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Snu R x26 db Foundation
Snu R x26 db Foundation Seoul National University
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Snu R & db Foundation patents

Recent patent applications related to Snu R & db Foundation. Snu R & db Foundation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Snu R & db Foundation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Snu R & db Foundation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Novel pentadienoyl piperidine derivative and use thereof
11/09/17Method and estimating multi-ranking using pairwise comparison data
10/26/17Loop linked smart morphing actuator
10/26/17Real-time imaging sensor for measuring cellular thiol level
10/12/17Composition and differentiation of neural stem cells, neurons and gabaergic neurons from mesenchymal stem cells
09/14/17Field-programmable analog array and field programmable mixed signal array using same
08/31/17Water-soluble fluorescence compound and preparing the same
08/24/17Method for preparing titanium by using electrowinning
07/27/17Positioning method and apparatus therefor in wireless communication system
07/27/17Method and device for message flooding in wireless communication system
07/27/17Method for controlling power and apparatus therefor in wireless communication system supporting device-to-device communication
05/25/17Method for labeling exosomes with radioactive substance and use thereof
05/11/17Method for inducing pluripotent stem cells and pluripotent stem cells prepared by said method
05/11/17Composition for inhibiting myeloid-derived suppressor cells comprising decitabine or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt as active ingredient
04/27/17Method for effectively estimating three-dimensional location by using trilateration in wireless network, and recording medium in which program is recorded for carrying out same
04/27/17Method for simultaneously detecting fluorescence and raman signals for multiple fluorescence and raman signal targets, and medical imaging device for simultaneously detecting multiple targets using the method
04/27/17Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating muscle weakness-related diseases, containing butylpyridinium or derivative thereof
04/27/17Method for effectively estimating three-dimensional location by using trilateration in wireless network, and recording medium in which program is recorded for carrying out same
04/13/17Method of forming microsphere having structural color
04/13/17Method for analyzing color code encoded in magnetic structure
03/23/17Apparatus and denoising ct images
03/16/17Pop nanocomposite structures and methods of transferring drugs using the same
03/02/17Osnf-ya7 gene for increasing drought stress resistance of plant and use thereof
02/23/17Pharmaceutical composition containing gpr119 ligand as active ingredient for preventing or treating non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
02/02/17Vertical neuromorphic devices stacked structure and array of the structure
01/12/17Method for reducing interference in wireless communication system supporting device-to-device communication and the same
12/29/16Manufacturing strain sensor, strain sensor and motion sensing apparatus using the strain sensor
12/22/16Peptide having cancer selective translocation function and use thereof
12/01/16High speed actuator including active stiffness controller and driving the same
11/24/16Novel compound or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing same as active ingredient
10/20/16In-vehicle network intrusion detection controlling the same
09/29/16Acupressure device assisting breath
09/29/16Temperature sensing device, temperature sensor using the same, and wearable device having the same
09/29/16Piezoelectric device, piezoelectric sensor using the same, and wearable device having the same
09/29/16Porous graphene for cathode of secondary battery and its manufacturing method
09/29/16Switch driving circuit, and power factor correction circuit having the same
09/22/16Method and performing cross-authentication based on secret information
09/15/16Method and transmitting channel information in cognitive radio network and performing channel switching
06/16/16Novel synthetic process of adipic acid
06/09/16Composition for evaluating or predicting patients therapeutic response to methormin
05/26/16Surgical operation by wire type surgical operation apparatus
05/26/16Image processing-based lithography system and coating target object
05/19/16Method for inactivating target transcription factor using artificial small interfering peptide and use thereof
05/12/16Neuromorphic device with excitatory and inhibitory functionalities
05/05/16Assay method using encoded particle-based platform
05/05/16Fluid for electrowetting device and electrowetting device including same
04/21/16Method for forming pattern and catalyst and electronic element using method therefor
04/14/16Device and 3-dimensionally generating in vitro blood vessels
04/07/16Organic photoelectronic device and image sensor
04/07/16Method of sequentially authenticating can packets using divided macs and implementing the same
04/07/16Method of authenticating can packets using mixture of macs and implementing the same
03/31/16Self-assembled pharmaceutical composition for photodynamic therapy
03/31/16Mri contrasting agent for contrasting cancer cell
03/17/16Food composition for preventing obesity, pharmaceutical composition for treating obesity, and animal medicine for treating obesity, containing gingernone a
03/17/16Method and executing application based on open computing language
03/10/16Compound medical device
03/10/16Organic light-emitting device and fabricating the same
02/25/16Quantitative analysis method using mass spectrometry wherein laser pulse energy is adjusted
02/25/16Reconfigurable electronic devices and operation method thereof
02/18/16Complex of mannosyl serum albumin, preparing the same, optical imaging probe and kit comprising the same
02/18/16Method for simulating circuit using basis function and saving medium to which circuit simulation program is saved
02/18/16Method for simulating event-driven switching circuit and saving medium to which circuit simulation program using same is saved
02/04/16Container with biofilm formation-inhibiting microorganisms immobilized therein and membrane water treatment apparatus using the same
02/04/16Nano-structure assembly and nano-device comprising same
01/28/16Yeast having improved product productivity and producing product
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01/21/16Marker for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy and use therof
01/21/16Apparatus for controlling heat flow
01/21/16Electronic shelf label gateway, electronic shelf label system and communications method thereof
01/14/16Heterologous dna barcoding method
01/14/16Superconductor, superconducting wire, and forming the superconductor
01/07/16Mutant bacillus thuringiensis proteins and genes encoding the same with improved insecticidal activity and use thereof
01/07/16Yeast having improved productivity and producing product
01/07/16Reading a cell string
12/31/15Modularized patient-specific registration guide and system using same
12/31/15Inverter control apparatus and control method thereof
12/24/15Bioelectrode, and processing biosignal using the same
12/24/15Integrated circuit having main route and detour route for signal transmission and integrated circuit package including the same
12/24/15Method and relaying in multicast network
12/17/15Method for inducing tailored pluripotent stem cells using extract of plant stem cells or plant dedifferentiated stem cells, and pluripotent stem cells produced by means of the method
12/17/15Temperature voltage generator
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12/10/15Variable-diameter wheel
12/03/15Cell string and reading the cell string
12/03/15A network subscription in a wireless network
11/26/15Fluid for electrowetting device and electrowetting device using the same
11/19/15Pen holder
11/12/15A composition for preventing or treating an rna viral infection comprising samhd1 or a nucleic acid molecule encoding the samhd1
11/12/15Composition, kit, and diagnosing adhd risk
11/05/15Breast prosthesis allowing controlled release of drug and production same
11/05/15Method for separating nanoparticles and analyzing biological substance using microfluidic chip
11/05/15Particulate matter sensor unit
11/05/15High-capacity negative electrode active material and lithium secondary battery including the same
11/05/15System, apparatus, and recommending tv program based on content
10/29/15Homomorphic encryption and decryption methods using ring isomorphism, and apparatuses using the same
10/15/15Composition comprising gpcr19 agonist as an active ingredient for preventing or treating allergic dermatitis
10/15/15Bile acid oligomer conjugate for novel vesicular transport and use thereof
10/01/15Formulation comprising anti-scarring agents and biocompatible polymers for medical device coating
10/01/15Method and device for energy efficient signal transmission in massive multi-antenna wireless communication system
10/01/15Method and performing device-to-device communication in wireless communication system
10/01/15Method and performing device-to-device communication in wireless communication system
09/24/15Microjet drug delivery system using erbium yag laser
09/24/15Hydraulic pressure instruction-learning hybrid vehicle and method using the same
09/24/15Novel epitope of ip-10 and antibody to same
09/24/15Apparatus and controlling fuel cell system using reconfigurable switch network
09/17/15Novel trpv1 inhibitory peptides and composition for skin-aging protection or wrinkle improvement comprising the same
09/17/15Preparing graphene by using near-infrared and apparatus therefor
09/10/15Icam-1 antibody and use thereof
09/03/15Surgical robot control apparatus
09/03/15Porous boron nitride and preparing the same
08/27/15Novel monoclonal antibody which is specifically bound to tm4sf5 protein and use thereof
08/27/15Photoresist compositions and methods of forming patterns using the same
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08/27/15Scheduling multi-user multi-input multi-output communication system
08/20/15Holder device for electron microscope
08/20/15Flexible fuel cell and fabricating thereof
08/20/15Apparatus and driving a plurality of permanent magnet synchronous motors using single inverter
08/13/15Polylactic acid preparation method, polylactic acid resin prepared using the method, resin composition comprising the polylactic acid resin, and catalyst system for preparing polylactic acid
08/13/15Superconducting body and forming the same
08/13/15Power apparatus, controlling method thereof and motor driving apparatus therein
08/06/15Method for improving mass spectrum reproducibility and quantitative analysis method using same
07/30/15Method and pharmaceutical composition comprising adipose stem cell extract for treating or preventing neurologic disease
07/30/15Porous carbon and preparing the same
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07/30/15Method and determining spread sequence for generating spread spectrum radar signal
07/30/15System and skyline queries
07/30/15Synthesizing signal having variable frequency and synthesizer of signal having variable frequency
07/30/15Data signal transmitting method and data signal receiving method in wireless communication system
07/30/15Method and traffic distribution control in heterogeneous wireless networks
07/23/15Washing machine
07/23/15Method of executing parallel application on manycore cluster system and the manycore cluster system
07/23/15Storage device and operating the same
07/16/15Portable electronic device, wireless charging device for the same, and wireless charging system
07/16/15Cluster system and communication method in cluster system
07/09/15Porous carbon and preparing the same
07/09/15Anti-bacterial and anti-fouling coating composition, film using the same, producing the same and product having the film
07/02/15Novel compound or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing same as active ingredient
07/02/15Power supply and gate driver therein
07/02/15Forming stretchable substrate, stretchable substrate and electronic device having stretchable substrate
06/25/15Apparatus and transferring, focusing and purging of powder for direct printing at low temperature
06/25/15Circuit board including aligned nanostructures
06/18/15Peptide having cancer selective translocation function and use thereof
06/18/15Immortalized mesenchymal stromal cell from adipose tissue
06/18/15Method of producing 2, 3-butanediol using recombinant yeast
06/18/15Digital opto-electric pulse application correcting bit error of vernier-type optical encoder
06/18/15Medical image compression system and method using visually lossless compression
06/11/15Pharmaceutical composition comprising human-blood-derived-cell mass
06/11/15Gremlin-1 antibody
06/11/15Nonvolatile memory device, distributed disk controller, and deduplication method thereof
06/11/15Electrode catalyst, preparing same, and membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell including same
06/04/15Nanoprobe, and detecting target material using same
06/04/15Flexible fuel cell and manufacturing the same
05/28/15Double wound rotor type motor with constant alternating current or direct current power supply input and control method thereof
05/28/15Method for preparing transferrable nanoscale transferrable membrane and use thereof
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05/28/15Medical metal material for in vivo insertion, comprising in vivo movement-preventing means
05/21/15Cytokine adsorption sheet, manufacturing the same, and blood filter comprising the same
05/21/15Electronic device and manufacturing same
05/21/15Ct contrast medium for detecting thrombus, comprising fibrin-targeted peptide sequence-conjugated glycol chitosan-gold nanoparticles
05/21/15Contrast-enhancing agent for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging comprising melanin nanoparticles stably dispersed in water
05/21/15Compartmentless abiotic sucrose-air fuel cell
05/21/15Bone loss preventing and bone regeneration or bone formation promoting pharmaceutical composition comprising muramyl dipeptide
05/14/15Method for recovering a metal from solution, system for recovering a metal from solution, and system for recovering lithium from salt water
05/14/15Method and allocating computing resources in touch-based mobile device
05/14/15Method for reducing noise in medical image
05/14/15Nanostructured mucoadhesive microparticles
05/14/15Novel compound, preparing method thereof, and use thereof as inhibitors of histone demethylase
05/07/15Preparation organic microbubble complex particle, organic microbubble complex particle, and ultrasound contrast agent
05/07/15Ballistocardiogram analysis method and vehicle ballistocardiogram analysis system using the same
04/30/15Composition for enhancing cell engraftment and homing properties containing prp as active ingredient
04/30/15Encoded microcapsules and microarray fabricated therefrom
04/23/15Preparing reduced graphene oxide film, reduced graphene oxide film prepared by the same, and graphene electrode including the reduced graphene oxide film
03/26/15Nitride thin film stucture and forming the same
03/26/15Method for manufacturing graphene quantum dot using thermal plasma
03/19/15Electric power conversion apparatus
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03/19/15Iron oxide nanocomposite, magnetic resonance imaging t2 contrast medium comprising same, and manufacturing same
03/19/15Ceria nanocomplex, pharmaceutical composition comprising said ceria nanocomplex, and preparing same
03/19/15Composition for detecting nucleic acid and detecting nucleic acid using same
03/12/15Organic light-emitting diode containing co-hosts forming exciplex, and lighting device and display apparatus including same
03/05/15Cell permeable fusion protein for facilitating reprogramming induction and use thereof
02/26/15Apparatus and forming three-dimensional pattern using electrojetting
02/26/15Image processor, image reconstruction method, and radiation imaging apparatus
02/19/15Novel preparing 5-acetoxymethylfurfural using alkylammonium acetate
02/12/15Electrode for measuring biosignal and biosignal measurement device
02/12/15Circuit, device, and method to measure biosignal using common mode driven shield
02/12/15Data protection method and apparatus
02/05/15Self-construction system of wireless sensor network and self-construction of wireless sensor network using the same
01/29/15Multi-tip spark discharge generator and producing nanoparticle structure using same
01/29/15Vitamin b6-coupled poly(ester amine) as gene carrier and application in cancer gene therapy
01/29/15Water-soluble fluorescence compound and preparing the same
01/29/15Method and recovering lock holder preemption
01/22/15Particulate matter sensor unit
01/22/15Multiple biomarker set for breast cancer diagnosis, detecting the same, and diagnosis kit for breast cancer using antibody against the same
01/08/15Device for cochlear implant with sensor and electrode
01/08/15Polyacetylene nanofiber temperature sensor
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01/08/15Electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising the same
01/08/15Apparatus and controlling of user interface equipped touch screen
01/08/15Crystal structure of the nanr and mannac-6p complex, and uses thereof
01/08/15Drug delivery system using implant
01/01/15Smart soft composite actuator
01/01/15Method of manufacturing light-absorbing layer having semiconductor nanoparticles and manufacturing semiconductor device having the same light-absorbing layer
01/01/15Memory storage apparatus, supporting transaction function for database, and memory system
12/25/14Amine-based compound and organic light-emitting diode including the same
12/25/14Method and device for energy efficient signal transmission in massive multi-antenna wireless communication system
12/25/14Vehicle with independently driven multiple axes, and controller which independently drives multiple axles
12/25/14Method and improving disordered voice
12/18/14Food composition for preventing obesity, pharmaceutical composition for treating obesity, and animal medicine for treating obesity, containing gingernone a
12/18/14Implantable device for drug delivery operated by magnetic force
12/18/14Apparatus and managing genetic information
12/04/14Omni-directional shear-horizontal wave magnetostrictive patch transducer and winding coil
12/04/14Volume production uniformly sized silica nanoparticles
12/04/14Snoop-based kernel integrity monitoring apparatus and method thereof
11/27/14Particulate matter sensor unit
11/27/14Quantizer with sigma-delta modulator, analog-to-digital converter including the same and quantization method using the same
11/27/14Polysorbitol-based osmotically active transporter and gene therapy using same
10/09/14Structure for tissue regeneration and a production method therefor
10/02/14Optical device and manufacturing same
09/18/14Semiconductor memory device having asymmetric access time
09/04/14Waveguide for a bulk-type medium, vibratior using same to transmit shear waves to a bulk-type medium, and method using the vibrator to transmit shear waves to a bulk-type medium
08/28/14Surgical operation by wire type surgical operation apparatus
08/21/14Convenient and efficient purification chemically labeled nucleic acids
08/07/14Confocal fluorescence microscope
07/31/14Process for producing 3-dimensional structure assembled from nanoparticles
07/31/14Metallic fine structure and processing method thereof
07/31/14Method for noninvasive prediction or diagnosis of inflammation and infection in amniotic fluid of patients with premature rupture of membranes
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07/31/14Apparatus and performing inter-cell interference coordination using limited channel state information in heterogeneous network
07/24/14Quasi-surface emission vertical-type organic light-emitting transistors and manufacturing the same
07/17/14Nanoparticle coated with ligand introduced with long hydrophobic chain and preparing same
07/10/14Mobile video streaming enhancement in a network coding-capable wireless network
06/19/14Magnetic resonance imaging t2 contrast medium for cell contrasting, and manufacturing same
06/19/14Treatment device for hemiplegia
06/12/14Passive transformable wheel and robot having the wheel
06/12/14Thermo-responsive draw solute for forward osmosis and water desalination and purification using the same
06/12/14Oral composition
05/22/14Magnetoelectric material and manufacturing the same
05/08/14Assay method using encoded particle-based platform
05/01/14Stacked dynamic random access memory
05/01/14Wlan service method and wlan system
04/24/14Antibiotic composition containing erythorbyl laurate and its usage
03/27/14Apparatus for generating fine bubbles having a positive charge and water treatment apparatus using same
03/20/14Method of forming channel layer of electric device and manufacturing electric device using the same
03/20/14Liver regeneration accelerator comprising betaine
02/27/14Battery pack, battery apparatus including the same, and cell balancing method thereof
02/27/14Battery pack, battery apparatus including the same, and cell balancing method thereof
02/27/14Complex in which anti-cotinine antibody is bound to conjugate of cotinine and binding substance, and use thereof
02/13/14Winding synchronous machine having a moving object including an inverter circuit, and controlling same
02/13/14Whitlockite and manufacturing the same
02/06/14Composition comprising expression or activity inhibitors of ninjurin1 for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory disease
02/06/14Composition for improving inflammatory disease using abh antigens
02/06/14Codon optimized sodium-iodide symporter gene and its use
02/06/14Data processing, analysis gene expression data to identify endogenous reference genes
01/23/14Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
01/23/14Transgenic pig expressing stnfr1-fc genes and the uses thereof
01/16/14Hybrid microprobe for electrochemical and sers monitoring, scanning and feedback stimulation and the preparation method thereof

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