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Smith International Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Smith International Inc. Smith International Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Smith International Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Smith International Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Wellbore annular pressure control system and method using gas lift in drilling fluid return line

Smith International

Wellbore annular pressure control system and method using gas lift in drilling fluid return line

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Count Application # Date Smith International Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015008271103/26/15 new patent  Matrix tool bodies with erosion resistant and/or wear resistant matrix materials
22015008342903/26/15 new patent  Wellbore annular pressure control system and method using gas lift in drilling fluid return line
32015007587803/19/15Cutting element for a downhole tool
42015006880403/12/15Downhole tool for increasing a wellbore diameter
52015006881503/12/15Fixed cutter drill bit with multiple cutting elements at first radial position to cut core
62015006881603/12/15Orientation of cutting element at first radial position to cut core
72015006881703/12/15Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond and methods of making the same
82015007376003/12/15System and selecting a drill bit and modifying a drill bit design
92015006014403/05/15Turbine blade for turbodrills
102015006015103/05/15Cutting elements with wear resistant diamond surface
112015005305002/26/15Cutter pocket design
122015005339102/26/15Radially expandable stabilizer
132015004791002/19/15Downhole cutting tools having rolling cutters with non-planar cutting surfaces
142015004791102/19/15Using magnetic force/field for drill bits and other cutting tools
152015004791302/19/15Cutters for fixed cutter bits
162015005007602/19/15Locking ring with tapered recesses
172015005008302/19/15Locking ring with stabilizing blades
182015002110101/22/15Polycrystalline diamond materials having improved abrasion resistance, thermal stability and impact resistance
192015002205101/22/15Fiber reinforced elastomeric stator
202015001406101/15/15Hydraulic actuation of a downhole tool assembly
212015001406701/15/15Cutter protection during leaching process
222015000804101/08/15High stiffness tool for expanding a wellbore
232014037415612/25/14Methods of reducing stress in downhole tools
242014037416312/25/14Actuating a downhole tool
252014037416912/25/14Retention of multiple rolling cutters
262014036717412/18/14Cutting structures and structures for retaining the same
272014036717812/18/14Cutting structures for fixed cutter drill bit and other downhole cutting tools
282014036760212/18/14Valve member with composite seal
292014036078912/11/14Spacing of rolling cutters on a fixed cutter bit
302014035295112/04/14Fine control of casing pressure
312014035304612/04/14Hybrid bit with roller cones near the bit axis
322014033988211/20/14Axially stable retention mechanism for picks and cutting elements
332014032651511/06/14Rotating cutting elements for pdc bits
342014030997810/16/14Methods for analyzing and designing bottom hole assemblies
352014029872810/09/14Cemented carbide composite for a downhole tool
362014029014610/02/14Polycrystalline diamond cutting elements with engineered porosity and manufacturing such cutting elements
372014025996209/18/14Carbonate pcd with a distribution of si and/or al
382014025996309/18/14Carbonate pcd and methods of making the same
392014026250809/18/14Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter
402014026251409/18/14Measuring torque in a downhole environment
412014026252309/18/14Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter
422014026252409/18/14Downhole turbine motor and related assemblies
432014026252509/18/14Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter
442014026252809/18/14Sidetracking system and related methods
452014026253609/18/14Downhole cutting tools having hybrid cutting structures
462014026254209/18/14Downhole tools including ternary boride-based cermet and methods of making the same
472014026254409/18/14Cutting structures for fixed cutter drill bit and other downhole cutting tools
482014026254509/18/14Cutting structures for fixed cutter drill bit and other downhole cutting tools
492014026265009/18/14Rotary shock absorption tool
502014026267709/18/14Locking clutch for downhole motor
512014025079809/11/14Thermally stable polycrystalline ultra-hard constructions
522014025161609/11/14Downhole tool for removing a casing portion
532014023874808/28/14Slotted liner drilling
542014022383608/14/14Composite cutter substrate to mitigate residual stress
552014021592708/07/14Polycrystalline diamond constructions having optimized material composition
562014021681908/07/14System and coupling a drill bit to a whipstock
572014021682708/07/14Cutter assemblies, downhole tools incorporating such cutter assemblies and methods of making such downhole tools
582014019695607/17/14High shear roller cone drill bits
592014018221507/03/14Thermally stable diamond polycrystalline diamond constructions
602014018293707/03/14Roller cone drill bit
612014018293807/03/14Piston strike face and bit interface for percussion hammer drill
622014018293907/03/14Percussion drill bit with conical cutting elements
632014018294007/03/14Underreamer for increasing a bore diameter
642014018294707/03/14Cutting insert for percussion drill bit
652014018294807/03/14Lower melting point binder metals
662014018379807/03/14Manufacture of cutting elements having lobes
672014018380007/03/14Manufacture of cutting elements having lobes
682014018597207/03/14Bearing assembly for a drilling tool
692014017483306/26/14Positioning stabilizer assembly using shoulder ring
702014017483406/26/14Rolling cutter with bottom support
712014016547506/19/14Method to improve efficiency of pcd leaching
722014016630506/19/14Milling cutter having undulating chip breaker
732014016636606/19/14Single-trip lateral coring systems and methods
742014016636706/19/14Coring bit to whipstock systems and methods
752014017031206/19/14Method of making rhenium coating
762014017230306/19/14Methods and systems for analyzing the quality of a wellbore
772014015836706/12/14Wellhead latch and removal systems
782014015035106/05/14Cutting element and a manufacturing a cutting element
792014014471205/29/14Eruption control in thermally stable pcd products by the addition of transition metal carbide
802014014909605/29/14Method of selecting drill bits
812014013041805/15/14Method of making carbonate pcd and sintering carbonate pcd on carbide substrate
822014013111705/15/14Sintering of thick solid carbonate-based pcd for drilling application
832014013111805/15/14Method of using spring loaded blocker to retain rolling cutters or mechanical lock cutters
842014012356205/08/14Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond material with gradient structure
852014012427005/08/14Pdc bits having rolling cutters and using mixed chamfers
862014012427105/08/14Cutting elements, methods for manufacturing such cutting elements, and tools incorporating such cutting elements
872014011679105/01/14Diamond bonded construction with thermally stable region
882014010949104/24/14Thermally stable diamond bonded materials and compacts
892014011012904/24/14Hydraulic disconnect
902014011018004/24/14Ultra-hard material cutting elements, methods of forming the same and bits incorporating the same
912014011018104/24/14Methods for designing fixed cutter bits and bits made using such methods
922014010279704/17/14Selective deployment of underreamers and stabilizers
932014010279804/17/14Stabilizing members for fixed cutter drill bit
942014010364304/17/14Friction welded heavy weight drill pipes
952014009702404/10/14Drill bits having depth of cut control features and methods of making and using the same
962014009715904/10/14System and brazing tsp materials to substrates
972014009513404/03/14Pdc drill bit with cutter design optimized with dynamic centerline analysis and having dynamic centerline trajectory
982014008301903/27/14Matrix body fixed cuter bits
992014006972503/13/14Ultra-hard constructions with erosion resistance
1002014006972703/13/14Ultra-hard constructions with improved attachment strength
1012014006093803/06/14Polycrystalline diamond material with high toughness and high wear resistance
1022014005409402/27/14Rolling cutter with close loop retaining ring
1032014005409502/27/14Highly wear resistant diamond insert with improved transition structure
1042014004194802/13/14Cutting elements having cutting edges with continuous varying radii and bits incorporating the same
1052014003431702/06/14Extended duration section mill and methods of use
1062014003439402/06/14Ball hole welding using the friction stir welding (fsw) process
1072014003439602/06/14Cutting elements with re-processed thermally stable polycrystalline diamond cutting layers, bits incorporating the same, and methods of making the same
1082014003439702/06/14Downhole reamer asymmetric cutting structures
1092014003985402/06/14Methods for modeling wear of fixed cutter bits and for designing and optimizing fixed cutter bits
1102014002711701/30/14System and cutting and removing casings from wellbore
1112014001367101/16/14Cutting elements, methods for manufacturing such cutting elements, and tools incorporating such cutting elements
1122014001391301/16/14Thermally stable pcd with pcbn transition layer
1132014000751201/09/14Techniques and materials for the accelerated removal of catalyst material from diamond bodies
1142013034110112/26/13Feature to eliminate shale packing/shale evacuation channel
1152013033395312/19/13Cutting elements retained within sleeves
1162013029218611/07/13Gage cutter protection for drilling bits
1172013028370110/31/13Manufacture of thermally stable cutting elements
1182013027001010/17/13Drill bits having depth of cut control features and methods of making and using the same
1192013026374810/10/13High pressure high temperature cell
1202013026412410/10/13Thermally stable materials, cutter elements with such thermally stable materials, and methods of forming the same
1212013025603110/03/13Down hole tool with adjustable fluid viscosity
1222013022837609/05/13Flow diverter ring for mud saver valves
1232013022070608/29/13Kerfing hybrid drill bit and other downhole cutting tools
1242013022070708/29/13Rolling cutter
1252013021365408/22/13Cementing whipstock apparatus and methods
1262013020640108/15/13Actuation a downhole tool
1272013019978408/08/13Extended whipstock and mill assembly
1282013019978508/08/13Multi-cycle pipe cutter and related methods
1292013017509507/11/13Pressure activated flow switch for a downhole tool
1302013017509607/11/13Percussion drilling assembly and hammer bit with gage and outer row reinforcement
1312013016815107/04/13System and method to facilitate the drilling of a deviated borehole
1322013016815507/04/13Diamond enhanced drilling insert with high impact resistance
1332013016815607/04/13Diamond enhanced insert with fine and ultrafine microstructure of pcd working surface resisting crack formation
1342013016815707/04/13Thermally stable polycrystalline ultrahard material reinforced with fibrous materials
1352013016815807/04/13Method for braze joining of carbonate pcd
1362013016815907/04/13Solid pcd cutter
1372013016816107/04/13Weighing scale system, apparatus and use
1382013015248006/20/13Methods for manufacturing polycrystalline ultra-hard constructions and polycrystalline ultra-hard constructions
1392013015330606/20/13Fixed cutter drill bit heel and back-ream cutter protections for abrasive applications
1402013014636106/13/13Apparatuses and methods for stabilizing downhole tools
1412013014636706/13/13Rolling cutter with improved rolling efficiency
1422013014636806/13/13Method for forming a cutting element and downhole tools incorporating the same
1432013014636906/13/13Diamond bonded construction with thermally stable region
1442013015115706/13/13Dynamic borehole azimuth measurements
1452013014009306/06/13Drill bit having geometrically sharp inserts
1462013014009406/06/13Rolling cutter using pin, ball or extrusion on the bit body as attachment methods
1472013013353105/30/13High pressure carbide component with surfaces incorporating gradient structures
1482013013395405/30/13Roller reamer compound wedge retention
1492013013395705/30/13Shear cutter with improved wear resistance of wc-co substrate
1502013012547505/23/13Tungsten rhenium compounds and composites and methods for forming the same
1512013010475505/02/13Construction and composition of preformed containers used in a high-pressure press
1522013009868204/25/13Optimized reaming system based upon weight on tool
1532013009868804/25/13Drill bits having rotating cutting structures thereon
1542013009244904/18/13Low coefficient of thermal expansion cermet compositions
1552013008444604/04/13High content pcbn compact including w-re binder
1562013006782703/21/13Polycrystalline diamond materials having improved abrasion resistance, thermal stability and impact resistance
1572013006205203/14/13Pressure lock for jars
1582013005554403/07/13Spray system for application of adhesive to a stator tube
1592013004828702/28/13Hydraulic stabilizer for use with a downhole casing cutter
1602013004838402/28/13Apparatus and controlling or limiting rotor orbit in moving cavity motors and pumps
1612013004838802/28/13Drill bit with cutting elements having functionally engineered wear surface
1622013004838902/28/13Fine polycrystalline diamond compact with a grain growth inhibitor layer between diamond and substrate
1632013003607702/07/13Neural net for use in drilling simulation
1642013002013401/24/13Fixed cutter drill bit with core fragmentation feature
1652013001500001/17/13Innovative cutting element and cutting structure using same
1662012032548012/27/12Dual string section mill
1672012031260212/13/12Highly wear resistant composite rotary seals with wear layer at inner diameter and/or outer diameter embedded inside or between rubber layers
1682012031678712/13/12Optimization of dynamically changing downhole tool settings
1692012030619612/06/12Anti-back off device for down hole tools and drive systems
1702012029842311/29/12Jet arrangement on an expandable downhole tool
1712012030328011/29/12Borehole independent neutron porosity measurement
1722012028822611/15/12Flow control through thrust bearing assembly
1732012028834311/15/12Machining long tube lengths and related methods
1742012027970911/08/12Expandable downhole casing coupling locator tool
1752012027328011/01/12Polycrystalline diamond compact cutters with conic shaped end
1762012027328111/01/12Methods of attaching rolling cutters in fixed cutter bits using sleeve, compression spring, and/or pin(s)/ball(s)
1772012026709910/25/12System and deploying a downhole casing patch
1782012026119610/18/12High diamond frame strength pcd materials
1792012025579310/11/12Matrix powder for matrix body fixed cutter bits
1802012024784110/04/12Coating on pdc/tsp cutter for accelerated leaching
1812012024702910/04/12Thermally stable diamond polycrystalline diamond constructions
1822012025367610/04/12Method of directional resistivity logging
1832012023456109/20/12Dual wiper plug system
1842012023461009/20/12Cutting structures for fixed cutter drill bit and other downhole cutting tools
1852012022733209/13/12Deep leach pressure vessel for shear cutters
1862012022803209/13/12Expandable window milling bit and methods of milling a window in casing
1872012021702508/30/12Metal expandable element back-up ring for high pressure/high temperature packer
1882012021128008/23/12Integrated reaming and measurement system and related methods of use
1892012020516308/16/12Kerfing hybrid drill bit and other downhole cutting tools
1902012019936308/09/12Downhole tool actuation
1912012018681707/26/12Multi-cycle pipe cutter and related methods
1922012018687907/26/12Drill bit having enhanced stabilization features and use thereof
1932012016823207/05/12Localized features and manufacturing methods for inserts of rock bits
1942012016352306/28/12Synchronization methods for downhole communication
1952012013836906/07/12Methods to manufacture downhole tools with finished features as an integral cage
1962012013953006/07/12Electromagnetic array for subterranean magnetic ranging operations
1972012013954306/07/12Methods for improved active ranging and target well magnetization
1982012013185505/31/12Diamond impregnated bits and using and manufacturing the same
1992012013185605/31/12Fabrication of ultrafine polycrystalline diamond with nano-sized grain growth inhibitor
2002012013247005/31/12Apparatus and controlling or limiting rotor orbit in moving cavity motors and pumps
2012012013247105/31/12Rolling cutter placement on pdc bits
2022012012569605/24/12Polycrystalline diamond constructions having optimized material composition
2032012012783005/24/12Downhole imaging system and related methods of use
2042012013068505/24/12Techniques for modeling/simulating, designing, optimizing and displaying hybrid drill bits
2052012011855905/17/12Rcd sealing elements with multiple elastomer materials
2062012010369905/03/12Interface design of tsp shear cutters
2072012010507605/03/12Method of correcting resistivity measurements for toll bending effects
2082012009745804/26/12Diamond bonded construction with thermally stable region
2092012009090004/19/12Special curve braze sheet for top loading cutter to get better braze strength
2102012007311303/29/12Adaptor flange for rotary control device
2112012007387903/29/12Downhole reamer asymmetric cutting structures
2122012007388103/29/12Rolling cutter
2132012006765103/22/12Hardfacing compositions, methods of applying the hardfacing compositions, and tools using such hardfacing compositions
2142012006110303/15/12Multiple ball- ball seat for hydraulic fracturing with reduced pumping pressure
2152012005509903/08/12Edm cuttable, high cbn content solid pcbn compact
2162012005118403/01/12Method of acoustic ranging
2172012004372602/23/12Multiple sealing element assembly
2182012004478302/23/12Acoustic waveform stacking using azimuthal and/or standoff binning
2192012004686802/23/12Downhole closed-loop geosteering methodology
2202012001817201/26/12Liner hanger fluid diverter tool and related methods
2212011030886412/22/11Impregnated drill bits and methods of manufacturing the same
2222011030537112/15/11Borehole image reconstruction using inversion and tool spatial sensitivity functions
2232011029676512/08/11Ultra-hard constructions with enhanced second phase
2242011029745412/08/11Rolling cutter assembled directly to the bit pockets
2252011029048712/01/11Cutting tool
2262011028423311/24/11Hydraulic actuation of a downhole tool assembly
2272011028429311/24/11Rolling cutter bit design
2282011028630711/24/11Acoustic logging while drilling tool having raised transducers
2292011028630811/24/11Downlinking communication system and method
2302011028630911/24/11Downlinking communication system and method using signal transition detection
2312011028010111/17/11Unipole and bipole acoustic logging while drilling tools
2322011028010211/17/11Methods for making acoustic anisotropy logging while drilling measurements
2332011027160311/10/11Diamond-bonded constructions with improved thermal and mechanical properties
2342011027257011/10/11Method and neutron logging using a position sensitive neutron detector
2352011025883610/27/11Percussion drilling assembly with annular locking member
2362011025961010/27/11High pressure and high temperature ball seat
2372011025338710/20/11Cementing whipstock apparatus and methods
2382011025345710/20/11Drag bit with utility blades
2392011024727810/13/11Polycrystalline diamond constructions having improved thermal stability
2402011024783210/13/11Expandable slip ring for use with liner hangers and liner top packers
2412011024037210/06/11Article of manufacture having a sub-surface friction stir welded channel
2422011024037410/06/11Downhole tool having a friction stirred surface region
2432011024377410/06/11Undercut stator for a positive displacment motor
2442011023220009/29/11Manufacture of thermally stable cutting elements
2452011023296809/29/11Borehole drilling optimization with multiple cutting structures
2462011023296909/29/11Downhole tool deactivation and re-activation
2472011021487109/08/11Flushing procedure for rotating control device
2482011021487509/08/11Completion string deployment in a subterranean well
2492011021496309/08/11Locking clutch for downhole motor

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