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Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd
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Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Nitride crystal, nitride crystal substrate, epilayer-containing nitride crystal substrate, semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
04/27/17 new patent  Grating manufacturing device and grating manufacturing method
04/27/17 new patent  Wiring module, wiring-module intermediary body and manufacturing wiring module
04/27/17 new patent  Sealing structure of multicore cable
04/27/17 new patent  Process of forming nitride semiconductor device
04/27/17 new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing same
04/27/17 new patent  Semiconductor device and producing the same
04/27/17 new patent  Current collector for fuel cell, and fuel cell
04/27/17 new patent  Surface protective agent composition, electric connection structure using same, and manufacturing electric connection structure
04/27/17 new patent  Connector with alignment function
04/27/17 new patent  Amplifier
04/27/17 new patent  Variable gain amplifier and driver implementing the same
04/27/17 new patent  Optical line terminal, communication control method, and communication control program
04/27/17 new patent  Electromagnetic shielding member
04/20/17Filtering device, pleated filter, and treating ballast water
04/20/17Optical fiber
04/20/17Reinforcing tape for flat cable and flat cable
04/20/17Silicon carbide semiconductor device, and manufacturing same
04/20/17Cell frame for redox flow battery, cell stack for redox flow battery, and redox flow battery
04/20/17Sodium ion secondary battery
04/13/17Method of manufacturing optical fiber preform and optical fiber preform
04/13/17Gallium nitride substrate
04/13/17Multi-core optical fiber, multi-core optical fiber cable, and optical fiber transmission system
04/13/17Power conversion device and three-phase ac power supply device
04/06/17On-board communication system, and on-board device
04/06/17Optical device, printed circuit board
04/06/17Optical apparatus, printed circuit board
04/06/17Connecting optical part, optical processing apparatus, methods for fabricating connecting optical part, fabricating guide member product
04/06/17Aluminum alloy wire, and aluminum alloy twisted wire, covered electrical wire and wire harness using the same
04/06/17Porous current collector and fuel cell
04/06/17Redox flow battery operating redox flow battery system
04/06/17Substrate for printed circuit board, printed circuit board, and producing substrate for printed circuit board
03/30/17Optical fiber ribbon
03/30/17Hemt having heavily doped n-type regions and process of forming the same
03/30/17Method for producing a porous metal body
03/30/17Connector structure
03/23/17Circuit assembly and electrical junction box
03/23/17Automotive power unit
03/23/17On-board communication system, and portable device
03/23/17Self-heat-generating fixing roller
03/16/17Silicon carbide single-crystal substrate, silicon carbide epitaxial substrate and manufacturing them
03/16/17Optical fiber
03/16/17Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
03/16/17High electron mobility transistor and forming the same using atomic layer deposition technique
03/16/17Gas decomposition device and power generation device
03/16/17Wire with crimped terminal, wire harness, and crimped terminal
03/16/17Optical fiber and optical transport system
03/16/17Power source control device and power source control method
03/16/17Circuit assembly and electric junction box
03/09/17Method of manufacturing a green compact
03/09/17Oxide sintered body and manufacturing the same, sputtering target, and semiconductor device
03/09/17Connection member and electricity storage module
03/09/17Porous metal body and producing porous metal body
03/02/17Intermittent-bubbling equipment
03/02/17Method of manufacturing multi-mode optical fiber
03/02/17Optical fiber manufacturing method
03/02/17Multimode optical fiber and optical cable including the same
03/02/17Optical communication apparatus
03/02/17Electricity storage module
03/02/17Metal surface coating composition and terminal-equipped covered electrical wire using same
03/02/17Harmonic mixer having two transistors driven complimentarily
03/02/17Method of manufacturing distortion compensation apparatus
02/23/17High electron-mobility transistor
02/23/17Composite sintered body
02/23/17Adhesive composition and composite material using same
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02/23/17Traffic signal control apparatus, traffic signal control method, and computer program
02/23/17Frame body, cell frame for redox flow battery, and redox flow battery
02/23/17Redox flow battery
02/23/17Circuit assembly and electrical junction box
02/16/17Method for on/off control of switch, and switch circuit
02/16/17Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing same
02/16/17Rectangular electricity storage device and producing rectangular electricity storage device
02/16/17Bipolar plate, redox flow battery, and producing bipolar plate
02/16/17Sodium ion secondary battery
02/16/17Multi-core cable and multi-core cable with substrate
02/16/17Circuit assembly and electrical junction box
02/16/17Signal processing device and communication device
02/09/17Optical component
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02/09/17Multimode optical fiber
02/09/17Method of producing optical module and optical module
02/09/17Copper alloy element wire, copper alloy stranded wire, and automotive electric wire
02/09/17Core piece and reactor
02/09/17Light receiving apparatus, fabricating light receiving apparatus
02/09/17Semiconductor layered structure and photodiode
02/09/17Electricity storage module
02/09/17Electricity storage module
02/09/17Quantum cascade laser
02/09/17Communication apparatus
02/02/17Oxide sintered body and semiconductor device
02/02/17Optical fiber cable
02/02/17Optical fiber
02/02/17Optical module having multi-mode coupler formed on semiconductor substrate
02/02/17Optical fiber cable
02/02/17Flexible printed circuit, and concentrator photovoltaic module and concentrator photovoltaic panel using same
02/02/17Electricity storage device
02/02/17Redox flow battery system, pump control unit, and operating redox flow battery
02/02/17Terminal pair and connector pair including terminal pair
02/02/17Optical module, optical apparatus, fabricating optical module
02/02/17Wiring module
01/26/17Oxide sintered body and manufacturing the same, sputtering target, and semiconductor device
01/26/17Porous current collector, fuel cell, and producing porous current collector
01/26/17Laser driver with variable resistor and variable capacitance element, and optical transmitter including the same
01/26/17Molten-salt battery, charge-discharge method, and charge-discharge system
01/19/17Air spring
01/19/17Oil-water separation treatment system and oil-water separation treatment method
01/19/17Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
01/19/17Preventive apparatus
01/12/17Composite sintered body
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01/12/17Oxide superconducting thin film wire and producing same
01/12/17Capacitor and charging and discharging same
01/12/17Electricity storage module
01/12/17Redox flow battery
01/12/17Redox flow battery operating redox flow battery
01/12/17Electrolyte-circulating battery, heat exchanger, and pipe
01/12/17Connector-equipped electrical wire and manufacturing same
01/12/17Laser driver with maintaining average optical power constant
01/12/17Quantum cascade laser
01/12/17Wiring harness with sound absorber
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01/12/17Sensor management device, sensor, monitoring system, sensor management method, sensor management program, monitoring method, and monitoring program
01/05/17Manufacturing method and manufacturing aluminum film
01/05/17Optical fiber
01/05/17Insulating resin composition and insulated electric wire
01/05/17Multi-core cable
01/05/17Electronic apparatus operable in high frequencies
01/05/17Sensor information management device, sensor information management method, and sensor information management program
01/05/17Management device, management system, management method, and management program
01/05/17Switching board
01/05/17Switching device
12/29/16Optical fiber and optical fiber ribbon
12/29/16Screen information processing apparatus, screen information processing method, and screen information processing program
12/29/16Program update system and program update method
12/29/16Semiconductor optical device integrating photodiode with optical waveguide and forming the same
12/29/16Light-receiving device
12/29/16Terminal block
12/29/16Traveling wave amplifier for driving optical modulator
12/22/16Copper alloy twisted wire, manufacturing same, and electric wire for automobile
12/22/16Aluminum plating solution, aluminum film, resin structure, porous aluminum object, and porous aluminum object manufacturing method
12/22/16Insulated wire
12/22/16Wiring member
12/22/16Method for manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device
12/22/16Schottky barrier diode
12/22/16Optical module, fabricating the same
12/15/16Electric wire protective material composition, electric wire protective material, and wire harness
12/15/16Superconducting magnet
12/08/16Method for manufacturing silicon carbide epitaxial substrate, and silicon carbide epitaxial substrate
12/08/16Silicon carbide substrate, semiconductor manufacturing them
12/08/16Battery cell stack and redox flow battery
12/08/16Wiring module
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12/01/16Method and manufacturing silicon carbide substrate
12/01/16Stranded wire conductor and insulated wire
12/01/16Electricity storage device
12/01/16Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing same
12/01/16Semiconductor layered structure, producing semiconductor layered structure, and producing semiconductor device
11/24/16Water treatment apparatus and water treatment method using the same
11/24/16Water treatment apparatus and water treatment method using the same
11/24/16Method for manufacturing silicon carbide single crystal
11/24/16Diamond single crystal and production method thereof, and single crystal diamond tool
11/24/16Solenoid fixing structure
11/24/16Conductive resin molded body, structure, aluminum porous body, producing aluminum porous body, current collector, electrode, non-aqueous electric double layer capacitor, and lithium ion capacitor
11/24/16Silicon carbide substrate, semiconductor device, and methods for manufacturing them
11/24/16Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing same
11/24/16Wiring module and electrical storage module
11/24/16Energy management system, energy management method and computer program
11/17/16Copper alloy wire, copper alloy stranded wire, covered electric wire, and terminal-fitted electric wire
11/17/16Positive electrode for lithium ion capacitor and lithium ion capacitor using the same
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11/17/16Power conversion device and three-phase alternating current power supply device
11/10/16Epitaxial wafer and manufacturing same
11/10/16Power conversion device and three-phase alternating current power supply device
11/10/16Aluminum alloy wire
11/10/16Epitaxial wafer and manufacturing same
11/10/16Silicon carbide substrate, silicon carbide ingot, and methods for manufacturing silicon carbide substrate and silicon carbide ingot
11/10/16Acoustic insulator and wiring harness with acoustic insulator
11/10/16Alkali metal ion capacitor
11/10/16Molten salt battery
11/10/16Terminal fitting
11/10/16Female terminal
11/10/16Amplifier with compensation of gain in low frequencies
11/10/16Drive circuit and optical network unit
11/10/16Method for producing printed wiring board
11/10/16Method for producing printed wiring board
11/03/16Optical fiber preform
11/03/16Second-order nonlinear optical compound and nonlinear optical element comprising the same
11/03/16Optical probe for optical coherence tomography and manufacturing method therefor
11/03/16Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing same
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11/03/16Cell wiring module
11/03/16Electric cable with protection member
10/27/16Insulated wire
10/27/16Multi-core cable
10/27/16Control device
10/20/16Water treatment device and water treatment method
10/20/16Door unlocking system
10/20/16Optical fiber
10/20/16Optical device
10/20/16Electric cable
10/20/16Semiconductor device
10/20/16Nitride semiconductor device and a process to form the same
10/20/16Optical source for coherent transceiver
10/13/16Cutting insert and manufacturing the same
10/13/16Electric wire and producing the same, and multi-core cable and producing the same
10/13/16Silicon carbide semiconductor device
10/13/16Thermoelectric material, thermoelectric module, optical sensor, and manufacturing thermoelectric material
10/13/16Semiconductor device
10/06/16Silicon carbide crystal and manufacturing silicon carbide crystal
10/06/16Multimode optical fiber
10/06/16Optical device, optical processing device, fabricating optical device
10/06/16Optical fiber cable
10/06/16Method for manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device
10/06/16Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing same
10/06/16Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
10/06/16Semiconductor device having buried region beneath electrode and method to form the same
10/06/16Connection structure for electrical storage element groups
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10/06/16Connector structure
10/06/16Quantum cascade semiconductor laser
10/06/16Quantum cascade semiconductor laser
09/29/16Method of inspecting ultraviolet curable resin for optical fiber and manufacturing optical fiber
09/29/16Mach-zehnder modulator, making optical waveguide structure
09/29/16Copper alloy wire, copper alloy stranded wire, electric wire, terminal-fitted electric wire, and manufacturing copper alloy wire
09/29/16Capacitor and producing the same
09/29/16Three-dimensional network aluminum porous body for current collector, and current collector, electrode, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, capacitor and lithium-ion capacitor, each using aluminum porous body
09/29/16Semiconductor optical device
09/29/16Flexible-printed-circuit joint structure, concentrator photovoltaic module, and flexible-printed-circuit joining method
09/29/16Differential amplifier
09/22/16Pleated filter, ballast water treatment apparatus, and ballast water treatment method using the same
09/22/16Electrical connection box
09/22/16Polycrystalline diamond and manufacturing method thereof, scribe tool, scribing wheel, dresser, rotating tool, orifice for water jet, wiredrawing die, cutting tool, and electron emission source
09/22/16Silicon carbide substrate, silicon carbide ingot, and manufacturing the same
09/22/16Optical interconnection component
09/22/16Flat cable and production method therefor
09/22/16Alkali metal ion capacitor, producing the same and charging and discharging the same
09/22/16Electric contact and connector terminal pair
09/22/16Optical transmitter emitting light with narrowed linewidth
09/15/16Switching board
09/15/16Polycrystalline diamond and manufacturing method thereof, scribe tool, scribing wheel, dresser, rotating tool, orifice for water jet, wiredrawing die, cutting tool, and electron emission source
09/15/16Electrical connection structure
09/15/16Multi-core optical fiber and multi-core optical fiber cable
09/15/16Optical transceiver having gasket supported by member without narrowing inner space of housing
09/15/16High electron mobility transistor (hemt) and producing the same
09/15/16Conversion device
09/08/16Flat cable
09/08/16Nitride semiconductor device having aluminum oxide film and a process for producing the same

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