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Symantec Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Symantec Corporation. Symantec Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Symantec Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Symantec Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/05/17Systems and methods for detecting security threats
09/28/17Systems and methods for collecting error data to troubleshoot product errors
09/28/17Systems and methods for managing encryption keys for single-sign-on applications
09/28/17Cloud-based code signing service - hybrid model to avoid large file uploads
09/28/17Systems and methods for obtaining information about security threats on endpoint devices
09/28/17Protecting dynamic and short-lived virtual machine instances in cloud environments
09/21/17Systems and methods for generating tripwire files
09/14/17Print interface technology agnostic data loss prevention through print operations
09/14/17Systems and methods for automated classification of application network activity
08/31/17System and service assisted mobile pairing of password-less computer login
08/31/17System and annotating client-server transactions
08/03/17Recovery point objectives in replication envrionments
08/03/17Systems and methods for modifying file backups in response to detecting potential ransomware
08/03/17Securing internal services in an appliance
08/03/17Securing internal services in a distributed environment
07/06/17Systems and methods for automated generation of generic signatures used to detect polymorphic malware
07/06/17Systems and methods for efficiently classifying data objects
07/06/17Systems and methods for facilitating single sign-on for multiple devices
06/29/17Systems and methods for backing up large distributed scale-out data systems
06/22/17Accurate real-time identification of malicious bgp hijacks
06/01/17Systems and methods for detecting malware infections via domain name service traffic analysis
05/25/17Systems and methods for taking snapshots in a deduplicated virtual file system
05/25/17Systems and methods for anonymizing log entries
05/25/17Systems and methods for identifying compromised devices within industrial control systems
05/18/17Systems and methods for protecting backed-up data from ransomware attacks
05/11/17Systems and methods for coordinating data caching on virtual storage appliances
04/27/17Techniques for automated application analysis
04/06/17Techniques for generating a virtual private container
03/30/17Systems and methods for improving the efficiency of point-in-time representations of databases
03/30/17Methods for data loss prevention from malicious applications and targeted persistent threats
03/30/17Partition arbitration optimization
03/30/17Input/output fencing optimization
03/30/17Detection of security incidents with low confidence security events
03/30/17Automated construction of network whitelists using host-based security controls
03/30/17Systems and methods for restoring data from opaque data backup streams
03/30/17Preventing data corruption due to pre-existing split brain
03/23/17Systems and methods for provisioning frequently used image segments from caches
03/23/17Regulating undesirable webpage code
03/16/17Optimizing access to production data
03/16/17Apparatus and utilizing fourier transforms to characterize network traffic
03/16/17System and building intelligent and distributed l2-l7 unified threat management infrastructure for ipv4 and ipv6 environments
03/16/17Method and detecting security anomalies in a public cloud environment using network activity monitoring, application profiling and self-building host mapping
03/02/17Detecting suspicious file prospecting activity from patterns of user activity
02/16/17Systems and methods for detecting unknown vulnerabilities in computing processes
01/05/17Data access accelerator
01/05/17Consolidated full backup of a restored virtual machine
01/05/17System, method and mechanism to efficiently coordinate cache sharing between cluster nodes operating on the same regions of a file or the file system blocks shared among multiple files
01/05/17Method and system for configuration management of hierarchically-organized unstructured data using associative templates
01/05/17Data loss monitoring of partial data streams
01/05/17Systems and methods for scalable network buffer management
01/05/17Systems and methods for detecting man-in-the-middle attacks
12/29/16Highly parallel scalable distributed email threading algorithm
12/29/16Router based securing of internet of things devices on local area networks
12/22/16Techniques for managing privacy of a network communication
12/15/16Systems and methods for determining malicious-download risk based on user behavior
11/03/16Systems and methods for evaluating content provided to users via user interfaces
10/20/16Method to detect malicious behavior by computing the likelihood of data accesses
10/06/16Systems and methods for improving quality of service within hybrid storage systems
10/06/16Two level qos scheduling for latency and queue depth control
10/06/16System and creating snapshots in openflame environment
10/06/16Quality of service for internal i/os using internal flow mechanism
10/06/16Technique for data loss prevention for a cloud sync application
10/06/16Technique for data loss prevention through clipboard operations
10/06/16Policy-driven device control in operating systems
09/01/16Trusted third party broker for collection and private sharing of successful computer security practices
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09/01/16Quantitative security improvement system based on crowdsourcing
06/30/16Systems and methods for automatically applying firewall policies within data center applications
06/30/16Systems and methods for monitoring virtual networks
06/23/16Techniques for data backup and restoration
06/23/16Systems and methods for culling search results in electronic discovery
06/23/16Systems and methods for expanding relevant search results in electronic discovery
06/02/16System to identify machines infected by malware applying linguistic analysis to network requests from endpoints
05/26/16Systems and methods for protecting against unauthorized network intrusions
05/19/16Systems and methods for aggregating information-asset classifications
04/28/16System and optimizing transportation over networks
04/14/16Systems and methods for classifying security events as targeted attacks
03/24/16Systems and methods for updating possession factor credentials
03/10/16Systems and methods for detecting attempts to transmit sensitive information via data-distribution channels
03/03/16Systems and methods for handling fraudulent uses of brands
03/03/16Method and automating security provisioning of workloads
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12/17/15Dynamic call tracking method based on cpu interrupt instructions to improve disassembly quality of indirect calls
12/03/15Seamless authentication mechanism for user processes and web services residing on common host
11/26/15Automated step-up digital certificate installation process
11/12/15Systems and methods for secure hybrid third-party data storage
11/05/15Systems and methods for aggregating information-asset metadata from multiple disparate data-management systems
10/29/15Discovery and classification of enterprise assets via host characteristics
10/22/15Transmitting encoded digital certificate data to certificate authority using mobile device
10/01/15Systems and methods for validating login attempts based on user location
10/01/15Systems and methods for identifying a source of a suspect event
10/01/15System to identify machines infected by malware applying linguistic analysis to network requests from endpoints
10/01/15Identifying misuse of legitimate objects
09/24/15Systems and methods for identifying access rate boundaries of workloads
09/24/15Using confidence about user intent in a reputation system
09/24/15Systems and methods for increasing compliance with data loss prevention policies
09/24/15Systems and methods for managing security certificates through email
09/24/15Systems and methods for smart cipher selection
09/24/15Systems and methods for discovering website certificate information
09/24/15Systems and methods for providing targeted data loss prevention on unmanaged computing devices
09/17/15Systems and methods for detecting information leakage by an organizational insider
09/17/15Systems and methods for pre-installation detection of malware on mobile devices
09/17/15Systems and methods for protecting organizations against spear phishing attacks
09/03/15Systems and methods for providing secure access to local network devices
08/27/15Splitting certificate status responses evenly across multiple distributed certificate status responders
08/27/15Systems and methods for optimizing scans of pre-installed applications
08/20/15Systems and methods for authenticating an application
08/20/15Systems and methods for applying data loss prevention policies to closed-storage portable devices
08/13/15Systems and methods for scanning packed programs in response to detecting suspicious behaviors
08/13/15Systems and methods for informing users about applications available for download
07/30/15Authentication sequencing based on normalized levels of assurance of identity services
07/30/15Virtual identity of a user based on disparate identity services
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07/02/15Systems and methods for improving snapshot performance
07/02/15Systems and methods for injecting code into an application
07/02/15Techniques for providing dynamic account and device management
06/25/15Systems and methods for generating catalogs for snapshots
06/25/15Device-based pin authentication process to protect encrypted data
06/25/15Systems and methods for introducing variation in sub-system output signals to prevent device fingerprinting
06/25/15Multi-algorithm key generation and certificate install
06/04/15Certificate status delivery through a local endpoint
05/28/15System and automated customer verification
05/21/15Data loss prevention of information using structured document templates and forms
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04/23/15Systems and methods for providing increased scalability in deduplication storage systems
04/09/15Accelerating ocsp responses via content delivery network collaboration
04/09/15Reducing latency for certificate validity messages using private content delivery networks
04/02/15Techniques for improving performance of a backup system
04/02/15Dynamic certificate generation on a certificate authority cloud
04/02/15Method and system for metadata driven testing of malware signatures
03/19/15Sending out-of-band notifications
03/12/15Systems and methods for protecting virtual machine data
03/12/15Systems and methods for using event-correlation graphs to detect attacks on computing systems
03/05/15Systems and methods for identifying private keys that have been compromised
02/12/15Processes and methods for client-side fingerprint caching to improve deduplication system backup performance
02/05/15Mobile device connection control for synchronization and remote data access
01/22/15Systems and methods for securing email in mobile devices
01/22/15Systems and methods for instantly restoring virtual machines in high input/output load environments
01/15/15Identifying misuse of legitimate objects
01/01/15Techniques for detecting a security vulnerability
01/01/15Systems and methods for directing application updates
11/13/14Systems and methods for increasing restore speeds of backups stored in deduplicated storage systems
11/06/14Techniques for detecting malicious activity
10/30/14Systems and methods for replacing application methods at runtime
10/09/14Method and apparatus to provide authentication and privacy with low complexity devices
10/09/14Method and integrating security context in network routing decisions
10/09/14Resilient and restorable dynamic device identification
09/18/14Systems and methods for distributing replication tasks within computing clusters
09/18/14Providing local cache coherency in a shared storage environment
09/18/14Enforcing policy-based compliance of virtual machine image configurations
09/18/14Systems and methods for identifying a secure application when connecting to a network
09/18/14Techniques for predicting and protecting spearphishing targets
09/18/14Systems and methods for determining potential impacts of applications on the security of computing systems
08/28/14Deduplication storage system with efficient reference updating and space reclamation
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08/21/14Method and technique for application and device control in a virtualized environment
07/24/14Secure and scalable detection of preselected data embedded in electronically transmitted messages
07/17/14Classifying samples using clustering
07/17/14Systems and methods for providing access to data accounts within user profiles via cloud-based storage services
07/03/14Systems and methods for enforcing data-loss-prevention policies using mobile sensors
07/03/14System and vulnerability risk analysis
06/19/14User interface and workflow for performing machine learning
06/19/14Providing optimized quality of service to prioritized virtual machines and applications based on quality of shared resources
06/05/14Systems and methods for performing customized large-scale data analytics
06/05/14Methods and systems for secure storage segmentation based on security context in a virtual environment
05/29/14Systems and methods for eliminating redundant security analyses on network data packets
05/22/14Methods and systems for enabling community-tested security features for legacy applications
05/22/14Using telemetry to reduce malware definition package size
05/15/14Method and system of performing incremental sql server database backups
05/01/14Malware detection driven user authentication and transaction authorization
04/10/14Locality aware, two-level fingerprint caching
03/27/14Automated separation of corporate and private data for backup and archiving
03/13/14Systems and methods for performing selective deep packet inspection
03/06/14Techniques for recovering a virtual machine
03/06/14Systems and methods for detecting illegitimate applications
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02/27/14Global indexing within an enterprise object store file system
01/23/14Systems and methods for updating a software product
01/23/14Using metadata in security tokens to prevent coordinated gaming in a reputation system
12/26/13Sequential block allocation in a memory
12/19/13Techniques for providing dynamic account and device management
12/12/13Systems and methods for implementing multi-factor authentication
12/05/13Systems and methods for disaster recovery of multi-tier applications
10/17/13Multi-tier storage using multiple file sets
10/10/13Method and system for co-existence of live migration protocols and cluster server failover protocols
10/03/13Systems and methods for using property tables to perform non-iterative malware scans
09/26/13Systems and methods for secure third-party data storage
09/26/13Systems and methods for secure third-party data storage
09/19/13Method and system for implementing fast incremental backups
09/19/13Shared storage access management systems and methods
09/12/13Managing credentials
09/12/13Systems and methods for using quick response codes to activate software applications
08/29/13Systems and methods for maintaining group membership records
08/08/13Intelligent failover or shutdown of an application using input/output shipping in response to loss of connectivity to data storage in a cluster
08/01/13Method and system for multi-layer differential load balancing in tightly coupled clusters
08/01/13Method and system for cluster wide adaptive i/o scheduling by a multipathing driver
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08/01/13Subsequent operation input reduction virtual machines
07/25/13Volume and partial volume merge to synchronize to non-homogeneous drive layouts
07/18/13System and scalable reference management in a deduplication based storage system
07/04/13Automated policy management in a virtual machine environment
07/04/13Resource throttling and automated policy management in a virtual machine enviromnent
06/27/13Systems and methods for safely migrating to virtualized platforms
06/13/13Systems and methods for restoring application data
06/13/13Archive systems and methods
06/13/13Format-preserving deduplication of data
06/06/13Provisioning multiple digital certificates
05/30/13Combining multiple digital certificates
05/16/13Cluster systems and methods
05/09/13Application protection through a combined functionality failure manager
05/02/13Managing backups of data objects in containers
05/02/13Digital whiteboard implementation
04/11/13Short-range mobile honeypot for sampling and tracking threats
04/04/13Method and system for automatic application recommendation
04/04/13Cloud information migration systems and methods
04/04/13System and filesystem deduplication using variable length sharing
04/04/13Fast i/o failure detection and cluster wide failover
04/04/13Hygiene-based computer security
03/28/13Conversion of physical computers to virtualized environments method and system
03/28/13Database restore using incremental backups in reverse order
03/21/13Method and system for tactile signaled authentication
03/21/13Data storage dedeuplication systems and methods
03/21/13Storage management systems and methods
03/07/13Using aggregated dns information originating from multiple sources to detect anomalous dns name resolutions
02/14/13Systems and methods for fault recovery in multi-tier applications
02/14/13Method and system for automatic authentication
01/24/13Method and system for a fast full style system check using multithreaded read ahead
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01/24/13Method and system for storing data in compliance with a compression handling instruction
01/24/13Method and system for implementing high availability storage on thinly provisioned arrays
01/24/13Lightweight directory access protocol (ldap) proxy
11/29/12Systems and methods for generating machine learning-based classifiers for detecting specific categories of sensitive information
11/22/12Dynamic insertion and removal of virtual software sub-layers
11/08/12Method and system for migrating a selected set of a virtual machines between volumes
11/08/12Techniques for providing access to data in dynamic shared accounts
11/01/12Data storage reclamation systems and methods
11/01/12Method and system for managing duplicate item display
10/25/12Reference volume for initial synchronization of a replicated volume group
10/25/12Method and system for reclaiming storage on a shared storage device or independent of the mount state of a file system
10/18/12Method and creating an information security policy based on a pre-configured template
10/11/12Method and system for performing a clean file lock recovery during a network filesystem server migration or failover
10/11/12Method and system for restarting file lock services at an adoptive node during a network filesystem server migration or failover
10/11/12Partitioning a directory while accessing the directory
10/11/12Determining file ownership of active and inactive files based on file access history
10/11/12Exclusive ip zone support systems and method
10/11/12Storage management systems and methods
10/11/12Policy for storing data objects in a multi-tier storage system
10/11/12Data storage resource management systems and methods
10/11/12Context sensitive power management for a resource
10/11/12Selecting an alternative path for an input/output request
10/04/12Global indexing within an enterprise object store file system
10/04/12Application wide name space for enterprise object store file system
10/04/12Managing performance within an enterprise object store file system
09/27/12Systems and methods for displaying trustworthiness classifications for files as visually overlaid icons
09/27/12Method and determining software trustworthiness
09/20/12Method and system for notification management
09/20/12Techniques for securing a checked-out virtual machine in a virtual desktop infrastructure

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