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Southwest Research Institute
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Southwest Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Southwest Research Institute. Southwest Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Southwest Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Southwest Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Internal combustion engine having dedicated egr cylinder(s) with split fuel injection timing
11/09/17Three-dimensional bioreactor for cell expansion and related applications
11/09/17Coatings formed from the deposition of plasma-activated adducts
10/26/17Superhydrophobic compositions and coating process for the internal surface of tubular structures
10/19/17Media access control method with time-coherence and deterministic scheduling for wireless communications network
10/12/17Intake air boost system for two-cycle engine having turbo-supercharger
09/14/17Calibrated volume displacement direct measurement of specific heat of a gas
09/07/17Deployable reflector antenna
08/24/17Atmospheric pressure pulsed arc plasma source and methods of coating therewith
07/27/17Dual-fuel diesel engine with cylinder fueling control of gaseous fueling at less than full loads
07/27/17Techniques for mitigating low-speed pre-ignition conditions in an engine and a fuel delivery system using the same
06/29/17Reinforcement system for additive manufacturing, devices and methods using the same
06/15/17Reciprocating compressor with integral engine and with linear cylinders
06/01/17Monitoring and control of electrochemical cell degradation via strain based battery testing
05/18/17High power impulse plasma source
04/27/17Magnetostrictive probe with mechanical and fluid coupling for guided wave testing of tubular structures
04/20/17Ruthenium based catalysts for nox reduction
04/13/17Internal combustion test engine with adjusting cylinder offset
03/16/17Internal combustion engine utilizing two independent flow paths to a dedicated exhaust gas recirculation cylinder
03/16/17Ti-si-c-n piston ring coatings
03/02/17Balloon system
02/16/17Two-stage hypocycloidal gear train
01/26/17Non-contact magnetostrictive sensor for guided wave monitoring of wire ropes or other solid ferrous objects without ferromagnetic coupling
01/05/17Internal combustion engine having six cylinders with two of the cylinders being dedicated egr cylinders controlled with dual egr valve
12/29/16Multi-disk spinning disk assembly for atomization and encapsulation
12/22/16Ti-si-c-n piston ring coatings
12/15/16Radiative excitation of methane for reduced temperature emission control
12/08/16Thermal energy storage system comprising encapsulated phase change material
12/08/16Sensor data confidence estimation based on statistical analysis
11/24/16Combined steam reformation reactions and water gas shift reactions for on-board hydrogen production in an internal combustion engine
11/17/16Internal combustion engine having dedicated egr and increased rich limit for dedicated egr cylinder
11/17/16Brush damper rings for radial fluid bearing
11/03/16Heat exchange header
11/03/16Detection of coating defects on buried pipelines using magnetic field variations within the pipeline
10/27/16Systems and methods for improved access to flash memory devices
09/29/16Pharmaceutical salt forms of cepharanthine and tetrandrine
09/29/16Unmanned ground/aerial vehicle system having autonomous ground vehicle that remotely controls one or more aerial vehicles
08/25/16Apparatus and methods for exhaust gas recirculation for an internal combustion engine utilizing at least two hydrocarbon fuels
08/25/16Nitrogen substituted carbon and silicon clathrates
08/11/16System and using laser scan micrometer to measure surface changes on non-concave surfaces
08/04/16System and method to decrease warmup time of coolant and engine oil in engine equipped with cooled egr
08/04/16Gps-based time stamp system
07/14/16State-based diesel fueling for improved transient response in dual-fuel engine
06/30/16H2-cl2 proton exchange membrane fuel cells, fuel cell assemblies including the same and systems for cogeneration of electricity and hcl
05/26/16Two-dimensional igniter for testing in-cylinder gas velocity and/or gas composition
05/19/16Helix-loaded meandered loxodromic spiral antenna
05/12/16Internal combustion engine having dedicated cylinder(s) for generation of both egr and exhaust aftertreatment reformate for three-way catalyst
05/12/16Apparatus for generating and applying linear forces
05/05/16Electrical power transmission line length measurement and average temperature estimation
04/07/16Biochar treatment of contaminated water
04/07/16Feedstock conversion to fuel on high pressure circulating fluidized bed
03/17/16Apparatus and methods for exhaust gas recirculation for an internal combustion engine powered by a hydrocarbon fuel
03/10/16System, apparatus or characterizing pitting corrosion
02/18/16Internal combustion engine having dedicated cylinder(s) for generation of both egr and exhaust aftertreatment reductant for nox-reducing catalyst
02/04/16Nickel-chromium-silicon based coatings
01/28/16Detection of stuck plate valve of gaseous engine
12/31/15Powertrain for hybrid vehicle having dedicated egr
12/31/15Oxy-combustor operable with supercritical fluid
12/24/15Network routing overlay
12/03/15Fabrication of bone regeneration scaffolds and bone filler material using a perfusion flow system
12/03/15Variable area journal bearing
11/26/15Superhydrophobic compositions and coating process for the internal surface of tubular structures
11/19/15Fluoride-based luminescent phosphors
11/19/15Planetary gear set to provide speed control for belt-driven engine accessory
11/19/15Coordinated control of engine and after treatment systems
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11/12/15Internally heated urea reactor/injector for use with scr emissions control device
10/22/15Apparatus and removal of gas phase artifacts from engine exhaust during testing
10/22/15Air-fuel micromix injector having multibank ports for adaptive cooling of high temperature combustor
10/15/15Cooperative perimeter patrol system and method
09/17/15Machine vision analysis and tracking of strain in deformable materials
08/27/15Partial-flow diesel particulate filter using pressure regulated bypass
08/27/15Compressive sensing imaging system
08/13/153-d imaging sensor based location estimation
08/06/15Engine fuel control for internal combustion engine having dedicated egr
07/30/15Hydriding of metallic substrates
07/23/15Detection of corrosion defects in buried pipelines using vertically measured pipe-to-soil potential
07/16/15Method and apparatus to propagate crack growth in a workpiece
06/18/15System and sampling fluid from piston top land crevice of piston engine
06/11/15Strain measurement based battery testing
06/04/15Analysis of exhaust gas
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05/28/15Removal of liquid from airfoil of equipment having gas-liquid flows
05/21/15Bone cements containing magnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles
05/14/15Methods and devices for long term structural health monitoring of pipelines and vessels
04/30/15Determination of integrity of incoming signals of satellite navigation system
04/30/15Biogas purification system and methods of use thereof
04/16/15Isoamyl nitrite formulations
04/16/15Point of use generation of amyl nitrite
03/12/15Nitrogen substituted carbon and silicon clathrates
03/12/15Detection of deceptive navigation signal
03/05/15Dynamic formation protocol for lithium-ion battery
02/26/15System and measuring rotation speed and direction of tappets (lifters) of an engine valve train
02/26/15Electrophoretically deposited strontium fluoride nanoparticle/polymer coatings for medical implants
02/19/15Hybrid tissue scaffold for tissue engineering
01/29/15Hybrid ceramic/sand core for casting metal engine parts with passages or holes having a cross section too small for sand casting
01/01/15Soot pre-loading of particulate matter aftertreatment devices as means for reducing hydrocarbon emissions during cold start
01/01/15Oximes for treatment of peripheral and central nervous system exposure to acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors
12/25/14Hybrid silicon and carbon clathrates
12/18/14Diesel engine with in-cylinder soot and nox control using water or aqueous injection
11/27/14Reactivators of organophosphorous inhibited acetylcholinesterase
11/13/14Egr pulse mixer for internal combustion engine having egr loop
11/13/14Application independent map-based cycle life testing of battery cells
10/23/14Flexible magnetostrictive probe having sensor elements without permanent magnets
10/16/14Internal combustion engine having dual egr loops (dedicated egr loop and low pressure egr loop) and dual cylinder intake ports
10/09/14Clathrate allotropes for rechargeable batteries
09/18/14Dual path (low pressure loop and high pressure loop) egr for improved air boosting efficiency
09/11/14Magnetostrictive sensor having crimped magnetostrictive strip for high temperature operation
09/04/14Apparatus and methods for vaporization and remediation of radioactive contamination
08/21/14Methods, devices and systems for glow plug operation of a combustion engine
07/24/14Encapsulaton of high temperature molten salts
07/17/14Internal combustion engine having dedicated egr cylinder(s) with intake separate from intake of main cylinders
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07/17/14Ignition and knock tolerance in internal combustion engine by controlling egr composition
07/10/14Egr rate control for internal combustion engine with dual exhaust-ported cylinders
06/19/14System and sampling fluid from piston top land crevice of piston engine
06/19/14Fabrication of bone regeneration scaffolds and bone filler material using a perfusion flow system
06/12/14Hybrid tissue scaffold for tissue engineering
05/22/14Superhydrophobic compositions and coating process for the internal surface of tubular structures
05/22/14Catalyst light-off for turbocharged internal combustion engine having dedicated egr cylinder(s)
04/24/14Diesel engine exhaust aftertreatment system and operation
04/17/14Fuels and fuel additives production from glycerol conversion using a monohydric alcohol and heterogeneous catalysis
03/13/14Egr control in engine equipped with cylinders having dual exhaust valves
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03/06/14Oximes for treatment of peripheral and central nervous system exposure to acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors
02/13/14Magnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles, applications and methods of preparation thereof
01/30/14Magnetic bearing for use in reciprocating internal combustion engines
01/30/14Method and device for long-term monitoring of components using guided waves
01/30/14Method and device for measuring corrosion metal loss
01/02/14Systems, methods and analysis of multiphase fluid mixture in pipelines
01/02/14Location and motion estimation using ground imaging sensor
12/12/13Particulate oxidation catalyst with dual pressure-drop sensors
11/14/13Diesel engine operation for fast transient response and low emissions
10/24/13Alloys of clathrate allotropes for rechargeable batteries
09/26/13Bmp-2 upregulating compounds for healing bone tissue and screening methods for selecting such compounds
09/19/13Integrated wgs/ecd exhaust treatment device for internal combustion engine having dedicated egr
08/29/13Use of braking energy to augment exhaust heat for improved operation of exhaust aftertreatment devices
08/29/13Fuel injection strategy for internal combustion engine having dedicated egr cylinders
08/15/13Autonomous location of objects in a mobile reference frame
08/01/13Multiple wavelength laser system
07/25/13Exhaust aftertreatment for nox-containing exhaust from an internal combustion engine
07/25/13Two stage thermal modulator for gas chromatography with thermally matched grounding point
07/11/13Hydrogen transfer heating/cooling systems and methods of use thereof
06/27/13Nanoparticle-based targeted drug delivery for in vivo bone loss mitigation
05/30/13Apparatus and methods for determination of total and solid carbon content of engine exhaust
05/30/13Diluter for measuring engine exhaust emissions
05/30/13Extraction of lipids from living cells utilizing liquid co2
05/09/13Fluid bearings with adjustable frictional load characteristics
05/02/13Enhanced combustion for compression ignition engine using electromagnetic energy coupling
05/02/13Enhanced combustion for spark ignition engine using electromagnetic energy coupling
04/11/13Waypoint splining for autonomous vehicle following
03/28/13Portable 3-dimensional x-ray imaging system
03/21/13Flexible magnetostrictive sensor
03/14/13Composition and process for manufacture of a high temperature carbon-dioxide separation membrane
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02/07/13Oximes for treatment of peripheral and central nervous system exposure to acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors
02/07/13Fueling systems, methods and an internal combustion engine
01/31/13Engineered tissue implants and methods of use thereof
01/17/13Sample system for gaseous emission measurement
01/17/13Fluid bearings with adjustable frictional load characteristics
01/17/13Effectiveness modeling and control methods for egr cooler
01/03/13Internal exhaust gas recirculation for stoichiometric operation of diesel engine
01/03/13Fuel injection during negative valve overlap for stoichiometric diesel operations
12/13/12Bmp-2 upregulating compounds for healing bone tissue and screening methods for selecting such compounds
11/22/12Clathrate allotropes for rechargeable batteries
11/15/12Wide-angle laser signal sensor
11/15/12Robot vision with three dimensional thermal imaging
11/01/12Electrophoretic display using fibers containing a nanoparticle suspension
10/04/12Particulate matter generator for use with an emissions control device aging system
10/04/12Continuous production of bioderived esters via supercritical solvent processing using solid heterogeneous catalysts
10/04/12Detection of network links in a communications network
09/27/12Omnidirectional image detection system with range information
09/20/12Geological stress inversion using fault displacement and slip tendency
09/13/12Depositing coatings in long hollow substrates using a heated center electrode
09/06/12Sensor network for detecting riverbed scour
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08/16/12Dedicated egr control strategy for improved egr distribution and engine performance
08/16/12Egr distributor dedicated egr configuration
08/02/12Enhancement of syngas production in coal gasification with co2 conversion under plasma conditions
07/26/12Methods and apparatus to detect and inhibit low-speed pre-ignition in an engine
06/28/12Synthetic hydrocarbon production by direct reduction of carbonaceous materials with synthesis gas
06/14/12White light optical profilometer for measuring complex surfaces
06/14/12Nanocomposites containing nanodiamond
06/14/12Sensor array processor with multichannel reconstruction from random array sampling
06/07/12Surface treatment and exchange of nanostructures from aqueous suspension into organic media and into polymer-matrix composites
05/10/12Method and producing an ionized vapor deposition coating
05/10/12Electrophoretic deposition of adsorbent media
04/19/12Methods and an oxy-fuel based power cycle
04/19/12Scaleable, compact, high resolution optical fingerprint reader
04/19/12Adaptive desulfation and regeneration methods for lean nox trap
03/22/12Nanoparticle-based targeted drug delivery for in vivo bone loss mitigation
03/15/12Internally-cooled centrifugal compressor with cooling jacket formed in the diaphragm
02/23/12Corrosion monitoring of concrete reinforcement bars (or other buried corrodable structures) using distributed node electrodes
02/23/12Closed loop control of fuel viscosity in multi-fuel engine
02/23/12Hardware-implemented hypervisor for root-of-trust monitoring and control of computer system
02/16/12Local electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (leis) for detecting coating defects in buried pipelines
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02/02/12Methods of detecting pre-ignition and preventing it from causing knock in direct injection spark ignition engines
01/26/12Silicon clathrate anodes for lithium-ion batteries
01/12/12Electrophoretic formation of nanostructured composites
01/05/12Tunable choke tube for pulsation control device used with gas compressor
12/15/11Aligned polymers including bonded substrates
12/08/11Optical state estimation and simulation environment for unmanned aerial vehicles
12/01/11Portable pop-up direction finding antenna
11/17/11Energy storage and production systems, apparatus and methods of use thereof
11/17/11Compact handheld non-laser detector for greenhouse gasses
11/10/11Piston bowl with flat bottom
11/03/11Method and related system of dithering spark timing to prevent pre-ignition in internal combustion engine
10/27/11Corrosion sensor
10/27/11Piston bowl with deflecting features
10/27/11Two-dimensional composite particle adapted for use as a catalyst and making same
10/20/11Piston bowl with spray jet targets
10/20/11Piston bowl with spray jet targets
10/20/11Oxidation resistant nanocrystalline mcral(y) coatings and methods of forming such coatings
10/06/11Quantification of lubricant reactivity using constant volume combustion device
09/29/11Shaped explosive charge
09/29/11Chiral plasmonic structures for mediating chemical transformation and detection of molecules with spatial chirality
09/15/11Apparatus and method utilizing a double glow discharge plasma for sputter cleaning
09/15/11Magnetostrictive sensors for surface wave testing of thick walled structures
09/08/11Optical velocity tracking for paint spray gun
09/08/11Coating for medical implants
09/01/11Method and related system of using crankcase pressure to to detect pre-ignition in spark ignition engine
08/25/11Fracture risk assessment
08/11/11Nanoparticles for drug delivery to the central nervous system
07/28/11Plasmonic structures for mediating chemical transformation
07/28/11Vision system
07/21/11Evaluation of non-fuel components on engine knock performance
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07/21/11System and acquiring radiation spectral data in a radiation field and determining effective dose rate and identifying sources of localized radiation
07/21/11Charged particle beam extraction method and apparatus used in conjunction with a charged particle cancer therapy system
07/14/11Magnetostrictive sensor for tank floor inspection
05/12/11Method for applying a diffusion barrier interlayer for high temperature components
04/28/11Detection and location of radio frequency weapons from high altitude glider system
04/14/11Cylinder head sleeve for a fuel injector or ignitor of an engine
04/14/11Cylinder head for an engine
03/10/11Lubricant oil compositions to optimize internal combustion engine performance
03/03/11Techniques to measure strain development and failure in a fabric
03/03/11Position estimation for ground vehicle navigation based on landmark identification/yaw rate and perception of landmarks
02/24/11Squeeze film damper valve for compressor cylinders
02/03/11Micro-structure particles for load bearing bone growth
01/20/11Emissions control system having external turbocharger wastegate and integrated oxidation catalyst
01/20/11Dry to wet injector
01/20/11Wound healing sensor techniques
01/13/11Therapeutic treatment of wounds
12/30/10Multi-frequency pulsation absorber at cylinder valve cap
12/16/10Wearable workspace
12/09/10Fuels for homogenous charge compression ignition engines
12/02/10Passive nox and pm aftertreatment for diesel engine
11/25/10Exhaust aftertreatment systems for gasoline and alternative-fueled engines, with reduction of hc, co, nox, and pm
11/25/10Layer by layer modification of microcapsules with inorganic materials
11/18/10Integrated pm filter and scr catalyst for lean burn engine
11/18/10Internal combustion engine with ammonia fuel
11/18/10Sliding mode control system for internal combustion engine
11/11/10Spiral, microchanneled chromatographic column and detection systems
10/28/10Neutrally buoyant sensor mapping a water pathway
09/16/10Compact handheld non-laser detector for greenhouse gasses
09/16/10Compact handheld detector for greenhouse gasses

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