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St ericsson Sa
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St ericsson Sa patents

Recent patent applications related to St ericsson Sa. St ericsson Sa is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: St ericsson Sa may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with St ericsson Sa, we're just tracking patents.

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09/29/16Process for auto-testing a fully discharged battery, such as double-layer capacitor battery, and circuit for doing the same
09/22/16Presence and operability test of a decoupling capacitor
09/15/16Resolving contention between data bursts
08/25/16Communication method, device for dual-sim card-dual-call terminal, and dual-sim card-dual-call terminal
05/12/16Interference mitigating method
05/05/16Amplifier topology for envelope tracking
05/05/16N-wire two-level digital interface
05/05/16Three-wire three-level digital interface
04/28/16Reconfigurable output stage
04/21/16Coarse symbol boundary detection in ofdm receivers
03/03/16Image raster rotation
02/18/16Method, apparatus, mobile communication terminal, computer program and storage medium for adjusting frequency error of terminal
12/31/15Calculating power consumption of electonic devices
12/31/15Automatic stereoscopic camera calibration
12/24/15Level-shifting device
12/24/15Ofdm packets time synchronisation
12/17/15Temperature sensor with layered architecture
12/10/15Temperature sensing method generating a temperature dependent and a temperature independent output frequencies
12/10/15Method of communication encoding with space time block codes
12/10/15Combined parallel and pipelined video encoder
12/03/15Differential output stage of an amplification device, for driving a load
11/26/15Method and device for measuring state of charge of mobile terminal
11/12/15Authentication systems
10/29/15Estimation of cfo based on relative values of frequency bins corresponding to used subcarriers of received preamble symbols for ofdm systems
10/22/15Voltage polarity detection for dcm/ccm boundary detection in dc/dc converters
10/22/15Nfc reader transmission signal pre-distorsion
10/22/15Near field communication detection of a tag presence by a tag reader
10/22/15Neighbour cell measurements
10/15/15Method and opportunistic sensing
10/08/15Absolute value current-sensing circuit for step-down dc-to-dc converters with integrated power stage
10/08/15Methods for compilation, a compiler and a system
10/01/15Coexistence of rf barcodes and other nfc devices
10/01/15Polyphase filter for mm-wave frequencies featuring symmetric layout
09/24/15Loopback-based built-in-self-test
09/17/15Analog to digital conversion method with offset tracking and correction and analog to digital converter implementing the same
09/17/15Nfc system comprising a plurality of secure elements
09/10/15Load transient asynchronous boost for pulse width modulation modulator
09/03/15Method and controlling a start-up sequence of a dc/dc buck converter
09/03/15On-chip stimulus generation for test and calibration of nfc reader receivers
09/03/15Method for power control, user equipment, computer program and storage medium
08/27/15Storing data in a memory of an electronic device
08/20/15Independent output control for single-inductor, bipolar outputs, buck-boost converters
08/20/15Independent output control for single-inductor, bipolar outputs, buck-boost converters
08/20/15Power supply control
08/13/15Loopback technique for iq imbalance estimation for calibration in ofdm systems
08/06/15Method of and receiver for communication during wireless power transmission
07/23/15Radiofrequency signal setting reaching a condition of jamming or clipping
07/23/15Reduction of peak-to-average ratio in ofdm systems
07/23/15Receiver and a method therein
07/23/15P-cpich scrambling code collision detection
07/02/15Sfo estimation technique for mimo-ofdm frequency synchronization
06/25/15Numeric audio signal equalization
06/25/15Efficient power supply noise measurement based on timing uncertainty
06/25/15Adaptive voltage scaling mechanism based on voltage shoot measurement
06/25/15Detection of load-modulated signals in nfc
06/25/15Built-in self-test technique for detection of imperfectly connected antenna in ofdm transceivers
06/25/15Communication state setting based on expected downlink data amount
06/18/15Analog-to-digital conversion device
06/18/15Blind transport format detection depending on the conditions of reception of the signal
06/18/15Iq mismatch compensation
06/11/15Integrated circuit adapted to perform power path control in a mobile equipment
06/11/15Emulation of multiple devices in an nfc device
06/11/15Signal detection in the presence of a jamming signal
06/04/15Sequential estimation in a real-time positioning or navigation system using historical states
06/04/15Two-stage operational amplifier in class ab
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06/04/15Method and wireless mobile station for beacon scanning in wlan
05/21/15Video stabilisation with deblurring
05/21/15Polar modulator
05/14/15Methods and systems for dynamic speed change on high speedinterconnects
05/14/15Digital image analysis
05/07/15Emulation of multiple nfc devices inside a communication device
04/30/15Service provider node, a method therein, and a computer program product
04/23/15Secure element power management system
04/23/15Security chip of a communication device
03/26/15Method of successive approximation a/d conversion
03/19/15Method and uplink data transmission, user equipment, computer program and storage medium
03/19/15Nfc tag emulation mode with constant magnetic field
02/26/15Management of coexistence of communicating sub-systems in wireless devices
02/05/15Battery management scheme for nfc
02/05/15Low-noise reference voltages distribution circuit
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01/29/15Control circuit, control method, dc-dc converter and electronic device
01/22/15Multiphase buck converter and multiphase buck conversion method
01/22/15Antenna activity detection in multi-antenna communication
01/22/15Neighboring cell measurements
01/22/15Automatic partial array self-refresh
01/15/15Signal filtering
01/08/15Circuit for use with a loudspeaker for portable equipments
01/01/15Pll frequency selection
12/25/14Low-noise amplifier circuit
12/25/14Method for user equipment to select resource, and corresponding user equipment, computer program and storage medium
12/25/14Limited service state control
12/18/14Protection module for rf-amplifier
12/18/14Continuous-time mash sigma-delta analogue to digital conversion
12/18/14Resynchronization a received stream of groups of bits
12/18/14Virtual image generation
12/18/14Switching circuit and method
12/04/14Matrix for use with a radio transceiver and methods thereto
12/04/14Radio receiver for detecting an additive white gaussian noise channel
11/27/14Digital class-d amplifier and digital signal processing method
11/27/14Method, apparatus, receiver, computer program and storage medium for joint detection
11/27/14Built-in self-testing a near field communication device
11/27/14Harmonic filtering for an up-converting, voltage mode, passive mixer
11/20/14Cellular communication system computation of rsrp in the presence of large frequency errors
10/30/14Method and terminal device for automatically tuning impedance matching of multi-frequency band antenna
10/23/14Device, method, mobile communication terminal, computer program and storage medium for frequency control
10/16/14Electronic device with flash memory component
10/16/14System and method to detect and communicate loss and retention of synchronization in a real-time data transfer scheme
10/16/14Vibrator and audio resource sharing for mobile communication device
10/02/14Method and device for generating an image view for 3d display
09/18/14Interference mitigating method
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09/11/14Multiple supply dvfs
09/11/14Rx-tx switch with two power amplifiers
09/11/14Cpu current ripple and ocv effect mitigation
09/04/14Ldo regulator
09/04/14Multi-level sigma-delta adc with reduced quantization levels
09/04/14Communication in a cellular network taking into account backhaul loading
09/04/14Measurement gaps triggering for a multi sim mobile device
09/04/14Method for software anti-rollback recovery
08/21/14Efficient regulation of capacitance voltage(s) in a switched mode multilevel power converter
08/14/14System for testing a device comprising a hdmi transmitter
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08/14/14Method and device for denoising in channel estimation, and corresponding computer program and computer readable storage medium
08/14/14Channel estimation method, channel estimation apparatus and communication device for cdma systems
08/14/14Method and code activation, computer program and storage medium thereof
08/14/14Resources control in a multi sim terminal
08/07/14Electronic device with body-biasing circuit for portable equipment with usb connector for headset
08/07/14Accumulating data values
08/07/14Regulating the activity of a core
07/31/14Frequency division
07/31/14Methods and systems for a generic multi-radio access technology
07/17/14Amplification circuit having optimization of power
07/17/14Dram memory interface
07/17/14Management of the interaction between security and operating system power management unit
07/03/14Cascode bias of power mos transistors
07/03/14Visually-assisted stereo acquisition from a single camera
07/03/14Mimo receiver using lattic reduction and k-best detection
07/03/14One-bit digital-to-analog converter offset cancellation
06/26/14Polyphase filter for mm-wave frequencies featuring symmetric layout
06/19/14Mobility management in a multi-subscriber identity mobile device
06/12/14Control of the transmission of a voice signal over a bluetooth® radio link
06/05/14Image mosaicing
06/05/14Method of setting ue mode switching for rpd reduction
06/05/14Signal processing
06/05/14Microphone preamplifier circuit
05/29/14Controlled switch
05/29/14Process for performing a qr decomposition of a channel matrix in a mimo wireless communication system, and receiver for doing the same
05/29/14Pre-filtering for loudspeakers protection
05/15/14Estimation of picture motion blurriness
05/08/14Probability calculation of rat candidate
05/01/14Standing wave ratio meter for integrated antenna tuner
04/17/14Multi sim management
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04/17/14Cell reselection for multiple sim devices
04/03/14Fully-digital bist for rf receivers
03/27/14Interference cancellation technique for channel estimation in ofdm receivers
03/20/14Scheduling best effort traffic with guaranteed latency traffic in a communications system having a bluetooth-like packet communication protocol
03/13/14Modular low-power unit with analog synchronization loop usable with a low-dropout regulator
03/13/14Low ripple step-up/step-down converter
03/13/14Image stabilization system for handheld devices equipped with pico-projector
03/06/14Method and arrangement of performing neighboring cell measurements
02/20/14Double output linearized low-noise charge pump with loop filter area reduction
02/13/14Handling of downlink ip packet transmission switching on dual sim ue
02/06/14Two-stage class ab operational amplifier
02/06/14Amplifier for a wireless receiver
02/06/14Method for implementing video calls on communication terminal and communication terminal thereof
02/06/14Resource management for a mobile telephone terminal
02/06/14Load determination method
01/23/14Method for producing a panoramic image on the basis of a video sequence and implementation apparatus
01/23/14Device controller for a memory device
01/02/14Method for producing a panoramic image and implementation apparatus
01/02/14Method for producing a panoramic image and implementation apparatus
12/19/13Systems and methods for protection of a sip back-to-back user agent on modems
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11/28/13Active leakage consuming module for ldo regulator
11/28/13Presence and operability test of a decoupling capacitor
11/21/13Interface circuit for connecting a microphone circuit to a preamplifier
11/21/13Subscriber identity switch of a communication terminal
11/14/13Precoding matrix index selection process for a mimo receiver based on a near-ml detection, and doing the same
11/14/13Methods and receiver quality test measurments
11/07/13Face detection method
11/07/13Carrier detection and parallel gsm cell search in multimode terminals
10/31/13Self-configuration of an e-node-b
10/31/13Interfacing a switch array
10/24/13Shift-invariant digital sampling rate conversion system
10/24/13Reconfigurable wide-band receiver with positive feed-back translational loop
10/17/13Voltage regulator circuit
10/10/13Extremely high frequency dual-mode class ab power amplifier
10/10/13Mimo configuration methods and apparatus
10/10/13Ip-based paging for dsds
10/03/13System and power saving modes in high speed serial interface communication systems utilizing selective byte synchronization
09/26/13Facial features detection
09/26/13Improving storage lifetime using data swapping
09/19/13Cell selection and reselection in a telecommunication network
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09/19/13Detection process for a receiver of a wireless mimo communication system
09/19/13Bit rate regulation module and regulating bit rate
09/19/13Testing method detecting incorrectly connected antenna contacts
09/12/13Circuit for retro-lighting a display
09/12/13Method and device for forming a panoramic image
08/29/13Method and efficient and distortion compensated digital class-d amplifier ternary modulation scheme
08/29/13Paging reading conflict management in dual standby handsets
08/22/13Dual output charge pump generating two voltage values with two distinctive levels, and the same
08/22/13Single-ended to differential buffer circuit and coupling at least a single-ended input analog signal to a receiving circuit with differential inputs
08/22/13Process for controlling the transmission power in the uplink communication channel, and ue for doing the same
08/15/13Packaging an integrated circuit die
08/15/13Integrated amplifier for driving acoustic transducers
08/08/13Optimizing block reception for simultaneous use of at least two sim cards
08/08/13Asynchronous bad block management in nand flash memory
08/01/13Delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter and operating same
08/01/13Process for achieving spur mitigation in an integrated circuit including a wide band receiver
08/01/13Management of communications between a client equipment and a server equipment providing to the client equipment computer resources represented according to a file system
07/25/13System and wireless stack implementation on multiple wireless devices
07/25/13Low complexity mmse equalization process and equalizer for doing the same
07/18/13Power routing with integrated decoupling capacitance
07/04/13High-speed frequency divider architecture
07/04/13Charge-to-digital timer
07/04/13Calibration of a charge-to-digital timer
07/04/13Interpolation of filter coefficients
07/04/13Filter offset compensation
07/04/13Speaker impedance measurement
06/27/13Single feedback loop for parallel architecture buck converter - ldo regulator
06/27/13Sample-and-hold circuit arrangement
06/27/13Process for suppressing intercarrier interference in a ofdm receiver
06/20/13Power management circuit for a portable electronic device including usb functionality and doing the same
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06/20/13Symmetrical output switch-mode power supply
06/20/13Process for auto-testing a fully discharged battery, such as double-layer capacitor battery, and circuit for doing the same
06/13/13Global motion vector estimation
06/06/13Processing ic with embedded non volatile memory
05/16/13Process and reducing emi in the rf subsystem of a wireless communication system
05/09/13Method for tuning an oscillator frequency and device implementing the method
05/09/13Synchronizing and detecting interference in wireless receiver
05/02/13Temperature compensation in a pll
05/02/13Process for performing log-likelihood-ratio clipping in a soft-decision near-ml detector, and detector for doing the same
04/11/13Simd memory circuit and methodology to support upsampling, downsampling and transposition
04/11/13Method and system for controlling the operation of an electronic device
04/04/13Detecting interference in wireless receiver
04/04/132g, 2.5g rf loopback arrangement for mobile device self-testing
03/28/13Dynamic power scaling of an intermediate symbol buffer associated with covariance computations
03/07/13Efficient error handling on a link using arq and multiple nacks associated with multiple error thresholds
02/28/13Self oscillating modulator
02/21/13Filtering interference detected at wireless receiver
02/21/13Method and device for communicating digital content
02/14/13Direct current voltage conversion circuit
02/07/13Method and device for protecting memory content
01/31/13Voltage regulator
01/03/13Sampling rate converter data flow control mechanism
12/20/12Method for computing the receive power of a non serving cell, and receiver for doing the same
12/20/12Method of and apparatus of communication between a mobile station and a base station
12/20/12Battery charge determination
12/13/12High voltage tolerant inverting charge pump
12/13/12D.c. offset estimation
12/06/12Voltage regulation of a dc/dc converter
12/06/12Circuit for controlling current to light-emitting diode (led)

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