Inventors on Sk Hynix Inc patents (recent)

A list of inventors with patent application filings associated with Sk Hynix Inc for 2017.
Note: Some Sk Hynix Inc-related inventors may appear under alternate organization names/spellings.
Inventors are listed solely due to being on a related/assigned patent, and may not be affiliated in any way with the organization.

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Alessandro Sanasi

An Ho Choi

Chang Hyun Kim

Chang Hyun Kim

Chang Jin Sunwoo

Chang Yeol Oh

Chang-hyun Kim

Chang-hyun Lee

Chang-kun Park

Chol Su Chae

Choung Ki Song

Chul Moon Jung

Chul Young Ham

Chun-soo Kang

Da In Im

Dae Han Kwon

Dae-sung Kim

Deok Sin Kil

Do Hee Kim

Do Young Kim

Do Yun Lee

Do-hwan Kim

Don Hyun Choi

Dong Kun Lee

Dong Wook Lee

Dong-soo Kim

Do-young Kim

Do-yun Lee

Duck Hoi Koo

Eu-joon Byun

Eun Ko

Eun Young Park

Eun-jeong Kim

Gil Bok Choi

Goo Min Jeong

Guk-cheon Kim

Hae-gi Choi

Hae-jung Park

Haeng Seon Chae

Han Jun Bae

Han Kyu Chi

Han Kyu Lee

Hee Min Shin

Hee Sang Kim

Hee Youl Lee

Hee-seong Kim

Herve' Caracciolo

Ho Seok Em

Hong-sik Kim

Hoon Choi

Hun Sam Jung

Hun-sam Jung

Hwang Huh

Hyoung Min Im

Hyoung Soon Yune

Hyucksang Yim

Hyuk Choong Kang

Hyun Chul Lee

Hyun Min Song

Hyun Min Song

Hyun Sik Jeong

Hyung Ju Choi

Hyung-jun Cho

Hyung-suk Lee

Hyun-su Yoon

Ik Joon Son

Il-ho Song

In Sik Yoon

Jae Eun Jeon

Jae Ho Hwang

Jae Hyeong Jeong

Jae Hyeong Jeong

Jae Il Kim

Jae Jin Lee

Jae Sung Roh

Jae Sung Yoon

Jae Woo Kim

Jae Young Kim

Jae-il Kim

Jae-jin Lee

Je Sik Yoo

Jeen Park

Jeong Hoon An

Jeong Hoon Kim

Jeong-myeong Kim

Jeong-seok Ha

Ji Man Hong

Jin Ha Hwang

Jin Hee Cho

Jin Hee Cho

Jin Ho Bin

Jin Su Park

Jin-cheol Seo

Jin-ho Yoo

Jin-seon Kim

Jin-woong Kim

Jin-yul Lee

Ji-yong Um

Jong Hee Han

Jong Hyun Kim

Jong Joo Shim

Jong Sam Kim

Jong Sam Kim

Jong Su Kim

Jong Yeol Yang

Jong-bum Park

Jong-chae Kim

Jong-koo Lim

Jong-min Lee

Joon Seong Hahn

Joon Yong Choi

Joong Hyun An

Joonyong Choi

Jun Rye Rho

Jun Seop Chung

Jung-eun Song

Jung-hyun Kim

Jung-hyun Park

Jun-gi Choi

Jun-gi Choi

Jun-gi Choi

Jung-taik Cheong

Keun Kyu Kong

Keun Soo Song

Keun-jun Kim

Ki Hong Lee

Ki Hong Lee

Ki Ill Moon

Ki Soo Kim

Ki Yong Lee

Ki-chang Kwean

Kiryong Kim

Kwan Su Shon

Kwang Hyun Kim

Kwang Hyun Kim

Kwang-su Kim

Kyong Taek Lee

Kyoung-oug Ro

Kyung Hoon Kim

Kyung Hoon Kim

Kyung-wan Kim

Lian Chun Lee

Man Keun Kang

Mi Hyun Hwang

Min Chang Kim

Min Gi Hong

Min Sang Park

Min Sang Park

Min Su Park

Min-chang Kim

Min-seok Shin

Myeong Jae Park

Myeong Seob Kim

Myung Su Kim

Nam Jae Lee

Saeng Hwan Kim

Sang Eun Lee

Sang Jo Lee

Sang Jo Seo

Seok Min Jeon

Seong Min Ma

Seong-ook Jung

Seung Geol Baek

Seung Geun Baek

Seung Ho Pyi

Seung Ho Pyi

Seung Hwan Kim

Seung Kyun Lim

Seung Mo Noh

Seung-ho Lee

Si-wook Yoo

Suk Kwang Park

Suk-hyeon Yoon

Sun Ki Cho

Sung Ho Kim

Sung Hoon Cho

Sung Jae Lee

Sung Kun Park

Sung Wook Jung

Sung Yeob Cho

Sung-hyun Jung

Sung-soo Chi

Tae Heui Kwon

Tae Hoon Kim

Tae Kyun Kim

Taek-sang Song

Tae-kyun Kim

Tae-kyun Kim

Tae-kyung Oh

Tae-woo Jung

Tae-young Lee

Won Kyung Chung

Won-joon Choi

Woo Yeol Shin

Woo Young Lee

Yang-kon Kim

Yeonsu Jang

Yo Seph Jeong

Yong Gu Kang

Yong Jae Park

Yong-ju Kim

Yong-kee Kwon

Yongwoo Lee

Yoon Shik Kang

Yoon-jae Shin

Young Jin Lee

Young Suk Seo

Youngjae An

Young-sik Heo

Yun Bong Lee

Yun Seop Oh

Yun-je Choi

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