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Stmicroelectronics S r i
Stmicroelectronics S r i_20100107
Stmicroelectronics S r i_20131212
Stmicroelectronics S r i_20100114


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Stmicroelectronics S r i patents

Recent patent applications related to Stmicroelectronics S r i. Stmicroelectronics S r i is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Stmicroelectronics S r i may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Stmicroelectronics S r i, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Stmicroelectronics S r i patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015027678310/01/15 Positioning apparatus comprising an inertial sensor and inertial sensor temperature compensation method
22015027946710/01/15 Amplifier stage
32015025326809/10/15 Monitoring device with jumper cable coupling and related methods
42015023592908/20/15 Electronic device with heat dissipater
52015022833808/13/15 System and phase change memory
62015021969308/06/15 Integrated semiconductor device comprising a hall effect current sensor
72015022137108/06/15 Embedded non-volatile memory with single polysilicon layer memory cells programmable through channel hot electrons and erasable through fowler-nordheim tunneling
82015021484107/30/15 Dc-dc converter with improved energy management, operating the dc-dc converter, environmental energy harvesting system using the dc-dc converter, and apparatus using the energy harvesting system
92015020749807/23/15 Pwm modulator
102015020855707/23/15 Thermal control process for a multi-junction electronic power device and corresponding electronic power device
112015018052806/25/15 Power oscillator apparatus with transformer-based power combining for galvanically-isolated bidirectional data communication and power transfer
122015016871506/18/15 Electrostatically actuated oscillating structure with oscillation starting phase control, and manufacturing and driving method thereof
132015014580105/28/15 High signal to noise ratio capacitive sensing analog front-end
142015010319904/16/15 Method of producing compact descriptors from interest points of digital images, corresponding system, apparatus and computer program product
152015009175304/02/15 Method and predicting the orbit and detecting the type of a satellite
162015007671203/19/15 Electronic device with bimetallic interface element for wire bonding
172015005453802/26/15 Electromagnetic shield for testing integrated circuits
182015005241102/19/15 Apparatus for at-speed testing, in inter-domain mode, of a multi-clock-domain digital integrated circuit according to bist or scan techniques
192015003509102/05/15 Process for manufacturing a packaged device, in particular a packaged micro-electro-mechanical sensor, having an accessible structure, such as a mems microphone and packaged device obtained thereby
202015003540902/05/15 Piezoelectric transducer for an energy-harvesting system
212015003558002/05/15 Power electronic device with improved efficiency and electromagnetic radiation characteristics
222015003569102/05/15 Method and related device for generating a digital output signal corresponding to an analog input signal
232015002358701/22/15 Method for generating a depth map, related system and computer program product
242015000161501/01/15 Optimization of manufacturing methodology: p-channel trench mos with low vth and n-type poly
252015000164501/01/15 Mems device incorporating a fluidic path, and manufacturing process thereof
262015000165101/01/15 Mems device having a suspended diaphragm and manufacturing process thereof
272015000270301/01/15 Method and system for autofocus, corresponding device and computer program product
282014036938612/18/14 Electronic device with integrated temperature sensor and manufacturing method thereof
292014035599512/04/14 Optoelectronic device having improved optical coupling
302014031295410/23/14 High-voltage multi-level shifter for ultrasound applications and transmit/receive channel for ultrasound applications using said level shifter
312014031425410/23/14 Micromechanical detection structure for a mems acoustic transducer and corresponding manufacturing process
322014029178110/02/14 Method of packaging a mems transducer device and packaged mems transducer device
332014029185010/02/14 Method for manufacturing electronic devices
342014028360509/25/14 High-sensitivity, z-axis micro-electro-mechanical detection structure, in particular for an mems accelerometer
352014028658409/25/14 Method and image encoding and/or decoding and related computer program products
362014024751709/04/14 Regulating distribution of power in a hard disk drive following a power loss
372014021753308/07/14 Magnetic sensor integrated in a chip for detecting magnetic fields perpendicular to the chip and manufacturing process thereof
382014021794308/07/14 Determining a position of a motor using an on-chip component
392014021794908/07/14 Method of pwm regulation of a continuous current electric motor
402014021807308/07/14 Driver for high speed electrical-optical modulator interface
412014019899507/17/14 Method and computing image pyramids and related computer program product
422014019111407/10/14 Proximity sensor and sensing a distance of an object from a proximity sensor
432014018836907/03/14 Control apparatus of an ignition spark plug and engine electronic ignition system having open secondary protection
442014014800005/29/14 Process for manufacturing a power device with a trench-gate structure and corresponding device
452014011650105/01/14 Photovoltaic cell
462014009046904/03/14 Acceleration and angular velocity resonant detection integrated structure, and related mems sensor device
472014009494404/03/14 Method and system for simultaneous playback of audio tracks from a plurality of digital devices
482014008439703/27/14 Wafer-level packaging of a mems integrated device and related manufacturing process
492014008487603/27/14 Enhanced efficiency energy-scavenging interface, operating the energy-scavenging interface, and energy-scavenging system comprising the energy-scavenging interface
502014008490003/27/14 Low-consumption and high-efficiency energy-scavenging interface, operating the energy-scavenging interface, and system comprising the energy-scavenging interface
512014008753903/27/14 Process for manufactuirng super-barrier rectifiers
522014007782303/20/14 High signal to noise ratio capacitive sensing analog front-end
532014007809603/20/14 Configurable analog front-end for mutual capacitance sensing and self capacitance sensing
542014007034503/13/14 Integrated electronic device with transceiving antenna and magnetic interconnection
552014006243003/06/14 Adaptive reactivation of phases deactivated by phase-shedding in multi-phase voltage regulators
562014006364103/06/14 Circuitry for controlling a voice coil motor
572014005468502/27/14 Semiconductor device with improved linear and switching operating modes
582014002783701/30/14 Transistor with self-aligned terminal contacts
592013033586412/19/13 Electronic ignition system for an engine of a vehicle in case of failure
602013032947012/12/13 Control device for a dc-dc converter
612013033083612/12/13 Diagnostic device with integrated photodetector, and diagnostic system including the same
622013032057012/05/13 Electronic device for power applications
632013032404112/05/13 Network of electronic devices assembled on a flexible support and communication method
642013032652212/05/13 Method for handling access transactions and related system
652013028505610/31/13 Semiconductor structure with low-melting-temperature conductive regions, and repairing a semiconductor structure
662013025538110/03/13 Magnetic inertial sensor and operating the same
672013025666110/03/13 System for electrical testing of through-silicon vias (tsvs), and corresponding manufacturing process
682013023968609/19/13 Microelectromechanical z-axis detection structure with low thermal drifts
692013024102509/19/13 Electronic system having increased coupling by using horizontal and vertical communication channels
702013024439709/19/13 Multi-drain semiconductor power device and edge-termination structure thereof
712013022914509/05/13 Battery charger
722013022474408/29/13 Integrated device for real time quantitative pcr
732013022145708/29/13 Assembly of a capacitive acoustic transducer of the microelectromechanical type and package thereof
742013022408308/29/13 Use of nitroaniline derivatives for the production of nitric oxide
752013019664508/01/13 Method for personalizing sim cards with a production machine
762013016948007/04/13 Method of acquiring cdma-modulated satellite signals and receiving apparatus implementing the method
772013015971306/20/13 Authentication method
782013012001205/16/13 Testing integrated circuits using few test probes
792013009979204/25/13 Enhanced sensing ionization current in spark ignition internal combustion engines and related spark plug structures
802013007588503/28/13 Lead frame and packaging method
812013007042903/21/13 Integrated voltage divider
822013006444803/14/13 Image chroma noise reduction
832013005732303/07/13 Integrated circuit for controlling a switch of a current path with leading edge blanking device of the current signal
842013005837803/07/13 Temperature sensing device and generating a signal representing the temperature of an environment
852013004807102/28/13 Thin refractory metal layer used as contact barrier to improve the performance of thin-film solar cells
862013004898202/28/13 Bond pad monitoring structure and related detecting significant alterations
872013003219702/07/13 Thin film solar cell module including series-connected cells formed on a flexible substrate by using lithography
882013002948601/31/13 Method of manufacturing an electronic device having a plastic substrate and corresponding carrier
892013000495401/03/13 Analyzer for biochemical analyses and determining concentrations of fluorescent substances in a solution
902012032921312/27/12 Flexible electronic device and the fabrication of same
912012030805012/06/12 Efficiency optimizer of an audio power amplifier for car radio
922012029976011/29/12 Sequence arbiter for analog-to-digital conversions
932012028684811/15/12 Electronic trimming circuit
942012027439311/01/12 Dynamic biasing circuit for a protection stage using low voltage transistors
952012026818610/25/12 Transmission channel for ultrasound applications
962012026172010/18/12 Method for manufacturing a hemt transistor and corresponding hemt transistor
972012025660510/11/12 Band-gap voltage generator
982012024834710/04/12 Confocal optical detector, detector array, and manufacturing method thereof
992012022826009/13/12 Process for etching trenches in an integrated optical device
1002012022009008/30/12 Method for manufacturing an integrated power device on a semiconductor substrate and corresponding device
1012012022182708/30/12 Address decoding device
1022012021794708/30/12 Dc-dc down-converter with time constant comparison regulation system
1032012019509508/02/12 Memory support provided with memory elements of ferroelectric material and non-destructive reading method thereof
1042012019509408/02/12 Memory support provided with elements of ferroelectric material and programming method thereof
1052012016925507/05/12 Control device for a discharge lamp
1062012016940807/05/12 Voltage booster
1072012015518506/21/12 Memory device and corresponding reading method
1082012013281705/31/12 Encapsulated photomultiplier device of semiconductor material, for use, for example, in machines for performing positron-emission tomography
1092012012361105/17/12 System for identifying the components of a vehicle
1102012011287305/10/12 Vialess integration for dual thin films - thin film resistor and heater
1112012010845405/03/12 Method, microreactor and carrying out real-time nucleic acid amplification
1122012009181004/19/12 Automatic system for synchronous enablement-disablement of solar photovoltaic panels of an energy production plant with distributed dc/dc conversion
1132012008109004/05/12 Voltage regulator
1142012007513303/29/12 Low-power sigma-delta converter
1152012007592003/29/12 Memory base cell and memory bank
1162012007751303/29/12 Systems and methods for real-time location
1172012006805003/22/12 Multi pixel photo detector array of geiger mode avalanche photodiodes
1182012006989703/22/12 Method and device for video-signal processing, transmitter, and corresponding computer program product
1192012002384102/02/12 Multi-functional solar energy conversion rooftop tiling system
1202012003054002/02/12 Ram memory device selectively protectable with ecc
1212012002040001/26/12 Method for identifying received symbols corrupted by burst noise and related device
1222012000165501/05/12 Base cell for implementing an engineering change order (eco)
1232011030932012/22/11 Method for active pinch off of an ovonic unified memory element
1242011030948012/22/11 Process for manufacturing power integrated devices having surface corrugations, and power integrated device having surface corrugations
1252011030509412/15/11 Non-volatile memory device with reconnection circuit
1262011029102612/01/11 Optically accessible microfluidic diagnostic device
1272011029128612/01/11 Electronic device and connecting a die to a connection terminal
1282011027993711/17/11 Low on-resistance mosfet implemented dc source by-pass or circuit breaker with related self-supplied controller circuit including fire or other risk dc output disabling means
1292011026789111/03/11 Driving circuit for memory device
1302011023410509/29/11 Automatic method to detect short and open conditions on the outputs of a led driver device
1312011020576708/25/11 Method for controlling a multiphase interleaving converter and corresponding controller
1322011019767408/18/11 Microelectromechanical gyroscope with calibrated synchronization of actuation and actuating a microelectromechanical gyroscope
1332011019355608/11/11 Integrated magnetic sensor for detecting vertical magnetic fields and manufacturing process thereof
1342011015673206/30/11 Process for controlling the correct positioning of test probes on terminations of electronic devices integrated on a semiconductor and corresponding electronic device
1352011015617006/30/11 Integrated common source power mosfet device, and manufacturing process thereof
1362011015678906/30/11 Control system for a phase generator and corresponding control method
1372011015777706/30/11 Integrated capacitor having reversed plates
1382011015792706/30/11 Charge-mode control device for a resonant converter
1392011015797506/30/11 Ftp memory device with programing and erasing based on fowler-nordheim effect
1402011015801606/30/11 Integrated solution for identifying malfunctioning components within memory devices
1412011016166806/30/11 Method and devices for distributing media contents and related computer program product
1422011014846806/23/11 Threshold comparator with hysteresis and performing threshold comparison with hysteresis
1432011014848206/23/11 Method of choosing a functioning mode of an integrated circuit device and relative device
1442011014076906/16/11 Circuit for generating a reference electrical quantity
1452011013370406/09/11 Method for controlling an interleaving multiphase regulator and corresponding system
1462011013384206/09/11 Radio-frequency amplifier
1472011013496606/09/11 Novel pulse generator for ultra-wide-band modulating systems and modulating systems using it
1482011013503106/09/11 Novel pulse generator for ultra-wide-band modulating systems and modulating systems using it
1492011012807006/02/11 Charge pump stage, controlling a charge pump stage and memory having a charge pump stage
1502011012904006/02/11 Method of estimating log-likelihood ratios and relative s-fsk receiver
1512011012996706/02/11 Three-terminal power device with high switching speed and manufacturing process
1522011013118906/02/11 Method and device for managing queues, and corresponding computer program product
1532011010934205/12/11 Crosstalk suppression in wireless testing of semiconductor devices
1542011011016905/12/11 Sense amplifier with reduced area occupation for semiconductor memories
1552011009561004/28/11 System for processing analog-type electrical signals with low noise driving device
1562011009671904/28/11 Method and device of acquiring satellite signals, corresponding computer program product
1572011009003004/21/11 Signal trasmission through lc resonant circuits
1582011009200904/21/11 Package, in particular for mems devices and making same
1592011008441204/14/11 Indexing of electronic devices with multiple weight markers
1602011008021804/07/11 Integrated circuit of an integrator with enhanced stability and related stabilization method
1612011005846503/10/11 Microelectromechanical device having an electromagnetic micromotor, in particular mass storage device made by probe storage technology
1622011002274501/27/11 Interfacing device and method, for example for systems-on-chip
1632011000240001/06/11 Method of transmitting a packet of digital data over a poly-phase power line affected by impulsive noise
1642010032896812/30/10 Multi-phase resonant converter and controlling it
1652010032263812/23/10 Optical receiver
1662010029547611/25/10 Fast switching, overshoot-free, current source and method
1672010028197711/11/10 Microelectromechanical structure with enhanced rejection of acceleration noise
1682010028421211/11/10 Method for multilevel programming of phase change cells using adaptive reset pulses
1692010025995110/14/10 Method and circuit for avoiding hard switching in half bridge converters
1702010024685909/30/10 Biasing circuit for a microelectromechanical acoustic transducer and related biasing method
1712010024031609/23/10 Method and system for spectrum management in communication networks, corresponding network and computer program product
1722010022078509/02/10 Video coding , related scalable bitstream and computer program product
1732010020143808/12/10 Notch filter and receiving and transmitting radio-frequency signals incorporating same
1742010017145707/08/10 Detection of the angular position of the rotor of a brush motor without using sensors
1752010016397207/01/10 Multi-drain semiconductor power device and edge-termination structure thereof
1762010016382707/01/10 Forming phase change memory cells
1772010016383207/01/10 Self-aligned nano-cross-point phase change memory
1782010016383307/01/10 Electrical fuse device based on a phase-change memory element and corresponding programming method
1792010016452607/01/10 Mems probe for probe cards for integrated circuits
1802010016459507/01/10 Down-converter mixer
1812010016462807/01/10 Distributed active transformer amplifier with differential power combiner
1822010016576507/01/10 Protection register for a non-volatile memory
1832010016630007/01/10 Method of generating motion vectors of images of a video sequence
1842010016748107/01/10 Manufacturing process of a vertical-conduction misfet device with gate dielectric structure having differentiated thickness and vertical-conduction misfet device thus manufacture
1852010016974007/01/10 Accelerating phase change memory writes
1862010016985707/01/10 Method for designing a high performance asic (application-specific integrated circuit) accelerator
1872010015985306/24/10 Electronic amplification device with current mirror for integrated power amplifiers
1882010015827906/24/10 Integrated acoustic transducer obtained using mems technology, and corresponding manufacturing process
1892010015160306/17/10 Method of manufacturing a resonant cavity optical radiation emitting device
1902010014131606/10/10 Method of improving noise characteristics of an adpll and a relative adpll
1912010010971905/06/10 Prescaling stage for high frequency applications
1922010007303403/25/10 Circuit for comparing an input current with a threshold current
1932010006641303/18/10 Current sensing circuit for pwm applications with pulse width modulation and corresponding current process
1942010004030302/18/10 Filtering of noisy images
1952010002613802/04/10 Electrostatic micromotor with stator and rotor in contact, in particular for probe-storage systems
1962010002656802/04/10 Position computing method, receiving apparatus and navigation satellite system employing the method
1972010002767802/04/10 Encoding and decoding methods and apparatus, signal and computer program product therefor
1982010000685601/14/10 Process for manufacturing a thin-film transistor (tft) device and tft device manufactured by the process
1992010000166701/07/10 Control circuit of a full-bridge stage
2002010000234901/07/10 By-pass diode structure for strings of series connected cells of a photovoltaic panel
2012009029581112/03/09 Rendering module for bidimensional graphics
2022009025300610/08/09 Micro fuel cell and corresponding microreactor, supplied with hydrogen, for producing electric energy
2032009019698408/06/09 Electrocatalytic polymer-based powder, production and use thereof
2042009019128407/30/09 Use of nitroaniline derivatives for the production of nitric oxide
2052009018644707/23/09 Process for sealing and connecting parts of electromechanical, fluid and optical microsystems and device obtained thereby
2062009017634107/09/09 Power electronic device of multi-drain type integrated on a semiconductor substrate and relative manufacturing process
2072009015455806/18/09 Method for adaptive biasing of fully differential gain boosted operational amplifiers
2082009014152406/04/09 Control device for power factor correction device in forced switching power supplies
2092009010362204/23/09 Method and system for determining a macroblock partition for data transcoding
2102009007329203/19/09 Method for acquiring a digital image with a large dynamic range with a sensor of lesser dynamic range
2112009006624403/12/09 Encapsulated organic electronic device with improved resistance to degradation
2122009007005603/12/09 Method and device for calibrating a magnetic sensor
2132009003326302/05/09 Method and related circuit for driving a sensorless brushless motor
2142009003325902/05/09 Method of estimating the state of a system and relative device for estimating position and speed of the rotor of a brushless motor
2152009003430202/05/09 Dc-dc converter with current overload protection circuit and method
2162013033083612/12/13 Diagnostic device with integrated photodetector, and diagnostic system including the same
2172010000685601/14/10 Process for manufacturing a thin-film transistor (tft) device and tft device manufactured by the process
2182010000234901/07/10 By-pass diode structure for strings of series connected cells of a photovoltaic panel

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