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Recent patent applications related to Sms Group Gmbh. Sms Group Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sms Group Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sms Group Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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A converter for the production of steel by a blowing process from a substantially liquid raw material, in particular pig iron, includes several injectors which are dispersed in the sidewall of the converter about the converter inner circumference and directed towards the bath level for refining the pig iron. The injectors are designed as supersonic nozzle, which are surrounded by a ring nozzle forming an enveloping gas jet. ... Sms Group Gmbh

Method for producing metal strips

A method for producing metal strip in a rolling mill, so that as a result of a more accurate manufacturing of metal strips in the future, a more precise forecasting of the profile contour of the metal strip can be obtained over the width of the metal strip, as well as a more precise setting of the profile actuator of the rolling mill. A forecast value is calculated for the profile contour within the context of the simulation of the rolling process before the rolling of the metal strip. ... Sms Group Gmbh

Roller device

A roller device assembly, in particular for forming a strand guiding section (100) of a casting machine includes at least two roller devices each having a cross beam (30) and at least one roller element (10) supported on the cross beam (30) by means of roller bearings (20, 22), wherein guiding means for at least three different media are provided in the cross beam (30).. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

Straightening apparatus and method of changing rollers thereof

The invention relates to a straightening machine (1) for straightening an elongated semifinished product with straightening roller elements (6), with a roller table line (3) designed as a conveying section (4), with a stand device (7), which holds the straightening roller elements (6) with respect to the conveying section (4) and comprises a drive-side stand half (17) and an operator-side stand half (18), which is displaceable with respect to the drive-side stand half (17), with a changing device (25) for changing the straightening roller elements (6) and with a changing path (35), along which the straightening roller elements (6) can be moved for changing, in which machine the straightening roller elements (6) are movable on the one hand by means of the operator-side stand half (18) along a first segment (36) of the changing path (35), which extends in a horizontal displacement plane (20), and on the other hand by means of the changing device (25) along a further segment (37) of the changing path (35), which extends in a horizontal changing plane (32), characterized in that the horizontal changing plane (32) is arranged in the region of the physical vertical extent (40) of the operator-side stand half (18).. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

Preparing a tube end for rod drawing

An apparatus for preparing a tube end for rod drawing with a floating mandrel has a releasable holder for the tube end centered on an axis, a frustoconical and spreadable floating mandrel, and a device for inserting the mandrel into the tube end and spreading the mandrel to flare the tube end. The apparatus further has a feed mechanism for inserting the floating mandrel into the tube end and/or a deforming device for making at least one indentation in the tube for holding the floating mandrel.. ... Sms Group Gmbh

Device and method for cooling a roll

The invention relates to a device and a method for cooling a roll. The roll concerned can be a roller in a roll stand or a measuring roll. ... Sms Group Gmbh

Pressing tool part and device for eliminating flatness defects on planar semifinished products

A pressing tool part for eliminating a flatness defect on a flat semi-finished product provided with a pressing surface facing the flat semi-finished product. The pressing tool includes part half segments separated from each other by a material weakening, which are connected to one another on the one hand to by an elastically bendable bending bridge region of the pressing tool part, and on the other hand to a common actuator in order to elastically deform the pressing surface of the pressing tool part as a function of the flatness defect.. ... Sms Group Gmbh

Apparatus for winding up a metal strip

An apparatus for winding up a metal strip into a coil. A frame in which a second counter-bending roller is mounted in a rotatable manner. ... Sms Group Gmbh

Continuous casting installation for thin slabs

An apparatus for the continuous casting of thin slabs, having a strand guide, which is arranged downstream of a permanent mold in the casting direction and which guides the strand output from the permanent mold along a first direction, having an adjoining bending/straightening region, which a mechanism for driving and bending the strand in a second direction, which differs from the first direction, having a cutting device, which cuts the strand into thin slabs, and having a first furnace, which is provided for temperature compensation in the strand, wherein the first furnace extends in an arched manner at least partially over the bending/straightening region and in part along the second direction.. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

Method and apparatus for controlling the pressure in the exhaust gas duct of a converter

The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for controlling the pressure in the exhaust gas duct of a converter in a steel mill using a pressure control loop. To optimize the defined pressure setpoint for the pressure control loop so as to prevent excessive amounts of outside air from being drawn in via the converter mouth, the pressure setpoint is determined according to the invention by adapting a raw value based on the extent to which smoke or flames is/are formed at the mouth (120) of the converter (100).. ... Sms Group Gmbh

Device for discharging exhaust air from the surroundings of a metal strip

A device for discharging exhaust air from the surroundings of a metal strip. The device has air quantity boosters with an opposing suction device on the other side of the conveying path in the blowing direction in order to suction and discharge the airflow generated by the air quantity boosters together with the exhaust air. ... Sms Group Gmbh

System for overturning plate-shaped bodies

A system for overturning plate-shaped bodies, in particular slabs and sheets, having at least one overturn arm pivotally arranged about a pivot axis and can be brought into physical contact with a flat side of a plate-shaped body to be overturned, and at least one other overturn arm pivotally arranged about another pivot axis and can be brought into physical contact with another flat side of the plate-shaped body to be overturned. The two pivot axes are parallel to each other and mutually spaced. ... Sms Group Gmbh

Surface texturing of deforming tools

A method of producing a deforming tool (2) having a structured embossing surface (4) which can be brought into contact with a surface of a substrate (1) for plastic deformation thereof (of the substrate), the method comprising: determining a target structure to be produced on the substrate (1); geometrically distorting the target structure, such that an “embossing image structure” is obtained; inverting the “embossing image structure”, such that the embossing structure for the embossed surface (4) is obtained; and producing the embossing surface (4) of the deforming tool (2) according to the embossing structure.. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

Process for producing grain-oriented electrical steel strip and grain-oriented electrical steel strip obtained according to said process

A process for producing grain-oriented electrical steel strip by means of thin slab continuous casting, comprising the following process steps: a) smelting a steel, b) continuously casting the smelt by thin slab continuous casting, c) heating up the thin slabs and subjecting the slabs to homogenization annealing at a maximum temperature of 1250° c., d) heating to a temperature between 1250° c. And 1350° c., e) continuously hot rolling the thin slabs to form a hot-rolled strip, f) cooling and reeling the hot-rolled strip to form a coil, g) annealing the hot-rolled strip after reeling and prior to a subsequent cold rolling step, h) cold rolling the hot-rolled strip to the nominal usable thickness, i) subjecting the cold-rolled strip to recrystallization, decarburization and nitridation annealing, j) applying an annealing separator (non-stick layer) to the strip surface of the cold-rolled strip, k) subjecting the cold-rolled strip to secondary recrystallization annealing, forming a finished steel strip having a pronounced goss texture, and l) stress-free annealing the finished steel strip, which has been coated with an insulating layer, provides an improved process for producing grain-oriented electrical steel strip by means of thin slab continuous casting. ... Sms Group Gmbh

10/05/17 / #20170283898

Apparatus and method for quenching rods and tubes

The present invention relates to a apparatus for statically quenching a product (1) coming from a rolling plant, comprising a seat for housing the product (1) so that, when the product (1) is housed there, its main development axis (a) coincides with the positioning axis (z), a series of nozzles (4) arranged around the positioning axis (z), along a curvilinear surface (3), open at the bottom, and adjustable so as to dispense a flow which is tangential to the surface of the product (1). The invention also relates to a process for static quenching of the product, implementable by such apparatus.. ... Sms Group Gmbh

10/05/17 / #20170283897

Method and system for the production of a seamless hot-rolled tube as well as a rolled centrifugally cast tube and use of a hollow block produced by means of centrifugal casting

Sensitive hollow blocks or tubes are elongated in a hot-forming elongator while maintaining, if possible, the internal structure that is present or that forms immediately after casting, and thereby, in the case of suitable method management, even thin-walled tubes or tubes rolled from centrifugally cast hollow blocks can be made available to a sufficiently operationally reliable extent. As a result, for the first time, it is possible for rolled centrifugally cast composite material tubes to be made available and for composite material hollow. ... Sms Group Gmbh

09/28/17 / #20170275729

Method of and for producing heavy plates

In the context of a method for producing heavy plate (4) from a steel alloy, comprising the continuous casting of a steel melt and primary forming of an obtained casting strand to produce a slab, and then forming or hot rolling the slab from the casting heat in multiple forming steps to produce a desired heavy plate dimension, followed immediately by a heat treatment of the heavy plate (4), effecting a targeted cooling of the obtained heavy plate (4), wherein the heavy plate (4) is cut to a desired individual plate length before or after its heat treatment as seen in the production direction (3), a solution is provided for producing heavy plate that permits the flexible production of heavy plate of variable qualities. This is achieved by carrying out the heat treatment in the temperature range of 150° c.-1100° c. ... Sms Group Gmbh

09/28/17 / #20170274439

Plate stretcher and plate stretching method

A plate stretcher includes two clamping heads that are directed at one another and can be displaced relative to one another, to apply a clamping force directed along a stretching direction, by way of a pressure element that absorbs the clamping force, and at least one transverse straightener that acts perpendicularly to the clamping force. A method for stretching a plate in a plate stretcher transversely straightens the plate during stretching of the plate.. ... Sms Group Gmbh

09/21/17 / #20170266704

Method and casting/rolling system for casting and rolling a continuous strand material

A method for operating a casting/rolling system and to a corresponding system for casting and rolling an endless strand material. The casting/rolling system comprises a strand casting machine and a rolling train arranged downstream of the strand casting machine. ... Sms Group Gmbh

08/31/17 / #20170246825

Drive for a machine, torque motor, clutch unit, device for processing materials, and use of a torque motor

The invention relates to a drive (1; 101) of a machine (2) comprising a drive motor (3) for driving a rotatable shaft (5) of the machine (2) around a shaft axis of rotation (4), and comprising a clutch unit (10) in operative connection with the drive motor (3) and the shaft (5) for compensating for a relative movement (11) between the shaft (5) and the drive motor (3). The drive motor (3) has a rotor part (35) surrounding the shaft (5) on which a clutch rotation part (18a) of the clutch system (10) is mounted to be rotatable around the shaft axis of rotation (4), wherein the rotor part (35) is arranged at least partially engaging in the clutch rotation part (18a) in such a way that the clutch rotation part (18a) is mounted radially movably on the rotor part (35).. ... Sms Group Gmbh

08/24/17 / #20170239905

Press for production of a molded part and method for changing a die on a press

A press for producing a molded part from pourable material has an apparatus for driving a die that includes a cylinder unit having a cylinder housing and having a cylinder piston. The cylinder housing is the actuator of the cylinder unit and the cylinder piston is the stator of the cylinder unit.. ... Sms Group Gmbh

08/10/17 / #20170225222

Ring-rolling machine and method for lifting and lowering the mandrel roll of a ring-rolling machine

In a ring-rolling machine having a mandrel roll and a related radial roll, the mandrel roll can be handled in operationally reliable and structurally simple manner if an axial bearing of the mandrel roll is opened by way of an opening drive that does not rotate along with the mandrel roll and/or is closed by inserting the mandrel roll into the axial bearing.. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

07/27/17 / #20170211162

Method for producing a metal product

A method for producing a metal product, wherein in a strand casting system, liquid metal is output as a slab from a mold vertically downward in a conveying direction, is guided along a strand guide, and is deflected into the horizontal, wherein the slab is heated in a furnace or inductively downstream of the stand casting system.. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

07/06/17 / #20170189950

Drawing die arrangement and material guide to the arrangement, ahead of a drawing die arrangement, as well as drawing method(s)

The invention relates to a drawing die arrangement having a drawing tool that acts on an elongated workpiece, and having a drawing tool support on which the drawing tool is mounted, counteracting the drawing tool, in which support a measurement device that measures the mass distribution of the workpiece material is disposed on the drawing tool, wherein a coupling medium circulated between the measurement device and the drawing tool is provided. Furthermore, the invention relates to a workpiece guide and to a drawing system.. ... Sms Group Gmbh

06/08/17 / #20170157656

Roll assembly for rolls in a rolling mill

To increase the load-carrying capacity or rolling capacity of a roll assembly in a rolling mill, throttle elements are used, which shut off the lateral flow of the lubricating film in a partial region between the roll neck and the bearing surface of the roll neck bearing assembly, thereby bringing about an increase in pressure in the lubricating film. At least one throttle element is embodied as an annular segment, forming an angular shut-off region for the lubricant in the annular gap. ... Sms Group Gmbh

04/27/17 / #20170113256

Bar press with hydraulic drive

The invention relates to a bar and tube extruding press for forming metal ingots into profiles, tubes, bars or the like, comprising a male die and a female die, through which a metal ingot can be pressed by means of the male die, comprising a container, and comprising a driving device, in which the driving device comprises at least one main cylinder for applying the main pressing force of the male die to the metal ingots, characterized in that on the one hand the driving device comprises at least one speed-controlled internal gear pump for providing the hydraulic oil to the at least one main cylinder, by means of which the at least one main cylinder can be driven, and in that on the other hand the driving device additionally comprises at least one hydraulic advance and/or return cylinder for moving the male die in relation to the female die or at least one electrical drive for moving the male die in relation to the female die, by means of which the male die can he moved into a position in which the speed-controlled internal gear pump only then interacts with the at least one main cylinder in such a way that the main pressing force is applied to the male die by means of the at least one main cylinder.. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

04/20/17 / #20170106420

Method and apparatus for producing a cooling lubricant mixture, forming plant for forming semi-finished products and use of a cooling lubricant mixture

The invention relates to a method for producing a cooling lubricant mixture (2) for cooling and lubricating a working region (8) of a forming apparatus (5) for forming semi-finished products, in particular semi-finished products and forming tools, in which the cooling lubricant mixture (2) is mixed from at least two liquids (27, 29), and in which at least one of the liquids (27, 29) is preheated prior to the mixing with the other of the liquids (27, 29), wherein, for the preheating of the at least one of the liquids (27, 29), thermal energy (44) inherent to a used cooling lubricant mixture (2a) is at least partially transmitted to the at least one of the liquids (27, 29).. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

04/13/17 / #20170100757

Tool changeover system and method

To minimize the setup times in the case of a tool changeover on rolls, the movement sequences are separated into transverse movements and vertical movements using a tool changeover system and method for changeover of at least one tool disposed on a roll shaft in a working position. In one aspect, the tool changeover system includes a tool changeover rack, a vertical transport and a transverse transport. ... Sms Group Gmbh

03/30/17 / #20170087616

Adapter, stretcher-leveller and method for operating a stretcher-leveller

In order to widen the field of application of a stretcher-leveller having a minimum nominal width, at least one gripping head of the stretcher-leveller is connected to an adapter having clamping elements for clamping a plate to be stretched, the adapter having a nominal width that is smaller than the minimum nominal width of the stretcher-leveller, and a plate being stretched is connected to the gripping head via the adapter clamping elements and the adapter, before starting the stretching process.. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

03/30/17 / #20170087612

Apparatus for the application and suction-extraction of operating fluids in the inlet of cold rolling installations

The invention relates to an apparatus (1) for the applying of and removal by suction of operating fluids onto rolling stock (2) and off rolling stock (2) in the inlet (4) of cold rolling systems (6) and comprises at least one spray device (7) arranged above or below a rolling stock transport line (8), wherein at least one operating fluid can be placed by the spray device (7) onto a surface of the rolling stock (2) or onto a surface of a working roll (9) which makes contact with the rolling stock (2), and to at least one suction removal device (10) which can be arranged above or below the rolling stock transport line (8) and on the same side of the rolling stock transport line (8) as the spray device (7), wherein the suction removal device (10) acts in the vicinity of the surface of the rolling stock (2) or of the working roll (9). The spray device (7) and the suction removal device (10) are attached onto a common component frame (12) and therefore form a compact unit (14.1; 14.2).. ... Sms Group Gmbh

03/02/17 / #20170056945

Strip deflector and roll assembly

The invention relates to a strip deflector for deflecting a rolling medium from the surface of a metal strip. The invention further relates to a roll assembly, comprising a roll, adjacent to which the strip deflector is placed at a distance, and comprising the strip deflector according to the invention. ... Sms Group Gmbh

01/19/17 / #20170016857

Measuring device

A measuring device that is able to function even in rough environments, for example under great heat or in environments in which water or steam is found, as is the case in rolling mills, among other environments, has a housing, a central measuring device that passes through the housing in a straight line, and a measuring coil that is disposed in the housing and encloses the measuring opening. The device has a coil carrier that is disposed in the housing radially outside of the measuring coil and carries the measuring coil.. ... Sms Group Gmbh

01/05/17 / #20170003695

Method and apparatus for the energy-efficient operation of secondary dust removal systems

The invention relates to a control method for a secondary dust removal system in which a pipe network connects an induced draft fan to at least two suction points. The pipe network comprises a controllable exhaust air flap for each suction point, the position of said flap influencing the volumetric flow rate at the suction point. ... Sms Group Gmbh

01/05/17 / #20170002440

Method for optimally producing metal steel and iron alloys in hot-rolled and thick plate factories using a microstructure simulator, monitor, and/or model

In a method for controlling a metallurgical production plant by means of a microstructure model, which comprises a program which calculates at least one mechanical strength property of a product being produced, which program calculates the strength property on the basis of calculated metallurgical phase components of the microstructure of the produced product, wherein the metallurgical plant comprises a terminating cooling line, and wherein operating parameters for the metallurgical plant with adjustable output values, which are established at least partially in advance, are factored into the calculation of the mechanical strength property, the object of the method is to enable an advantageous adjustment of operating parameters in order to achieve desired mechanical strength properties in a product consisting of a metal steel and/or iron alloy. This object is achieved in that, as the operating parameters that are factored into the calculation of the strength property, the mass fraction of at least one alloy element that is present in the chemical composition of the metal steel and/or iron alloy being used, and at least one additional operating parameter, preferably a cooling rate which is set as part of a cooling process carried out after a rolling process, are detected, and an increase in the strength property in question of the produced product, said increase being achieved by modifying at least said additional operating parameter, is at least partially compensated for by reducing the mass fraction of one or more of the alloying elements of the metal steel and/or iron alloy being used.. ... Sms Group Gmbh

01/05/17 / #20170001278

Metal cutting machine and machining method

In the machining of a stationary workpiece by means of a rotating tool head, the risk of damages to the workpiece by the chips can be minimized and the removal of the chips can be simplified if a chip collector and a stationary nozzle for fluid are respectively provided.. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

01/05/17 / #20170001227

Device for increasing the temperature of elongate metallic rolled stock and finishing train for producing and/or working elongate metallic rolled stock

The invention relates to an apparatus (1) for increasing the temperature of elongate metallic rolled stock (2), having a heating unit (3) which comprises induction heating elements (4, 5, 6, 7; 104, 105, 106, 107) for heating the rolled stock (2) along a heating zone (8), and having a conveying device (15) which comprises driving and/or roller table roller elements (27, 28) as active or passive conveying elements (18) for moving the rolled stock (2) along the longitudinal extension (9) of the heating zone (8), wherein the induction heating elements (4, 5, 6, 7; 104, 105, 106, 107) are arranged spaced apart from one another in the longitudinal extension (9) of the heating zone (8) in each case by a free space (10, 11, 12), and wherein a sliding deflector element (34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 73) and/or opposing lateral guide elements (60, 61) are arranged in each of the free spaces (10, 11, 12) in order to prevent the conveyed rolled stock (2) from coming into contact with the induction heating elements (4, 5, 6, 7; 104, 105, 106, 107).. . ... Sms Group Gmbh

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