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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xfc
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft xd6 sterreich
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Of Munich Germany
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft And Gram x26 Juhl A s
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft A Corporation
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Wittelsbacher
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100128
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100114
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100107
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20131212
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft_20100121

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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02/23/17 new patent  Method for providing a diagnostic message in a rail vehicle
02/23/17 new patent  Conversion of metal carbonate to metal chloride
02/23/17 new patent  Annular clamping nut for a tie bar
02/23/17 new patent  Turbine component cooling hole within a microsurface feature that protects adjoining thermal barrier coating
02/23/17 new patent  Turbine abradable layer with composite non-inflected bi-angle ridges and grooves
02/23/17 new patent  Swirler for a burner of a gas turbine engine, burner of a gas turbine engine and gas turbine engine
02/23/17 new patent  Method for producing a latent heat storage device
02/23/17 new patent  Detecting the operational management of a battery store
02/23/17 new patent  Update for an automation installation in the course of operation
02/23/17 new patent  System for controlling, monitoring and regulating processes in industrial plants and a operating such a system
02/23/17 new patent  Method and the automated determination of an action region for an emergency stop actuation device in an industrial plant
02/23/17 new patent  Programming automation sensor applications using simulation
02/23/17 new patent  Haptic handrail cover and vehicle having the cover
02/23/17 new patent  Circuit breaker and method
02/23/17 new patent  Corona shielding system for a high-voltage machine, repair lacquer, and production
02/23/17 new patent  Pressure compensator failure detection
02/23/17 new patent  Subsea power supply arrangement
02/16/17Processing unit for a washing medium contaminated with sulphur oxides and/or nitrogen oxides
02/16/17Method and device for monitoring a vulcanization process
02/16/17Pressure-sealed door for a high-speed rail vehicle
02/16/17Turbine assembly and corresponding operation
02/16/17Steam cycle, and operating a steam cycle
02/16/17Method for exhaust gas aftertreatment and combustion system
02/16/17Method for selecting operating points of a gas turbine
02/16/17Method for operating a burner assembly
02/16/17Noise reduction means for a rotor blade of a wind turbine
02/16/17Reinforced main bearing of a wind turbine
02/16/17Bevel gear drive
02/16/17Combustor burner arrangement
02/16/17Heat store
02/16/17Heat store
02/16/17Fault level estimation power converters
02/16/17Method for providing reliable sensor data
02/16/17Method and arrangement for determining measurement locations in an energy grid
02/16/17Method and contact slide unit for a switch unit
02/16/17High-voltage bushing
02/16/17Stator of an electric machine and production thereof
02/16/17Method for detecting a voltage collapse
02/16/17Method and device for diagnosing transmission interference in a network according to the opc ua standard
02/16/17Method for posing requests in a social networking site
02/16/17Method and network node device for running push-button configuration sessions within heterogeneous network and heterogeneous network
02/16/17Method for assisting restricted or handicapped people, and apparatuses for performing same
02/09/17X-ray ct scanning and dual-source ct system
02/09/17Operator control arrangement for the driver's cab of a rail vehicle
02/09/17Method for pressure control in a supply network, device and supply network
02/09/17Wheel disk assembly and assembling a wheel disk assembly
02/09/17Coupling device for connecting a clutch to a turbine train
02/09/17Performance tracking of an electrical energy storage system
02/09/17Method, controller, and computer program product for controlling a target system
02/09/17Automation and control distributed data management systems
02/09/17Machine human interface - mhi
02/09/17Method for geographic region detection of traffic infrastructure
02/09/17Flexible control architecture for microgrid resiliency
02/09/17Method for transmitting messages in an energy automation network, energy automation component and substation
02/09/17Method for distributing a message
02/09/17Method and device for detecting autonomous, self-propagating software
02/09/17Method for transmitting digital images from a series of images
02/02/17Annular gas feed element for use in gasification plants with a dry fuel supply
02/02/17Resin flow member for a vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding process
02/02/17Handling device
02/02/17Drive system of a wind turbine
02/02/17Assembly having an end-face cover
02/02/17Arrangement of components in a fluid energy machine and assembly method
02/02/17Measuring depth of a surface of a test object
02/02/17Thermal conductivity detector
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02/02/17Method to detect or monitor the demagnetization of a magnet
02/02/17System and control and/or analytics of an industrial process
02/02/17Method and tool for engineering software architectures with its various software artifacts of complex cyber-physical systems of different technical domains
02/02/17Transferring failure samples using conditional models for machine condition monitoring
02/02/17Method and peripheral module for transmitting highway addressable remote transducer (hart) variables and cpu unit for reading the hart variables
02/02/17Combining multiple trending models for photovoltaics plant output forecasting
02/02/17Method, data processing arrangement and computer program product for retrofitting an electrical energy network and optimizing an existing electrical energy network
02/02/17Actuator having a mechanical signal display
02/02/17Switching device having a damping element for a contact system during abrupt switching on
02/02/17Method for mounting an electrical component in which a hood is used, and a hood that is suitable for use in this method
02/02/17Improved disc-shaped thyristor for a plurality of plated-through semiconductor components
02/02/17Mounting of permanent magnets on a rotor of an electric machine
02/02/17Method and system for producing a secure communication channel for terminals
01/26/17Endoscope having depth determination
01/26/17Method for producing a hollow body by cold spraying and mould core suitable for carrying out said method
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01/26/17Compact backup seal for a turbomachine housing
01/26/17Gear coupling
01/26/17Method and control system
01/26/17Diagnostic device and monitoring the operation of a control loop
01/26/17Method for automatic processing of a number of protocol files of an automation system
01/26/17Device and operating procedure for the controlled provision of installation-specific data for one or more data users
01/26/17Take-up device for the take-up of insulating fluid and housing having the take-up device
01/26/17High-voltage direct current transmission path
01/26/17A method and a system for the deterministic autoconfiguration of a device
01/26/17Automation network and monitoring the security of the transfer of data packets
01/26/17Apparatus and dynamically adjusting an electric arc furnace
01/19/17Endoscope featuring depth ascertainment
01/19/17Supplementary system for interferometric x-ray imaging and projective x-ray device
01/19/17Method for selecting multiple program functions, selecting one program function, associated apparatuses and associated vehicle, ship or aircraft
01/19/17Coating method and component
01/19/17Method of constructing a tower
01/19/17Blade root for a turbine blade
01/19/17Steam power installation comprising valve-stem leakage steam line
01/19/17Device and using carbon dioxide originating from a combustion process
01/19/17Knowledge-based programmable logic controller with flexible in-field knowledge management and analytics
01/19/17Method for checking network elements and network
01/19/17Method for automatically processing a number of log files of an automation system
01/19/17System and optimizing an arrangement of objects formed from at least one structure in order to use said objects to design a technical installation
01/19/17Method and device for protecting a computing apparatus against manipulation
01/19/17Protective circuit breaker
01/19/17Switching device and switch-off operating a switching device
01/19/17Pin for a subsea connector
01/19/17Detection of a faulty node in a network
01/19/17Device and detecting manipulation of a program code
01/12/17Vehicle, in particular rail vehicle, with a vehicle body and a floor
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01/12/17Goods overturning unit, conveyor having the goods overturning unit and overturning goods
01/12/17Lifting/skidding device with a permanent magnet synchronous motor
01/12/17Method and separation of offgas in the combustion of particular metals
01/12/17Orifice element for turbine stator and/or rotor vanes
01/12/17Compressor blade or vane having an erosion-resistant hard material coating
01/12/17Turbo-machine having a thermal transfer line
01/12/17Method for monitoring a combustor
01/12/17Fuel supply pipeline system for gas turbine
01/12/17Wind turbine operation based on a frequency of an ac output voltage signal provided by a power converter of the wind turbine
01/12/17Operating a wind turbine being connected to a utility grid solely via a hvdc power connection with a network bridge controller performing a power and a voltage control
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01/12/17Operating a wind turbine being connected to a utility grid solely via an umbilical ac cable with a network bridge controller performing a power and a voltage control
01/12/17Operating a wind turbine being connected to a utility grid both via a hvdc power connection and via an umbilical ac cable with a network bridge controller performing a power and a voltage control
01/12/17Method and device for charging a stratified thermal energy store
01/12/17Test device for hyperbaric testing of a part of a subsea device and method
01/12/17Assembly and testing point machines
01/12/17Method and configuration system for configuring hardware modules in an automation system
01/12/17Device for switching a direct current
01/12/17Reluctance rotor lamination having an opening for stress reduction
01/12/17Electrical machine having a frame and sleeve
01/12/17Damped bearing of a rotor shaft
01/05/17Method and device for securing a threaded element screwed into a threaded seat, mounting at least one balancing weight of a turbine, and a turbine
01/05/17Electrical connecting device and charging cable for an electric vehicle
01/05/17Secondary spring having an integrated transverse stop
01/05/17Conversion of metal carbonate into metal chloride
01/05/17Detection sensor in gas turbine
01/05/17Unpressurized heat accumulator with compensation line
01/05/17Portable display device
01/05/17File based license management system in virtualization environment
01/05/17Parameter estimation for mesh segmentation using random walks
01/05/17Switching device having an exchangeable switching piece assembly
01/05/17Installation for transmitting electrical power
01/05/17Power plant
01/05/17Controller and setting up communication links to redundantly operated controllers in an industrial automation system
12/29/16Machine interface, drive and vertical grinding mill
12/29/16Transport system
12/29/16A lifting device
12/29/16Iproton sponge as supplement to electrolytes for photocatalytic and electrochemical co2 reduction
12/29/16Sealing system for a steam turbine, and steam turbine
12/29/16Method for operating a gas turbine installation and the same
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12/29/16Detection for localizing a particle
12/29/16Logical position sensor
12/29/16High-voltage insulator
12/29/16Electrical switch
12/29/16A protective electronic module for an hvdc convertor
12/29/16Electrical switch
12/29/16Salient pole rotor
12/22/16Rail vehicle, in particular a locomotive
12/22/16Surface coating for dissipating electrical charge on anti-static installations and process
12/22/16Rail vehicle comprising snow plow
12/22/16Turbine component thermal barrier coating with depth-varying material properties
12/22/16Turbine component thermal barrier coating with crack isolating engineered surface features
12/22/16Means for alleviating strain on a wind turbine rotor blade
12/22/16Thermal connection of a geothermal source to a district heating network
12/22/16Heat pump with a storage tank
12/22/16Differential pressure sensor assembly
12/22/16Interfaces for connected software applications in automation environments
12/22/16Input circuit that can be made redundant, input circuit unit having at least one input circuit, and operating the input circuit unit
12/22/16Apparatus for a luggage conveying device, and operating a luggage conveying device
12/22/16Data storage device for protected data exchange between different security zones
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12/22/16Anisotropic rare earths-free matrix-bonded high-performance permanent magnet having a nanocrystalline structure, and production thereof
12/22/16Inductive charging device, electric vehicle, charging station, and inductive charging
12/22/16Conductive corona shielding paper, in particular for outer corona shielding
12/22/16Corona shielding system, in particular outer corona shielding system for an electrical machine
12/15/16Rotor component with surfaces for checking concentricity
12/15/16Turbine airfoil cooling system for bow vane
12/15/16Turbine component thermal barrier coating with crack isolating engineered groove features
12/15/16Component which can be subjected to hot gas for a gas turbine and sealing arrangement having such a component
12/15/16Turbine abradable layer with inclined angle surface ridge or groove pattern
12/15/16Arrangement, test rig and testing a switch mechanism
12/15/16Process gas analyzer and analyzing a process gas
12/15/16Detector arrangement
12/15/16Device and optimizing an operating point for the operation of a system
12/15/16Network regulation upon threshold value overshoots in a low voltage or medium voltage network
12/15/16High quality embedded graphics for remote visualization
12/15/16Circuit breaker for an electrical circuit
12/15/16Subsea connector
12/15/16Network regulation upon threshold value overshoots in a low voltage or medium voltage network
12/15/16Method in a computer system, computer program and data processing system
12/15/16Subsea data transmission cable
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12/08/16Method for determining measured data from the stomach of a patient
12/08/16Hybrid solid-inflatable mandrel for blade manufacturing
12/08/16Method and device for discharging a stratified thermal storage tank
12/08/16Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) coil with constant capacitance coupling
12/08/16System and control and/or analytics of an industrial process
12/08/16Method and distributed process controll
12/08/16Communication device for identifying and/or locating an rfid transponder
12/08/16Method and producing a submarine cable, and submarine cable produced therewith
12/08/16Main element of an electric machine
12/08/16Client device and server device for the secured activation of functions of a client
12/01/16System and dynamic virtual collision objects
12/01/16Redundant drive system
12/01/16Method and device for the plausibility check of safety-relevant variables
12/01/16Component with an abradable coating and a coating the abradable coating
12/01/16Operation of a gas turbine plant having a compressor and a turbine
12/01/16Pitch system locking arrangement
12/01/16Coupling arrangement in the field of wind turbines
12/01/16Operation of a gas turbine system in part load operation
12/01/16Swirler for a burner of a gas turbine engine
12/01/16Thermal energy storage with reduced internal natural convection
12/01/16Method and computer program product for semantically representing a system of devices
12/01/16Reconstruction of time-varying data
12/01/16Modular subsea converter
11/24/16Foot platform and desk comprising a foot platform
11/24/16Method and apparatus to provide updated patient images during robotic surgery
11/24/16Handheld device for driving a stator blade into a blade groove
11/24/16Method for determining moving mass of a door system
11/24/16Accumulator system coupled to gas turbines for intake fluid preheating
11/24/16Connecting element for connecting a bearing device of a rotor blade to be connected to a rotor hub of a wind turbine to a mounting flange of the rotor hub
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11/24/16Method of amending a multi-stage gearing apparatus
11/24/16Method and system for producing a vector map
11/24/16Pressure transducer and operating the pressure transducer
11/24/16Thermal conductivity detector and detector module
11/24/16Thermal conductivity detector
11/24/16Ultrasonic test ultrasonic testing
11/24/16Devices and methods for arc fault detection
11/24/16Estimation of health parameters in industrial gas turbines
11/24/16Optimizing the distribution of electrical energy
11/24/16Characterizing a client apparatus on at least one server apparatus
11/24/16Data transmission in a segmented communication network
11/24/16Compressed-air rack for an electric locomotive
11/17/16Wheel set for a rail vehicle
11/17/16Operator compartment for a rail vehicle, assembly device for a track camera, and front window roll-up sun shield of a rail vehicle
11/17/16Vehicle, in particular rail vehicle, with a compressed air-operated toilet device
11/17/16Method for regulating a gas turbine
11/17/16Connecting system
11/17/16Method for configuring the size of a heat transfer surface
11/17/16Method and thermal conductivity detector
11/17/16Method for producing a capacitor, capacitor and use thereof
11/17/16Protection of privacy in a video stream by means of a redundant slice
11/10/16Determination of a time-dependent contrast agent injection curve as a function of ct scan parameters
11/10/16Method for protecting a component, laser drilling method, and component
11/10/16Manganese-containing, cobalt-based high-temperature solder alloy, powder, component and soldering method
11/10/16Bogie comprising a wheelset drive mounted on bearings
11/10/16Information transmission system and information transmission rail transport
11/10/16Method of determination and gas turbine
11/10/16Planetary gearbox
11/10/16Conversion film for converting ionizing radiation, radiation detector

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