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Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab_20100107
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab a Company Of Sweden
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab_20100114
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab_20100121
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab_20131212
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab_20100128

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab patents

Recent patent applications related to Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab, we're just tracking patents.

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01/14/16Adjusting coordinates of touch input
03/19/15System and providing direct access to an application when unlocking a consumer electronic device
02/26/15Distance-based rendering of media files
02/05/15Wireless communications devices configured for multiple radio access technologies and related methods and systems
01/08/15Portable electronic equipment and controlling an autostereoscopic display
01/01/15Method and performing a zooming action
10/02/14Electrical device and a method therein
08/21/14Light sensitive, low height, and high dynamic range camera
07/31/14Electronic device with touch-based deactivation of touch input signaling
07/17/14Array camera shutter
07/17/14System and filtering broadcast messages received over a wireless local area network
07/10/14Short-range radio frequency wireless communication data transfer methods and related devices
06/26/14Touch screen, portable electronic device, and operating a touch screen
05/15/14Multi-band wireless terminals with metal backplates and coupling feed elements, and related multi-band antenna systems
05/15/14Controlling power for a headset
04/10/14Reducing a disturbance on a signal path of a semiconductor switch
03/27/14Image processing
03/20/14Multiple input multiple output (mimo) antennas having polarization and angle diversity and related wireless communications devices
02/27/14Method, graphical user interface, and computer program product for processing of a light field image
02/20/14Location and time based unlocked action
01/09/14Amplifying audio-visiual data based on user's head orientation
12/12/13Portable electronic equipment and recording media using a portable electronic equipment
11/21/13System and providing direct access to an application when unlocking a consumer electronic device
10/31/13Noise suppression based on correlation of sound in a microphone array
10/03/13Base station scanning using multiple receive paths
09/19/13Calendar application for communication devices
09/05/13Antenna tunning arrangement and method
08/29/13Method and switching talking modes automatically
08/22/13Super charger
08/08/13Mobile communication device with three-dimensional sensing and a method therefore
08/08/13Portable electronic device and controlling a portable electronic device having a proximity-sensing user interface
08/08/13Identifying wind direction and wind speed using wind noise
08/01/13Current carrying structures having enhanced electrostatic discharge protection and methods of manufacture
08/01/13Electronic equipment for a wireless communication operating an electronic equipment for a wireless communication system
07/25/13Adjusting parallax barriers
07/18/13Finger-on display detection
07/11/13Rearranging pixels of a three-dimensional display to reduce pseudo-stereoscopic effect
07/11/13Multi-layer optical elements of a three-dimensional display for reducing pseudo-stereoscopic effect
07/11/13Ultrasonic sound reproduction on eardrum
07/11/13Head-related transfer function (hrtf) selection or adaptation based on head size
07/04/13Corner improvement in window carrier for crack window
07/04/13Adjusting an optical guide of a three-dimensional display to reduce pseudo-stereoscopic effect
07/04/13Automatic intelligent focus control of video
07/04/13Camera module, electronic device comprising the same and auto focus method
07/04/13Reducing head-related transfer function data volume
07/04/13Method and facilitating communication between a finder of a misplaced wireless terminal and an authorized user
06/20/13Method for determining the relative position of devices
06/20/13Method and device
06/13/13Electronic devices, methods, and computer program products for determining position deviations in an electronic device and generating a binaural audio signal based on the position deviations
05/30/13Method for establishing connection, module for establishing connection and terminal equipment
05/16/13Output candidate phrase and electronic apparatus
05/09/13Device and content searching between peer devices
05/02/13Device, method and computer program product
04/25/13Antenna array with capacitive coupled upper and lower antenna elements and a peak radiation pattern directed toward the lower antenna element
04/25/13System and operating a user interface on an electronic device
04/18/13Hinge arrangement
04/18/13Distance-based rendering of media files
04/18/13Visitor detector
04/11/13Accessory to improve user experience with an electronic display
04/04/13Apparatus and sound control and electronic service
03/28/13Universal accessory for viewing a smartphone display in an automobile
03/21/13Method and adjusting a function of an electronic device
03/21/13Method and location prediction
03/21/13Universal coil antenna having respective portions thereof associated with different functional modules
02/28/13Electronic device and radiating heat from electronic device
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02/28/13Calendar application for communication devices
02/28/13System and selecting objects on a touch-sensitive display of a mobile communications device
02/21/13Electronic devices that communicate via magnetically coupled and rf coupled communication circuits
02/21/13Audio device and audio producing method
02/14/13Indoor positioning with rake receivers
02/14/13System and delivering messages while roaming
02/14/13Synchronizing messages on connected devices
02/14/13System and providing direct access to an application when unlocking a consumer electronic device
02/07/13Optimizing usage of image sensors in a stereoscopic environment
01/17/13Circuit board connector and connecting circuit board
01/03/13System and establishing a communication session between context aware portable communication devices
01/03/13System and rendering messaging content while contemporaneously rendering multimedia content
12/27/12Audio metrics for head-related transfer function (hrtf) selection or adaptation
12/20/12In-ear headphone
12/13/12System and determining altitude
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12/13/12Methods, devices, and computer program products for establishing a connection between an electronic device and a peripheral device by detecting the presence of the peripheral device using near field communication technology or radio frequency identification technology
12/06/12Driving strength control apparatus, driving strength control method and terminal equipment
12/06/12Sensor-based placement of sound in video recording
12/06/12Circuit assembly for processing an electrical signal of a microphone
11/29/12Adaptable projection on occluding object in a projected user interface
11/22/12Indoor map distribution
11/15/12System and pairing hand-held devices utilizing a front-facing camera
11/08/12System and location estimation
11/08/12Method for determining an impedance of an electroacoustic transducer and for operating an audio playback device
11/08/12System and enhancing messages
10/25/12Uv-illuminated symbols for a user device
10/25/12Weather prediction for pressure sensor
10/18/12Key device and electronic apparatus containing the key device
10/18/12Touch-sensitive device and communication device
10/18/12Algorithm for elimination of autofocus sound in video recordings
10/18/12Method and identification of local beacon systems
10/18/12Portable electronic device and method and social network and sharing content information
10/18/12Storage card socket, mobile terminal and protecting the storage card
10/11/12Accelerometer vector controlled noise cancelling method
10/04/12Security arrangement
10/04/12Method and module for switching operating mode, and terminal equipment
10/04/12Mobile terminal, memory card socket and writing protection for memory card in the mobile terminal
09/27/12Slider and electronic apparatus containing the slider
09/27/12Mobile terminal and writing protection for memory card in the mobile terminal
09/27/12Arrangement and method relating to audio recognition
09/13/12Electronic apparatus use environment detecting method, electronic apparatus performance optimizing method and electronic apparatus
09/13/12Sim card slot having a fool-proof function and electronic apparatus containing the sim card slot
09/13/12Circuit board connector and connecting circuit board
09/13/12Mobile terminal and write protection for memory card in the mobile terminal
09/06/12Method for driving a condenser microphone
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08/16/12Portable terminal
08/16/12Display control device
08/16/12Variable display scale control device and variable playing speed control device
08/09/12Temperature control arrangement
08/02/12Method for generating an audio signal
07/26/12Touch sensitive display
07/26/12Electronic terminals and methods using a usb cable as a rf broadcast signal antenna
07/26/12Method for changing an operating mode of a mobile device
07/19/12Determining individualized head-related transfer functions
07/05/12Network adapter, method, and computer program product
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06/28/12Display control apparatus
06/28/12Method of controlling audio recording and electronic device
06/28/12Translation and display of text in picture
06/28/12Device and generating a muffle compensated ring signal
06/28/12Adaptive ring signal level device and method
06/21/12Non-planar display glass for mobile device
06/21/12Closed loop antenna tuning using transmit power control commands
06/21/12Keys with touch detection function and electronic apparatus with the keys
06/21/12System and remote controlled device selection
06/21/12Determining device movement and orientation for three dimensional views
06/21/12Projection control
06/21/12Integrated camera-projection device
06/21/12System and providing a location beacon
06/21/12Identity module device, method & computer program product
06/21/12Cellular communication auto redial for dropped call
06/21/12Portable electronic equipment with automatic control to keep display turned on and method
06/21/12Headset, controlling usage of headset, and terminal
06/14/12Method and circuit for energizing an electrical device
06/14/12Automatic polarity adaptation for ambient noise cancellation
06/14/12Information terminal, information control an information terminal, and information control program
06/14/12Method and arrangement relating to navigation
06/07/12Timing solution for projector camera devices and systems
06/07/12Calendar event creation using electronic message conversations
06/07/12Touch input disambiguation
05/31/12Communication between devices based on device-to-device physical contact
05/17/12Shading graphical objects based on face images
05/17/12Certificate based access control in open mobile alliance device management
05/10/12Methods that communicate via transferjet and nfc transmitter and receiver pairing
05/10/12Headset with accelerometers to determine direction and movements of user head and method
05/10/12Using accelerometers for left right detection of headset earpieces
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05/10/12Method and device for reducing interference in an audio signal during a call
05/03/12Communication device and method
05/03/12Real time three-dimensional menu/icon shading
05/03/12Loading of data to an electronic device
05/03/12Digital rights management (drm) domain recommendation and selection based on a user's social graphs
04/26/12Image orientation control in a handheld device
04/26/12Electronic devices having multiple keypads and related methods
04/26/12Portable electronic device and method and social network and sharing content information
04/19/12Image transmission
04/19/12Electronic device having a hidden input key and manufacturing an electronic device
04/19/12Caller information provision
04/12/12Mobile device for low power identification of its position and a method therefore
04/05/12Active acoustic multi-touch and swipe detection for electronic devices
04/05/12Information terminal, information presentation an information terminal, and information presentation program
03/29/12Navigation using a headset having an integrated sensor
03/22/12Quick input language/virtual keyboard/ language dictionary change on a touch screen device
03/15/12Antenna matching system and device
03/15/12Antenna matching structure, antenna matching method and wireless communication terminal
03/15/12Hands-free control of mobile communication device based on head movement
03/15/12Device management using a restful interface
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03/15/12Annotating e-books / e-magazines with application results
03/08/12Noise suppression for sending voice with binaural microphones
03/08/12Location monitoring system
03/08/12Media playing apparatus and media processing method
03/08/12System and dynamically pricing electronic advertisements
03/08/12Memory management apparatus and memory management method
03/01/12Rotational hinge
03/01/12Game engine module and playing an electronic game using location information
02/23/12Intelligent audio routing for incoming calls
02/23/12Multi-standard wireless terminals including smart antenna systems for multiple input multiple output communications
02/23/12Personal emergency system for a mobile communication device
02/23/12Method for providing multimedia data to a user
02/23/12Organizing media data using a portable electronic device
02/09/12Antenna arrangement, dielectric substrate, pcb & device
02/09/12Advanced scrolling
02/02/12Method for displaying augmentation information in an augmented reality system
02/02/12Acoustic system for slide-type mobile device
02/02/12System and generating a message notification based on sensory detection
01/26/12Displaying augmented reality information
01/19/12Multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) multi-band antennas with a conductive neutralization line for signal decoupling
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01/12/12Method and device for mnemonic contact image association
01/12/12Module connection in a printed wiring board
01/12/12Portable communication device with three dimensional display
01/05/12Bluetooth device and audio playing method using the same
01/05/12System and indexing content viewed on an electronic device
01/05/12Pay-per-restore for data backup restoration
12/29/11User-based semantic metadata for text messages
12/22/11Adaptive media object reproduction based on social context
12/22/11Multi-band antennas using multiple parasitic coupling elements and wireless devices using the same
12/22/11Power amplification apparatus, ofdm modulation apparatus, wireless transmission apparatus, and distortion reduction power amplification apparatus
12/22/11Prioritization of emergency sms messages
12/15/11Spatial detection on an electronic device using optical coding
12/15/11Autospectroscopic display device and operating an auto-stereoscopic display device
12/15/11Mobile communication terminal, data processing mobile communication terminal and settlement terminal
12/01/11Touch interface for three-dimensional display control
12/01/11Hands-free unit with noise tolerant audio sensor
12/01/11Text enhancement
11/24/11Key input device and mobile terminal device
11/24/11User interface for a touch sensitive display on an electronic device
11/17/11Display arrangement and displaying information
11/17/11Controlling single-picture element (pixel) displays
11/17/11Establishing sessions between devices in a network
11/10/11Voice-to-expressive text
11/10/11System and updating device drivers
11/03/11Adaptive soft keyboard
11/03/11Sending and receiving information
10/27/11Hand-held mobile device and operating the hand-held mobile device
10/27/11Remote control of an image capturing unit in a portable electronic device
10/27/11Arrangement and method relating to an image recording device
10/20/11Wearable electronic device, viewing system and display device as well as operating a wearable electronic device and operating a viewing system
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10/20/11Self-cooling electrical device
10/20/11Grouping quick hyperlink
10/13/11Device and content searching between peer devices
10/13/11Mobile wireless terminal and antenna device
10/13/11Method and detecting a position of a pair of ear phones at a user
10/13/11Methods and devices that use an image-captured pointer for selecting a portion of a captured image
10/13/11Method and tuning to program channel based on sound sample in mobile communication terminal
10/06/11Movement sensor
10/06/11Protective gasket for display module of portable electronic device and assembling the device
10/06/11Updates with context information
09/29/11Method and arrangement for audio signal processing
09/29/11Activation of applications based on vibration of portable electronic device
09/22/11Headset loudspeaker microphone
09/22/11Pointer device to navigate a projected user interface
09/22/11Destination prediction using text analysis
09/15/11Keypad and electronic removing language variance
09/15/11Touch-sensitive input device, mobile device and operating a touch-sensitive input device
09/15/11Voip accessory
09/15/11Touch-sensitive sensor
09/15/11Mobile communication device and operating a mobile communication device
09/08/11Paper stock card with wireless communication capability
09/08/11Recharging prepaid accounts
09/08/11Touch-sensitive input device, touch screen device, mobile device and operating a touch-sensitive input device
09/08/11Mobile terminal device and input device
09/01/11Method for determining a heartbeat rate
08/25/11Low-profile folded dipole antennas and radio communications devices employing same
08/25/11Terminals and antenna systems with a primary radiator line capacitively excited by a secondary radiator line
08/25/11Personal listening device having input applied to the housing to provide a desired function and method
08/25/11Method for playing back audio files with an audio reproduction device

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