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Stryker Corporation
Stryker Corporation A Michigan Corporation
Stryker Corporation A Corporation Of The State Of Michigan
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Stryker Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Stryker Corporation. Stryker Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Stryker Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Stryker Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Inverting thrombectomy apparatuses and methods
12/07/17 new patent  Thermal control system
12/07/17 new patent  Method of disinfecting a thermal control unit
11/30/17Medical support apparatus
11/30/17Surgical saw and complementary saw blade, the blade including lock teeth formed out of material that deforms when the blade is secured to the saw
11/30/17Surgical wire driver capable of automatically adjusting for the diameter of the wire or pin being driven
11/30/17Medical support apparatus with stand assistance
11/30/17Patient support docking, transporting, sterilizing, and storing patient support decks
11/23/17Suture passing instruments and methods
10/26/17Bone cleaning assembly with a rotating cutter that is disposed in a rotating shaving tube that rotates independently of the rotating cutter
10/26/17Methods for advancing inverting mechanical thrombectomy apparatuses in the vasculature
10/26/17Pre-loaded inverting tractor thrombectomy apparatuses and methods
10/26/17Clot-engulfing mechanical thrombectomy apparatuses
10/26/17Anti-jamming and macerating thrombectomy apparatuses and methods
10/26/17Systems and methods for vertebral or other bone structure height restoration and stabilization
10/26/17Method of managing the inventory of equipment used during a surgical procedure by inductively reading data from the equipment used in the procedure
10/12/17Opening cover
10/05/17Assembly for positioning a sterile surgical drape relative to optical position sensors
10/05/17Patient support apparatus with adjustable foot section
10/05/17Patient support apparatuses with drive systems
10/05/17Medical devices and methods of manufacturing same
09/21/17Mobile thermal system
09/14/17Mill head for a bone mill, the mill head having a floating cutting disc and an alignment feature for positioning the cutting disc so the disc will engage the drive spindle
09/07/17Steerable introducer assembly for first percutaneously identifying target tissue and then defining a percutaneous path to the target tissue for an implantable medical device
09/07/17Navigation tracking objects using optical and non-optical sensors
09/07/17Patient support apparatus with actuator feedback
08/31/17Methods of preparing tissue of a patient to receive an implant
08/31/17Robotic reorienting a surgical instrument moving along a tool path
08/31/17Lift assembly for patient support apparatus
08/24/17System and arranging objects in an operating room in preparation for surgical procedures
08/24/17Person support apparatuses with exit detection systems
08/03/17Accessory support and coupling systems for an accessory support
07/20/17Patient support with universal energy supply system
07/06/17Embolic devices and methods of manufacturing same
07/06/17System and methods for performing surgery on a patient at a target site defined by a virtual object
06/29/17Mechanised bone cement delivery system with a valve that closes to stop the flow of pressurized cement
06/29/17Medical apparatus cover
06/29/17Sampling device for a medical sterilization device
06/22/17Surgical tool assembly including a console, plural surgical tools and a footswitch, wherein the console is able to custom map the footswitch to each surgical tool
06/22/17Surgical robotic controlling an instrument feed rate
06/22/17Extended patellofemoral
06/22/17Implant delivery system and use
06/22/17Patient transport apparatus with controllable auxiliary wheel assembly
06/22/17Patient support assisting caregivers with patient care
06/22/17Powered side rail for a patient support apparatus
06/22/17Systems and methods for operating patient therapy devices
06/22/17Person support apparatus with exit detection system and/or scale system
06/15/17Tracking devices for use in navigation manufacturing the same
06/15/17Patient restraint system and methods for assisting a caregiver with patient restraint
06/08/17Surgical instrument including housing, a cutting accessory that extends from the housing and actuators that establish the position of the cutting accessory relative to the housing
06/01/17Surgical instrument with telescoping nose mechanism
06/01/17Bone pads
05/25/17Ultrasonic surgical tool capable of vibrating in plural modes and a drive system that induces non-linear vibrations in the tool tip
05/25/17Systems and methods for establishing virtual constraint boundaries
05/25/17Patient support assisting caregivers with patient care
05/25/17Patient support usable with bariatric patients
05/18/17Integrated cutting guide and surgical saw blade assembly, the cutting guide including a moveable head that constrains the movement of the blade assembly
05/11/17Motorized surgical tool with sensor assembly in the handle for monitoring the rotational orientation of the motor rotor
05/11/17Surgical manipulator and transitioning between operating modes
05/11/17Person support apparatuses with acceleration detection
05/04/17End effector with liquid delivery system
05/04/17Navigation indicating and reducing line-of-sight errors
05/04/17Systems and methods for facilitating movement of a patient transport apparatus
04/27/17Cot fastening system
04/20/17Manifold for filling plural cannulae, the manifold including rotating fittings that close when a cannula is removed from the fitting and that open when a cannula is attached to the fitting
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04/13/17Multiple barrel clot removal devices
04/13/17A loading and unloading apparatus
04/13/17Person support apparatus with braking system
04/06/17Universal calibration system
04/06/17Person support apparatuses with exit detection systems
04/06/17Person support apparatuses with communication channel monitoring
03/23/17Patient support apparatus
03/23/17Embolectomy devices
03/23/17Embolectomy devices
03/23/17Reconfigurable transport apparatus
03/16/17System and driving an ultrasonic handpiece as a function of the mechanical impedance of the handpiece
03/16/17Telescoping assembly for use on a patient support apparatus
03/09/17Surgical sagittal saw blade with a static bar, a pivoting blade head, drive rods that pivot the blade head and fingers that connect the drive rods to the blade head, the fingers being seated in the static bar
03/09/17Patient transport transporting a patient over disturbances in floor surfaces
03/02/17Systems and methods for vertebral or other bone structure height restoration and stabilization
Patent Packs
03/02/17Transport appratus
02/23/17Implant delivery system and use
02/16/17Manifold for a surgical waste collection unit, the manifold including plural alignment tabs
02/16/17Surgical waste collection assembly with a manifold receiver and a manifold with complementary features that faciliate the alignment of the manifold with the manifold receiver
02/09/17Patient support
02/02/17Surgical tool with selectively bendable shaft that resists buckling
02/02/17Person support apparatus barrier
02/02/17Inflatable mattress and control methods
01/26/17System and braking for a patient support apparatus
01/26/17Patient support apparatus
01/26/17Patient support apparatus with side rail
01/19/17Electrode array and deployment assembly including an electrode array that is folded into a cannula that is narrower in width than the array
01/19/17Delivery assembly for percutaneously delivering and deploying an electrode array at a target location, the assembly including a steerable core around which the array is wrapped
01/12/17Systems and methods for stroke detection
01/12/17Vaso-occlusive device delivery system
01/05/17Surgical tool with ambidextrous safety switch
01/05/17Manipulator and controlling the manipulator based on joint limits
01/05/17Sterilization container with battery powered sensor module for monitoring the environment in the container
01/05/17Person support apparatuses with load cells
01/05/17Diagnostic system
12/29/16Delivery delivering material to a target site during a medical procedure
12/29/16Person support apparatuses with drive controls
12/22/16Patient support apparatuses with navigation and guidance systems
12/22/16Ambulance cot and loading and unloading system
12/22/16Medical/surgical waste collection unit with a light assembly separate from the primary display, the light assembly presenting information about the operation of the system by selectively outputting light
12/15/16Bone plate and tracking device using a bone plate for attaching to a patient's anatomy
12/08/16Patient support apparatuses with dynamic control panels
12/01/16User interfaces for patient care devices
11/24/16Overhead loading device
11/17/16Implantable medical device that is configured for movable connection to an implanted trunk and that is able to inductively exchange signals with the trunk
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11/17/16Bone pads
11/17/16Battery management for patient support apparatuses
11/17/16Patient repositioning apparatus
10/20/16Embolectomy devices and methods
10/20/16Patient support lift assembly
10/20/16System and manufacturing variable stiffness catheters
10/13/16Location detection systems and methods
10/13/16Tissue monitoring apparatus and method
10/13/16Rongeur with cutting implement that is selectively driven by a motor so the cutting implement performs either power assisted or manual cutting of tissue
10/06/16Assembly for sequentially percutaneously applying an electrode and an anesthetic to tissue
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10/06/16Patient support apparatus with lift system
09/29/16Intraoperative dynamic trialing
09/29/16Stepped tibial baseplate
09/29/16System for processing bone stock including a bone cleaning head, a bone milling head and base that powers both the cleaning head and the milling head
09/29/16Rotatable seat clamps for rail clamp
09/15/16Prosthetic implant and implantation
09/01/16Rehabilitation monitor and pain treatment assembly
08/25/16Sterile barrier assembly, mounting system, and coupling surgical components
08/18/16Anatomically guided instrumentation for trochlear groove replacement
08/11/16Person support apparatus with pivoting backrest
08/11/16Device for creating a void space in a living tissue, the device including a handle with a control knob that can be set regardless of the orientation of the handle
08/04/16Force/torque transducer and operating the same
07/28/16Patient support apparatus with remote communications
07/21/16Surgical handpiece with a drive spindle having a distal bore to which locking elements are mounted and an adjacent proximal bore defined by faces shaped to transfer torque to the attached cutting accessory
07/14/16Isolated force/torque sensor assembly for force controlled robot
07/07/16Patient support usable with bariatric patients
06/30/16Support surface system
06/23/16Methods and devices for the treatment of aneurysms
06/23/16Method of delivering a plurality of elements and fluent material into a vertebral body
06/23/16Control module for a powered surgical tool, the module including a shell having active seals disposed around the conductive pins that extend into the shell
06/23/16Patient support apparatus with hydraulic control system
06/23/16Composite material with failure detection properties
06/16/16Medical/surgical personal protection system including a helmet, a hood and a speaker that broadcasts speech outside of the hood
06/16/16Obstruction detection system and method
06/09/16Patient handling device including local status indication, one-touch fowler angle adjustment, and power-on alarm configuration
06/09/16Method of manufacturing implants
06/09/16Patient support with energy transfer
06/02/16Control for surgical fluid management pump system
05/26/16Bioactive filamentary fixation device
05/26/16System and managing the cleaning of a medical apparatus
Patent Packs
05/19/16Powered patient support apparatus
05/19/16Leg assembly for height adjustable patient support
05/19/16Medical apparatus with selectively enabled features
05/19/16Person support apparatuses with patient mobility monitoring
05/12/16Exit detection system with compensation
05/05/16Systems and methods for detecting pulse wave velocity
05/05/16Surgical drill having a brake that, upon the drill bit penetrating through bone, prevents further insertion of the drill
05/05/16Navigation tracking objects using optical and non-optical sensors
05/05/16Sensor assembly and measuring forces and torques
04/21/16Person support apparatuses with motion monitoring
04/07/16Battery with internal current limiter that is selectively actuated as a function of the device to which the battery is connected
03/31/16System and controlling a manipulator in response to backdrive forces
03/31/16Patient support apparatus
03/24/16Surgical sagittal saw blade with features that facilitate driving the blade in a crossed loop pattern
03/24/16Person support apparatus with actuator brake control
03/10/16Impedance bootstrap circuit for an interface of a monitoring device
03/10/16Vaso-occlusive devices with in-situ stiffening
03/10/16Medical/surgical lavage unit with a handpiece having a barrel that can be pivoted relative to the handgrp
03/03/16Video monitoring system
02/18/16Bone cement delivery assembly with leakage prevention valve
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02/18/16Surgical plan options for robotic machining
02/11/16Patient support apparatuses with wireless headwall communication
01/28/16Medical support apparatus
01/28/16Endoscopic light source and imaging system
01/28/16Patient support apparatus with patient information sensors
01/28/16Notification system of deviation from predefined conditions
01/21/16Coated tubular support members and methods of manufacturing same
01/21/16Vascular access system and use
12/31/15Anatomically guided instrumentation for trochlear groove replacement
12/31/15System and controlling a surgical manipulator based on implant parameters
12/31/15Sterilization container capable of providing an indication regarding whether or not surgical instruments sterilized in the container were properly sterilized
12/31/15Medical/surgical personal protection system including an ultraviolet light for purifying air drawn into the system
12/24/15Ems garment
12/24/15Surgical manipulator having a feed rate calculator
12/17/15Acetabular cup remover with indexing assembly for rotating the removal blade around the cup
12/10/15Method of assembling an electrode array that includes a plastically deformable carrier
12/10/15Method of laser welding the housing of a rechargable battery
12/03/15Tissue ablation cannula and elecgtrode assembly that can be selectively operated with one or more active tips
12/03/15Stepped tibial baseplate
11/19/15Tissue monitoring apparatus and system
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11/19/15System and collecting medical waste that monitors the waste for objects that may have been inadvertantly discarded
11/12/15Person support apparatus with position monitoring
10/29/15Method for producing radiopaque medical implants
10/15/15Surgical sagittal saw blade assembly that includes a guide bar, a blade that is pivotally mounted to the guide bar, the blade having a head that extends from a side edge of the guide bar and drive rods that pivot the blade
10/15/15Robotic reorienting a surgical instrument moving along a tool path
10/15/15Patient support apparatus communication systems
09/24/15Robotic transitioning between operating modes
09/17/15Medical/surgical lavage unit with a tip assembly that includes an irrigation tube disposed inside a suction tube and that is axially offset from the suction tube
09/10/15Patient support with improved control
09/10/15Limb positioning system
08/20/15Communication methods for patient handling devices
08/20/15Energy absorbing fastening system
08/13/15Mobile instrument assembly for use as part of a medical/surgical waste collection system, the assembly including a vacuum source to which a mobile waste collection cart can be releasably attached
07/02/15Vaso-occlusive coil with bending sections
07/02/15Battery and control module for both energizing and controlling a powered surgical tool that is releasably attached to the module
07/02/15Method for repairing focal defects in tissue of a patient
07/02/15Stent and use
07/02/15Medical/surgical irrigator that is releaseably coupled to and powered by a powered surgical tool
07/02/15Patient support with data communication
06/18/15Methods and devices for the treatment of aneurysms
06/18/15Method for tracking objects using optical and non-optical sensors
06/18/15Extended patellofemoral
06/18/15Patient support guard structure
06/11/15Patient support
06/04/15Method of fabricating implantable medical devices from a polymer coupon that is bonded to rigid substrate
05/21/15Patient support with universal energy supply system
05/14/15Resection guide and positioning
04/30/15Patient support with energy transfer
04/30/15Implant design using heterogeneous bone properties and probabilistic tools to determine optimal geometries for fixation features
04/23/15Video monitoring system
Social Network Patent Pack
04/23/15Implantable medical device that is configured for movable connection to an implanted trunk and that is able to inductive exchange signals with the trunk
04/16/15Surgical waste collection unit with a manifold receiver that is offset relative to the horizontal
04/09/15System and interacting with an object
04/02/15Electrode array and deployment assembly including an electrode array that is folded into a cannula that is narrower in width than the array
04/02/15System and controlling a robotic system for manipulating anatomy of a patient during a surgical procedure
03/26/15Patient support apparatus communication systems
03/26/15Motorized medical/surgical handpiece that includes plural magnets disposed within the bore of the motor rotor
03/19/15Person support apparatuses with virtual control panels
03/19/15Concentrated protein preparations of bone morphogenetic proteins and methods of use thereof
03/19/15Patient specific bone preparation for consistent effective fixation feature engagement
03/05/15Patient support
02/26/15Vaso-occlusive device delivery system
02/26/15Intraoperative dynamic trialing
02/05/15Line management device
01/22/15Implantable marker for a surgical navigation system, the marker having a stem with a separation zone to facilitate the removal of the marker
01/01/15Patient handling device including local status indication, one-touch fowler angle adjustment, and power-on alarm configuration
01/01/15Patient/invalid handling support
12/25/14Patient support cover
11/20/14Medical/surgical smoke evacuator that continually draws waste into the evacuator to control the operation of the evacuator
11/20/14Compositions and methods for minimally-invasive systemic delivery of proteins including tgf-beta superfamily members
11/20/14Implantable electrode array assembly including a carrier with embedded control modules contained in packages, the packages extending outwardly so as to extend over the carrier
11/13/14Buffers for controlling the ph of bone morphogenetic proteins
11/13/14Peripheral administration of proteins including tgf-beta superfamily members for treatment of systemic disorders and disease
10/30/14Power console for surgical tool capable of receiving tool memory data over the terminals over which power signals are sourced to the tool
10/02/14Medical support apparatus
09/18/14Patient support with microclimate management system
09/18/14Patient support
09/18/14Patient support apparatus with remote communications
09/18/14Reconfigurable patient support

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