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Synaptics Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Synaptics Incorporated. Synaptics Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Synaptics Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Synaptics Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17Systems and methods for authenticating a user of a biometric sensor
11/30/17Touch sensing circuit and semiconductor device
11/30/17Force sensor with uniform response in an axis
11/30/17Systems and methods for switching sensing regimes for gloved and ungloved user input
11/23/17Capacitive pointing stick assembly
11/02/17Differential force and touch sensing
11/02/17Hybrid capacitive and resistive sensing for force and touch
11/02/17Charge share for capacitive sensing devices
11/02/17Simultaneous ito sensing for touch and force
11/02/17Differential force and touch sensing
10/19/17Display device having an integrated sensing device with improved proximity sensing
10/19/17Multi-resolution fingerprint sensor
10/05/17Shape memory haptic actuator device
10/05/17Active pen signal detection
10/05/17Optimizing pixel settling in an integrated display and capacitive sensing device
10/05/17Capacitive side position extrapolation
10/05/17Capacitive sensing using non-integer excitation
10/05/17Likelihood detection of pressing finger in two-finger touch
10/05/17Combining trans-capacitance data with absolute-capacitance data for touch force estimates
10/05/17Capacitive sensing device with single reference channel
10/05/17Grip management
10/05/17Per-finger force detection using segmented sensor electrodes
10/05/17Resolving touch and press for multiple input objects
10/05/17Dynamic differential algorithm for side touch signals
10/05/17Reduced noise by performing processing during low-noise periods of interfering circuitry
10/05/17Optical biometric sensor having diffractive optical elements
10/05/17Biometric sensor with diverging optical element
10/05/17Efficient determination of biometric attribute for fast rejection of enrolled templates and other applications
10/05/17Temperature compensated offset cancellation for high-speed amplifiers
09/28/17Single axis gesture recognition
09/28/17Capacitive sensing with high pass filtering for segmantation
09/28/17Inflection based calibration force detector
09/28/17Capacitive sensing using discrete lighting elements
09/28/17Force sensing within display stack
09/28/17Force sensor recalibration
09/21/17Moisture management
09/21/17Frequency shifting techniques for concurrent display driving and touch sensing
09/14/17Capacitive sensing in an led display
09/14/17Hybrid force sensor
09/14/17Single layer sensor electrode layout for edge area sensing
09/07/17Mitigating spatially correlated noise in data from capacitive sensors
09/07/17Hybrid in-cell sensor topology
08/31/17Adaptive mechanical change compensation for force detector
08/24/17Force calibration for temperature
08/24/17Transcapacitive touch and force sensing in an input device
08/24/17Use based force auto-calibration
08/24/17Dithering a clock used to update a display to mitigate display artifacts
08/10/17Transparent fingerprint sensor pattern
08/03/17Press and move gesture
08/03/17Integrated capacitive fingeprint sensor
08/03/17Fingerprint sensor and button combinations and methods of making same
08/03/17Compound collimating system using apertures and collimators
08/03/17Initiating fingerprint capture with a touch screen
08/03/17Optical fingerprint sensor under a display
08/03/17Methods and systems for enrolling biometric data
07/06/17Electronic device keyboard spacebar with visual feedback associated with location sensing
07/06/17Active pen capacitive displacement gauge
07/06/17Localized haptics for two fingers
07/06/17Elliptical capacitive sensor electrode pattern and sensing therewith
07/06/17Single layer sensor pattern and sensing method
07/06/17Flexible grommet
07/06/17Optimizing pixel settling in an integrated display and capacitive sensing device
07/06/17Display noise subtraction via substantially orthogonal noise templates
07/06/17Mitigating common mode display noise using hybrid estimation approach
07/06/17Determining which hand is being used to operate a device using a fingerprint sensor
Patent Packs
06/29/17Inductive non-contact resistance measurement
06/29/17Routing conductors in an integrated display device and sensing device
06/29/17Display device with an integrated sensing device having multiple gate driver circuits
06/29/17Timing-controller-controlled power modes in touch-enabled source drivers
06/22/17Touch pad with flexible substrate
06/22/17Detecting hover distance with a capacitive sensor
06/22/17Edge-effect mitigation for capacitive sensors
06/15/17Flexible frequency shifting in a capacitive image sensor
06/15/17Using hybrid signal for large input object rejection
06/15/17Method and system for optical imaging using patterned illumination
06/08/17Device and synchronizing display and touch controller with host polling
06/08/17Display integrated optical fingerprint sensor with angle limiting reflector
06/08/17Optical sensor for integration in a display
06/08/17Optical sensor for integration over a display backplane
06/01/17Fingerprint sensing assemblies and methods of making
Patent Packs
05/25/17Method and improving capacitive sensing detection
05/25/17Methods and capacitively detecting key motion and finger presence on keyboard keys
05/18/17Determining thickness profiles for a dielectric layer within an input device
05/11/17Low ground mass artifact management
05/04/17System and generating reliable electrical connections
05/04/17Systems and methods for biometric authentication
04/27/17Capacitive sensing during non-display update times
04/27/17Press hard and move gesture
04/13/17Compensating force baseline artifacts in a capacitive sensor
04/06/17Signal strength enhancement in a biometric sensor array
03/30/17Oversampled step and wait system for capacitive sensing
03/30/17Row-based sensing on matrix pad sensors
03/30/17Sensing an active device's transmission using timing interleaved with display updates
03/30/17Two-dimensional absolute capacitance sensing using electrode guarding techniques
03/30/17Sensing frame averaging for cancelling display noise in simultaneous display and touch sensing
03/30/17Variable time anti-aliasing filter
03/30/17Mitigating interference in capacitance sensing
03/30/17Active canceling of display noise in simultaneous display and touch sensing
03/30/17Optical image sensor for display integration
03/30/17Secure visual feedback for fingerprint sensing
03/30/17Display device having power saving glance mode
03/30/17Ramp digital to analog converter
03/30/17Calibration of ramp digital to analog converter
03/23/17Controlling user interface force
03/23/17Input device having anti-static layer bypass
03/23/17Optical fingerprint sensor package
03/16/17Single point charger
03/16/17Continuous time anti-alias filter for capacitive touch sensing
03/09/17Single layer capacitive sensor pattern
03/02/17Method and improved input sensing using a display processor reference signal
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03/02/17Capacitive sensor architecture for biometric sensing
03/02/17Fingerprint sensor under thin face-sheet with aperture layer
03/02/17Multi-view fingerprint matching
02/23/17Scanned piezoelectric touch sensor device
02/16/17Sensor electrode path error diagnosis
02/16/17Acquiring multiple capacitive partial profiles for interleaved capacitive sensing
02/09/17Active matrix capacitive sensor for common-mode cancellation
02/02/17Adaptive low power vcom mode
01/26/17Temporary secure access via input object remaining in place
01/26/17Systems and methods for authenticating a user of a biometric sensor
Patent Packs
01/19/17Low profile illumination in an optical fingerprint sensor
01/05/17Optical fingerprint imaging using holography
01/05/17Active matrix capacitive fingerprint sensor with 2-tft pixel architecture for display integration
01/05/17Dynamic estimation of ground condition in a capacitive sensing device
01/05/17Active matrix capacitive fingerprint sensor with 1-tft pixel architecture for display integration
01/05/17Avoidance of bending effects in a touch sensor device
01/05/17Modulating a reference voltage to preform capacitive sensing
01/05/17Flexible display and touch driver ic architecture
01/05/17Regular via pattern for sensor-based input device
01/05/17Arrangement of sensor pads and display driver pads for input device
01/05/17Position-filtering for land-lift events
01/05/17Systems and methods for coarse-to-fine ridge-based biometric image alignment
01/05/17Rf emission spectrum randomization and targeted nulling for an electronic device
01/05/17Efficient high voltage square wave generator
01/05/17Modulation scheme for fingerprint sensing
01/05/17Active matrix capacitive fingerprint sensor for display integration based on charge sensing by a 2-tft pixel architecture
12/29/16Low-profile capacitive pointing stick
12/29/16Electrode combining for noise determination
12/29/16Force enhanced input device
12/29/16Multi-resolution fingerprint sensor
12/22/16Adaptive force sensing
12/15/16Display guarding techniques
12/08/16Calibrating charge mismatch in a baseline correction circuit
12/08/16Signal conditioner for high-speed data communications
12/08/16Finger detection with auto-baseline tracking
12/01/16Current-mode bandgap reference with proportional to absolute temperature current and zero temperature coefficient current generation
12/01/16Capacitive stereoscopic image sensing
12/01/16Hybrid large dynamic range capacitance sensing
12/01/16Matched filter for a first order sigma delta capacitance measurement system and a method to determine the same
11/24/16Packaging for fingerprint sensors and methods of manufacture
Patent Packs
11/17/16Multi-step incremental switching scheme
11/17/16Sensing force using transcapacitance with dedicated force receiver electrodes
11/17/16Integrated display device and sensing device with force sensing
11/10/16Force sensor substrate
11/03/16Interference mitigation in a capacitive sensing device
11/03/16Secure biometric authentication
10/20/16Methods and systems for detecting a position-based attribute of an object using digital codes
10/20/16Methods and capacitively detecting key motion and finger presence on a magnetic keyboard key
10/06/16Single receiver superdoze mode
10/06/16Differential readout for sensor array
10/06/16Force enhanced input device with shielded electrodes
10/06/16Matrix sensor with via routing
10/06/16Force enhanced input device vibration compensation
10/06/16Sensor array configurations for differential readout
10/06/16Sensor array with split-drive differential sensing
10/06/16Active pen reprogramming
09/29/16Capacitive measurement processing for mode changes
09/29/16Hybrid detection for a capacitance input device
09/22/16System and measuring individual force in multi-object sensing
09/15/16Input sensing and exclusion
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09/15/16Force sensor
09/01/16System and determining input object information from proximity and force measurements
09/01/16System and determining user input from occluded objects
09/01/16Image sensor structures for fingerprint sensing
08/25/16Active pen with bidirectional communication
08/18/16Baseline management with large input object detection
08/11/16Thermal baseline relaxation
08/04/16Optical sensor using collimator
07/14/16Two layer capacitive sensor
07/14/16Circular outline single layer pattern
07/07/16Source driver uplink as indicator of downlink status
07/07/16System and reducing display artifacts
07/07/16Multi-sensor touch integrated display driver configuration for capacitive sensing devices
07/07/16Point to point interface communication and reference
07/07/16Time sharing of display and sensing data
07/07/16Modulating a reference voltage to preform capacitive sensing
07/07/16Central receiver for performing capacitive sensing
07/07/16Modulating a reference voltage to perform capacitive sensing
06/30/16Input device including fold over sensor substrate
06/30/16Top mount clickpad module
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06/30/16Techniques for reducing cross talk for simultaneous touch sensing and display updating
06/30/16Opportunistic compression for display self refresh
06/30/16Separating a compressed stream into multiple streams
06/30/16Requesting display frames from a display source
06/30/16Switched-capacitor harmonic-reject mixer
06/23/16Low-profile capacitive pointing stick
06/23/16Detecting an active pen using a capacitive sensing device
06/23/16Reducing display artifacts after non-display update periods
06/23/16Capacitive sensing without a baseline
06/23/16Active input device support for a capacitive sensing device
06/23/16Asynchronous interference detection in a capacitive sensing system
06/23/16Fingerprint sensor and integratable electronic display
06/23/16Sensing objects using multiple transmitter frequencies
06/23/16Method and system for dual node sensing
06/23/16Shielding with display elements
06/23/16Overlay for display self refresh
06/23/16Resonator circuit for a modulated power supply
06/23/16Capacitive image sensor with selectable function electrodes
06/16/16Palm rejection visualization for passive stylus
06/16/16Switched capacitance techniques for input sensing
06/09/16Low latency inking
06/09/16Method of and system for enrolling and matching biometric data
06/02/16Button depress wakeup and wakeup strategy
05/26/16Smart resonating pen
05/26/16Pen with inductor
05/12/16Systems and methods for reducing effects of interference in input devices
04/28/16Scanned piezoelectric touch sensor device
04/28/16Magnetically biased retracting key assembly and keyboard
04/28/16Key including capacitive sensor
04/21/16Modulated power supply for reduced parasitic capacitance
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04/21/16Sensor side charge cancellation
04/14/16Low power navigation, devices, systems and methods
04/07/16Operating a touch screen control system according to a plurality of rule sets
03/31/16Current feedback techniques for capacitive sensing
03/31/16Combining sensor electrodes in a matrix sensor
03/31/16Real-time spectral noise monitoring for proximity sensing device
03/31/16Supply-modulation cross domain data interface
03/24/16Hybrid sensing to reduce latency
03/17/16Classifying input objects interacting with a capacitive button
03/17/16Shear force detection using capacitive sensors
03/17/16Device and localized force sensing
03/10/16Device and force and proximity sensing employing an intermediate shield electrode layer
02/25/16Low-profile capacitive pointing stick
02/25/16Fingerprint sensing assemblies and methods of making
02/25/16Retractable keyboard keys
02/18/16Device and localized force and proximity sensing
02/18/16Methods and systems for implementing modal changes in a device in response to proximity and force indications
02/18/16Location based object classification
02/11/16Device and proximity sensing with force imaging
02/11/16Single layer capacitive imaging sensors
02/11/16Multi-view fingerprint matching
02/11/16Systems and methods for image alignment
02/04/16Stackup for touch and force sensing
02/04/16Signal strength enhancement in a biometric sensor array
01/28/16Routing for an integrated display and input sensing device
01/28/16Full in-cell sensor
12/31/15Driving sensor electrodes for proximity sensing
12/31/15Techniques to determine x-position in gradient sensors
12/31/15System and determining input object information from proximity and force measurements

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