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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xd6 sterreich
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of Munich Germany
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft And Gram x26 Juhl A s
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100114
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20131212
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100128
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100121
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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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Bearing arrangement for a wind turbine

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Bearing arrangement for a wind turbine

Patient support apparatus

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Patient support apparatus

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Count Application # Date Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014033832911/20/14 new patent  Installation for storing thermal energy
22014033833011/20/14 new patent  Energy storage installation with open charging circuit for storing seasonally occurring excess electrical energy
32014033855811/20/14 new patent  Rail vehicle system
42014033855911/20/14 new patent  Rail vehicle
52014033920611/20/14 new patent  Remelting method and subsequent refilling and component
62014033982711/20/14 new patent  Damping wind turbine tower oscillations using gyroscopic forces
72014033994011/20/14 new patent  Method for operating a three-phase inverter of a converter-fed magnetic bearing
82014034040111/20/14 new patent  Method for generating display image data
92014034125211/20/14 new patent  Device and method for protecting a load
102014034134711/20/14 new patent  X-ray detector of a grating-based phase contrast x-ray device and method for operating a grating-based phase contrast x-ray device
112014034173111/20/14 new patent  Piston seal ring
122014034174111/20/14 new patent  Bearing arrangement for a wind turbine
132014034218611/20/14 new patent  Layer system with double mcralx metallic layer
142014034221711/20/14 new patent  Storage element
152014034373111/20/14 new patent  Common automation system controller
162014034376911/20/14 new patent  Method and arrangement for monitoring a brake system of a brake arrangement of a rail vehicle
172014034391111/20/14 new patent  Method for monitoring a process and/or production plant
182014033140711/13/14Patient support apparatus
192014033250211/13/14Circuit breaker comprising ventilation channels for efficient heat dissipation
202014033268811/13/14Positioning an apparatus for monitoring a parabolic reflector aerially
212014033300811/13/14Feeding a fluid to a mold for molding a reinforced composite structure
222014033330311/13/14Magnetic resonance apparatus and method for rf excitation with two resonance frequencies to detect the cest effect
232014033341011/13/14Overload release, in particular for a circuit breaker
242014033649511/13/14Medical imaging device with disinfection unit
252014033649811/13/14Medical imaging system having a magnetic resonance imaging unit and a positron emission tomography unit
262014033649911/13/14Method for creating a detailed attenuation value map for a limited body region
272014033681311/13/14Locating a pickup point for an object in an installation
282014033780211/13/14Intuitive gesture control
292014032610411/06/14Device for ventilating transmissions
302014032644411/06/14Apparatus for the inductive heating of oil sand and heavy oil deposits by way of current-carrying conductors
312014032648111/06/14Insulation systems having improved partial discharge resistance, and method for producing same
322014032744111/06/14Measuring facility for measuring a magnetic field in a magnetic resonance device, use of a measuring facility and magnetic resonance device
332014032764811/06/14Input device, control unit and method for ascertaining a position
342014032802811/06/14Arrangement having a first peripheral device and a second peripheral device
352014032846011/06/14Method and device for assisting in the treatment of bone fractures
362014032866911/06/14Airfoil with cooling passages
372014032869011/06/14Perforated vacuum membrane for fibre reinforced laminates
382014033119811/06/14Method for designing a physical layout of a photovoltaic system
392014031893310/30/14Circuit breaker and handle locking device thereof
402014031992910/30/14Current assignment method and corresponding switch arrangement
412014031994310/30/14Technique for electrically connecting a generator and an exciter
422014032005010/30/14Power converter circuit
432014032012710/30/14Method and device for determination of a magnetic resonance control sequence
442014032012810/30/14Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire image data sets of an examination subject
452014032012910/30/14Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging volume of interest positioning
462014032019810/30/14Protective device for a voltage-controlled semiconductor switch
472014032024110/30/14Circuit breaker
482014032102310/30/14Triggering unit for actuating a mechanical switching unit of a device
492014032116910/30/14Circuit configuration having a resonant converter, and method for operating a resonant converter
502014032148110/30/14Method for time synchronization in a communication network
512014032178110/30/14Arrangement to control the clearance of a sliding bearing
522014032178210/30/14Thrust washer including wet friction material with resin coated surface
532014032385010/30/14Method and ekg trigger device for correcting an ekg signal in magnetic resonance image acquisition
542014032418210/30/14Control system, method and computer program for positioning an endoprosthesis
552014031299910/23/14Winding support, electrical coil and method to produce an electrical coil
562014031365110/23/14High-voltage installation with a desired breaking point
572014031455010/23/14Eccentric diaphragm adjusting pins for a gas turbine engine
582014031456410/23/14Wear sensor for a wind turbine
592014031457610/23/14Wind turbine blade holding arrangement
602014031500610/23/14Ceramic double layer based on zirconium oxide
612014031664010/23/14Autonomous system, device and method to provide data of the autonomous system
622014031674710/23/14Simulation of civil infrastructure
632014030512910/16/14Gas turbine engine support strut assembly
642014030536810/16/14Manufacturing a component of single crystal or directionally solidified material
652014030670410/16/14Method for imaging a part region of an examination object in a magnetic resonance system
662014030688010/16/14Method and control device to operate a medical device in a sterile environment
672014030748810/16/14Controller for controlling a power converter
682014030784710/16/14Automatically obtaining optimized output data
702014030979810/16/14Method and device for controlling a temperature of steam for a steam power plant
712014031064810/16/14Displaying medical thumbnail objects in a browsing component
722014029881310/09/14High-temperature energy store with recuperator
732014029957910/09/14Dc voltage circuit breaker
742014029977610/09/14Weak light detection using an organic, photosensitive component
752014030018510/09/14Circuit arrangement
762014030023010/09/14Rotor for an electric motor
772014030035210/09/14Method to enter magnetic resonance data into a memory organized as k-space, and magnetic resonance apparatus operating according to the method
782014030035610/09/14Method and magnetic resonance system to implement a multi-echo measurement sequence
792014030035710/09/14Method and magnetic resonance system to determine a resonance frequency deviation
802014030162210/09/14Method and apparatus to generate image data
812014030228210/09/14Layer system with a structured substrate surface and production process
822014030295710/09/14Drive system for a wind turbine
832014030452110/09/14Tamperproof regulation of a process, production, and actuating installation
842014029089810/02/14Roll casting method with cryogenic cooling of casting rolls
852014029226810/02/14Device for wireless inductive energy transfer to a receiver
862014029233110/02/14Method for the adjustment of at least one magnetic resonance image data set of a movable examination object and correspondingly designed magnetic resonance device
872014029233210/02/14Device, method and system for controlling imaging methods and systems
882014029249710/02/14Method and read/write device for detecting, selecting and reporting at least one of a plurality of contactlessly readable transponders
892014029413810/02/14Out of plane artifact reduction in digital breast tomosynthesis and ct
902014029414810/02/14X-ray recording system for x-ray imaging at high image frequencies of an object under examination by way of direct measurement of the interference pattern
912014029415510/02/14Radiography device and method for examinations in the field of pediatric radiology
922014029416010/02/14Method and device for establishing object data
932014029421210/02/14Method for automatically setting a piece of equipment and classifier
942014029508610/02/14Process for producing a layer system
952014029518710/02/14Composite structure
962014029529710/02/14Storage element for a solid electrolyte energy store
972014029669710/02/14Method for displaying signal values of a combined magnetic resonance positron emission tomography device and a correspondingly embodied magnetic resonance positron emission tomography device
982014029669810/02/14Method for creating a motion correction for pet data, a method for creating pet images as well as a correspondingly embodied mr system and pet system
992014029705010/02/14Control device and method for operating such a control device
1002014029757810/02/14Processing a technical system
1012014029842710/02/14Method and network node device for running push-button configuration sessions within heterogeneous network and heterogeneous network
1022014028402109/25/14Storage and recovery of thermal energy using heat storage material being filled in a plurality of enclosures
1032014028419009/25/14Mounting plate
1042014028425409/25/14Sorting plant and sorting method with two types of sorting terminals
1052014028437409/25/14Carrier with a test surface wettable with liquid solder and method for application thereof
1062014028444709/25/14Carrier platform
1072014028658909/25/14Method for coding a sequence of digital images
1082014028821309/25/14Fibre reinforced plastic composite
1092014028834809/25/14Radiotherapy treatment device comprising image acquisition device and irradiation device, and radiotherapy method
1102014028840909/25/14Magnetic resonance device for scanning an extremity of a patient
1112014028867309/25/14Managing distributed computing in automation systems
1122014028896409/25/14Supporting an acquisition of clinical data
1132014025964709/18/14Cutting machine for producing stacked lamina elements of an electrical machine stator
1142014026029209/18/14Gas turbine and method for guiding compressed fluid in a gas turbine
1152014026532909/18/14Method to de-ice wind turbines of a wind park
1162014026679609/18/14Traffic management system
1172014026686109/18/14Arrangement to measure the deflection of a blade of a wind turbine
1182014026725509/18/14Method for artifact-free rendering of metal parts in three-dimensionally reconstructed images
1192014027061209/18/14Bearing with a supporting element and method of supporting a first ring of a bearing
1202014027246409/18/14Method for applying a wear-resistant layer to a turbomachine component
1212014027775509/18/14Control of a machine
1222014027845209/18/14Methods, apparatuses, systems and computer readable mediums for connecting applications and tools within medical taskflows
1232014027980709/18/14Rules-based management system and method for processing medical information
1242014028175209/18/14Redundant bus fault detection
1252014028195909/18/14Devices, methods and computer readable mediums for on demand personalization of a user interface
1262014025176909/11/14No trip at off circuit breakers and methods of operating same
1272014025177509/11/14Autotrip plunger of a circuit breaker and circuit breaker
1282014025195709/11/14Arrangement comprising a circuit breaker unit
1292014025422209/11/14Method for operating a drive control facility and drive control facility operating according to said method
1302014025422509/11/14Method for operating an inverter and inverter operating according to the method
1312014025422909/11/14Modular high-frequency converter and method for operating the same
1322014025490709/11/14Automatic spinal canal segmentation using cascaded random walks
1332014025491009/11/14Imaging device, assignment system and method for assignment of localization data
1342014025520009/11/14Film cooling of turbine blades or vanes
1352014025565209/11/14Surface having specially formed recesses and component
1362014025572609/11/14Coating, coating layer system, coated superalloy component
1372014024586209/04/14Twin-wheel drive module
1382014024661309/04/14Adapter for an assembly having a valve and a positioner
1392014024692109/04/14Supplying energy to at least one mobile component in a wireless communications system, in particular to rfid tags of an rfid system
1402014024694609/04/14Electrical machine and a method for controlling stiffness in a stator winding of the electrical machine
1412014024702209/04/14Superconducting machine and method for the operation thereof
1422014024752809/04/14Method and device for determining direction of current flowing through circuit breaker
1432014024757609/04/14High-voltage platform
1442014024792509/04/14Arrangement and method for image combination
1452014024800809/04/14Tilting pad radial bearing with an aligning device for a single-shaft turbomachine
1462014024813109/04/14Push rod arrangement for turbine system
1472014024844309/04/14Screen stencil and method for coating screen stencils
1482014024847909/04/14Coating having a high corona resistance and production method therefor
1492014024939909/04/14Determining functional severity of stenosis
1502014024968909/04/14Controlling thermographic measuring process
1512014024974609/04/14Method and device for establishing an alternate route in the event of a blocked roadway in a monitored region
1522014025017109/04/14Optimization of a software application implemented on a client-server system
1532014023791908/28/14Wind turbine tower and method of production thereof
1542014023920508/28/14Optocoupler arrangement and input and/or output module
1552014023979908/28/14Flat emitter
1562014024010708/28/14Alarm detector
1572014024049008/28/14Method for object marking using a three-dimensional surface inspection system using two-dimensional recordings and method
1582014024155708/28/14Wireless charging system for hearing instruments
1592014024160008/28/14Combined surface reconstruction and registration for laparoscopic surgery
1602014024160108/28/14System for analysis and imaging using perturbation feature quanta
1612014024160208/28/14System for presentation of sequential blood laboratory measurements to image recognition systems
1622014024160308/28/14System for generating motion images of feature sets of perturbations of biologic particle densities
1632014024365308/28/14Motion-corrected pet images
1642014024519908/28/14Customizing a gui of a mes screen
1652014024522608/28/14Display and operating device
1662014024525608/28/14Method and program editor for creating and processing a program for an industrial automation arrangement
1672014023024508/21/14Method for repairing surface damage to a turbomachine component
1682014023034308/21/14Flange assistant for connecting adjacent tower sections
1692014023044808/21/14Method for preventing flashback in a burner having at least one swirl generator
1702014023051108/21/14Method for controlling a hot strip rolling line
1712014023123508/21/14Contact slider unit for a switching unit, in particular for a circuit breaker
1722014023135808/21/14Magnetic separator, method for operation thereof and use thereof
1732014023166308/21/14Method for transmitting register contents of a ct detector with hierarchical hardware structure and ct detector of a ct system
1742014023194408/21/14Radiation detector and medical diagnostic system
1752014023211308/21/14Method for reducing vibrations of a wind turbine and control system for reducing vibrations
1762014023219108/21/14Contact wire system for traction supply of an electric tractive vehicle
1772014023220608/21/14Method for optimizing the yield of a partially shaded photovoltaic array
1782014023220708/21/14Core module for wireless sensing system
1792014023233608/21/14Charging station
1802014023237708/21/14Method and assembly for determining the rotational speed of ferromagnetic components
1812014023238908/21/14Measurement head for a magnetoelastic sensor
1822014023251008/21/14Thermo magnetic trip unit for a circuit breaker and circuit breaker
1832014023285708/21/14Three-dimensional surface inspection system using two-dimensional images and method
1842014023314008/21/14Dc voltage circuit breaker
1852014023411108/21/14Blade arrangement
1862014023465208/21/14Coating, coating layer system, coated superalloy component
1872014023466208/21/14Layer system having a two-ply metal layer
1882014023515508/21/14Controlled-route vehicle, in particular train, with improved air intake
1892014023634508/21/14Sorting installation and sorting method for jointly sorting different kinds of articles
1902014023654708/21/14Patient-specific automated tuning of boundary conditions for distal vessel tree
1912014023662808/21/14Presenting medical contents
1922014022391008/14/14Energy-storing device and method for storing energy
1932014022403108/14/14Method and arrangement for monitoring gearwheels during operation
1942014022404808/14/14Turning device to rotate the rotatable part of a wind turbine
1952014022414908/14/14Rail vehicle having an interior which can be partially shut off
1962014022444708/14/14Installation for storing thermal energy
1972014022462908/14/14Contact slider unit for a switching unit, in particular for a circuit breaker
1982014022546708/14/14Magnetic gear mechanism with coils around permanently excited magnet poles
1992014022556508/14/14Providing electrical energy
2002014022624708/14/14Dc voltage line circuit breaker
2012014022676308/14/14Method for operating a vehicle-side receiver device of a train control system and vehicle-side receiver device
2022014022819808/14/14Pressure casting slip and refractory ceramic produced therefrom for gas turbine units
2032014022866708/14/14Determining lesions in image data of an examination object
2042014022901208/14/14Thermo-economic modeling and optimization of a combined cooling, heating, and power plant
2052014022901508/14/14Tool and method for dynamic configuration and implementation of device firmware utilizing defined components
2062014022904108/14/14Stopping time calculation module
2072014022914908/14/14Probabilistic modeling and sizing of embedded flaws in ultrasonic nondestructive inspections for fatigue damage prognostics and structural integrity assessment
2082014022915308/14/14Simulation of an electrical power distribution network in a wind farm
2092014021580008/07/14Device for installing and removing a component on or in a stationary gas turbine and method for installing and removing a component of a stationary gas turbine
2102014021615908/07/14Method and arrangement for determining and/or monitoring the state of a roller bearing
2112014021698808/07/14Magnetic drum separator and method for operation thereof
2122014021729308/07/14Method for generating a pet or spect image dataset and hybrid imaging modality for this purpose
2132014021765108/07/14Pressure sensitive flow distribution medium for vartm
2142014021781908/07/14Arrangement for igniting thin rods composed of electrically conductive material, in particular thin silicon rods
2152014021797808/07/14Charging station
2162014021805608/07/14Contactless capacitive distance sensor
2172014021873108/07/14Confocal spectrometer and method for imaging in confocal spectrometer
2182014021978808/07/14Impingement cooling of turbine blades or vanes
2192014022037908/07/14Alloy, protective layer and component
2202014022038408/07/14Alloy, protective layer and component
2212014022044308/07/14Storage element and process for the production thereof
2222014022044708/07/14Storage element for a solid electrolyte battery
2232014022121408/07/14Device and method for cooling a unit
2242014022181508/07/14Support unit for positioning a patient
2252014022181708/07/14Method for generating attenuation correction for a combined magnetic resonance-positron emission tomography device
2262014022232908/07/14Dynamic emergency aid
2272014022240808/07/14Simulation system, method of carrying out a simulation, guidance system and computer program product
2282014022290608/07/14Domain name system based discovery of devices and objects
2292014020858407/31/14Device for pivoting a rotor of a turbomachine from a first position into a second position
2302014020904407/31/14Bypass steam line
2312014020944907/31/14Method for reprocessing waste water and water reprocessing device
2322014020956807/31/14Circuit breaker unit
2332014020975707/31/14Locomotive driver's cab
2342014021057607/31/14Electromagnetic drive
2352014021082107/31/14Fast rendering of curved reformation of a 3d tubular structure
2362014021226907/31/14Cooling for a fluid flow machine
2372014021228207/31/14Method for profiling a replacement blade as a replacement part for an old blade for an axial-flow turbomachine
2382014021419707/31/14Device and method for sorting by means of a storage region and a sorting region
2392014021423207/31/14Network monitoring device
2402014020196407/24/14Method for repairing a damage point in a cast part and method for producing a suitable repair material
2412014020364507/24/14Converter assembly
2422014020374407/24/14Machine having a converter controlled drive
2432014020375007/24/14Secure motor starter
2442014020377907/24/14Method and device for providing electrical energy
2452014020379507/24/14Wiring test device for electronics cabinets having internal signal wiring
2462014020449507/24/14Release unit for tripping a tripping element of an electrical switching device and electrical switching device
2472014020461807/24/14Transformer sub-circuit
2482014020527307/24/14Device for dispensing an amount of liquid at a removal station
2492014020544307/24/14Seal assembly including grooves in an aft facing side of a platform in a gas turbine engine

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