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Siemens Industry Inc
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Siemens Industry Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Industry Inc. Siemens Industry Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Industry Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Industry Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/30/17Connection joints from 3-phase to single-phase on modular metering main bus
11/16/17Hold-down and bend-away bracket and bracket assembly
10/26/17Method and an interlocking control device
10/19/17Demand flow for air cooled chillers
10/19/17System and passive building information discovery
10/05/17Systems and methods for damper actuator without microcontroller
09/21/17Systems and methods of reading and processing change-of-address forms in a cloud-based architecture
08/31/17Self-phasing electric meter and automation system
08/17/17Concealed external hinge with 180 degree rotation
08/17/17Electric vehicle charging station with integrated camera
08/03/17Gate crossing arm collision detection system and method
07/20/17Systems and methods to detect vehicle queue lengths of vehicles stopped at a traffic light signal
06/22/17Non-reverse ratchet assembly for vertical shaft motors
06/08/17Circuit breakers, arc expansion chambers, and operating methods
05/11/17Railway safety critical systems with task redundancy and asymmetric communications capability
04/27/17Cutout systems and methods
04/20/17Dynamic motion optimization for excavating machines
04/06/17Operator assist features for excavating machines based on perception system feedback
03/30/17Windscreen for housing a sanding system, railway vehicle with sanding system, and installing a sanding system in a railway vehicle
03/30/17Managing and optimizing energy supply from grid and renewable source with electric vehicle supply equipment
03/30/17Remotely arming head of train device to end of train device
03/30/17Automated engineering of building automation systems
03/30/17History archive of live audio and methods of using the same
03/30/17System and location-based credentialing
03/16/17Live paging system and methods of using the same
03/16/17Angled plug-on neutral connectors, circuit breakers including same, panel boards incuding angled neutral bars, and methods of making neutral connections
03/16/17Panel board emergency lighting system
03/02/17System and determining a location of a vehicle relative to a stopping point
03/02/17System for detecting a position of a fume hood sash
02/23/17Feed thru main breaker apparatus, systems and methods
02/16/17Automatically selecting charging routine for an electric vehicle by balancing utility and user considerations
02/02/17Track test load device, track test load system, and testing a constant warning time device
02/02/17Wireless emergency alert notifications
12/29/16Electrodynamic machines, and reducing vibration of an electrodynamic machine
12/01/16Monitoring system, wayside led signaling device, and monitoring a wayside led signaling device
11/24/16Method and device for determining an n+1-dimensional environment model and mining apparatus
11/24/16Data rack support and wire management system and methods for using the same
11/17/16Energy-efficient integrated lighting, daylighting, and hvac with controlled window blinds
11/17/16Maximizing resolution of resistance sensing
11/03/16Determining height of a liquid level interface in a container from acoustic signal or echo time measurement
10/27/16Systems, methods and improved generation control of microgrid energy systems
10/27/16Connector assemblies for panel board neutral bars and circuit breakers including same
10/27/16Circuit breakers including short wired pigtail, base pans, installation methods and assemblies thereof
10/27/16Electrical panelboard assemblies and methods
09/29/16Automated bed-loaded container unloader and method
09/22/16Systems, methods and improved energy management systems with security constrained dynamic dispatch for wind power management
09/08/16Detection of dynamic train-to-rail shunting performance
09/08/16Apparatus and methods for timestamping electrical data in a panel meter
09/08/16Apparatus and methods for field testing an electrical panel meter system
09/08/16Circuit breaker including adjustable instantaneous trip level and methods of operating same
09/01/16Oil ring, oil ring assembly, and rotating machine
08/25/16Variable air volume modeling for an hvac system
08/11/16Passive indoor occupancy detection and location tracking
08/04/16System and deterministic calculation of recovery time for an environmental system
08/04/16Real-time monitoring and diagnostic processing of traffic control data
07/28/16Methods and system for verifying a brake system in a vehicle
07/28/16Systems, methods and an improved interface to energy management systems
05/26/16Systems and methods for addressably programming a notification safety device
05/26/16Systems, methods and improved management and control of energy delivery systems
05/26/16Systems, methods and improved regulation of energy delivery systems
05/19/16High speed taversing shear
05/19/16Evse-based energy automation, management, and protection systems and methods
05/19/16Apparatus and methods for monitoring and responding to power supply and/or detection circuit failures within an electronic circuit breaker
04/28/16Automated demand response system
04/21/16Level crossing light panel
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04/14/16Apparatus for bi-directional downstream adjacent crossing signaling
04/14/16Sales estimating tool for building control system
03/31/16Network diagnostic tool for testing and commissioning building systems
03/24/16Railway safety critical systems with task redundancy and asymmetric communications capability
03/17/16Systems and methods for requesting a quote, processing an order, or requesting support
03/17/16Non-fusible switch assemblies, line base assemblies, load bus connector assemblies, and operational methods
03/17/16Fusible switch assemblies, and load base assemblies, line base assemblies, line bus connector assemblies, fuse clip assemblies, fuse clip and lug assemblies, and operational methods thereof
03/10/16Streaming graphic method and arrangement data for building control systems
03/10/16Expansion chambers for circuit breakers
03/03/16Electric drive system for mining haul truck
03/03/16Systems, methods and improved energy management systems with security-oriented probabilistic wind power generation dispatch
03/03/16Isolated capacitance line voltage sensor
02/25/16Combined statistical and physics based model control and performance method and system
02/25/16Circuit breakers, circuit breaker line power assemblies, and operational methods
02/18/16Demand flow for air cooled chillers
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02/11/16Enhanced alarming with bacnet objects
02/11/16Ventilated circuit breakers, ventilated circuit breaker housings, and operational methods
01/21/16Fusible meter stack apparatus, multi-unit power distribution apparatus, and operational methods
01/14/16Integration of building automation systems in a logical graphics display without scale and a geographic display with scale
01/14/16Current limited electrical devices, electrical device contact assemblies, and operational methods
01/14/16Low instantaneous level circuit breakers, circuit breaker tripping mechanisms, and tripping methods
12/10/15Electric load labeling post itemization based on analysis of power measurements at a single point
12/03/15Adjustable railway wayside signal structure
11/12/15Apparatus, systems, and methods of allocating heterogeneous resources
11/05/15Breaker tripping mechanisms, circuit breakers, systems, and methods of using same
10/22/15Automatic guide adjustment from feedback of rolling parameters
10/15/15Electric vehicle charging station with a field upgradeable communications facility
10/08/15Angled electrical contactor
10/01/15Methods and systems for active load weight for mining excavating equipment
10/01/15Sales estimate tool with alternate estimating
09/17/15Pulse width modulation control for a multilevel converter
09/10/15Integrated ceiling assembly for railcars
09/10/15Overhead light in articulation area of rail vehicles
09/10/15Systems and methods for electrically connecting circuit devices for power distribution enclosures
09/10/15Cloud-enhanced traffic controller
09/03/15Apparatus for servicing a detector of a fire safety system
09/03/15Securing and locking system for an electronic module
08/27/15Systems, methods and a stakeholder market simulator for energy delivery systems
08/27/15Adjustment of a traffic signal control plan based on local environmental conditions
08/27/15Red light violator warning
08/27/15Four-post terminal block with through posts
08/20/15Systems, methods and integrated optimal outage coordination in energy delivery systems
08/13/15Passive magnetic bearings for rotating equipment including induction machines
08/06/15Modular finishing mill
08/06/15Systems, methods and improved operation of electricity markets
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07/30/15Method and apparatus to optimize power to maximize performance of wireless mesh sensors and control networks
07/23/15Rolling mill laying head
07/16/15Modular finishing mill
06/25/15Lever arm for a shunt trip device
06/25/15Lug retention arrangement
06/11/15Accessory device having integrally formed plunger
05/28/15Status indicating electric vehicle charging station, lightguide assembly and methods
05/14/15Cooling device for a rolling mill work roll
04/23/15Sorting system using wearable input device
04/02/15System and all electrical operation of a mining haul truck
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04/02/15Guide with adjustable nose cone
04/02/15Maximizing resolution of resistance sensing
04/02/15Gaming approach for energy efficient building control
04/02/15Use of a geo-fencing perimeter for energy efficient building control
04/02/15Systems, methods and creating an operating schedule for multi-state generator resources
03/26/15Clamp for rolling mill roll stand
03/26/15Electrical contact apparatus, assemblies, and methods
03/26/15Electric machine stator with radial vent
03/26/15Component specifying and selection apparatus and method using intelligent graphic type selection interface
03/19/15Electric machine rotor with rotor vent and axial slot fluid communication
03/19/15Electric machine stator with axial vents
03/19/15Liquid cooled electronic modules and methods for replacing the same
03/19/15Bearing arrangement for rolling mill roll shaft
03/12/15Two-pole circuit breaker with trip bar apparatus and methods
03/12/15Apparatus and reducing electrical arcing in a circuit breaker while transitioning to a closed circuit condition
03/12/15Tripping mechanisms for two-pole circuit breakers
03/12/15Two-pole circuit breakers
03/05/15Combined circuit breaker and dc power supply apparatus, systems, and methods
03/05/15Circuit interconnect attaching apparatus, attaching assemblies, and methods of connecting circuit interconnect devices
03/05/15Single cycle offset adjustment for traffic signal controllers
02/26/15Circuit breaker handle actuation device
02/19/15Low-profile electronic circuit breakers, systems, and methods
02/19/15Systems, methods and optimizing fuel mix, fuel allocation and scheduling of generator resources
02/12/15Electric vehicle charging station with reconfigurable electrical installation options and methods
01/22/15Adjustable die fixture and support system for heating treating process
01/15/15Emergency traffic management system
01/15/15Wireless node auto-reset function
12/25/14Worm and rack rest bar assembly
12/25/14High speed traversing shear
12/25/14Rolling mill laying head
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12/25/14Method and device for upgrading a building control system
12/04/14Clamping device for a coiled metal web cutter
11/06/14Extendible conveyor and parcel handling system
10/02/14Arrangement and method to sense flow using mechanical stress microsensors
10/02/14Arrangement for managing data center operations to increase cooling efficiency
09/18/14Sash position determining system
09/18/14Methods and systems for remotely monitoring and controlling hvac units
09/11/14Hierarchical navigation with related objects
08/28/14Methods and systems for stabilizing live video in the presence of long-term image drift
08/28/14System for accessing and browsing a plc provided within a network
08/21/14Material carousel
08/14/14System and providing auxiliary power by regeneration power management in mobile mining equipment
08/14/14Railway safety critical systems with task redundancy and asymmetric communications capability
07/31/14Apparatus and methods for feedback sensing in multi-cell power supplies
07/31/14Adapter for arc resistant motor control center
07/31/14Product specification generation
07/17/14Self-lubricating and cooling metal face seal
07/17/14Controlled lubricant volume seal housing
07/03/14Systems, devices, and/or methods for managing a thermocouple module
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06/19/14Mobile identity provider with two factor authentication
06/12/14Streaming graphic method and arrangement for building control systems
05/22/14Method & an interlocking control device
05/15/14Method and system for programming and implementing automated fault isolation and restoration using sequential logic
05/08/14Solenoid status determination methods and systems
04/24/14Radial magnetic vibration damping apparatus, bearing support assemblies, and operational methods
04/24/14Magnetic bearing varying shaft thrust load support in induction motors and other rotating machinery
04/17/14Circuit breaker with translating electrical contact, circuit breaker electrical contact assemblies, and operational methods
04/10/14Rotor apparatus and methods of improving magnetization in electric machines
04/10/14Dual action shutter for drawout circuit breaker
04/10/14Electrical distribution systems incuding parallel energy source and methods
04/10/14Meter socket and load center combination apparatus, electrical distribution systems, and methods of assembly
04/10/14Method & a hybrid train control device
04/03/14Hybrid rotor bar assemblies, electric motors including hybrid rotor bar assemblies, and methods of assemblying same
04/03/14System and ground fault detection in a transformer isolated communication channel of a network device
04/03/14Sash position sensor using image analysis
04/03/14System and fail-safe communication across a compromised communication channel of a network device
04/03/14Apparatus and methods of self cooling a vertical motor thrust bearing
04/03/14Sash position sensor
04/03/14System for monitoring multiple building automation systems
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03/27/14Railway train control system having multipurpose display
03/27/14Method and system for preemptive load weight for mining excavating equipment
03/27/14Apparatus and predicting arrival times in a transportation network
03/20/14System for detecting a position of a fume hood sash
03/20/14Drain hose connector with breather valve
03/20/14Chock drain connector
03/13/14Induction motors including vent spacers, rotor core assemblies including vent spacers, and methods of operating same
03/13/14Apparatus, systems, and methods for increasing airflow through induction motors
03/13/14Actuator arrangement with worm gear and rotational output having an encoder
03/13/14Apparatus and electronically disseminating information to street traffic
03/13/14Railway train critical systems having control system redundancy and asymmetric communications capability
03/13/14Methods and systems for generating a business process control chart for monitoring building processes
03/13/14Methods and systems for evaluating the performance of building processes
03/06/14Apparaus and induction motor heat transfer
03/06/14Methods of balancing reactive power in multi-level motor drives with active front ends
03/06/14Apparatus and methods for restoring power cell functionality in multi-cell power supplies
03/06/14Power delivery offshore applications
03/06/14Apparatus and methods for input protection for power converters
03/06/14Automated demand response gateway
02/27/14Single pass mail sorting system
02/27/14Accessible blower assembly, blower slider assembly, and methods
02/20/14Temperature sensing system for power electronic device
02/20/14Diagnostics for multi-level medium voltage drive using mechanical bypass
02/20/14Methods of removing electrical runout in a machine shaft surface
02/20/14Railway train data recorder with parallel remote online incident data storage
02/06/14Electrical contact position indicator apparatus, systems and methods of operation
02/06/14Meter socket having a breakable tab for retaining a sliding nut
01/23/14Induction motor auxiliary cooling system
01/16/14Mobile device with automatic acquisition and analysis of building automation system
01/09/14Circuit breaker having an unlocking mechanism and methods of operating same
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01/02/14Electrical contact apparatus, assemblies, and methods of operation
12/19/13Cleaning in membrane filtration systems
12/19/13Systems, apparatus, and methods for soft starting large ac motors with a variable frequency drive
12/19/13Automated hvac system functionality test
12/12/13Self-locating door interlock apparatus and enclosures, assemblies, and methods including same
12/12/13Rotational speed control system for rolling mill pouring reels
12/12/13Radon detection and mitigation in a building automation system
12/12/13Virtual demand auditing of devices in a building
12/05/13Self-locating door interlock apparatus and enclosures, assemblies, and methods including same
12/05/13Electrical equipment enclosures having reconfigurable cable duct systems and related methods thereof
12/05/13Non-load break isolating switch, voltage controllers, and assembly methods
12/05/13Sealed doors, enclosures, and methods adaped for use with electrical arc-prone components
11/28/13Methods and assembling a circuit breaker
11/28/13Anion exchange membranes and process for making
11/28/13Process for making a monomer solution for making cation exchange membranes
11/14/13Automated waste mail verification
11/14/13System and enhancing a wastewater treatment process
11/14/13Labeling for automatic mail sorting system
11/07/13Methods and systems for improved time cost and accuracy of energy usage baselining
11/07/13Methods and systems for measurement and verification weighting with temperature distribution
10/24/13Methods and appratus for ground fault circuit interrupt detection using a single transformer
10/17/13Ventilation cover for an electrical enclosure
10/17/13Low tripping level circuit breakers, tripping units, and methods
10/17/13Meter socket block assembly
10/10/13Systems and methods for water treatment
10/10/13Systems, methods and protecting power distribution feeder systems
10/10/13Automatic part identification and workflow generation
10/10/13Configuration of a building automation system controller
10/10/13Shared configuration data in a building automation system controller

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