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Siemens Medical Instruments Pte Ltd
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Siemens Medical Instruments Pte Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Siemens Medical Instruments Pte Ltd. Siemens Medical Instruments Pte Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Siemens Medical Instruments Pte Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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10/01/15Direct digital audio adapter for hearing aids
09/17/15Transmission of a wind-reduced signal with reduced latency time
09/10/15Hearing instrument having a routing building block for complex mid structures
08/27/15Hearing system and transmission method
08/27/15Hearing system and transmission method
08/27/15Antenna with shielding apparatus and manufacturing method
08/27/15Method for adjusting a hearing apparatus via a formal language
08/13/15Tube system and life tube adaptor for a hearing aid
07/23/15Injection moulded circuit carrier having an integrated circuit board
07/23/15Bte hearing instrument with housing and sound tube
07/16/15Method and device for analyzing hearing aid settings
07/16/15Antenna device for a hearing instrument and hearing instrument
06/18/15Method of determining a fit of a hearing device and hearing device with fit recognition
03/26/15Hearing instrument with battery compartment switch
02/05/15Method for following a sound source, and hearing aid device
01/08/15Hearing device and identifying hearing situations having different signal sources
12/18/14Adaptation of a classification of an audio signal in a hearing aid
11/20/14Method and hearing aid system for logic-based binaural beam-forming system
10/30/14Method for controlling an adaptation increment and hearing apparatus
10/23/14Method and device for reducing acoustic feedback
10/23/14Binaural hearing aid system and hearing aid microphone adjustment
10/23/14Method for adjusting the useful signal in binaural hearing aid systems and hearing aid system
10/23/14Method of controlling an effect strength of a binaural directional microphone, and hearing aid system
10/02/14Method to measure real-ear-to-coupler difference
09/25/14Hearing instrument adapted to hold an exchangeable receiver into the housing and a making the hearing instrument
09/18/14Binaural hearing instrument and earpiece
09/11/14Conformable dome ear canal tip for a hearing instrument
08/28/14Valve apparatus, hearing device with the valve apparatus, and method
07/24/14Hearing instrument housing having a plug-in connection, plug and hearing instrument
05/22/14Hearing apparatus with a facility for reducing a microphone noise and reducing microphone noise
05/01/14Synchronous access method, and communication device and system in frequency hopping radio communication
03/13/14Couplable hearing a hearing device, coupling element and hearing device
02/27/14Hearing instrument and earpiece having receiver
02/20/14Method and determining an amplification factor of a hearing aid device
01/16/14Method for adjusting a hearing device apparatus and hearing device apparatus
10/24/13Hearing instrument with plug-in sound tube connection, corresponding case and sound tube
10/17/13Method for operating a hearing apparatus
10/10/13Method for restricting the output level in hearing apparatuses
10/03/13Hearing binaural supply and providing a binaural supply
10/03/13Hearing instrument with flexible earpiece tube connection, earpiece, and housing
09/26/13Method for adjusting a hearing apparatus via a formal language
09/12/13Battery holder for a hearing device
09/05/13Method of adjusting a hearing apparatus with the aid of the sensory memory
09/05/13Amplification of a speech signal in dependence on the input level
08/29/13Communication system comprising a telephone and a listening device, and transmission method
08/22/13Hearing apparatus having an adaptive filter and filtering an audio signal
08/15/13Method for matching a hearing apparatus by percentile analysis and matching apparatus
08/15/13Device and direction dependent spatial noise reduction
08/15/13Method for training speech recognition, and training device
08/08/13Method for testing hearing aids
08/08/13Method of installing a signal processing component in a housing of a hearing apparatus and hearing apparatus
08/01/13Hearing instrument and manufacturing a hearing instrument
07/25/13Hearing aid having a battery charger
07/25/13Method and device for frequency compression
07/25/13Method and hearing estimating one's own voice component
06/13/13Hearing apparatus with speaker activity detection and operating a hearing apparatus
06/13/13Microphone protective device
06/06/13Method for operating a hearing aid and corresponding hearing aid
05/30/13Inflatable ear piece with pressure relief valve
05/09/13Method for automatic activation and deactivation of a binaural hearing system and binaural hearing system
05/09/13Feedback suppression device and periodic adaptation of a feedback suppression device
05/09/13Hearing device with a battery compartment
05/09/13Inflatable ear mold with protected inflation air inlet
05/02/13Method for the operation of a hearing device and hearing device with variable frequency shift
05/02/13Membrane for covering an opening in a hearing aid and making the membrane
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04/25/13Method for determining a compression characteristic, determining a knee point and adjusting a hearing aid
04/25/13Inflatable ear mold connection system
04/04/13Amplification setting in a hearing aid device
04/04/13Hearing aid device having a sealing device
03/28/13Ite hearing instrument with programming connector
01/31/13Hearing apparatus having a special sound channel
01/10/13Molding structure for a hearing apparatus, hearing apparatus and producing the molding apparatus
01/03/13Connector for a hearing instrument and hearing instrument
12/27/12Reverberation reduction for signals in a binaural hearing apparatus
12/27/12Hearing instrument with an integral injection-molding casing
12/27/12Behind-the-ear hearing aid having a plug-in connector
12/20/12Method for the binaural left-right localization for hearing instruments
12/20/12Method for the binaural left-right localization for hearing instruments
12/13/12Hearing apparatus having a sensor unit and operating the hearing apparatus
11/01/12Method for operating a hearing device having reduced comb filter perception and hearing device having reduced comb filter perception
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10/25/12Hearing device with reduced acoustic feedback due to vibration-related shortening of the hearing device
10/04/12Hearing aid device with a directional microphone operating a hearing aid device having a directional microphone system
10/04/12Method for improving the comprehensibility of speech with a hearing aid, together with a hearing aid
10/04/12Method for improving the comprehensibility of speech with a hearing aid, together with a hearing aid
10/04/12Hearing aid device and a manufacturing a hearing aid device
10/04/12Hearing device with reduced acoustic wind sensitivity
10/04/12Auditory canal insert with a filter element and manufacturing the auditory canal insert
09/27/12Hearing apparatus with feedback canceler and operating the hearing apparatus
09/27/12Hearing aid with a replaceable insertion cap
09/20/12Hydrophobic abs plastics material for casings
08/30/12Configuration and the maintenance of hearing devices
08/23/12Method and device for estimating interference noise, hearing device and hearing aid
07/05/12Hearing aid with wireless battery charging capability
06/14/12Method and hearing device for setting feedback suppression
05/31/12Method for the operation of a hearing device and hearing device with a lengthening of fricatives
05/24/12Hearing aid
05/10/12Hearing aid and operating a hearing aid with a humidity sensor
05/10/12Method and hearing aid for determining moisture and computer program product implementing the method
05/03/12Hearing aid device for frequency compression
04/19/12Hearing aid with battery door locking mechanism and operating the battery door locking mechanism
04/05/12Method for signal processing in a hearing aid and hearing aid
03/29/12Method for adjusting a hearing device with in-situ audiometry and hearing device
03/29/12Method for reconstructing a speech signal and hearing device
03/29/12Method and device for frequency compression with harmonic correction
03/29/12Method and device for frequency compression with selective frequency shifting
03/29/12Method and device for frequency compression in a hearing aid
03/22/12Reusable ear fitting piece for creating an ear impression
03/15/12Connector for hearing instrument, hearing instrument and hearing instrument system
02/23/12Hearing aid and/or tinnitus therapy device
02/16/12Method for reducing interference and hearing device
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02/09/12Hearing instrument with mechanical and remote-controllable volume adjustment
02/09/12Hearing instrument with an integral injection-molding casing
02/02/12Magnetofluidic hearing aid system and hearing aid
01/26/12Hearing aid and in-the-ear-device
01/12/12Method for localizing an audio source, and multichannel hearing system
01/12/12Hearing device and operating a hearing device with two-stage transformation
01/05/12Electrical hearing aid adapter
12/15/11Method and acoustic signal processing system for interference and noise suppression in binaural microphone configurations
12/01/11Deep-ear-canal hearing device
11/24/11Hearing device with a passive unit seated deep in the auditory canal
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11/03/11Hearing aid
11/03/11Hearing aid with ear-hook safety mechanism
10/13/11Hearing aid with audio shoe
10/06/11Dual setting a hearing system
09/29/11Substrate arrangement
09/29/11Method for the transmission of data between a hearing device and an external unit, and associated configuration
09/29/11Hearing aid with amorphous loudspeaker shielding
09/29/11Binaural method and binaural configuration for voice control of hearing devices
09/22/11Hearing device and setting the hearing device for feedback-reduced operation
09/22/11Hearing device and producing an omnidirectional directional characteristic
09/15/11Hearing-test method
09/15/11Hearing aid housing
09/01/11Hearing device with feedback-reduction filters operated in parallel, and method
09/01/11Hearing device with a conducting element, in particular a sound tube
09/01/11Hearing aid
08/25/11Device for inserting a pin into a hearing aid
08/25/11Method for training speech perception and training device
08/11/11Hearing device with frequency shifting and associated method
08/11/11Method for compensating for a feedback signal, and hearing device
08/11/11Hearing device with a detachably coupled earpiece
08/11/11Receiver tube with strain relief and hearing aid
08/04/11Conduction device for a hearing producing a conduction device
08/04/11Tool for fitting and removing a receiver of a hearing aid
08/04/11Hearing system with positioning device and corresponding positioning method
07/07/11Hearing aid faceplate arrangement
06/23/11Method and hearing device for feedback recognition and suppression with a directional microphone
06/23/11Method and device for setting a hearing device by detecting listening effort
06/16/11Method for frequency transposition in a hearing aid and hearing aid
06/09/11Hearing device with a space-saving arrangement of microphones and sound openings
06/09/11Hearing device with mechanical adjustment of sound properties
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05/12/11Hearing device with simulation of a hearing loss and simulating a hearing loss
05/12/11Method, hearing device and configuration for calibrating an acoustic tuning system
05/05/11Hearing device and suppressing feedback with a directional microphone
03/31/11Method of producing a housing shell or ear mold to be worn in the ear
03/03/11Method for adjusting a hearing aid and hearing aid adjustment instrument
03/03/11Method for fine-tuning a hearing aid and hearing aid
03/03/11Self-adjustment of a hearing aid and hearing aid
03/03/11Hearing aid with protection against unintentional operation
02/24/11Cavity examination device
02/17/11Hearing aid with an identifier
02/17/11Hearing aid with led and operation
01/27/11Hearing aid device and processing unit and receiving unit for the hearing aid device
01/27/11Hearing aid
01/27/11Hearing device and control method
01/20/11Volume adjuster and hearing aid with volume adjuster
01/20/11Receiver tube, receiver and hearing aid instrument with a receiver tube
01/20/11Hearing aid with an interchangeable earpiece
01/13/11Filter bank configuration for a hearing device
01/06/11Housing with a housing shell for a hearing aid appliance, hearing aid appliance and production method
12/30/10System and three dimensional reconstruction of an anatomical impression
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12/30/10Hearing suppressing feedback in a hearing apparatus
12/16/10Method for determining a frequency response of a hearing apparatus and associated hearing apparatus
11/25/10Hearing device with a sound transducer and producing a sound transducer
11/25/10Method for acclimatizing a programmable hearing device and associated hearing device
11/18/10Binaural hearing operating a binaural hearing apparatus with frequency distortion
11/04/10Configuration and wireless data transmission between hearing devices
10/28/10Device for acoustically analyzing a hearing device and analysis method
10/28/10Method for operating a hearing apparatus and hearing apparatus with a frequency separating filter
10/21/10Method and acoustic signal processing device for estimating linear predictive coding coefficients
10/14/10Configuration and detecting feedback in hearing devices
10/14/10Hearing aid with a battery compartment, and battery compartment for a hearing aid, each having a locking mechanism for the battery compartment
10/14/10Hearing device with battery flap module
10/07/10Method and hearing adjusting a hearing aid with data recorded in an external unit
10/07/10Method for loudness-based adjustment of the amplification of a hearing aid and associated hearing aid
10/07/10Hearing aid configuration with a lanyard with integrated antenna and associated wireless transmission of data
09/30/10Method for operating a hearing apparatus with amplified feedback compensation and hearing apparatus
09/30/10Electronic connection to a hearing apparatus component with a two-part sleeve
09/23/10Method for adjusting a directional characteristic and a hearing apparatus
09/23/10Apparatus and measuring a distance to an eardrum
09/16/10Method for compensating for an interference sound in a hearing apparatus, hearing apparatus, and adjusting a hearing apparatus
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09/09/10Rapid prototyping device and method with indirect laser exposure
09/09/10Hearing reducing an interference noise for a hearing apparatus
09/09/10Method for operating a hearing apparatus, computer program product for implementing the method and hearing apparatus with feedback suppression
09/02/10Apparatus and reducing impact sound effects for hearing apparatuses with active occlusion reduction
09/02/10Hearing device with an acoustics unit and a shell part
08/19/10Apparatus and background noise estimation with a binaural hearing device supply
08/19/10Hearing device with individually aligned electronic component and production method
08/12/10Method for adapting a hearing device using a perceptive model
08/12/10Hearing device with supporting hook recognition
08/05/10Method and hearing device for tuning a hearing aid from recorded data
08/05/10Method and improving the signal-to-noise ratio of a measuring signal detected by a hearing device
08/05/10Method for determining the acoustic feedback behavior of a hearing device on the basis of geometric data of an ear
08/05/10Hearing aid with interference compensation and configurating the hearing aid
07/29/10Hearing device with automatic algorithm switching
07/15/10Method for signal processing for a hearing aid and corresponding hearing aid
07/15/10Method for determining unbiased signal amplitude estimates after cepstral variance modification
07/08/10Battery compartment with latching element for a behind-the-ear hearing device and behind-the-ear hearing device
06/24/10Method for selecting a preferred direction of a directional microphone and corresponding hearing device
06/24/10Hearing aid
05/27/10Filter bank system having specific stop-band attenuation components for a hearing aid
04/29/10Hearing apparatus with a special situation recognition unit and operating a hearing apparatus
04/29/10Method for adjusting a hearing device and corresponding hearing device
03/04/10Hearing aid with an attenuation element
03/04/10Electrical circuit, electrical small appliance, in particular a hearing aid, having the electrical circuit, and use of the electrical circuit for producing the electrical small appliance
01/28/10Hearing aid with uv sensor and operation
10/29/09Pushbutton for a hearing device
10/22/09Method for determining a time constant of the hearing and adjusting a hearing apparatus
10/15/09Hearing aid with a drop safeguard
10/08/09Method for switching a hearing device between two operating states and hearing device
10/08/09Hearing device to be carried in the auricle with an individual mold
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09/24/09Hearing system with partial band signal exchange and corresponding method
09/24/09Method for actively reducing occlusion comprising plausibility check and corresponding hearing apparatus
09/10/09Hearing aid with wireless signal transmission
08/20/09Water-resistant hearing device
08/13/09Circuit with an integrated shield and hearing aid
08/13/09Method and monitoring a hearing aid
08/13/09Hearing apparatus with battery compartment locking
08/13/09Charging device for a hearing apparatus with a moveable charging contact and associated hearing device system
08/06/09Hearing aid with acoustic damper
07/16/09Method and the configuration of setting options on a hearing device
06/25/09Electroacoustic miniature converter with retaining means for installation in a hearing device
06/25/09Energy storage means holding device having covered charging contacts and a housing module
06/11/09Front plate with sealing apparatus
05/28/09Hearing aid and supporting hook to be attached to a hearing aid
05/28/09Shielding device for a hearing aid
05/28/09Adaptable connection module of a modular hearing aid
05/21/09Hearing apparatus with controlled programming socket
05/21/09Hearing apparatus with visually active housing
05/21/09Hearing device having a mechanical display element
05/21/09Hearing aid device, in particular ie hearing device
05/21/09Hearing aid having an operating device
05/14/09Method for three-dimensional presentation of a hearing apparatus on a head and corresponding graphics facility
05/14/09Hearing apparatus chip with a separate emc ground and corresponding hearing apparatus
05/14/09Faceplate for hearing devices and producing a faceplate
05/14/09Hearing aid device
05/14/09In-the-ear hearing device housing and the production thereof
05/07/09Hearing aid, in particular a behind-the-ear hearing aid, and a assembling a hearing aid
04/30/09Method for processing a multi-channel audio signal for a binaural hearing apparatus and a corresponding hearing apparatus
04/30/09Hearing apparatus using an inductive switching controller as a radio transmitter

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