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Siemens Industry Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Industry Inc. Siemens Industry Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Industry Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Industry Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Energy-efficient integrated lighting, daylighting, and hvac with electrochromic glass

Methods for integrated room management in a building management system and corresponding systems and computer-readable mediums. A method includes determining (702) a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) for a room (400) in a building and determining (704) predicted open-loop room (400) temperatures at a plurality of time intervals based on... Siemens Industry Inc

 new patent  Visually-impaired-accessible building safety system

Building safety systems, methods, and mediums are provided. A method includes receiving a voice input by the building safety system. The method includes receiving voice data produced by a speech recognition process performed on the voice input. The method includes determining a response to the voice input based on the... Siemens Industry Inc

 new patent  Beacon system, device, and method

Geographic beaconing system, methods, and mediums. A method includes transmitting a wireless beacon signal by the geographic beaconing system. The method includes receiving a response to the wireless beacon signal from a mobile device. The method includes determining a location of the mobile device based on the response. The method... Siemens Industry Inc

Computer optimized mixed parcel loading equipment

A parcel processing system and method. A method includes receiving a plurality of items to be sorted. The method includes receiving a plurality of parcels by a parcel processing apparatus and producing parcel data corresponding to each of the parcels, the parcel data including physical dimensions and a weight for... Siemens Industry Inc

Monitoring and responding to an abnormal condition associated with energizing of poles of a circuit breaker

A multi-pole circuit interrupter configured to be coupled between an AC source and an electric load electronically detects a hazardous condition associated with energizing of poles and responds to overcome the hazardous condition using a solenoid. The multi-pole circuit interrupter comprises a first switch to energize a first pole on... Siemens Industry Inc

Heat exchanger for electric machines with double end to center cooling

An electric machine includes an enclosure housing multiple electrical components including a rotor assembly and a stator assembly, a heat exchanger coupled to the enclosure for cooling of the electrical components by creating an internal fluid flow circuit between the heat exchanger and the electrical components, wherein the heat exchanger... Siemens Industry Inc

System and controlling and monitoring environmental conditions in a building using an integrated rack

A system and method is provided that facilitates controlling and monitoring environmental conditions in buildings. The system may include at least one rack including: a plurality of slidable field panels mounted in a housing. The slidable field panels may be in side-by-side relation in a horizontal direction and may be... Siemens Industry Inc

Prediction in building automation

Degraded or other performance may be predicted with a machine-learnt classifier. Based on operation of many building automation systems, machine learning is applied. The machine learning creates a predictor. The machine-learnt predictor is applied to the operation data of any building automation system to predict future failure or other event,... Siemens Industry Inc

Cascaded identification in building automation

Data from many buildings is used to machine train a cascade of classifiers. The cascade learns to classify in layers that relate to each other. One classifier identifies one characteristic and the other classifier uses the identified characteristic to identify another characteristic. For example, a cascade learns to classify buildings,... Siemens Industry Inc

Diagnostics in building automation

Using data from various sources, clustering or other unsupervised learning determines a relationship of the data to performance. Meta data or business data different than building automation data is used to diagnose building automation. Relationships of building automation to the meta or business data are determined with clustering or other... Siemens Industry Inc

Stored energy for failsafe valve

An approach is that uses a first amount of energy used by a motor to open a vent and reducing the amount of energy to a second amount of energy to maintain the vent in an open position.... Siemens Industry Inc

Dynamically controlling sorting bin and container filling in a sorting machine

A sorting system and method. A method includes receiving a plurality of items to be sorted. The method includes assigning a sort criterion to each of a plurality of bins and measuring and storing at least a thickness of each of the items. The method includes assigning each of the... Siemens Industry Inc

System and method to process return-to-sender (rts) mail

A method for processing return-to-sender (RTS) mail pieces by a mail processing system. The method includes receiving a plurality of RTS cards and RTS mail pieces. The RTS cards identify RTS reason codes for corresponding ones of the RTS mail pieces. The method includes imaging each RTS mail piece to... Siemens Industry Inc

Separation of machinable parcels from non-machinable parcel stream

A parcel processing system and method. A method includes inducting a plurality of parcels in a non-machinable parcel stream by a non-machinable parcel processing system. The method includes recording physical characteristics of each of the parcels. The method includes comparing the recorded physical characteristics of each parcel to machinable requirements.... Siemens Industry Inc

System and optimizing building system control of patient rooms to enhance patient outcomes

A system and method is provided that facilitates optimizing building system control of patient rooms to enhance patient outcomes. A processor may be configured to determine a customized environmental condition for a medical condition that contributes to a positive medical outcome for the medical condition based on environmental conditions associated... Siemens Industry Inc

Connected vehicle traffic safety system and a warning drivers of a wrong-way travel

A connected vehicle traffic safety system comprises a traffic signal controller and a roadside unit (RSU) located at a one-way traffic lane for avoiding crashes with vehicles of wrong-way drivers by issuing warnings for wrong-way violations. The traffic signal controller is configured to operate a traffic signal. The traffic signal... Siemens Industry Inc

Connected vehicle traffic safety system and a predicting and avoiding crashes at railroad grade crossings

A connected vehicle train-vehicle collision detection system comprises a roadside unit (RSU) located at a railroad grade crossing near a roadway lane for avoiding TRAIN crashes with Onboard Unit (OBU)-equipped vehicles by issuing advance warnings for a potential vehicle-train crash. The roadside unit (RSU) is configured to act as a... Siemens Industry Inc

Methods and system for creating spacing between insulated coils of electrodynamic machines

Methods and system for creating spacing between insulated stator coils include a spacing device with an expandable container. The expandable container is positioned and expanded between stator coil end portions in order to create a space between the insulated stator coil end portions. Insulating elements are placed in the space... Siemens Industry Inc

Systems and methods for detecting double-feed items on mail processing equipment

A method for detecting double-fed mail pieces. The method includes receiving a first mail piece and a second mail piece together as a combined mail piece and scanning both sides of the combined mail piece to determine and store a first side identifier and a second side identifier. The method... Siemens Industry Inc

Electrostatic oil ring, electrostatic oil ring assembly, and electrodynamic machine

An electrostatic oil ring (130, 150) has an annular ring body (142, 152) with a surface (132, 134, 136, 138, 154), wherein a portion of the surface (132, 134, 136, 138, 154) carries an electrostatic coating (140, 156) which electrostatically attracts lubricant (35a) in a lubricant reservoir (35) when the... Siemens Industry Inc

Mounting and securing air conditioner (ac) unit and ac cage being wall mounted on railway instrument house

A mounting assembly for mounting a wall mounted air conditioner (AC) unit on a railway instrument house is provided. The mounting assembly may include a house wall including an outer metal shell layer, a middle insulation layer and an inner plywood layer. The mounting assembly may further include a threaded... Siemens Industry Inc

Connection joints from 3-phase to single-phase on modular metering main bus

A 3-phase group modular metering system, with a 3-phase four main cross bus A, B, C and N configuration is provided to distribute 3-phase four wire power to a single-phase three main cross bus A1, B1 and N1 configuration as single-phase three wire power. The system comprises a 3-phase main... Siemens Industry Inc

Hold-down and bend-away bracket and bracket assembly

A bracket comprises a first bracket configured to hold-down an assembly in place and release the assembly when the assembly is to be removed. The assembly has first and/or second holes. The first bracket includes a first arm and a second arm. The first arm has a first major flat... Siemens Industry Inc

Method and an interlocking control device

A distributed interlocking device, architecture and process are disclosed, and are based on segregating vital logic for a signal installation by type of signal equipment. A plurality of intelligent signal devices is disclosed, wherein each intelligent signal device is used to control a basic signal unit. A signal unit includes... Siemens Industry Inc

Demand flow for air cooled chillers

In an air cooled chiller, a refrigerant pump and bypass valve connected in parallel feed refrigerant from the condenser to a receiver; the pump is activated in response to condenser pressure; and the bypass is used otherwise. The condenser fan is controlled based on power consumption by the air cooled... Siemens Industry Inc

System and passive building information discovery

A system and method is provided that facilitates passive building information discovery. The system may include a processor configured to track positions in a building of portable devices over time and based thereon determine characteristics of the building including locations in the building where at least some of the portable... Siemens Industry Inc

Systems and methods for damper actuator without microcontroller

Methods and systems include an actuator 40 adapted to provide drive power and hold power to an external device. A motor 34 provides for driving the external device to a determined position when the motor 34 is energized. A switching circuit is configured to energize the motor 34 with a... Siemens Industry Inc

Systems and methods of reading and processing change-of-address forms in a cloud-based architecture

A method for processing change-of-address (COA) forms. The method includes capturing a first image of a first COA form. The method includes assigning a unique identifier to the first COA form and associating the unique identifier with the first image data. The method includes transmitting the first image data and... Siemens Industry Inc

Self-phasing electric meter and automation system

Building automation systems, energy meters, and associated methods. A method includes receiving a plurality of voltage inputs and a plurality of current inputs from a multiphase power source. The method includes selecting a first voltage input from the plurality of voltage inputs. The method includes performing a signed power factor... Siemens Industry Inc

Concealed external hinge with 180 degree rotation

An external hinge is provided for pivotally connecting a door to a sidewall while obtaining at least 180 degrees of opening movement or degree of rotation. The external hinge is substantially concealed behind the sidewall and the door in a fully closed position of the door. In one embodiment, the... Siemens Industry Inc

Electric vehicle charging station with integrated camera

An electric vehicle charging station such as a smart Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) with an integrated camera is provided. A networked on-charging station camera unit disposed either internally to the smart EVSE or connected externally on the smart EVSE. The camera unit includes at least one of a video... Siemens Industry Inc

Gate crossing arm collision detection system and method

A detection and warning system is provided for a railroad crossing. The system comprises a sensor configured to be mounted on an underside of a gate arm of a railroad crossing gate to detect a presence of a vehicle or other object that is obstructing the railroad crossing. The system... Siemens Industry Inc

Systems and methods to detect vehicle queue lengths of vehicles stopped at a traffic light signal

A connected traffic monitoring system comprises at least one Roadside Unit (RSU) and a traffic signal controller. The roadside unit is configured to transmit wireless signals, receive corresponding responses from a first Onboard Unit (OBU)-equipped vehicle and a second OBU-equipped vehicle and send data from the first OBU-equipped vehicle and... Siemens Industry Inc

Non-reverse ratchet assembly for vertical shaft motors

A non-reverse ratchet assembly includes a stationary ring with a plurality of saw teeth equally distributed over an outer surface of the stationary ring; a rotating housing with a rotating ring surrounding the stationary ring; and a plurality of ratchet elements equally distributed and positioned between the rotating ring and... Siemens Industry Inc

Circuit breakers, arc expansion chambers, and operating methods

A circuit breaker having first and second electrical contacts configured to generate an electrical arc upon being separated, an arc chamber surrounding at least a portion of a space between the first and second electric contacts, at least one expansion chamber positioned proximate to the arc chamber, and an arc... Siemens Industry Inc

05/11/17 / #20170129515

Railway safety critical systems with task redundancy and asymmetric communications capability

A railway safety critical application system substitutes commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and/or software for railway-domain specific product components, yet is validated to conform to railway safety critical system failure-free standards. The safety critical system uses a pair of tasks executed on a controller of a COTS personal computer or within... Siemens Industry Inc

04/27/17 / #20170113708

Cutout systems and methods

Systems and methods for controlling a train may override wayside interface units (WIUs) and/or override wayside devices. An example control system may comprise a transceiver configured to receive a status from a WIU and an on board unit (OBU) coupled to the transceiver. The OBU may be configured to override... Siemens Industry Inc

04/20/17 / #20170107692

Dynamic motion optimization for excavating machines

A system for an excavating machine comprises a control system operating aspects of the excavation machine; and a monitoring system receiving inputs from one or more sensors determining if the excavating machine is in a first state or a second state. In operation, if the excavating machine is in the... Siemens Industry Inc

04/06/17 / #20170096797

Operator assist features for excavating machines based on perception system feedback

A system for an excavating machine includes a control system comprising a processing system, one or more sensors, a user interface, and a vision system, wherein the control system receives input signals from the user interface, the one or more sensors, and the vision system; and a motor in communication... Siemens Industry Inc

03/30/17 / #20170087935

Windscreen for housing a sanding system, railway vehicle with sanding system, and installing a sanding system in a railway vehicle

A windscreen for housing a sanding system, a railway vehicle with a sanding system, and a method for installing a sanding system in a railway vehicle are described. The windscreen includes a first shell element and a second shell element, the first shell element being detachably connected to the second... Siemens Industry Inc

03/30/17 / #20170088001

Managing and optimizing energy supply from grid and renewable source with electric vehicle supply equipment

An electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) charging system includes an EVSE charging station that is configured to switch a power source between a first power source and a second power source based on a time of use or real-time energy pricing data from a utility. Switching additionally and/or optionally may... Siemens Industry Inc

03/30/17 / #20170088153

Remotely arming head of train device to end of train device

A system to arm one device with another device on a freight train having a locomotive and a last car is provided. The system comprises an end of train (EOT) device disposed in the last car of the freight train and a head of train (HOT) device disposed in the... Siemens Industry Inc

03/30/17 / #20170090492

Automated engineering of building automation systems

An approach for generating programming for a system where a user answers initial hardware and configuration questions and an application controlled by a processor generates a program using multi-associational data model for execution by a system controller, points list, point cross reference list, sequence of operation, commissioning checklist, functional tests,... Siemens Industry Inc

03/30/17 / #20170091200

History archive of live audio and methods of using the same

Systems and methods for archiving data, e.g., log files with live audio, corresponding to an emergency event is provided. Upon an occurrence of a safety event, a notification device, e.g., a smoke detector, detects smoke, and transmits an alert to a fire control panel (FACP). Upon receiving the alert, the... Siemens Industry Inc

03/30/17 / #20170093860

System and location-based credentialing

Credentialing systems, methods, and mediums. A method includes receiving, by a credentialing system, an access code and a device location from a mobile device. The device location indicates the current geographic location of the mobile device. The method includes comparing the received access code to a stored site code. The... Siemens Industry Inc

03/16/17 / #20170076585

Live paging system and methods of using the same

Systems, methods, and devices for live paging from a mobile device in operable communication with a fire control panel are provided. Upon an occurrence of a stimulus activity at a fire control panel, e.g., an emergency event, an operator, remote from the fire control panel, may launch a control application... Siemens Industry Inc

03/16/17 / #20170076896

Angled plug-on neutral connectors, circuit breakers including same, panel boards incuding angled neutral bars, and methods of making neutral connections

An angled plug-on neutral connector assembly of a circuit breaker. Angled plug-on neutral connector assembly includes a molded case including a bottom plane and a retaining portion, and a neutral connector received and constrained in the retaining portion, the neutral connector including a connector body including first and second prongs,... Siemens Industry Inc

03/16/17 / #20170077745

Panel board emergency lighting system

An emergency lighting system includes an electrical panel board having a phase layout that includes consecutively arranged phases wherein one or more pairs of consecutively arranged phases are of the same phase. A 2-pole branch circuit breaker may be electrically connected to a consecutive pair of same phases, and a... Siemens Industry Inc

03/02/17 / #20170059329

System and determining a location of a vehicle relative to a stopping point

A system and method for determining a location of a vehicle relative to a station of the vehicle are described. The system includes a user interface device with a memory device storing a computer program with executable instructions, the computer program including first executable instructions to detect a vehicle brake... Siemens Industry Inc

03/02/17 / #20170061630

System for detecting a position of a fume hood sash

A method for determining a height of a sash opening formed by a movable sash in a fume hood. The method includes providing a laser device on the hood and providing a reflector on the sash. In addition, the method includes positioning the sash in an open position to form... Siemens Industry Inc

02/23/17 / #20170054276

Feed thru main breaker apparatus, systems and methods

A main breaker apparatus including feed thru bus and cross bus capability for multi-unit buildings. The main breaker apparatus includes an enclosure and a bus assembly within the enclosure. The bus assembly includes a feed thru bus assembly including a plurality of feed thru bus bars configured to receive line... Siemens Industry Inc

02/16/17 / #20170043674

Automatically selecting charging routine for an electric vehicle by balancing utility and user considerations

An electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) charging system includes an EVSE charging station that is configured to be coupled to an electric vehicle (EV). The charging system further includes an EVSE cloud server coupled to the EVSE charging station optionally via a charge management network. The EVSE cloud server may... Siemens Industry Inc

02/02/17 / #20170030993

Track test load device, track test load system, and testing a constant warning time device

A track test load device includes an inductor assembly with simulated track inductors simulating a rail track, a connector assembly for connecting the inductor assembly to a constant warning time device, and a multi-way-switch-assembly with a multi-way-switch with multiple switch positions. The multi-way-switch assembly is operably coupled between the inductor... Siemens Industry Inc

02/02/17 / #20170032660

Wireless emergency alert notifications

An approach is described for sending alert messages and notifications to individual devices and in a format understandable by a user of the communication device.... Siemens Industry Inc

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