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Sony Corporation Sony Electronics Inc
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Sony Corporation And Sony Electronics
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Sony Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Sony Corporation. Sony Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sony Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sony Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12014026175709/18/14 new patent  Flow channel device, particle sorting apparatus, particle outflow method, and particle sorting method
22014026297009/18/14 new patent  Sorting apparatus and sorting method
32014026431409/18/14 new patent  Method for manufacturing organic semiconductor element, semiconductor element, and electronic apparatus
42014026435509/18/14 new patent  Display device, display device driving method, and electronic apparatus
52014026467409/18/14 new patent  Storage element and memory
62014026469409/18/14 new patent  Solid state imaging device and manufacturing method, and electronic apparatus
72014026470609/18/14 new patent  Solid state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
82014026493909/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device
92014026510309/18/14 new patent  Medical printer
102014026603709/18/14 new patent  Electronic unit and power feeding system
112014026671009/18/14 new patent  Security system applications for locations to be secured
122014026698909/18/14 new patent  Head-mounted display and display control method
132014026702809/18/14 new patent  Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and image processing system
142014026702909/18/14 new patent  Method and system of enabling interaction between a user and an electronic device
152014026720809/18/14 new patent  Image display device and image display method
162014026743209/18/14 new patent  Method to select appropriate window size for local image processing
172014026746509/18/14 new patent  Signal processing device, signal processing method, program, and electronic apparatus
182014026767309/18/14 new patent  Digital microscope apparatus, method of searching for in-focus position thereof, and program
192014026767509/18/14 new patent  Digital microscope apparatus, imaging method therefor, and program
202014026767609/18/14 new patent  Digital microscope apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program
212014026780609/18/14 new patent  Device and method for processing video content
222014026782109/18/14 new patent  Image processing device, image processing method, and program
232014026782809/18/14 new patent  Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method, and program
242014026783909/18/14 new patent  Signal processing unit and signal processing method
252014026784709/18/14 new patent  Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
262014026785709/18/14 new patent  Camera system, video processing apparatus, and camera apparatus
272014026786209/18/14 new patent  Solid-state imaging element, method of driving the same, and camera system
282014026792009/18/14 new patent  Receiving apparatus and receiving method
292014026792409/18/14 new patent  Image processing device and image processing method
302014026792909/18/14 new patent  Channel scan device and method, and program
312014026793009/18/14 new patent  Reception apparatus and electronic equipment
322014026794209/18/14 new patent  Optical element, projection type image display apparatus, and original recording
332014026813109/18/14 new patent  Measurement apparatus and measurement method
342014026841409/18/14 new patent  Magnetic recording medium, servo signal recording apparatus and method of producing magnetic recording medium
352014026897509/18/14 new patent  Integrated circuit system with non-volatile memory stress suppression and method of manufacture thereof
362014026898409/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus
372014026958309/18/14 new patent  Wireless communication apparatus, a method of wireless communication, and a program for wireless communication
382014026993409/18/14 new patent  Video coding system with multiple scalability and method of operation thereof
392014026994109/18/14 new patent  Encoding device and method, decoding device and method, editing device and method, recording medium, and program
402014026998109/18/14 new patent  Transmitters, receivers and methods of transmitting and receiving
412014026998209/18/14 new patent  Transmitters, receivers and methods of transmitting and receiving
422014027019909/18/14 new patent  Notification control device, notification control method and storage medium
432014027043109/18/14 new patent  Characterizing pathology images with statistical analysis of local neural network responses
442014027043209/18/14 new patent  Combining information of different levels for content-based retrieval of digital pathology images
452014027047909/18/14 new patent  Systems and methods for parameter estimation of images
462014027049609/18/14 new patent  Discriminative distance weighting for content-based retrieval of digital pathology images
472014027050709/18/14 new patent  Videolens media engine
482014027055909/18/14 new patent  Image processing device and method
492014027254509/18/14 new patent  Secondary cell, method for manufacturing secondary cell, positive electrode for secondary cells, method for manufacturing positive electrode for secondary cells, battery pack, electronic device, and electric vehicle
502014027291509/18/14 new patent  Acceleration sensation presentation apparatus, acceleration sensation presentation method, and acceleration sensation presentation system
512014027318309/18/14 new patent  Substrate detection device and biofuel cell with substrate detection function
522014027319509/18/14 new patent  Fine particle measuring apparatus
532014027332709/18/14 new patent  Solid state imaging device, method of producing solid state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
542014027351309/18/14 new patent  Resist composition and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
552014027387609/18/14 new patent  Reception apparatus and electronic equipment
562014027390309/18/14 new patent  Receiving circuit, receiving device, and receiving method
572014027810009/18/14 new patent  Image display device, image display method, storage medium, and image display system
582014027854009/18/14 new patent  Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
592014027920909/18/14 new patent  Information processing system, method, and program
602014027975509/18/14 new patent  Manifold-aware ranking kernel for information retrieval
612014027997609/18/14 new patent  Method and system for recording information about rendered assets
622014028092209/18/14 new patent  System, method, and computer program product for remotely determining the configuration of a multi-media content user
632014028118709/18/14 new patent  Electronic apparatus, method of creating snapshot image, and program
642014028127109/18/14 new patent  Cache control device, processor, information processing system, and cache control method
652014028183809/18/14 new patent  Sensor and sensing method
662014028199909/18/14 new patent  Display device, two-way communication system and display information using method
672014028263509/18/14 new patent  System and method for internet tv and broadcast advertisements
682014028264609/18/14 new patent  Device for acquisition of viewer interest when viewing content
692014028264909/18/14 new patent  Apparatus, method, and program for processing information
702014028271109/18/14 new patent  Customizing the display of information by parsing descriptive closed caption data
712014028271909/18/14 new patent  Simultaneous viewing of multiple viewer-specific programming on a single display
722014028273109/18/14 new patent  Display control system, display control device, and display control method
732014028273309/18/14 new patent  Information processing device, information processing method, and program
742014028280009/18/14 new patent  Video processing device, video reproduction device, video processing method, video reproduction method, and video processing system
752014028295609/18/14 new patent  System and method for user authentication
762014025180909/11/14Apparatus for preparing nucleic acids and method for preparing nucleic acids
772014025241709/11/14Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus
782014025252609/11/14Semiconductor device, manufacturing method, and electronic apparatus
792014025252709/11/14Solid-state imaging element, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging element, and electronic device
802014025288409/11/14Electric power generation control system, electric power generation control program, and electronic apparatus
812014025301309/11/14Electricity distribution system and electricity distribution method
822014025335909/11/14Balanced signal processing circuit and analog-digital conversion circuit
832014025342009/11/14Display device, electro-optical element driving method and electronic equipment
842014025342109/11/14Display, display drive circuit, display drive method, and electronic apparatus
852014025346009/11/14Apparatus and method for operating a user interface of a device
862014025348209/11/14Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
872014025360009/11/14Image stabilization device, image stabilization method, and program
882014025360809/11/14Display device and electronic equipment
892014025368309/11/14Disparity data transport and signaling
902014025369309/11/14Information processing apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
912014025369409/11/14Processing video signals based on user focus on a particular portion of a video display
922014025370009/11/14System and method for displaying content on a television in standby mode
932014025375109/11/14Method of compression of images using a natural mode and a graphics mode
942014025375609/11/14Two-dimensional solid-state image capture device and polarization-light data processing method therefor
952014025375909/11/14Pixel-based directional prediction patterns for digital coding of images
962014025376109/11/14Control device, control method, and imaging apparatus
972014025376509/11/14Signal processing unit, solid-state image pickup unit, electronic apparatus, signal processing method, and program
982014025377009/11/14Solid-state imaging device and camera system
992014025377209/11/14Solid-state imaging device, imaging apparatus, and method of driving the solid-state imaging device
1002014025380409/11/14Image processing device, image recognition device, image recognition method, and program
1012014025380609/11/14Video processing apparatus and video processing method
1022014025380809/11/14Image processing device, and image processing method, and program
1032014025381409/11/14Managing extra space on ultra high definition display presenting high definition visual content
1042014025385409/11/14Liquid crystal display
1052014025385609/11/14Display unit, method of manufacturing display unit, and electronic apparatus
1062014025424109/11/14Semiconductor device and information reading method
1072014025425309/11/14Memory element and memory device
1082014025452909/11/14Communication system for supporting carrier aggregation and method and apparatus for updating system information thereof
1092014025457809/11/14Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and wireless communication method
1102014025461009/11/14Electronic apparatus, stream transmission and reception method of electronic apparatus, program, host device, and stream transmission and reception method of host device
1112014025468709/11/14Encoding device and encoding method, and decoding device and decoding method
1122014025469909/11/14Mimo communication method, mimo transmitting device, and mimo receiving device
1132014025485509/11/14Ear speaker device
1142014025490109/11/14Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
1152014025500609/11/14Content reproduction apparatus and storage medium
1162014025629609/11/14Communication terminals with pull-based digital information distribution capability and pull-based methods for digital information distribution
1172014025779109/11/14Apparatus and method for auto-generation of journal entries
1182014025780209/11/14Signal processing device, signal processing method, and storage medium
1192014025790509/11/14Service scheduling system
1202014025796109/11/14System for digital bonus point management
1212014025808109/11/14Information processing apparatus, server apparatus, power trading settlement system, settlement method for power trading, and information processing method
1222014025811509/11/14Communication system and information processing method
1232014025840709/11/14Control apparatus and control method
1242014025841409/11/14Server device, terminal device, and program
1252014025844509/11/14Method and system for seamless navigation of content across different devices
1262014025846409/11/14System and method for electronic device control
1272014025860609/11/14Storage control device, storage device, information processing system, and storage control method
1282014025905209/11/14Data tunneling via closed captioning
1292014025908509/11/14Modular broadcast receiver system and method
1302014025911009/11/14Communication system and method, information processing terminal and method, and information processing device and method
1312014025918209/11/14System and method for managing media content
1322014024632209/04/14Flow channel device and sorting apparatus
1332014024649509/04/14Image processing device, image processing method, and program
1342014024656509/04/14Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
1352014024666209/04/14Display apparatus and electronic apparatus
1362014024671109/04/14Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, method of manufacturing display unit, and method of manufacturing electronic apparatus
1372014024674509/04/14Chip size package (csp)
1382014024679709/04/14Transfer mold and manufacturing method for structure
1392014024713209/04/14Information processing device and method
1402014024718109/04/14Radar apparatus and method
1412014024720009/04/14Display, display drive method, method of manufacturing display, and electronic apparatus
1422014024720109/04/14Display panel and panel inspection apparatus
1432014024720209/04/14Level conversion circuit, multi-value output differential amplifier, and display unit
1442014024720409/04/14Pixel circuit, display device, and method of driving pixel circuit
1452014024723309/04/14Information processing apparatus, display control method, and computer program product
1462014024726509/04/14Adjusting horizontal and vertical shading in 3-d rendering
1472014024726609/04/14System and method for displaying secondary content on a display device
1482014024727209/04/14Image processing apparatus, method and computer program product
1492014024729209/04/14Display panel driving method, display apparatus, display panel driving apparatus and electronic apparatus
1502014024737409/04/14Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium
1512014024738609/04/14Action control device, action control method, imaging device, and program
1522014024738809/04/14Image capturing device and activation method therefor
1532014024739109/04/14Signal processing apparatus and method, and program
1542014024749609/04/14Optical unit, imaging device, electronic apparatus, and master
1552014024753409/04/14Electrostatic capacitance element and resonance circuit
1562014024759109/04/14Illumination unit, projection display unit, and direct view display unit
1572014024781209/04/14Mimo communication method, transmitting device, and receiving device
1582014024793709/04/14Cryptographic processing apparatus, cryptographic processing method, and computer program therefor
1592014024794009/04/14Near field registration of home system audio-video device
1602014024795509/04/14Folded electrostatic speaker
1612014024803209/04/14Controlled information processing apparatus
1622014024804009/04/14Method and system for assisting language learning
1632014024853009/04/14Battery pack and wiring substrate
1642014024877709/04/14Resist composition and method for producing semiconductor device
1652014024886609/04/14Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, wireless communication method, and program
1662014024980009/04/14Language processing method and electronic device
1672014025017209/04/14Device control apparatus, device control method and program for initiating control of an operation of an external device
1682014025033109/04/14Remotely testing electronic devices using messaging and presence protocol
1692014025034609/04/14Memory system and operation method thereof
1702014025037409/04/14Information processing apparatus, method, and program
1712014025043109/04/14Terminal device, information processing system, request target selection method and program
1722014025048109/04/14Receiver, display controlling method, broadcast system, and computer program
1732014023915508/28/14Image sensor and electronic device
1742014023925108/28/14Semiconductor light emitting element and display device
1752014023928608/28/14Driving circuit board, method of manufacturing the same, display unit, and electronic apparatus
1762014023936008/28/14Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same, and solid-state image pickup device using the same
1772014023944108/28/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
1782014023949908/28/14Semiconductor device and method for production of semiconductor device
1792014023989308/28/14Electronic device, feed unit, and feed system
1802014024013008/28/14System and method for monitoring biometric data
1812014024019908/28/14Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and program
1822014024020608/28/14El display panel, power supply line drive apparatus, and electronic device
1832014024026608/28/14Input method and input apparatus
1842014024027308/28/14Apparatus and method for interacting with a user
1852014024031408/28/14Apparatus, method, and program for 3d data analysis, and fine particle analysis system
1862014024031608/28/14Rendering 3-d scenes using bent rays
1872014024033608/28/14Signal processing apparatus and storage medium
1882014024037008/28/14Display, method of manufacturing display, method of driving display, and electronic apparatus
1892014024037608/28/14Display apparatus and display-apparatus driving method
1902014024046508/28/14Three-dimensional image pickup apparatus, convergence distance adjustment method, and program
1912014024053808/28/14Imaging apparatus having temporary recording mode and direct recording mode
1922014024055208/28/14Information processing device, information processing method, and program
1932014024055708/28/14Solid-state imaging device and electronic equipment
1942014024056308/28/14Signal processing unit, signal processing method, image pickup device, and image pickup apparatus
1952014024056408/28/14Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
1962014024056508/28/14Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
1972014024056708/28/14Image processing apparatus and image processing method, and program
1982014024056808/28/14Electronic apparatus, control method, and image sensor
1992014024057408/28/14Display control apparatus, display control method, and program
2002014024057508/28/14Image processing apparatus, location information adding method, and program
2012014024060408/28/14Transmitting device, transmitting method, and receiving device
2022014024061108/28/14Laser driving circuit, laser driving method, and device using laser light
2032014024064208/28/14Illumination unit, display, and electronic apparatus
2042014024064408/28/14Illumination device and display unit
2052014024066608/28/14Ocular fundus information acquisition device, method and program
2062014024139108/28/14Semiconductor light-emitting element, method for producing the same, and display apparatus
2072014024142808/28/14Image processing device and image processing method
2082014024162408/28/14Method and system for image processing
2092014024274508/28/14Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing same, and electronic apparatus
2102014024309708/28/14Trending stories in game activity feeds
2112014024309808/28/14Game activity feed
2122014024415508/28/14Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
2132014024436708/28/14Personal casting system
2142014024464008/28/14Method and apparatus for content manipulation
2152014024473108/28/14Information processing apparatus, information processing method, storage medium, and program
2162014024480708/28/14Information-provision control method, information reproduction system, information-provision apparatus, information reproduction apparatus and information-presentation control program
2172014024482708/28/14Method and apparatus for monitoring activity of an electronic device
2182014024484608/28/14Information processing apparatus, resource control method, and program
2192014024503608/28/14Electronic apparatus, charging control method, charging system, and data transmission system
2202014024506408/28/14Information processing apparatus, method, and program
2212014024514908/28/14Minimal and preferential option user interface
2222014024533808/28/14Information processing device, information processing method, information provision device, and information provision system
2232014023162008/21/14Image sensor and imaging method with single shot compressed sensing
2242014023162408/21/14Semiconductor integrated circuit and imaging device
2252014023178908/21/14Display panel, display unit, and electronic apparatus
2262014023179008/21/14Display unit and electronic apparatus
2272014023180508/21/14Display unit, method of driving the same, and electronic apparatus
2282014023183808/21/14Semiconductor light-emission device and manufacturing method
2292014023194308/21/14Memory element and memory device
2302014023194808/21/14Solid-state image pickup device and method for producing the same
2312014023195008/21/14Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
2322014023200208/21/14Device bond pads over process control monitor structures in a semiconductor die
2332014023227608/21/14Light-emitting panel, display device and electronic equipment
2342014023244808/21/14Semiconductor integrated circuit
2352014023263908/21/14Information processing apparatus and storage medium
2362014023267808/21/14Information processing device, information processing method and computer program
2372014023268608/21/14Display device equipped with a touch panel
2382014023268708/21/14Information processor, information processing method, and computer program
2392014023270308/21/14Display unit, method of driving the same, and electronic apparatus
2402014023270508/21/14Drive circuit, driving method, display unit, and electronic apparatus
2412014023275708/21/14Display device and electronic apparatus
2422014023275808/21/14Display device and electronic product having light sensors in plural pixel regions
2432014023276108/21/14Display device and output buffer circuit for driving the same
2442014023282308/21/14Transmission device, transmission method, reception device and reception method
2452014023289908/21/14Server device, image transmission method, terminal device, image reception method, program, and image processing system
2462014023291208/21/14Image pickup unit and electronic apparatus
2472014023291308/21/14Solid-state imaging device and driving method of same
2482014023291808/21/14Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
2492014023291908/21/14Solid-state imaging device and camera system

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