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Materials with atomically dispersed chemical moieties

Synthetic materials that are useful as heterogeneous catalysts or electrocatalysts. The materials can be used to catalyze oxidation and/or reduction reactions and/or oxygen/hydrogen evolution/oxydation reactions.... Stc unm

Conjugated polyelectrolytes and methods of using the same

Various embodiments disclosed relate to conjugated polyelectrolytes and methods of using the same. Various embodiments provide a conjugated polyelectrolyte including a subunit having the structure —R1—Y—R2—Z—. At each occurrence, R1 is independently chosen from 1,4-bonded phenylene substituted by —X—R3—R4 j times and 2,5-bonded thiophene substituted by —X—R3—R4 j times. At... Stc unm

Methods for treating bacterial infection

The present disclosure relates to molecules that function as selective modulators (i.e., inhibitors and agonists) of the Ras-homologous (Rho) family of small GTPases and, in particular, CDC42 GTPase, and their use to treat bacterial infection including systemic infection from sources such as Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes.... Stc unm

Anti-pre-bcr antagonists and methods

This disclosure describes the identification of pre-B Cell Receptor (pre-BCR) antagonists and the use of pre-BCR antagonists as a targeted therapy. The compositions and methods generally involve a composition that includes a pre-B cell receptor (pre-BCR) antagonist and is engineered for expression as a T cell chimeric receptor. In some... Stc unm

Integrated bound-mode spectral/angular sensors

A 2-D sensor array includes a semiconductor substrate and a plurality of pixels disposed on the semiconductor substrate. Each pixel includes a coupling region and a junction region, and a slab waveguide structure disposed on the semiconductor substrate and extending from the coupling region to the region. The slab waveguide... Stc unm

System and methods for performing medical physics calculations

A method of calculating radiation fluence and energy deposition distributions on a networked virtual computational cluster is presented. With this method, complex Monte Carlo simulations that require expansive equipment, personnel, and financial resources can be done efficiently and inexpensively by hospitals and clinics requiring radiation therapy dose calculations.... Stc unm

Methods of using n-containing compounds with carbon black to replace pan and form carbon fibers

A method and precursor for making carbon fibers and the like comprising carbon black modified with at least one cyclic compound promoter. A source of the carbon black may be recycled materials such as recycled tires or recycled plastics. The carbon black is modified by attaching at least one cyclic... Stc unm

Reliability enhancement methods for physically unclonable function bitstring generation

A Hardware-Embedded Delay Physical Unclonable Function (“HELP PUF”) leverages entropy by monitoring path stability and measuring path delays from core logic macros. Reliability and security enhancing techniques for the HELP PUF reduce bit flip errors during regeneration of the bitstring across environmental variations and improve cryptographic strength along with the... Stc unm

Dry powder nebulizer

A dry powder delivery device may be configured to provide micronized dry powder particles to airways of a user. The device may include a cylindrical container delimiting a chamber containing at least one magnetically-responsive object, a motor external to said chamber, a magnet external to the chamber and rotatably coupled... Stc unm

Irisin-related cancer treatments

In one embodiment, the invention provides methods of treating or preventing cancer, in particular aspects breast and/or prostate cancer, by administering to a subject in need thereof a therapeutically-effective amount of irisin and, optionally, one or more adjuvant therapies (e.g. synergistic co-administration of an additional anti-cancer agent or chemotherapy). Related... Stc unm

Ductile fiber reinforced polymer plates and bars using mono-type fibers

The present invention provides a fiber reinforced polymer composite having a plurality of layers containing a plurality of fibers. The layers may be configured to maintain predetermined load sharing ratios among the layers at different load levels to produce a gradual load transfer between the different layers during the progressive... Stc unm

Anticancer therapy

A subject afflicted with a cancer or precancerous condition is treated by administering an agent that increases expression of somatostatin receptors, and a cytotoxic recognition ligand. In an alternative embodiment, somatostatin analogs, which are radiolabeled are used to treat cancer or precancerous conditions.... Stc unm

Compact biosensor of matrix metalloproteinase with cadmium free quantum dots

The invention provides a quantum dot (QD) modified optical fiber-based biosensor which characterizes matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) enzyme activity at pain signaling sites in the central nervous system (CNS) in vivo. Related systems and peptide biomarker screening methods are also provided.... Stc unm

Methods and compositions involving recombinant hypoallergens

This disclosure describes recombinant hypoallergens and methods of treating allergy that involve administering a recombinant hypoallergen to a subject. Generally, the recombinant hypoallergen includes at least one amino acid modification compared to a corresponding wildtype allergen. As a result, the recombinant hypoallergen binds to IgE that specifically binds to the... Stc unm

Engineered stable microorganism/cell communities

Engineered stable multi-organism (or multi-cell type) communities encapsulated in a media that slows or prohibits certain metabolic functions such as cell division, but maintains other metabolic functions.... Stc unm

Gene expression signatures for detection of underlying philadelphia chromosome-like (ph-like) events and therapeutic targeting in leukemia

The invention provides arrays, systems, devices, methods, computer-readable media and kits that enable expression-based classification of B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) as being either responsive or non-responsive to tyrosine kinase inhibitor mono or co-therapy.... Stc unm

Ultra wide spectrum photovoltaic-thermoelectric solar cell

The present invention is a photovoltaic-thermoelectric solar cell and a method of manufacturing a photovoltaic-thermoelectric solar cell. The solar cell includes a substantially transparent electrode, an organometallic photovoltaic material disposed on the transparent electrode, and a cathode disposed on the organometallic photovoltaic material. The organometallic photovoltaic material may be a... Stc unm

Graphene-based inorganic-organic hybrid materials and separation of racemic mixtures

A variety of inorganic-organic hybrid materials and various methods for preparing and using the same are described. The hybrid materials are graphene or graphitic materials populated with organic molecules and may have a variety of surface defects, pits or three-dimensional architecture, thereby increasing the surface area of the material. The... Stc unm

Selective nanoscale growth of lattice mismatched materials

Exemplary embodiments provide materials and methods of forming high-quality semiconductor devices using lattice-mismatched materials. In one embodiment, a composite film including one or more substantially- single- particle-thick nanoparticle layers can be deposited over a substrate as a nanoscale selective growth mask for epitaxially growing lattice-mismatched materials over the substrate.... Stc unm

Dna sample preparation and sequencing

This disclosure describes, in one aspect, a method for preparing DNA molecule for sequencing. Generally, the method includes fragmenting the DNA molecule into double-stranded fragments; amplifying at least a portion of the double-stranded fragments; circularizing the fragments so that the first end of the fragment comprises a first loop connecting... Stc unm

Bamboo pole connectors for building construction

The present invention provides a construction system for connecting bamboo segments or poles together, where the segments or poles have non-uniform diameters. The system includes elbow connectors, sleeve connectors, T-shaped connectors and six cavity connectors. Also, part of the connectors include connector segments including an opening defined by a plurality... Stc unm

Porous nanoparticle-supported lipid bilayers (protocells) for targeted delivery including transdermal delivery of cargo and methods thereof

The present invention is directed to protocells for specific targeting of hepatocellular and other cancer cells which comprise a nanoporous silica core with a supported lipid bilayer; at least one agent which facilitates cancer cell death (such as a traditional small molecule, a macromolecular cargo (e.g. siRNA or a protein... Stc unm

Pliable pressure-sending fabric

A pliable pressure sensitive sensor device and method of making the same is provided. The sensor includes first and second pliable protective layers, which cover sets of conductive fibers that spatially separated by an electrically conductive pliable layer, which deforms in response to a pressure event. The fiber sets form... Stc unm

Compositions and methods for controlling cellular function

This disclosure describes compositions and methods that involve a first modular component and a second modular component. The first modular component includes a first target molecule coupled to a first dimerizing moiety. The second modular component includes a second target molecule coupled to a second dimerizing moiety. The first dimerizing... Stc unm

Raman fiber laser

Improved Raman Fiber Laser (RFL) generators may include a mid-infrared fiber, e.g., a fiber comprising a tellurite glass, a chalcogenide glass, a fluoride glass, or similar material. A phase-shifted fiber Bragg grating may be inscribed in the fiber. A pump laser generator may be coupled with the fiber in order... Stc unm

Blood biomarker for early blood brain barrier disruption in ischemic stroke

Methods and apparatus for determining blood brain barrier (BBB)damage and treating patients who may have suffered from BBB damage due to an ischemic event are provided. The methods and apparatus involve detecting the presence of cleaved occludin fragments in a sample of blood. According to some embodiments, the method further... Stc unm

Pcsk9 vaccine and methods of using the same

A vaccine construct comprising an antigenic PCSK9 peptide and an immunogenic carrier, and methods of using the same that are effective to lower blood cholesterol levels in a mammal and treat dyslipidemias and related disease states in a mammal without the frequency of administration required by passive immunity strategies.... Stc unm

Growth of cubic crystalline phase structure on silicon substrates and devices comprising the cubic crystalline phase structure

A transistor comprises a substrate comprising a Group III/V compound semiconductor material having a cubic crystalline phase structure positioned on a hexagonal crystalline phase layer having a first region and a second region, the cubic crystalline phase structure being positioned between the first region and the second region of the... Stc unm

Modulators of gtpases and their use

The present invention relates to molecules which function as modulators (i.e., inhibitors and agonists) of the Ras-homologous (Rho) family of small GTPases (e.g. Rac, Cdc42 and Rho GTPases) and their use to treat diseases, including cancers (including solid tumors-medulloblastoma, ovarian, breast, head and neck, testicular, prostate among others and hematologic... Stc unm

Fluorescent fusion polypeptides and methods of use

Embodiments of the present invention provide for the facile generation of a stable recombinant fusion polypeptides with intrinsic fluorescent properties. The recombinant antibodies may be suitable for qualitative and/or quantitative immunofluorescence analysis. Generally, the fluorescent polypeptides include a fluorescent domain comprising a C-terminus and an N-terminus; a first antibody domain... Stc unm

Detection of bioagents using a shear horizontal surface acoustic wave biosensor

Viruses and other bioagents are of high medical and biodefense concern and their detection at concentrations well below the threshold necessary to cause health hazards continues to be a challenge with respect to sensitivity, specificity, and selectivity. Ideally, assays for accurate and real time detection of viral agents and other... Stc unm

System and methods for quantitatively describing biophysical markers

Disclosed are method of detecting or characterizing a tumor by quantitatively measuring and comparing changes in mass transfer into the tumor and normal tissue over time using computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging. The methods can be used to predict therapeutic response to treatment and to develop treatment plans.... Stc unm

Antimicrobial materials and methods

The invention provides methods and materials for decontamination of surfaces and fabrics, such as non-woven fabrics, that are contaminated with infestations of microorganisms such as bacteria. Biocidal oligomers having conjugated oligo-(aryl/heteroaryl ethynyl) structures and comprising at least one cationic group can be used to decontaminate infested surfaces in the presence... Stc unm

System and methods of photon-based radiotherapy and radiosurgery delivery

Photon-based radiosurgery is widely used for treating local and regional tumors. The key to improving the quality of radiosurgery is to increase the dose falloff rate from high dose regions inside the tumor to low dose regions of nearby healthy tissues and structures. Dynamic photon painting (DPP) further increases dose... Stc unm

Methods of treating autophagy-associated disorders and related pharmaceutical compositions, diagnostics, screening techniques and kits

The invention provides methods of treating autophagy mediated diseases and disorders and related pharmaceutical compositions, diagnostics, screening techniques and kits. In one embodiment, the invention provides a method of determining whether a subject suffers from, or is at risk of developing, and autophagy mediated disease state and/or condition by evaluating... Stc unm

04/27/17 / #20170112912

Vaccination compositions, methods of making, and methods of use

This disclosure describes, generally, compositions and methods related to thermostable vaccine formulations, their storage, and their use. Generally, the thermostable vaccine formulations can be in the form of a dry powder. The dry powder formulations can increase the length of time that the vaccine remains viable under non-refrigerated, ambient temperature... Stc unm

04/20/17 / #20170108375

Integrated bound-mode spectral/angular sensors

A 2-D sensor array includes a semiconductor substrate and a plurality of pixels disposed on the semiconductor substrate. Each pixel includes a coupling region and a junction region, and a slab waveguide structure disposed on the semiconductor substrate and extending from the coupling region to the region. The slab waveguide... Stc unm

04/20/17 / #20170110602

Methods to introduce sub-micrometer, symmetry-breaking surface corrugation to silicon substrates to increase light trapping

Provided is a method for fabricating a nanopatterned surface. The method includes forming a mask on a substrate, patterning the substrate to include a plurality of symmetry-breaking surface corrugations, and removing the mask. The mask includes a pattern defined by mask material portions that cover first surface portions of the... Stc unm

04/06/17 / #20170095550

Immunogenic respiratory syncytial virus glycoprotein-containing vlps and related compositions, constructs, and therapeutic methods

The invention provides immunotherapeutic and prophylactic bacteriophage viral-like particle (VLPs) which are useful in the treatment and prevention of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infections and related disorders, including bronchiolitis and viral pneumonia. Related compositions (e.g. vaccines), nucleic acid constructs, and therapeutic methods are also provided. VLPs and related compositions of... Stc unm

04/06/17 / #20170096456

Immunogenic hpv l2-containing vlps and related compositions, constructs, and therapeutic methods

The invention provides immunotherapeutic and prophylactic bacteriophage viral-like particle (VLPs) which are useful in the treatment and prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV) infections and related disorders, including cervical cancer and persistent infections associated with HPV. Related compositions (e.g. vaccines), nucleic acid constructs, and therapeutic methods are also provided. VLPs and... Stc unm

03/30/17 / #20170087259

Radiolabeled alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone hybrid peptide for melanoma targeting

The present invention is directed to novel non-invasive diagnostic tools/compounds to image cancers, especially, melanoma, including metastatic melanoma in vivo. The present compounds exhibit enhanced uptake in cancerous cells and tissue, suggesting favorable selective activity of compounds according to the present invention, which can be used as effective therapeutic agents... Stc unm

03/30/17 / #20170092485

Growth of cubic crystalline phase structure on silicon substrates and devices comprising the cubic crystalline phase structure

A method of forming a semiconductor structure includes providing a substrate comprising a first material portion and a single crystal silicon layer on the first material portion. The substrate further comprises a major front surface, a major backside surface opposing the major front surface, and a plurality of grooves positioned... Stc unm

03/30/17 / #20170092959

Catalysts for bio-electrochemical systems

Novel catalysts suitable for use in biological systems and biological systems using these catalysts are described. In particular, the present disclosure provides microbial fuel cells utilizing non-PGM catalysts having a morphology that makes them particularly suitable for use in a microbial fuel cell.... Stc unm

03/30/17 / #20170092960

Method of preparation of nano-sized materials and apparatus incorporating the same

Novel nano-sized materials and methods for making the same are described. The novel nano-sized materials are suitable for use as catalytic supports and, more specifically, can be decorated with one or more catalytic materials so as to form suitable catalysts for DLFC fuel cells utilizing alkaline media. The present disclosure... Stc unm

03/02/17 / #20170056345

Booster drug therapy for mycobacterium infections

In one embodiment, the invention provides a method of treating a subject who suffers from, or who is suspected of suffering from, a Mycobacterium infection, the method comprising administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of a urease inhibitor, optionally in combination with one or more anti-mycobacterial agents.... Stc unm

02/09/17 / #20170036037

Optimization methods for radiation therapy planning

An optimization technique for use with radiation therapy planning that combines stochastic optimization techniques such as Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) with deterministic techniques to solve for optimal and reliable locations for delivery of radiation doses to a targeted tumor while minimizing the radiation dose experienced by the surrounding critical structures... Stc unm

01/12/17 / #20170011513

Method and system for feature extraction and decision making from series of images

Apparatus and methods comprise examination of a subject using images of the subject. The images can provide a non-invasive analysis technique and can include a plurality of images of a portion of the subject at different times a temperature stimulus applied to the subject. An image of the portion of... Stc unm

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