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Sika Technology Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Sika Technology Ag. Sika Technology Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sika Technology Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sika Technology Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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Method of marking outline of large scale graphic element and robot for such method

An exemplary method of marking an outline of a graphic element on a surface site such as a roof, floor, road, airfield or sports ground or similar large scale surface, includes preparing outline data representing the outline of the graphic element; and feeding the outline data to a robot. The... Sika Technology Ag

Pumpable and thermally expandable filler compositions

Pumpable thermally foaming filler compositions based on combinations of a liquid epoxy resin and a polyvinyl chloride resin and/or an acrylic resin powder. The pumpable filler materials provide the advantage that they can be applied as needed using conventional injection equipment and can be expanded to provide foam with good... Sika Technology Ag

Hotmelt adhesive with enhanced uv stability and use for producing a multilayer polymeric sheet

A hotmelt adhesive composition includes at least one polyolefin polymer (P) which is solid at 25° C. and is preferably a thermoplastic poly-α-olefin and more preferably an atactic poly-α-olefin (APAO), at least one polyolefin resin (PH) which is liquid at 25° C. and is preferably based on polyisobutylene, and optionally... Sika Technology Ag

Epoxy resin-containing cement-bound composition for electrically conductive coatings or seal coats

A multicomponent composition including: A) a binder component (A) including at least one epoxy resin, B) an aqueous hardener component (B) including at least one amine compound as an amine hardener and water, and C) a solid component (C) including at least one hydraulic inorganic binder, preferably cement, the multicomponent... Sika Technology Ag

Non-invasive repair and retrofitting of hardened reinforced concrete structures

An aqueous composition is used for repairing and/or sealing of hardened concrete structures, the aqueous composition including colloidal silica and polycarboxylate ether.... Sika Technology Ag

Improved low-temperature impact resistance in ptmeg-based polyurethane impact modifiers

An impact modifier, which is an isocyanate-terminated polymer, the isocyanate groups of which are partially or completely blocked by reaction with a blocking agent, wherein the isocyanate-terminated polymer is a reaction product of a) one or more polyols including polytetramethylene ether glycol in a fraction of at least 95 wt... Sika Technology Ag

Water-based primer composition for polycarbonate and polycarbonate blends

A water-based primer composition is particularly suitable for the pre-treatment of polycarbonate substrates, and has a component K1 having an aqueous epoxy resin dispersion, an aqueous polyester-polyurethane dispersion and an aqueous polyacrylate dispersion, and optionally a water-miscible organic solvent, and a second component K2 containing a water-dispersible curing agent based... Sika Technology Ag

Adhesive composition and adhered roofing system prepared using the adhesive composition

The invention is directed to an adhesive composition including at least one rubber component, a solvent, and at least one powdered superabsorber polymer. The invention also relates to a method for bonding a roofing membrane to a substrate using the adhesive composition as a contact adhesive, to fully adhered membrane... Sika Technology Ag

Insulation element

An insulation element for insulating a structural element in a vehicle includes a support element having a first surface and a second surface and an expandable material, which is arranged at least on partial areas of the first surface of the support element. The support element has at least one... Sika Technology Ag


A baffle or reinforcement element for sealing and/or reinforcing a cavity, in particular a cavity of a vehicle, comprising: a carrier plate with a first plate surface and a second plate surface, and at least a first and a second expandable element, in particular expandable foam element, supported by the... Sika Technology Ag

Chemical blowing agent and thermally expandable thermoplastic composition

A chemical blowing agent is described that includes at least one tertiary alkyl carbamate. The chemical blowing agent can be activated thermally and is suitable for foaming thermoplastic materials and can, for example, be incorporated into thermally expandable baffle and/or reinforcement elements, which can be used in automotive manufacturing and... Sika Technology Ag

Arrangement for pressing a pasty or fluid substance out of a film bag

The disclosure relates to an assembly for pressing a pasty or fluid substance out of a film bag of a substantially cylindrical basic form. The film bag is or can be accommodated in a cylindrical receptacle having a circular inner cross-section A. The film bag inserted into the cylindrical receptacle... Sika Technology Ag

Method for producing granulated materials from cement compositions

A method for producing aggregates from non-hardened cement compositions, in particular from concrete or residual concrete, which method includes adding a) a water-absorbing agent and b) a crystallization deactivator to a non-hardened cement composition and mixing until a granular material has formed. The method allows unneeded residues of still liquid... Sika Technology Ag

Polymer containing silane groups

A polymer containing silane groups, a method for synthesizing same, and curable compositions including the polymer. The polymer containing silane groups has a very long shelf life and cures quickly with moisture. The polymer is suitable as an elastic adhesive or sealant or coating that can be applied at room... Sika Technology Ag

Application device

The disclosure relates to an application device for multi-component substances, in particular multi-component adhesives or multi-component sealants, including: at least two cartridge receiving devices for receiving replaceable cartridges with substance components that are to be mixed; a discharging device for discharging the substance components from the cartridges; a mixing device... Sika Technology Ag

Manufacturing process and composition for foamed pvc-p rock shields

A plasticized PVC formulation for foam extrusion including polyvinyl chloride, at least one plasticizer, at least one nucleating agent and a chemical blowing agent, wherein the plasticized PVC formulation is a dry blend containing 0.5 to 5% by weight of one or more nucleating agents and 0.1 to 3% by... Sika Technology Ag

Application device for multicomponent materials

The disclosure relates to an adapter piece for an application device for multicomponent materials, including multicomponent adhesives or multicomponent sealants. The application device has at least one first cartridge receiving device for receiving a first replaceable cartridge containing a first material component, at least one second cartridge receiving device for... Sika Technology Ag

Barrier layers on sealing membranes

A sealing membrane including: a) a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane and b) a barrier film including b1) a barrier layer including at least one polymer selected from ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer, polyamide or polyester and b2) an outer layer, wherein the barrier film is laminated over the full surface area or over... Sika Technology Ag

Two-component composition

A two-component composition, containing at least one silane-group-containing polymer that is liquid at room temperature, at least one epoxide liquid resin, at least one polyetheramine, and at least one aminosilane or mercaptosilane. The composition has low odor, cures quickly and without blistering at room temperature, and, when cured, forms a... Sika Technology Ag

Mortar composition

0.5-40 wt % of a porous filler.... Sika Technology Ag

Application device for applying gel-like and/or paste-like compositions and application unit for an application device of this type

The invention relates to an application unit for an application device, in particular an application gun for applying gel-like and/or paste-like compositions, having an output unit for dispensing the compositions, a connection element, such as a cover, for connecting the output unit to the main body of the application device,... Sika Technology Ag

Storage-stable, moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive with rapid adhesive formation on glass

A moisture-curing adhesive composition has a) at least one polyurethane polymer having isocyanate groups, b) at least a silane adhesion promoter, c) at least one amine catalyst, and d) at least one chelate complexing agent. Compositions are suitable especially as adhesive or sealant, in particular for glass panes, for example... Sika Technology Ag

Enzymatically modified lignins

The present invention relates to water-soluble modified lignins preparable by enzymatic reaction of at least one water-insoluble lignin with at least one organic compound which possesses at least one group selected from primary or secondary amino group, hydroxyl group and phenyl group and has an average molecular weight in the... Sika Technology Ag

Semi-transparent separating film for uv-sensitive adhesives

The invention relates to a separating film based on polyolefins or ethylene copolymers with a content of organic and optionally inorganic pigment and at least one UV stabilizer. The separating film has a transmission percentage between 5 and 20% in the range from 400 to 700 nm and a transmission... Sika Technology Ag

Application device for materials

An application device for materials, in particular adhesives, including at least one cartridge receiving device for receiving a replaceable cartridge which contains a material and has a material outlet opening; a rotary device for metering or mixing the material, rotary device having a first engagement element; a drive device for... Sika Technology Ag

Polyurea composition

The invention relates to compositions comprising at least one first and one second component; —the first component K1 comprising at least one di(aminobenzoate) ester A1 of formula (I) with an average molecular weight of 500 g/mol to 2000 g/mol, preferably 600 g/mol to 1500 g/mol and particularly preferred between 650... Sika Technology Ag

Polyester prepolymers as impact modifiers in epoxy formulations

What is described is a polymer which is a polyurethane polymer having blocked isocyanate groups or a reaction product of said polyurethane polymer with at least one epoxy resin, where the polyurethane polymer having blocked isocyanate groups is an addition product formed from at least one polyisocyanate and at least... Sika Technology Ag

Fast-curing composition containing silane groups

A composition containing two different silane-functional polymers, only one of the two polymers having terminal groups of formula (I). The composition has a surprisingly rapid skin forming time and low viscosity, crosslinks quickly even without the use of EHS-critical catalysts such as organotin compounds or DBU, and cures to a... Sika Technology Ag

Fast-curing composition containing silane groups

A polymer preparation consisting of silane-functional polymers, including at least one polymer having at least one terminal group of formula (I) and at least one further silane terminal group, a method for producing the polymer preparation and a composition containing it. The polymer preparation has a surprisingly low viscosity, cross-links... Sika Technology Ag

Adhesive system with highly reactive pretreatment agent

The present invention relates to an adhesive system, comprising an adhesion promoter composition, containing at least one mercaptosilane, at least one polysilane, at least one transition metal complex comprising substantially only monodentate ligands, and at least one nonalcoholic solvent, and an adhesive, wherein the adhesive, within an hour after application... Sika Technology Ag

Hydroxy silane as an adhesion promoter or cross-linking agent

A hydroxy silane of formula (I) used as an adhesion promoter or cross-linking agent for adhesives, sealants or coatings. The invention also relates to an adhesion-promoter composition containing the hydroxy silane of formula (I) and to adhesives, sealants or coatings containing the hydroxy silane of formula (I). The hydroxy silane... Sika Technology Ag

Additive for grinding on rolling mills

At least one glycol compound is used as a grinding aid when grinding at least one solid substance, in particular an inorganic and/or mineral solid substance, in a rolling mill, wherein the at least one glycol compound has a structure according to formula I: (formula 1) and wherein a) R1,... Sika Technology Ag

Amine for low-emission epoxy resin compositions

An amine of the formula (I) and a process for its preparation by reductive alkylation of 1,2-propylenediamine with a di- or trifunctional carbonyl compound and hydrogen. The amine of the formula (I) is low in viscosity and in odour, high in reactivity towards epoxides and outstanding in its compatibility with... Sika Technology Ag

Applicator pen

An applicator pen for discharging a liquid onto a surface, preferably for applying a protective layer onto adhesive surfaces of a vehicle, in particularly for improved adhesion in the case of bonding applications, the applicator pen including a hollow body and an ampoule received in the hollow body, including a... Sika Technology Ag

Amine for low-emission epoxy resin compositions

An amine of the formula (I) for use as hardener for epoxy resins, hardeners for epoxy resins containing the amine of the formula (I) and resultant epoxy resin compositions which more particularly can be used as low-emission room-temperature-curing epoxy-resin coatings with high hardness and surface quality. The amine of the... Sika Technology Ag

07/20/17 / #20170203796

Structural reinforcement system

Disclosed are various embodiments of a structural reinforcement system. The system reinforces hollow cavities within various products to increase the structural rigidity of the product. The system generally includes a rigid carrier, a bonding material, and an insert. The rigid carrier provides the primary structural reinforcement within the cavity, and... Sika Technology Ag

07/20/17 / #20170204238

Acoustical foam with improved performance

Disclosed is a thermally expandable composition, comprising at least one polymer P, cross-linkable by peroxide, and between 1 wt.-% and 2.5 wt.-%, based on the total weight of the composition, of at least one acrylate A, and between 0.2 wt.-% and 2.5 wt.-%, based on the total weight of the... Sika Technology Ag

07/13/17 / #20170198081

Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane for roofs

A one-part moisture-curing liquid-applied waterproofing membrane as disclosed includes a polyurethane polymer obtained from at least one polyether polyol and at least one diisocyanate, and an aldimine of the formula (I). The membrane has a long shelf life stability with both aromatic and aliphatic isocyanates, a low viscosity at low... Sika Technology Ag

06/29/17 / #20170183444

Curing agents for low-emission epoxy resin products

Curing agents for epoxy resins, containing at least one adduct of a primary diamine and an aromatic monoepoxide, at least one primary diamine and at least one secondary diamine which is free of primary amino groups and free of hydroxyl groups, are disclosed. The curing agent is of low viscosity... Sika Technology Ag

05/18/17 / #20170137948

Galvanic anode system for the corrosion protection of steel in concrete

A galvanic anode system for the corrosion protection of steel in concrete includes a galvanic anode material, which includes of zinc and alloys thereof, embedded in a solid electrolyte, and is characterized in that the galvanically available surface is larger, preferably at least twice as large, as the total geometrical... Sika Technology Ag

05/11/17 / #20170129987

Crosslinking catalyst comprising siloxane structural units

A catalyst containing at least one amidine or guanidine group of formula (Ia) or (Ib), which is bound to a silicon atom of a siloxane residue. At room temperature, the catalyst is liquid and odourless. It is particularly suitable as a cross-linking catalyst for curable compositions, in particular for silane... Sika Technology Ag

05/11/17 / #20170130098

Sealing web activatable without open flame and having a hot-melt adhesive coating, and applying said sealing web

Composite films include a water-impermeable substrate layer composed of plastic having a coating. In such composite films, the hot-melt adhesive can also be activated in a contactless manner from the side of the composite film opposite the hot-melt adhesive layer. In the application of roof membranes, this leads to the... Sika Technology Ag

04/13/17 / #20170101564

Tin- and phthalate-free sealant based on silane terminated polymers

The present invention provides a moisture-curing sealant comprising a) at least one silane-functional polymer and b) at least one catalyst for the crosslinking of the silane-functional polymer, said sealant being free of organotin compounds and having, in the cured state, a secant modulus at 100% elongation and 23° C., determined... Sika Technology Ag

04/06/17 / #20170096368

Three component composition for the manufacture of polyurethane cementitious hybrid flooring or coating with improved surface gloss

The present invention relates to a three component composition consisting of a polyol component (A) comprising at least two polyols, one with high and one with low molecular weight, and water, a polyisocyanate component (B) comprising a methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) product with an average NCO functionality of at least... Sika Technology Ag

03/30/17 / #20170087808

Structural glass element and its production

In the case of a structural glass element with a plastic-coated glass panel and at least one assembly element attached hereon, the glass panel is coated in particular with a silicone-based elastomer across its entire surface, and the coating at the same time creates an adhesive joint with one section... Sika Technology Ag

03/30/17 / #20170088464

Stabilized solidification and setting accelerator for hydraulic binders

A solidification and setting accelerator for hydraulic binders, in particular for shotcrete/gunite or sprayed mortar, comprises sulfate, aluminum and at least two chemically distinct organic acids, each of which contains at least one hydroxy group in addition to at least one acid group, the combined maximum content of the at... Sika Technology Ag

03/23/17 / #20170081348

Amidine group - or guanidine group - containing silane

A silane of the formula (I) containing at least one aliphatic amidine group- or guanidine group-containing alkoxy group, to a method for producing same, to conversion products thereof, and to the use thereof as a catalyst in curable compositions, in particular based on silane group-containing polymers. The silane of the... Sika Technology Ag

03/16/17 / #20170073267

Accelerator for hydraulic binding agents with long processing time and very early strength

The present invention relates to an accelerator for hydraulic binding agents, comprising at least one phosphoric acid ester of a multivalent alcohol and at least one calcium compound. The accelerator according to the invention is capable of producing a very fast-curing mortar or concrete composition which has a high early... Sika Technology Ag

03/16/17 / #20170073449

Block copolymer

A block copolymer, in particular for use as a dispersant for mineral binder compositions, including at least one first block A and at least one second block B, wherein the first block A has a monomer unit M1 and the second block B has a monomer unit M2. To this... Sika Technology Ag

03/09/17 / #20170066951

Adhesive promoter composition

Adhesive promoter compositions according to the invention are suitable in particular for improving the adhesion of adhesives and sealants to glass and glass ceramics.... Sika Technology Ag

02/16/17 / #20170044063

Admixture for hydraulic composition

To provide a chemical agent whereby adjustment of air volume is easier, particularly in a hydraulic composition having fly ash blended therein. An admixture for a hydraulic composition, having a structure indicated by general formula (1) and including a carbon blocker including either one type of compound selected from a... Sika Technology Ag

02/16/17 / #20170044766

3d fabric for floating floor constructions

A floor construction on a subsurface has a screed with a reinforcement made of a 3D textile with a lower and an upper textile ply which are connected together by one or more pile threads, wherein the lower textile ply is arranged in the lower half of the screed and... Sika Technology Ag

02/09/17 / #20170036960

Polyurethane hybrid system combining high compressive strength and early water resistance

A multi-component composition including A) a polyol component (A) including at least one polyol and water, B) a hardener component (B) including at least one polyisocyanate, and C) a solid component (C) including a hydraulic binder and one or more aggregates, as an early water resistant construction or repair material... Sika Technology Ag

02/09/17 / #20170037191

Rapid-curing, migration-free composition based on organic polymers containing silane groups

The invention relates to a composition comprising at least one organic polymer that contains silane groups and at least one catalyst of formula (I). The composition is low in emissions and low-odour, has a good shelf-life, cures rapidly to form a mechanically high-quality, durable material with a very low propensity... Sika Technology Ag

02/02/17 / #20170029333

Quick-drying building material composition based on a mineral hybrid binder

A quick-drying gypsum composition, in particular for use as gypsum filling compound and for the production of floor coverings, wherein the gypsum composition contains 20 to 70% of a mixture of calcium aluminate and calcium sulfate hemihydrate and/or anhydrite and/or calcium sulfate dihydrate as hydraulic binders and 30 to 80%... Sika Technology Ag

02/02/17 / #20170029364

Amine for low-emission epoxy resin products

The present invention relates to an amine of the formula (I) which is an adduct of 1,2-propylenediamine with an aryl monoglycidyl ether, to the use thereof as part of a hardener for epoxy resins, and to epoxy resin compositions obtained therewith. The amine of the formula (I) is preparable in... Sika Technology Ag

02/02/17 / #20170029676

Silane-terminated adhesive for joining joints in the naval field

An adhesive which includes at least one silane-functional polymer P; at least one catalyst for crosslinking silane-functional polymers, the catalyst being selected from the group including organo-titanate, organo-zirconate, and organo-aluminate; at least one base; and at least one adhesive selected from alkoxy mercaptosilane and amino alkoxysilane, for filling wood joints.... Sika Technology Ag

02/02/17 / #20170030084

Process for preparing a surface for decoration

The invention relates to a process for preparing a building surface for decoration comprising the steps of application of a water-based non-cementitious surfacer material to the building surface, wherein the surfacer comprises 5 to 30% by weight of an aqueous dispersion of an organic polymer, said dispersion comprising 30 to... Sika Technology Ag

01/12/17 / #20170009005

Furan-based amines as curing agents for epoxy resins in low voc applications

wherein X is a divalent hydrocarbon group, which optionally contains one or more heteroatoms, and n is 0, 1, 2 or 3, preferably 0 or 1, and/or at least one epoxy-amine adduct, which is a reaction product of the compound of formula (I) and an epoxy compound selected from at... Sika Technology Ag

01/12/17 / #20170009028

Method for producing ready-to-use soft pvc films or profiles

The extrusion of polymer compositions based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and in particular to a method in which polymer compositions are produced that have an elongation at break of at least 200%, a tensile strength of at least 10 N/mm2 with a specific energy input SEI of 0.03 to 0.20... Sika Technology Ag

01/05/17 / #20170002201

Condensation-crosslinking silicones with improved resistance to temperature change

A silicone formulation that has a) at least one condensation-crosslinkable hydroxy- or alkoxy-terminated polydiorganosiloxane, b) at least one silane crosslinking agent or siloxane crosslinking agent for the hydroxy- or alkoxy-terminated polydiorganosiloxane and c) one or more fillers, where one filler is the main filler, the proportion by weight of which... Sika Technology Ag

01/05/17 / #20170002231

Solvent-free polyurethane liquid membrane

The present disclosure relates to a two-component composition containing a polymer polyol, a dial chain extender, an aldimine of formula (I), optionally additional polyols and diphenylmethandiisocyanates in the two components. The composition is particularly suitable as a manually applicable solvent-free liquid film for coating and/or sealing floors and roofs. It... Sika Technology Ag

01/05/17 / #20170002239

Polyurethane hot-melt adhesive having a low content of diisocyanate monomers and good cross-linking speed

A moisture-cured hot-melt adhesive can be formulated as a PUR-HM that is R-40 classification-free and stable during storage and processing, having a residual monomer content of less than 1 wt. % and having good cross-linking density and full-curing speed. The hot-melt adhesive is particularly suitable for vehicle construction in industrial... Sika Technology Ag

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