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Siemens Energy Inc
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Siemens Energy Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Energy Inc. Siemens Energy Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Energy Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Energy Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Catalytic process stream treatment
06/22/17 new patent  Method for determining waveguide temperature for acoustic transceiver used in a gas turbine engine
06/15/17Distributed wireless sensor network and methods of using the same
06/08/17Braze alloy compositions and brazing methods for superalloys
05/25/17Fuel nozzle having respective arrays of pre-mixing conduits with respective vortex generators
05/25/17Transition duct system with a robust converging flow joint at an intersection between adjacent transitions extending between a combustor and a turbine assembly in a gas turbine engine
05/25/17Interstage seal housing optimization system in a gas turbine engine
05/18/17Gas turbine engine with rotor centering cooling system in an exhaust diffuser
05/11/17System and servicing a rotor of a generator using a carriage steering device
05/11/17Converging flow joint insert system at an intersection between adjacent transitions extending between a combustor and a turbine assembly in a gas turbine engine
05/11/17Turbine assembly with detachable struts
05/04/17Mechanical attachment of support housing rocket
04/27/17Method of forming a cladding layer having an integral channel
04/27/17Converging flow joint insert system at an intersection between adjacent transitions extending between a combustor and a turbine assembly in a gas turbine engine
04/27/17Axial stage combustion system with exhaust gas recirculation
04/20/17Method of weld cladding over openings
04/13/17Disc cavity thermocouple upgrade
04/13/17Airfoil cooling with internal cavity displacement features
03/30/17Turbine airfoil cooling system with leading edge impingement cooling system turbine blade investment casting using film hole protrusions for integral wall thickness control
03/30/17End wall configuration for gas turbine engine
03/30/17Turbine airfoil cooling system with leading edge impingement cooling system and nearwall impingement system
03/30/17Spiral cooling of combustor turbine casing aft plenum
03/30/17Method and system for igniter health monitoring in a gas turbine engine
03/30/17Multi-functional sensor system for gas turbine combustion monitoring and control
03/23/17Formation and repair of oxide dispersion strengthened alloys by alloy melting with oxide injection
03/23/17Additive manufacturing using cast strip superalloy material
03/23/17Method of forming a thermal barrier coating having a porosity architecture using additive manufacturing
03/23/17Turbine airfoil cooling system with platform cooling channels
03/23/17Independently controlled three stage water injection in a diffusion burner
03/23/17Method and system for thermal expansion compensation in heated flow characterization
03/23/17Method and verifying lighting setup used for visual inspection
03/16/17Structural braze tape
03/16/17Ejector based external bleed system for a gas turbine engine
03/09/17Methods for removing tramp elements from alloy substrates
03/09/17Flux and process for repair of single crystal alloys
03/09/17Flash thermography borescope
03/02/17Method for holding brazing material during a brazing operation
03/02/17Integrated circuit cooled turbine blade
03/02/17Removably attachable snubber assembly
03/02/17Adaptive additive manufacturing process using in-situ laser ultrasonic testing
02/23/17Remotely adjustable ventilation orifice plate
02/16/17Process and cooling a metal part during a welding operation
02/09/17Gas turbine engine component with performance feature
02/02/17Sealing arrangement for gas turbine transition pieces
02/02/17Ultrasonic scanning device having a fluid pad
02/02/17Human and organizational resilience matrix
02/02/17Method for roebel transposition of form wound conductors of electrical machines such as generators and motors
02/02/17Air gap baffle train for turbine generator
01/26/17Fault tolerant systems and using the same
01/19/17Slag free flux for additive manufacturing
01/19/17Flux mediated deposition of metallic glass
01/19/17Acoustic measurement system incorporating a temperature controlled waveguide
01/19/17Disc cavity thermocouple
01/19/17Acoustic measurement system incorporating a hybrid waveguide providing thermal isolation
01/19/17Radial lead seal assembly for a generator and a radial lead seal assembly of a generator
01/19/17Radial lead seal assembly for a generator and method incorporating the same
01/12/17Flux-assisted device encapsulation
01/12/17Gas turbine engine blade with increased wall thickness zone in the trailing edge-hub region
01/05/17System for measuring air mass flow into a gas turbine
01/05/17Data collection and reporting system and method
12/29/16Welding superalloys
12/29/16Belly band seal with anti-rotation structure
12/29/16Method and an measuring a deflection of a rotor of a turbomachine
12/29/16Turbine exhaust cylinder strut strip for shock induced oscillation control
12/29/16Method and an bolt inspection
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12/29/16Sgenx-1000a rotor lifting device
12/08/16Gas turbine exhaust diffuser mounted blade path thermocouple probe
12/08/16D5/d5a df-42 integrated exit cone and splash plate
12/01/16Laser waveguide with coaxial filler wire feed
12/01/16Multi-media stratified filtration
12/01/16Gas turbine diffuser outer diameter and inner diameter wall strips for turbine exhaust manifold pressure oscillation reduction
12/01/16W501 d5/d5a df42 combustion system
12/01/16Scheduling inspections and predicting end-of-life for machine components
11/10/16Single-axis inspection scope with sperical camera and internal inspection of power generation machinery
10/27/16Laser deposit surface control using select fluxes and electrochemistry
10/27/16High performance robust gas turbine exhaust with variable (adaptive) exhaust diffuser geometry
10/27/16Dynamic pressure detecting flame on/off in gas turbine combusion cans for engine protection
10/20/16Energy damping system for gas turbine engine stationary vane
10/20/16Generator bearing assembly and a lubricating a generator bearing assembly
10/13/16Optically conductive filler for laser processing
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10/13/16Laser additive manufacturing using filler material suspended in a liquid carrier
10/13/16Service-friendly cross flame tube with twist lock attachment for can-annular gas turbines
10/13/16Method for estimating time of flight for acoustic pyrometry
10/13/16System to prognose gas turbine remaining useful life
09/29/16Method and filler material structure of high temperature braze repair for damages of base alloy components
09/29/16Coupling bolt hole alignment tool
09/22/16Seal assembly in a gas turbine engine
09/15/16Tool for installing a wedge in a slot of a stator core
09/15/16Generator neutral ground monitoring device utilizing direct current component measurement and analysis
08/18/16Gas turbine blade with corrugated tip wall
08/18/16Thermally expandable transition piece
08/18/16Device for improved air and fuel distribution to a combustor
08/11/16Powder deposition process utilizing vibratory mechanical energy
08/11/16Acoustic manipulation and laser processing of particles for repair and manufacture of metallic components
08/11/16Material repair process using laser and ultrasound
08/11/16Mobile repair and manufacturing gas turbine engine maintenance
07/28/16Method of inducing porous structures in laser-deposited coatings
07/28/16Method to form dispersion strengthened alloys
07/28/16Method to form oxide dispersion strengthended (ods) alloys
07/28/16Support arrangement for a transition piece of a gas turbine engine
07/21/16Method for protecting a hybrid ceramic structure from moisture attack in a high temperature enviroment
07/21/16Turbine exhaust cylinder/turbine exhaust manifold bolted full span turbine exhaust flaps
07/21/16Method and turbine internal visual inspection with foveated image optical head
07/21/16Life electric generator
07/21/16Variable performance electric generator
07/21/16Variable performance electric generator
07/21/16Variable performance electric generator
07/21/16Method of achieving variable performance of an electric generator
07/21/16Method and turbine internal visual inspection with foveated optical head and dual image display
07/21/16In-situ inspection of power generating machinery
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07/14/16Combined braze and coating fabrication and repair of mechanical components
07/14/16Adhesion of coatings using adhesive bonding compositions
07/14/16Turbine exhaust cylinder/ turbine exhaust manifold bolted stiffening ribs
07/14/16Portable acoustic thermography of in situ l-o blades background of the invention
06/23/16Superalloy component braze repair with isostatic solution treatment
06/23/16Turbine airfoil with optimized airfoil element angles
06/23/16Laser measurement system for detecting turbine blade lockup
06/23/16Optical measurement system for detecting turbine blade lockup
06/23/16High temperature vibration resistant solderless electrical connections for planar surfaces
06/16/16Acoustic measurement system for detecting turbine blade lockup
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05/26/16Low heat flux mediated cladding of superalloys using cored feed material
05/26/16Transition duct arrangement in a gas turbine engine
05/26/16Thermo pump-cooled generator end windings with internal cooling passages
05/12/16Emissions control system for a gas turbine engine
05/05/16Air separator for a turbine engine
05/05/16Turbine rotor nut and bolt arrangement with improved fatigue resistance under centrifugal load
05/05/16Flange with curved contact surface
05/05/16Method for ultrasound scanning of a weld buildup
04/28/16Reinforced cladding
04/28/16Turbine blade airfoil and tip shroud
04/28/16D5/d5a df-42 double walled exit cone and splash plate
04/21/16Turbine blade tip shroud
04/21/16A fully automated calibration system for acoustic pyrometry
04/14/16Laser pre-processing to stabilize high-temperature coatings and surfaces
04/14/16Gas turbine blade configuration
04/14/16Cooling arrangement for gas turbine blade platform
04/14/16Single dynamic pressure sensor based flame monitoring of a gas turbine combustor
04/07/16Laser deposition and repair of reactive metals
04/07/16Filler mesh for laser cladding
03/24/16Rotor in a turbine engine coupled to provide individual and separate access to respective assemblies of compressor and turbine disks
03/24/16Stress relieving feature in gas turbine blade platform
03/24/16Gas turbine ring segment cooling apparatus
03/17/16Turbine exhaust cylinder / turbine exhaust manifold bolted stiffening ribs
03/17/16Damping design to reduce vibratory response in the turbine exhaust manifold centerbody
03/17/16Turbine exhaust cylinder/ turbine exhaust manifold bolted part span turbine exhaust flaps
03/10/16Articulating build platform for laser additive manufacturing
03/10/16Gas turbine rotor sealing band arrangement having a friction welded pin element
03/10/16Hardware and implementation of in situ acoustic thermograph inspections
03/03/16Hybrid mechanical-thermal process for coating removal
03/03/16Lapping tool
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03/03/16Diffusion flame burner for a gas turbine engine
03/03/16Method and tool for installation of a transition duct
03/03/16Apparatus and method incorprating a transition aft support for a gas turbine engine
02/18/16Hybrid welding/printing process
02/18/16Method of laser processing of volatile alloys
02/18/16Method for building a gas turbine engine component
02/18/16Method for building a gas turbine engine component
02/18/16Method for repairing a gas turbine engine blade tip
02/18/16Coatings for high temperature components
02/18/16Gas turbine sealing band arrangement having an underlap seal
02/18/16Quick change insert
02/18/16Gas turbine rotor and exhaust maintenance skid
02/04/16Moveable sealing arrangement for a gas turbine diffuser gap
02/04/16Rotor turning device for large turbine/generator in-situ rotors
01/28/16Method for forming three-dimensional anchoring structures
01/28/16Method for forming three-dimensional anchoring structures on a surface
01/28/16Apparatus for production of filler packets for solid freeform fabrication
01/28/16Method and improved turbine bellyband rotor seal machining, installation and life
01/21/16Laser correction of metal deformation
01/21/16Optimization of melt pool shape in a joining process
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01/21/16Method and attaching a transition duct to a turbine section in a gas turbine engine
01/21/16Gas turbine inspection apparatus and inspecting a gas turbine
01/14/16Magnetically impelled arc butt welding method having magnet arrangement for welding components having complex curvatures
01/14/16Gas turbine sealing band arrangement having a locking pin
01/14/16Gas turbine spindle bolt structure with reduced fretting fatigue
01/14/16Optical based monitoring turbine engine blade deflection
01/14/16Power plant air cooled heat exchanger or condenser with pressurized gas entrained cooling liquid mister
01/14/16Fastener-removal method and assembly including a fastener-removal member integrally constructed with a washer member
01/14/16Linear array to image rotating turbine components
01/14/16Real time monitoring of guide vane positions with a camera
01/14/16Method of servicing a power generator
01/07/16Adjustable transition support and using the same
12/31/15Component repair using brazed surface textured superalloy foil
12/31/15Combustion turbine engine combustor basket igniter port alignment verification tool and validating igniter alignment
12/31/15Method and system for determining distribution of temperature and velocity in a gas turbine engine
12/31/15Method for analysis of 3d features using a 2d probabilistic analysis
12/24/15Presintered preform for repair of superalloy component
12/17/15Laser deposition of iron-based austenitic alloy with flux
12/17/15Method to eliminate recast material
12/17/15Method for holding brazing material during a brazing operation
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12/17/15Pressure side stall strip for wind turbine blade
12/17/15Method and turbine engine rotor automatic self balancing
12/10/15Component repair using brazed surface textured superalloy foil
12/03/15Method for selective laser processing using electrostatic powder deposition
12/03/15Structural braze repair of superalloy component
12/03/15Tile for fabrication and repair of thermal barriers
12/03/15Method and measuring operational gas turbine engine housing displacement and temperature by a distributed fiber optic sensing system utilizing optical frequency domain reflectometry
12/03/15Method for forming a coating matrix on a shaft and disk assembly for a turbine
12/03/15Gas turbine engine combustor top hat cover attachment system with lugged interlocking backing plate
12/03/15Combustion turbine with siamesed wall paired combustor housings
12/03/15Dual infrared band thermally mapping a component in a high temperature combustion environment
11/26/15Composite materials and methods for laser manufacturing and repair of metals
11/26/15Optical inspection scope with deformable, self-supporting deployment tether
11/26/15Flexible tether position tracking camera inspection system for visual inspection of off line industrial gas turbines and other power generation machinery
11/19/15Method and turbine engine thru bolt stud and nut retention
11/19/15Variable dual spring blade root support for gas turbines
11/12/15Laser deposition of metal foam
11/12/15Vibration optimized rotor and a producing a vibration optimized rotor
11/12/15Fiber optic sensing apparatus with an improved fiber-affixing device
11/12/15Retaining ring online inspection apparatus and method
11/05/15Arrangement for laser processing of turbine component
11/05/15Laser glazing using hollow objects for shrinkage compliance
11/05/15Aerodynamic device for a rotor blade of a wind turbine
11/05/15Self learning radio frequency monitoring system for identifying and locating faults in electrical distribution systems
10/22/15Product with internal passages made of stacked sheets with compressive casing
10/22/15Forming a secondary structure directly onto a turbine blade
10/22/15Interstage seal assembly for gas turbine engine
10/22/15Ir sensor/system for detection of heating associated with crack propagation during operation of rotating equipment
10/22/15Method and system for surface profile inspection of off-line industrial gas turbines and other power generation machinery
10/22/15Wrapped stator coil for use in a generator
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10/15/15Structural braze for superalloy material
10/15/15Vortex generators aligned with trailing edge features on wind turbine blade
10/15/15Gas turbine engine combustor basket with inverted platefins
10/08/15Methods and systems for treating spent caustic and regenerating media
10/01/15Automated cutting of a cylindrical workpiece
10/01/15Saw teeth turbulator for turbine airfoil cooling passage
10/01/15Sprayed haynes 230 layer to increase spallation life of thermal barrier coating on a gas turbine engine component
10/01/15Localized repair of superalloy component
10/01/15Dual outlet nozzle for a secondary fuel stage of a combustor of a gas turbine engine
10/01/15Fiber optic sensing detecting stator slot temperatures and stator including such apparatus
09/24/15Welding electrode
09/24/15Method for tracking turbine blade creep
09/24/15Fault tolerant systems and using the same
09/17/15Nonintrusive performance measurement of a gas turbine engine in real time
09/17/15Nonintrusive transceiver and characterizing temperature and velocity fields in a gas turbine combustor
09/17/15Parameter distribution mapping in a gas turbine engine
09/17/15Method and system for immersion ultrasound inspection including within downwardly opening cavities
09/10/15Turbine airfoil cooling system with cooling systems using high and low pressure cooling fluids
09/10/15Wind turbine blade with viscoelastic damping
09/03/15Turbine engine components with near surface cooling channels and methods of making the same
08/27/15Cast features for location and inspection
08/27/15Inertia friction disk welding
08/27/15Thermal shields for gas turbine rotor
08/27/15Turbine abradable layer with asymmetric ridges or grooves
08/27/15Method for inspecting a turbine engine rotor with a rotor disc cavity inspection apparatus
08/27/15Pipe crawler internal pipe inspection
08/27/15Method for inspecting a turbine engine rotor with a thru bolt threads inspection apparatus
08/27/15Computerized transforming an image from an image-searchable domain to a pixel-searchable domain
08/27/15Self-powered sensing and transmitting device and fabricating the same

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