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Solar Turbines Incorporated
Solar Turbines Inc
Solar Turbines Incorporated_20131212

Solar Turbines Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Solar Turbines Inc. Solar Turbines Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Solar Turbines Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Solar Turbines Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17Fuel injector for combustion engine and staged fuel delivery method
10/19/17Fuel injector and fuel system for combustion engine
10/19/17Fuel delivery methods in combustion engine
10/12/17Rotation enhanced turbine blade cooling
10/12/17Wrapped serpentine passages for turbine blade cooling
09/28/17System using heat energy to produce power and pure water
09/28/17Fuel supply system for an engine
08/31/17Airfoil for turbomachine and airfoil cooling method
08/24/17Airfoil for turbomachine and cooling same
08/24/17Exhaust system for gas turbine engine
08/17/17Real time rotation breakaway detection
08/10/17Fuel injector for combustion engine system, and engine operating method
07/06/17Fuel injector with multi tube gas distribution
07/06/17Two stream liquid fuel lean direct injection
07/06/17Fuel injector with a center body assembly for liquid prefilm injection
07/06/17Fuel injector with dual main fuel injection
02/09/17Monitoring system for turbomachinery
02/09/17Monitoring system for turbomachinery
02/09/17Monitoring system for turbomachinery
02/09/17Monitoring system for a gas turbine engine
02/09/17Monitoring system for a gas turbine engine
12/01/16High speed recorder for a gas turbine engine
12/01/16Combustion stability logic during off-load transients
11/24/16Exhaust fume isolator for a gas turbine engine
11/17/16Controlled-leak combustor grommet
11/03/16Online estimation of specific gravity of gas fuel
10/06/16Module mounting system
09/29/16Cast nozzle with split airfoil
08/25/16Modular power plant assembly
08/04/16Method for manufacturing a metallic component
07/21/16Combustion hole insert with integrated film restarter
07/14/16Crimped insert for improved turbine vane internal cooling
07/14/16Actuator to valve calibration of a fuel control valve assembly
06/23/16Forged fuel injector stem
06/16/16Shield assembly for shielding a housing of an electro-mechanical device from a hot body
06/09/16Airfoil for inlet guide vane (igv) of multistage compressor
04/28/16Liner grommet assembly
04/28/16Robust insulated fuel injector for a gas turbine engine
04/21/16Product lifecycle management system
04/14/16Method for manufacturing a machine component
03/24/16Diaphragm assembly with a preswirler
03/24/16Diaphragm assembly bolted joint stress reduction
03/10/16Method and conditioning diffuser outlet flow
02/04/16Laser clad fuel injector premix barrel
01/28/16Assembly for moving a component relative to a ceiling of an engine enclosure
01/14/16Expansion joint for connecting an exhaust collector of an engine to a duct system
01/07/16Tri-lobe bearing for a gearbox
12/24/15Compressor aft hub sealing system
12/17/15Cutback aft clamp ring
12/17/15System for automated design of multi-body machine
12/03/15Combustor assembly for a gas turbine engine having a braze layer having a centerline eutectic free region
11/26/15Thermocouple with a vortex reducing probe
11/26/15Starter/generator combination with all variable frequency drives
11/19/15Radiographic markers for partial penetration welded joints
11/12/15Enclosed gas fuel delivery system
11/05/15System for detecting a flashback and mitigating damage from the flashback to a combustion system
10/29/15Gas turbine engine component with embedded data
10/22/15Universal housing for a centrifugal gas compressor
10/22/15Compact squeeze film damper bearing
10/08/15Variable guide vane extended variable fillet
10/08/15Controlling a gas compressor having multiple magnetic bearings
10/08/15Penetrator power connector for an integrated rotary machine
10/08/15Electric motor with symmetric cooling
10/01/15Condition monitoring and analytics for machines
09/17/15Method and system for providing an assessment of equipment in an equipment fleet
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09/10/15Gas turbine engine fuel injector with an inner heat shield
08/13/15Post processing finite element analysis geometry
07/30/15Hot isostatic pressing to heal weld cracks
07/23/15Turbine blade platform seal assembly validation
07/16/15Gas turbine engine with exit flow discourager
07/16/15Ceramic pedestal and shield for gas path temperature measurement
07/16/15Synthetic jets in compressors
07/16/15Fuel injector with a diffusing main gas passage
07/02/15Nozzle endwall film cooling with airfoil cooling holes
06/18/15Single crystal turbine blade lifing process and system
04/16/15Internal-driven compressor having a powered compressor rotor
04/16/15Condition based lifing of gas turbine engine components
03/19/15Exhaust collector with curved side panel
02/26/15Fuel control module gas vent manifold
02/26/15High temperature brazing fixture and manufacture
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02/12/15High porosity abradable coating
02/12/15Gas turbine engine rotor assembly optimization
02/05/15Heat shield with standoffs
01/29/15Method for enhancing power of a gas turbine engine
12/25/14Nozzle film cooling with alternating compound angles
12/25/14Variable speed drive system for driven equipment
12/18/14Variable frequency drive power ride thru
12/18/14Cooled turbine blade with double compound angled holes and slots
12/04/14Apparatus for testing an electromechanical relay
11/27/14Exhaust diffuser for a gas turbine engine exhaust system
11/20/14Liquid fuel turbine engine for reduced oscillations
11/13/14Pivoting swirler inlet valve plate
11/13/14Tapered gas turbine engine liquid gallery
11/13/14Outer premix barrel vent air sweep
11/13/14System for distributing compressed air in a combustor
11/13/14Inner premix tube air wipe
11/13/14Shrouded pilot liquid tube
10/09/14Control system for magnetic bearings in a centrifugal gas compressor
10/09/14Method for controlling a gas compressor having a magnetic bearing
10/02/14Compensation for gas turbine engine fuel valve characteristics
10/02/14Low flow correction for gas turbine engine fuel valve characteristics
10/02/14Multiple mode gas turbine engine gas fuel system with integrated control
09/25/14Turbine blade staking pin
09/18/14Analysis of localized waste material
09/18/14Sensor housing
09/18/14Turbine blade pin seal
09/18/14Turbine blade with a pin seal slot
09/11/14Gas turbine fuel injector with metering cavity
09/11/14System and aligning a gas turbine engine
08/28/14Ambient conditions monitoring system for machinery
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07/31/14Compressor wash with air to bearing buffering system
07/31/14Compressor wash with air to turbine cooling passages
07/31/14Gas turbine offline compressor wash with buffer air from combustor
06/26/14Gas turbine engine lube oil system
06/26/14Portable tube coiler
06/26/14Coating fixtures for gas turbine engine compressor disks
06/19/14Bleed valve override schedule on off-load transients
06/19/14Compressor blade for gas turbine engine
06/12/14Method of installing split fuel control module
06/12/14Free-state seal plate functional gage tool
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06/12/14Fuel control module
06/12/14Split fuel control module
06/05/14Turbine blade apparatus
06/05/14Variable area turbine nozzle with a position selector
06/05/14Method and system for automated machine design
05/29/14Fuel boost module
05/29/14Gas turbine engine turbine nozzle impingement cover
05/22/14Engine enclosure with panel retainer assemblies
05/22/14Gas turbine engine compressor rotor assembly and balancing system
05/08/14Combustor imaging inspection system
05/01/14Gas turbine diffuser with flow separator
05/01/14Variable area turbine nozzle
05/01/14Gas turbine engine compressor with a biased inner ring
05/01/14Damper for a turbine rotor assembly
05/01/14Turbine blade for a gas turbine engine
05/01/14Damper for a turbine rotor assembly
05/01/14Turbine rotor assembly
04/24/14Centrifugal gas compressor with a hardened shaft for a bearing system
04/24/14Centrifugal gas compressor magnetic bearing thrust collar with mounting pilots
04/17/14System and controlling an electric motor
04/10/14Gas turbine engine turbine housing with enlongated holes
04/03/14Cooled turbine blade with inner spar
04/03/14Method of manufacturing a cooled turbine blade with dense cooling fin array
04/03/14Cooled turbine blade with leading edge flow deflection and division
04/03/14Cooled turbine blade with leading edge flow redirection and diffusion
04/03/14Cooled turbine blade with trailing edge flow metering
03/27/14Gas turbine engine preswirler with angled holes
03/27/14Gas turbine engine turbine diaphragm with angled holes
03/06/14Gas turbine engine compressor undercut spacer
02/20/14Exhaust collector with radial and circumferential flow breaks
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01/30/14Exhaust diffuser for a gas turbine engine having curved and offset struts
01/23/14First stage compressor disk configured for balancing the compressor rotor assembly
01/16/14Lamination sleeve with an axial hydraulic fitting port
01/16/14Auxiliary bearing landing guard
01/09/14Nozzle particle deflector for a gas turbine engine
01/09/14Preswirler configured for improved sealing
01/02/14Method and system for operating a turbine engine
01/02/14Turbine engine mounting system and method
01/02/14Valve assembly with valve position indicator
12/26/13Gas fuel turbine engine for reduced oscillations
12/26/13Method of reducing combustion induced oscillations in a turbine engine
12/12/13Shaft alignment tools and methods
12/05/13Turbine cooling apparatus
12/05/13Turbine blade support
12/05/13Turbine damper
12/05/13Turbine damper
11/28/13Method and device for modifying a secondary air system in a gas turbine engine
11/28/13Fuel control system for a gas turbine engine
11/28/13Self-sealing tube for a gas turbine secondary air system
11/21/13System and modifying a gas turbine engine in the field
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11/21/13Compressor case overhaul
11/14/13Methods for manufacturing, modifying, and retrofitting a gas turbine injector
10/31/13Fuel injector with purged insulating air cavity
10/03/13High temperature brazing fixture and manufacture
10/03/13Air blocker ring assembly with blocker ring protrusions
10/03/13Air blocker ring assembly with leading edge configuration
10/03/13Dry gas seal assembly
10/03/13Air blocker ring assembly with radial retention
09/19/13Hybrid gas turbine engine-electric motor/generator drive system
09/12/13Gas turbine fuel injector with insulating air shroud
09/05/13Laser clad fuel injector premix barrel
08/29/13Hot air injector cleaning system and process
08/29/13Turbine cooling system and method
08/29/13Turbine engine rotor blade groove
08/22/13Coated porous metallic mat
08/22/13Analysis of localized waste material
08/22/13Gas turbine engine lubrication fluid barrier
07/04/13Method and swaged liquid injector spoke
04/04/13Impingement cooling of combustor liners
01/03/13System and driving a pump
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11/22/12Lean direct fuel injector
11/22/12Method of operating a gas turbine engine
06/21/12Mobile power system
06/07/12Method for connecting a first computer network to at least a second extended computer network
05/17/12Turbine blade assembly including a damper
05/10/12End-fed liquid fuel gallery for a gas turbine fuel injector
12/30/10Acoustically tuned combustion for a gas turbine engine
11/18/10Acoustically tuned combustion for a gas turbine engine
09/30/10Hybrid gas turbine engine - electric motor/generator drive system
07/01/10Mobile platform system for a gas turbine engine
04/22/10Gas turbine engine and system for servicing a gas turbine engine
03/25/10Inventory management tool using a criticality measure
10/15/09Health monitoring through a correlation of thermal images and temperature data
05/14/09Inlet film cooling of turbine end wall of a gas turbine engine
03/05/09Engine with intake air temperature control system
12/12/13Shaft alignment tools and methods
10/15/15Method of remanufacturing a machine component
09/24/15Fixture for vertical lathe machine
07/30/15System for monitoring health of a seal
07/30/15Cover assembly
04/30/15Power system enclosure
04/16/15Heat exchanger for power system
03/19/15Journal bearing
01/29/15System and server redundancy
01/15/15Air flow conditioner for fuel injector of gas turbine engine
12/25/14Welding torch
12/04/14Grain microstructure in dampers of gas turbine engine
10/02/14Fluid line clamp
06/19/14Sealing system for flanged joint
05/22/14Combination air assist and pilot gaseous fuel circuit
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01/16/14Baffle assembly for bleed air system of gas turbine engine
01/16/14Power system enclosure
12/05/13Retaining ring
11/21/13Engine skid assembly
10/31/13Resonance damper for damping acoustic oscillations from combustor
10/03/13Resonance damper for damping acoustic oscillations from combustor
10/03/13Turbine nozzle
08/29/13Method of manufacturing a housing
08/08/13Apparatus and optically measuring creep
08/01/13Fuel injector system with fluidic oscillator
06/20/13Gas turbine and fuel injector for the same
06/20/13Gas turbine and fuel injector for the same
05/23/13Flow conditioner for fuel injector for combustor and low-nox combustor
01/03/13Cutting tool for cable with a metal shield
12/27/12Phase and amplitude matched fuel injector
01/12/12Fluid compression system
03/04/10Modular cart for a gas turbine engine
12/31/09System for diffusing bleed air flow
12/31/09Three point mounting arrangement for a power system

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