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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xd6 sterreich
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Wittelsbacher
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of Munich Germany
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft A Corporation
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft And Gram x26 Juhl A s
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xfc
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20131212
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100128
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100121
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100114
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100107


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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015023812808/27/15  new patent  Sensor instrument
22015023812908/27/15  new patent  Method for producing a sensor instrument, and sensor instrument
32015023814808/27/15  new patent  Method and system for anatomical object detection using marginal space deep neural networks
42015023815408/27/15  new patent  Method for selecting a radiation form filter and x-ray imaging system
52015023816008/27/15  new patent  Patient-dependent optimization of the amount of contrast medium
62015023907608/27/15  new patent  Large transmission gearwheel and process for producing a large transmission gearwheel
72015023934908/27/15  new patent  Non-rail-bound vehicle with improved current collector
82015023948108/27/15  new patent  Operation of a rail vehicle by means of an etcs device
92015024036408/27/15  new patent  Method for coating by thermal spraying with an inclined particle jet
102015024065108/27/15  new patent  Turbine abradable layer with progressive wear zone multi level ridge arrays
112015024065308/27/15  new patent  Turbine abradable layer with zig zag groove pattern
122015024095108/27/15  new patent  Arrangement with a gas seal
132015024106108/27/15  new patent  Heat shield with a supporting structure and cooling the supporting structure
142015024125208/27/15  new patent  Measuring device housing
152015024129908/27/15  new patent  Determining a leg load of a jack-up vessel
162015024130408/27/15  new patent  Method for the computer-assisted monitoring of the operation of a technical system, particularly of an electrical energy-generating installation
172015024134408/27/15  new patent  Method and device for measuring the gas content in a liquid, and use of such a device
182015024152608/27/15  new patent  Determining a measuring point-in-time in a cardiac cycle for conducting magnetic resonance diffusion measurements
192015024153108/27/15  new patent  Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
202015024153208/27/15  new patent  Magnetic resonance spectroscopy with phase rotation
212015024153508/27/15  new patent  Method and magnetic resonance determining a pulse sequence
222015024153608/27/15  new patent  Method and apparatus control and adjustment of pulse optimization of a magnetic resonance system
232015024187308/27/15  new patent  Monitoring a first system of a technical plant for producing a product
242015024194808/27/15  new patent  Energy-saving mode for a rail system signaling system
252015024254808/27/15  new patent  Simulation of programmable logic controller inputs and outputs
262015024258808/27/15  new patent  System and personalized computation of tissue ablation extent based on medical images
272015024258908/27/15  new patent  Method and system for image-based estimation of multi-physics parameters and their uncertainty for patient-specific simulation of organ function
282015024346208/27/15  new patent  Magnetic tripping device and overcurrent tripping device of an electrical switch and electrical switch and calibrating the magnetic tripping of a magnetic tripping device
292015024346508/27/15  new patent  Magnetic trip device of a thermal magnetic circuit breaker having an adjustment element
302015024346608/27/15  new patent  Magnetic trip device of a thermal magnetic circuit breaker having a stabilizer element
312015024380108/27/15  new patent  Electrode provided with ubm structure and producing same
322015024388908/27/15  new patent  Salts of cyclopentadiene as n-dopants for organic electronics
332015024416208/27/15  new patent  Surge arrester
342015024416808/27/15  new patent  Machine with a drive train
352015023167908/20/15 Method for influencing the geometry of a rolled item in a controlled manner
362015023169008/20/15 Method for producing a turbine rotor
372015023210908/20/15 Input of etcs data into a rail vehicle
382015023219108/20/15 Cooling system for components in (airborne) vehicle structures
392015023299908/20/15 Environmentally-friendly integrated installation for producing chemical and petrochemical products
402015023334508/20/15 Wind turbine blade
412015023335008/20/15 Method for setting a pitch reference point for a wind turbine blade on a rotor
422015023335708/20/15 Bedplate of a wind turbine
432015023337908/20/15 Integrally geared compressor with adjustable intermediate gearwheel
442015023341508/20/15 Radial gas foil bearing
452015023342108/20/15 Magnetic radial bearing with a rotor laminated in a star-shaped manner
462015023388108/20/15 Apparatus for determining properties of a dust mixture flowing through a cross-sectional area of a coal dust line
472015023402308/20/15 Method and magnetic resonance acquiring magnetic resonance data of an examination object
482015023402408/20/15 Method and magnetic resonance acquisition of mr data of a two-dimensional volume segment
492015023402508/20/15 Method and magnetic resonance determination of radio-frequency pulses
502015023402708/20/15 Magnetic resonance method and apparatus
512015023455708/20/15 System for managing and processing data from a medical facility
522015023536008/20/15 Sparse appearance learning-based segmentation
532015023539608/20/15 Display unit and installation for distributing electrical energy with a corresponding display unit
542015023712408/20/15 Network-based collaboration for secure data interchange for image data records having confidential components
552015023722208/20/15 Imaging modality and operating an imaging modality
562015022373708/13/15 In vivo determination of a blood value
572015022377308/13/15 Method and image fusion based planning of c-arm angulation for structural heart disease
582015022457608/13/15 Production of a refractory metal component
592015022488008/13/15 Drive method with shifting of the switching frequency and drive device
602015022488208/13/15 Charging device for inductive charging
612015022500308/13/15 Control of a rail vehicle
622015022583408/13/15 Boronizing composition and surface treatment of steels
632015022607208/13/15 Welded dual chamber impingement tube
642015022607308/13/15 Turbine vane arrangement
652015022609008/13/15 Gas and steam turbine system having feed-water partial-flow degasser
662015022618008/13/15 Blade root section made of prestressed concrete
672015022618308/13/15 Method and arrangement for controlling a wind turbine
682015022633608/13/15 Shaft seal arrangement
692015022648408/13/15 Flicker reduction in electric arc furnaces by means of flicker prediction from the state determination in the initial phase of the smelting process
702015022650008/13/15 Cogeneration power plant and operating a cogeneration power plant
712015022658908/13/15 X-ray based multiphase flow meter with energy resolving matrix detector
722015022681908/13/15 Method and magnetic resonance scanner for acquiring a magnetic resonance data set
732015022682208/13/15 Method and automated determination of the resonance frequencies of protons for magnetic resonance examinations
742015022682308/13/15 Method and device for controlling a magnetic resonance imaging system
752015022682408/13/15 Method and magnetic resonance system for generating mr images
762015022712108/13/15 Method for controlling and/or regulating a technical system in a computer-assisted manner
772015022776908/13/15 Method and rfid writer-reader for selecting an rfid data carrier
782015022807008/13/15 Method and system for automatic pelvis unfolding from 3d computed tomography images
792015022843308/13/15 Thermal trip device, switching device, thermal magnetic circuit breaker and protecting an electrical circuit from damage
802015022844108/13/15 Device comprising an anode for generating x-ray radiation
812015022844208/13/15 Device for producing x-ray radiation
822015022918408/13/15 Rotor of an electric machine, and electric machine
832015022935108/13/15 Method for radio transmission by ultra wideband transmission
842015022966008/13/15 Method for monitoring security in an automation network, and automation network
852015021648508/06/15 Direct converversion x-ray detector, ct system, and associated procedure
862015021713508/06/15 Method and device for determining an irradiation plan for a particle irradiation unit
872015021731608/06/15 Measurement and protective coating processes
882015021740508/06/15 Laser sintering technique for manufacturing items on a movable sintering platform
892015021778608/06/15 Exit system, in particular emergency exit system, for a rail vehicle
902015021847108/06/15 Cooling and scrubbing of a crude gas from entrained flow gasification
912015021886808/06/15 Hatch actuating arrangement for actuating a hatch of a hatch device
922015021896908/06/15 Method for charging and discharging a heat accumulator and system for storing and releasing thermal energy suitable for said method
932015021915908/06/15 Bearing having a raceway with high chromium content
942015021950408/06/15 Sensor and determining a temperature
952015021957808/06/15 Thermal conductivity detector
962015021973708/06/15 Magnetic resonance radiofrequency antenna unit and a magnetic resonance device having the local magnetic resonance radiofrequency antenna unit, as well as a calculating attenuation values of a local magnetic resonance radiofrequency antenna unit for a magnetic resonance examination combined with a pet examination
972015021977408/06/15 Method and device for determining the x-ray radiation attenuation caused by the object to be examined
982015022106708/06/15 Isotropic reconstruction of image data
992015022112408/06/15 Iterative reconstruction of image data in ct
1002015022140608/06/15 X-ray radiation detector, ct system and related method
1012015022199708/06/15 Temperature control system for a high-temperature battery or a high-temperature electrolyzer
1022015022215308/06/15 Rotor of an electric machine, and electric machine
1032015022216108/06/15 Device comprising an electric machine with a lightweight design
1042015022256808/06/15 Interference-immune transmission of data messages in a communications network
1052015020893007/30/15 Method and medical imaging facility for determining perfusion
1062015020978407/30/15 Arrangement for quantifying cells of a cell suspension
1072015021029607/30/15 Rail vehicle comprising an inner tank
1082015021030307/30/15 Local operation of a component of a railway track system
1092015021138507/30/15 Fluid dynamics machine comprising a rotor and a housing
1102015021148707/30/15 Dual purpose slat-spoiler for wind turbine blade
1112015021149007/30/15 Cooling arrangement
1122015021149507/30/15 Coated component of a wind turbine
1132015021149607/30/15 Damper of a wind turbine
1142015021193207/30/15 Method for checking the serviceability of point heaters of a rail network
1152015021217107/30/15 Method and acquiring a magnetic resonance image data set and magnetic resonance device
1162015021217807/30/15 Method and magnetic resonance imaging
1172015021218107/30/15 Correction magnetic resonance diffusion weighted imaging image
1182015021221507/30/15 Detection of x-rays, and x-ray detector system
1192015021227607/30/15 Display element for an electronic module and electronic module
1202015021250407/30/15 Method for providing functions within an industrial automation system, and industrial automation system
1212015021364607/30/15 Method and system for constructing personalized avatars using a parameterized deformable mesh
1222015021392507/30/15 Surge arrester comprising traction elements maintained by loops
1232015021395407/30/15 Capacitor and a producing a capacitor
1242015021399407/30/15 X-ray tube unit
1252015021465707/30/15 Connection system
1262015021471507/30/15 Residual current protection device and electrical protection configuration for external actuation of an electromagnetic release
1272015021471607/30/15 Electrical protective arrangement for an electrical installation, and associated method
1282015021479007/30/15 Device comprising an electric machine with a lightweight design
1292015021481007/30/15 Cooling jacket
1302015021523207/30/15 Method for updating message filter rules of a network access control unit of an industrial communication network address management unit, and converter unit
1312015021523807/30/15 Network switch and operating a communication network
1322015021530107/30/15 Authentication of a first device by a switching center
1332015021532107/30/15 Authorising a user by means of a portable communications terminal
1342015021539207/30/15 Method for starting up at least one functional device, and rail vehicle system
1352015020186307/23/15 Method and determination of a suitable table position for an mr examination step
1362015020188107/23/15 Method and device for assisting in the assessment of rheumatism treatments
1372015020257007/23/15 Method for reducing the concentration of nitrogen dioxide
1382015020313007/23/15 Hollow-chamber profile floor for a rail vehicle
1392015020313107/23/15 Single-shell floor profile for a rail vehicle
1402015020419707/23/15 Airfoil leading edge chamber cooling with angled impingement
1412015020420707/23/15 Turbomachine component marking
1422015020420907/23/15 De-lamination indicator
1432015020421307/23/15 Rotor pivoting system
1442015020430807/23/15 Brake system for a wind turbine generator
1452015020448607/23/15 Operating gas system for an underwater vehicle, operating such an operating gas system and an underwater vehicle having such an operating gas system
1462015020476007/23/15 Method for monitoring the operation of a gas turbine
1472015020477907/23/15 Method for measuring the concentration of a gas component in a measuring gas
1482015020491807/23/15 Magnetizing inrush current detection method, magnetizing inrush current restraint
1492015020495507/23/15 Method and magnetic resonance correction of a b0 map for chemical shifts
1502015020495907/23/15 Optimization of a magnetic resonance sequence of a magnetic resonance apparatus
1512015020527107/23/15 Automated reconfiguration of a discrete event control loop
1522015020589307/23/15 Method and simulation arrangement for simulating an automated industrial plant
1532015020663007/23/15 Surge arrester for high voltages
1542015020666707/23/15 Method for closing a switch and switch for performing the method
1552015020668807/23/15 Thermal trip device, switching device, thermal magnetic circuit breaker and protecting an electric circuit
1562015020726507/23/15 Underwater connecting apparatus and assemblies
1572015020731007/23/15 Direct current voltage switch for switching a direct current in a branch of a direct current voltage network node
1582015020737807/23/15 Cooling jacket comprising a sealing means
1592015020738207/23/15 Power station arrangement with high-temperature storage unit
1602015020738507/23/15 Inspection device for a machine
1612015020753807/23/15 Automatic configuration of a device for communication
1622015020818007/23/15 Dual antenna charging one or more hearing aids
1632015019626607/16/15 Method for carrying out a positron emission tomography
1642015019636707/16/15 Medical device
1652015019719807/16/15 Vehicle with telescopable entry ladder
1662015019804807/16/15 Method for producing a stator blade and stator blade
1672015019858707/16/15 Detecting cells in a cell suspension
1682015019868507/16/15 Method for producing an mr image and correspondingly designed magnetic resonance scanner
1692015019868607/16/15 Method and magnetic resonance imaging
1702015019868707/16/15 Method and magnetic resonance imaging
1712015019868807/16/15 Resolution enhancement of diffusion imaging biomarkers in magnetic resonance imaging
1722015019872407/16/15 X-ray device and x-ray detector for an x-ray device
1732015019922507/16/15 Zone selective interlocking device
1742015019960107/16/15 Product with applied, visible product information and applying visible product information to a product
1752015020053807/16/15 Protection device with communication bus fault diagnosis function, system and method
1762015020054307/16/15 Reconnecting a wind power plant to a utility grid
1772015020057207/16/15 Rotor assembly, electromechanical transducer and wind turbine
1782015020057407/16/15 Reduction of the electrical resistance for an electric machine having windings arranged in grooves
1792015020058107/16/15 Monitoring system for an electric machine
1802015020116507/16/15 Surveillance of a railway track
1812015019118007/09/15 Traction head part
1822015019118107/09/15 Window profile for a rail vehicle
1832015019211207/09/15 Arrangement for concentrated solar power energy conversion
1842015019263707/09/15 Use of a (digital) puf for implementing physical degradation/tamper recognition for a digital ic
1852015019357407/09/15 Device and computed tomography scanner for determining and visualizing the perfusion of the myocardial muscle
1862015019488507/09/15 Method for producing an output voltage and assembly for performing the method
1872015019596507/09/15 Allocation of printed circuit boards to fitting lines
1882015019596607/09/15 Allocation of printed circuit boards on fitting lines
1892015018218307/02/15 Imaging medical device
1902015018362007/02/15 Load guiding arrangement
1912015018422307/02/15 Method for improved quantification of mirnas
1922015018454507/02/15 Securing device for securing a turbomachine rotor set up transversely to a horizontal plane against tipping over and orientation method therefor
1932015018530407/02/15 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
1942015018530507/02/15 Method and control device to operate a magnetic resonance system
1952015018574907/02/15 Method for operating a supply network and supply network
1962015018660607/02/15 Method and device for indicating differentiation between tissues
1972015018707307/02/15 Method, reconstruction device, and magnetic resonance reconstructing magnetic resonance raw data
1982015018753907/02/15 Spark gap
1992015018831007/02/15 Fuse element
2002015018837007/02/15 Method of attaching a magnet to a rotor or a stator of an electrical machine
2012015018837307/02/15 Winding for an electrical machine
2022015018839607/02/15 Armature assembly apparatus
2032015018844407/02/15 Variable speed drive for subsea applications
2042015018900307/02/15 Write access to a variable in a server
2052015017364206/25/15 Method and magnetic resonance imaging
2062015017462806/25/15 Method for operating a steckel mill
2072015017472806/25/15 Method for machining materials by milling and subsequent brushing
2082015017483406/25/15 Mold for manufacturing a component
2092015017641706/25/15 Blade ring for a turbomachine
2102015017657006/25/15 Detecting a pitch angle adjustment fault
2112015017698306/25/15 Color coding for 3d measurement, more particularly for transparent scattering surfaces
2122015017735406/25/15 Magnetic resonance obtaining a scout scan of a patient containing a metallic implant
2132015017738806/25/15 X-ray detector
2142015017835306/25/15 Processing an input query
2152015017835706/25/15 Method and system for displaying mes records in a grid on an mes client screen
2162015017844006/25/15 Method and device for creating system layout of photovoltaic open-space power plant having solar trackers
2172015017846706/25/15 Method to determine a patient-specific injection profile for administering a therapeutic substance
2182015018021806/25/15 Selectivity module with serial status signal
2192015018095106/25/15 Integration of user interfaces for different physically distributed medical applications
2202015016444006/18/15 Setting a recording area
2212015016444406/18/15 Displaying an acquisition field of view
2222015016445406/18/15 Method and computing unit for measuring and displaying the bone density of a patient
2232015016536806/18/15 Utilization of heat for the separation of co2
2242015016537506/18/15 Scrubbing solution for absorption of carbon dioxide and accelerating the absorption by germanium dioxide
2252015016550206/18/15 Component, in particular for an outside cladding of a path-bound vehicle
2262015016591106/18/15 Non-track-bound vehicle
2272015016607706/18/15 Transportation means with water supply device
2282015016608006/18/15 Sanitary module for rail vehicles
2292015016608106/18/15 Air duct system for a rail vehicle of passenger traffic
2302015016608306/18/15 Rail vehicle with an air-tight supply duct containing bonded components
2312015016608706/18/15 Method and locating rail vehicles
2322015016674806/18/15 Mould for moulding a wind turbine blade
2332015016746806/18/15 Low-pressure turbine
2342015016747606/18/15 Air-cooled turbine rotor blade for a gas turbine
2352015016748506/18/15 Sealing arrangement of a steam turbine in which a sealing liquid and a vapor steam extraction system are used
2362015016750006/18/15 Metallurgical plant
2372015016755106/18/15 Gas turbine process with updraft power plant
2382015016764306/18/15 Tuned liquid damper of a wind turbine
2392015016773606/18/15 Journal oil bearing
2402015016797806/18/15 Combustion chamber cooling
2412015016852406/18/15 Method and magnetic resonance system for slice-selective magnetic resonance imaging
2422015016852606/18/15 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
2432015016853506/18/15 Method and arrangement for the relative position detection of stations by means of radio location
2442015016856906/18/15 Method for detection of x-ray radiation, x-ray radiation detector and ct system
2452015016894006/18/15 Method for operating a motion control system and motion control system operating according to the method as well as computer program for implementing the method
2462015016900106/18/15 Medical facility
2472015016905206/18/15 Medical technology controller
2482015017036206/18/15 Method and user interface to process an image data set
2492015017081406/18/15 Ferrite configuration for guiding a magnetic flux, producing the ferrite configuration, coil configuration, electrically drivable vehicle and charging station

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