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Siemens Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Corporation. Siemens Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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03/16/17Thermoelectric power generator and combustion apparatus
02/02/17System and cyber-physical security
12/22/16Modular automated scoring system for tbi assessment
12/22/16Method and computing unit for generating a manufacturing model
12/01/16Knowledge-based ultrasound image enhancement
12/01/16Method for streaming-optimized medical raytracing
11/10/16Cell feature-based automatic circulating tumor cell detection
10/27/16Method and system for automatic estimation of shear modulus and viscosity from shear wave imaging
08/25/16Weather pattern based electrical demand forecasting for a building
08/25/16Cloud-based control system for unmanned aerial vehicles
08/25/16Designing the geometry of a gas turbine exhaust diffuser on the basis of fluid dynamics information
08/25/16Digital twins for energy efficient asset maintenance
08/04/16Real-time monitoring and diagnostic processing of traffic control data
01/21/16Demand shaping in an electrical power grid using day ahead market and real time market prices
01/21/16Demand shaping in an electrical power grid
01/14/16Scaled jacobian vectors and sketching constraints
12/10/15Electric load labeling post itemization based on analysis of power measurements at a single point
10/29/15Estimation of a mechanical property of anatomy from medical scan data
10/29/15Building a failure-predictive model from message sequences
09/10/15On-line optimization scheme for hvac demand response
09/10/15Architecture for turbine system diagnosis based on sensor data
09/03/15Social learning softthermostat for commercial buildings
08/27/15Tablet based distributed intelligent load management
08/13/15Method for energy demand management in a production flow line
08/13/15Log-based predictive maintenance
06/18/15Pipelining for cyclic control systems
06/11/15Method and system for b0 drift and respiratory motion compensation in echo-planar based magnetic resonance imaging
05/14/15Online heurisitc algorithm for combined cooling heating and power plant optimization
04/30/15Time slack application pipeline balancing for multi/many-core plcs
03/26/15Bidirectional remote user interface for hmi/scada using interactive voice phone calls
03/12/15Embedded prognostics on plc platforms for equipment condition monitoring, diagnosis and time-to-failure/service prediction
03/12/15System and prediction of respiratory motion from 3d thoracic images
03/05/15Accurate and efficient polyp detection in wireless capsule endoscopy images
02/19/15Framework for personalization of coronary flow computations during rest and hyperemia
01/22/15Luggage visualization and virtual unpacking
01/22/15Dynamic authorization to features and data in java-based enterprise applications
12/18/14Automatic interatrial septum detection from pre-operative and intra-operative 3d medical images for accurate transseptal puncture
11/27/14Flow diverter detection in medical imaging
10/30/14Elastography for cement integrity inspection
10/09/14Rigid body proxy for modeling in three-dimensional simulation
10/02/14Patient specific planning and simulation of ablative procedures
10/02/14System and implementing model predictive control in plc
08/28/14Providing real-time marker detection for a stent in medical imaging
08/07/14Method and system for on-site learning of landmark detection models for end user-specific diagnostic medical image reading
08/07/14Tuning ultrasound acquisition parameters
07/17/14System and identification, grouping and sizing of embedded flaws in rotor components using ultrasonic inspection
07/17/14Semidefinite programming relaxation of a class of energy management models
07/03/14Needle enhancement in diagnostic ultrasound imaging
06/12/14Reducing the scan cycle time of control applications through multi-core execution of user programs
06/05/14Stackable acoustic treatment module
06/05/14Deformable tree matching with tangent-enhanced coherent point drift
05/15/14Multi-stage magnetic resonance reconstruction for parallel imaging applications
05/15/14Cell feature-based automatic circulating tumor cell detection
05/15/14System and patient specific modeling of liver tumor ablation
05/08/14Mri reconstruction with motion-dependent regularization
04/17/14Use of a demand response to enable improved power supply restoration planning
04/10/14Dynamic image reconstruction with tight frame learning
04/10/14Method and acoustic area monitoring by exploiting ultra large scale arrays of microphones
04/10/14Turbine blade fatigue life analysis using non-contact measurement and dynamical response reconstruction techniques
04/10/14Construction of entropy-based prior and posterior probability distributions with partial information for fatigue damage prognostics
04/03/14Method and system for bone segmentation and landmark detection for joint replacement surgery
03/27/14Multi-gpu fista implementation for mr reconstruction with non-uniform k-space sampling
03/27/14Mri reconstruction with incoherent sampling and redundant haar wavelets
03/27/14Eigen-vector approach for coil sensitivity maps estimation
03/27/14Viscoelastic modeling of blood vessels
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03/20/14Control for fault-bypass of cascaded multi-level inverter
03/20/14Method and system for real time stent enhancement on live 2d fluoroscopic scene
03/20/14Semi-automatic customization of plates for internal fracture fixation
03/13/14Method and system for energy control management
03/06/14High intensity ultrasound for pipeline obstruction remediation
03/06/14Bidirectional demand response control
03/06/14Noise robust time of flight estimation for acoustic pyrometry
02/27/14Method and system for multi-atlas segmentation of brain computed tomography image data
02/27/14Method and system for non-invasive functional assessment of coronary artery stenosis
02/13/14Multi-light source imaging for hand held devices
02/06/14Rendering of design data
02/06/14Zero communication block partitioning
02/06/14Estimating remaining useful life from prognostic features discovered using genetic programming
02/06/14Semantic search tool for document tagging, indexing and search
01/30/14Method and system for automatic prostate segmentation in magnetic resonance images
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01/30/14Power system stabilization using distributed inverters
01/30/14Stochastic state estimation for smart grids
01/23/14System and patient specific planning and guidance of ablative procedures for cardiac arrhythmias
01/23/14Computation of hemodynamic quantities from angiographic data
01/23/14Parallel processing in human-machine interface applications
01/16/14Compressable catheter tip with image-based force sensing
01/16/14Context-based synthesis of simulation models from functional models of cyber-physical systems
01/09/14Pipeline inspection piglets
12/26/13Machine-learnt person re-identification
12/19/13Application of high intensity focused ultrasound to the displacement of drilling mud
12/12/13Combined cardiac and respiratory motion compensation for atrial fibrillation ablation procedures
12/12/13Generalized pattern recognition for fault diagnosis in machine condition monitoring
12/05/13Efficient redundant haar minimization for parallel mri reconstruction
12/05/13Adaptive remote maintenance of rolling stocks
11/21/13Methods and systems for doppler recognition aided method (dream) for source localization and separation
11/14/13High intensity ultrasound for pipeline obstruction remediation
11/14/13Automatic refernce selection for registration of medical imaging time series
11/14/13Method of deformable motion correction and image registration in x-ray stent imaging
11/14/13System and fault prognostics enhanced mpc framework
11/14/13Dashboard for architectural governance
11/14/13Rules engine for architectural governance
11/07/13Method and system for pericardium based model fusion of pre-operative and intra-operative image data for cardiac interventions
10/31/13Active lighting for stereo reconstruction of edges
10/31/13Eigen-vector approach for coil sensitivity maps estimation
10/24/13Method and system for model based fusion on pre-operative computed tomography and intra-operative fluoroscopy using transesophageal echocardiography
10/24/13Motion compensated overlay
10/17/13System and interactive segmentation on mobile devices in a cloud computing environment
10/17/13Cloud enabled building automation system
10/17/13Channel detection in noise using single channel data
10/10/13Method for creating attenuation correction maps for pet image reconstruction
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10/10/13Probabilistic fatigue life prediction using ultrasonic inspection data considering eifs uncertainty
10/03/13Cardiac chamber volume computation from contours and base plane in cardiac mr cine images
10/03/13Image fusion for interventional guidance
10/03/13Alternating direction of multipliers parallel mri reconstruction
10/03/13Robotic navigated nuclear probe imaging
10/03/13Three-dimensional model determination from two-dimensional sketch with two-dimensional refinement
09/19/13Network cycle features in relative neighborhood graphs
09/19/13Method and system for hemodynamic assessment of aortic coarctation from medical image data
09/19/13Global error minimization in image mosaicking using graph laplacians and its applications in microscopy
09/19/13Robust multi-object tracking using sparse appearance representation and online sparse appearance dictionary update
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09/19/13Method and system for non-invasive functional assessment of coronary artery stenosis
09/12/13Interior point reformulated optimal power flow model
09/12/13Global solutions of smart building-grid energy management models
09/05/13Method and system for diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from magnetic resonance images
09/05/13System and energy management control
08/29/13Method and system for joint multi-organ segmentation in medical image data using local and global context
08/29/13System and total cost optimization for buildings with hybrid ventilation
08/29/13Method and system for fast patient-specific cardiac electrophysiology simulations for therapy planning and guidance
08/22/13Method and system for coronary artery centerline extraction
08/22/13Magnetic resonance elastography for ultrasound image simulation
08/22/13Rapid entry point localization for percutaneous interventions
08/15/13Non-rigid composition of multiple overlapping medical imaging volumes
08/15/13System and shape measurements on thick mpr images
08/01/13System and diagnosing machine tool component faults
08/01/13Method and system for patient specific planning of cardiac therapies on preoperative clinical data and medical images
08/01/13Method and system for advanced measurements computation and therapy planning from medical data and images using a multi-physics fluid-solid heart model
08/01/13Temporal pattern matching in large collections of log messages
07/25/13Method and device for snapping normals to create fair 3d surfaces from edge curves
07/25/132d3d registration for mr-x ray fusion utilizing one acquisition of mr data
07/25/13Method and system of deterministic fatigue life prediction for rotor materials
07/25/13Insulation defect detection of high voltage generator stator core
07/25/13Blood flow computation in vessels with implanted devices
07/25/13Non-enforcement autonomous parking management system and methods
07/25/13Metric to assess the system reliability impact of distribution automation failures
07/18/13Automated testing of mechatronic systems
07/11/13Implant pose determination in medical imaging
07/04/13Method for performing dynamic registration, overlays, and 3d views with fluoroscopic images
07/04/13Multi-modal medical imaging
06/27/13Trigger for blade imaging based on a controller
06/20/13Blow out preventer (bop) corroborator
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06/20/13Systems and methods for a gaze and gesture interface
06/20/13Therapeutic ultrasound for use with magnetic resonance
06/20/13Dynamic reprioritization of test cases during test execution
06/06/13Method of optimizing magnetic resonance scanning parameters
06/06/13Method and system for patient-specific hemodynamic assessment of virtual stent implantation
05/30/13Magnetic resonance image distortion correction with a reference volume
05/23/13Method and system for precise segmentation of the left atrium in c-arm computed tomography volumes
05/16/13Non-contrast-enhanced 4d mra using compressed sensing reconstruction
05/09/13Visualizing brain network connectivity
05/09/13Compressed sensing using regional sparsity
05/02/13Advanced human-machine interface for collaborative building control
05/02/13Short-term load forecast using support vector regression and feature learning
04/25/13Coronary artery motion modeling
04/18/13Reproducible segmentation of elliptical boundaries in medical imaging
04/18/13Non-rigid 2d/3d registration of coronary artery models with live fluoroscopy images
04/18/13Localization of aorta and left atrium from magnetic resonance imaging
04/11/13Hough transform approach to gap measurement in blade inspection
04/11/13Adaptive demand response based on distributed load control
04/11/13Method and user interface for forensic video search
04/04/13Systems and methods for hands free inspection
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04/04/13Localization and tracking of cryo-balloon during interventional fluoroscopy imaging
04/04/13Active catheter reconstruction for interventional magnetic resonance imaging
04/04/13Localization of a device for mr-guided intervention
03/28/13Fast, low energy deposition and homogeneous t2 weighted variable amplitude psif (t2 vapsif) imaging in the presence of b0inhomogeneities
03/28/13Temporal difference encoding for angiographic image sequences
03/28/13Method and system for automatic rib centerline extraction using learning base deformable template matching
03/21/13Motion analysis through geometry correction and warping
03/21/132d/3d image registration method
03/21/13Method and system for up-vector detection for ribs in computed tomography volumes
03/21/13System and automatic magnetic resonance volume composition and normalization
03/21/13Hybrid interior-point alternating directions algorithm for support vector machines and feature selection
03/14/13Floating volume-of-interest in multilayer volume ray casting
03/14/13Systems and automatic prostate localization in mr images using random walker segmentation initialized via boosted classifiers
03/14/13System for generating a medical knowledge base
03/07/132d-2d fusion for interventional guidance in trans-catheter aortic valve implantation
03/07/13Crowd sourcing parking management using vehicles as mobile sensors
03/07/13Automatic pose initialization for accurate 2-d/3-d registration applied to abdominal aortic aneurysm endovascular repair
03/07/13Automatic detection of contrast injection
03/07/13Machine anomaly detection and diagnosis incorporating operational data
03/07/13Visual modeling language for requirements engineering
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03/07/13Network element consolidation for rapid discrete network simulations
03/07/13Smart grid communication assessment and co-simulation tool
03/07/13Network traffic profile aggregation for efficient discrete event smart grid network simulations
02/28/13Method for vascular flow pattern analysis
02/28/13Automatic initialization for 2d/3d registration
02/28/13Byzantine fault-tolerant scada system
02/28/13Generating plc code from cad models
02/21/13Electric vehicle load management
02/21/13Aggregator-based electric microgrid for residential applications incorporating renewable energy sources
02/21/13Connecting questions, answers, announcements and activities to relevant entities
02/14/13Selective flow visualization of traced particles
02/07/13Filter approach to catheter electrode detection and tracking
02/07/13Magnetic resonance imaging for therapy planning
02/07/13Model-based positioning for intracardiac echocardiography volume stitching
02/07/13Method and system for energy efficient collaborative high performance building control
02/07/13Topology identification in distribution network with limited measurements
02/07/13Fault-tolerant replication architecture
01/31/13Methods and systems to dissuade animals from an area
01/31/13Self consistent parallel imaging with temporal sensitivity estimation in real-time magnetic resonance imaging
01/10/13Method and system for device detection in 2d medical images
01/03/13Left ventricle epicardium estimation in medical diagnostic imaging
01/03/13Subtraction of projection data in medical diagnostic imaging
12/27/12Boundary handling for particle-based simulation
12/20/12Shape based conditional random fields for segmenting intracranial aneurysms
12/20/12Image processing using random forest classifiers
12/20/12Method for intracranial aneurysm analysis and endovascular intervention planning
12/13/12System and image segmentation by optimizing weighted curvature
12/06/12Approach and tool blending ad-hoc and formal workflow models in support of different stakeholder needs
11/22/12Method and system for registration of ultrasound and physiological models to x-ray fluoroscopic images
11/22/12Augmented design structure matrix visualizations for software system analysis
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11/15/12Hit and run prevention and documentation system for vehicles
11/08/12Simplified smoothed particle hydrodynamics
11/01/12Marginal space learning for multi-person tracking over mega pixel imagery
11/01/12Systems and methods for blind localization of correlated sources
10/25/12Automated detection of airway and vessel orientations for quantitative analysis and visualization
10/25/12Constrained registration for motion compensation in atrial fibrillation ablation procedures
10/11/12Meta-data approach to querying multiple biomedical ontologies
10/11/12Parallelization of plc programs for operation in multi-processor environments
10/04/12Replicated state machine utilizing view change protocol resilient to performance attacks
09/27/12Object recognition for security screening and long range video surveillance
09/27/12System and detection of acoustic shadows and automatic assessment of image usability in 3d ultrasound images
09/27/12Critical threshold parameters for defining bursts in event logs
09/27/12System and verification and validation of redundancy software in plc systems
09/20/12Network as automation platform for collaborative e-car charging at the residential premises
09/20/12Method and system for catheter tracking in fluoroscopic images using adaptive discriminant learning and measurement fusion
09/13/12Method and system for contrast inflow detection in 2d fluoroscopic images
09/13/12Method and system for model-based fusion of multi-modal volumetric images
09/13/12Method and system for multi-part left atrium segmentation in c-arm computed tomography volumes using shape constraints
09/13/12Method and system for multi-organ segmentation using learning-based segmentation and level set optimization
09/13/12Method and system for regression-based 4d mitral valve segmentation from 2d+t magnetic resonance imaging slices
09/13/12Method and system for tracking of a virtual electrode on a coronary sinus catheter in fluoroscopic images
09/13/12Valve treatment simulation from medical diagnostic imaging data
08/30/12Pulse width modulated control for hybrid inverters
08/30/12Method and system for mr scan range planning
08/09/12Method and system for patient-specific computational modeling and simulation for coupled hemodynamic analysis of cerebral vessels
07/26/12Automatic registration of image series with varying contrast based on synthetic images derived from intensity behavior model
07/26/12Method and system for 3d cardiac motion estimation from single scan of c-arm angiography
07/19/12Method and system for automatic detection of spinal bone lesions in 3d medical image data
07/12/12Detection of landmarks and key-frames in cardiac perfusion mri using a joint spatial-temporal context model

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