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Stmicroelectronics S r l patents

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04/27/17 new patent  Negative voltage management module for an address decoder circuit of a non-volatile memory device
04/27/17 new patent  Vibrating device for positioning a miniaturized piece in a testing accommodation, and positioning method
04/27/17 new patent  Tag, related identifying and/or authenticating objects
04/27/17 new patent  Control for quasi-rosonant high-power-factor flyback converter
04/27/17 new patent  Push-pull amplifier, corresponding apparatus and method
04/20/17Microelectromechanical gyroscope for sensing angular rate and sensing angular rate
04/20/17Microelectromechanical sensor device with reduced stress sensitivity
04/20/17A rectifier bridge circuit, corresponding apparatus and method
04/20/17Method for extracting features from a flow of digital video frames, and corresponding system and computer program product
04/13/17System, method and article for counting steps using an accelerometer
04/13/17Oscillator circuit, corresponding apparatus and method
04/13/17Transimpedance amplifier, and related integrated circuit and optical receiver
04/06/17Avalanche photodiode for detecting ultraviolet radiation and manufacturing method thereof
04/06/17Method for driving a resonant converter, and corresponding converter and computer program product
04/06/17Method for driving a resonant converter, and corresponding device and computer program product
03/30/17Biosensor for sensing analytes in the sweat, and manufacturing method thereof
03/30/17Encapsulated device of semiconductor material with reduced sensitivity to thermo-mechanical stresses
03/30/17System for coupling light to integrated devices and corresponding method
03/30/17Integrated electronic device with transceiving antenna and magnetic interconnection
03/30/17Vertical conduction integrated electronic device protected against the latch-up and relating manufacturing process
03/30/17Network of electronic devices assembled on a flexible support and communication method
03/30/17Magnetic inertial sensor energy harvesting and scavenging methods, circuits and systems
03/23/17Testing architecture of circuits integrated on a wafer
03/23/17Row decoder for a non-volatile memory device, having reduced area occupation
03/23/17Embedded phase change memory devices and related methods
03/23/17Converter circuit, corresponding apparatus and control method
03/23/17Method for managing a plurality of hysteretic dc-dc buck converters and corresponding dc-dc buck converter
03/23/17Driver circuit for synchronous rectifier switches in resonant converters, corresponding converter and method
03/16/17Microelectromechanical sensor device with reduced stress-sensitivity and corresponding manufacturing process
03/16/17Method of operating lc sensors, corresponding system and apparatus
03/16/17Solid state memory unit and protecting a memory including verification of a sequence of requests for access to physical blocks
03/09/17System and controlling an ultrasound transmission/reception apparatus
03/09/17Method of managing memories, corresponding device and apparatus
03/09/17Embedded speaker protection for automotive audio power amplifier
03/09/17A transmitting power and data across a galvanic isolation barrier, corresponding system and apparatus
03/02/17Row decoder for a non-volatile memory device, and non-volatile memory device
03/02/17Circuit and biasing nonvolatile memory cells
03/02/17Microelectromechanical structure with enhanced rejection of acceleration noise
03/02/17Calibration magnetic field sensing devices, corresponding system, apparatus and computer program product
03/02/17Arrayed waveguide grating multiplexer-demultiplexer and related control method
03/02/17Current limiting electronic fuse circuit
03/02/17Method of smart saving high-density data and memory device
03/02/17Method for visual search, corresponding system, apparatus and computer program product
03/02/17Power transistor device and protection method therefor
03/02/17Wide bandgap semiconductor switching device with wide area schottky junction, and manufacturing process thereof
03/02/17Control employing primary side regulation in a quasi-resonant ac/dc flyback converter
03/02/17Control unit for a bridge circuit, and related method and integrated circuit
03/02/17Electronic power module with enhanced thermal dissipation and manufacturing method thereof
02/23/17Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices and corresponding semiconductor device
02/16/17Device for measuring impedance of biologic tissues including an alternating current (ac) coupled voltage-to-current converter
02/16/17Power supply for multiphase motor providing recirculation compensation features and related methods
02/16/17Cascode voltage generating circuit and method
02/09/17Electro-optic device with dichroic mirror and related methods
02/09/17Method of producing integrated circuits and corresponding circuit
02/09/17Wake up management circuit for a switching converter and related wake up method
02/02/17Probe card for testing integrated circuits
02/02/17Hall sensor and sensing method, and corresponding device
02/02/17Mirror micromechanical structure and related manufacturing process
02/02/17Integrated vacuum microelectronic structure and manufacturing method thereof
02/02/17Method to make a flexible thermoelectric generator device and related devices
02/02/17Method for performing a sensitive data encryption with masking, and corresponding encryption apparatus and computer program product
02/02/17Integrated device for adjusting dimming of leds, and control method
01/26/17Integrated microelectromechanical gyroscope with improved driving structure
01/26/17Method of controlling electric motors, corresponding system, electric motor and computer program product
01/19/17Semiconductor device for a system for measuring the temperature, and manufacturing method thereof
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01/19/17Porous-silicon light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
01/19/17Electronic converter, and corresponding designing a magnetic component
01/19/17Apparatus for detecting the rotor position of an electric motor and related method
01/19/17Ninety-degree phase shifter circuit and corresponding ninety-degree phase-shifting method
01/19/17Method for driving converters, and corresponding converter and device
01/12/17Memory cell and corresponding device
01/12/17Method and a device for analog-to-digital conversion of signals, corresponding apparatus
01/12/17Biasing and driving circuit, based on a feedback voltage regulator, for an electric load
01/05/17Device and determination of angular position in three-dimensional space, and corresponding electronic apparatus
01/05/17Microelectromechanical microphone
12/29/16Integrated amr magnetoresistor with large scale
12/29/16Ultraviolet sensor for detecting indoor/outdoor condition
12/29/16Offset calibration in a multiple membrane microphone
12/22/16Integrated electronic device including a full scale adjustment stage for signals supplied by a mems sensor
12/22/16Pressure sensor generating a transduced signal with reduced ambient temperature dependence, and manufacturing method thereof
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12/22/16Cantilever piezoelectric transducer
12/15/16Method for the activation of a payment card, corresponding system and computer program
12/08/16Integrated circuit with reflective material in trenches and related methods
12/01/16Packaged sensor assembly
12/01/16Integrated electronic device for detecting ultraviolet radiation
12/01/16Integrated pressure sensor with double measuring scale, pressure measuring device including the integrated pressure sensor, braking system, and measuring a pressure using the integrated pressure sensor
12/01/16Electro-optic device with dichroic mirror and related methods
12/01/16Voltage regulator with improved electrical properties and corresponding control method
12/01/16Interface for a communication device and related methods
12/01/16Non-volatile memory device and corresponding operating method with stress reduction
12/01/16Process for manufacturing a surface-mount semiconductor device, and corresponding semiconductor device
12/01/16Package for a surface-mount semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
12/01/16Process for manufacturing integrated electronic devices, in particular cmos devices using a borderless contact technique
12/01/16Device and controlling a voltage regulator and corresponding voltage regulator
12/01/16Differential amplifier circuit for a capacitive acoustic transducer and corresponding capacitive acoustic transducer
12/01/16Reconfigurable system-on-chip and related methods
12/01/16Sim module and managing a plurality of profiles in the sim module
11/24/16Enhanced-efficiency energy-scavenging interface, operating the energy-scavenging interface, and energy-scavenging system comprising the energy-scavenging interface
11/17/16Transmission channel for ultrasound applications
11/17/16Process for manufacturing a microelectromechanical interaction system for a storage medium
11/17/16Accelerator engine, corresponding apparatus and method, for instance for anti-collision systems for motor vehicles
11/17/16Current converter with current control on the primary winding side and compensation of the propagation delay
11/10/16Circuit arrangement for the generation of a bandgap reference voltage
11/03/16Integrated piezoelectric sensor for detecting in-plane forces, such as shocks, accelerations, rotational forces
11/03/16Integrated electronic device having a test architecture, and test method thereof
11/03/16System for processing a three-dimensional (3d) image and related methods using an icp algorithm
11/03/16Integrated circuit comprising at least an integrated antenna
11/03/16Energy scavenging interface with impedance matching, impedance matching of the energy scavenging interface, and energy scavenging system using the energy scavenging interface
11/03/16Controller for multiphase boost converters
10/27/16Microelectromechanical gyroscope with compensation of quadrature error drift
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10/27/16Integrated electronic device including a temperature transducer
10/27/16High performance digital to analog converter
10/27/16Method of producing electronic components, corresponding component and computer program product
10/27/16Method of producing lead frames for electronic components, corresponding component and computer program product
10/27/16Method of producing bumps in electronic components, corresponding component and computer program product
10/27/16Packaged electronic device with integrated electronic circuits having transceiving antennas
10/20/16Acceleration and angular velocity resonant detection integrated structure, and related mems sensor device
10/20/16Method of clustering digital images, corresponding system, apparatus and computer program product
10/20/16Method for manufacturing a silicon carbide wafer and respective equipment
10/13/16Implantable modular system for a system for electrically stimulating a biological tissue
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10/13/16Integrated electronic device comprising a temperature transducer and determining an estimate of a temperature difference
10/13/16Rectifying bridge control circuit
10/06/16Multimedia tagging system and method, related computer program product
10/06/16Integrated electronic device comprising a temperature sensor and sensing method
09/29/16Methods for performing a remote management of a multi-subscription sim module, and corresponding sim module and computer program product
09/22/16Control device for a switching regulator with interleaved converter stages, switching regulator and corresponding control method
09/22/16Method and device for high-power-factor flyback converter
09/22/16Method of feedback commanding a monophase resonant converter, a related monophase resonant converter and a polyphase resonant converter
09/15/16Embedded speaker protection for automotive audio power amplifier
09/15/16Electrical protection device and protecting an electronic device
09/15/16High-efficiency energy harvesting interface and corresponding energy harvesting system
09/15/16Control circuit with hysteresis for a switching voltage regulator and related control method
09/15/16Cross-layer optimization in multimedia communications
09/08/16Method and device for touch screen sensing, corresponding apparatus and computer program product
09/08/16Multiband double junction photodiode and related manufacturing process
09/08/16Control for quasi-resonant high-power-factor flyback converter
09/08/16Semiconductor integrated device for acoustic applications with contamination protection element, and manufacturing method thereof
09/01/16Pulsed feedback switching converter
08/25/16Pressure sensing device with cavity and related methods
08/25/16Method and device for clock calibration and corresponding apparatus
08/25/16Method and supporting the use of interleaved memory regions
08/25/16Control module with an estimator of an input electric quantity for a switching converter and controlling a switching converter
08/18/16Microfluidic delivery member with filter and forming same
08/18/16Device for operational state recovery and corresponding equipment
08/18/16Digital electronic interface circuit for an acoustic transducer, and corresponding acoustic transducer system
08/11/16Control device for a pfc converter and corresponding control method
08/04/16Tensile stress measurement device with attachment plates and related methods
08/04/16Integrated electronic device having a dissipative package, in particular dual side cooling package
08/04/16Method and use with different memory maps
08/04/16Biasing and driving circuit, based on a feedback voltage regulator, for an electric load
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07/28/16Method for current control, for instance for driving electric motors, and corresponding system and apparatus
07/28/16Preamplifier circuit for a microelectromechanical capacitive acoustic transducer
07/21/16Mems device and corresponding micromechanical structure with integrated compensation of thermo-mechanical stress
07/21/16Magnetic inertial sensor and operating the same
07/14/16Sensorless rotor angle detection circuit and a permanent magnet synchronous machine
07/14/16Amr-type integrated magnetoresistive sensor for detecting magnetic fields perpendicular to the chip
07/14/16Image processing system for extraction of contextual information and associated methods
07/14/16Method for the surface treatment of a semiconductor substrate
07/14/16Transmission channel for ultrasound applications
07/07/16High-frequency optoelectronic detector, system and method
06/30/16Apparatus for actuating and reading a centrifugal microfluidic disk for biological and biochemical analyses, and use of the apparatus
06/30/16Device of a wearable type for dispensing a fluid, and corresponding dispensing method
06/30/16Method for radiometric compensated display, corresponding system, apparatus and computer program product
06/30/16Process for manufacturing a package for a surface-mount semiconductor device and semiconductor device
06/30/16Method of operating digital-to-analog processing chains, corresponding device, apparatus and computer program product
06/23/16Transmission channel for ultrasound applications
06/23/16Dual accelerometer detector for clamshell devices
06/23/16Electric contact structure having a diffusion barrier for an electronic device and manufacturing the electric contact structure
06/23/16Power oscillator apparatus with transformer-based power combining
06/23/16Method and device for analog-to-digital conversion of signals, corresponding apparatus
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06/16/16Rigid mask for protecting selective portions of a chip, and use of the rigid mask
06/16/16Z-axis microelectromechanical detection structure with reduced drifts
06/16/16Active noise cancelling device and actively cancelling acoustic noise
06/16/16Integrated circuits with backside metalization and production method thereof
06/16/16Package for a surface-mount semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
06/16/16Ic with insulating trench and related methods
06/16/16Control employing primary side regulation in a quasi-resonant ac/dc flyback converter
06/16/16Method of driving brushless motors, corresponding device, motor and computer program product
06/16/16Differential-type mems acoustic transducer
06/16/16Sensing circuit and detecting an electrical signal generated by a microphone
06/09/16Absolute rotation estimation including outlier detection via low-rank and sparse matrix decomposition
06/09/16Avalanche photodiode operating in geiger mode including a structure for electro-optical confinement for crosstalk reduction, and array of photodiodes
06/02/16Integrated multilayer magnetoresistive sensor and manufacturing method thereof
06/02/16Fbdda amplifier and device including the fbdda amplifier
06/02/16Acoustic transducer
05/26/16Microelectromechanical device with signal routing through a protective cap
05/26/16Package for semiconductor devices sensitive to mechanical and thermo-mechanical stresses, such as mems pressure sensors
05/26/16Semiconductor device with a wire bonding and a sintered region, and manufacturing process thereof
05/26/16Method of calibrating a sar a/d converter and sar-a/d converter implementing said method
05/19/16Sensor core and sensor
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05/19/16Probe pad with indentation
05/19/16Process for manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising an empty trench structure and semiconductor device manufactured thereby
05/12/16Method for manufacturing a protective layer against hf etching, semiconductor device provided with the protective layer and manufacturing the semiconductor device
05/12/16Method, microreactor and carrying out real-time nucleic acid amplification
05/05/16Microfluid delivery device and manufacturing the same
05/05/16Microfluid delivery device and manufacturing the same
05/05/16Microintegrated encapsulated mems sensor with mechanical decoupling and manufacturing process thereof
05/05/16Detection circuit for an active discharge circuit of an x-capacitor, related active discharge circuit, integrated circuit and method
05/05/16Control device for a quasi-resonant switching converter, and corresponding control method
05/05/16Sensorless rotor angle detection circuit and a permanent magnet synchronous machine
04/28/16Microreactor with vent channels for removing air from a reaction chamber
04/28/16Manufacturing a graphene-based electrochemical sensor, and electrochemical sensor
04/28/16Manufacturing a graphene-based electrochemical sensor, and electrochemical sensor
04/28/16Microelectromechanical vibration sensor
04/28/16Electronic device provided with an encapsulation structure with improved electric accessibility and manufacturing the electronic device
04/28/16Electronic device for implementing digital functions through molecular functional elements
04/21/16Microfluidic system with single drive signal for multiple nozzles
04/21/16Microfluidic die with multiple heaters in a chamber
04/21/16Microfluidic delivery member with filter and forming same
04/21/16Microelectromechanical device having an oscillating mass and a forcing stage, and controlling a microelectromechanical device
04/21/16Apparatus for the thermal testing of electronic devices and corresponding method
04/21/16Method for manufacturing electronic devices
04/21/16Electronic device comprising conductive regions and dummy regions
04/21/16Modular interdigitated back contact photovoltaic cell structure on opaque substrate and fabrication process
04/21/16Encapsulated flexible electronic device, and corresponding manufacturing method
04/14/16Microfluidic system with single drive signal for multiple nozzles
04/14/16Pressure sensor with testing device and related methods
04/14/16Peak voltage detector and related generating an envelope voltage
04/14/16Receiver for receiving a plurality of gnss (global navigation satellite system) signals
04/14/16Over-voltage protection circuit for a drive transistor
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04/14/16Line driver circuit and method
04/07/16Bi-synchronous electronic device with burst indicator and related methods
04/07/16Bi-synchronous electronic device and fifo memory circuit with jump candidates and related methods
04/07/16Column decoder circuitry for a non-volatile memory
04/07/16Aluminum alloy lead frame for a semiconductor device and corresponding manufacturing process
04/07/16Single inductor dc-dc converter with regulated output and energy harvesting system
03/31/16Microfluidic device with integrated stirring structure and manufacturing method thereof
03/31/16Sensor device provided with a circuit for detection of single or multiple events for generating corresponding interrupt signals
03/31/16Microelectromechanical device incorporating a gyroscope and an accelerometer
03/31/16Fail-safe device corresponding apparatus and vehicle
03/31/16Driver device for transistors, and corresponding integrated circuit
03/31/16System for the correction of the phase error of two in-phase and quadrature signals, corresponding device and method
03/31/16System for generating a calibration signal, related transceiver and method
03/31/16Mirror micromechanical structure and related manufacturing process
03/24/16Integrated vertical trench mos transistor
03/24/16Power ldmos semiconductor device with reduced on-resistance and manufacturing method thereof
03/24/16Ldmos power semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
03/24/16Method for controlling a multiphase interleaving converter and corresponding controller
03/17/16Reception and transmission circuit for a capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer
03/17/16Integrated transducer provided with a temperature sensor and sensing a temperature of the transducer
03/17/16Probes for testing integrated electronic circuits and corresponding production method
03/17/16Ultrasonic probe with precharge circuit and controlling an ultrasonic probe
03/17/16Method of manufacturing a biosensor
03/17/16Power device having reduced thickness
03/17/16Apparatus for processing semiconductor wafers, in particular for carrying out a polymers removal process step
03/17/16Graphene based filler material of superior thermal conductivity for chip attachment in microstructure devices
03/17/16Traceable integrated circuits and production method thereof
03/17/16Electronic device of vertical mos type with termination trenches having variable depth

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