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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xd6 sterreich
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xfc
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of Munich Germany
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft And Gram x26 Juhl A s
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft A Corporation
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Wittelsbacher
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20131212
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100114
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100107
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100128
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100121


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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011361204/28/16  new patent  Method for the fully automatic detection and assessment of damaged vertebrae
22016011361404/28/16  new patent  Computed tomography data-based cycle estimation and four-dimensional reconstruction
32016011418804/28/16  new patent  Method and determining a radiation dose of a radiopharmaceutical
42016011453904/28/16  new patent  Manufacturing arrangement
52016011505804/28/16  new patent  Control a sewage plant
62016011556904/28/16  new patent  Method for synthesizing a rare earth element by redox reaction
72016011586904/28/16  new patent  Method for operating a combined cycle power plant
82016011655704/28/16  new patent  Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
92016011655804/28/16  new patent  Noise reduction during selective mr excitation
102016011656804/28/16  new patent  Positioning
112016011661004/28/16  new patent  Method for producing a sensor board for a detector module
122016011691004/28/16  new patent  Method and process automation system with a central computing unit
132016011817204/28/16  new patent  Superconducting coil device with coil winding and production method
142016011817504/28/16  new patent  Converter unit, particularly a combination converter
152016011997604/28/16  new patent  Electric heater and operating an electric heater
162016012001204/28/16  new patent  X-ray source and producing x-rays
172016010632104/21/16 Method and system for machine learning based assessment of fractional flow reserve
182016010719704/21/16 Method and device for separating primary ore containing rare earths
192016010723104/21/16 Method for producing a shell-shaped component and production system suitable for the use of said method
202016010739304/21/16 Optimization of a production process
212016010739704/21/16 Rotor blade manufacturing arrangement
222016010766504/21/16 Apparatus for generating action recommendations for the driver of a rail vehicle
232016010873704/21/16 Blade system, and corresponding manufacturing a blade system
242016010912904/21/16 Heat shield tile for a heat shield of a combustion chamber
252016010930204/21/16 Temperature measurement at high-voltage potential
262016010947604/21/16 Method for determining at least one speed in a rail vehicle
272016010954304/21/16 Method and magnetic resonance determining a minimized echo time
282016010954704/21/16 Magnetic resonance producing an image data set for display
292016011063204/21/16 Voxel-level machine learning with or without cloud-based support in medical imaging
302016011123404/21/16 Electric switching device
312016011197704/21/16 Switching converter
322016010217104/14/16 Method of modifying the rate of temperature change of an epoxy resin composition in a resin container during a casting process
332016010241104/14/16 Device for reducing a metal ion from a salt melt
342016010250304/14/16 Mechanical-load bearing and electrically isolating mechanical connection
352016010255604/14/16 Shaft arrangement
362016010257304/14/16 Rotor tip clearance
372016010266004/14/16 Subsea device for providing a pressurized fluid
382016010267104/14/16 Method for operating a compressor, and arrangement with a compressor
392016010290204/14/16 Heat pump for using environmentally compatible coolants
402016010319504/14/16 Systems and methods for real time gradient timing modification
412016010319604/14/16 Method and magnetic resonance imaging
422016010343904/14/16 Production machine or machine tool and operating such a machine tool
432016010344704/14/16 Numerical control unit with the option of modifying the sub-program
442016010499204/14/16 Electrical contactor
452016010508604/14/16 Method for producing a rotor of an electric asynchronous machine
462016009556504/07/16 Method and imaging system for compensating for location assignment errors in pet data occurring due to a cyclical motion of a patient
472016009614304/07/16 Compact multi membrane vessel for water ultrafiltration
482016009624904/07/16 Machining device
492016009757104/07/16 Energy storage system for increasing the flexibility of power plants
502016009783004/07/16 Method and magnetic resonance fingerprinting
512016009803504/07/16 Numeric controller with notification of a cam system in the event of a change in the subroutine
522016009803604/07/16 Method of and system for controlling a manufacturing process
532016009844104/07/16 Data unification device and unifying unstructured data objects and structured data objects into unified semantic objects
542016009957404/07/16 Arrangement providing a 3-phase or 1-phase power stream
552016009961704/07/16 Air-cooled electric machine having cooling ribs formed from stator sheet
562016008902903/31/16 Shim coil device and a magnetic resonance coil system having a shim coil device
572016008910003/31/16 Method and system for determining a measurement start time
582016008948903/31/16 Medical imaging facility and control of a contrast agent injector integrated within a medical imaging facility
592016009000703/31/16 Transportation system with a non-rail-bound vehicle to be supplied with electrical energy through an overhead conductor system
602016009000803/31/16 Pantograph configuration for a vehicle and vehicle with the pantograph configuration
612016009010803/31/16 Construction kit for producing a rail vehicle with flexible door and window divider
622016009065303/31/16 Method for producing a metal foam and producing particles suitable for said method
632016009080803/31/16 Controlling distributed subsea units
642016009096703/31/16 Wind power gearbox
652016009099003/31/16 Arrangement having a seal
662016009102903/31/16 Overload coupling
672016009108203/31/16 Planetary gear
682016009158003/31/16 Magnetic resonance apparatus with a cooling apparatus
692016009158303/31/16 Patient-specific estimation of specific absorption rate
702016009158403/31/16 Medical imaging examination apparatus and operating method
712016009158503/31/16 Method and medical imaging apparatus of determining time windows in a scan sequence
722016009158603/31/16 Medical imaging apparatus having multiple subsystems, and operating method therefor
732016009158703/31/16 Medical imaging apparatus having multiple subsystems, and operating method therefor
742016009158803/31/16 Medical imaging apparatus having multiple subsystems, and operating method therefor
752016009158903/31/16 Medical imaging apparatus having multiple subsystems, and operating method therefor
762016009159003/31/16 Medical imaging apparatus having multiple subsystems, and operating method therefor
772016009159103/31/16 Method and movement correction in a magnetic resonance fingerprinting examination of a subject
782016009188203/31/16 System and multi-core based software execution for programmable logic controllers
792016009207803/31/16 Method for selecting a recording area and system for selecting a recording area
802016009219303/31/16 Method and operating a processing and/or production installation
812016009262003/31/16 Method for power station simulation for test and training purposes by means of a piece of distributed simulation hardware
822016009263403/31/16 Method and medical imaging optimizing an examination
832016009307203/31/16 Method and acquiring a high-resolution magnetic resonance image dataset of at least one limited body region having at least one anatomical structure of a patient
842016009404703/31/16 Heatable capacitor and circuit arrangement
852016009412803/31/16 Intermediate voltage circuit current converter in five-point topology
862016009415803/31/16 Method for power station simulation
872016009417803/31/16 Method for operating power semiconductors
882016008749603/24/16 Individual-segment rotor having retaining rings
892016008158803/24/16 Method for correcting respiratory influences on magnetic resonance recordings of an examination object
902016008175903/24/16 Method and device for stereoscopic depiction of image data
912016008228503/24/16 Applicator performing brachytherapy and/or magnetic resonance imaging
922016008254603/24/16 Device for preheating during welding and method
932016008259603/24/16 Mobile medical apparatus
942016008267303/24/16 Rotor blade manufacturing arrangement
952016008298203/24/16 Assembly device for a side wall cladding element of a rail vehicle
962016008298403/24/16 Passenger table
972016008385503/24/16 Method for operating a high-pressure electrolysis system, high-pressure electrolysis system and hydrogen filling station comprising a high-pressure electrolysis system
982016008422003/24/16 Arrangement to align a part of a wind turbine
992016008422103/24/16 Arrangement to align a part of a wind turbine
1002016008422303/24/16 Lift influencing device for a rotor blade of a wind turbine
1012016008422603/24/16 Cooling system
1022016008429303/24/16 Add-on drive shaft for an encoder or impeller fan and adding the shaft
1032016008489203/24/16 Method and a control unit for validating an electric power plant
1042016008492903/24/16 Method and apparatus to correct noise effects in quantitative techniques in magnetic resonance imaging
1052016008493003/24/16 Method and magnetic resonance reconstructing an mr image dependent on the chemical shift
1062016008493103/24/16 Method and reducing artifacts during the acquisition of magnetic resonance data
1072016008522803/24/16 Method and system for collecting via a mes system time-stamps of working-statuses
1082016008573403/24/16 Method, system and web application for monitoring a manufacturing process
1092016008633003/24/16 Method and determining a position of an object from mri images
1102016008635203/24/16 Database-guided detecting a mineral layer from seismic survey data
1112016008635603/24/16 Method for generating a combined projection image and imaging device
1122016008749403/24/16 Permanent-field armature with guided magnetic field
1132016008749603/24/16 Individual-segment rotor having retaining rings
1142016008749903/24/16 Electric machine having an improved cooling of the winding head
1152016008750103/24/16 Reluctance armature
1162016008877803/24/16 Power converter arrangement and producing a power converter arrangement
1172016007391903/17/16 Method, ecg measuring device, and medical imaging device for determining an r-wave in an ecg signal
1182016007397003/17/16 Computation of hemodynamic quantities from angiographic data
1192016007480403/17/16 Absorption medium, process for producing an absorption medium, and also process and separating hydrogen sulfide from an acidic gas
1202016007534903/17/16 Arrangement of a passenger information system in a rail vehicle
1212016007535003/17/16 Device for operating at least one electrical consumer of a rail vehicle
1222016007544903/17/16 Baggage handling system for an airport
1232016007676603/17/16 Combustion system of a flow engine and determining a dimension of a resonator cavity
1242016007700303/17/16 Device and monitoring fluid in subsea equipment
1252016007717003/17/16 Medical imaging apparatus with a movably mounted patient bed
1262016007717303/17/16 Magnetic resonance the operation thereof
1272016007718003/17/16 Magnetic resonance prospective motion correction
1282016007718103/17/16 Magnetic resonance apparatus and operating method
1292016007750903/17/16 Programmable logic controller having low latency
1302016007805303/17/16 Industrial monitoring system
1312016007817303/17/16 Method for editing data and associated data processing system or data processing system assembly
1322016007861603/17/16 Method and magnetic resonance planning a spectroscopy measurement
1332016007864503/17/16 Method and projection image generation from tomographic images
1342016007897203/17/16 Method for manufacturing a collimator module and manufacturing a collimator bridge as well as collimator module, collimator bridge, collimator and tomography device
1352016007981503/17/16 Electrical machine having a flux-concentrating permanent magnet rotor and reduction of the axial leakage flux
1362016007982103/17/16 Rotor of an electric machine having a squirrel cage produced from a granulate
1372016007983203/17/16 Method for producing an individual-segment rotor and corresponding rotor
1382016008019903/17/16 Configuration a wiring system
1392016008120203/17/16 Current converter apparatus having a multi-phase current converter
1402016006680003/10/16 Method and system for non-invasive assessment of coronary artery disease
1412016006686903/10/16 Patient transport system
1422016006687303/10/16 Phase-contrast x-ray imaging device
1432016006815003/10/16 Device and drying air, as well as a rail vehicle comprising such a device
1442016006921803/10/16 Power plant system having a thermochemical accumulator
1452016006922103/10/16 Thermal water treatment for stig power station concepts
1462016006925803/10/16 Turbine system
1472016006977203/10/16 Valve operation and diagnosis
1482016006977603/10/16 Pattern search in analysis of underperformance of gas turbine
1492016006982203/10/16 Method and device for determining at least one concentration of coal particles in a gas flow
1502016006984303/10/16 Sample disk for ultrasonic disk testing installations
1512016006997303/10/16 Combined magnetic resonance-emission tomography device, and imaging an examination object therewith
1522016006997603/10/16 Method and acquiring magnetic resonance data from a target region while the target region moves due to respiration
1532016007000703/10/16 Quality controlled reconstruction for robotic navigated nuclear probe imaging
1542016007025803/10/16 Method for increasing the work performance of a manufacturing executing system (mes) and an enterprise resource planning system (erp)
1552016007129203/10/16 Method and generating a multi-slice data set of a heart
1562016007163803/10/16 Superconducting magnet device including a cryogenic cooling bath and cooling pipes
1572016007234303/10/16 Axial flux machine having a lightweight design
1582016007234603/10/16 Rotor for an electric machine
1592016007234903/10/16 Rotor for an electric machine
1602016007235403/10/16 Electrical machine having a housing over a partial circumference
1612016007270703/10/16 Method for transmitting information and device for carrying out the method
1622016007344303/10/16 Method and energy-optimized data transmission using the opc ua protocol in radio networks
1632016005797703/03/16 Method for determining the sex of an embryo in an egg
1642016005839803/03/16 Rotor for a gantry of a computed tomograpy apparatus
1652016005904103/03/16 Method and monitoring a radiation therapy of a patient
1662016005936003/03/16 Welding of alitized components and an alitized component
1672016005987303/03/16 Light signal
1682016006118503/03/16 Hydraulic system
1692016006119003/03/16 Drive train and wind power plant with a drive train
1702016006186903/03/16 Reliable prediction of energy consumption
1712016006192203/03/16 Method and magnetic resonance examination of an examination object
1722016006286303/03/16 Multicore processor system having an error analysis function
1732016006328903/03/16 Method and read/write device for selecting a wireless data medium
1742016006382203/03/16 Switching device, receiving device and method
1752016006412703/03/16 Superconducting coil device with switchable conductor section and switching
1762016006412803/03/16 Superconducting coil device with continuous current switch and switching
1772016006417703/03/16 X-ray source and imaging system
1782016006491503/03/16 Circuit breaker for interrupting a circuit
1792016006493303/03/16 Provision of negative control power by a gas turbine
1802016006501103/03/16 Individual-segment rotor having individual segments retained by flexural supports and production method
1812016006501403/03/16 Permanent magnet for a rotor of an electric machine
1822016006501603/03/16 Permanently-excited dynamoelectric machine
1832016006503603/03/16 Wind turbine
1842016005252702/25/16 Vehicle having a gas-suctioning device
1852016005358702/25/16 Subsea electrical unit and system
1862016005361502/25/16 Method for restoring a cover plate pretension
1872016005394002/25/16 Sub-sea gas recovery system
1882016005435802/25/16 High-voltage measurement divider
1892016005440802/25/16 Method and magnetic resonance performing an adjusting measurement
1902016005441102/25/16 Method and acquiring magnetic resonance data
1912016005441402/25/16 Magnetic resonance tomography system
1922016005441902/25/16 Method for determining a type of a reconstruction of image data from a magnetic resonance measurement of an examination object by means of a magnetic resonance device
1932016005445702/25/16 Production a sensor chip and computerized tomography detector
1942016005472002/25/16 Intelligent programmable logic controller
1952016005564402/25/16 Method for volume evaluation of penumbra mismatch in acute ischemic stroke and system therefor
1962016005574502/25/16 Method and device for communication between road users and/or pedestrians and a traffic infrastructure on the basis of an ad-hoc wireless motor vehicle communications system for traffic control
1972016005651802/25/16 Energy conversion cell having an electrochemical conversion unit
1982016005663102/25/16 Method for operating an entire energy supply network in an energy generation decentralized manner
1992016005663302/25/16 Supply device for supplying electrical current to an electrical grid and operating a supply device of this type
2002016005667302/25/16 Reluctance motor and associated rotor
2012016005667402/25/16 Reluctance rotor with runup aid
2022016005679402/25/16 Control facility with adaptive fault compensation
2032016005680302/25/16 Apparatus and generating high-voltage pulses
2042016004517702/18/16 X-ray device
2052016004517902/18/16 Method and electronic correction of digital projection data
2062016004596902/18/16 Method for producing a component of a vacuum interrupter
2072016004630102/18/16 Apparatus for controlling a drive device in a rail vehicle
2082016004630302/18/16 Mounting arrangement for an interior furnishing element on the body of a vehicle
2092016004731202/18/16 Gas turbine system
2102016004773902/18/16 Absorption spectrometer and measuring the concentration of a gaseous component of interest in a measurement gas
2112016004787402/18/16 Quiet magnetic resonance angiographic imaging
2122016004788202/18/16 Method for determining the location of a mobile device within a building, and apparatuses for performing same
2132016004812302/18/16 Telecontrol arrangement, observing and/or controlling an installation
2142016004874102/18/16 Multi-layer aggregation for object detection
2152016004926902/18/16 Disconnecting switch unit
2162016003805402/11/16 Method and apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance images in a session, with acquisition of a consistently valid reference scan
2172016003998502/11/16 Cellulose material having impregnation and use of the cellulose material
2182016004054902/11/16 Method for flexible operation of a power plant
2192016004055302/11/16 Impingement ring element attachment and sealing
2202016004055802/11/16 Thermal power plant with a steam turbine
2212016004059702/11/16 Method for reducing the co emissions of a gas turbine, and gas turbine
2222016004060202/11/16 Method for the computerized control and/or regulation of a technical system
2232016004060302/11/16 Method for the computerized control and/or regulation of a technical system
2242016004124202/11/16 Dynamic radial acquisition of magnetic resonance data
2252016004124702/11/16 Method and accelerated magnetic resonance imaging
2262016004124902/11/16 Method and magnetic resonance generating at least one combination image dataset
2272016004169302/11/16 Gesture control having automated calibration
2282016004185502/11/16 Method and transmitting data elements between threads of a parallel computer system
2292016004342202/11/16 High efficiency fuel cell system with anode gas chemical recuperation and carbon capture
2302016004360802/11/16 Electric machine having a first circuit and a second circuit, cooling an electric machine and motor vehicle having an electric machine
2312016004365102/11/16 Controlling parallel converter systems for wind turbines
2322016004409402/11/16 Method, configuration, use of the method and computer program product for evaluating energy engineering data
2332016003104902/04/16 Method for new production of a diffuser in a laser system
2342016003145502/04/16 Assembly device for a side wall cladding element of a rail vehicle
2352016003261702/04/16 Lock insert for a cylinder lock
2362016003274702/04/16 Sealing element for sealing gap
2372016003289702/04/16 Determining a yaw direction of a wind turbine
2382016003299102/04/16 Mobile brake device
2392016003312802/04/16 Power generation system and method to operate
2402016003357902/04/16 Dynamo-electric machine with insulation monitoring
2412016003360202/04/16 Method and recording a magnetic resonance dataset of at least one foreign body in a patient
2422016003360302/04/16 Method and magnetic resonance system for detecting mr data
2432016003360402/04/16 Method for magnetic resonance fingerprinting
2442016003360502/04/16 Method and acquiring magnetic resonance data
2452016003360702/04/16 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
2462016003360802/04/16 Magnetic resonance angiography method and apparatus
2472016003468802/04/16 Method for protecting an automation component against program manipulations by signature reconciliation
2482016003510202/04/16 Method and system for computing digital tomosynthesis images
2492016003550502/04/16 Drive for a switching device

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