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Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc A Corporation Of California
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc_20100114

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Hydrophilic high quantum yield acridinium esters with improved stability and fast light emission
10/19/17Sample introduction system
08/31/17Phase-modulated standing wave mixing apparatus and methods
08/31/17Diagnostic devices with modifiable hydrophobic surfaces
08/31/17Creatinine biosensor and using the same
08/31/17Method of normalizing biological samples
08/31/17Hemolysis detection device, system and method
08/24/17Vacuum-assisted plasma separation
08/17/17Light and shutter for a sample analyzer
08/03/17Random access polymerase chain reaction testing
07/20/17Low sample volume sensing device
07/13/17Microfluidic test cartridge with no active fluid control
06/29/17Sensor array
06/22/17Robotic pick and place device with combined gripping and rotational functionality
06/22/17Luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassay utilizing three antibodies and methods of production and use thereof
06/15/17Reader device and signal amplification
06/15/17Binding partners specific for vitamin d epimers in vitamin d assays
06/08/17Methods and reagents for determining isomeric analytes
06/08/17Waste ramp for reagent cards
06/01/17Cell response assay for cancer and methods of producing and using same
06/01/17Assays for vitamin d epimers
05/18/17Selective nucleic acid separation
05/18/17Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting kras and pik3ca mutations
05/18/17Reagents and methods for detecting hcv
05/11/17Feedback control for improved rare cell detection
05/11/17Analyzing digital holographic microscopy data for hematology applications
05/04/17Fluidic device and degassing method
05/04/17Binding partners specific for vitamin d epimers
05/04/17Reagents for potentiometric magnesium ion selective electrode sensors and methods of production and use thereof
05/04/17Drawer vision system
04/27/17Sample delivery system
04/27/17Compositions relating to vitamin d
04/20/17Detection of hemolysis using a chromatographic detection pad
04/13/17Rare molecule detection
03/23/17Method and reducing carryover of reagents and samples in analytical testing
02/23/17Method and processing block to be processed of urine sediment image
02/23/17Method and processing block to be processed of urine sediment image
02/16/17Microfluidic device
02/16/17Reaction vessel handling apparatus, testing apparatus, and methods using same
02/16/17Mother daughter tube carrier for aliquoters
02/16/17Method and performing block retrieval on block to be processed of urine sediment image
02/16/17Method and processing block to be processed of urine sediment image
02/09/17Sample collection unit
02/09/17Method to screen out false positives in a circulating tumor cell assay
02/02/17Urine sediment analysis workstation
02/02/17Magnesium sensing membrane for potentiometric ion selective electrode for measuring ionized magnesium and methods of production and use thereof
02/02/17Spectroscopic methods for the detection of glycated hemoglobin
02/02/17Intelligent service assistant inference engine
01/19/17Device and unit use sensor testing
01/19/17Intelligent service assistant - instrument side software client
01/05/17Method for detecting an increased risk or incidence of colorectal cancer
12/29/16Composition for use as an assay reagent
11/24/16Paramagnetic supports for use as assay reagents
11/17/16Priority indicator for automation system fluid sample
11/10/16High density in situ barcode reading system
11/03/16Microfluidic distributing device
11/03/16Dynamic assay selection and sample preparation apparatus and methods and machine-readable mediums thereof
11/03/16Fluid containers with integrated level sensing
11/03/16Detection of endothelial disease
10/27/16Preparation of multi-hapten mutant g6pdh conjugates and their use for detection of multiple analytes
10/27/16Pretreatment agent in non-agglutination assays
10/20/16Universal tags with non-natural nucleobases
10/13/16Confirmed placement of sample tubes in a servo driven automation system using trajectory deviation
10/06/16Pipette components useful for medical diagnostics
10/06/16Methods and determining aspiration and/or dispensing volume and/or pipette positioning
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09/22/16Zwitterionic reagents
09/15/16Multi-well wedge-shaped reagent container with auto-open capability
09/15/16Reagent container anti-evaporation tube
09/08/16Methods and measuring aspiration pressure
09/01/16Assays for macromolecular analytes
09/01/16Assays for macromolecular analytes
08/25/16Compact high volume analytical instrument architecture
08/25/16Proximity aware content switching user interface
08/18/16Diagnostic capturing medical specimen image
08/11/16Immunoassays employing non-particulate chemiluminescent reagent
07/07/16Systems and methods for session state transfer to a mobile device
06/23/16Compositions, kits, and devices for generating and accurately measuring different oxygen levels in calibration and/or quality control reagents and methods of production and use thereof
06/23/16Device and unit use sensor testing
06/23/16Cell-based control and method
06/23/16Compositions and methods for detecting cortisol
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06/16/16User interface tool kit for mobile devices
06/09/16Real time detection of aspiration short shots using pressure signal
06/09/16Method and system for determining a bacterial resistance to an antibiotic drug
05/26/16Reagent dispensers, dispensing apparatus, and methods
05/26/16Fluid level detection system and method
05/26/16Anti-piracy protection for software
05/12/16Degradable cationic surfactants and use thereof in enhancing chemiluminescence
05/05/16Particle release and collection
04/21/16Light and shutter for a sample analyzer
04/14/16Compositions and methods for detecting vitamin d
03/24/16Stabilized liquid formulations containing receptors
03/17/16Non-contact micro droplet dispenser and method
02/25/16Rare cell concentration
02/11/16Microfluidic chip with sealed on-board reagent
02/11/16Optical interpretation of assay results
02/04/16Heterogeneous luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassays
02/04/16Luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassays utilizing electrochemical discharge of singlet oxygen and methods of production and use thereof
01/28/16Centrifuge loading/unloading apparatus, systems, and methods
01/28/16Heterogeneous luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassays and methods of production and use thereof
01/28/16Control of ph in aqueous urea-containing solutions utilizing amino acid-containing compositions
01/28/16Tube characterization station
01/28/16Tube tray vision system
01/21/16Self aligning wedge container with anti-evaporation tube
01/21/16Centrifuge loading apparatus, systems, and methods
01/21/16Centrifuge loading apparatus, systems, and methods
01/14/16Microfluidic distributing device
01/14/16Surface markings for an optically guided device
01/07/16Real-time volume confirmation dispensing apparatus and methods
01/07/16Cap closure with cannula
12/31/15Windowing companion software products
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12/24/15Microbicidal compositions and methods of production use thereof
12/24/15Device and detection of humidity-compromised urine test strips
12/24/15Reduction of false positive on reagent test devices
12/24/15Hybrid collision avoidance and object carrier management
12/10/15Addressable actuator system
12/10/15Test menu expansion system and method
12/10/15Automation tube positioning methodology
12/10/15Multiple payload type carrier
11/26/15Throughput optimizing reagent distribution
11/12/15Methods, systems, and apparatus providing a temperature-controlled process liquid
Patent Packs
10/22/15Reagents and methods for hiv coreceptor tropism genotyping
10/22/15Multiple carrier and sleeve tray
10/01/15Automation maintenance carrier
10/01/15Sequencing-based quantification of nucleic acid targets
10/01/15Methods and measuring aspiration pressure at low aspiration volumes
10/01/15Multiple slot place and pick carrier
10/01/15Modular workcells for lab automation
10/01/15Feeder system for feeding items
09/24/15Image capture-based predictive control device
09/10/15Cystatin c and galectin-3 as biomarkers for pulmonary arterial hypertension
09/03/15Clam-shell luminometer
08/27/15Methods and ascertaining specimen and/or sample container characteristics while in transit
08/13/15Pipettor, reagent, and wash solution heater
07/30/15Biological liquid collection vessels, systems, and methods
07/23/15Relative routing priority for test requests
07/23/15Location-based, virtual network computing-switching system
07/16/15Synthesis of acridinium compounds by n-alkylation of acridans
07/09/15Apparatus, systems, and methods to clean probes in clinical analyzers
06/25/15Reader device and signal amplification
06/18/15Magnetic particle washing apparatus and method
06/18/15Linear random access queue
06/18/15Serum sample quality determination
06/18/15Fish eye lens analyzer
06/11/15Pre-eclampsia screening methods
06/04/15Method of normalizing biological samples
05/21/15Non-contact optical encoding scheme for intelligent automation puck
05/21/15Compositions and methods for liquid mixing assessment
05/21/15Methods and apparatus to calibrate an orientation between a robot gripper and a camera
05/14/15Rotary shear valve with three-point stator seating
05/14/15Melittin peptide conjugates and methods employing same
Patent Packs
05/07/15Method and system for transporting sample tubes
04/30/15Biological assay sample analyzer
04/30/15Virtual sample queues
04/16/15Articulated sample container rack apparatus, rack conveyor systems, and methods of conveying sample containers
04/09/15Shutter assembly for a luminescence-based sample analyzer
04/09/15Multi-channel light measurement methods, systems, and apparatus having reduced signal-to-noise ratio
04/09/15Sample introduction system
04/02/15Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting kras and pik3ca mutations
03/26/15Sensor array
03/26/15Multi-chamber pump apparatus, systems, and methods
03/19/15Method for processing priority samples that preserves a fifo processing queue
03/05/15Random access polymerase chain reaction testing
03/05/15Module transport system that can be combined into an automation system
02/19/15Modified fluoropolymer tubing for robust fluid stream continuity and manufacture
02/05/15Immunoassay for detection of specific nucleic acid sequences such as mirnas
02/05/15Monomeric and dimeric forms of adiponectin receptor fragments and methods of use
01/29/15Calibration reagent card analyzers
01/22/15Active, micro-well thermal control subsystem
01/22/15Intelligent bidirectional multifunctional carrier and integrated automation system for material distribution and transportation
01/08/15Patient serum/plasma sample resistivity for electrolyte result verification
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01/08/15Encoding scheme embedded into an automation track surface
12/25/14Liquid transfer systems and methods of calibration thereof
12/25/14Power source for an automation system mechanism
12/25/14Barcode reading test tube holder
12/25/14Universal tags with non-natural nucleobases
12/18/14Interdigitated array and manufacture
12/18/14Status displaying sample carriers
12/04/14Reducing non-specifically bound molecules on supports
11/27/14Reagent card alignment system and method
11/13/14Coated substrates for high energy capture phase binding and methods of production and use thereof
10/16/14Devices containing dried reagents for reconstitution as calibration and/or quality control solutions, and methods of production and use thereof
10/16/14Assays for analyte homologs
10/02/14Zwitterion-containing acridinium compounds
09/25/14Melittin peptide conjugates and methods employing same
09/18/14Optical metrology by light beam analysis
08/28/14Methods and reagents for determining isomeric analytes
08/21/14Microfluidic device for separating cells from a fluid
08/21/14Cell response assay for cancer and methods of producing and using same
08/07/14Compositions and methods for detection of methadone metabolite
07/31/14Signal ratio in assay calibrators
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07/24/14Methods, systems, and sample illumination
07/03/14Method for purification of nucleic acids, particularly from fixed tissue
06/19/14Body fluid imaging system and method, and depth of field extension imaging device
06/05/14Method and remote multiple-process graphical monitoring
06/05/14Compounds and methods for determination of fkbp-binding immunosuppressant drugs
05/15/14Reagents and methods for detecting hcv
05/15/14Test device and methods of use
05/08/14Reduction in false results in assay measurements
04/17/14Face drive fluid pump
04/03/14Quantitative assays for ras p21 in body fluids
04/03/14Microbicidal compositions and methods of production use thereof
03/06/14Multi-view stereo tube inventory in healthcare diagnostics
02/13/14Method, system, and aligning the angle of a polar coordinate system device to the axis of an end-effector
02/06/14Adiponectin receptor c-terminal fragments (ctf)-immunoglobulin
01/30/14High flux collimated illuminator and uniform field illumination
01/30/14Environment and rapid analysis of genomic sequence data
01/23/14Method for optimizing vertical probe alignment using diagnostic mixing routines
01/23/14In situ heat induced antigen recovery and staining apparatus and method
01/23/14Methods for hierarchically identifying root cause errors
01/02/14Methods, systems, and calibration of an orientation between an end effector and an article
12/26/13Radial flow immunoassay and methods of production and use thereof
12/26/13Composition for use as an assay
12/26/13Methods and systems for calibration of a positional orientation between a sample container and nozzle tip
10/31/13Hydrophilic coating for nonporous surfaces and microfluidic devices including same
10/03/13Modular diagnostic instrument workstation architecture and method
09/12/13Sandwich assay for immunosuppressant drugs
09/05/13Screening process for finding samples having a functionality disorder of the gpib-von willebrand factor interaction
08/29/13Real time measurements of fluid volume and flow rate using two pressure transducers
08/15/13Method and device for optical alert recognition
08/15/13Compositions for use in detection of multiple analytes
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08/08/13Compositions and methods for detection of methadone metabolite
08/01/13Detection of soluble adiponectin receptor peptides and use in diagnosis and therapeutics
07/25/13Curve processor algorithm for the quality control of (rt-) qpcr curves
07/18/13Reference sample for quality control in molecular diagnosis
06/13/13Detection of soluble adiponectin receptor peptides and use in diagnosis and therapeutics
06/06/13Melittin peptide conjugates and methods employing same
05/30/13Methods and systems adapted to handle sticky sample containers
05/09/13Methods, systems, and apparatus providing temperature-controlled process fluid
04/18/13Soluble quencher to reduce background in qpcr assays
04/11/13Estimation of delta-cq values with confidence from qpcr data
04/04/13Methods for correcting assay measurements
03/14/13Zwitterionic reagents
03/07/13Antibodies to 25-hydroxy vitamin d2 and d3 and uses thereof
02/14/13Increasing multiplex level by externalization of passive reference in pcr reactions
02/14/13Sample analysis system and use
01/17/13Methods and systems providing reagent mixing
01/03/13Dispensing of a diagnostic liquid onto a diagnostic reagent
11/22/12Methods, systems, and apparatus to determine a clot carryout condition upon probe retraction during sample aspiration and dispensing
11/22/12Magnetic conveyor systems, apparatus and methods including moveable magnet
11/15/12Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting kras and pik3ca mutations
11/08/12Automated, refrigerated specimen inventory management system
09/20/12Maintaining antibody-binding activity of immunosuppressant drug conjugates
09/13/12Apparatus, systems, and methods adapted to rinse and dry clinical analyzer sample probes
09/06/12Zwitterion-containing acridinium compounds
08/30/12Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose-macromolecule conjugates and methods employing same
08/30/12Assays for cancer patient monitoring based on levels of analyte components of the plasminogen activator system in body fluid samples
08/23/12Reducing non-covalently bound polysaccharide on supports
08/16/12Composition for use as an assay reagent
07/26/12Method system and computer-readable media for web based training on an instrument or piece of equipment

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