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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xd6 sterreich
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xfc
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of Munich Germany
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft And Gram x26 Juhl A s
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft A Corporation
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Wittelsbacher
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20131212
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100114
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100107
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100128
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100121


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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003104902/04/16 Method for new production of a diffuser in a laser system
22016003145502/04/16 Assembly device for a side wall cladding element of a rail vehicle
32016003261702/04/16 Lock insert for a cylinder lock
42016003274702/04/16 Sealing element for sealing gap
52016003289702/04/16 Determining a yaw direction of a wind turbine
62016003299102/04/16 Mobile brake device
72016003312802/04/16 Power generation system and method to operate
82016003357902/04/16 Dynamo-electric machine with insulation monitoring
92016003360202/04/16 Method and recording a magnetic resonance dataset of at least one foreign body in a patient
102016003360302/04/16 Method and magnetic resonance system for detecting mr data
112016003360402/04/16 Method for magnetic resonance fingerprinting
122016003360502/04/16 Method and acquiring magnetic resonance data
132016003360702/04/16 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
142016003360802/04/16 Magnetic resonance angiography method and apparatus
152016003468802/04/16 Method for protecting an automation component against program manipulations by signature reconciliation
162016003510202/04/16 Method and system for computing digital tomosynthesis images
172016003550502/04/16 Drive for a switching device
182016003550702/04/16 Method and device for protecting persons in the vicinity of an hf field-emitting device
192016003652502/04/16 System for optical data transmission, optical data receive unit, optical data transmit unit and optical data communication
202016002236901/28/16 System and interactive patient specific simulation of radiofrequency ablation therapy
212016002237101/28/16 Method and system for automated therapy planning for arterial stenosis
222016002321801/28/16 Drive control method and drive system operating according to said method
232016002330601/28/16 Nozzle for laser powder build-up welding
242016002367201/28/16 Ride-up protection means
252016002493901/28/16 Rotor blade assembly, turbomachine comprising a rotor blade assembly and assembling a rotor blade assembly
262016002494101/28/16 Porous ceramic layer system
272016002496001/28/16 Gas turbine and operating the gas turbine
282016002515001/28/16 Torque transmission device, actuator and robot
292016002533101/28/16 Condensate preheater for waste heat steam generator
302016002552801/28/16 Measurement transducer for process instrumentation, and monitoring the state of its sensor
312016002578701/28/16 Sensor and determining a dielectric property of a medium
322016002583001/28/16 Method, local coil and magnetic resonance magnetic resonance imaging
332016002583401/28/16 Method and acquiring magnetic resonance data
342016002586901/28/16 X-ray radiation detector and measuring x-ray radiation
352016002673501/28/16 Method and system for managing data in a manufacturing execution system
362016002754901/28/16 Resistance covering for a dc insulation system
372016002828201/28/16 Method for producing a rotor
382016001533101/21/16 Method for ascertaining an absolute scan region on a patient
392016001533901/21/16 Imaging device for electromagnetic radiation
402016001620401/21/16 Device and transporting objects
412016001771401/21/16 A technique for cooling a root side of a platform of a turbomachine part
422016001771601/21/16 A turbomachine component with a stress relief cavity
432016001773601/21/16 Cooled composite sheets for a gas turbine
442016001774001/21/16 Riffled seal for a turbomachine, turbomachine and manufacturing a riffled seal for a turbomachine
452016001810901/21/16 Jet burner with cooling duct in the base plate
462016001821701/21/16 Ensuring inspection coverage for manual inspection
472016001837801/21/16 Systems and methods for boosting coal quality measurement statement of related cases
482016001849001/21/16 Body-insertable device with an mr coil and a shin coil
492016001851901/21/16 High frequency acoustic spectrum imaging
502016001853601/21/16 Detector module for an x-ray detector
512016002060101/21/16 Power bay protection device and a portecting power bays
522016002065401/21/16 Laminated rotor core of a rotating electric machine
532016002066701/21/16 Generator suspension arrangement
542016000794301/14/16 Method and combined dual-energy mammography and tomosynthesis imaging
552016000794601/14/16 Method and device for generating a low-dose x-ray image preview, imaging system and computer program product
562016000875501/14/16 Method and device for the treatment of a gas stream, in particular for the treatment of a natural gas stream
572016000882201/14/16 Method for separating a defined mineral phase of value from a ground ore
582016000891901/14/16 Laser method with different laser beam areas within a beam and devices
592016000900501/14/16 Method of forming a wind turbine blade
602016000929801/14/16 Rail vehicle
612016001046101/14/16 Method for detuning a rotor-blade cascade
622016001051101/14/16 Power generation system and method to operate
632016001054401/14/16 Internal combustion engine having a linear generator and rotary generator
642016001054501/14/16 Internal combustion engine comprising an electric drive on the crankshaft
652016001056601/14/16 Method for operating a gas turbine below its rated power
662016001086501/14/16 Fuel lances having thermally insulating coating
672016001158601/14/16 Method, system and computer medium for controlling a manufacturing process
682016001159101/14/16 Method for monitoring an event-controlled function and monitoring carrying out an event-controlled function
692016001258101/14/16 Method and displaying pathological changes in an examination object based on 3d data records
702016001261601/14/16 Multimode x-ray the operation
712016001365301/14/16 Converter station with diode rectifier
722016001368801/14/16 Laminated core arrangement and electric machine with such a laminated core arrangement
732016001373201/14/16 Converter station with diode rectifier
742016001400001/14/16 Method and device for analyzing events in a system
752016001463601/14/16 Congestion notification element and congestion control
762016000037501/07/16 Endoscopy capsule and producing an endoscopy capsule
772016000038401/07/16 Elasticity measurement with tomographic imaging
782016000123101/07/16 Method for producing a microscreen
792016000167401/07/16 Apparatus for providing an electric voltage with a serial stack converter and a drive arrangement
802016000179001/07/16 Air-conditioning assembly for a rail vehicle
812016000180001/07/16 Rail vehicle comprising a tachometer-speed display device, and a operating such a rail vehicle
822016000180201/07/16 Rail vehicle having at least one train protection device according to a national standard and having an etcs vehicle operating the rail vehicle
832016000310701/07/16 Drainage system for gas turbine
842016000314101/07/16 Assembly comprising a gas turbine
852016000316201/07/16 Damping device for a gas turbine, gas turbine and damping thermoacoustic oscillations
862016000321501/07/16 Mounting ring arrangement
872016000365201/07/16 Method and system for estimating a time of flight of a signal
882016000369301/07/16 Power determination method and turbomachine
892016000373601/07/16 Dust line with optical sensor, and measuring the composition of dust
902016000378901/07/16 Sensor analyzing a gas mixture in a process chamber
912016000392601/07/16 Medical imaging method and apparatus
922016000392901/07/16 Magnetic resonance imaging with different frequency encoding patterns
932016000416201/07/16 Method for producing a microscreen
942016000426801/07/16 Power supply system comprising a preprocessing device
952016000464701/07/16 Method and circuit arrangement for accessing slave units in a system on chip in a controlled manner
962016000481801/07/16 Network controlling a computer tomograph
972016000608001/07/16 Device for providing an electrical voltage as well as drive arrangement and method
982016000622401/07/16 Dismantlable insulator for gas insulated switchgear
992016000625801/07/16 Method for switching an operating current
1002016000627601/07/16 Apparatus and state of charge compensation of an energy storage system
1012016000627701/07/16 Apparatus and state of charge compensation for a battery system
1022016000631201/07/16 Neutral point of a generator
1032016000635101/07/16 Modularly redundant dc-dc power supply arrangement having outputs that can be connected in parallel
1042016000657001/07/16 Generating a key derived from a cryptographic key using a physically unclonable function
1052015037576312/31/15 Brake unit for a vehicle and vehicle having such a brake unit
1062015037424312/31/15 Method and system for prediction of post-stenting hemodynamic metrics for treatment planning of arterial stenosis
1072015037513712/31/15 Method and device for treatment of an amino acid salt solution that is contaminated with carbon
1082015037516412/31/15 Process and processing a gas stream and especially for processing a flue gas stream
1092015037749012/31/15 Supplementary laser firing for combustion stability
1102015037761012/31/15 Separation measurement method and separation measurement device
1112015037833912/31/15 Resilient control design for distributed cyber-physical systems
1122015037835712/31/15 Method and device for managing execution of a manufacturing order
1132015037974412/31/15 Visualization a human skeleton from a medical scan
1142015038016812/31/15 Thin-layer capacitors with large scale integration
1152015038093312/31/15 Energy distribution operating same
1162015038099112/31/15 Electric machine having a segmented stator and two-layer winding
1172015038100412/31/15 Insulation arrangement for a high-voltage machine
1182015038101312/31/15 Through flow ventilation system for a power generation turbine package
1192015038105912/31/15 Activation circuit of a resonance converter
1202015038106612/31/15 Power supplies having multi-tap voltage attenuators and methods of power supply assembly
1212015038110312/31/15 Method and device for controlling an energy-generating system which can be operated with a renewable energy source
1222015036648412/24/15 Method for determining a spatially resolved distribution of a marker substance
1232015036651712/24/15 Method and magnetic resonance apparatus defining a sequence protocol for the magnetic resonance apparatus
1242015036735312/24/15 Drive control method and drive system operating according to said method
1252015036744512/24/15 Deposition welding with prior remelting
1262015036782212/24/15 Brake unit for a vehicle and vehicle having such a brake unit
1272015036782612/24/15 Brake unit for a vehicle and vehicle with a brake unit of this type
1282015036787012/24/15 Brake unit for a vehicle and vehicle having such a brake unit
1292015036787312/24/15 Method and device for warning persons in the vicinity of an hf field-emitting device
1302015036906312/24/15 Blade wheel and producing a blade therefor
1312015036913712/24/15 Method for operating a gas turbine below the nominal power thereof
1322015036932912/24/15 Device for mechanically adjusting vibration behavior of a machine element
1332015036947312/24/15 Steam temperature control device for a gas and steam turbine plant
1342015036988912/24/15 Frequency monitoring of gradient pulses in magnetic resonance imaging
1352015036989412/24/15 Method and magnetic resonance establishing a measurement protocol of a magnetic resonance data acquisition
1362015036989712/24/15 Magnetic resonance system and operating method therefor
1372015037143712/24/15 System and visualization of cardiac changes under various pacing conditions
1382015037179612/24/15 Switching device arrangement
1392015037179712/24/15 Switching arrangement
1402015037247612/24/15 Power supply for isolated bus communication
1412015037248312/24/15 Device for connecting to a power network and protecting such a device
1422015037254612/24/15 Mechanically stabilized rotor for a reluctance motor
1432015037256512/24/15 Generator cooling arrangement
1442015037256612/24/15 Generator armature
1452015037256812/24/15 Electrical machine with direct stator cooling
1462015037261112/24/15 Modular high-frequency converter, and operating same
1472015035941812/17/15 Endoscope, particularly for minimally invasive surgery
1482015035945312/17/15 Method and imaging positioning a patient slice from which image data are to be acquired
1492015035960112/17/15 Method and system for improved hemodynamic computation in coronary arteries
1502015036025612/17/15 Remelting during deposition welding
1512015036032912/17/15 Crack repair turbine components using spark plasma sintering
1522015036070212/17/15 Rail vehicle
1532015036070412/17/15 Rail vehicle for transporting passengers
1542015036110312/17/15 Reaction accelerator for a copolymerisation, electrical-insulation tape, electrical-insulation body, and consolidation body
1552015036124512/17/15 Impregnating resin for an electrical insulation body, electrical insulation body, and producing the electrical insulation body
1562015036154112/17/15 Controlled thermal coating
1572015036154212/17/15 Controlled thermal coating
1582015036154512/17/15 Superalloy component and slurry composition
1592015036180312/17/15 Turbomachine rotor blade, turbomachine rotor disc, turbomachine rotor, and gas turbine engine with different root and slot contact face angles
1602015036181412/17/15 Gas turbine rotor blade and gas turbine rotor
1612015036188312/17/15 Gas turbine plant with improved flexibility
1622015036195412/17/15 Method and determining a weakened grid condition and controlling a power plant in a manner appropriate to the grid condition
1632015036196312/17/15 Transportation of a direct drive generator
1642015036218912/17/15 Burner system with resonator
1652015036240512/17/15 Auto testing system for a gas turbine
1662015036240712/17/15 Method for detecting vibration in a rail vehicle
1672015036256612/17/15 Medical imaging apparatus with optimized operation
1682015036256712/17/15 Adjustment of the table position in mr imaging
1692015036257212/17/15 Magnetic resonance apparatus
1702015036257312/17/15 Magnetic resonance apparatus and operating method therefor
1712015036257712/17/15 Method and magnetic resonance reconstruction of a three-dimensional image data set from data acquired when a noise object distorted the magnetic field in the apparatus
1722015036259312/17/15 Method and system for the hand-guided ultrasound check of a test object
1732015036260312/17/15 Detector module for an x-ray detector
1742015036300212/17/15 Device and the gesture-controlled setting of setting variables on an x-ray source
1752015036347212/17/15 Computer analyzing data
1762015036396312/17/15 Visualization with anatomical intelligence
1772015036427212/17/15 Switch, in particular power switch, for low voltages
1782015036428012/17/15 Switching method and switching device
1792015036498612/17/15 Modular multi-stage inverter comprising surge arrester
1802015036502112/17/15 Converter and operating same
1812015036503612/17/15 Motor apparatus having separate winding systems and master module
1822015036568212/17/15 Autogressive pixel prediction in the neighborhood of image borders
1832015035159312/10/15 Hand dryer
1842015035165812/10/15 Medical device for imaging and operation thereof
1852015035170612/10/15 Compression unit for x-ray and ultrasound diagnositics
1862015035170912/10/15 Method and control system for controlling a medical device
1872015035267612/10/15 Device for clamping a turbine blade
1882015035295912/10/15 Non-rail-bound vehicle
1892015035310312/10/15 Mounting a rail vehicle component on a body roof of a rail vehicle body
1902015035310912/10/15 Power supply device for a rail vehicle
1912015035405012/10/15 Deposition welding with external thick frame contours
1922015035423312/10/15 Safety device for an operator during the servicing of a hub of a wind turbine
1932015035437012/10/15 Blade for a turbomachine
1942015035439112/10/15 Turbine arrangement with improved sealing effect at a seal
1952015035445812/10/15 Method for starting a combustion system
1962015035453112/10/15 Root bushing for a blade root of a wind turbine rotor blade, a blade root, a wind turbine rotor blade and a wind turbine
1972015035454012/10/15 Root bushing for a blade root of a wind turbine rotor blade, a blade root, a wind turbine rotor blade, a wind turbine and a manufacturing a root bushing
1982015035454112/10/15 Root bushing for a wind turbine rotor blade, a wind turbine rotor blade, a wind turbine and a manufacturing a wind turbine rotor blade for a wind turbine
1992015035454212/10/15 Root bushing for a blade root of a wind turbine rotor blade, a blade root, a wind turbine rotor blade and a wind turbine
2002015035507212/10/15 Method for enriching and isolating cells having concentrations over several logarithmic steps
2012015035523712/10/15 Measuring system for continuously monitoring a high-voltage bushing
2022015035527312/10/15 Residual-current-operated protective arrangement, charging checking a residual-current-operated protective device
2032015035529912/10/15 Method and operating a measuring device
2042015035530112/10/15 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
2052015035530212/10/15 Simultaneous mr imaging simultaneous multi-nuclear mr imaging
2062015035530612/10/15 Method and magnetic resonance generating a parameter map to compensate local inhomogeneities in the basic magnetic field
2072015035562212/10/15 Optimized control of a metal-cutting machine tool
2082015035564712/10/15 Apparatus and controlling and regulating a multi-element system
2092015035580812/10/15 Computer network and displacement of an object within a computer network
2102015035621612/10/15 Method and simulation system for creating a simulation environment of a medical imaging device
2112015035622012/10/15 Automated input simulation for simulated programmable logic controller
2122015035713112/10/15 Switch and button thereof
2132015035769112/10/15 Heat dissipating device for an electrochemical storage device
2142015035787612/10/15 Bearing insulation
2152015035789012/10/15 Method and forming corona shielding
2162015035802812/10/15 Input circuit for processing an analog input signal in the form of an analog measurement signal with a modulated additional signal and operating such an input circuit
2172015035827812/10/15 Allocation of network addresses for network subscribers
2182015035912612/10/15 Fastening device and fastening method
2192015034249612/03/15 Method and generating medical image data records
2202015034323712/03/15 Method and position determination system for determining a position of a target region of a patient to be irradiated in an irradiation device
2212015034332912/03/15 Apparatus and degassing
2222015034356312/03/15 Welding method having welding power depending upon thickness
2232015034366812/03/15 Method and device for manufacturing a composite product
2242015034366912/03/15 Device for absorbing heat
2252015034371812/03/15 Manufacture of a root section
2262015034373312/03/15 Method for calculating an optimized trajectory
2272015034411712/03/15 Drive cascade system for a watercraft
2282015034546412/03/15 Rotor hub for a wind turbine
2292015034546912/03/15 Wind turbine controller and controlling a power production of a wind turbine
2302015034547512/03/15 Absorber for a wind turbine
2312015034579312/03/15 Fuel nozzle assembly with removable components
2322015034579512/03/15 Fuel nozzle assembly with removable components
2332015034615712/03/15 Method and device for improving the saft analysis when measuring irregularities
2342015034626112/03/15 Fault arc detection method and detection device
2352015034628612/03/15 Fault detection in energy supply networks
2362015034629612/03/15 Method and magnetic resonance apparatus with a cooling system to cool a superconducting basic magnetic field coil
2372015034630712/03/15 Method and magnetic resonance acquiring magnetic resonance data with a prospective motion correction
2382015034630812/03/15 Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and method
2392015034630912/03/15 System calibration in an mr system
2402015034671312/03/15 Method for processing an automation project using a plurality of processing stations
2412015034768712/03/15 Method and activating at least one patient entry
2422015034770912/03/15 Method and system for interactive computation of cardiac electromechanics
2432015034826012/03/15 System and mapping patient data from one physiological state to another physiological state
2442015034930012/03/15 Shape-adapted electrochemical storage device for uniform temperature distribution
2452015034938312/03/15 Electrochemical storage device having improved electrical conduction properties
2462015034951812/03/15 Switching device for controlling energy supply of a downstream electric motor
2472015034959212/03/15 Stator arrangement for an electrical machine
2482015034961612/03/15 Cage rotor of an asynchronous machine
2492015034965512/03/15 Device and connecting an electric power generator to an hvdc transmission system

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