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Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd singapore
Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd sg
Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd_20100107

Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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10/26/17Touch screen controller for determining relationship between a user's hand and a housing of an electronic device
10/12/17Dead zone compensation for touch screens
09/21/17System and communication between a capacitive touch screen and an active stylus
08/31/17Force sensor patterns
06/29/17Common mode noise reduction in capacitive touch sensing
06/22/17Support of narrow tip styluses on touch screen devices
05/18/17Frequency hopping for a capacitive touch screen controller
05/11/17Suppression of display noise in touch screen controllers
04/13/17Wake up gesture for low power using capacitive touch controller
04/13/17Enhanced tone mapper for high dynamic range images and video
03/16/17Mutual hover protection for touchscreens
03/09/17Managing multiple systems in a computer device
03/02/17Electronic device with touchscreen for removing sample subsets and related methods
02/09/17Electronic device with valid single finger touch detection and related methods
02/02/17Correcting coordinate jitter in touch screen displays due to forceful touches
01/26/17Cross hatch ito sensor pattern for touchscreens
12/29/16Method and blocking accumulation of electrical fast transient (eft) noise
12/15/16Compact touch screen controller
10/27/16Capacitive touch screen with time overlapped concurrent scanning operation using coded drive signals
09/15/16Touch rejection for communication between a touch screen device and an active stylus
08/18/16Microfluidic delivery member with filter and forming same
06/30/16Adaptive loudness levelling digital audio signals in frequency domain
06/30/16Steering vector estimation for minimum variance distortionless response (mvdr) beamforming circuits, systems, and methods
06/23/16Hybrid auto-focus mechanism
05/26/16Short circuit detection module
05/05/16Capacitive discharge circuit for touch sensitive screen
04/28/16Multiple controller communication active stylus data acquisition
04/21/16Microfluidic delivery member with filter and forming same
03/17/16Capacitive touch screen with adaptive touch sensing threshold based on sharpness of the capacitive data
03/17/16Compensation for variations in a capacitive sense matrix
03/03/16Capacitive touch screen display system including circuitry to address display perturbations induced by panel sensing
03/03/16Event controlled decoding circuit
02/18/16System and communication between a capacitive touch screen and an active stylus
01/14/16Method and system for digital watermarking
12/31/15Determining finger separation through groove analysis in a touch screen device
12/24/15Microfluidic delivery member with filter and forming same
11/26/15Touch screen for stylus emitting wireless signals
11/12/15Touch panel screening method, circuit and system
11/05/15Capacitive touch screen including a first sensor pattern for mutual sensing and a second sensor pattern for self sensing
10/15/15Enhanced inductive sense using mutual inductance
10/08/15Touch screen with palm rejection in the presence of charger noise
10/01/15Secure pairing method, circuit and system for an intelligent input device and an electronic device
10/01/15Method, circuit, and system for hover and gesture detection with a touch screen
09/24/15Cross-shaped touchscreen pattern
09/10/15System and improved synchronization between devices
09/10/15System and phase error compensation in synchronized devices
09/10/15Temperature insensitive transient current source
05/28/15High signal to noise ratio capacitive sensing analog front-end
04/30/15Banding noise detector for digital images
04/30/15Recursive de-banding filter for digital images
04/23/15Closed loop temperature controlled circuit to improve device stability
03/19/15Iic bus start-stop detection circuit
02/05/15Method and speed control of voice coil motor retract operation dependent upon available power
02/05/15Test mux flip-flop cell for reduced scan shift and functional switching power consumption
01/15/15Spare cell strategy using flip-flop cells
01/01/15Optimization of manufacturing methodology: p-channel trench mos with low vth and n-type poly
12/18/14Electronic device with integrated temperature sensor and manufacturing method thereof
11/20/14Ink jet printhead device with compressive stressed dielectric layer
10/16/14Multiple row receiving line pattern for in-cell touchscreen panels
10/16/14Digital iir filter with adjustable filter weights based on measured changes in the processed data
10/09/14Contrast adjusted anaglyph
10/02/14Three-dimensional gesture recognition system, circuit, and a touch screen
10/02/14Content-based aspect ratio detection
10/02/14Method & circuit for parasitic capacitance cancellation for self capacitance sensing
07/17/14Methods, systems, and circuits for speaker dependent voice recognition with a single lexicon
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07/17/14Single layer sensor pattern
07/10/14Methods, systems, and circuits for text independent speaker recognition with automatic learning features
07/10/14Borderless touch panel design
05/29/14Back emf detection in a brushless dc motor using a virtual center tap circuit
05/22/14Pilot pattern for observation-scalar mimo-ofdm
05/08/14Converting samples of a signal at a sample rate into samples of another signal at another sample rate
05/01/14Voltage regulator circuit
04/24/14System and a touch panel
04/17/14Method for making image sensors using wafer-level processing and associated devices
04/03/14Information display orientation control using proximity detection
04/03/14Hybrid stylus for use in touch screen applications
04/03/14Compensation for variations in a capacitive sense matrix
03/13/14Microfluidic device with bendable membrane having valve passageways to provide enhanced fluidic mobility control and related methods
02/20/14Senseline data adjustment method, circuit, and system to reduce the detection of false touches in a touch screen
02/20/14Touch filtering through virtual areas on a touch screen
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02/06/14Ito pattern for capacitive touchscreen applications
02/06/14Touch screen panel with slide feature
01/30/14Touch motion detection method, circuit, and system
01/02/14Capacitive proximity sensor with enabled touch detection
01/02/14Directional capacitive proximity sensor with bootstrapping
12/05/132d ringing and overshoot control in image rescaling
09/26/13Phase motion detector for baseband yc separation
07/04/13System and reducing input current spike for drive circuitry
07/04/13Compensating mold plunger for integrated circuit manufacture
07/04/13Leakage current compensation circuit
07/04/13Testing of analog-to-digital converters
07/04/13Temperature sensor for image sensors
07/04/13Adaptive self-calibration of small microphone array by soundfield approximation and frequency domain magnitude equalization
06/27/13Relative humidity sensor and calibration thereof
06/27/13Window clamp top plate for integrated circuit packaging
06/13/13Audio acquisition systems and methods
06/13/13Interlace row scan
06/06/13Tunable humidity sensor with integrated heater
05/23/13General banding and codec banding artifact removal
05/16/13Motion compensated de-blocking
05/02/13System and security using a sibling smart card
04/18/13Dual interlock heatsink assembly for enhanced cavity pbga packages, and manufacture
03/21/13Low emi keypad circuitry
03/21/13High density package interconnect with copper heat spreader and making the same
03/14/13Capacitive touch screen controller implementing a sensing improved noise immunity
02/21/13System and efficient sound production using directional enhancement
02/14/13Spindle speed detection through current sensing during boost braking
01/24/13Recovering data from a secondary one of simultaneous signals, such as orthogonal-frequency-division-multiplexed (ofdm) signals, that include a same frequency
01/10/13Enhancing metal/low-k interconnect reliability using a protection layer
01/03/13Reset pulse encoding and decoding scheme with no internal clock
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01/03/13Apparatus and inverse telecine with local video de-interlacing
01/03/13Apparatus and local video detector for mixed cadence sequence
11/29/12Patterned conductive layers for sensor assembly and making the same
11/29/12Simultaneous transmission of signals, such as orthogonal-frequency-division-multiplexed (ofdm) signals, that include a same frequency
11/15/12Low drop-out regulator with distributed output network
11/15/12Recovering data from a primary one of simultaneous signals, such as orthogonal-frequency-division-multiplexed (ofdm) signals, that include a same frequency
07/05/12Perceptual block masking estimation system
06/28/12Capacitive to voltage sensing circuit
06/28/12Noise detection and reduction in audio devices
06/28/12Wideband noise reduction system and a method thereof
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06/28/12Sync signal generator for a capacitive sensor
06/28/12High bandwidth switch design
06/28/12Acuator systems and methods using an electrically deformable material
06/28/12Apparatus and exotic cadence detection
06/28/12Compensating for temperature drifts during glucose sensing
06/21/12Clock resynchronization circuit and method
06/21/12On-chip measurement of capacitance for micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) actuator circuit
06/21/12Comparator with offset compensation and improved dynamic range
06/21/12Directional anti-aliasing filter
06/14/12Cyclic digital-to-analog converter (dac) with capacitor swapping
06/14/12Short-circuit detection for touch panels
05/31/12Circuit and adding dither to vertical droop compensation using linear feedback shift registers
05/31/12Frame level quantization estimation
05/17/12Charge amplifier for multi-touch capacitive touch-screen
05/17/12System and display proximity based control of a touch screen user interface
05/10/12Process, temperature, part and setting independent reset pulse encoding and decoding scheme
05/10/12Method and capacitance sensing
05/03/12Low profile chip scale module and producing the same
04/26/12Automatic frequency selection for peaking
04/19/12Noise-robust edge enhancement improved image sharpness
04/19/12System and compact cyclic digital to analog converter
03/29/12Wafer-level packaging method using composite material as a base
03/22/12Method and system for shielding semiconductor devices from light
03/08/12Method to parameterize and recognize circular gestures on touch sensitive surfaces
03/08/12Carbon nanotube-conductive polymer composites, methods of making and articles made therefrom
03/01/12Lateral connection for a via-less thin film resistor
03/01/12Via-less thin film resistor with a dielectric cap
03/01/12Semiconductor package with thermal heat spreader
03/01/12Multi-layer via-less thin film resistor
02/09/12Information reuse in low power scalable hybrid audio encoders
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02/02/12Ultra-thin quad flat no-lead (qfn) package
01/05/12Sensing phase sequence to suppress single tone noise
12/29/11Image sensor control over a variable function or operation
12/08/11System and process for image rescaling using adaptive interpolation kernel with sharpness and de-ringing control
10/27/11Use of conductive paint as a electromagnetic interference shielding on semiconductor devices
10/06/11Multiple touch location in a three dimensional touch screen sensor
10/06/11Battery-less operated bi-stable display by wireless power transmission
09/29/11Sample and hold capacitance to digital converter
09/08/11Enabling 3d sound reproduction using a 2d speaker arrangement
08/18/11Cnt devices, low-temperature fabrication of ctn and cnt photo-resists
07/28/11Image details preservation and enhancement
07/21/11Method and system for enhancing bass effect in audio signals
07/14/11Drop away toothpaste tube/brush
06/30/11Method and ringing and halo control
06/30/11Method of forming a die having an ic region adjacent a mems region
06/30/11Thermally enhanced expanded wafer level package ball grid array structure and making the same
06/30/11Method for manufacturing a fan-out embedded panel level package
06/30/11Gate control circuit for high bandwidth switch design
06/30/11Method for generating multiple incremental output voltages using a single charge pump chain
06/30/11Fan-out wafer level package with polymeric layer for high reliability
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06/30/11Multi-stacked semiconductor dice scale package structure and manufacturing same
06/30/11Self repairing ic package design
06/30/11Reliable large die fan-out wafer level package and manufacture
06/30/11Flip-chip fan-out wafer level package for package-on-package applications, and manufacture
06/30/11Device and testing magnetic switches at wafer-level stage of manufacture
06/30/11Fan-out wafer level package for an optical sensor and manufacture thereof
06/23/11Methods of using a conductive composite material
06/23/11Adaptive loudness levelling for digital audio signals
06/02/11Accounting for inter-carrier interference in determining a response of an ofdm communication channel
04/28/11Content feature-preserving and complexity-scalable system and method to modify time scaling of digital audio signals
04/21/11Architecture of controlling a dual polarity, single inductor boost regulator uses as a dual polarity supplies in a harddisk drive dual stage actuator (dsa) device
03/10/11High bandwidth switch design
02/10/11T switch with high off state isolation
01/13/11Simplified multichip packaging and package design
12/30/10Ic package design with stress relief feature
12/16/10Touch coordinate calculation for a touch-sensitive interface
12/09/10Touch tracking on a touch sensitive interface
11/25/10Semiconductor package with position member
11/25/10Electronic system modules and fabrication
08/19/10Method and system for enhancing bass effect in audio signals
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07/29/10Integrated circuit package and forming the same
07/08/10Microelectromechanical system
07/01/10System and phase motion detection for yc separation
07/01/10Method of improved computation of touch coordinates for four-wire resistive touch screens
07/01/10Apparatus and motion detection for temporal mosquito noise reduction in video sequences
07/01/10Reducing warpage for fan-out wafer level packaging
06/10/10Chip package with coplanarity controlling feature
06/10/10Embedding and transmitting data signals for generating a display panel
06/10/10Manufacturing fan-out wafer level packaging
05/27/10Apparatus and providing a power switch array with adjustable current rating power switches
05/27/10Material for growth of carbon nanotubes
04/22/10Recovery of data from a multi carrier signal
04/15/10Recovery of data from a multi carrier signal
04/08/10Method and system for estimating the speed of a mobile device in a network
03/18/10Multiple touch location in a three dimensional touch screen sensor
03/04/10Capacitive touch sensor system
03/04/10Capacitive touch sensor system
01/07/10Adaptive synchronous rectification of brushless dc motor back-emf
07/23/09System and scanning an array of sensors
05/14/09System and providing step size control for subband affine projection filters for echo cancellation applications
05/07/09Interrupt reduction method in touch screen controller
01/07/10Adaptive synchronous rectification of brushless dc motor back-emf
04/24/14Image sensor device with ir filter and related methods
04/17/14Pnp apparatus with pick-up tip and related methods
04/10/14Apparatus and preventing false touches in touch screen systems
03/13/14Electronic device including thermal sensor and peltier cooler and related methods
02/27/14Deformable polymer testing device
12/13/12Delaying or deterring counterfeiting and/or cloning of a component
07/12/12Chip scale package structure with can attachment
01/27/11Semiconductor package with a stiffening member supporting a thermal heat spreader
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06/09/11Analog switch with a low flatness operating characteristic
12/23/10Negative analog switch design

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