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Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd
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Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd_20100114
Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd_20100128
Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd_20131212
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Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Silicon carbide semiconductor device

Sumitomo Electric Industries

Silicon carbide semiconductor device

Method for adjusting optical receiver and  adjusting polarization of optical receiver

Sumitomo Electric Industries

Method for adjusting optical receiver and adjusting polarization of optical receiver

Count Application # Date Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015020989607/30/15  new patent  Coated rotary tool and manufacturing the same
22015021056407/30/15  new patent  Ballast water treatment apparatus and ballast water management system
32015021114307/30/15  new patent  Aluminum plating producing aluminum film using same
42015021435307/30/15  new patent  Silicon carbide semiconductor device
52015021464607/30/15  new patent  Connector
62015021504907/30/15  new patent  Method for adjusting optical receiver and adjusting polarization of optical receiver
72015021515407/30/15  new patent  Remotely-managed device, being remotely managed, and program for being remotely managed
82015020729807/23/15 Method for producing semiconductor optical device
92015020026507/16/15 Solder-containing semiconductor device, mounted solder-containing semiconductor device, producing method and mounting solder-containing semiconductor device
102015020052107/16/15 Nitride semiconductor light emitting element
112015019444207/09/15 Group iii nitride composite substrate and manufacturing the same, and manufacturing group iii nitride semiconductor device
122015019185007/09/15 Single crystal diamond and diamond tool
132015019210907/09/15 Wind-powered thermal power generation system
142015019273407/09/15 Optical fiber and optical fiber cable
152015019274807/09/15 Optical fiber cable for air blow installation
162015019274907/09/15 Optical fiber cable
172015019430907/09/15 Oxygen-doped gallium nitride crystal substrate
182015019444207/09/15 Group iii nitride composite substrate and manufacturing the same, and manufacturing group iii nitride semiconductor device
192015019456107/09/15 Method for producing concentrator photovoltaic unit, production apparatus used in the method, producing concentrator photovoltaic module, and production apparatus used in the method
202015019465607/09/15 Battery wiring module
212015018542307/02/15 Optical coupling apparatus and optical transceiver installing the same
222015018542707/02/15 Electronic device with cable and assembling the same
232015018549207/02/15 Laser light source
242015018862707/02/15 Optical communication module, optical network unit, and controlling light-emitting element
252015017360706/25/15 Method for acquiring optical tomographic image
262015017517606/25/15 Railcar bogie
272015017615506/25/15 Diamond single crystal, producing the same, and single crystal diamond tool
282015017976506/25/15 Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
292015016639906/18/15 Method for producing glass particulate deposit and producing glass preform
302015016645806/18/15 Curable sensitizer, photocurable material, cured product, and material for wiring harness
312015017092806/18/15 Silicon carbide substrate and fabrication method thereof
322015017117006/18/15 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing same
332015015937706/11/15 Pregrouted pc steel material and hardening pregrout layer thereof
342015015999106/11/15 Oct device
352015016041006/11/15 Optical fiber
362015016041906/11/15 Optical fiber with ferrule and manufacturing the same
372015016214206/11/15 Wire for reed switch, reed for reed switch, and reed switch
382015016240906/11/15 Silicon carbide single-crystal substrate
392015016251806/11/15 Source material solution for forming oxide superconductor
402015016273106/11/15 Electric-wire protection pipe and wire harness
412015016298906/11/15 Optical transmitter
422015016301006/11/15 Burst signal receiving apparatus and method, pon optical line terminal, and pon system
432015015252706/04/15 Magnesium alloy sheet and magnesium alloy structural member
442015015351406/04/15 Optical connector
452015015421206/04/15 Content management apparatus, content management method and content management program
462015015510706/04/15 Lithium ion capacitor
472015014437505/28/15 Cable
482015014487605/28/15 Semiconductor element and producing the same
492015014767405/28/15 Solid electrolyte laminate, manufacturing solid electrolyte laminate, and fuel cell
502015013713605/21/15 Gallium nitride semiconductor substrate with semiconductor film formed therein
512015013773705/21/15 Power supply system for well
522015013787005/21/15 Mixer
532015013792605/21/15 Reactor
542015013908605/21/15 Communication system and communication control method
552015014037805/21/15 Molten salt battery and power supply system
562015014047105/21/15 Redox flow battery electrolyte and redox flow battery
572015012865005/14/15 Method for producing glass particulate deposit and producing glass preform
582015012988905/14/15 Semiconductor device and semiconductor substrate
592015013194105/14/15 Method for producing optical assembly and optical assembly
602015013195605/14/15 Coated optical fiber
612015013200105/14/15 Transmitter module outputting wavelength multiplexed light
622015013287705/14/15 Method for producing optical semiconductor device
632015013300405/14/15 Female terminal
642015013300505/14/15 Plated terminal for connector and terminal pair
652015013408305/14/15 Controller and process monitoring method
662015012254305/07/15 Wiring harness
672015012512005/07/15 Optical transceiver adapted to angled polish connector and a method to assemble the same
682015012522605/07/15 Cutting tool
692015012607605/07/15 Socket terminal
702015011380304/30/15 Wire harness including short circuit and production method therefor
712015011522204/30/15 Semiconductor device
722015011531204/30/15 Group iii nitride semiconductor device, and fabricating group iii nitride semiconductor device
732015011747804/30/15 Method for testing tunable wavelength laser device and tunable wavelength laser device
742015011755604/30/15 Communication device and communication system
752015011883004/30/15 Method of manufacturing gan-based film and composite substrate used therefor
762015011144204/23/15 Terminal-provided wire, manufacturing same and jig
772015010136804/16/15 Optical fiber cooling apparatus and optical fiber manufacturing method
782015010394504/16/15 Signal conversion device and transmitter
792015010417704/16/15 Full-duplex optical transceiver applicable to digital coherent system
802015010437004/16/15 Method for producing silicon metal and porous carbon
812015010526104/16/15 Oxide superconducting thin film and manufacturing the same
822015009678504/09/15 Multicore cable
832015009680204/09/15 Wire harness
842015009762204/09/15 Amplifier circuit
852015009812704/09/15 Optical module outputting polarization combined optical beam
862015009868204/09/15 Optical fiber preform, producing optical fiber, and optical fiber
872015009870104/09/15 Optical unit and optical device
882015009913804/09/15 Porous aluminum body, heat transfer material, and heat exchange device
892015009279804/02/15 Method to determine operating conditions of wavelength tunable laser diode and to control optical transmitter providing wavelength tunable laser diode
902015009307504/02/15 Receiving method and separating light outputted from multi-core optical fiber
912015009352904/02/15 Flame-retardant resin composition, flame-retardant heat-shrinkable tube, and flame-retardant insulated electric wire
922015009364004/02/15 Electrode material, and capacitor and secondary battery using said electrode material
932015008345703/26/15 Coaxial cable
942015008345803/26/15 Multi-core cable
952015008458003/26/15 Power-supply device
962015008467403/26/15 Detection circuit for detecting signal amplitude
972015008529203/26/15 Wavelength monitor
982015008774003/26/15 Photosensitive thermoplastic resin composition and molded product using same
992015008022403/19/15 Superconducting magnet
1002015007586103/19/15 Composition for wire protective member, wire protective member, and wiring harness
1012015007699003/19/15 System to control wavelength and method to control wavelength
1022015007774803/19/15 Spectroscopic imaging device adjusting method and spectroscopic imaging system
1032015007775703/19/15 Optical tomographic image acquiring device
1042015007871603/19/15 Optical fiber and optical cable
1052015007874803/19/15 Wavelength selective switch
1062015007876003/19/15 Optical transceiver having inner fibers for coupling optical receptacle with transmitter and receiver modules
1072015007876103/19/15 Optical module including semiconductor optical modulator
1082015007942203/19/15 Plated member, plated terminal for connector, producing plated member and producing plated terminal for connector
1092015007982503/19/15 Terminal and terminal-provided wire
1102015008022403/19/15 Superconducting magnet
1112015006880003/12/15 Multilayered heat-recoverable article, wire splice, and wire harness
1122015007002503/12/15 Wiring module
1132015007184703/12/15 Process for manufacturing porous carbon material
1142015007210003/12/15 Silicon carbide epitaxial substrate and manufacturing silicon carbide epitaxial substrate
1152015007365303/12/15 Power supply control vehicle
1162015006028003/05/15 Method for classifying and discriminating jatropha lines using retrotransposon as a marker
1172015006088603/05/15 Semiconductor substrate
1182015006158403/05/15 Communication system, charging control device, vehicle and power supply device
1192015006382403/05/15 Optical fiber transmission line
1202015006503903/05/15 Communication device and communcation system
1212015005347902/26/15 Wiring harness protection member and wiring harness
1222015005496102/26/15 Image capture device
1232015005566502/26/15 Receiver optical module for wavelength multiplexed signal
1242015004790002/19/15 Terminal-provided wire
1252015004828402/19/15 Second-order nonlinear optical compound and nonlinear optical element comprising the same
1262015005076802/19/15 Laser diode device and manufacturing laser diode device
1272015004241602/12/15 Noise filter device
1282015004326202/12/15 Reactor, core part for reactor, converter and power conversion device
1292015004386702/12/15 Semiconductor optical device and manufacturing semiconductor optical device
1302015004387102/12/15 Optical connector
1312015004459602/12/15 Solid electrolyte laminate, manufacturing solid electrolyte laminate, and fuel cell
1322015004459702/12/15 Solid electrolyte, manufacturing solid electrolyte, solid electrolyte laminate, manufacturing solid electrolyte laminate, and fuel cell
1332015004489502/12/15 Ferrite core integrated waterproof connector
1342015004523002/12/15 Reinforcing-member-equipped oxide superconducting wire
1352015003379902/05/15 Glass particle deposit producing method and glass preform producing method
1362015003598902/05/15 Optical sensor apparatus
1372015003768902/05/15 Lithium secondary battery
1382015002717001/29/15 Method for producing optical fiber
1392015002736601/29/15 Susceptor for securing semiconductor wafer
1402015002751001/29/15 Concentrator photovoltaic module, concentrator photovoltaic panel, and flexible printed circuit for concentrator photovoltaic module
1412015002777201/29/15 Electromagnetic shielding tool and wire harness
1422015002968601/29/15 Electrical junction box
1432015003029601/29/15 Optical fiber ribbon
1442015003033601/29/15 Optical transceiver
1452015003124801/29/15 Terminal
1462015002108901/22/15 Wiring harness protection material and wiring harness
1472015002215201/22/15 Vehicle charging apparatus
1482015002293101/22/15 Overcurrent protection apparatus
1492015002343801/22/15 Communication system, communication device, power supply device, and vehicle
1502015002362701/22/15 Method for producing semiconductor optical device and semiconductor optical device
1512015002366201/22/15 Wavelength selective switch and manufacturing same
1522015002452701/22/15 Method for producing spot-size convertor
1532015002463401/22/15 Wiring module
1542015002570401/22/15 In-vehicle communication system
1552015001512001/15/15 Piezoelectric element including fluororesin film
1562015001520301/15/15 Power receiving connector, charging system and communication system
1572015001607601/15/15 Electrical junction box
1582015001677201/15/15 Optical module
1592015001679101/15/15 Multi-core optical fiber tape
1602015001679501/15/15 Optical component and optical communication system
1612015001705701/15/15 Magnesium alloy sheet
1622015001754901/15/15 All-solid lithium secondary battery
1632015001755001/15/15 Metal three-dimensional network porous body for collectors, electrode, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
1642015001989701/15/15 Communication system, relay device, and controlling power supply
1652015001993101/15/15 Error correcting decoding decoding low-density parity-check codes
1662015000845301/08/15 Substrate, semiconductor device, and manufacturing the same
1672015000845401/08/15 Substrate, semiconductor device, and manufacturing the same
1682015000856301/08/15 Composite of iii-nitride crystal on laterally stacked substrates
1692015000898901/08/15 Noise filter device
1702015001026401/08/15 Optical semiconductor device
1712015001027301/08/15 Lens component and optical module provided with the same
1722015001027901/08/15 Optical fiber and optical cable
1732015001028201/08/15 Optical module
1742015001072601/08/15 Method of manufacturing silicon carbide single crystal and silicon carbide single crystal substrate
1752015001112301/08/15 Power receiving connector and communication system
1762015000020701/01/15 Cubic boron nitride complex polycrystal and manufacturing method therefor, and cutting tool, wire-drawing die and grinding tool
1772015000126201/01/15 Casting nozzle
1782015000146601/01/15 Group iii-v compound semiconductor photo detector, fabricating group iii-v compound semiconductor photo detector, photo detector, and epitaxial wafer
1792015000382301/01/15 Optical communication module, recording log of optical communication module, and optical communication apparatus
1802015000405201/01/15 Copper alloy and copper alloy wire
1812015000431901/01/15 Vapor phase growth method
1822015000440801/01/15 Multilayer thermally restorable article
1832015000475701/01/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing same
1842015000497501/01/15 Wireless base station device, communication control method and communication control program
1852014037389912/25/14 Concentrator photovoltaic system, detecting tracking deviation, correcting tracking deviation, control device, program for detecting tracking deviation, and, program for correcting tracking deviation
1862014037413412/25/14 Electric-wire protecting pipe and wire harness
1872014037685312/25/14 Mach-zehnder interferometer type optical modulator
1882014037686612/25/14 Optical fiber and optical cable
1892014037691312/25/14 Optical branching/synthesizing device
1902014037692912/25/14 Optical receiver and optical axis alignment method thereof
1912014037768712/25/14 Redox flow secondary battery and electrolyte membrane for redox flow secondary battery
1922014037797512/25/14 Ground connection body
1932014037801112/25/14 Terminal fitting
1942014037995412/25/14 Relay device, communication harness, and communication system
1952014038041612/25/14 Connection detection apparatus and in-vehicle relay apparatus
1962014036714112/18/14 Electric cable
1972014036764012/18/14 Light-emitting element, epitaxial wafer, and producing the epitaxial wafer
1982014036773512/18/14 Iii nitride semiconductor substrate, epitaxial substrate, and semiconductor device
1992014036781812/18/14 Image sensor
2002014036891612/18/14 Dispersive device and wavelength selective switch
2012014036892412/18/14 Optical module and manufacturing the same
2022014036965812/18/14 Multimode optical fiber
2032014036992012/18/14 Group iii nitride crystal substrates and group iii nitride crystal
2042014037025812/18/14 Electrode material, spark-plug electrode, and spark plug
2052014037028712/18/14 Method for producing optical fiber preform, optical fiber preform, and optical fiber
2062014037034212/18/14 Battery wiring module
2072014035358412/04/14 Epitaxial wafer, producing the same, photodiode, and optical sensor device
2082014035358612/04/14 Semiconductor element and producing the same
2092014035358812/04/14 Quantum interference device
2102014035563412/04/14 Quantum cascade laser
2112014035563712/04/14 Quantum cascade laser
2122014035706712/04/14 Method of manufacturing nitride substrate, and nitride substrate
2132014034593611/27/14 Wiring harness and relay harness
2142014034847411/27/14 Substrate mounting type photoelectric conversion connector
2152014034850211/27/14 Method of monitoring wavelength of optical signal output from light emitting element and optical signal monitoring circuit
2162014034952011/27/14 Ferrite core built-in connector
2172014033840011/20/14 Method for manufacturing soot glass deposit body and burner for manufacturing soot glass deposit body
2182014033956811/20/14 Semiconductor device with substrate via hole and method to form the same
2192014034249111/20/14 Method for manufacturing waveguide-type semiconductor device
2202014033477511/13/14 Coherent mixer and 2x2 multi-mode interference coupler
2212014033267011/13/14 Photodetecting circuit, optical receiver, and photocurrent measurement photo detector
2222014033337411/13/14 Travelling wave amplifier providing cascade units each including dynamic cascade transistor whose collector output fed-back to base input
2232014033478411/13/14 Optical connector
2242014033478511/13/14 Lens component
2252014033564411/13/14 Method for producing spot size converter
2262014032648011/06/14 Insulated electric cable
2272014032856511/06/14 Multimode optical fiber and manufacturing the same
2282014031935110/30/14 Inspection apparatus and an inspection method
2292014031946310/30/14 Epitaxial wafer, producing the same, semiconductor element, and optical sensor device
2302014032024010/30/14 Active attenuator keeping saturated output power for reduced input power
2312014032179610/30/14 Wavelength selective switch
2322014032298210/30/14 Battery wiring module
2332014032298410/30/14 Printed circuit board having improved characteristic impedance
2342014032312410/30/14 Base station device
2352014031230410/23/14 Light receiving element, semiconductor epitaxial wafer, detecting device, and manufacturing light receiving element
2362014031235710/23/14 Semiconductor device
2372014031438210/23/14 Optical fiber cord
2382014031537310/23/14 Method for manufacturing silicon carbide substrate
2392014031541010/23/14 Joint connector and assembling method thereof
2402014030799610/16/14 Optical modulator
2412014030801310/16/14 Optical fiber and manufacturing the same
2422014030815710/16/14 Magnesium alloy material
2432014030889710/16/14 Radio communication system, information providing device, mobile terminal, and providing information to mobile terminal
2442014029904810/09/14 Method of manufacturing silicon carbide single crystal
2452014029171710/02/14 Method for manufacturing mach-zehnder modulator, manufacturing optical waveguide, and optical waveguide
2462014029433510/02/14 Method for manufacturing semiconductor modulator and semiconductor modulator
2472014029517110/02/14 Ingot, silicon carbide substrate, and producing ingot
2482014029365510/02/14 Reactor, converter, and power converter apparatus
2492014028515309/25/14 Method for operating molten salt battery

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