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Symbol Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Symbol Technologies Inc. Symbol Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Symbol Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Symbol Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/06/16Arrangement for and assessing a cause of poor electro-optical reading performance by displaying an image of a symbol that was poorly read
10/06/16Arrangement for and assessing efficiency of transactions involving products associated with electro-optically readable targets
09/01/16Peer-to-peer wireless communication network among rechargeable batteries
08/04/16Method and system for charging a battery
07/21/16Imaging barcode scanner for enhanced document capture
07/14/16Apparatus and system for operating a handheld barcode scanner in a presentation mode
07/14/16Low-profile, antenna structure for an rfid reader and making the antenna structure
06/23/16Method, device and system for picking items in a warehouse
06/23/16Portable data capture device
06/23/16Apparatus and adaptive notifications
06/23/16System and detecting items identified by radio frequency identification (rfid) tags in a smart shopping cart
06/09/16Field replaceable desiccant cartridge and device, method and system therefor
06/09/16Emmc functionality expander
06/09/16Apparatus for and estimating dimensions of an object associated with a code in automatic response to reading the code
06/02/16Apparatus and dynamically updating landmarks in a space during execution of natural language instructions
05/19/16Rfid tag locationing using dynamic beacon tag association
05/12/16System and automatically avoiding signal interference between product proximity subsystems that emit signals through mutually facing presentation windows of different workstations
05/12/16Bluetooth low energy i(ble)-based asset tag with integrated scanner for, and , transmitting an asset-identifying code as a beacon transmission
05/12/16Non-parametric and system for estimating dimensions of objects of arbitrary shape
05/05/16System and controlling display brightness
04/28/16Reducing interference from adjacent uncoordinated locationing systems
04/21/16Apparatus and specifying and aiming cameras at shelves
04/14/16System for and estimating bearings of radio frequency identification (rfid) tags that return rfid receive signals whose power is below a predetermined threshold
03/31/16Touch sensor and detecting touch input
03/31/16Apparatus and performing feedback reduction
03/24/16Co-located locationing techniologies
03/24/16Serially-connected bluetooth low energy nodes
03/17/16Ultrasonic locationing interleaved with alternate audio functions
03/03/16Formulation and fabricating a transparent force sensing layer
03/03/16Apparatus and performing an item picking process
03/03/16Method and directing data capture devices in a mobile unit with a single operation
02/25/16Acoustic transducer aging compensation with life indicator
02/18/16Synchronization of radio frequency identification readers using infrared pulse
02/18/16Reconfigurable rfid antenna assembly utilizing a common reflector code
02/04/16Two pass detection technique for non-echo pulsed ranging
02/04/16Ultrasonic locationing system using a dual phase pulse
02/04/16Detecting window deterioration on barcode scanning workstation
02/04/16System for, and , controlling target illumination for an imaging reader
02/04/16Private wireless communication network for guest users
12/31/15One touch scroll and select for a touch screen device
12/31/15System for, and , detecting the presence of a mobile communication device in proximity to an imaging reader and for automatically configuring the reader to read an electronic code displayed on the device upon such detection
12/24/15Locating a wireless communication attack
12/24/15Efficient optical illumination an imaging reader
12/03/15Method and performing power management functions
12/03/15Point-of-transaction workstation for, and , imaging sheet-like targets
12/03/15Apparatus and managing device operation using near field communication
11/26/15Compact imaging module and imaging reader for, and , detecting objects associated with targets to be read by image capture
11/26/15Aiming pattern shape as distance sensor for barcode scanner
11/19/15Imaging module and reader for, and , illuminating and imaging targets to be read over an extended range of working distances
11/12/15System and estimating true bearings of radio frequency identification (rfid) tags associated with items located directly underneath an overhead antenna array in a controlled area
11/12/15Apparatus and performing a variable data capture process
11/12/15Apparatus and activating a trigger mechanism
11/05/15Barcode imaging workstation having sequentially activated object sensors
11/05/15Method for controlling an alternative user interface in a device
10/29/15Decoding barcode using smart linear picklist
10/01/15Apparatus and detecting and correcting read disturb errors on a flash memory
10/01/15Locally-powered, polarization-insensitive antenna for rfid reader, and rfid system for, and , scanning item tags with one or more such antennas
10/01/15System for and rapidly determining true bearings of radio frequency identification (rfid) tags associated with items in a controlled area
10/01/15Optical lens for using in illumination system of imaging scanner
10/01/15Decoding indicia with polarized imaging
10/01/15Apparatus and updating remote standalone firmware
10/01/15Detection of an unauthorized wireless communication device
09/24/15Modifying rfid system operation using movement detection
09/10/15Compact, polarization-insensitive antenna for handheld rfid reader and making and using same
07/30/15Dual frequency ultrasonic locationing system
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07/16/15Method and providing a haptic feedback to a rotary knob
07/09/15Application for and preventing overhanging weighing platter of scale from tipping at product checkout system and mounting and removing the weighing platter without tools
07/02/15Method and transmitting a signal by a radio frequency identification reader
06/25/15Method and identifying an edge of an object using laser distance measurement
06/18/15System and heater power prioritization and distribution
06/18/15System for and accurately determining true bearings of radio frequency identification (rfid) tags associated with items in a controlled area
06/18/15Method and dimensioning box object
06/11/15Video assisted line-of-sight determination in a locationing system
05/28/15Optimizing focus plane position of imaging scanner
05/28/15Method of optimizing focus plane position of imaging scanner
05/14/15Wearable glove electronic device
05/14/15Externally mounted display device
05/14/15Apparatus and providing adaptive power state control based on ignition input
05/14/15Package-loading system
05/07/15Antenna array with asymmetric elements
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05/07/15Environmental controls for mobile electronic devices
05/07/15System for and adapting a mobile device having a camera to a reader for electro-optically reading targets
04/30/15Automatic mode change in ultrasonic locationing
04/30/15Decoding dpm indicia with polarized illumination
04/30/15Apparatus and producing an appropriate quantity of rfid reads
04/30/15Adaptive transmitter cluster area for ultrasonic locationing system
04/23/15Extensible and reconfigurable antenna
04/23/15Locationing system performance in non-line of sight conditions
03/26/15Identification using video analytics together with inertial sensor data
03/05/15Preventing purchased merchandise from being left at a checkout counter
02/26/15Cable retention mechanism
02/19/15Imaging scanner having near field communication device
02/19/15Apparatus for and minimizing specular reflections in imaging field of view of workstation that reads targets by image capture
02/12/15Ultrasonic locationing using flight time calculated from counter offsets
02/05/15Apparatus for and electro-optically reading a selected target by image capture from a picklist of targets
02/05/15Detection of multipath and transmit level adaptation thereto for ultrasonic locationing
02/05/15Method and capturing and extracting content from documents on a mobile device
02/05/15Method and capturing and processing content from context sensitive documents on a mobile device
01/22/15Compact aiming light assembly and imaging module for, and , generating an aiming light spot with increased brightness and uniformity from a light-emitting diode over an extended working distance range in an imaging reader
01/15/15Apparatus for and mitigating interference between pulsed ambient light and data capture devices
12/04/14Transparent display for data collection engine
11/27/14Apparatus for and imaging targets with a hybrid imaging lens assembly
11/20/14Apparatus for and electro-optically reading a target in the presence of ambient light by suppressing the ambient light
11/20/14Apparatus for and electro-optically reading a target in the presence of ambient light by rejecting the ambient light
11/20/14Ultrasonic locationing using enrollment mode
10/23/14Apparatus for and audibly guiding a user to a selected target from an array of targets
10/23/14Defining a radio frequency identification read area
10/02/14Measurement of reflected ultrasound signal for ultrasonic emitter gating control
09/25/14Determining movement of a radio frequency identification tag using a phase difference/frequency model
09/18/14Apparatus for, and , electro-optically reading targets by enabling a customer to move a customer-operated accessory reader supported by a clerk-operated workstation of a checkout system
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09/11/14Apparatus for and automatically integrating an auxiliary reader in a point-of-transaction system having a workstation reader
09/04/14Apparatus for and optimizing target reading performance of imaging reader in both handheld and hands-free modes of operation
08/21/14Mitigating audible cross talk
08/14/14Produce lift apparatus
07/17/14System for and locating radio frequency identification (rfid) tags associated with items in a controlled area
07/10/14Method of decoding barcode with imaging scanner having multiple object sensors
07/03/14Method of adjusting pointing directions of multiple cameras in barcode scanner
07/03/14Method of controlling illumination pulses to increase dynamic range in bioptic imager barcode scanner
06/19/14Method of driving focusing element in barcode imaging scanner
06/12/14Arrangement for and optimizing the monitoring of a controlled area with a radio frequency identification (rfid) tag reader having a phased antenna array
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06/12/14Orientation compensation using a mobile device camera and a reference marker
06/05/14Method and controlling illumination
05/29/14System for, and , configuring electro-optical reader as a keyboard device having a selected keyboard layout
05/29/14Bi-optical barcode scanning workstation with stitched sapphire windows
05/29/14Device and performing a functionality
05/29/14Input device on trigger mechanism for mobile device
05/29/14Staging a mobile device to an enterprise network securely using voice channel of a wireless wide area network (wwan)
05/29/14System and automatically activating a function of a mobile device with another device
05/22/14Truncation, compression, and encryption of rfid tag communications
05/15/14Reducing perceived brightness of illumination light source in electro-optical readers that illuminate and read targets by image capture
05/15/14Device and functionality sequencing
05/08/14Killswitch arrangement for and regulating laser output power in electro-optical readers
05/08/14Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser driver with improved output impedance
05/01/14Compact imaging module with adjustable aiming pattern and arrangement for and spatially adjusting the aiming pattern
05/01/14Non-echo ultrasonic doppler for corrected inertial navigation
04/24/14Method and stocking and/or restocking an item
04/24/14Method and operating an rfid reader
04/24/14Intentional aliasing of ultrasound to downconvert to audio tones
04/24/14Ultrasonic locationing using only time difference of arrival measurements
04/17/14Radio frequency identification tag and arrangement and associating tag data from the tag with code data from an optical code on the tag
04/10/14Imaging device having light field image sensor
04/10/14Object detecting system for imaging-based barcode readers
04/03/14Arrangement for and preventing overhanging weighing platter of scale from tipping at product checkout system and mounting and removing the weighing platter without tools
04/03/14Arrangement for and managing a soft keyboard on a mobile terminal connected with a handheld electro-optical reader via a bluetooth(r) paired connection
03/27/14Locationing using mobile device, camera, and a light source
03/27/14Arrangement for and alerting a user to context-based transactional information under which products are to be transacted at a point-of-transaction site
03/20/14System and device management on extensible and configurable detection of electronic device interactions
03/13/14System and roaming band preference
03/06/14Point-of-transaction checkout system for and processing targets electro-optically readable by a clerk-operated workstation and by a customer-operated accessory reader
03/06/14Checkout system for and preventing a customer-operated accessory reader facing a bagging area from imaging targets on products passed through a clerk-operated workstation to the bagging area
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02/27/14Co-located antenna arrangement
02/27/14Arrangement for and reading forms in correct orientation by image capture
02/20/14High performance scan engine with rear-facing image sensor in handheld arrangement for, and , imaging targets using the scan engine
02/13/14Image capture based on scanning resolution setting in imaging reader
02/13/14Ultrasonic locationing system using regional addressing with ultrasonic tones
02/13/14Arrangement for and reading symbol targets and form targets by image capture
02/13/14Real-time planogram generation and maintenance
02/06/14Electronic article surveillance systems, apparatus, and methods
01/30/14Mobile device for displaying a topographical area defined by a barcode
01/30/14Enhanced user interface for pressure sensitive touch screen
01/16/14Hands-free body-mounted presentation scanning
01/16/14Mobile computing device including an ergonomic handle
01/16/14Mobile computing unit for reducing usage fatigue
01/16/14Ergonomic arrangement for mobile computing device
01/16/14Pistol grip adapter for mobile device
01/09/14Apparatus and finding target distance from barode imaging scanner
01/02/14Arrangement for and preventing symbol misreads in electro-optical readers
01/02/14Device and eye tracking data trigger arrangement
01/02/14Adaptive standby access in a local area communication network
01/02/14Methods and adjusting heading direction in a navigation system
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12/26/13Methods and selecting barcode symbols
12/19/13Aiming system for imaging scanner
12/19/13Illumination system with prism for use in imaging scanner
12/12/13Locationing via phase difference correlation between two frequency pulses derived from a single frequency emitter ultrasonic burst
12/05/13Automated voice connection to a best-determined target
11/28/13System for and expediting checkout at point-of-sale stations
11/21/13Dimensioning accessory for mobile device
11/21/13Optical slot scanner having coaxial illuminaton
11/14/13Apparatus for an reading indicia by using non-readily visible illumination light
11/07/13Apparatus for and electro-optically reading direct part marking indicia by image capture
10/31/13Diffuser engine for barcode imaging scanner
10/24/13Method and representing state of charge on battery
10/24/13Dual frequency ultrasonic locationing system
10/24/13Orientation of an ultrasonic signal
10/03/13System for and expediting self-checkout at point-of-sale stations
09/26/13Mobile computer with integrated near field communication antenna
09/26/13Apparatus for and controlling imaging exposure of targets to be read
09/26/13Self-localization and self-orientation of a ceiling-mounted device
09/19/13Indicating ultrasonic data tag movement
09/12/13Radio frequency barrier in a wireless communication network
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09/05/13Radio frequency identification reader antenna arrangement with multiple linearly-polarized elements
08/29/13Reflector-backed rfid slot antenna with a cosecant-squared-like radiation pattern
08/22/13Ultrasonic positioning system with reverberation and flight time compensation
07/18/13Decoding barcodes displayed on cell phone
07/04/13Method and system for detecting an item being removed from an establishment without authorization using radio frequency identification
07/04/13Method and radio frequency identification (rfid) data transmission
07/04/13Portable data tag reader device, identifying a location of a data tag
06/27/13Aiming rolling shutter image sensors
06/27/13Imaging device having light field sensor
06/27/13Energy efficient roaming of a mobile device
06/27/13Method and system for access point assisted active roam scanning
06/27/13Methods and securing a software application on a mobile device
06/20/13Context based scanning and reading systems and methods
06/20/13Method and reading radio frequency identification tags with lowest power consumption
06/20/13Method and updating a central plan for an area based on a location of a plurality of radio frequency identification readers
06/20/13Method and improving radio frequency identification coverage
06/20/13Method and detecting the activation of a call button using radio frequency identification
06/20/13Method and locating an item within a radio frequency identification monitored area
06/20/13Method and verifying information associated with electronic labels
06/20/13Method and providing spatially selectable communications using deconstructed and delayed data streams
06/13/13Apparatus for and distinguishing among successive products entering a point-of-transaction workstation by detecting their exit therefrom
06/13/13Method and enhanced document capture
06/06/13Apparatus for and triggering electro-optical reading only when a target to be read is in a selected zone in a point-of-transaction workstation
05/30/13Low loss quarter wave radio frequency relay switch apparatus and method
05/30/13Apparatus for and uniformly illuminating fields of view in a point-of-transaction workstation
05/23/13Apparatus for and imaging targets with wide angle, athermalized, achromatic, hybrid imaging lens assembly
05/16/13Apparatus for and aligning non-rotationally symmetrical imaging lens aperture with an imaging sensor in an imaging reader
05/16/13Adapting radio frequency identification reqader power levels
05/16/13Distributed comb tapped multiband antenna
05/09/13Method and optimizing management and configuration of radio frequency identification readers
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05/09/13Rotating-polarization reflector-backed rfid loop antenna apparatus and method
04/25/13Apparatus for and reading targets by image capture by processing captured target images in a batch or free-running mode of operation
04/18/13Method and auto-detecting orientation of free-form document using barcode
04/11/13Apparatus for and reading targets arbitrarily oriented in imaging workstations
04/11/13Mobile device staging with rfid tags
04/11/13Modular headset computer
04/11/13Head-mounted computer with peripheral expansion port
04/04/13Mobile computer with keypad-embedded rfid antenna
03/28/13Document capture with imaging-based bar code readers
03/28/13Illumination system in imaging scanner
03/21/13Method of and imaging targets by utilizing multiple imaging modules with on-board local microprocessors
03/14/13Apparatus for and reading printed and electronic codes
02/28/13Object detecting system in imaging-based barcode readers
02/28/13Adjustable-orientation rfid tag reader systems and methods of their operation
02/14/13Divisible keyboard for imprecise input
02/14/13Mode change for near field communication reader
02/07/13Method and controlling output of the solid-state imager in a barcode reader
01/31/13Imager exposure, illumination and saturation controls in a point-of-transaction workstation
01/31/13Laser scanners having dynamic aiming-scanning mode
01/31/13Method for aiming imaging scanner with single trigger
01/31/13Modular water-saving device
01/31/13Method and auto-detecting orientation of free-form document using ocr
01/24/13Circulator tuning for reduced intermodulation distortion in a wireless communication device
01/17/13Truncation, compression, and encryption of rfid tag communications
01/03/13Object identification using barcode reader
01/03/13Compact hybrid imaging lens assembly in an imaging reader
01/03/13Individual exposure control over individually illuminated subfields of view split from an imager in a point-of-transaction workstation
01/03/13Method of and reader for electro-optically reading symbols on curved surfaces
12/27/12Tamper-resistant keypad for mobile device

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