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Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration
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Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration patents

Recent patent applications related to Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration. Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
10/05/17Substrate assembly, forming the same, and electronic device including the same
07/20/17Transceiver using technique for improvement of phase noise and switching of phase lock loop (pll)
07/14/16Vision system and analytical planar surface segmentation
07/14/16Method and inspecting an object employing machine vision
05/12/16Apparatus and high efficiency variable power transmission
03/24/16Antiviral agent against animal viruses
08/20/15Method of manufacturing patterned substrate for culturing cells, patterned substrate for culturing cells, patterning culturing cells, and patterned cell chip
07/09/15Method of manufacturing deformation-capable graphene sheet, deformation-capable graphene sheet, and device using the same
05/28/15Graphene structure and manufacturing the graphene structure, and graphene device and manufacturing the graphene device
05/14/15Magnetic resistance structure, manufacturing the magnetic resistance structure, and electronic device including the magnetic resistance structure
03/05/15Indenopyridine-based compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
03/05/15Wire structure and semiconductor device having the same, and manufacturing the wire structure
01/15/15Tunneling devices and methods of manufacturing the same
12/25/14Methods and apparatuses for controlling torques of permanent magnet synchronous motors
12/04/14Interparticle spacing material including nucleic acid structures and use thereof
12/05/13Nano-porous electrode for super capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
11/21/13Photobioreactor made of a transparent film
10/17/13Nucleic acid molecules inducing rna interference, and uses thereof
07/25/13Method for producing graphene at a low temperature, direct transfer of graphene using same, and graphene sheet
07/25/13Bi-prediction coding method and apparatus, bi-prediction decoding method and apparatus, and recording medium
05/23/13Novel sirna structure for minimizing off-target effects caused by antisense strands, and use thereof
03/21/13Electromagnetic shielding method using graphene and electromagnetic shiedling material
10/25/12Semiconductor electrode for dye-sensitized solar cell, manufacturing the same, and dye-sensitized solar cell having the same
07/12/12Method and device for reclosing control using a harmonic ratio
06/07/12Nucleic acid aptamer capable of binding specifically to pancreatic cancer cells or tissues and use thereof
03/15/12Inter-cell interference mitigation method using spatial covariance matrix estimation inter-cell interference mitigation of mimo antenna ofdm system
02/23/12Tnf-alpha antagonists containing igfbp5
02/09/12Voltage regulator for impedance matching and pre-emphasis, regulating voltage for impedance matching and pre-emphasis, voltage mode driver including the voltage regulator, and voltage-mode driver using the method
12/29/11Flexible ferroelectric memory device and manufacturing the same
11/24/11Surface plasmon resonance sensor using metallic graphene, reparing the same, and surface plasmon resonance sensor system
11/10/11Apparatus for estimating frequency offset in ofdm system
10/06/11Maximum power point tracker, power conversion controller, power conversion device having insulating structure, and tracking maximum power point thereof
09/29/11Anti-reflection structure using surface plasmon and high-k dielectric material and manufacturing the anti-reflection structure
09/08/11Poly(amidoamine) oligomer hydrogel for drug delivery and drug carrier using the same
09/01/11Cinchona-based bifunctional organocatalysts and preparing chiral hemiesters using the same
08/25/11Handover providing mobile iptv service over heterogeneous wireless communication networks
08/18/11Discharging nozzle and electrostatic field induction ink-jet nozzle
08/11/11Atomic layer etching apparatus and etching method using the same
08/11/11Base station, sensor network system including the same, and determining security threshold for sensor network system
08/11/11Graphene roll-to-roll coating apparatus and graphene roll-to-roll coating method using the same
08/04/11Apparatus and managing images based on user preferences
07/21/11Wireless communication performing communication in the wireless communication system
07/14/11Optical image shutter and manufacturing the same
07/14/11Method of manufacturing deformation-capable graphene sheet, deformation-capable graphene sheet, and device using the same
07/07/11Atomic layer deposition apparatus using neutral beam and depositing atomic layer using the same
07/07/11Apparatus and transmitting and receiving data for improving transmission rate
07/07/11Virtualization apparatus
06/23/11Organic thin film transistor and manufacturing the same
06/23/11Ph-sensitive block copolymer forming polyionic complex micelles and drug or protein carrier using the same
05/12/11Methods of manufacturing and transferring larger-sized graphene
05/12/11Polyphenol compounds with modulating neurotransmitter release
04/28/11Compact pipe specimen
03/31/11Method of networking multiple clients
03/24/11Method of manufacturing graphene, graphene manufactured by the method, conductive film comprising the graphene, transparent electrode comprising the graphene, and radiating or heating device comprising the graphene
03/10/11Avian influenza virus vaccine and a preparing
03/03/11Non-volatile memory device
03/03/11Method of manufacturing patterned subtrate for culturing cells, patterned subtrate for culturing cells, patterning culturing cells, and patterned cell chip
02/10/11Reclosing control system and method using superconducting fault current limiter
02/10/11Methods of performing cooperative communication in wireless lans
02/03/11Y-type hexagonal ferrite, fabrication method thereof, and antenna apparatus using the same
12/30/10Apparatus for removing leakage signal
12/30/10Apparatus and detecting hands of subject in real time
12/09/10Active skin for conformable tactile interface
12/02/10Apparatus and removing transmission leakage signal
09/30/10Manufacturing process of porous carbon nanofiber using a volatile organic matter
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09/30/10Channel switching iptv service
09/16/10Apparatus and semi distributed resource allocation in a cognitive radio wireless communication system
09/16/10Method and allocating channel bandwidth in wireless internet protocol television systems
09/16/10Temperature and ph-sensitive block copolymer having excellent safty in vivo and hydrogel and drug delivery system using thereof
08/12/10Polymer and polymer actuator comprising the same
08/12/10Data recording method in holography optical memory system
07/22/10Method of establishing routing path of sensor network for improving security and sensor node for implementing the same
07/15/10Apparatus for outputting complementary signals using bootstrapping technology
07/15/10Distributed video decoder and distributed video decoding method
07/08/10Organic electrolyte for lithium-ion battery and lithium-ion battery comprising the same
06/24/10Photovoltaic and fuel cell hybrid generation system using single converter and single inverter, and controlling the same
06/24/10Photovoltaic and fuel cell hybrid generation system using dual converters and single inverter and controlling the same
06/24/10Apparatus and ofdm channel equalization
06/24/10Sampling frequency offset estimation apparatus and ofdm system
06/17/10Thin film transistor, forming the same and flat panel display device having the same
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06/17/10Nanocrystal silicon layer structures formed using plasma deposition technique, methods of forming the same, nonvolatile memory devices having the nanocrystal silicon layer structures, and methods of fabricating the nonvolatile memory devices
06/17/10Solid electrolyte polymer, polymer actuator using cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride-based polymer, and manufacturing the polymer actuator
06/10/10Electronic wedge brake system
06/10/10Power conversion system for eliminating low frequency ripple current and control method thereof
06/10/10Handheld terminal capable of supporting menu selection using dragging on touch screen and controlling the same
04/22/10Context-aware role-based access control system and control method thereof
04/15/10Methods of forming nano-devices using nanostructures having self-assembly characteristics
04/08/10Method of sensor network localization through reconstruction of radiation pattern
04/01/10Distributed video encoder and decoder and distributed video decoding method
03/18/10Method for fractional frquency reuse with ordering scheme to increase capacity of ofdm systems
03/04/10Porous anode active material, manufacturing the same, anode comprising the same, and lithium battery comprising the anode
03/04/10System and measuring image quality of moving pictures
03/04/10Method and system for mbs over mmr network using dynamic modification of mcs level
03/04/10Sensor network control data path establishment and recovery and sensor network therefor
02/18/10Method of controlling hmipv6 network-based handover, and access router and mobile node therefor
02/11/10Physical/biochemical sensor using piezoelectric microcantilever and manufacturing method thereof
02/04/10Binding update method in mipv6
01/28/10Methods of identifying rfid tag for preventing rfid tag collision, rfid reader and rfid tag using the same
01/21/10Novel agent for inducing apoptosis comprising msx1 or a gene encoding the same as an active ingredient
12/31/09Method for estimating frequency offset in system utilizing a plurality of sub-carriers
12/24/09Distributed coded video decoding apparatus and method capable of successively improving side information on the basis of reliability of reconstructed data
12/17/09User recommendation method and recorded medium storing program for implementing the method
12/03/09Concerned information recommendation system and method considering user's watching or listening time and maximum playing time of contents
11/26/09Detection bio material, fabrication chip for detection of bio mateiral, and chip for detecting of bio material
11/26/09System and building multi-concept network based on user's web usage data
11/19/09Gaze tracking apparatus and method using difference image entropy
11/05/09Apparatus for decreasing inrush current using sfcl and deciding optimal insertion resistance
10/29/09Convertible logic circuits comprising carbon nanotube transistors having ambipolar charateristics
10/15/09Method of doping transistor comprising carbon nanotube, controlling position of doping ion, and transistors using the same
10/08/09Method of producing nanoparticles, nanoparticles, and lithium battery comprising electrode comprising the nanoparticles
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10/08/09Systems for tracking kidnapped hostage tracking systems, transmitters used in the same, sensor network gateways used in the same, and methods of tracking kidnapped hostage
10/01/09Method and intra-prediction video coding/decoding
10/01/09Method and encoding/decoding information about intra-prediction mode of video
10/01/09Method and encoding/decoding motion vector information
10/01/09Image processing real-time motion detection
10/01/09Image processing detecting lines of images and start and end points of lines
09/03/09Differential amplifier circuit and frequency mixer for improving linearity
08/27/09Nano/micro-sized diode and preparing the same
08/27/09Key distribution method and authentication server
08/27/09Metal waveguide device and nano plasmonic integrated circuits and optical integrated circuit module using the same
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08/20/09Method for direct mode encoding and decoding
08/20/09Domain digital rights management system, license sharing domain digital rights management system, and license server
08/20/09Lamella structured thin films with ultralow dielectric constants and high hardness and manufacturing the same
08/13/09Neutral beam-assisted atomic layer chemical vapor deposition apparatus and processing substrate using the same
08/06/09Dye-sensitized solar cell and manufacturing the same
08/06/09Memory chip array
08/06/09Correlation frequency synchronization in broadband wireless access communication system
08/06/09Sound system of wall mounted flat panel display apparatus
08/06/09Method of searching neighboring cell address in same resolution octree structure
07/30/09Droplet jetting apparatus using electrostatic force and manufacturing method and ink providing method thereof
07/30/09Method and apparatus of controlling access mode for communication system using shared or unlicensed band
07/30/09System and polling in ethernet passive optical network
07/30/09System and real-time object recognition and pose estimation using in-situ monitoring
07/23/09Method and system for determining optimal exposure of structured light based 3d camera
07/23/09System and controlling abnormal traffic based on fuzzy logic
07/16/09Menu user interface providing device and method thereof
07/09/09Method for allocating upstream transmission bandwidth in wdm-epon
07/09/09Signal detection using delta spectrum entropy
07/02/09Harmonic tuned doherty amplifier
07/02/09Apparatus and inputting graphical password using wheel interface in embedded system
06/18/09Method for distributing contention among terminals in contention access period of superframe
05/28/09Tag estimation method and tag identification rfid system
05/21/09Method for recognizing available channel in ieee 802.15.4 protocol csma/ca mechanism
05/14/09Security system by encoding instructions
04/30/09Method and system for controlling access for mobile agents in home network environments
04/23/09Agent platform, multi agent system, and message transmitting/receiving method thereof
04/09/09Method for preparing homogeneously sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) membranes by the casting method using organic solvents
04/02/09Method of interconnecting layers of a printed circuit board
04/02/09Novel agent for inducing apoptosis comprising msx1 or a gene encoding the same as an active ingredient
03/19/09Method for in vitro phosphorylation of trap of staphylococcus aureus and a screening the inhibitor of the trap phosphorylation
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03/19/09Cooperation method and system between send mechanism and ipsec protocol in ipv6 environment
03/12/09Recombinant vaccine for preventing and treating porcine atrophic rhinitis
03/05/09Flip chip for electrical function test and manufacturing method thereof
03/05/09Optical biosensor using spr phenomenon
02/26/09Low dielectric constant plasma polymerized thin film and manufacturing method thereof
01/28/10Methods of identifying rfid tag for preventing rfid tag collision, rfid reader and rfid tag using the same
01/21/10Novel agent for inducing apoptosis comprising msx1 or a gene encoding the same as an active ingredient

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