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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xd6 sterreich
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Wittelsbacher
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of Munich Germany
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft A Corporation
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft And Gram x26 Juhl A s
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xfc
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20131212
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100128
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100121
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100114
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100107


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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015028276410/08/15  new patent  Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging with variable contrast
22015028360410/08/15  new patent  Casting mold having beveled end faces on inner walls
32015028373110/08/15  new patent  Method of accelerating the curing process in resin overflow systems for the use in casting processes
42015028390610/08/15  new patent  Current collector for a rail-mounted vehicle
52015028508210/08/15  new patent  Aerofoil and a construction thereof
62015028508310/08/15  new patent  Fiber mat, a component for a wind turbine, an producing the fiber mat and a producing the fiber mat
72015028536710/08/15  new patent  Adapter module
82015028549610/08/15  new patent  Device for cooling a supporting structure of a heat shield, and heat shield
92015028549910/08/15  new patent  Local improvement of the mixture of air and fuel in burners comprising swirl generators having blade ends that are crossed in the outer region
102015028575310/08/15  new patent  Measurement detecting damage to a turbine blade and turbine
112015028584710/08/15  new patent  Method and data processing arrangement for determining the frequency, amplitude and attenuation of at least one output oscillation in an electrical energy supply network
122015028586210/08/15  new patent  Method for testing a latching magnet of a switch and test device for the latching magnet
132015028586410/08/15  new patent  Method for testing a latching solenoid of a switch and testing device for carrying out the method
142015028586510/08/15  new patent  Method for testing a latching magnet of a switch and test device for the latching magnet
152015028587910/08/15  new patent  Method for recording a parameter map by means of a magnetic resonance device, and magnetic resonance device
162015028588010/08/15  new patent  Method and magnetic resonance system for acquiring mr data
172015028588110/08/15  new patent  Method and magnetic resonance system for acquiring mr data
182015028588410/08/15  new patent  Methods and systems for acquiring multiple interleaved slices in magnetic resonance imaging
192015028588510/08/15  new patent  Method and device for optimizing magnetic resonance system operating sequences with respect to physiological limiting values
202015028588810/08/15  new patent  Method for magnetic resonance imaging by operation of a magnetic resonance apparatus
212015028589010/08/15  new patent  Method and acquiring a magnetic resonance data set from a target area containing a metal object
222015028621010/08/15  new patent  Numerical controller with display of a preview when the parts program is changed
232015028670510/08/15  new patent  Method for analyzing and/or evaluating at least one event
242015028697310/08/15  new patent  Multi-modal network and distributing resources in a multi-modal network
252015028711210/08/15  new patent  Apparatus and managing data records for associated seals from products
262015028817010/08/15  new patent  Passive fault current limiter for wind power applications
272015028823210/08/15  new patent  Outer rotor construction
282015028825210/08/15  new patent  Cooling system for electric generators
292015028862310/08/15  new patent  Method for selectively turning off a switch in a switch arrangement for current distribution, and corresponding switch arrangement
302015027247910/01/15 Method for determining the time point of a heart movement and corresponding apparatus
312015027250510/01/15 Positioning unit for positioning a patient, imaging device and the optical generation of a positioning aid
322015027251710/01/15 Scalable and flexible ct detector hardware topology
332015027252510/01/15 Ct system
342015027253210/01/15 Dose-reduced ct scan using dynamic collimation
352015027353010/01/15 Method and device for the automated handling of stacks of flat mail items
362015027418510/01/15 Control of rail vehicles
372015027509610/01/15 Device and extracting carbon-containing substances from oil sand
382015027563610/01/15 Shielded multi-pair arrangement as supply line to an inductive heating loop in heavy oil deposits
392015027567810/01/15 Method for treating a gas turbine blade and gas turbine having said blade
402015027568810/01/15 State observer for a steam generator of a thermal power plant
412015027570410/01/15 Method for the flexible operation of a power plant
422015027585710/01/15 Rotor blade for a wind turbine
432015027620910/01/15 Multi-variable state closed-loop control for a steam generator of a thermal power plant
442015027622410/01/15 Method for replacing a swirler
452015027690110/01/15 Method for ascertaining a gradient correction value, and magnetic resonance system operable with the corrected gradient volume
462015027690410/01/15 Frequency monitoring of gradient pulses during magnetic resonance imaging
472015027693110/01/15 Method of inspecting a generator air-gap
482015027695110/01/15 X-ray detector for a computed tomography system
492015027788710/01/15 Tamperproof installation of building control software in approved runtime environments
502015027852710/01/15 Self-test of a physical unclonable function
512015027869710/01/15 Method of finding a problem in properties of a set of rules used for automated monitoring of a technical system and device for performing the method
522015027906410/01/15 Imaging tomosynthesis system, in particular mammography system
532015027953310/01/15 Superconducting coil device having a coil winding
542015027955810/01/15 Device and potting coils
552015027957110/01/15 Inductor for heating ultraheavy oil and oil sand deposits
562015028052010/01/15 Electric machine and cooling an electric machine
572015028053610/01/15 Electric machine with permanently excited inner stator
582015028090310/01/15 Method for synchronizing an isochronous system with a higher-ranking clock pulse system
592015028091010/01/15 Industrial control system with internal generation for secure network communications
602015028133510/01/15 Receiver network component for operation in a communication network, communication network and operating a communication network
612015028168010/01/15 System and triangulation-based depth and surface visualization
622015026521909/24/15 Method for adapting a medical system to patient motion during medical examination, and system therefor
632015026609209/24/15 Hybride part and manufacture
642015026614309/24/15 Method for manufacturing a turbine assembly
652015026628509/24/15 Method and an controlling grain size of a component
662015026767809/24/15 Trailing edge modifications for wind turbine airfoil
672015026822009/24/15 Assembly for nucleic acid sequencing by means of tunnel current analysis
682015026831709/24/15 Method and magnetic resonance system for fat saturation
692015026831809/24/15 Method and magnetic resonance system for fat saturation
702015026832209/24/15 Method and magnetic resonance the acquisition of mr data of a slice within a subject
712015026866209/24/15 User interface and eliminating faults in an industrial installation
722015026937809/24/15 Use of a physical unclonable function for checking authentication
732015027079209/24/15 High voltage electrostatic generator
742015027083909/24/15 Identification circuit
752015027087409/24/15 Docking station for a wireless energy and data connection
762015027190309/24/15 Automatic stipulation of a spectral distribution of x-ray radiation of a number of x-ray sources
772015027190409/24/15 X-ray device with a control unit and controlling energy consumption
782015025980909/17/15 Bipolar plate for an electrolyzer, electrolyzer and producing a bipolar plate
792015025834909/17/15 Method and system for planning a brachytherapy treatment
802015025859209/17/15 Width-altering system for strip-shaped rolled material
812015025863409/17/15 Method for the new production of through holes in a layer system
822015025876809/17/15 Method for manufacturing a component for a wind turbine
832015025977009/17/15 Metallic bondcoat with a high gamma/gamma' transition temperature and a component
842015026004409/17/15 Rotor for an axial flow turbomachine and double nut for connecting two tie-rod elements
852015026016609/17/15 Cable support arrangement
862015026016709/17/15 Arrangement and method to align two components
872015026019709/17/15 Weld-free pot volute casing
882015026055609/17/15 Ultrasonic transit-time flowmeter and detecting a failure in an ultrasonic transit-time flowmeter
892015026081709/17/15 Noise optimization for a magnetic resonance system
902015026081909/17/15 Transfer of validated cad training data to amended mr contrast levels
912015026082009/17/15 Method and magnetic resonance creating at least two image data sets
922015026085609/17/15 X-ray radiation detector and ct system
932015026120109/17/15 Processing machine which takes into account position errors during collision checking
942015026171709/17/15 Cascaded fieldbus system
952015026179909/17/15 Systems, apparatus, and methods for tracking changes in data structures using nested signatures
962015026182509/17/15 Determination of the suitability of a resource
972015026208309/17/15 Proximal gradient huberized support vector machine
982015026275009/17/15 Energy intake a motor vehicle that can be operated electrically and operating an energy intake a motor vehicle that can be operated electrically
992015026276509/17/15 Switch apparatus of an electrical circuit breaker comprising a force transfer element and a holding element
1002015026277209/17/15 Rotor shaft module for a rotor shaft of a molded-case circuit breaker, rotor shaft for a molded-case circuit breaker, molded-case circuit breaker comprising a rotator shaft, and producing a rotor shaft module for a rotor shaft of a molded-case circuit breaker
1012015026356909/17/15 Power supply arrangement of a wind farm
1022015026359009/17/15 Rotor of an electrical machine and electrical machine
1032015026363709/17/15 Converter converting alternating current
1042015026408009/17/15 Testing integrity of property data of a device using a testing device
1052015025114409/10/15 Method for recovering process wastewater from a steam power plant
1062015025134209/10/15 Method for manufacturing a component for a wind turbine
1072015025135509/10/15 Method and device for powder bed-based additive production of a component
1082015025136209/10/15 Method and a mold for manufacturing a component for a wind turbine
1092015025137009/10/15 Method for manufacturing a rotor blade for a wind turbine
1102015025138009/10/15 Fiber-reinforced composite, a component and a method
1112015025167309/10/15 Operator control system for operator control of functional units for a rail vehicle
1122015025167409/10/15 Method for operating a mobile device in a railway system, railway system and mobile device
1132015025167509/10/15 Method for locating a rail vehicle
1142015025167709/10/15 Diagnostic rail vehicles
1152015025227409/10/15 Entrained flow gasifier having an integrated intermediate temperature plasma
1162015025258209/10/15 Slipformed concrete tower
1172015025272609/10/15 Expanded gas power plant for energy storage
1182015025278009/10/15 Wind turbine blade spar web having enhanced buckling strength
1192015025316809/10/15 Apparatus and combined flow and thermographic measurement
1202015025340509/10/15 Method and optimizing a magnetic resonance sequence
1212015025340809/10/15 Method and magnetic resonance imaging
1222015025340909/10/15 Method for automatic calibration of motion detection techniques in medical imaging systems
1232015025343709/10/15 Method for activating an x-ray detector and associated control unit
1242015025376709/10/15 Re-sequencing of client orders under controlled just-in-sequence deliveries for avoiding production downtime and/or production rework due to missing and/or defect parts
1252015025397909/10/15 Method for enabling an interaction between an assistance device and a medical apparatus and/or an operator and/or a patient, assistance device, assistance system, unit, and system
1262015025490609/10/15 Method and arrangement for transporting cuboidal items
1272015025523009/10/15 Indicator lamp
1282015025571909/10/15 Salts of phosphorus oxide as n-dopants for organic electronics
1292015025584809/10/15 Device for coupling rf power into a waveguide
1302015025597309/10/15 Damping arrangement for an oscillatably mounted electrical energy transmission device
1312015025597409/10/15 Downhole cable termination systems
1322015025603909/10/15 Outer structure of a generator
1332015025608109/10/15 Modular multilevel dc/dc converter for hvdc applications
1342015025635609/10/15 Communication network and operating a communication network
1352015025641209/10/15 Operation of a data processing network having a plurality of geographically spaced-apart data centers
1362015024577809/03/15 Low power perfusion imaging
1372015024640909/03/15 Torch for tungsten inert gas welding
1382015024661509/03/15 Rail vehicle with a battery drive
1392015024740609/03/15 Method for assembling and disassembling a rotor having a number of rotor components of an axial flow turbomachine and such a rotor
1402015024741809/03/15 Gas turbine having a heat flow sensor
1412015024748709/03/15 Wind turbine blade
1422015024752909/03/15 Bearing arrangement and determining the load zone of a bearing
1432015024753009/03/15 Active part of an electrical machine, radial magnetic bearing and producing a radial magnetic bearing
1442015024764009/03/15 Retaining element for retaining a heat shield tile and cooling the supporting structure of a heat shield
1452015024777809/03/15 Method for monitoring damage to a shaft
1462015024778109/03/15 Method for diagnosing railroad components of a railroad network for rail transport
1472015024790709/03/15 Hybrid examination system having an mr scanner, an x ray source and an x ray detector
1482015024812209/03/15 Providing a customized programmable logic controller to a customer
1492015024898409/03/15 Actuating a vacuum interrupter and disconnecting arrangement
1502015024898509/03/15 Knob element and slide element of an adjusting apparatus and adjusting adjusting a position of a thermal tripping shaft
1512015024898609/03/15 Thermal trip device of a thermal magnetic circuit breaker having a resistor element, thermal magnetic circuit breaker and switching device for interrupting a current flow and protecting an electrical circuit from damage
1522015024927909/03/15 Electrical energy store
1532015024933109/03/15 Line arrester
1542015024933809/03/15 Method and controller for continuously operating a plurality of electric energy generating machines during a high voltage condition
1552015024955209/03/15 Modular industrial automation appliance and transmitting messages via a backplane bus system of the modular industrial automation appliance
1562015025002309/03/15 Method for operating a plant having at least one open- and/or closed-loop heating control device, open - and/or closed - loop heating control device, and plant
1572015025002409/03/15 Heating control and/or regulation device
1582015025002509/03/15 Power module and interface module for a heating controller and/or regulator and a modular system for heating control and/or regulation
1592015023812808/27/15 Sensor instrument
1602015023812908/27/15 Method for producing a sensor instrument, and sensor instrument
1612015023814808/27/15 Method and system for anatomical object detection using marginal space deep neural networks
1622015023815408/27/15 Method for selecting a radiation form filter and x-ray imaging system
1632015023816008/27/15 Patient-dependent optimization of the amount of contrast medium
1642015023907608/27/15 Large transmission gearwheel and process for producing a large transmission gearwheel
1652015023934908/27/15 Non-rail-bound vehicle with improved current collector
1662015023948108/27/15 Operation of a rail vehicle by means of an etcs device
1672015024036408/27/15 Method for coating by thermal spraying with an inclined particle jet
1682015024065108/27/15 Turbine abradable layer with progressive wear zone multi level ridge arrays
1692015024065308/27/15 Turbine abradable layer with zig zag groove pattern
1702015024095108/27/15 Arrangement with a gas seal
1712015024106108/27/15 Heat shield with a supporting structure and cooling the supporting structure
1722015024125208/27/15 Measuring device housing
1732015024129908/27/15 Determining a leg load of a jack-up vessel
1742015024130408/27/15 Method for the computer-assisted monitoring of the operation of a technical system, particularly of an electrical energy-generating installation
1752015024134408/27/15 Method and device for measuring the gas content in a liquid, and use of such a device
1762015024152608/27/15 Determining a measuring point-in-time in a cardiac cycle for conducting magnetic resonance diffusion measurements
1772015024153108/27/15 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
1782015024153208/27/15 Magnetic resonance spectroscopy with phase rotation
1792015024153508/27/15 Method and magnetic resonance determining a pulse sequence
1802015024153608/27/15 Method and apparatus control and adjustment of pulse optimization of a magnetic resonance system
1812015024187308/27/15 Monitoring a first system of a technical plant for producing a product
1822015024194808/27/15 Energy-saving mode for a rail system signaling system
1832015024254808/27/15 Simulation of programmable logic controller inputs and outputs
1842015024258808/27/15 System and personalized computation of tissue ablation extent based on medical images
1852015024258908/27/15 Method and system for image-based estimation of multi-physics parameters and their uncertainty for patient-specific simulation of organ function
1862015024346208/27/15 Magnetic tripping device and overcurrent tripping device of an electrical switch and electrical switch and calibrating the magnetic tripping of a magnetic tripping device
1872015024346508/27/15 Magnetic trip device of a thermal magnetic circuit breaker having an adjustment element
1882015024346608/27/15 Magnetic trip device of a thermal magnetic circuit breaker having a stabilizer element
1892015024380108/27/15 Electrode provided with ubm structure and producing same
1902015024388908/27/15 Salts of cyclopentadiene as n-dopants for organic electronics
1912015024416208/27/15 Surge arrester
1922015024416808/27/15 Machine with a drive train
1932015023167908/20/15 Method for influencing the geometry of a rolled item in a controlled manner
1942015023169008/20/15 Method for producing a turbine rotor
1952015023210908/20/15 Input of etcs data into a rail vehicle
1962015023219108/20/15 Cooling system for components in (airborne) vehicle structures
1972015023299908/20/15 Environmentally-friendly integrated installation for producing chemical and petrochemical products
1982015023334508/20/15 Wind turbine blade
1992015023335008/20/15 Method for setting a pitch reference point for a wind turbine blade on a rotor
2002015023335708/20/15 Bedplate of a wind turbine
2012015023337908/20/15 Integrally geared compressor with adjustable intermediate gearwheel
2022015023341508/20/15 Radial gas foil bearing
2032015023342108/20/15 Magnetic radial bearing with a rotor laminated in a star-shaped manner
2042015023388108/20/15 Apparatus for determining properties of a dust mixture flowing through a cross-sectional area of a coal dust line
2052015023402308/20/15 Method and magnetic resonance acquiring magnetic resonance data of an examination object
2062015023402408/20/15 Method and magnetic resonance acquisition of mr data of a two-dimensional volume segment
2072015023402508/20/15 Method and magnetic resonance determination of radio-frequency pulses
2082015023402708/20/15 Magnetic resonance method and apparatus
2092015023455708/20/15 System for managing and processing data from a medical facility
2102015023536008/20/15 Sparse appearance learning-based segmentation
2112015023539608/20/15 Display unit and installation for distributing electrical energy with a corresponding display unit
2122015023712408/20/15 Network-based collaboration for secure data interchange for image data records having confidential components
2132015023722208/20/15 Imaging modality and operating an imaging modality
2142015022373708/13/15 In vivo determination of a blood value
2152015022377308/13/15 Method and image fusion based planning of c-arm angulation for structural heart disease
2162015022457608/13/15 Production of a refractory metal component
2172015022488008/13/15 Drive method with shifting of the switching frequency and drive device
2182015022488208/13/15 Charging device for inductive charging
2192015022500308/13/15 Control of a rail vehicle
2202015022583408/13/15 Boronizing composition and surface treatment of steels
2212015022607208/13/15 Welded dual chamber impingement tube
2222015022607308/13/15 Turbine vane arrangement
2232015022609008/13/15 Gas and steam turbine system having feed-water partial-flow degasser
2242015022618008/13/15 Blade root section made of prestressed concrete
2252015022618308/13/15 Method and arrangement for controlling a wind turbine
2262015022633608/13/15 Shaft seal arrangement
2272015022648408/13/15 Flicker reduction in electric arc furnaces by means of flicker prediction from the state determination in the initial phase of the smelting process
2282015022650008/13/15 Cogeneration power plant and operating a cogeneration power plant
2292015022658908/13/15 X-ray based multiphase flow meter with energy resolving matrix detector
2302015022681908/13/15 Method and magnetic resonance scanner for acquiring a magnetic resonance data set
2312015022682208/13/15 Method and automated determination of the resonance frequencies of protons for magnetic resonance examinations
2322015022682308/13/15 Method and device for controlling a magnetic resonance imaging system
2332015022682408/13/15 Method and magnetic resonance system for generating mr images
2342015022712108/13/15 Method for controlling and/or regulating a technical system in a computer-assisted manner
2352015022776908/13/15 Method and rfid writer-reader for selecting an rfid data carrier
2362015022807008/13/15 Method and system for automatic pelvis unfolding from 3d computed tomography images
2372015022843308/13/15 Thermal trip device, switching device, thermal magnetic circuit breaker and protecting an electrical circuit from damage
2382015022844108/13/15 Device comprising an anode for generating x-ray radiation
2392015022844208/13/15 Device for producing x-ray radiation
2402015022918408/13/15 Rotor of an electric machine, and electric machine
2412015022935108/13/15 Method for radio transmission by ultra wideband transmission
2422015022966008/13/15 Method for monitoring security in an automation network, and automation network
2432015021648508/06/15 Direct converversion x-ray detector, ct system, and associated procedure
2442015021713508/06/15 Method and device for determining an irradiation plan for a particle irradiation unit
2452015021731608/06/15 Measurement and protective coating processes
2462015021740508/06/15 Laser sintering technique for manufacturing items on a movable sintering platform
2472015021778608/06/15 Exit system, in particular emergency exit system, for a rail vehicle
2482015021847108/06/15 Cooling and scrubbing of a crude gas from entrained flow gasification
2492015021886808/06/15 Hatch actuating arrangement for actuating a hatch of a hatch device

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