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Skyworks Solutions Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Skyworks Solutions Inc. Skyworks Solutions Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Skyworks Solutions Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Skyworks Solutions Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17 new patent  Radio frequency transmission line
09/21/17 new patent  Mobile device with radio frequency transmission line
09/21/17 new patent  Diffusion barrier layer for radio frequency transmission line
09/14/17Voltage mode power combiner for radio frequency linear power amplifier
09/14/17Circuits, devices and methods for reducing co-channel interference
09/07/17Voltage converter control circuits and methods
09/07/17Power amplifier modules with bonding pads and related systems, devices, and methods
08/31/17Transistor layout with low aspect ratio
08/31/17Integrated filter and directional coupler assemblies
08/31/17Attenuation circuits with low insertion loss, and modules and devices using same
08/31/17Circuits and methods for biasing switch body
08/31/17Triple-gate phemt for multi-mode multi-band switch applications
08/31/17Cascode amplifier segmentation for enhanced thermal ruggedness
08/24/173d micromold and pattern transfer
08/24/17Dynamic error vector magnitude compensation
08/24/17High and low voltage limited power amplification system
08/24/17Cascode amplifier having feedback circuits
08/24/17Front-end modules with switched filter assemblies for carrier aggregation
08/17/17Device packaging using a recyclable carrier substrate
08/17/17Shielded lead frame packages
08/17/17Radio frequency switches with reduced clock noise
08/17/17Switching circuit for radio frequency isolation in a portable transceiver
08/17/17Impedance control in radio-frequency switches
08/10/17Apparatus and methods for serial interfaces
08/10/17Apparatus and methods for reducing inductor ringing of a voltage converter
08/10/17Electromagnetic couplers with multi-band filtering
08/10/17Carrier aggregation systems and methods
08/10/17Multi-band device with reduced band loading
08/10/17Diversity modules for processing radio frequency signals
08/03/17Sputtering packaging applications
08/03/17Tunable device having a fet integrated with a bjt
08/03/17Output matching of power amplifiers
08/03/17Uplink and downlink carrier aggregation
08/03/17Apparatus and methods for envelope tracking systems
07/20/17Detecting potentially defective packaged radio-frequency modules
07/20/17Methodologies related to structures having hbt and fet
07/20/17Amplifier with base current reuse
07/20/17Dual mode power amplifier control interface with a multi-mode general purpose input/output interface
07/06/17Circuits, devices, and methods for transmitting data in a serial bus
07/06/17Method and device for improved die bonding
07/06/17Apparatus and methods for electrical overstress protection
07/06/17Variable switched dc-to-dc voltage converter
07/06/17Reducing power amplifier gain drift during a data burst
07/06/17Impedance transformation circuit for amplifier
07/06/17Radio-frequency and bias signal coupling in power amplifier devices
07/06/17Multi-mode power amplifier module
07/06/17Wireless communication system with simplex front-end
07/06/17Automated envelope tracking system
06/29/17Devices and methods related to a sputtered titanium tungsten layer formed over a copper interconnect stack structure
06/29/17Dynamic error vector magnitude correction for radio-frequency amplifiers
06/29/17Power amplification system with adaptive bias control
06/29/17Feed-forward circuit to improve intermodulation distortion performance of radio-frequency switch
06/29/17Overstress indicator
06/22/17Apparatus and methods for envelope shaping in mobile devices
06/22/17Quick-start high-voltage boost
06/15/17Enhanced magnetic loss y- phase hexagonal ferrite for magnetodielectric antenna applications
06/15/17Broadband power amplifier systems and methods
06/15/17Variable capacitor
06/08/17Wide dynamic range broadband current mode linear detector circuits for high power radio frequency power amplifier
06/08/17Low noise amplifier transistors with decreased noise figure and leakage in silicon-on-insulator technology
06/08/17High-gain low noise figure complementary metal oxide semiconductor amplifier with low current consumption
06/08/17Low dropout voltage regulator for highly linear radio frequency power amplifiers
06/08/17Fast switching power amplifier, low noise amplifier, and radio frequency switch circuits
06/08/17Method of providing protective cavity and integrated passive components in wafer level chip scale package using a carrier wafer
06/08/17Active harmonic filters for integrated radio frequency power amplifiers
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06/08/17Reconfigurable multiplexer
06/08/17Multi-stage reconfigurable triplexer
06/08/17Dynamic multiplexer configuration process
06/01/17Radio frequency isolation for soi transistors
06/01/17Apparatus and methods for power amplifier biasing
06/01/17Power amplifier saturation detection
06/01/17Diversity modules for mobile devices
05/25/17Cascode power amplifier with switchable output matching network
05/25/17Devices and methods related to packaging of radio-frequency devices on ceramic substrates
05/18/17Circuits and methods for controlling power amplifiers
05/18/17Apparatus and methods for protecting radio frequency amplifiers from overdrive
05/18/17Integrated switch-filter network
05/11/17Methods for fabricating an integrated circuit with a voltage regulator
05/11/17Apparatus and methods for voltage regulation
05/11/17Devices and methods for below-resonance radio-frequency applications
Patent Packs
05/11/17Circuits and methods related to voltage converters
05/11/17Voltage regulator circuits for wireless devices
05/11/17Linearity performance for multi-mode power amplifiers
05/11/17Distortion correction in cascode power amplifiers
05/04/17Configuring devices in a module
05/04/17Coupling and decoupling devices in a module
05/04/17Devices for methodologies related to wafer carriers
05/04/17Radio frequency architectures and methods providing switchable bypass and pass-through paths
05/04/17Circuits and methods for increasing output frequency of an lc oscillator
05/04/17Digitally controlled attenuators with low phase shift
05/04/17Apparatus and methods for level shifting in a radio frequency system
04/27/17Devices and methods related to fabrication of shielded modules
04/27/17Solder bump placement for thermal management in flip chip amplifiers
04/27/17Gallium arsenide devices with copper backside for direct die solder attach
04/27/17Solder bump placement for emitter-ballasting in flip chip amplifiers
04/27/17Direct substrate to solder bump connection for thermal management in flip chip amplifiers
04/27/17Solder bump placement for grounding in flip chip amplifiers
04/20/17Wire bond cleaning method and wire bonding recovery process
04/20/17Hybrid amplifier and signal combiner
04/20/17Front end architecture with filters having different out of band attenuation
04/20/17Front end architecture with intermittent signaling mode
04/13/17Radio-frequency isolation using front side opening
04/06/17Protecting partially-processed products during transport
04/06/17Modified ni-zn ferrites for radiofrequency applications
04/06/17Modified z-type hexagonal ferrite materials with enhanced resonant frequency
04/06/17Apparatus and methods for tuning a voltage controlled oscillator
04/06/17Aggregate signal amplification device and method
04/06/17Front end system with lossy transmission line between front end module and transceiver
03/30/17Internal serial interface
03/30/17Apparatus and methods for reducing radiated emissions from power amplifiers
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03/30/17Apparatus and methods for multi-mode power amplifiers
03/30/17Apparatus and methods for capacitive load reduction in a mobile device
03/30/17Apparatus and methods for multi-supply voltage power amplifiers
03/30/17Power amplifier linearization system and method
03/30/17Apparatus and methods for biasing of power amplifiers
03/30/17Apparatus and methods for pin diode switches for radio frequency electronic systems
03/30/17Integrated front-end architecture for carrier aggregation
03/30/17Apparatus and methods for reducing radiated emissions from power amplifiers
03/30/17Methods of calibrating a power amplifier system to compensate for envelope amplitude misalignment
03/30/17Apparatus and methods for transmit power control in wireless communication systems
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03/30/17Parallel use of serial controls in improved wireless devices and power amplifier modules
03/30/17Diplexed coupler for carrier aggregation
03/30/17Apparatus and methods for boost regulators with dynamic regulation band
03/23/17Modified current mirror circuit for reduction of switching time
03/23/17Apparatus for reconfigurable directional couplers in an rf transceiver with controllable capacitive coupling
03/23/17Transient liquid phase material bonding and sealing structures and methods of forming same
03/16/17Device including multi-mode input pad
03/16/17Adaptive load for coupler in broadband multimode multiband front end module
03/16/17Electromagnetic couplers for multi-frequency power detection
03/16/17Radio-frequency switch decoder
03/09/17Systems and methods to fabricate a radio frequency integrated circuit
03/09/17Apparatus and methods for radio frequency amplifiers
03/02/17Silicon on porous silicon
03/02/17Circuits, devices and methods related to fine phase shifters
03/02/17Circuits, devices and methods related to quadrant phase shifters
03/02/17Tunable notch filter
03/02/17Tunable notch filter and contour tuning circuit
03/02/17Contour tuning circuit
02/23/17Apparatus and methods for programmable low dropout regulators for radio frequency electronics
02/23/17Non-uniform spacing in transistor stacks
02/23/17Systems and methods for extending operation of radio-frequency power amplifiers
02/16/17Apparatus and methods for envelope tracking systems
02/16/17Switching network for diversity receivers
02/16/17Uplink carrier aggregation architecture
02/09/17Circuits and devices related to overcurrent protection
02/09/17Systems and methods related to linear and efficient broadband power amplifiers
02/09/17Amplifier with termination circuit and resonant circuit
02/09/17Circuits and devices related to multi-harmonic control of amplified signals
02/09/17Power amplifier having biasing with selectable bandwidth
02/09/17Circuits and devices related to compensated power detectors
Patent Packs
02/09/17Voltage swing uniformity in radio-frequency switches
02/09/17Apparatus and methods related to conformal coating implemented with surface mount devices
02/02/17Securing mechanism and wafer bonder
02/02/17Integrated passive device on soi substrate
02/02/17Dynamic error vector magnitude duty cycle correction
02/02/17Power amplification system with programmable load line
02/02/17Apparatus and methods for digital step attenuators with small output glitch
02/02/17Step attenuators
01/26/17Radio-frequency voltage detection
01/26/17Current mirror bias circuit with voltage adjustment
01/26/17Shielded module having compression overmold
01/26/17Transistors having offset contacts for reduced off capacitance
01/26/17Linearizing circuit and amplifier
01/26/17Architectures and devices related to doherty amplifiers
01/26/17Compression control of cascode power amplifiers
01/26/17Feedback compensation for multistage amplifiers
01/26/17Carrier aggregation using diplexers
01/26/17Wideband multiplexer for radio-frequency applications
01/26/17Devices and methods related to radio-frequency filters on silicon-on-insulator substrate
01/26/17Radio frequency systems with transmit and receive isolation
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01/26/17Diversity receiver front end system with amplifier phase compensation
01/26/17Wireless transceiver with switch to reduce harmonic leakage
01/19/17Integrated rf front end system
01/19/17Process-compensated hbt power amplifier bias circuits and methods
01/12/17Devices and methods related to stacked duplexers
01/12/17Signal path in radio-frequency module having laminate substrate
01/05/17Power amplifier with general purpose input output module
01/05/17Bipolar transistor having collector with doping spike
01/05/17Differential amplifier linearization in a radio frequency system
01/05/17Parallel amplifier linearization in a radio frequency system
01/05/17Amplifier linearization in a radio frequency system
01/05/17Cascade amplifier linearization in a radio frequency system
01/05/17Circuits, devices and methods for achieving fast changes in voltage regulator outputs
01/05/17Devices and methods related to high power diode switches with low dc power consumption
01/05/17Complementary metal oxide semiconductor differential antenna transmit-receive switches with power combining circuitry for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systems
12/29/16Method and high performance passive-active circuit integration
12/29/16Power amplifier modules with power amplifier and transmission line and related systems, devices, and methods
12/29/16Power amplifier modules with harmonic termination circuit and related systems, devices, and methods
12/29/16Power amplifier modules including related systems, devices, and methods
12/29/16Flip-chip amplifier with termination circuit
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12/29/16Multiplexers having hybrid circuits with resonators
12/29/16Voltage generator with charge pump and related methods and apparatus
12/29/16Power detection of individual carrier of aggregated carrier
12/29/16Programmable transmit continuous-time filter
12/29/16Detecting power of individual carrier of aggregated carrier
12/22/16Seal ring inductor and forming the same
12/22/16Dither-less multi-stage noise shaping fractional-n frequency synthesizer systems and methods
12/15/16Ultra-high dielectric constant garnet
12/15/16Apparatus and methods for power amplifiers with phase compensation
12/15/16Antenna swap architectures for time-division duplexing communication systems
12/08/16Devices related to barrier for metallization of gallium based semiconductor
12/08/16Variable frequency circuit in attenuator and/or negative voltage generator
12/08/16Circuits and methods for eliminating reference spurs in fractional-n frequency synthesis
12/08/16Calibration and/or adjusting gain associated with voltage-controlled oscillator
12/01/16Materials, devices and methods related to solid oxide fuel cells
12/01/16Devices and methods related to electrostatic discharge-protected cmos switches
12/01/16Multiple band multiple mode transceiver front end flip-chip architecture and circuitry with integrated power amplifiers
12/01/16Integrous signal combiner
12/01/16Impedance matching integrous signal combiner
11/24/16Methods related to a sputtered titanium tungsten layer formed over a copper interconnect stack structure
11/24/16Apparatus for reconfigurable directional couplers in an rf transceiver with selectable phase shifters
11/24/16Methods for reconfiguring directional couplers in an rf transceiver
11/17/16Cavity formation in interface layer in semiconductor devices
11/17/16Backside cavity formation in semiconductor devices
11/17/16Cavity formation in semiconductor devices
11/17/16Substrate opening formation in semiconductor devices
11/17/16Silicon-on-insulator devices having contact layer
11/17/16Circuits, devices and methods related to internal supply for voltage regulators
11/17/16Apparatus and methods for wideband envelope tracking
11/17/16Reference circuits for biasing radio frequency electronics
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11/17/16Radio frequency isolation cavity formation using sacrificial material
11/17/16Radio frequency isolation using substrate opening
11/10/16Gate structure with refractory metal barrier
11/10/16Rf power amplifiers with diode linearizer
11/03/16Wire bond strengthening
11/03/16Substrate bias for field-effect transistor devices
11/03/16Systems, devices and methods related to diversity receivers
11/03/16Testing circuit with directional coupler
10/27/16Methods for shielding a plasma etcher electrode
10/27/16Matching network for broadband power amplifier
10/20/16Methods of forming thin film resistors with high power handling capability
10/13/16Systems and methods for reducing filter insertion loss while maintaining out-of-band attenuation
10/06/16Pre-charged fast wake up low-dropout regulator
10/06/16Multi-band power amplifier
10/06/16Cmos rf switch device and biasing the same
09/29/16Distributed output matching network for a radio frequency power amplifier module
09/29/16Apparatus and methods for power amplifier output matching
09/29/16Combined output matching network and filter for power amplifier with concurrent functionality
09/22/16Multi-mode integrated front end module
09/15/16Single wire serial interface
09/15/16Amplifier voltage limiting in radio-frequency devices
09/08/16Devices and methods related to multiple-pole ceramic resonator filters
09/08/16Dielectric-filled surface-mounted waveguide devices and methods for coupling microwave energy
09/08/16Apparatus and methods for envelope shaping in power amplifier systems
09/08/16Apparatus and methods for radio frequency pin diode switches
09/01/16Apparatus and methods for generating a variable regulated voltage
09/01/16Systems, devices and methods related to stacked band selection switch devices
08/25/16Power amplifier bias signal multiplexing
08/25/16Doherty power amplifier having reduced size

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