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Sika Technology Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Sika Technology Ag. Sika Technology Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sika Technology Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sika Technology Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Baffle
11/30/17Chemical blowing agent and thermally expandable thermoplastic composition
11/16/17Arrangement for pressing a pasty or fluid substance out of a film bag
11/09/17Method for producing granulated materials from cement compositions
11/09/17Polymer containing silane groups
10/26/17Application device
10/26/17Manufacturing process and composition for foamed pvc-p rock shields
10/19/17Application device for multicomponent materials
10/19/17Barrier layers on sealing membranes
10/12/17Two-component composition
10/05/17Mortar composition
09/28/17Application device for applying gel-like and/or paste-like compositions and application unit for an application device of this type
09/28/17Storage-stable, moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive with rapid adhesive formation on glass
09/21/17Enzymatically modified lignins
09/07/17Semi-transparent separating film for uv-sensitive adhesives
08/24/17Application device for materials
08/24/17Polyurea composition
08/24/17Polyester prepolymers as impact modifiers in epoxy formulations
08/24/17Fast-curing composition containing silane groups
08/24/17Fast-curing composition containing silane groups
08/24/17Adhesive system with highly reactive pretreatment agent
08/24/17Hydroxy silane as an adhesion promoter or cross-linking agent
08/10/17Additive for grinding on rolling mills
08/10/17Amine for low-emission epoxy resin compositions
08/03/17Applicator pen
08/03/17Amine for low-emission epoxy resin compositions
07/20/17Structural reinforcement system
07/20/17Acoustical foam with improved performance
07/13/17Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane for roofs
06/29/17Curing agents for low-emission epoxy resin products
05/18/17Galvanic anode system for the corrosion protection of steel in concrete
05/11/17Crosslinking catalyst comprising siloxane structural units
05/11/17Sealing web activatable without open flame and having a hot-melt adhesive coating, and applying said sealing web
04/13/17Tin- and phthalate-free sealant based on silane terminated polymers
04/06/17Three component composition for the manufacture of polyurethane cementitious hybrid flooring or coating with improved surface gloss
03/30/17Structural glass element and its production
03/30/17Stabilized solidification and setting accelerator for hydraulic binders
03/23/17Amidine group - or guanidine group - containing silane
03/16/17Accelerator for hydraulic binding agents with long processing time and very early strength
03/16/17Block copolymer
03/09/17Adhesive promoter composition
02/16/17Admixture for hydraulic composition
02/16/173d fabric for floating floor constructions
02/09/17Polyurethane hybrid system combining high compressive strength and early water resistance
02/09/17Rapid-curing, migration-free composition based on organic polymers containing silane groups
02/02/17Quick-drying building material composition based on a mineral hybrid binder
02/02/17Amine for low-emission epoxy resin products
02/02/17Silane-terminated adhesive for joining joints in the naval field
02/02/17Process for preparing a surface for decoration
01/12/17Furan-based amines as curing agents for epoxy resins in low voc applications
01/12/17Method for producing ready-to-use soft pvc films or profiles
01/05/17Condensation-crosslinking silicones with improved resistance to temperature change
01/05/17Solvent-free polyurethane liquid membrane
01/05/17Polyurethane hot-melt adhesive having a low content of diisocyanate monomers and good cross-linking speed
12/22/16Method for producing semifinished plasticized pvc products
12/22/16Multi-component composition
12/22/16Polymer containing silane groups
12/01/16Alkaline-treated inverted molasses as dispersants for mineral suspensions
12/01/16Profile system for fixing coverings, in particular roof sealing sheets
11/24/16Application of a random-laid web for roadway construction with improved adhesion properties
11/24/16Simple application of an adhesive material to a substrate with excellent adhesion to asphalt
11/10/16Dioxomolybdenum (vi) complex compounds as catalysts for polyurethane compositions
11/10/16Highly filled polyurethane compositions
11/03/16Pretreatment of substrates that have unsaturated units
10/20/16Lightweight baffle or reinforcement element and producing such a lightweight baffle or reinforcement element
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09/22/16Novel impact modifiers for epoxy-based adhesives
08/25/16Cement-free or cement-reduced low dust hybrid flooring compositions
08/25/16Floor with inlay pattern perpared by additive manufacturing techniques
08/18/16Caramelized sugar as liquefier for mineral binding agent compositions
07/21/16Method of fabricating a 3-dimensional structure, mesh formwork element for fabricating a 3-dimensional structure, and fabricating the same
07/21/16Air entraining agent for mineral binder compositions
07/21/16Combination of rtv-1 silicone formulation and accelerator with enhanced cure characteristics
07/07/16Nozzle element for introducing a liquid into a joint, and introducing a liquid into a joint
07/07/16Bio-based polycarboxylate ether and methods for the production thereof
06/23/16Method for filling a joint with an adhesive and/or sealing material and system for filling a joint with an adhesive and/or sealing material
06/23/16Adjuvant combination of a milling assistant and a concrete admixture for accelerated hydration of cementitious binders
06/16/16Epoxy resin-upgraded cement-bound composition as coating or seal
06/09/16Hydroxymethyl-carboxamido-substituted silane and its use for curable, silane-terminated polymers
06/09/16Reinforced structure of a motor vehicle
06/02/16Combination of ternary binders with aqueous epoxy resin system
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06/02/16Curable composition based on polymers containing silane groups and on a zinc catalyst
05/26/16Polymer foam and use thereof in hollow bodies
05/19/16Arrangement and reinforcing supporting structures
04/21/16Accelerator for mineral binders
04/14/16Hydroxysilane and polymer containing silane groups
04/07/16Method for producing hot melt adhesives containing silane groups
03/31/16Two component polyurethane composition
03/17/16Application pen
03/17/16Fast curing composition for the manufacture of polyurethane cementitious hybrid flooring
03/17/16Composition for use as a two component back filled grout comprising extracted silicate
03/10/16Two component polyurethane composition
03/03/16Use of comb polymers for controlling the rheology of mineral binder compositions
02/25/16Structural polyurethane adhesive
02/25/16Composite element, in particular composite element for an insulating-glass unit
02/18/16Retrieving aggregates and powdery mineral material from demolition waste
02/18/16Primerless adhesion of adhesives and sealants based on silane-functional polymers
02/11/16Repair liquid for conveyor belts
01/28/16Use of polycarboxylate ethers in combination with other additives for milling cement
01/28/16Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane comprising oxazolidine and aldimine
01/21/16Condensation products of amino-functional polymers
01/21/16Plasticizer having cationic side chains
01/14/16Composition and making water borne epoxy hardener for use in two-component epoxy self levelling compounds with long pot life, fast cure and low shrinkage characteristics
01/14/16Method for producing a tubbing having a thermoplastic sealing layer
12/31/15Pretreatment having improved storage stability and adhesion
12/24/15Process and arrangement for making a reinforced structural member
12/24/15Two-component composition
12/24/15Polyamines having secondary aliphatic amino groups
12/24/15Synthesis of polyurethane polymers via copper azide-alkyne click chemistry for coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomer applications
12/17/15Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane for roofs comprising two different aldimines
12/17/15Method for producing a tubbing with a thermoplastic sealing layer
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12/10/15Reinforcing element for a closed section and manufacturing method
12/10/15Reduction of benzyl alcohol emissions from epoxy amine formulations by adding cyclodextrin
12/10/15Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane for roofs comprising a trialdimine
12/10/15Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane for roofs comprising a long-chain aldimine
12/10/15Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane for roofs
12/10/15Method for restoring a cementitious system
12/03/15Amine for low-emission epoxy resin products
12/03/15Curing agents for low-emission epoxy resin products
11/26/15Curing agents for low-emission expoxy resin products
11/26/15Reactive liquid rubber made of blocked isocyanate-terminated prepolymers with glycol scavenger
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11/26/15Coating system with electrostatic discharge protection
11/05/15Insulation element, expanded insulation element, use of same and insulation
11/05/15Roof installation support fixing device and roof installation system
10/22/15Foamable composition with low heat conductivity for use in profiled plastic parts
10/22/15Pvc membrane with reduced plasticizer migration
10/08/15Reinforcing system for reinforcing a cavity of a structural element
10/08/15Grinding aid for cement clinker based on polycarboxylate ethers and/or lignosulfonates
10/08/15Polycarboxylate ethers used as dispersing agents for epoxy resins
10/08/15Amine composition for a crash-resistant 2k epoxy adhesive
10/08/15Method of constructing a flat roof and welding robot
10/01/15Method for producing a foam element and portable foam extruder
10/01/15Hot-curing epoxy resin compositions that can be used as bodyshell adhesive or structural foam
09/24/15Silicone formulation with improved storage stability
09/17/15Two-component polyurethane composition
09/10/15Expandable composition in the form of a granular material
09/03/15Two-component polyurethane compositions, in particular suitable for use as viscoplastic structural adhesives
08/27/15Reactive polyolefin hot melt adhesive with low adhesion to uncoated aluminum tools and use thereof as a laminating hot melt
08/27/15Structural polyurethane adhesive
08/27/15Flat roof construction, producing a flat roof construction and storm safety element
08/20/15Air void-forming material for cementitious systems
08/20/15Waterproof membrane with good adhesion to concrete
08/20/15Plasticizer having cationic side chains without polyether side chains
08/20/15Polyurethane casting compound for producing wear protection coatings in casting house applications
08/20/15Thermoplastic mixture with high flexibility and high melting point
08/20/15Adhesion promoter composition for polyolefinic membranes
08/20/15Prepolymer impact resistor for crack-resistant adhesives for windmills
08/20/15Moisture-curing hot-melt adhesive compound containing polyaldimine
08/20/15Two-component polyurethane compositions, in particular suitable for use as tough structural adhesives or as potting compounds
08/13/15Thermoplastic foaming agent
08/13/15Reactive polyolefin hot-melt adhesive for use as a pre-coating that can be reactivated
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07/30/15Method for treating substrates prior to bonding
07/30/15Weather-resistant silicone mixture having improved green strength
07/23/15Multi-purpose mortar or cement compositions for construction applications
07/23/15Mortar composition
07/23/15Structural polyurethane adhesive having a low glass transition temperature
07/16/15Road structure and the production thereof
07/09/15Adhesive composition and adhesive foam sheet
06/18/15Hydrolysable polycarboxylate esters
06/18/15Sealing device with improved adhesion
06/18/15High filler content composition based on silane-terminated polymers
06/11/15Structural polyurethane adhesive
06/11/15Expandable baffle/seal with pattern of projections and voids
05/21/15Two component cement composition
05/21/15Composition based on silane-terminated polymers that does not split off methanol during curing
05/14/15Polymer containing silane groups
05/07/15Polymer containing silane groups
04/30/15Apparatus and coating a material with resin and applying the coated material to a surface
04/30/15Pvc membrane with reduced plasticizer migration
04/30/15Polymer blend comprising propylene-based elastomer and random copolymer polypropylene
03/26/15Sealing device with improved adhesion
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03/19/15Liquid film based on silane-terminated polymers
03/05/15Process and plastics extrusion producing a hollow body or cavity filled with insulating foam
02/12/15Curable composition suitable for the bonding of plasticized pvc
02/12/15Composition based on silane-terminated polymers
01/22/15Aromatic secondary adhesive compositions containing aminosilane
01/15/15Shape-memory material based on a structural adhesive
01/15/15New reactive polymer catalysts for 2-component epoxy resin systems
12/25/14Layered product
12/18/14Setting retarder for hydrate-forming binders
12/11/14Device for introducing a force into tension members made of fiber-reinforced flat-strip plastic lamellas
12/04/14Electromagnetic induction heater
11/27/14Driving device of a metering and mixing apparatus
11/27/14Drive device of a metering and mixing device
11/20/14Covering material for flooring and walls
11/06/14Reactive polyolefin hot-melt adhesive having low viscosity and use thereof for textile laminations
10/30/14Asymmetric dialdimine-containing polyurethane composition
10/09/14Application system, battery-operated applicator and producing an adhesive bond
10/09/14Application pen and the production thereof
10/09/14Setting accelerator for binders based on calcium sulfate
09/18/14Hardeners for epoxy resins, which comprise aromatic amino groups
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09/04/14Packaging for multi-component compositions
09/04/14Membrane with surface structure
08/14/14Dispensing tool for multi-component substances
08/07/14Silane/urea compound as a heat-activated curing agent for epoxide resin compositions
07/24/14Two-component polyurethane compositions that are especially suitable for use as structural adhesives
07/10/14Stick applicator
07/10/14Tubbing having a thermoplastic sealing layer
07/10/14Mid-range water reducers (mrwr) for concrets
06/26/14Water based epoxy resin primer
06/26/14Two-component compositions based on silane-functional polymers
06/12/14Comb polymers with delayed alkaline hydrolysis
06/05/14Dialkanolamines as additives for grinding solids
05/15/14Process for drying concrete dispersants
05/08/14Method for pretreating molded articles made of plastic matrix-fiber composites
05/08/14Hardener for epoxy resins
05/08/14Curing agent for moisture-curing compositions
04/17/14Low-emission hardener for epoxy resins
03/20/14Hardening accelerator for mineral binders
03/20/14Hardening accelerator for mineral binder compositions
03/20/14Comb polymers as dispersants for alkaline activated binders
02/20/14Polymer of maleic acid, allyl ether and (meth)acrylic acid compounds, and preparation and use thereof
02/13/14Expanding material in nonwoven 3-d structure
02/06/14Activator composition for latent hydraulic and/or pozzolanic binder materials
01/02/14Reinforced panel structure
12/26/13Use of polyolefin membranes being coated by non-reactive hotmelt adhesives for sealing
11/28/13Reinforced structure of a motor vehicle
11/07/13Adhesive for filling joints and gaps in rotor blades for wind power plants
11/07/13Bonding agent composition
10/31/13Adhesive for rotor blades for wind power plants
10/31/13Setting retarder for hydrate-forming binders
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10/24/13Application device for multi-component substances, a cartridge set and a packaging unit
10/24/13Heat-curing sealing compound compositions having fast skin formation and good storage stability
10/24/13Heat-curing sealant compositions having fast skin formation and high tensile strength
10/17/13Admixture piece and housing element for a mixing device
10/03/13Polyamines having secondary aliphatic amino groups
09/26/13Activator for epoxy resin compositions
09/26/13Polymer made from maleic acid, allyl ether, and vinyl acetate and the preparation and use of said polymer
09/19/13Two-component silicone composition
09/19/13Silicone composition with improved mechanical properties
09/12/13Anchoring the ends of tension members on reinforced concrete beams
09/12/13Structural glass element and its production
09/12/13Amines having secondary aliphatic amino groups
09/05/13Two-component structural adhesive which is impact resistant at room temperature
08/29/13Sealing material for photovoltaic cell and photovoltaic cell assembly
08/29/13Condensation products of amino-functional polymers
08/22/13Use of polyolefin sealing films coated with non-reactive hot-melt adhesive for sealing
08/22/13The use of adhesive-coated polyvinylchloride sealing films for producing a seal
08/22/13Pvc membrane having reduced plasticizer migration
08/22/13Production of comb polymers by means of esterification
08/15/13Two-part polyurethanes based on hyperbranched polymers
07/25/13Shape memory material based on a structural adhesive
07/04/13Mixing pumpable mixtures and method related thereto
06/27/13Device for introducing a force into tension members made of fiber-reinforced plastic flat strip lamellas
06/27/13Moisture-hardening compositions containing silane-functional polymers and aminosilane adducts
06/20/13Sealing membrane with improved adhesion
06/20/13Reduction of the fraction of monomers comprising isocyanate groups in moisture-curing polyurethane compositions
05/23/13Dialdimine, emulsion containing dialdimine, and bicomponent polyurethane composition, and the use thereof
05/16/13Covering layer for solar cell
05/09/13Accelerator for hydraulic binders

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