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Sumida Corporation
Sumida Corporation_20131212

Sumida Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Sumida Corporation. Sumida Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sumida Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sumida Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Antenna device

An antenna device including a first rod-shaped core having a flange portion and a second rod-shaped core having a flange portion, which are arranged in series and including a first coil and a second coil, wherein the end surface of the first rod-shaped core and the end surface of the second rod-shaped core are spaced.. . ... Sumida Corporation

Antenna device and manufacturing method for the same

An antenna device includes: a plurality of cores arranged in series; a coil; and a capacitor connected to the coil, in which a first core, which is selected from the plurality of cores, and a second core, which is selected from the plurality of cores and is arranged on any one end portion side of the first core, are arranged apart from each other, and in which at least one end surface, which is selected from an end surface of the first core on a side on which the second core is arranged and an end surface of the second core on a side on which the first core is arranged, is located on an inner peripheral side of the coil.. . ... Sumida Corporation

Magnetic element

A magnetic element including: a core including magnetic powders of volume occupancy within the range of 60-volume % to 80-volume % with respect to the whole volume, including a binder resin of volume occupancy of 12-volume % or more with respect to the whole volume and further including vacancy of volume occupancy of 8-volume % or more with respect to the whole volume; and a coil which is formed by winding a conductive wire and concurrently, which is buried into the core.. . ... Sumida Corporation

Composite magnetic material, composite magnetic molded body, electronic component, and method thereof

A composite magnetic material includes a metal magnetic powder, a binder resin, and a metallic soap. A melting point of the organic metallic soap is equal to or lower than a thermosetting temperature of the binder resin. ... Sumida Corporation

Terminal plate member of coil component and method for manufacturing electronic component

A terminal plate member on which a terminal of a coil component is mounted including: an annular frame having an inner peripheral edge; a pair of extension members extending from the inner peripheral edge of the annular frame toward an inner space of the annular frame member in a first direction; and a deformable section provided in the annular frame at proximal end of one of the pair of extension members, the deformable section having a more easily deformable property than other sections of the annular frame when force is applied. The deformable section is provided along at least an entire width in a second direction of the one of the pair of extension members. ... Sumida Corporation

Method for manufacturing electronic component with coil

A method for manufacturing an electronic component for avoiding electromagnetic interference includes: (a) placing a t-shaped core and an air-core coil in a metal mold; (b) injecting a mixture of a composite magnetic material and a resin into the metal mold so that the t-shaped core and the air-core coil are embedded by the mixture; (c) heating the mixture at a first temperature; (d) adjusting an outer shape while removing excessive mixture; and (e) hardening the mixture. The method may further include a process of polishing an outside of the hardened mixture. ... Sumida Corporation

Ferrite core, inductive component and method of producing an inductive component

A ferrite core comprising a yoke body having a length dimension, a width dimension and a height dimension, which are oriented perpendicular to one another, the length dimension being larger than the height dimension and/or the width dimension. A lateral surface of the yoke body has provided therein a positioning structure and an alignment structure, which differs from the positioning structure, the positioning and alignment structures being spaced apart along the length dimension by 5% to 75% of the length dimension.. ... Sumida Corporation

Door handle and antenna unit

A door handle comprising: a housing mounted swingably with respect to a door of a vehicle; an antenna portion accommodated in the housing; an electrostatic-capacity sensor including an electrostatic-capacity detecting electrode, which is accommodated in the housing; and a conductive member which is formed between the electrostatic-capacity detecting electrode and the inner surface of the housing in a state of always being insulated with respect to the electrostatic-capacity detecting electrode.. . ... Sumida Corporation

Antenna device

An antenna device includes a core, a terminal mounting unit, a coil, a plurality of elongated terminals, and an electronic component provided on the terminal mounting unit. The core is formed from a magnetic material. ... Sumida Corporation

Antenna coil component, antenna unit, and method of manufacturing the antenna coil component

Provided is an antenna coil component including a bobbin around which a winding is wound, a base provided at least at one end side of the bobbin, and one or more metal terminals each fixed to the base, at least one metal terminal among these metal terminals including a fixing part for fixing the metal terminal to the base, a mounting part provided at a position away from the fixing part, and a neck part for connecting the fixing part and the mounting part to each other. The neck part has a length in a direction substantially orthogonal to a direction from the fixing part to the mounting part and substantially parallel to surfaces of the mounting part, which is narrower than that of the mounting part. ... Sumida Corporation

Coil component and method for producing the same

A coil component 1 such as a solenoid valve is provided with a wiring part 20 formed by winding a conducting wire 4 therearound, and terminal electrodes 3a, 3b having connection terminals 16a, 16b electrically connected to the conducting wire 4. A locking piece 15a is provided on the terminal electrode 3a on a side of a wiring part for the connection terminal 16a, a starting end part of the conducting wire 4 is locked to the locking piece 15a, and the conducting wire 4 is led up in a direction reverse to a direction in which the wiring part 20 is arranged at a predetermined position, is passed into the connection terminal 16a so as to be electrically connected to the connection terminal 16a, and further led up in the direction reverse to the direction in which the wiring part 20 is arranged at a predetermined position.. ... Sumida Corporation

Small size transformer

A small size transformer is provided with hollow bobbin which has flange-shaped end parts at least on both ends of winding shaft part around which conducting wire formed of reinforced insulation wire is wound, and is formed by through-hole being pierced between the flange parts, box-shaped cover member to be covered on an outside of the bobbin, and magnetic core part formed by combining two e-shaped core members in a manner of surrounding side surface outer circumferential part of cover member, in which middle leg portions of the core members are configured in a manner of being inserted into the through-hole of the bobbin, in which sidewall parts of cover member to be interposed between the wiring part wound around bobbin and the core members are not provided therebetween.. . ... Sumida Corporation

Coil part and method of manufacturing coil part

A coil part includes: a bobbin including a flange part constituting a winding frame part around which a lead wire is to be wound; a core attached to the bobbin; and a core pressing part which is provided integrally with the flange part, includes a pressing plate part facing the flange part to form a first gap, and presses the core between the flange part and the pressing plate part by inserting at least a part of the core into the first gap.. . ... Sumida Corporation

Electronic component

An electronic component includes; a magnetic-body core having a plate-shaped portion and a core portion which extends from an upper surface of the plate-shaped portion; a winding wire which includes a wound portion wound by a rectangular wire into an edgewise winding form and two non-wound portions extending from the wound portion to two distal ends, and the core portion is inserted through the wound portion; and a magnetic exterior body which covers at least the wound portion and the core portion. The two non-wound portions are respectively arranged along a bottom surface and at least one of the side surfaces of the plate-shaped portion. ... Sumida Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170155188

Antenna device and manufacturing method of antenna device

An antenna device including: a core formed by a magnetic material; a terminal attachment unit which is arranged on one end side of the core and concurrently, which is provided with an opening portion of penetration-state; a coil which is arranged on the outer-peripheral side of the core and concurrently, which is formed by winding a conductive wire; and at least a pair of terminal members which are attached to the terminal attachment unit and concurrently, which are provided with a chip-support-piece portion positioned at the opening portion and concurrently electrically connected to an electronic component while being equipped with aforesaid electronic component having a chip-shape, wherein for the chip-support-piece portion, there is provided a positioner which carries out the positioning of the electronic component.. . ... Sumida Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170110245

Method for forming a frame core having a center leg for an inductive component and frame core produced accordingly

The present invention provides a method of forming a frame core (1) having a center leg (3) for an inductive component, and an accordingly formed frame core (1) having a center leg (3) and an air gap (4) in the center leg (3). The frame core (1) is formed integrally with the center leg (3), the air gap (4) being molded into the center leg (3) during the formation of the frame core (1).. ... Sumida Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170110243

Coil component

A coil component has a core part 10 composing a closed magnetic path through which a closed loop of a magnetic flux passes, the magnetic flux being generated by two coils 14a, 14b that are arranged in parallel, and generate a magnetic field, and the core part 10 has a pair of i-type base cores 11a, 11b facing each other, and a pair of coupling core parts 11c, 11d. The coupling core parts 11c, 11d are each formed by linearly aligning three unit coupling cores 12a to 12f, and each of these cores 12a to 12f is formed into a configuration in which a column-shaped projection is provided on a core body, and a two-stage gap including a small gap and a large gap is to be formed mutually in a space in the adjacent unit cores 11a, 11b, and 12a to 12f by the configuration.. ... Sumida Corporation

04/13/17 / #20170104272

Antenna device and manufacturing method of antenna device

An antenna device including: a core formed by magnetic material; a terminal attachment unit arranged on one end side of the core; a coil which is arranged on the outer circumferential side of the core and concurrently, which is formed by winding a conductive wire; a plurality of terminal members which are mounted on the terminal attachment unit and concurrently, each of which is electrically connected with a terminal of the conductive wire or an electronic component at any position thereof; a connector connecting unit provided with a connector hole into which an external connector is inserted; and a partition unit partitioning the terminal attachment unit and the connector connecting unit, wherein a terminal hole is provided at the partition unit, and at least two or more of the terminal members are plugged-in into the terminal hole and concurrently, are mounted in a state of protruding toward the connector hole.. . ... Sumida Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170084381

Electronic component and method for manufacturing electronic component

An electronic component includes a magnetic core member, a winding and a magnetic exterior body. The magnetic core member has a flat base and a core. ... Sumida Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170053739

Manufacturing method of coil component and mold apparatus for manufacturing the coil component

A manufacturing method of a coil component including the steps of: assembling and forming a coil assembly body in which a coil is attached to a magnetic-body core; and inputting the coil assembly body and a putty-like admixture including magnetic powders and a thermosetting resin into an inner cylindrical portion of a die, further including the steps of: pressing the admixture which is inputted into the inner cylindrical portion, applying vibration for giving shear force with respect to the admixture which is inputted into the inner cylindrical portion for decreasing the viscosity of the aforesaid admixture, and thermosetting and forming a magnetic cover portion by heating an integrated object comprised of the admixture which was applied with the vibration and the coil assembly body and by thermally-curing the thermosetting resin included in the admixture.. . ... Sumida Corporation

02/02/17 / #20170034915

Small electronic component, electronic circuit board, and method of manufacturing small electronic component

Provided are a small electronic component including: a magnetic core including at least a columnar core part; a winding coil arranged so as to surround an outer peripheral surface side of the columnar core part and formed by winding a winding wire; and a magnetic cover part formed so as to cover at least part of the magnetic core and the winding coil while following at least part of shapes of the magnetic core and the winding coil through use of a magnetic material containing a mixture of a phosphoric acid ester-based surfactant, magnetic powder, and a resin, an electronic circuit board using the small electronic component, and a method of manufacturing a small electronic component.. . ... Sumida Corporation

01/19/17 / #20170018347

Coil body

A coil body with a hollow housing body is provided that has on a first side an opening for the intake of a coil into the housing body along an inserting direction and a housing wall that extends between the first side of the housing body and a second side that is located opposite. The coil body further comprises multiple electric contacts and a plurality of guiding grooves that are disposed along the housing wall and that are each formed for guiding of a connection wire in order to connect a coil, which has been absorbed by the housing body, to the contacts. ... Sumida Corporation

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