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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xd6 sterreich
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Wittelsbacher
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of Munich Germany
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft A Corporation
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft And Gram x26 Juhl A s
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xfc
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20131212
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100128
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100121
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100114
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100107


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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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Method and  regulating a voltage in a distribution system

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Method and regulating a voltage in a distribution system

Rail vehicle comprising a trough-shaped inner floor

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Rail vehicle comprising a trough-shaped inner floor

Computer  image processing

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Computer image processing

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Count Application # Date Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015014367305/28/15 new patent  Vehicle body
22015014402405/28/15 new patent  Rail vehicle comprising a trough-shaped inner floor
32015014484205/28/15 new patent  Treatment of synthesis gases from a gasification facility
42015014533205/28/15 new patent  Method and regulating a voltage in a distribution system
52015014534905/28/15 new patent  Switchgear assembly
62015014563605/28/15 new patent  Circuit breaker heater-bimetal assembly, heater-bimetal apparatus, and assembly methods thereof
72015014694805/28/15 new patent  Computer image processing
82015014695605/28/15 new patent  Method and system to process magnetic resonance diffusion image data
92015014699905/28/15 new patent  Method and apparatus to correct distortions in magnetic resonance diffusion images
102015014725305/28/15 new patent  Washing solution for the absorption of carbon dioxide with reduced formation of nitrosamines
112015014899305/28/15 new patent  Method for providing predefined drive characteristics in an aircraft, and associated drive device
122015014982105/28/15 new patent  Electrical installation having an uninterruptible power supply
132015013550505/21/15Formation of equipment families on fitting lines
142015013572105/21/15Method for supporting a mains frequency
152015013598505/21/15Rail vehicle with roll stabilizer
162015013635105/21/15System for storing and outputting thermal energy having a heat accumulator and a cold accumulator and metho for the operation thereof
172015013658605/21/15Method for producing a polycrystalline ceramic film
182015013751805/21/15Method of operating a wind park
192015013765305/21/15Electric machine with housing segments and stator segments
202015013927405/21/15Heatable gas analysis device
212015013934105/21/15Method and arrangement for transmitting data via an electric conductor of a current network
222015013939605/21/15Angiographic examination method to implement a rotational angiography
232015013978005/21/15Rotor for a steam turbine
242015013987605/21/15Amine-containing scrubbing solution with ozone and/or hydrogen peroxide for absorbing carbon dioxide
252015014019905/21/15Method and device for the automated application of a spray coating
262015014045405/21/15Storage structure of an electrical energy storage cell
272015014088505/21/15Insulating tape material, production and usage thereof
282015014179005/21/15Sensor instrument
292015014217505/21/15Machine component of a drivetrain and a configuring and/or putting into operation and/or operating such a drivetrain
302015014218305/21/15Control device for a hydraulic cylinder unit with an individual valve controller
312015014238405/21/15Discriminative hidden kalman filters for classification of streaming sensor data in condition monitoring
322015014239205/21/15Method for designing a local coil to be used in a combined pet magnetic resonance device for magnetic resonance imaging and local coil
332015014287305/21/15Communication between two clients via a server
342015012851305/14/15Foundation anchor for industrial-scale machines
352015012872705/14/15Surface-mounted collision sensor, and collision detection
362015012875905/14/15Series of gear train housings
372015012904005/14/15Apparatus for mixing a first stream and a second stream of a flow medium
382015013018705/14/15Method of operating a wind park
392015013046205/14/15Method and magnetic resonance system to acquire mr data of a slice of a volume segment within an examination subject
402015013188105/14/152d visualization for rib analysis
412015013206505/14/15Position monitoring for subsea bellow compensators
422015013214105/14/15Rotor blade of a wind turbine
432015013408205/14/15Method for operating an automation system
442015013409205/14/15Method and system for producing a pharmaceutical product using a mes
452015013427305/14/15Visualization of references during induction thermography
462015013486705/14/15Device and interrupt coalescing
472015013505505/14/15Rib labeling for 2d images
482015012187105/07/15Forced cooling in steam turbine plants
492015012237505/07/15Thermomechanical rolling of an aluminum plate
502015012300705/07/15Deflection plate and deflection device for deflecting charged particles
512015012304705/07/15Main group metal complexes as p-dopants for organic electronic matrix materials
522015012362505/07/15Synchronous generator control, generator system and vessel energy system
532015012365805/07/15Signal component identification using medical imaging
542015012462005/07/15Communication network and transmitting data packets in the communication network
552015012492805/07/15Method and ct system for topogram scanning
562015012530105/07/15Platform seal strip, turbine blade assembly and assembling it
572015012616605/07/15Method and arrangement for determining the occupancy of a rail vehicle
582015012637505/07/15Assembly and analyzing nucleic acid sequences
592015012679705/07/15Method and device for bunching a beam of charged particles
602015012685005/07/15Magnetic resonance imaging with asymmetric radial sampling and compressed-sensing reconstruction
612015011397604/30/15Actuator device and setting a position of a linearly movable element
622015011398904/30/15Method for operating a power plant installation
632015011448704/30/15Shut-off valve with heating element, in particular for a rail vehicle
642015011459004/30/15Heat accumulator for power plant capacities
652015011468404/30/15Support insulator arrangement
662015011480404/30/15Container for transporting items of luggage in a sorting system and sorting system
672015011576304/30/15Winding layers composed of different materials
682015011585304/30/15Control device for eliminating malfunctions in a network
692015011591604/30/15Control a power supply system
702015011595804/30/15Multiband slice accelerated imaging with balanced slice-selective gradients
712015011595904/30/15Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to determine a magnetic resonance image from magnetic resonance data
722015011596004/30/15Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance data with a diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance sequence
732015011596104/30/15Method and magnetic resonance system to acquire spectroscopy data in a predetermined volume segment of an examination subject
742015011597004/30/15Method for determining an overall loss of capacitance of a secondary cell
752015011636104/30/15Method for displaying medical image data
762015011759504/30/15Method and x-ray system for generating a phase contrast image
772015011773804/30/15Ct system with computer unit and reconstructing and diagnosing visual ct renderings
782015011891604/30/15Electrical contact having a pin which is arranged such that it can move
792015011894104/30/15Method and shortening the rotor blades of a turbomachine
802015011969604/30/15Magnetic resonance operation thereof
812015012000504/30/15Method for determining and optimising the energy consumption of a production system
822015012001304/30/15Method for reproducing the sequence of a program in an automation device
832015010725104/23/15Power regulation and/or frequency regulation in a solar thermal steam power plant
842015010809704/23/15Laser welding of nickel-based superalloys
852015010809804/23/15Single crystal welding of directionally solidified materials
862015010869804/23/15Method for operating a vacuum melting system, and vacuum melting system operated according to said method
872015010876404/23/15Single piece electric assembly for connecting an off-shore wind turbine with an electric subsea cable, wind turbine, wind turbine cluster and mounting such an electric assembly to a wind turbine tower
882015010894704/23/15Method and system for communication between a vehicle and a charging station for unlocking mechanical charging cable coupling
892015010895204/23/15Compensation of reactive power at a subsea ac transmission cable having an off-shore input end and an on-shore output end
902015010897804/23/15Sampling strategies for sparse magnetic resonance image reconstruction
912015010898104/23/15Method and magnetic resonance optimization of a magnetic resonance sequence
922015010898404/23/15Method and determination of a magnetic resonance system control sequence
932015010973204/23/15Device and arrangement for generating a flow of air
942015011025304/23/15Rotor with a backplane bus having electrical connection elements to make electrical contact with electrical components in a medical apparatus, as well as rotating unit and medical apparatus with such a rotor
952015011037904/23/15Method and system for reducing motion blurring in digital radiography
962015011060104/23/15Coolant bridging line for a gas turbine, which coolant bridging line can be inserted into a hollow, cooled turbine blade
972015011062004/23/15Seal arrangement
982015011063504/23/15Adjustable blade root spring for turbine blade fixation in turbomachinery
992015011096204/23/15Process for applying a protective layer to a turbine component
1002015011113304/23/15Method for producing a storage structure of an electrical energy storage cell
1012015011116004/23/15High-temperature battery integrated into a steam power station
1022015011177204/23/15Diagnostic mirna profiles in multiple sclerosis
1032015011218204/23/15Method and system for machine learning based assessment of fractional flow reserve
1042015011259004/23/15Method for communicating within an ad hoc-type motor vehicle communication system
1052015011313804/23/15Method and devices for running technology specific push-button configuration sessions
1062015011326704/23/15Method and system for providing a plurality of tamperproof digital certificates for a plurality of public keys of a device
1072015010133504/16/15Hole arrangement of liners of a combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine with low combustion dynamics and emissions
1082015010184504/16/15Insulation systems with improved resistance to partial discharge, production this
1092015010267904/16/15Inertial response function for grids with high turbine penetration
1102015010276604/16/15Output stage of a charging device
1112015010281004/16/15Method and apparatus to create at least one magnetic resonance image data set
1122015010396904/16/15Reconstruction of image data by means of contour data
1132015010409004/16/15Modification of a hollow organ representation
1142015010409204/16/15Determining a value of a recording parameter by use of an anatomic landmark
1152015010496404/16/15Underwater electrical connection
1162015009671204/09/15Modelling of a cast rolling device
1172015009737304/09/15System for automatic power estimation adjustment
1182015009745704/09/15Machine having a back-up bearing having a hybrid arrangement
1192015009756204/09/15Method and apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance image data
1202015009756304/09/15Controlling a magnetic resonance imaging system to generate magnetic resonance image data of an examination subject
1212015009756604/09/15Method and device for controlling a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
1222015009783604/09/15Web based fast query visualization of time-varying multi-variate vessel flow field by using uniform partition strategy
1232015008995204/02/15Inclined fuel injection of fuel into a swirler slot
1242015008999304/02/15Method for measuring the concentration of a gas component in a measurement gas
1252015009015104/02/15Paneling for the inside of a side wall of a rail vehicle
1262015009015304/02/15Holding arrangement for an entry area of a rail vehicle and assembling the holding arrangement
1272015009122304/02/15Method for operating a vacuum melting system and vacuum melting system operated according to the method
1282015009151504/02/15Circuit for wireless energy-transfer by way of an alternating magnetic field, and electrically powered vehicle
1292015009151604/02/15Charging station for an electrically powered vehicle, and charging method
1302015009151704/02/15Charging station, method, and electrically powered vehicle for the wireless energy-transfer coupling of an electrically powered vehicle
1312015009151804/02/15Charging configuration for the inductive wireless emission of energy
1322015009151904/02/15Charging configuration for the inductive wireless emission of energy
1332015009152004/02/15Electrically powered vehicle and charging an electrical energy storage device of an electrically powered vehicle
1342015009152104/02/15Charging station for an electrically powered vehicle and charging method
1352015009156104/02/15Method and device for magnetic resonance imaging
1362015009156304/02/15Mri 3d cine imaging based on intersecting source and anchor slice data
1372015009156504/02/15Method and magnetic resonance determination of excitation profiles from excitation pulses
1382015009156604/02/15Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to determine a sensitivity profile of a local coil
1392015009156704/02/15Optimization of the noise development of a 3d gradient echo sequence in a magnetic resonance system
1402015009156804/02/15Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to correct magnetic resonance measurement data
1412015009157004/02/15Method and magnetic resonance image reconstruction with multiple virtual coils
1422015009157204/02/15Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire raw data for image construction with multiple virtual coils
1432015009168204/02/15Reinforcement-free tank for an electromagnetic apparatus
1442015009173104/02/15Rail vehicle comprising an induction smoke alarm
1452015009182804/02/15Display panel suitable for use in human-machine interface devices
1462015009193304/02/15Display device adapted for energy conservation
1472015009230904/02/15Protection device with directional zone selective interlock functionality
1482015009290904/02/15X-ray-generating medical apparatus and acquisition window therefor with a releasable attachment to the medical apparatus
1492015009291404/02/15Method for examining an object using an x-ray recording system for phase contrast imaging with stochastic phase scanning
1502015009291504/02/15Method for examining an object using an x-ray recording system for phase contrast imaging with displacement measurement
1512015009292704/02/15Method and magnetic resonance system for acquiring magnetic resonance data
1522015009324204/02/15Adjusting a rotor blade pitch angle
1532015009327204/02/15Electrically driven aircraft
1542015009349904/02/15Insulating material for rotating machines
1552015009484604/02/15Control device with integrated optimizer
1562015009484804/02/15Position control of machine axes with collision avoidance and adaption of a machine model to a real machine
1572015009525604/02/15Method and device for transporting objects of different types to destinations
1582015009569004/02/15Redundant automation system
1592015008271203/26/15Rail vehicle with air-conditioning duct in the roof region and constructing a roof region of a rail vehicle
1602015008274303/26/15Transport of a tower of a wind turbine
1622015008281303/26/15Assembly for thermal insulation of a magnet in a magnetic resonance apparatus
1632015008288703/26/15Sensor element with an acoustic emission sensor
1642015008311103/26/15Method and operating a solar thermal power plant
1652015008314103/26/15Hearing protection means for use with a magnetic resonance tomography device and magnetic resonance tomography device with hearing protection means
1662015008341203/26/15Device and obtaining carbonic substances from oil sands
1672015008396403/26/15Method and device for extracting highly volatile degradation products from the absorbent loop of a co2 separation process
1682015008434303/26/15Electric generator arrangement and reducing a rotor eccentricity
1692015008445403/26/15Pole unit and stator assembly for a wind turbine generator, and methods of manufacturing the same
1702015008462503/26/15Phantom for magnetic resonance imaging system
1712015008462603/26/15Method for determining a position-dependent attenuation map of high-frequency coils of a magnetic resonance pet device
1722015008462903/26/15Method and magnetic resonance system for acquiring magnetic resonance data
1732015008528803/26/15Method and gas analyzer for measuring the concentration of a gas component in a sample gas
1742015008597103/26/15Method and system for the automatic selection of a scanning protocol
1752015008598103/26/15Method of image registration in a multi-source/single detector radiographic imaging system, and image acquisition apparatus
1762015008598603/26/15Control device, medical apparatus and method to control movements of the medical apparatus
1772015008609903/26/15Visualization of dual energy computed tomography airways data
1782015008613103/26/15Single-image super resolution and denoising using multiple wavelet domain sparsity
1792015008626403/26/15Geared motor series
1802015008636103/26/15Axial rotor portion and turbine rotor blade for a gas turbine
1812015008679603/26/15Ceramic thermally insulating layer system having an external aluminum-rich layer and method
1822015008795703/26/15Early therapy response assessment of lesions
1832015008795803/26/15Method for determining a position-dependent attenuation map of surface coils of a magnetic resonance/pet scanner
1842015008796403/26/15Method for optimizing a medical imaging acquisition
1852015008797203/26/15Dynamic overlay of anatomy from angiography to fluoroscopy
1862015008799703/26/15Method and device for determining a breathing movement of an object under examination
1872015007507203/19/15Divided central tube of a combined quenching and scrubbing system for an entrained flow gasification reactor
1882015007516603/19/15Sound damper for evaporation channels in steam power plants with air condensers
1892015007521003/19/15Method for charging and discharging a heat accumulator and plant for storing and releasing thermal energy, suitable for this method
1902015007537603/19/15Separation device for carbon dioxide, the operation thereof, and separating unit
1912015007571303/19/15Method for applying fibre material on a vertical surface
1922015007611503/19/15Isolating/grounding switch with three phases in one enclosure
1932015007635203/19/15Infrared spectrometer measurement of droplets collected from an oil mist in a breather pipe of a gas turbine
1942015007682403/19/15Method of controlling a wind turbine
1952015007702403/19/15Drive system with combined actuation of brake and encoder
1962015007710903/19/15Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to optimize a magnetic resonance data acquisition sequence
1972015007711503/19/15Method and computer to determine a b0 field map with a magnetic resonance apparatus
1982015007720003/19/15Methods and calibrating a thermomagnetic trip unit of a circuit breaker
1992015007720103/19/15Circuit breaker shock absorber apparatus, assemblies, and methods of operation
2002015007751803/19/15Apparatus for mobile pattern projection
2012015007775403/19/15Process interface of a process gas analyzer operating by the transmitted light method
2022015007790603/19/15Busbars having different cross sections for a busbar system with a common protection or neutral conductor
2032015007801903/19/15Light strip for a passenger compartment of a rail vehicle
2042015007851203/19/15Detection of x-ray radiation
2052015007853403/19/15Scattered radiation grid of a ct detector
2062015007863903/19/15Method for evaluating an medical examination
2072015007864303/19/15Method and device for automatic or semi-automatic segmentation of a 3d image data set
2082015007864503/19/15System and data driven editing of rib unfolding
2092015007864603/19/15Method and device for displaying an object with the aid of x-rays
2102015007889603/19/15Wind turbine rotor blade with serrated extension
2112015007890103/19/15Threaded shank, connection assembly and gas turbine engine for improved fatigue life of threads
2122015007891003/19/15Arrangement to reduce noise of a wind turbine rotor blade
2132015007891303/19/15Arrangement to reduce noise emission
2142015007891403/19/15Access system for a hub of a wind turbine
2152015007897703/19/15Amine scrubbing solution for absorption of carbon dioxide, with oxidation inhibitors
2162015008048303/19/15Power station-based methanation system
2172015008070103/19/15Method and device to evaluate a medical examination
2182015008108503/19/15Programming a path to be traveled by an end effector
2192015008114503/19/15Rail vehicle braking device
2202015008164203/19/15Method and system for archiving data from a source database to a target database
2212015008165203/19/15Method and a system for merging data into a database table with constraints consistency analysis and customized merge parameters
2222015008191303/19/15Dynamic load management of resources in a cloud
2232015006805803/12/15Method for utilizing spent grain in a brewery and corresponding device
2242015006815003/12/15Flange assembly for a tower segment
2252015006821603/12/15System for inductive heating of turbine rotor disks
2262015006878403/12/15Air inlet and air outlet openings for a vertical busbar system, especially for wind power plants
2272015006925203/12/15X-ray detector and method
2282015006984503/12/15Electric device and controlling an electric energy generator
2292015006986103/12/15Electric machine with rotor interior ventilation
2302015006998003/12/15Converter in delta configuration
2312015007001103/12/15Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to generate a spatially selective excitation
2322015007001503/12/15Method and magnetic resonance imaging
2332015007086903/12/15Wind turbine transformer arrangement
2342015007140003/12/15Method and x-ray system for dual-energy spectra ct scanning and image reconstruction
2352015007151803/12/15Method, device and system for obtaining a medical image data set
2362015007151903/12/15Method and imaging apparatus to automatically display and/or measure bone variations in medical image data
2372015007176103/12/15Sealing arrangement for a nozzle guide vane and gas turbine
2382015007177203/12/15Method for producing and restoring ceramic heat insulation coatings in gas turbines and associated gas turbine
2392015007178303/12/15Turbine blade
2402015007329803/12/15Method and device to examine a tissue sample
2412015007357003/12/15Method and system for controller transition
2422015007359103/12/15Charging device for charging a vehicle accumulator
2432015007359303/12/15Operating machine with redundant axes and resolution of the redundancy in real time
2442015007376503/12/15System and prediction of respiratory motion from 3d thoracic images
2452015005924603/05/15Combined quenching and scrubbing system with guide tube for an entrained flow gasifying reactor
2462015005934203/05/15System for storing and outputting thermal energy and operating said system
2472015005947803/05/15Method and measuring arrangement for monitoring operational states of a slide bearing
2482015005961203/05/15Stone impact protection arrangement and rail vehicle with a stone impact protection arrangement
2492015006024903/05/15Rotor for an electric switch

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