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Snecma Propulsion Solide
Snecma Moteurs
Snecma Services
Snecma Propulision Solide
Snecma Mexico S a De C v
Snecma A Corporation
Snecma Propulsion Solide_20100107
Snecma Propulsion Solide_20100121
Snecma Propulsion Solide_20100114

Snecma patents

Recent patent applications related to Snecma. Snecma is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Snecma may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Snecma, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Heat exchanger and turbine engine comprising such an exchanger
10/19/17Stator of an aircraft turbine engine
09/28/17Turbomachine guide vanes with improved vane profile
09/14/17Fiber structure woven as a single piece by 3d weaving, and an application thereof to fabricating a composite material part
09/14/17Guide device for variable pitch stator vanes of a turbine engine, and a assembling such a device
08/10/17Method for suppressing the pogo effect
06/22/17Propeller blade pivot
06/22/17Air circulation device for turbomachine
06/22/17Method and device for monitoring a parameter of a rocket engine
06/15/17Fan for a turbomachine
06/08/17Flow regulating system for supplying propellant fluid to an electric thruster of a space vehicle
05/11/17Device for searching for defects on parts by endoscopy
05/04/17Blade for a turbomachine impeller and modelling the same
04/20/17Device for mounting a spark plug in a combustion engine of a gas turbine engine
03/30/17Propulsion assembly for an aircraft having a turbojet with a non-ducted fan and an attachment pylon
03/16/17Multilayer woven fibrous structure including a hollow tubular part, production method thereof and composite part comprising same
03/02/17Feed system and a suppressing the pogo effect
03/02/17Blade provided with platforms possessing attachment portions
02/23/17Variable geometries fluid supply circuit for a turbomachine without volumetric pump
02/23/17Aircraft turbine engine with improved mechanical power takeoff
02/16/17Method for deploying a satellite constellation
02/16/17Gear pump intended, in particular, as a high pressure fuel pump
02/16/17Assembly for aircraft turbine engine and mounting same
02/16/17Fuel meter protected from icing
02/09/17Turbomachine turbine blade comprising a cooling circuit with improved homogeneity
02/09/17Turbine engine rotor lock
02/09/17Riveted assembly and associated production method
02/02/17A shaft machining anti-vibration device
02/02/17Turbomachine casing comprising a cavity-free shroud and yokes reinforced by stiffeners
02/02/17Method and device for remote endoscopy of an aircraft engine
01/26/17Method for marking the surface of a mechanical part with a predefined graphical representation having a holographic effect
01/26/17Heat treatment of an alloy based on titanium aluminide
01/26/17Method for isolating a combustible fluid tank from a downstream portion of a turbomachine supply system in case of a fire, and such a supply system
01/26/17Turbomachine component with non-axisymmetric surface
01/26/17A casing made of organic matrix composite material that facilitates the discharge of smoke
01/26/17Combustion chamber comprising additional injection devices opening up directly into corner recirculation zones, turbomachine comprising such a chamber and fuel supply such a chamber
01/19/17Device for cleaning a turbomachine module
01/12/17Turbomachine component or collection of components and associated turbomachine
01/05/17Method for adhering parts and device for implementing said method
01/05/17Method for manufacturing a part coated with a protective coating
01/05/17Device for retaining drained fluids for a propulsive assembly
01/05/17Aircraft turbomachine comprising a heat exchanger of the precooler type
01/05/17Annular combustion chamber in a turbine engine
12/29/16Method for producing turbine engine parts, and resulting blank and mould
12/29/16Cutting table for cutting a fiber preform obtained by three-dimensional weaving, and a cutting method using such a table
12/29/16Core for the moulding of a blade having superimposed cavities and including a de-dusting hole traversing a cavity from end to end
12/29/16Suspension structure for suspending a turboprop having two unducted propellers from a structural element of an aircraft with rigid fastening of the air intake structure
12/29/16Yarn take-up system for weaving and a weaving a reinforcing fiber structure for composite material parts
12/29/16Drained fluid evacuation stub for a propulsion assembly
12/29/16Aircraft turbomachine comprising a heat exchanger and a gearbox in a v configuration
12/29/16Method for fixing a tube to a connector, and connecting kit
12/22/16Method for producing cavities for a turbomachine disk
12/22/16Aircraft propulsion assembly with fire extinguishing system
12/22/16Process for preparing a substrate for thermal spraying of a metal coating
12/22/16Turbomachine sparkplug fixing assembly
12/22/16Augmented reality monitoring
12/15/16Turbomachine comprising a shaft sleeve and associated sleeve tube
12/15/16Device for guiding variable pitch diffuser vanes of a turbine engine
12/15/16Reduction in the leakage flow rate of a brush seal by flexible geometric obstruction
12/08/16Method and system for predicting the operation of an aircraft by similarity analysis using distributed storage and calculation capacities
12/01/16Detecting the clogging of a fluid filter
12/01/16Blade for a turbine engine propeller, in particular a propfan engine, propeller, and turbine engine comprising such a blade
12/01/16Supply of air to an air-conditioning circuit of an aircraft cabin from its turboprop engine
12/01/16Fiber preform for a hollow turbine engine vane
12/01/16Guide arm for elements having an elongated shape, in particular for a turbomachine
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12/01/16Turbine engine compressor, in particular of an aeroplane turboprop or turbofan
11/24/16Forging tool for the manufacture of a shaped rolled ring, notably for the manufacture of a turbomachine disc
11/24/16Lined centrifugal mould with controlled thermal inertia
11/24/16Inertia friction welding welding together two portions of a rotary subassembly of a turbine engine
11/24/16Nacelle for an airplane turbojet
11/24/16Turbomachine comprising a ventilation system
11/24/16Turbomachine bearing housing
11/24/16Turbomachine with collection of a compressed air flow
11/24/16Assembly for an engine which can define a blade break-off test device
11/24/16Thermal protection system for a cryogenic tank of a space vehicle
11/17/16Supply of air to an air-conditioning circuit of an aircraft cabin from its turboprop engine
11/17/16Method of identifying the balancing configuration installed on a turbine engine rotor
11/17/16Mobile member of a turbomachine which comprises means for changing the resonance frequency of same
11/17/16Radial control shaft for a device for controlling the pitch of fan blades of a turbine engine having an unducted fan, and a mounting such a shaft
11/17/16Fire protection of a fan casing made of composite
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11/17/16Rotor disk having a centripetal air collection device, compressor comprising said disc and turbomachine with such a compressor
11/10/16Epicyclic reduction device for the rotational drive of blade sets of a reduction turbomachine
11/10/16Device and regulating a motor using a thrust measurement
11/10/16Fire protection of a part made of a three-dimensional woven composite material
11/10/16Method and computer program for the monitoring of a thrust reverser having hydraulic actuators
11/03/16Method for producing a turbine engine part, and resulting mould and intermediate blank
11/03/16Method for producing turbine engine parts, and resulting mould and blank compromising stacked parts
11/03/16A blade, bladed wheel, turbomachine, and a manufacturing the blade
11/03/16Sealing system with two rows of complementary sealing elements
11/03/16Method for controlling a propulsion system
10/27/16Blade made of organic matrix composite material provided with a metal strip, and a fastening a metal strip on a blade fiber preform
10/27/16Method for detecting a failure in a motive flow valve of an aircraft engine fuel circuit
10/27/16Propulsion chamber for a rocket and producing such a chamber
10/27/16Forecasting maintenance operations to be applied to an engine
10/20/16Propulsion assembly comprising a box for retaining drained fluids
10/20/16Method for producing a part by selective melting of powder
10/20/16Sealing device for an oil enclosure in a turbine engine bearing
10/20/16Method and device for measuring pollutants contained in engine exhaust
10/20/16System and maintaining an aircraft engine
10/13/16Device for replacing machining inserts
10/13/16Method for impregnation of a fibrous preform and device for implementation of the said method
10/13/16Annular element of a turbomachine casing
10/13/16Modular engine, such as a jet engine, with a speed reduction gear
10/13/16Front enclosure which is sealed during the modular dismantling of a turbojet with reduction gear
10/13/16Fan, in particular for a turbine engine
10/13/16Multi-point injection device for an aircraft engine
10/13/16Torque-measurement device for a turbomachine shaft
10/06/16Method and compaction assembly for manufacturing a composite turbomachine blade
10/06/16Turbine ring assembly with inter-sector connections
10/06/16Turbine ring assembly with sealing
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10/06/16Balanced turbine engine portion and turbine engine
10/06/16Device for centring and guiding the rotation of a turbine engine shaft including improved means for retaining the external bearing ring
10/06/16Lubrication device for a turbine engine
10/06/16Turbo-engine including two separate ventilation flows
10/06/16A device for feeding a rocket engine propulsion chamber with propellant
10/06/16Method and device for determining the wear of a cutting tool flank
10/06/16Method and device for characterising a signal
09/29/16Integrated sintering process for microcracking and erosion resistance of thermal barriers
09/29/16Mobile turbine blade with an improved design for an aircraft turbomachine
09/29/16Bearing holder having a axisymmetric sealable gimlet
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09/29/16Turbine engine provided with means for absorbing stresses from the thrust of the engine thereof
09/29/16A propulsion assembly and a feeding propellants
09/29/16Technical trial method
09/29/16Injection system for a combustion chamber of a turbine engine, comprising an annular wall having a convergent inner cross-section
09/22/16Fiber preform for a hollow turbine engine vane
09/22/16Technical testing method
09/01/16Method for monitoring a locking system
09/01/16Rotary assembly for an aviation turbine engine, the assembly comprising a separate fan blade platform mounted on a fan disk
08/25/16Compacting assembly and fabricating a composite blade for a turbine engine
08/25/16Unducted fan for an aircraft turbine engine
08/25/16Fibrous structure with grouping of floats
08/25/16Monobloc preform and blade for turbo machine
08/25/16Device for transferring oil between two repositories rotating relative to each other, and propeller turbomachine for an aircraft with such a device
08/25/16Improvement for the locking of blade-supporting components
08/25/16Turbomachine part with a non-axisymmetric surface
08/25/16Method for determining tolerance intervals for dimensioning a part
08/18/16Rotary assembly for a turbomachine
08/18/16Turbomachine combustion chamber provided with air deflection means for reducing the wake created by an ignition plug
08/18/16Turboprop air intake
08/18/16Fuel injector for a turbine engine
08/18/16Turbine engine nozzle having confluent streams and including a core cowl with overlapping flaps
08/18/16Device and a feeding a rocket engine propulsion chamber
08/18/16Autogenous pressurizer device for a propellant tank
08/18/16Method for designing a valve and producing a valve
08/18/16Method for detecting a failure in a fuel return valve of an aircraft engine fuel circuit
08/18/16Method, system and computer program for the acoustic analysis of a machine
08/18/16Monitoring of an aircraft engine to anticipate the maintenance operations
08/11/16Method for monitoring the energy density of a laser beam by image analysis and corresponding device
08/11/16System and emergency starting of an aircraft turbomachine
08/04/16Method for manufacturing a propeller blade
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08/04/16Rotary assembly for a turbomachine
08/04/16Device for self-pressurization of a tank
07/28/16Casing structure interposed between the engine and the nacelle having pivoting shroud sectors
07/28/16Turbine engine comprising means for supporting at least one item of equipment
07/28/16Afterbody for a mixed-flow turbojet engine comprising a lobed mixer and chevrons with a non-axisymmetric inner surface
07/28/16Afterbody for a turbojet engine comprising a nozzle provided with a thrust reverser system that incorporates a crown of noise-reducing chevrons
07/28/16Jet pump for turbomachine lubrication chamber depressurization circuit
07/28/16Rotating assembly comprising a transmission member and an oil distribution system
07/28/16Combustion chamber for a turbine engine with homogeneous air intake through fuel injection system
07/21/16Device for supplying hydraulic fluid to a ram and mechanism for controlling the pitch of the blades of a turbine engine propeller comprising the ram
07/21/16Casing structure interposed between the engine and the nacelle having a mounting plate with bolts
07/21/16A casing structure with connection tabs
07/21/16Hydraulic connection device and fluid transfer system using said device
07/14/16Method for the high-temperature shaping of a metal blade reinforcement
07/14/16Method for assembling two blades of a turbomachine nozzle
07/14/16Isostatic suspension of a turbojet by rear double support
07/14/16Composite reinforcing insert and manufacturing method
07/14/16Method of fabricating a reinforcing edge for a blade and reinforcing edge obtained by the method
07/14/16Epicyclic reduction gear with fluid transfer pipes, and propeller turbomachine for an aircraft with such a reduction gear
07/14/16Method and system for injecting fuel into an engine combustion chamber
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07/07/16Turbomachine auxiliary lead-through device
07/07/16Turbomachine casing comprising an endoscopy port
07/07/16Turbine engine guide vane
07/07/16Turbomachine provided with an assembly for controlling the pitch variation of a propeller
07/07/16Multipoint fuel injection system for a turbomachine and associated regulation method
07/07/16Device for feeding a rocket engine with propellant
07/07/16Cover of a turbomachine centrifugal compressor capable of being rigidly connected via the downstream side near to the upstream edge of same, and turbomachine comprising this cover
07/07/16Turbine engine rotor blade
07/07/16Methodology and a system to create 3d specifications for the assembly of parts of a complex system
06/30/16Turbomachine rotor with optimised bearing surfaces
06/30/16Turbomachine impellor rotor with device for feathering the blades of the impellor
06/30/16Trunnion for high-pressure turbine, and turbojet engine including such a trunnion
06/30/16Method and module for filtering a raw setpoint
06/30/16Method for monitoring a valve of an aircraft engine
06/23/16Process for additive manufacturing of parts by melting or sintering particles of powder(s) using a high-energy beam with powders adapted to the targeted process/material pair
06/23/16Mechanism for driving blade orientation adjusting members
06/23/16Fuel circuit of an aircraft engine with a fuel recirculating valve controlled by a pressure differential of a low-pressure pump of the fuel system
06/23/16Device for pressurizing propellant tanks of a rocket engine
06/23/16Centrifugal pump, in particular for supplying power to rocket engines
06/23/16Remote connection system for an aircraft
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06/16/16Method for machining a casing of an aircraft turboshaft engine and scraper tool for implementing said method
06/16/16Protection cover for a spray nozzle during a hardfacing process
06/16/16Dismantling device for blades and corresponding dismantling method
06/16/16Impeller having spoilers for a turbine engine turbine
06/16/16Impeller having a radial seal for a turbine engine turbine
06/16/16Device for protecting against oil leaks towards the rotors of a turbomachine turbine
06/16/16Turbine engine casing and manufacturing method
06/16/16Device for connecting two segments of a propelling nozzle
06/16/16Device for pressurizing a propellant tank of a rocket engine
06/16/16Turbopump with anti-vibration system
06/09/16Aircraft turboprop engine comprising two coaxial propellers
06/09/16Composite propeller blade for an aircraft
06/09/16A structure for suspending a turboprop having two unducted propellers on a structural element of an airplane
06/09/16Platform of small hub-tip ratio
06/09/16Ventilation of a piece of electronic equipment of a turbomachine
06/09/16Nozzle of a turbomachine provided with chevrons with a non-axisymmetric inner face
06/09/16Method for reducing the noise level of a turbomachine fan
06/09/16Device for inspecting a surface of an electrically conductive part
06/09/16Method for modeling a non-streamlined propeller blade
06/09/16Method of estimation on a curve of a relevant point for the detection of an anomaly of a motor and data processing system for the implementation thereof
06/02/16Method for producing a metal undercoat made from platinum on a metal substrate
06/02/16Composite vane for a turbine engine
06/02/16Method for assembling turbomachine parts and assembly used during such a method
06/02/16Hub of an intermediate casing for an aircraft turbojet engine comprising doors with contoured geometry
06/02/16Device for cooling oil for a turbine engine
06/02/16Turbomachine blade, comprising intersecting partitions for circulation of air in the direction of the trailing edge
06/02/16Device for fixing two parts together
06/02/16Annular deflection wall for a turbomachine combustion chamber injection system providing a wide fuel atomization zone
06/02/16Bearing nut for measuring the rotational speed of a shaft connected to a turbomachine and associated measuring device
06/02/16Method for modeling a non-axisymmetric surface
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05/26/16System for painting a splayed end of a hollow shaft on a rotary paint bench
05/26/16Turbine engine rotor shaft comprising an improved heat exchange surface
05/26/16Turbine engine casing having a cut-out flange
05/26/16Casing support structure
05/26/16Reduction of turbofan noise
05/19/16Coating of a turbine engine part by overinjection
05/19/16Single-piece blisk for turbomachine fan comprising an upstream and/or downstream recess making its blades more flexible
05/19/16Accessory drive case for a turboprop
05/19/16Ventilation of a turbomachine nacelle
05/19/16Improved intermediate casing for turbomachine and accessory gearbox drive assembly
05/19/16Methods of creating a database and of formulating a map of operating states of aircraft and a monitoring the operation of an associated aircraft
05/12/16Turbine engine blade preform
05/12/16Fairing for a mixer of a nozzle of a dual-flow turbomachine
05/05/16An air propeller blade pivot in the shape of a spherical cap
05/05/16Aircraft turbopropeller
05/05/16Turbine wheel for a turbine engine
05/05/16Turbine wheel for a turbine engine
05/05/16Propeller ring made of composite material for a turbomachine
05/05/16Hollow vane, and associated production method
05/05/16Method and a circuit for ventilating equipment of a turbojet by thermoelectricity
05/05/16Air intake sleeve for an aircraft turboprop engine
05/05/16Process, system and computer program product for asset maintenance
04/28/16Circuit for de-icing an air inlet lip of an aircraft propulsion assembly
04/28/16Rotor blade with reduced acoustic response
04/28/16Turbomachine comprising an electric current generator allowing oil injection from the inside of a rotor shaft
04/28/16System for controlling variable-pitch vanes for a turbine engine
04/28/16Seal assembly for a turbine engine comprising means for lubricating a brush seal
04/28/16Test bench combining high-frequency tribological stress and oligocyclic fatigue
04/21/16Rotor disk blade with friction-held root, rotor disk, turbomachine and associated assembly method

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