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Suntory Holdings Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Suntory Holdings Limited. Suntory Holdings Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Suntory Holdings Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Suntory Holdings Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Composition for improving circadian rhythm

The purporse of the present invention is to provide a circadian rhythm improving composition which can be safely taken over a long time, in particular, a circadian rhythm controlling composition capable of increasing circadian rhythm amplitude. Provided is a circadian rhythm improving composition comprising one or more kindes of lignan... Suntory Holdings Limited

Liquid composition including citrus pericarp essential oil

A liquid composition including 0.2-3.5 vol % of a pericarp essential oil, including 10-300 mg/kg/Acid of limonin, including 10-50 mg/kg/Acid of rutin, having an acidity of 2.0% or less, and being suitable for blending in a beverage. Preferably, the pericarp essential oil, the limonin, and the rutin are derived from... Suntory Holdings Limited

Processed citrus fruit item having reduced bitterness

Provided is a processed citrus fruit item in which the super surface layer of the peel of a citrus fruit is removed at a thickness at which the oil sacs in the peel are not destroyed, whereby the processed citrus fruit item has reduced bitterness while containing a wealth of... Suntory Holdings Limited

Liquid dispenser

A liquid dispenser includes: an accommodating portion to accommodate a stock solution container configured to provide an ejecting portion that protrudes from a bag-shaped containing portion containing a concentrated stock solution which is ejected from an ejection port of the ejecting portion as the containing portion deforms based on an... Suntory Holdings Limited

Liquid composition containing citrus peel essential oil

Provided is a liquid composition that is suitable for mixing with a beverage and that contains 0.2-3.5% by volume of citrus fruit peel essential oil, 5-20 mg/kg/Acid of citropten, and 300 mg/kg/Acid or more of hesperidin. In addition, the liquid composition preferably contains rutin at a concentration of 50 mg/kg/Acid... Suntory Holdings Limited

Liquid composition containing fruit essential oil

Provided is a liquid composition that is suitable for mixing with a beverage, that contains 0.2-3.5 volume % of a fruit essential oil, that has an acidity of 2.0% or less, that contains 0.5-10 g/kg/Brix of pectin, in which the total amount of phosphatidylcholine (PC) and phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) is 10-100... Suntory Holdings Limited

Non-alcoholic beer-taste beverage

A beer-taste beverage which is substantially nonalcoholic, containing (A) a collagen peptide having an average molecular weight of from 500 to 8,000, (B) a carbon dioxide gas, (C) an iso-α acid, and (D) an acidulant, wherein a pH is 3 or more and 4 or less, and wherein the content... Suntory Holdings Limited

Method for preparing mogroside

The present invention provides a method for preparing a mogroside having no β-1,6-glucoside bond comprising the step of reacting glycosidase ASBGL2, AOBGL2, AOBGL1, ASBGL1, or a variant thereof with a mogroside having at least one β-1,6-glucoside bond, thereby cleaving said β-1,6-glucoside bond.... Suntory Holdings Limited

Method for manufacturing sugar-containing liquid

A method for producing a sugar-containing liquid, including mixing a raw material liquid and a hop extract water; a sugar-containing liquid produced by the method; and a beer-taste beverage wherein a sugar-containing liquid obtained by the method is used. The method of the present invention can prepare a sugar-containing liquid... Suntory Holdings Limited

Method for producing hop extract

A method for producing a hop extract including filtering a hop-containing water at a temperature of 50° C. or higher, to give a hop extract. According to the method of the present invention, a hop extract having a high polyphenol concentration can be conveniently prepared, and is suitably used as... Suntory Holdings Limited

Citrus-derived liquid composition

A liquid composition obtained by subjecting a fruit peel part of a citrus fruit with a cut space of from 0.5 to 5.0 mm on a surface to extraction in a solvent, the liquid composition containing an aroma component and a bitterness component; a container-packed beverage obtainable by mixing a... Suntory Holdings Limited

Dietary fiber

Provided is a dietary fiber characterized in that bitterness and unpleasant aftertaste are restrained. The dietary fiber has terminal sugars and is characterized in that the ratio of aldoses relative to the total of the terminal sugars is 10% or less. Such a dietary fiber may be, for example, indigestible... Suntory Holdings Limited

Mogrol glycosyltransferase and gene encoding same

To provide a mogrol glycosyltransferase and a method for producing a mogrol glycoside using the enzyme. The present invention provides a mogrol glycosyltransferase and a method for producing a mogrol glycoside using the enzyme, and a transformant into which a mogrol glycosyltransferase gene is introduced and a method for preparing... Suntory Holdings Limited

Method for producing saccharified moromi

A method for producing a saccharified mash comprising drawing out a part of a mash to be saccharified into a tank, heating the part, and returning the part and mixing with the remainder part, characterized in that the method comprises heating the drawn-out mash to be saccharified in a copper... Suntory Holdings Limited

Manufacturing ethanol aqueous solution

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a simple method in which, when distilling a mixture of ethanol, water, and biological raw materials, more aromatic components can be obtained and undesirable odors can be prevented from transferring to the distillate. To achieve this, ethanol and water are added... Suntory Holdings Limited

Carbohydrate metabolism-ameliorating agent

Provided is a safe carbohydrate metabolism-ameliorating agent having an excellent carbohydrate metabolism-ameliorating action, and a safe GLP-1 secretion accelerator having an excellent GLP-1 secretion-accelerating action. The carbohydrate metabolism-ameliorating agent or GLP-1 secretion accelerator according to the present invention, which contains a specific cyclic dipeptide or a salt thereof as an... Suntory Holdings Limited

Preform coating device, manufacturing preform, and manufacturing plastic bottle

The present invention provides a preform coating device (10) provided with a cylindrical transfer roller (11) for rotating about a center shaft (111), and an application device for applying a coating liquid in a predetermined thickness to an external peripheral face of the transfer roller (11), the external peripheral face... Suntory Holdings Limited

Pet bottle sterilization apparatus and sterilization method

A PET bottle sterilization method for consecutively sterilizing multiple PET bottles (B) while conveying them, includes introducing hydrogen peroxide into a PET bottle (B) so as to sterilize its interior, and introducing hot air into the sterilized PET bottle (B) so as to eliminate hydrogen peroxide remaining inside it. This... Suntory Holdings Limited

Cyclic dipeptide-containing composition

A cyclic dipeptide-containing composition containing each of tyrosine-containing cyclic dipeptides selected from the group consisting of cyclotryptophanyltyrosine, cycloseryltyrosine, cycloprolyltyrosine, cyclotyrosylglycine, cyclotyrosyltyrosine, cyclophenylalanyltyrosine, cycloleucyltyrosine, cyclolysyltyrosine, cyclohistidyltyrosine, cycloalanyltyrosine, cycloglutamyltyrosine, cyclovalyltyrosine, cycloisoleucyltyrosine, cyclothreonyltyrosine, cycloaspartyltyrosine, cycloasparaginyltyrosine, cycloglutaminyltyrosine, cycloarginyltyrosine, and cyclomethionyltyrosine, or a salt thereof in a specified amount. The cyclic dipeptide-containing composition of the... Suntory Holdings Limited

Colored food

The present invention aims to provide colored foods that retain their inherent good flavors and which yet feature suppressed fading of dyes. Provided are colored foods that contain rosmarinic acid and which are reduced in the contents of luteolin-3′-glucuronide, carnosic acid, and carnosol.... Suntory Holdings Limited

Composition containing bacterium belonging to genus lactobacillus

A composition containing a Lactobacillus pentosus TUA4337L strain (accession number: NITE BP-1479), characterized in that the strain has proliferation ability in the small intestines and/or the large intestine, and preferably the small intestines, after having survived in the intestinal tract. Since the composition of the present invention contains lactic acid... Suntory Holdings Limited

Composition with high content of cyclic dipeptide

Provided is a composition having an excellent physiological effect. Inventors have found that a composition in which the total amount of cyclic dipeptides including amino acids as constituent units, or salts thereof, is greater than or equal to a specific amount has the effect of improving sugar metabolism, and have... Suntory Holdings Limited

Distilled plum liquor

By incorporating a specified amount of at least one selected from isobutyric acid, acetic acid, and benzaldehyde in an unrefined distilled plum liquor, there can be provided a distilled plum liquor in which the bitterness and astringency derived from the unrefined distilled plum liquor is masked.... Suntory Holdings Limited

Novel use of rose pigment compounds

An object of the present invention is to provide hyaluronidase inhibitors, collagenase inhibitors, elastase inhibitors, MMP-1 production suppressors, and collagen synthesis promoters that contain as an active component one or more pigment compounds that are obtained as extracted from plants of the family Rosaceae, as well as agents for cutaneous... Suntory Holdings Limited

Nox inhibitor and nfkb inhibitor containing methoxyflavone

The present invention aims at providing NOX inhibitors and NFκB inhibitors having superior actions, as well as agents for preventing or treating NOX- or NFκB-associated diseases that utilize such inhibitors. To this end, specified methoxyflavones are employed.... Suntory Holdings Limited

Fat or oil extract of black ginger and producing same

There are provided black ginger extracts that contain reasonable amounts of methoxyflavones and which are reduced in undesirable flavors such as bitterness or in the intensity of a black purple color. To this end, oil or fat extracts are obtained from black ginger.... Suntory Holdings Limited

Novel glycosyltransferase gene and use thereof

Provided is a polynucleotide for encoding a protein that exhibits activity for transferring a sugar to a hydroxyl group at position 7 of a flavone, particularly flavone 4′-glucoside. A polynucleotide selected from the group consisting of: (a) polynucleotides comprising a base sequence of SEQ ID NO.: 1 or SEQ ID... Suntory Holdings Limited

Muscle atrophy inhibitor containing quercetin glycoside

It was found that glycosides of quercetin, a polyphenol present in plants, etc., have inhibitory activity on the expression of myostatin involved in muscle atrophy. This invention provides a new muscle atrophy inhibitor comprising a quercetin glycoside which is excellent in absorbability into the body and high in safety.... Suntory Holdings Limited

Method for masking bitterness of composition containing collagen peptide

By incorporating glycerophospholipids comprising neutral glycerophospholipids and acidic glycerophospholipids in specified proportions or incorporating sphingoglycolipids in a specified proportion relative to collagen peptides, there can be provided methods for masking the bitterness of collagen peptide containing compositions.... Suntory Holdings Limited

Planting unit and planter

A planting unit and a planter including such planting units are provided. The planting unit may include a housing having a mounting space for placing a planting bed material therein, a water reservoir portion that reserves planting water for the planting bed material mounted in the mounting space, and a... Suntory Holdings Limited

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