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Southwest Research Institute
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Southwest Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Southwest Research Institute. Southwest Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Southwest Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Southwest Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Autonomous team formation and task negotiation among unmanned vehicles

A system of autonomous vehicles for forming a team of autonomous vehicles to perform a designated set of tasks. Each vehicle stores data representing its own capabilities that match the tasks, data representing needed capabilities for the team to perform the tasks, and data representing the capabilities of all current... Southwest Research Institute

Internal combustion engine having exhaust gas recirculation loop with catalyzed heat exchanger for steam reformation

A method of providing recirculated exhaust to an internal combustion engine. The engine has an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation loop) which may be a high pressure loop, a low pressure loop, or a dedicated cylinder loop. A catalyzed heat exchanger on the EGR loop has a steam reformation catalyst and... Southwest Research Institute

Inlet filter for gas turbine engines using disposable surface adhesive

A method of filtering air entering the intake opening of a gas turbine engine. A straightening tube provides a straight channel for incoming air flow. A flow redirector provides a path for air flow that is at right angles to the channel provided by the straightening tube and that leads... Southwest Research Institute

Method of operating internal combustion engine having increased rich limit for dedicated egr cylinder

A method of providing internal EGR to an engine having at least one dedicated EGR cylinder. The main (non dedicated) cylinders are operated with internal EGR, in addition to external EGR from the dedicated EGR cylinder. The dedicated EGR cylinder has separate valve control so that it need not be... Southwest Research Institute

Natural gas reciprocating compressor

A reciprocating compressor including a compressor frame including a drive shaft received therein, a rotary to linear motion converter coupling the drive shaft and a first end of a piston rod, a piston coupled to a second end of the piston rod, a compression cylinder in which the piston is... Southwest Research Institute

Wrapping clip for securing a flexible line to another ojbect

A securing device for securing a flexible line to another object. The clip has a working end and a clip end, the former for attachment to the other object and the latter for securing the line. The clip end has two loops and a locking clip. The two loops extend... Southwest Research Institute

Dosage suspensions of active pharmaceutical ingredients

Methods for preparing suspensions of active pharmaceutical ingredients for ensuing drug delivery. The suspension may include a mixture of a relatively low dosage API and a relatively high dosage API or a mixture of an API with a suitable excipient.... Southwest Research Institute

Dedicated exhaust gas recirculation engine fueling control

A method of operating an dedicated exhaust gas recirculation engine including a water gas shift catalyst by supplying ambient air and fuel to a dedicated cylinder at a first fuel to air equivalence ratio in the range of greater than 1.0 to 1.6 for a first number of engine cycles... Southwest Research Institute

Hydraulic starter and pre-lubrication system for an internal combustion engine

An internal combustion engine oil utilization system, comprising one or more oil pumps to receive and discharge engine oil including an engine oil circulation loop comprising a first flow path and a second flow path. The first flow path receives at least a portion of the oil discharged from the... Southwest Research Institute

Internal combustion engine having dedicated egr cylinder(s) with split fuel injection timing

A method of controlling fuel injection to the cylinders of an internal combustion engine, the engine having exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) from at least one dedicated EGR (D-EGR) cylinder, with the other cylinders being main cylinders. The D-EGR cylinder is run at a richer equivalence ratio than the main cylinders,... Southwest Research Institute

Three-dimensional bioreactor for cell expansion and related applications

The present disclosure relates to the design, fabrication, and applications of a three-dimensional (3D) bioreactor for cell expansion and cell secreted substance production. The bioreactor is composed of non-random interconnected voids providing a continuous three-dimensional surface area for cell adherence and growth.... Southwest Research Institute

Coatings formed from the deposition of plasma-activated adducts

A fluoro-organosiloxane composition, coating and process for depositing the coating. Substituted tetramethylenedisiloxane precursor at a flow rate (QsTMDSO) and perfluorinated propylene oxide precursor at a flow rate (QPFPO) are introduced into a process chamber at a flow rate ratio (QsTMDSO/QPFPO) in the range of 0.1 to 2.0 (g/(hr·sccm)). A pulsed... Southwest Research Institute

Superhydrophobic compositions and coating process for the internal surface of tubular structures

A method for depositing a coating includes creating a vacuum within an interior volume of a tubular structure, wherein the tubular structure also includes an internal surface. Gas is supplied to the interior volume of the tubular structure, wherein the gas includes a plasma precursor in the gas phase. The... Southwest Research Institute

Media access control method with time-coherence and deterministic scheduling for wireless communications network

A method of synchronizing the transmission and receipt of messages by radios within a wireless communications network. It is assumed that the radios have chip scale atomic clocks, which are externally synchronized, such as by GPS, but only at the beginning of a mission. Each radio defaults to a sleep... Southwest Research Institute

Intake air boost system for two-cycle engine having turbo-supercharger

An air boost system for a two-cycle engine, such as an EMD engine, which operates with a gear-driven turbo-supercharger. The turbo-supercharger is undersized for the engine, such that it is insufficient to provide air flow for a target air-fuel ratio above a pre-determined mid-load threshold. An additional turbocharger is installed... Southwest Research Institute

Calibrated volume displacement direct measurement of specific heat of a gas

A method and apparatus for the direct measurement of specific heat at constant pressure (Cp). A control fluid of a known amount is supplied to a near adiabatic test chamber having a volume. A collapsible bladder within the test chamber is inflated with an incompressible fluid, changing the volume of... Southwest Research Institute

Deployable reflector antenna

A balloon reflector antenna for a satellite, including a spherical balloon with a surface transparent to electromagnetic waves and a reflective surface opposite the transparent surface. The balloon reflector antenna may further include a feed system extending from the center of the balloon that receives electromagnetic waves reflected off the... Southwest Research Institute

Atmospheric pressure pulsed arc plasma source and methods of coating therewith

An atmospheric pressure pulsed arc plasma source and method of using including a housing having a housing opening therein; an insulator tube having an insulator tube opening therein, retained within the housing opening; and a conductive tube, retained within the insulator tube opening. A nozzle is retained by the housing.... Southwest Research Institute

Dual-fuel diesel engine with cylinder fueling control of gaseous fueling at less than full loads

A method, used with dual-fuel engine, of controlling the amount of gaseous fuel delivered to the engine. At operating conditions that result in an equivalence ratio below a predetermined threshold (which typically occur at mid or part loads), it is determined whether better performance and/or lower emissions can be achieved... Southwest Research Institute

Techniques for mitigating low-speed pre-ignition conditions in an engine and a fuel delivery system using the same

Aspects and embodiments disclosed herein indicate a correlation exists between a specific gravity of combustible fuel and the occurrence of low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) within engines. Thus techniques are disclosed herein for online measurement of the specific gravity of fuel within an engine, and allow for preventative measures to be executed... Southwest Research Institute

Reinforcement system for additive manufacturing, devices and methods using the same

Reinforcement systems for additive manufacturing are disclosed. In some embodiments, the reinforcement systems include a print head assembly including a print head that is configured to form a plurality of layers of an additively manufactured article, and a reinforcement head. The reinforcement head may be configured to form at least... Southwest Research Institute

Reciprocating compressor with integral engine and with linear cylinders

A reciprocating compressor. A hollow cylinder tube contains a piston assembly having two pistons connected by a piston rod. At each end of the cylinder tube is an outer chamber between an end plate and an outer end of the proximate piston. These two outer chambers and the outer ends... Southwest Research Institute

Monitoring and control of electrochemical cell degradation via strain based battery testing

A method and system for the monitoring and control of electrochemical cell degradation by use of strain-based battery testing. Strain-based battery is employed to recognize and implement a battery revival cycle to reduce battery degradation rates.... Southwest Research Institute

High power impulse plasma source

A method and system for generating a surface treating plasma. Gas is provided to a power conducting electrode and flows through the power conducting electrode. Power pulses are applied to the power conducting electrode in the range of 40 kW to 100 kW with a DC generator, at a frequency... Southwest Research Institute

Magnetostrictive probe with mechanical and fluid coupling for guided wave testing of tubular structures

A probe for use in magnetostrictive testing of tubular structures. The probe has a handle and an outer tube, the latter having an expandable probe head for insertion into the tubular structure. A pair of magnetostrictive sensors is mounted in or on the probe head. A flexible bladder is located... Southwest Research Institute

Ruthenium based catalysts for nox reduction

The present disclosure is directed at a ruthenium based catalyst for NOx reduction. More specifically, ruthenium based catalysts are used for NOx reduction in an internal combustion engine to reduce NOx to nitrogen, at relatively high conversion and selectivity, using carbon monoxide and hydrogen as reductants. The ruthenium based catalyst... Southwest Research Institute

Internal combustion test engine with adjusting cylinder offset

A set of mechanisms, for use with an internal combustion test engine, for testing cylinder offset during operation of the engine. The test engine specifics may vary, but it is assumed to have a crankcase base that supports a cylinder barrel and cylinder head. During engine operation, a transit plate... Southwest Research Institute

Internal combustion engine utilizing two independent flow paths to a dedicated exhaust gas recirculation cylinder

An exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system and corresponding method for improved combustion efficiency of an internal combustion engine having a number of cylinders, comprising one or more main cylinders connected to an intake manifold and one or more cylinders operable as a dedicated EGR cylinder(s). The dedicated EGR cylinder(s) have... Southwest Research Institute

Ti-si-c-n piston ring coatings

A Ti—Si—C—N coating for a piston ring and a method forming such coating, wherein the deposited coating exhibits a thickness in the range of 10.0 micrometers to 20.0 micrometers and exhibits a coefficient of friction of less than 0.15 and a wear rate of less than 10×10−6 mm3/N/m. The coefficient... Southwest Research Institute

Balloon system

The present disclosure relates to a balloon system that includes a flexible volume balloon hull configured to contain a lifting gas, a flexible volume ballonet contained within said balloon hull configured to contain a refrigerant gas and a refrigerant gas transfer device in fluid communication with the ballonet to control... Southwest Research Institute

Two-stage hypocycloidal gear train

A gear train including a rotatable drive shaft and a clutch roller in rotatable contact with the drive shaft or mounted on the drive shaft. A first wobble gear and a second wobble gear are suspended around the drive shaft, wherein the first wobble gear is affixed to and concentric... Southwest Research Institute

Non-contact magnetostrictive sensor for guided wave monitoring of wire ropes or other solid ferrous objects without ferromagnetic coupling

A non contact sensor for use in magnetostrictive testing of a solid ferrous structure. In its simplest form, the sensor has a set of permanent magnets arranged in a row with their poles in the same direction, an electrical coil wrapped around the set of magnets, wrapped in direction parallel... Southwest Research Institute

Internal combustion engine having six cylinders with two of the cylinders being dedicated egr cylinders controlled with dual egr valve

An exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system for an internal combustion engine having two dedicated EGR cylinders. A dual valve system is used to control the output of the dedicated EGR cylinders so that the engine may intake EGR exhaust from both, only one, or neither of the dedicated EGR cylinders.... Southwest Research Institute

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