder with three stable positions
10/22/15Container having a bottom provided with a vault with a double indentation
10/15/15Method for producing containers, comprising a delayed boxing operation
10/15/15Device and accumulating and transferring
07/30/15Method for blow-moulding containers, and machine for said method
07/09/15Method for manufacturing a container from a blank, including feedback in accordance with an actual pressure at the end of the pre-blowing step
06/04/15Container manufacturing plant comprising a robot positioned to operate on at least two units
06/04/15Nozzle for forming containers provided with an interchangeable tip in which elements matching the format of the neck of the container are embedded
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05/21/15Container comprising an arched base having a star-shaped cross-section
05/21/15Container having a bottom provided with a stepped arch
05/14/15Device for the manufacture of containers comprising a mould and a fluidic coupling plug fitted with means for clamping against the mould
04/23/15Automatic automated installation
02/12/15Forming machine comprising a communication pipe between a compensation chamber and a nozzle
12/25/14Container pack
12/25/14Flattened container comprising an arched bottom with square seat
12/25/14Mould for forming containers, equipped with an electric heating system comprising a set of distinct resistive elements
10/30/14Stackable container comprising an arched base having a wide area of contact
10/16/14Unit for heat treating container preforms with double walls radiating in a staggered configuration
10/09/14Conveyor for forming at least one batch of products
10/02/14Device for transferring pre-formed layers of objects to the top of a pallet
09/25/14Assembly for fastening, with fluid connection, a mold bottom to a holder
09/18/14Assembly consisting of a decontamination device and at least one preform, facility and producing a sterile container
08/07/14Anti-intrusion method in an automated system with robot
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07/24/14Method for the stretch-blowing of a container, comprising a retraction of the stretch rod during a boxing operation
05/29/14Method for heating a container blank, the temperature of the outer wall of which is low, and unit for heating blanks
05/29/14Method for manufacturing containers, including an anticipated boxing operation
04/17/14Double-valley petaloid container bottom
02/13/14Mould carrier unit with controlled nozzle
02/13/14Device for transporting a hollow body, installation provided with such devices, and conveying a hollow body attached to such a device
01/30/14Bottom of preforms
01/09/14Transfer device comprising a gripper
01/02/14System for aiding in the replacement of a mould of a moulding unit of a machine for manufacturing containers
12/19/13Automated system for changing a mold of a molding unit with which a machine for manufacturing containers is provided
11/21/13Container having a bottom with a corrugated internal seat portion
11/14/13Tool for handling and grouping together products and adjusting said tool
10/31/13Modular accumulation conveyor
10/10/13Combined petaloid base of a container
09/12/13Wrapping module for a bundling installation
08/29/13Installation for preparing batches of products, of the vial or bottle kind or the like
08/29/13Process for forming a container by selective laser heating and free blowing
08/29/13Mould base support
08/08/13Versatile regulating unit for a stream of containers
08/08/13Vessel gripping member comprising a removable nose equipped with a mandrel and an ejection plate
08/01/13Chain conveyor changeable between a stretched configuration and a compact configuration
08/01/13Container with a thickened curved annular portion
08/01/13Method for forming a container provided with an imprint on an overheated area
07/25/13Method for manufacturing a container from a preform, with feedback depending on a minimum pressure detected
07/11/13Container including a ribbed, arched bottom
07/04/13Table for feeding a plastic film for a bundling machine
06/27/13Palletizer, palletizing method, and transfer of a layer of objects by palletizer from a conveyor to a layer depositing tool
06/20/13Container including an arched bottom having a square seat
05/30/13Container manufacturing plant comprising an air recycling circuit and recycling method
05/16/13Device for injecting at least two pressurized fluids into the neck of a container in order to form said container
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05/09/13Filling device having a flow regulation system
05/09/13Method of forming a container by blowing and filling
04/25/13Method and machine for preparing stoppers, caps, or other types of objects
04/25/13Device for preparaing sealing elements
04/11/13Lightweight container having a reinforced base
04/11/13Tool-holder module for shaping at least one cardboard cut-out
03/28/13Method of recycling air containing a sterilizing agent, and container manufacturing plant comprising an air recycling circuit
03/14/13Device for transporting hollow bodies
03/14/13Apparatus for handling and accumulating articles in a buffer area
03/07/13Unit for treating blanks of hollow bodies with radiation, provided with a radiation-containment airlock
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03/07/13Machine for producing cardboard cutouts
02/21/13Strengthened petaloid base of a container
02/14/13Palletiser entry station
02/14/13Device for orienting objects and installation comprising such a device
02/14/13Process for assembling a cardboard blank and plant for the implementation thereof
01/17/13Device for gripping a blow-moulding container preform
01/10/13Container having deformable flanks
01/10/13Portable hand-held liquid container
12/27/12Machine and forming groups of products to be cased
12/27/12Method and machine for manufacturing containers allowing a modification of heating rate
12/13/12Installation for conveying items consisting of a thermoplastic material
11/01/12Machine for forming groups of products for the casing thereof
10/18/12Thermoplastic container in particular a bottle having a partially prismatic triangular body
10/04/12Machine for manufacturing containers, including a system for providing assistance when changing moulds
09/20/12Filling device having a special valve system
08/30/12Container having grooved facets
07/19/12Filling machine provided with a cleaning in place device with individual collecting elements
06/28/12Method for changing a mold
06/28/12Improvement to palletizing equipment combined with secure access
06/28/12Method for changing a mold
06/14/12Molding device provided with a controlled means for clampingly attaching a half-mold by means of slidable attachment bolts
05/31/12Article accumulation table for a conveyor installation
05/31/12Blow-molding device provided with means for attaching, by suction, a half-mold to a back wall of a corresponding recess of a mold carrier
05/24/12Method for changing molding cavities for a station for blow-molding plastic containers, and dynamic storage device
05/17/12Method for grouping products together with a view to case packing same
05/17/12Process for the erection of a cardboard box blank and equipment for effecting the same
05/10/12Guide track for caps
05/10/12Device for conveying preforms in a heating unit
05/10/12Nozzle for a machine for manufacturing containers
04/26/12Conveying equipment including at least one curved corridor
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04/26/12Width-adjusting device for conveyor corridor(s)
03/22/12Molding device with fluid circuit(s)
03/01/12Filling machine with a variable filling rate
03/01/12Mould support for overstroke base
02/23/12Method for packaging a lot of products
02/16/12Container in which the base is provided with a double-seated flexible arch
02/09/12Mould for blowing vessels with reinforced bottom
02/02/12Packaging installation for batches of products
02/02/12Palletizer with box layer preparation
12/22/11Hollow body equipped with reliefs that enable the indexing thereof and process for handling such a body
12/22/11Bottom of a hollow body obtained by blowing or stretch-blowing a preform of a thermoplastic material, and hollow body comprising such a bottom
12/08/11Method and device for forming containers using a ventilated boxing insert
12/08/11Method and device for forming containers with counter-pressure
12/08/11Method and device for forming containers with localized cooling
12/08/11Device for gripping a hollow body by the neck thereof
12/08/11Device for forming box containers
12/08/11Oven for the thermal conditioning of preforms and control an air cooling device fitted to such an oven
11/24/11Equipment for producing vessels comprising a variable pitch transfer wheel
10/20/11Machine for plasma treatment of containers comprising an integrated vacuum circuit
10/13/11Installation for the production of containers, comprising a retractable transfer wheel
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09/29/11Device and measuring the temperature of a wall in a vessel preform
09/15/11Device for attaching a mould base on a medium
09/01/11Equipment for cleaning containers
08/25/11Improved oven for the thermal conditioning of preforms made of a thermoplastic material
08/18/11Object transfer device and corresponding gripper
07/14/11Plant for preparing batches of products, bottles or the like
07/14/11Method and device for applying a fluid to end walls of thermoplastic containers, especially for cooling the hot end walls of containers leaving a moulding unit
07/07/11Spongy mass for treating end walls of thermoplastic containers and device equipped therewith especially for cooling the hot end walls of containers leaving a molding unit
06/02/11Container transfer device including an adjustable peripheral guide
06/02/11Mould end-wall support for a blow-moulding machine, and blow-moulding machine comprising said end-wall support
05/26/11Container bearing an electonic label with a screen
05/12/11Resilient clamp for holding a container by the neck
05/05/11Mould for a blow-moulding machine and manufacturing such a mould
04/21/11Multipath conveyor installation
04/14/11Article handling machine equipped with a tiltable electrical cabinet
04/14/11Coupling device for an article handling machine
03/10/11Machine for the manufacture of containers, comprising a module for controlling the devices of a moulding unit so as to effect a change of mould
03/03/11Molding unit attachment system and molding unit comprising such a system
02/10/11Twisting conveying device for preforms
01/27/11Guide structure for stoppers
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01/13/11Cap transfer unit having a movable cap pusher
12/16/10Device for detecting wrong position of a container in a container handling machine
12/09/10Secured palletization facility
12/09/10Mold for fabricating thermoplastic containers, and a blow-molding or stretch-blow molding installation equipped with such a mold
12/02/10Machine for filling vessels with two products
12/02/10Handling robot for palletizer
11/11/10Lifting deck for a palletizer
11/11/10Bottom of a mold for producing thermoplastic containers, and container obtained
11/04/10Method for making containers comprising an intermediate depressuring operation
10/28/10Method and installation for grouping of stackable products of the cases and other type
10/07/10Unit for filling containers, comprising an insulator, especially for a production installation
10/07/10Mould carrier unit with controlled nozzle
09/30/10Device for transporting a hollow body, installation provided with such devices, and conveying a hollow body attached to such a device
09/30/10Compact tools with suction cups for handling robot
09/23/10Method for making vessels for improving the mechanical strength thereof
09/02/10Container including a base provided with a deformable membrane
09/02/10Polymer vessel having a crystallinity gradient
08/26/10Installation for the manufacture of containers from a preform and controlling the blow-molding means of such an installation
08/19/10Machine for the plasma treatment of containers, comprising offset depressurization/pressurization circuits
08/19/10Guide(s) mounted on a conveyor
08/19/10Machine for shaping blanks of cardboard boxes
08/12/10Device for loading containers on a transporting element provided with means for ejecting incorrectly loaded containers
08/12/10Vessel conveying device separating a main vessel flow into a plurality of secondary flows
08/12/10Method for producing a vessel from a preform, with feedback depending on the development point of the preform
08/12/10Process for forming containers, which comprises a step of flushing the internal volume of the container of variable duration over at least one given compensation time
08/05/10Method of conveying preforms and high speed device for tipping preforms
08/05/10Method for grouping vials, bottles or same
08/05/10Method for grouping products of the vial type and other
08/05/10Method and equipment for aligning conveyed products on a table
08/05/10Plasma-deposited barrier coating including at least three layers, obtaining one such coating and container coated with same
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07/29/10Method and device for forming batches of substantially parallelepiped objects moving on a conveyor belt
07/22/10Installation for filling cases with cross-partitions
07/08/10Grouping method and station for a palletizer
07/01/10Arrangement for grouping into rows the products of a batch on a high-speed conveyor belt
06/24/10Blow molding station for a container stretch blow molding plant and plant comprising one such assembly
06/24/10Blow-moulding installation for fabricating a container from a blank
06/24/10Device for loading or unloading containers comprising a neck on a transporting element
06/17/10Transfer device and linear-type the manufacture of containers
06/03/10Starwheel conveying device including a wheel vertical adjustment device
06/03/10Oven for the thermal conditioning of preforms, comprising a ventilation plenum
05/27/10Method of heating preforms for the manufacture of containers
05/20/10Installation for palleting combined with secure access
05/13/10Bottom of a mould for a mould for producing thermoplastic containers, and moulding device comprising at least one mould provided with such a bottom
05/06/10Filling machine provided with a cleaning device with a deformable membrane
05/06/10Container transfer device having a transfer guiding member
05/06/10Blow moulding or stretch-blow moulding device and manufacturing containers using clamping means suitable for supporting a blank by its neck
04/29/10Blow-mold assembly for the manufacturing of containers, including a mold and a plug for fluid connection
04/15/10Heating plastics via infrared radiation
04/08/10Filling machine provided with a cleaning device
04/08/10Drawing-blowing for molding thermoplastic material containers, in particular bottles, with petaloid bottoms
03/25/10Method and installation for the production of containers
03/18/10Device for fetching die-cut cartonboard blanks
02/25/10Packing and packaging system
02/25/10Method for sterilizing preforms and installation for producing sterile bodies from these preforms
02/25/10Installation for blow moulding hollow bodies, comprising a pressurized temperature-controlled fluid circuit
02/11/10Rotary filling machine
01/28/10Device for blowing thermoplastic containers
01/28/10Machine for transferring blanks for cartonboard boxes
01/21/10Arrangement for the distribution of products on a high-speed conveyor belt

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