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Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
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Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
10/19/17 new patent  Non-destructive cold extractions of press fit bushings
10/19/17 new patent  Blade fold system using flap hinge
10/19/17 new patent  Nose gear steering shipboard operations
10/19/17 new patent  Anti-vibration moment generating aircraft actuation system
10/19/17 new patent  Integrated main rotor hub and shaft
10/19/17 new patent  Electric propulsion system for a rotary wing aircraft
10/19/17 new patent  Hub separation in dual rotor rotary wing aircraft
10/19/17 new patent  Cylindrical elastomeric bearing with tapered shims
10/19/17 new patent  Rotary wing aircraft
10/19/17 new patent  Feed-forward compensation for gyroscopic loads in a coaxial rotor
10/19/17 new patent  Rotor speed management
10/19/17 new patent  Aircraft main rotor drag to airframe drag
10/19/17 new patent  Rotorcraft configuration and rotorcraft design
10/19/17 new patent  Tiltwing aircraft
10/19/17 new patent  Quad rotor tail-sitter aircraft with rotor blown wing (rbw) configuration
10/19/17 new patent  Power leveling controller
10/19/17 new patent  Damage mitigation for gearbox
10/19/17 new patent  Armor structures
10/19/17 new patent  Context-based autonomous perception
10/12/17Propeller diverter duct
10/12/17High trim demand relieft
10/12/17Dual rotor, rotary wing aircraft
10/12/17Collective to elevator mixing of a rotary wing aircraft
10/12/17Model based contact predictor
10/12/17Sea state estimation
10/12/17Systems and methods for separating rotor blade cuffs from rotor blade bodies
10/12/17Apparatus for detecting corrosion in an article
10/05/17Composite laminate tooling and forming a composite part using the tooling
10/05/17Damage adaptive vibration control
10/05/17Translation thrust system engagement and disengagment for rotary wing aircraft
10/05/17Sealed hub and shaft fairing for rotary wing aircraft
10/05/17Main rotor rotational speed control for rotorcraft
10/05/17Differential pre-cone rotary wing arrangement and aircraft
10/05/17Icing detection systems
10/05/17Sensor-based detection of landing zones
10/05/17Systems and methods for controlling rotorcraft external loads
10/05/17Unmanned vehicle operating modes
10/05/17Touchdown orientation control system for a rotary wing aircraft and method
10/05/17Haptic feedback for realtime trajectory constraints
09/28/17Cast component and methods of manufacturing with cold spraying
09/28/17Microclimate controlled pad for effective paint stripping
09/28/17Single collective stick for a rotary wing aircraft
09/28/17Rotor hover figure of merit for rotary wing aircraft
09/28/17Dual rotor, rotary wing aircraft
09/28/17Blade heater mat insulation
09/28/17Power management between a propulsor and a coaxial rotor of a helicopter
09/28/17Rotorcraft rotor and propeller speed
09/28/17Multi-sensor target location registration
09/28/17Nose attitude control of a rotary wing aircraft
09/28/17Vibration signatures for prognostics and health monitoring of machinery
09/28/17Mission parameterization system
09/21/17Acoustic signature variation of aircraft utilizing a clutch
09/21/17Rotor ice protection system
09/21/17Multispectral sensor fusion system for platform state estimation
09/14/17Fuel system breakaway valve reaction bridge and reaction collar
09/14/17Coordinated planning with graph sharing over networks
09/14/17Method and condition based maintenance of fiber networks on vehicles
09/07/17Fly-by-wire retrofit kit
09/07/17Adjustment features for engine cowl door
09/07/17Anti-clog lubricant distribution assembly
08/31/17Lubricant condition assessment system
08/24/17Station deselect and cueing system
08/24/17Viscous damper
08/24/17Rotor system slip ring assemblies
08/17/17Anti-counterfeiting protection and product authentication
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08/17/17Pitch control system
08/17/17Independent control for upper and lower rotor of a rotary wing aircraft
08/17/17Lift offset control of a rotary wing aircraft
08/17/17Rope deployment mechanism and method
08/17/17Compressive wireless sensing for rotor loads and motion
08/17/17Position sensor system for a landing gear assembly and monitoring
08/17/17Coating bond test method and making a specimen for testing bond strength of a coating
08/10/17Hybrid electric power drive system for a rotorcraft
08/10/17Plate member for reducing drag on a fairing of an aircraft
08/10/17Active airflow system and reducing drag for aircraft
08/10/17Anti-vibration load generating aircraft actuation system
08/10/17Rotorcraft operational altitude and airspeed
08/10/17Pitch control system
08/10/17Rotary or fixed wing aircraft with thrust vectoring tail
08/10/17Hybrid contingency power drive system
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08/10/17Aircraft design for air to air refueling
08/10/17Convex gear tooth edge break
08/10/17Communication link accessibility aware navigation
08/03/17Rotor blade spar formation with automated fiber placement
08/03/17Flex beam for rotor assembly
08/03/17Active vibration control of a rotorcraft
08/03/17Rotor drive systems for rotorcraft
08/03/17System for shimming blade fold angle about an axis of rotation
08/03/17Blade indexing of a rotary wing aircraft
08/03/17Dual rotor, rotary wing aircraft
08/03/17Rotor blade pitch horn assembly
08/03/17Vector limiting of a rotor control volume
08/03/17Online sensor calibration verification system
07/27/17Torque and thrust control of a propeller
07/27/17Tip clearance measurement of a rotary wing aircraft
07/27/17Initial rotor state compensation for a rotorcraft
07/27/17Rotor systems for rotorcraft
07/27/17System and heatlh monitoring of servo-hydraulic actuators
07/20/17Enhanced engine load demand anticipation
07/20/17Drive shaft system hanger bearing
07/20/17Coverage optimization for sensor networks
07/13/17Plasma detection tracers for process monitoring
07/13/17Pilot activated trim for fly-by-wire aircraft
07/13/17Compliant engine nacelle for aircraft
07/13/17Cooperative safe landing area determination
07/13/17Self-clamping self-curing bond method
07/06/17In-flight reconfigurable aircraft tail
07/06/17Rotor damping
07/06/17Transmission for coaxial multi-rotor system
07/06/17Rotorcraft state control
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07/06/17Rotation of disengaged rotor
07/06/17Composite core structure and method
06/29/17Method of verifying removal of a peel ply material from a composite structure and doped peel ply assembly
06/29/17Hollow composite structure and manufacturing
06/29/17Propeller rotor for a vertical take off and landing aircraft
06/29/17Vertical take-off and landing (vtol) aircraft with exhaust deflector
06/29/17System and health assessment of aircraft structure
06/29/17System and health monitoring of hydraulic systems
06/29/17System and improved health management and maintenance decision support
06/22/17Vortex generators and creating vortices on an aircraft
Patent Packs
06/22/17Ice protection systems
06/22/17Tail rotor drive systems
06/15/17Method of making a composite article
06/15/17Gearbox oil cooling assembly
06/08/17Machine for machining gear teeth and gear teeth machining method
06/08/17Rotor blown wing aircraft including a rotor blown wing having at least one selectively controllable control surface and a controlling a rotor blown wing aircraft
06/08/17Detachable power transfer device for a rotary-wing aircraft
06/08/17Foreign object damage elimination system
05/25/17Systems and methods for fatigue monitoring
05/25/17Kinematic motion planning with regional planning constraints
05/18/17Flex beam clamp for rotor assembly
05/18/17Lubrication systems
05/18/17Blade geometry characterization tool
05/18/17System for determining weight-on-wheels using lidar
05/11/17Anodized metal component
05/11/17Vent valve, tank having vent valve, and method
05/11/17Reduced power individual blade control system on a rotorcraft
05/11/17Hydraulic manifold cap web
05/04/17Light weight rigid rotor with blade fold capability
05/04/17Exhaust infrared signature reduction arrangement and reducing temperature of at least a portion of an exhaust duct
05/04/17Convertible engine exhaust for rotocraft
05/04/17Acceptance testing system
04/27/17Fairing with integrated sensory system of a rotary-wing aircraft
04/27/17Aircraft with integrated single sensor
04/27/17Coating and surface repair method
04/27/17Lidar-based vehicle distance measurement system
04/20/17Fracture mechanics based composite damage tolerance criteria
04/13/17Aircraft with overlapped rotors
04/06/17Drag reduction of high speed aircraft
04/06/17Structurally efficient pin wrap
Patent Packs
04/06/17Hover attitude trim for vehicle
04/06/17Group scheduled sensor data acquisition in a wireless sensor system
03/30/17Armored window
03/30/17Electrical augmentation of a gas turbine engine
03/30/17Diagnosis of drive shaft disc couplings
03/16/17Rotor system structural fault estimation
03/16/17Single actuator blade fold linkage
03/16/17System and adaptive multi-scale perception
03/16/17Manned unmanned teaming (mum-t) system to transform image data based on geographic orientation
03/02/17Probe assemblies for aircraft securing systems
03/02/17Metallic dimpled doubler
03/02/17Separation of collective and cyclic actuation
03/02/17Turbine inter-spool energy transfer system
03/02/17Composite over wrap
02/23/17Radially compliant quill shaft
02/23/17Articulated mounts
02/23/17Rotor wireless load and motion monitoring sensor network
02/23/17Active sensing system and sensing with an active sensor system
02/23/17System and digitization of vehicular components
02/16/17Erosion resistant blade and blade coating
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02/16/17Positionally releasable vehicle armor arrangement and defeating positional location of a plate from the same
02/09/17Systems and methods for damping rotor blade assemblies
02/02/17Elevator load alleviating control for a rotary wing aircraft
02/02/17Inlet seal for a turboshaft engine
02/02/17Planetary gear sets for power transmissions
01/26/17De-rotation system for a shaft fairing
01/26/17Rotor phase control
01/26/17Control system and strategy for tail sitter
01/19/17Application of virtual monitoring of loads
01/12/17System and health monitoring of electrical systems
01/12/17System and improved drive system diagnostics
01/05/17Scalable in-situ gear box and powertrain lubricant monitoring systems and methods
12/29/16Method of forming a composite structure
12/29/16Rotor shaft closeout plate
12/29/16Vertical take-off and landing drag rudder
12/22/16Lubrication systems for gearbox assemblies
12/15/16Unmanned vehicle operating modes
12/08/16Magnetic positive detent for helicopter pilot input
12/01/16Applications of multi-grid strain gages
11/24/16Composite spar removable mandrel
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11/17/16Aircraft with thrust vectoring tail
11/17/16Power limiting generator control unit (gcu)
11/17/16System and materials for corrosion detection
11/17/16Adaptive point cloud window selection
11/10/16Triggering systems for cartridge activated devices
11/10/16Tail rotor failure recovery controller
11/10/16Linear electromechanical actuators
11/03/16Rotor apparatus
10/27/16Tail sitter vehicle with aerial and ground refueling system
10/20/16Mission flexible, engine flexible, asymmetric vertical take-off and landing (vtol) aircraft
10/20/16Engine installation of vertical take-off and landing (vtol) aircraft
10/20/16Autonomous long-range landing using sensor data
10/13/16Method for static balancing of aircraft rotor blades
10/06/16Composition hole pattern transfer tooling
09/15/16Bushing retention of threaded fastener
09/08/16High turning angle ejector cooled turbine engine exhaust duct
09/08/16Predictive directional antenna targeting
09/01/16Bubble collector for suction fuel system
08/25/16Quasi self-destructive core for investment casting
08/18/16Direct current (dc) deicing control system, a dc deicing system and an aircraft including a dc deicing system
08/11/16Spar end cap with drain hole provisions
08/04/16Lift offset management and control systems for coaxial rotorcraft
07/28/16Obstacle data model construction system with range sensor shadows and use in motion planning
07/21/16Aircraft with drive element coupled to gearbox housing exterior
07/21/16Propeller gearbox oil cooler for a rotary wing aircract
07/21/16Light weight propulsor gearbox
07/21/16Rotor hub for rotary wing aircraft
07/21/16Aircraft rotor assembly with composite laminate
07/21/16Non-loaded manual blade fold assembly
07/21/16High modulus hybrid material rotor blade spar
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07/21/16Multi-plate clutch
07/14/16Composite stiffened rigid propeller shaped main rotor hub
07/14/16Weight efficient servo attachment scheme for rigid coaxial rotor control system
07/14/16Swashplate apparatus
07/14/16Rotor moment feedback for stability augmentation
07/07/16Vehicle heading error compensation
06/23/16Flexbeam rotor attachment to rotor blade
06/16/16Rotor hub for rotary wing aircraft
06/09/16Guide vanes for a pusher propeller for rotary wing aircraft
06/09/16Unmanned aerial vehicle control handover planning
06/02/16Human machine interface system
06/02/16Torque split gearbox for rotary wing aircraft
05/26/16Vehicle heading error compensation
05/19/16Exhaust mixer and making same
05/12/16Method of forming a multilayered coating for improved erosion resistance
05/05/16Airfoil for rotor blade with reduced pitching moment
04/28/16Probabilistic safe landing area determination
03/24/16Automatic propeller torque protection system
03/24/16Electrified rotorcraft
03/24/16Supplemental power for reduction of prime mover
03/17/16System for controlling and communicating with aircraft
03/10/16Hollow composite structure used as waveguide
03/03/16Unique identifier insert for perishable or consumable tooling
02/25/16Airframe component with electrically bonded connections
02/25/16Vibration absorbing device for flexbeams
02/25/16Rotorcraft flight parameter estimation
02/18/16Restraint for side facing seats installed in an aircraft
02/18/16Dual dissimilar engines for an aircraft
02/18/16System and determining a length of an external load sling

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