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Stmicroelectronics Sa
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Stmicroelectronics Sa patents

Recent patent applications related to Stmicroelectronics Sa. Stmicroelectronics Sa is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Stmicroelectronics Sa may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Stmicroelectronics Sa, we're just tracking patents.

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06/16/16Circuit for comparing a voltage with a threshold
06/14/12Method for determining a grey level etch mask
01/21/10Method and device for adjusting the deposit position of a semiconductor wafer in an oven
08/13/09Differential input amplifier
01/21/10Method and device for adjusting the deposit position of a semiconductor wafer in an oven
01/10/13Integrated circuit elementary cell with a low sensitivity to external disturbances
06/22/17 new patent  Method and device for generating binary descriptors in video frames
06/22/17 new patent  Dynamic particle filter parameterization
06/22/17 new patent  Determination of an ego-motion of a video apparatus in a slam type algorithm
06/22/17 new patent  Integrated circuit cointegrating a fet transistor and a rram memory point
06/22/17 new patent  Process for forming a layer of equiaxed titanium nitride and a mosfet device having a metal gate electrode including a layer of equiaxed titanium nitride
06/22/17 new patent  Threshold determination in a ransac algorithm
06/08/17Sbfet transistor and corresponding fabrication process
06/01/17Plasmonic filter
05/25/17Method and device for measuring the frequency of a signal
05/25/17Electronic device, in particular for protection against overvoltages
05/11/17Method for producing one-time-programmable memory cells and corresponding integrated circuit
04/13/17Method for manufacture of a semiconductor wafer suitable for the manufacture of an soi substrate, and soi substrate wafer thus obtained
03/30/17Device and recognizing hand gestures using time-of-flight sensing
03/30/17Device and identifying tap or wipe hand gestures using time-of-flight sensing
03/30/17Method of manufacturing a nanostructured spectral filter
03/02/17Electro-optic (e/o) device with an e/o amplitude modulator and associated methods
03/02/17Image sensor with reduced spectral and optical crosstalk
01/12/17Substrate contact land for an mos transistor in an soi substrate, in particular an fdsoi substrate
01/05/17Electro-optic device with semiconductor junction area and related methods
01/05/17Integrated optical modulator of the mach-zehnder type
01/05/17Remotely powered contactless card
12/29/16Device for protection against electostatic discharges
12/22/16Pinned dynamic electro-optical phase shifter
12/22/16Electronic device for heating an integrated structure, for example an mos transistor
12/15/16Electronic device with hollowed-out rear plate
12/01/16High quantum efficiency photodetector
11/24/16Process for producing a microfluidic circuit within a three-dimensional integrated structure, and corresponding structure
11/24/16Method for producing one-time-programmable memory cells and corresponding integrated circuit
11/03/16Integrated circuit chip assembled on an interposer
10/27/16Near-field terahertz imager
10/27/16Positive coefficient dynamic electro-optical phase shifter
10/20/16Method and device for programming memory cells of the one-time-programmable type
10/20/16Electronic device for a radiofrequency signal reception chain, comprising a low-noise transimpedance amplifier stage
09/29/16Method of formation of a substrate of the soi, in particular the fdsoi, type adapted to transistors having gate dielectrics of different thicknesses, corresponding substrate and integrated circuit
09/15/16Optical modulator with automatic bias correction
09/15/16System for switching between modes of input in response to detected motions
08/18/16Assembly of integrated circuit chips having an overvoltage protection component
08/11/16Color image sensor and manufacturing the same
08/11/16Integrated hybrid laser source compatible with a silicon technology platform, and fabrication process
08/04/16Method and use with different memory maps
07/28/16High-performance device for protection from electrostatic discharge
07/14/16Shielded coplanar line
07/07/16Three-dimensional integrated structure comprising an antenna cross reference to related applications
06/23/16Method for fabricating a transistor with a raised source-drain structure
06/16/16Image sensor illuminated and connected on its back side
06/16/16Device for converting thermal energy into electrical energy
06/16/16Multiple range rf amplifier
06/09/16High frequency attenuator
05/12/16Multi-orientation integrated cell, in particular input/output cell of an integrated circuit
04/28/16Front-side imager having a reduced dark current on soi substrate
04/28/16Transformer of the balanced-unbalanced type
04/21/16Oxide capacitor electro-optical phase shifter
04/21/16Radio frequency splitter
04/14/16Pinned photodiode with a low dark current
04/14/16Method and device for determining movement between successive video images
04/07/16Process for fabricating an integrated circuit comprising at least one coplanar waveguide
04/07/16Method for relaxing the transverse mechanical stresses within the active region of a mos transistor, and corresponding integrated circuit
04/07/16Method for making an integrated circuit
04/07/16Bipolar transistor manufacturing method
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04/07/16Real time ofdm transmission system
03/31/16Back side illumination photodiode of high quantum efficiency
03/24/16Method for manufacturing a fin mos transistor
03/24/16Electronic device for a radiofrequency signal reception chain, comprising a low-noise transimpedance amplifier stage
03/17/16Programming of antifuse cells
03/17/16Production of spacers at flanks of a transistor gate
02/25/16Vertical gate transistor and pixel structure comprising such a transistor
02/25/16Laser device and process for fabricating such a laser device
02/18/16Terahertz imager
02/18/16Method of manufacturing a photonic integrated circuit optically coupled to a laser of iii-v material
02/18/16Method of minimizing the operating voltage of an sram cell
02/18/16High data rate serial link
02/04/16Method for processing signals originating from one or more sensors, in particular proximity sensors, for the recognition of a movement of an object and corresponding device
01/21/16Integrated millimeter wave transceiver
12/24/15Connector for plastic waveguide
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12/17/15Method for controlling the breakdown of an antifuse memory cell
12/17/15Imager having a reduced dark current through an increased bulk doping level
11/26/15Pinned dynamic electro-optical phase shifter
10/29/15Pmos transistor with improved mobility of the carriers
10/08/15Reference voltage generation circuit
10/08/15Integrated circuit comprising transistors with different threshold voltages
10/01/15Isolation structure adapted to electro-optical devices and use in an scr protection device
10/01/15Esd protection thyristor adapted to electro-optical devices
10/01/15Vertical gate transistor and pixel structure comprising such a transistor
09/24/15Integrated circuit chip assembled on an interposer
09/24/15Method of optimizing the quantum efficiency of a photodiode
09/17/15Heat pipe and manufacturing the same
09/10/15Dynamic esd protection device adapted to electro-optical devices
09/10/15Method of manufacturing bistable strips having different curvatures
09/03/15Photodetector on silicon-on-insulator
08/06/15Method for protecting a program code, corresponding system and processor
07/23/15Method for producing a capacitor
07/16/15Device comprising a three-dimensional integrated structure with simplified thermal dissipation, and corresponding fabrication method
06/04/15Method of fabricating a semiconductor substrate on insulator
06/04/15Method for the metallization of a porous material
06/04/15Method for producing an integrated imaging device with front face illumination comprising at least one metal optical filter, and corresponding device
05/28/15Method and device for controlling an apparatus using several distance sensors
05/21/15Forming of a heavily-doped silicon layer on a more lightly-doped silicon substrate
05/21/15Method for estimating the diffusion length of metallic species within a three-dimensional integrated structure, and corresponding three-dimensional integrated structure
05/21/15Current source array
05/21/15Heterojunction bipolar transistor reliability simulation method
04/30/15Extended-drain mos transistor in a thin film on insulator
04/30/15Method of forming stressed semiconductor layer
04/30/15Method of stressing a semiconductor layer
04/30/15Method of forming stressed soi layer
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04/23/15Resistive ladder
04/23/15Processing sytem with a secure set of executable instructions and/or addressing scheme
04/09/15Method for relaxing the transverse mechanical stresses within the active region of a mos transistor, and corresponding integrated circuit
04/02/15Air-spacer mos transistor
04/02/15Method for making an integrated circuit
04/02/15Process for forming a stack of different materials, and device comprising this stack
04/02/15Oxide capacitor elecro-optical phase shifter
03/26/15Imaging device with filtering of the infrared radiation
03/26/15Overvoltage protection components in an optoelectronic circuit on soi
03/26/15Reram memory control
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03/26/15Overvoltage protection component and an assembly of integrated circuit chips having said overvoltage protection component
03/19/15Integrated circuit chip cooling device
03/19/15Method for producing an optical filter in an integrated circuit, and corresponding integrated circuit
03/19/15Electronic device for esd protection
03/05/15On-soi integrated circuit equipped with a device for protecting against electrostatic discharges
02/26/15Back side illumination photodiode of high quantum efficiency
02/26/15Spad photodiode of high quantum efficiency
02/26/15Photodiode of high quantum efficiency
02/19/15Coplanar waveguide
02/12/15Method for fabricating a thick multilayer optical filter within an integrated circuit, and integrated circuit comprising a thick multilayer optical filter
02/12/15Method for searching for a similar image in an image database based on a reference image
02/12/15Method of introducing local stress in a semiconductor layer
02/12/15Recrystallization of source and drain blocks from above
02/12/15Method for forming doped areas under transistor spacers
01/29/15Method for manufacturing a conducting contact on a conducting element
01/29/15Variable delay element
01/22/15Photosensitive cell of an image sensor
12/25/14Method for determining a three-dimensional stress field of an object, an integrated structure in particular, and corresponding system
12/25/14Electro-optical phase shifter having a low absorption coefficient
12/25/14Photonic integrated circuit and fabrication process
12/18/14Method of making a semiconductor layer having at least two different thicknesses
12/18/14Method of making a transitor
12/04/14Integrated hall effect sensor
12/04/14Positive coefficient dynamic electro-optical phase shifter
11/27/14Tcam memory cell and component incorporating a matrix of such cells
11/20/14Static electro-optical phase shifter having a dual pin junction
11/20/14Dual static electro-optical phase shifter having two control terminals
09/25/14Method for processing a frequency-modulated analog signal and corresponding device
08/28/14Optical modulator with automatic bias correction
08/28/14Dual clock edge triggered memory
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08/21/14Method and device for use with analog to digital converter
07/31/14Integrated structure with improved heat dissipation
07/24/14Radio frequency splitter
07/17/14Bidirectional semiconductor device for protection against electrostatic discharges
06/19/14Cmos cell produced in fd-soi technology
06/19/14Method and device for management of an electrical power-up of a sector of an electronic circuit
06/05/14Simulation an optical modulator
06/05/14Transient simulation a photodiode
05/29/14Antenna circuit using multiple independent antennas simultaneously through a single feed
05/15/14Method for providing a system on chip with power and body bias voltages
05/08/14Method and device for image interpolation systems based on motion estimation and compensation
04/03/14Integrated comparator with hysteresis, in particular produced in an fd soi technology
04/03/14Passive filter
03/27/14Electronic circuit design method
03/20/14Method for manufacturing baw resonators on a semiconductor wafer
03/13/14Terahertz imager
03/13/14High frequency oscillator
01/30/14Method for determining a mathematical model of the electric behavior of a pn junction diode, and corresponding device
01/16/14Mos transistor on soi protected against overvoltages
12/05/13Integrated circuit comprising at least one digital output port having an adjustable impedance, and corresponding adjustment method
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11/28/13Shielded coplanar line
11/14/13Clock signal synchronization circuit
11/07/13Connection of a chip provided with through vias
10/17/13Bipolar transistor manufacturing method
10/10/13Method for producing an electronic device by assembling semi-conducting blocks and corresponding device
10/03/13Scr simulation model
08/29/13Secure non-volatile memory
08/22/13Bidirectional semiconductor device for protection against electrostatic discharges, usable on silicon on insulator
08/22/13Method for localizing an object
08/08/13Volatile memory with a decreased consumption
07/18/13Integrated circuit testing method
06/20/13Method of capturing an image with an image sensor
06/20/13Wireless device pairing
06/06/13Electronic device, in particular for protection against electrostatic discharges, and protecting a component against electrostatic discharges
05/16/13Power switch
05/16/13Coplanar waveguide
05/02/13Image sensor with individually selectable imaging elements
05/02/13Dmos transistor on soi
03/07/13Method for providing a system on chip with power and body bias voltages
01/31/13Transistor test structure
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01/17/13Device for transferring photogenerated charges at high frequency and applications
01/03/13Defect detection by thermal frequency imaging
01/03/13Comparator-less pulse-width modulation
01/03/13Integrated capacitive device and integrated analog digital converter comprising such a device
12/20/12Triggerable bidirectional semiconductor device
12/20/12Method for electrical connection between elements of a three-dimensional integrated structure and corresponding device
12/13/12Method of controlling a handheld object using haptic feedback
12/13/12Method of manufacturing a vibratory actuator for a touch panel with haptic feedback
12/13/12Multi-standard wireless transmitter
12/13/12Method and device for extending the lifetime of a battery in particular of a vehicle
12/13/12Method and device for providing reliable information about the lifetime of a battery
11/22/12Method for automatically following hand movements in an image sequence
11/15/12High-performance device for protection from electrostatic discharge
11/15/12Data synchronization circuit
11/01/12Electrostatic discharge protection device
10/11/12Data management for image processing
10/04/12Transistor with adjustable supply and/or threshold voltage
10/04/12Method of adjusting the resonance frequency of a micro-machined vibrating element
08/23/12Charge transfer photosite
08/09/12Data transmission method using an acknowledgement code comprising hidden authentication bits
07/26/12Radio frequency splitter
07/19/12Output stage formed inside and on top of an soi-type substrate
06/28/12Digital circuit testable through two pins
06/28/12Phase-shifting device for antenna array
06/21/12Image sensor with reduced crosstalk
06/21/12Circuit for generating a reference voltage under a low power supply voltage
06/21/12Integrated millimeter wave transceiver
06/21/12Phase shifting circuitry
05/24/12Method for manufacturing a semiconductor chip stack device
05/17/12Secure non-volatile memory
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05/10/12Method and system for managing the power supply of a component
04/26/12Device and processing an analogue signal
04/12/12Antenna array for transmission/reception device for signals with a wavelength of the microwave, millimeter or terahertz type
03/29/12Integrated circuit comprising a device with a vertical mobile element integrated in a support substrate and producing the device with a mobile element
03/15/12Device and generating a signal of parametrizable frequency
03/15/12Transistor substrate dynamic biasing circuit
03/01/12Switched-mode converter
03/01/12Electronic device comprising a buffer and means for protecting against electrostatic discharges
01/12/12Multiband voltage controlled oscillator without switched capacitor
12/29/11Bistable cml circuit
12/08/11Dual-edge register and the monitoring thereof on the basis of a clock
12/08/11Method of adjustment during manufacture of a circuit having a capacitor
12/01/11Method for protecting a logic circuit against external radiation and associated electronic device
12/01/11Method and device for image interpolation systems based on motion estimation and compensation
11/17/11Low-pass filter with adjustable cut-off frequency
09/29/11Second-order low-pass filter
09/15/11Cmos image sensor having a wide linear dynamic range
09/01/11Secured coprocessor comprising an event detection circuit
08/11/11Method for capturing images comprising a measurement of local motions
06/30/11Biasing circuit for differential amplifier
06/23/11Transformer and using same
06/23/11Method of identifying an integrated circuit and corresponding integrated circuit
06/16/11Electrical coupler and communication apparatus comprising such an electrical coupler
05/26/11Microprocessor comprising signature means for detecting an attack by error injection
05/12/11Method for forming a back-side illuminated image sensor
05/12/11Method for decoding a succession of blocks encoded with an error correction code and correlated by a transmission channel
04/14/11Flip-flop with single clock phase and with reduced dynamic power
04/07/11Method for manufacturing monolithic oscillator with baw resonators
04/07/11Method for manufacturing a baw resonator with a high quality factor

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