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Smith International Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Smith International Inc. Smith International Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Smith International Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Smith International Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/13/17Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter
04/13/17Axially compressive degradation picks and holders
04/06/17Carbonate pcd and methods of making the same
03/30/17Retention of multiple rolling cutters
03/30/17Downhole tool with longitudinally offset fluid ports
03/30/17Pressure pumping valves and methods of making such valves
03/16/17Apparatus and controlling or limiting rotor orbit in moving cavity motors and pumps
03/02/17Cutting structure with blade having multiple cutting edges
02/23/17Rotary percussive device
02/09/17Method of making rhenium coating
02/09/17Highly wear resistant diamond insert with improved transition structure
01/26/17Downhole tool for removing a casing portion
12/15/16Instrumented percussion hammer bit
12/01/16Hybrid drill bit
12/01/16Managed pressure drilling with rig heave compensation
11/03/16Multi-piece body manufacturing hybrid bit
11/03/16Extended duration section mill and methods of use
10/20/16High content pcbn compact including w-re binder
10/20/16Heat treated heavy weight drill pipe
10/06/16Innovative cutting element and cutting structure using same
10/06/16Controller apparatus, system and/or controlling pressures in a fluid control system
08/25/16Multi-cycle pipe cutter and related methods
08/11/16Polycrystalline diamond construction with controlled gradient metal content
08/11/16Cemented carbide composite for a downhole tool
07/07/16Passive pressure and load balancing bearing
06/30/16Manufacture of cutting elements having lobes
06/30/16Additive manufacturing of composite molds
06/30/16Diamond enhanced drilling insert with high impact resistance
06/30/16Remote-controlled self-powered clamping system
06/30/16Method and apparatus to manufacture a progressive cavity motor or pump
06/30/16Flow restrictor for a mud motor
06/23/16Drill bits with core feature for directional drilling applications and methods of use thereof
06/23/16Extended or raised nozzle for pdc bits
06/23/16Telescopic joint with interchangeable inner barrel(s)
06/16/16Cutting element with varied substrate length
06/16/16Ultra-hard material cutting elements and methods of manufacturing the same with a metal-rich intermediate layer
05/26/16Diamond enhanced insert with controlled diamond frame strength
05/26/16Low collision damage bit
05/12/16Graphite heater with tailored resistance characteristics for hpht presses and products made therein
05/12/16Cutting elements and bits for sidetracking
05/05/16Trim for choke
05/05/16Shear cutter with improved wear resistance of wc-co substrate
04/21/16Bearing assembly for a drilling tool
04/21/16Reinforced directional drilling assemblies and methods of forming same
04/14/16Underreamer with adjustable cutter block expansion
03/31/16Balancing load on milling cutting elements
03/10/16Axially actuated external wellhead latch
03/03/16Flux-coated binder for making metal-matrix composites, a drill body and drill bit including the same, and methods of manufacture
03/03/16Hybrid cutting structures with blade undulations
03/03/16Cutting element backing support
02/25/16Hydraulic fracturing while drilling and/or tripping
02/18/16Method for forming a cutting element and downhole tools incorporating the same
02/11/16U-joint with high torque capacity and improved thrust bearing capacity
02/11/16Drill motor connecting rod
02/11/16Milling system providing cuttings re-circulation
02/11/16Milling tools with a secondary attrition system
02/04/16Modified cutters and a drilling with modified cutters
02/04/16Pressure lock for jars
02/04/16Tool for measuring wellbore geometry
02/04/16Highly reinforced elastometric stator
01/21/16Spline insert for a downhole tool
01/14/16Thru-casing milling
12/31/15Downhole tool using a locking clutch
12/31/15Rolling cone drill bit having high density cutting elements
12/31/15Measuring fluid properties in a downhole tool
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12/31/15Cutting insert for initiating a cutout
12/31/15Dual bearing rotating control head and method
12/17/15Testing of drill pipe inspection equipment
12/10/15Polycrystalline diamond cutting element and bit body assemblies
12/10/15Downhole tool with expandable stabilizer and underreamer
12/10/15Systems and methods for activating a downhole tool
12/03/15Polycrystalline ultra-hard constructions with multiple support members
12/03/15Downhole rotational speed measurement system and method
11/26/15Methods for analyzing and optimizing casing while drilling assemblies
11/12/15Coating on pdc/tsp cutter for accelerated leaching
11/12/15Hydraulically locked tool
10/29/15Casing drilling under reamer apparatus and method
10/15/15Pcbn composites and methods of making the same
10/15/15High diamond frame strength pcd materials
10/15/15Dual string section mill
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10/08/15Apparatuses and methods for stabilizing downhole tools
10/08/15Bit with co-radial cutting profile and cutting element
10/01/15Single-trip casing cutting and bridge plug setting
09/17/15Friction stirring and its application to drill bits, oil field and mining tools, and components in other industrial applications
09/17/15Cutting elements having non-planar surfaces and downhole cutting tools using such cutting elements
09/03/15Automated rate of penetration optimization while milling
08/13/15Multi-stage flow device
07/16/15Polycrystalline ultra-hard material with microstructure substantially free of catalyst material eruptions
07/02/15Chemical leaching/thermal decomposing carbonate in carbonate pcd
07/02/15Pcd wafer without substrate for high pressure / high temperature sintering
07/02/15Systems for forming lateral wellbores
07/02/15Underreamer for increasing a bore diameter
07/02/15Computing systems, tools, and methods for simulating wellbore re-entry
07/02/15Computing systems, tools, and methods for simulating wellbore departure
07/02/15Computing systems, tools, and methods for simulating wellbore abandonment
06/18/15Eccentric adjustment coupling for mud motors
06/18/15Cutting elements for casing milling
05/28/15Hydraulically actuated tool with electrical throughbore
05/28/15Cutter block for a downhole underreamer
05/21/15Retrieval tool and methods of use
05/21/15Pressure pulse generating tool
05/14/15Polycrystalline diamond cutting elements with transition zones and downhole cutting tools incorporating the same
04/30/15Mill with adjustable gauge diameter
04/30/15Vibration tool
04/30/15Inhibition of microfissure formation in wear resistant coatings
04/30/15Diamond bonded construction with reattached diamond body
04/16/15Downhole tool for sidetracking
04/16/15Balancing of drill bits
03/26/15Matrix tool bodies with erosion resistant and/or wear resistant matrix materials
03/26/15Wellbore annular pressure control system and method using gas lift in drilling fluid return line
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03/19/15Cutting element for a downhole tool
03/12/15Downhole tool for increasing a wellbore diameter
03/12/15Fixed cutter drill bit with multiple cutting elements at first radial position to cut core
03/12/15Orientation of cutting element at first radial position to cut core
03/12/15Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond and methods of making the same
03/12/15System and selecting a drill bit and modifying a drill bit design
03/05/15Turbine blade for turbodrills
03/05/15Cutting elements with wear resistant diamond surface
02/26/15Cutter pocket design
02/26/15Radially expandable stabilizer
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02/19/15Downhole cutting tools having rolling cutters with non-planar cutting surfaces
02/19/15Using magnetic force/field for drill bits and other cutting tools
02/19/15Cutters for fixed cutter bits
02/19/15Locking ring with tapered recesses
02/19/15Locking ring with stabilizing blades
01/22/15Polycrystalline diamond materials having improved abrasion resistance, thermal stability and impact resistance
01/22/15Fiber reinforced elastomeric stator
01/15/15Hydraulic actuation of a downhole tool assembly
01/15/15Cutter protection during leaching process
01/08/15High stiffness tool for expanding a wellbore
12/25/14Methods of reducing stress in downhole tools
12/25/14Actuating a downhole tool
12/25/14Retention of multiple rolling cutters
12/18/14Cutting structures and structures for retaining the same
12/18/14Cutting structures for fixed cutter drill bit and other downhole cutting tools
12/18/14Valve member with composite seal
12/11/14Spacing of rolling cutters on a fixed cutter bit
12/04/14Fine control of casing pressure
12/04/14Hybrid bit with roller cones near the bit axis
11/20/14Axially stable retention mechanism for picks and cutting elements
11/06/14Rotating cutting elements for pdc bits
10/16/14Methods for analyzing and designing bottom hole assemblies
10/09/14Cemented carbide composite for a downhole tool
10/02/14Polycrystalline diamond cutting elements with engineered porosity and manufacturing such cutting elements
09/18/14Carbonate pcd with a distribution of si and/or al
09/18/14Carbonate pcd and methods of making the same
09/18/14Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter
09/18/14Measuring torque in a downhole environment
09/18/14Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter
09/18/14Downhole turbine motor and related assemblies
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09/18/14Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter
09/18/14Sidetracking system and related methods
09/18/14Downhole cutting tools having hybrid cutting structures
09/18/14Downhole tools including ternary boride-based cermet and methods of making the same
09/18/14Cutting structures for fixed cutter drill bit and other downhole cutting tools
09/18/14Cutting structures for fixed cutter drill bit and other downhole cutting tools
09/18/14Rotary shock absorption tool
09/18/14Locking clutch for downhole motor
09/11/14Thermally stable polycrystalline ultra-hard constructions
09/11/14Downhole tool for removing a casing portion
08/28/14Slotted liner drilling
08/14/14Composite cutter substrate to mitigate residual stress
08/07/14Polycrystalline diamond constructions having optimized material composition
08/07/14System and coupling a drill bit to a whipstock
08/07/14Cutter assemblies, downhole tools incorporating such cutter assemblies and methods of making such downhole tools
07/17/14High shear roller cone drill bits
07/03/14Thermally stable diamond polycrystalline diamond constructions
07/03/14Roller cone drill bit
07/03/14Piston strike face and bit interface for percussion hammer drill
07/03/14Percussion drill bit with conical cutting elements
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07/03/14Underreamer for increasing a bore diameter
07/03/14Cutting insert for percussion drill bit
07/03/14Lower melting point binder metals
07/03/14Manufacture of cutting elements having lobes
07/03/14Manufacture of cutting elements having lobes
07/03/14Bearing assembly for a drilling tool
06/26/14Positioning stabilizer assembly using shoulder ring
06/26/14Rolling cutter with bottom support
06/19/14Method to improve efficiency of pcd leaching
06/19/14Milling cutter having undulating chip breaker
06/19/14Single-trip lateral coring systems and methods
06/19/14Coring bit to whipstock systems and methods
06/19/14Method of making rhenium coating
06/19/14Methods and systems for analyzing the quality of a wellbore
06/12/14Wellhead latch and removal systems
06/05/14Cutting element and a manufacturing a cutting element
05/29/14Eruption control in thermally stable pcd products by the addition of transition metal carbide
05/29/14Method of selecting drill bits
05/15/14Method of making carbonate pcd and sintering carbonate pcd on carbide substrate
05/15/14Sintering of thick solid carbonate-based pcd for drilling application
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05/15/14Method of using spring loaded blocker to retain rolling cutters or mechanical lock cutters
05/08/14Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond material with gradient structure
05/08/14Pdc bits having rolling cutters and using mixed chamfers
05/08/14Cutting elements, methods for manufacturing such cutting elements, and tools incorporating such cutting elements
05/01/14Diamond bonded construction with thermally stable region
04/24/14Thermally stable diamond bonded materials and compacts
04/24/14Hydraulic disconnect
04/24/14Ultra-hard material cutting elements, methods of forming the same and bits incorporating the same
04/24/14Methods for designing fixed cutter bits and bits made using such methods
04/17/14Selective deployment of underreamers and stabilizers
04/17/14Stabilizing members for fixed cutter drill bit
04/17/14Friction welded heavy weight drill pipes
04/10/14Drill bits having depth of cut control features and methods of making and using the same
04/10/14System and brazing tsp materials to substrates
04/03/14Pdc drill bit with cutter design optimized with dynamic centerline analysis and having dynamic centerline trajectory
03/27/14Matrix body fixed cuter bits
03/13/14Ultra-hard constructions with erosion resistance
03/13/14Ultra-hard constructions with improved attachment strength
03/06/14Polycrystalline diamond material with high toughness and high wear resistance
02/27/14Rolling cutter with close loop retaining ring
02/27/14Highly wear resistant diamond insert with improved transition structure
02/13/14Cutting elements having cutting edges with continuous varying radii and bits incorporating the same
02/06/14Extended duration section mill and methods of use
02/06/14Ball hole welding using the friction stir welding (fsw) process
02/06/14Cutting elements with re-processed thermally stable polycrystalline diamond cutting layers, bits incorporating the same, and methods of making the same
02/06/14Downhole reamer asymmetric cutting structures
02/06/14Methods for modeling wear of fixed cutter bits and for designing and optimizing fixed cutter bits
01/30/14System and cutting and removing casings from wellbore
01/16/14Cutting elements, methods for manufacturing such cutting elements, and tools incorporating such cutting elements
01/16/14Thermally stable pcd with pcbn transition layer
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01/09/14Techniques and materials for the accelerated removal of catalyst material from diamond bodies
12/26/13Feature to eliminate shale packing/shale evacuation channel
12/19/13Cutting elements retained within sleeves
11/07/13Gage cutter protection for drilling bits
10/31/13Manufacture of thermally stable cutting elements
10/17/13Drill bits having depth of cut control features and methods of making and using the same
10/10/13High pressure high temperature cell
10/10/13Thermally stable materials, cutter elements with such thermally stable materials, and methods of forming the same
10/03/13Down hole tool with adjustable fluid viscosity
09/05/13Flow diverter ring for mud saver valves
08/29/13Kerfing hybrid drill bit and other downhole cutting tools
08/29/13Rolling cutter
08/22/13Cementing whipstock apparatus and methods
08/15/13Actuation a downhole tool
08/08/13Extended whipstock and mill assembly
08/08/13Multi-cycle pipe cutter and related methods
07/11/13Pressure activated flow switch for a downhole tool
07/11/13Percussion drilling assembly and hammer bit with gage and outer row reinforcement
07/04/13System and method to facilitate the drilling of a deviated borehole
07/04/13Diamond enhanced drilling insert with high impact resistance
07/04/13Diamond enhanced insert with fine and ultrafine microstructure of pcd working surface resisting crack formation
07/04/13Thermally stable polycrystalline ultrahard material reinforced with fibrous materials
07/04/13Method for braze joining of carbonate pcd
07/04/13Solid pcd cutter
07/04/13Weighing scale system, apparatus and use
06/20/13Methods for manufacturing polycrystalline ultra-hard constructions and polycrystalline ultra-hard constructions
06/20/13Fixed cutter drill bit heel and back-ream cutter protections for abrasive applications
06/13/13Apparatuses and methods for stabilizing downhole tools
06/13/13Rolling cutter with improved rolling efficiency

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