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Syngenta Participations Ag
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Syngenta Participations Ag_20100128
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Syngenta Participations Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Syngenta Participations Ag. Syngenta Participations Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Syngenta Participations Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Syngenta Participations Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17 new patent  Novel fungicidal pyridylamidines
04/20/17 new patent  Pesticidally active substituted pyridyl carboxamides
04/20/17 new patent  Pesticidally active heterocyclic derivatives with sulphur containing substituents
04/20/17 new patent  Ipomoea plant named `kpoz0001'
04/13/17Methods for distinguishing and identifying plant varieties
04/13/17Verbena plant named 'veaz0028'
04/06/17Compounds and compositions having knock-down activity against insect pests
04/06/17Campanula plant named 'cipz0003'
03/30/17Agrochemical formulation
03/30/17Verbena plant named 'veaz0027'
03/23/17Pesticidal compositions
03/23/17Insecticidally active amide derivatives with sulfur-substituted phenyl or pyridine groups
03/16/17Insecticidal compounds
03/16/17Microbiocidal heterobicyclic derivatives
03/16/17Lobelia plant named 'lobz0005'
03/09/17Herbicidal compounds
03/09/17Haploid induction compositions and methods for use therefor
03/02/17Vip3 interacting polypeptides and methods for identifying insecticidal agents
03/02/17Petunia plant named `pehy0018'
03/02/17Petunia plant named 'pehy0017'
02/23/17Genetic markers associated with drought tolerance in maize
02/23/17Microbicidally active imidazopyridine derivatives
02/16/17Process for the preparation of substituted cycloserines
02/09/17Lettuce variety stellita
02/09/17Pesticidal mixtures
02/09/17Method for controlling nematode pests
01/26/17Pepper plants and fruits with improved nutritional value
01/19/17Methods and compositions for identifying and enriching for cells comprising site specific genomic modifications
01/19/17Novel use of a dense and erect panicle 1 gene in improving nitrogen utilization efficiency
01/12/17Lobelia plant named 'lobz0010'
01/12/17Lobelia plant named 'lobz0011'
01/05/17Lettuce variety izabita
01/05/17Insecticidal compounds
01/05/17Insecticidal compounds
01/05/17Pesticidally active substituted 5,5-bicyclic heterocycles with sulphur containing substituents
01/05/17Benzoxaborole fungicides
01/05/17Benzoxaborole fungicides
12/22/16Plant growth regulating compounds
12/15/16Polymorphs of 3-difluoromethyl-1-methyl-1 h-pyrazole-4-carboxylic acid (9-dichloro-methylene-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1,4-methano-naphthalen-5-yl)-amide
12/15/16Resistance alleles in soybean
12/15/16Pelargonium plant named 'peqz0010'
12/15/16Pelargonium plant named 'peqz0009'
12/15/16Pelargonium plant named 'peqz0011'
12/08/16Microbiocidal heterobicyclic derivatives
12/08/16Microrna polymorphisms conferring enhanced drought tolerance in a plant
12/08/16Achillea plant named 'acbz0002'
12/08/16Saxifraga plant named 'saxz0013'
12/01/16Microbiocidally active benzoxaboroles
12/01/16Genetic markers associated with drought tolerance in maize
12/01/16Aubrieta plant named 'abrz0007'
12/01/16Iberis plant named 'ibsz0004'
11/17/16Tree injection system and methods
11/17/16Tree injection system and methods
11/17/16Chrysanthemum plant named 'cifz0032'
11/10/16Small interfering rnas with target-specific seed sequences
11/03/16Dihydro-hydantoin derivatives with herbicidal activity
11/03/16Methods for increasing resistance to soybean cyst nematode in soybean plants
10/20/16Insecticidal proteins
10/20/16Insecticidal proteins
10/06/16Pesticidal compounds based on arylthiosulfonamide derivatives
09/29/16Compounds that induce aba responses
09/29/16Calibrachoa plant named 'cbrz0008'
09/22/16Soybean cultivar ce1211377
09/22/16Soybean cultivar sj1210678
09/22/16Soybean cultivar sj1210829
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09/22/16Soybean cultivar sj1210512
09/22/16Soybean cultivar sj1213512
09/22/16Soybean cultivar cc1215412
09/22/16Soybean cultivar cc1217019
09/22/16Soybean cultivar cc1210319
09/22/16Soybean cultivar cc1215903
09/22/16Soybean cultivar cc1215927
09/22/16Soybean cultivar cc1211717
09/22/16Soybean cultivar cc1211979
09/22/16Soybean cultivar by1213080
09/22/16Soybean cultivar by131465
09/22/16Soybean cultivar by1210428
09/22/16Soybean cultivar by1210822
09/22/16Pesticidally active bicyclic heterocycles with sulphur containing substituents
09/15/16Herbicidal compounds
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09/15/16Soybean cultivar ar1112922
09/15/16Soybean cultivar ow1012353
09/15/16Soybean cultivar go110602
09/15/16Soybean cultivar bk1211980
09/15/16Soybean cultivar ow1213323
09/15/16Soybean cultivar ne1212391
09/15/16Soybean cultivar ce1211109
09/15/16Soybean cultivar ce1211339
09/15/161-(pyridazin-3-yl)-imidazolidin-2-one derivatives as herbicides
09/15/16Herbicidal compounds
09/08/16Soybean cultivar ar1215506
09/08/16Soybean cultivar ar1210886
09/08/16Soybean cultivar ar1210100
09/08/16Soybean cultivar ar1210856
09/08/16Soybean cultivar ar1210104
09/08/16Soybean cultivar ow1213195
09/08/16Soybean cultivar ar1215521
09/08/16Soybean cultivar ar1215506
09/08/16Pesticidally active bi- or tricyclic heterocycles with sulfur containing substituents
09/01/16Herbicidal compounds
08/25/16Planter exhaust air removing apparatus and use thereof
08/25/16Process for the preparation of 3-haloalkylpyrazoles
08/18/16Fungicidal compositions
08/18/16Verbena plant named 'veaz0029'
08/04/16Fungicidal compositions
08/04/16Heterocyclic amide compound and herbicide
08/04/16Novel hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase polypeptides and methods of use
08/04/16Methods for modulating the activity of insecticidal proteins
08/04/16Regulatory sequences for expressing gene products in plant reproductive tissue
07/28/16Novel bean variety achiever
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07/28/16Novel snap pea variety sugar 153
07/28/16Adjuvant compositions
07/28/16Insecticidal compounds
07/28/16Calibrachoa plant named 'cbrz0001'
07/28/16Calibrachoa plant named 'cbrz0007'
07/28/16Calibrachoa plant named 'cbrz0006'
07/14/16Pepper plant
07/14/16Chemical compounds
07/14/16Nucleic acid molecules encoding insecticidal proteins
07/14/16Verbena plant named 'veaz0023'
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07/14/16Dahlia plant named 'dahz0012'
07/14/16Dahlia plant named 'dahz0014'
07/14/16Dahlia plant named 'dahz0004'
07/14/16Dahlia plant named 'dahz0003'
07/07/16Petunia plant named 'pehy0006'
07/07/16Petunia plant named 'pehy0013'
07/07/16Petunia plant named 'pehy0008'
07/07/16Petunia plant named 'pehy0011'
07/07/16Petunia plant named 'pehy0015'
07/07/16Petunia plant named ' pehy0014'
07/07/16Petunia plant named 'pehy0012'
07/07/16Gaillardia plant named 'gaiz0005'
07/07/16Gaillardia plant named 'gaiz0001'
06/30/16Glyphosate resistant class 1 epsps genes
06/23/16Soybean cultivar ar1100280
06/23/16Novel compounds
06/23/16Clubroot resistant brassica oleracea plants
06/23/16Microrna polymorphisms conferring enhanced drought tolerance in a plant
06/23/16Lavandula plant named 'labz0006'
06/23/16Lavandula plant named 'labz0004'
06/16/16Pyridine-2-carboxamides as nematocides
06/16/16Novel microbiocides
06/16/16Process for the preparation of amides from hindered anilines containing a perhaloalkyl group
06/16/16Chemical compounds
06/16/16Methods of embryogenic tissue preparation for sugar cane transformation
06/16/16Lantana plant named 'lanz0012'
06/16/16Lavandula plant named 'laaz0005'
06/16/16Lavandula plant named 'labz0005'
06/16/16Sutera plant named 'sutz0001'
06/09/164-membered ring carboxamides used as nematicides
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06/09/16Chemical compounds
06/09/16Chemical compounds
06/09/16Novel process for the preparation of spiroheterocyclic pyrrolidine diones
06/09/16Chemical compounds
06/09/16Capsicum annuum plant named 'slp2b378'
06/09/16Capsicum annuum plant named 'slp2b365'
06/09/16Dahlia plant named 'dahz0001'
06/02/16Compositions for post-harvest treatment and related methods
05/19/16Variety corn line gaa2020
05/19/16Variety corn line gid2112
05/19/16Variety corn line iax3405
05/19/16Variety corn line id3636
05/19/16Variety corn line hid3753
05/19/16Variety corn line fa7656
05/19/16Variety corn line iax4438
05/19/16Variety corn line kci7538
05/19/16Variety corn line hba2631
05/05/16Physically and chemically stable agrichemical formulations
04/28/16Non-disruptive dna isolation from corn seeds
04/21/16Tank-mix formulations
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04/21/16Process for the stereoselective preparation of a pyrazole-carboxamide
04/21/16Lobelia plant named 'lobz00006'
04/07/16Soy gene cluster regions and methods of use
03/31/16Use of tetramic acid derivatives as nematicides
03/24/16Tank-mix formulations
03/17/16Markers associated with soybean rust resistance and methods of use therefor
03/17/16Process for the preparation of dihydropyrrole derivatives
03/17/16Crop enhancement
03/10/16Herbicidal compounds
03/03/16Improved weed control methods
03/03/16Strigolactam derivatives as plant growth regulating compounds
02/25/16Pesticidally active substituted pyridyl carboxamides
02/25/16Pesticidally active substituted pyridyl carboxamides
02/25/16Methods of controlling neonicotinoid resistant pests
02/25/16Methods of controlling neonicotinoid resistant pests
02/25/16Process for the preparation of thietane derivatives
02/25/16Chrysanthemum plant named 'cidz0065'
02/25/16Chrysanthemum plant named 'cidz0067'
02/25/16Chrysanthemum plant named 'cidz0068'
02/25/16Chrysanthemum plant named 'cidz0066'
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02/25/16Chrysanthemum plant named 'cidz0064"
02/25/16Chrysanthemum plant named 'cidz0062'
02/25/16Chrysanthemum plant named 'cidz0063'
02/25/16Chrysanthemum plant named 'cidz0061'
02/18/16Methods of controlling neonicotinoid resistant pests
02/18/16Process for the diastereoselective preparation of ruthenium complexes
02/04/16Insecticidal compounds
02/04/16Insecticidal compounds
02/04/16Guard cell expression cassettes compositions and methods of use thereof
01/28/16Methods for improving control of insects and related compositions
01/28/16Expression cassettes derived from maize
01/21/16Dihydrobenzofuran derivatives as insecticidal compounds
01/21/16Microbicidally active imidazopyridine derivatives
01/14/16Novel snap pea variety sugar 136
01/14/16Microbiocidal pyrazole derivatives
01/14/16Spiroindolinepiperidine derivatives
01/07/16Herbicidal composition and use thereof
01/07/16Novel carboxamide compounds
01/07/16Plant growth regulating compounds
01/07/16Poinsettia plant named 'eurz0002'
01/07/16Poinsettia plant named 'eurx0001'
12/31/15Process for the preparation of bis-dihaloalkyl pyrazoles
12/31/15Substituted amino azoles as plant growth regulators
12/24/15Fungicidal compositions comprising a carboxamide
12/24/15Fungicidal compositions comprising a carboxamide
12/24/15Difenoconazole sterepospmeric composition with reduced phytotoxicity
12/24/15Pesticidal compositions
12/10/15Novel microbiocides
12/10/15Pyrazoline derivatives as insecticidal compounds
11/26/15Biological control of coleopteran pests
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11/26/15Plant regulatory sequence
11/26/15Capsicum annuum plant named slp2b378
11/26/15Capsicum annuum plant named slp2b365
11/26/15Capsicum annumum plant named 'slp2b379'
11/19/15Corn event 5307
11/12/15Automated system for analyzing phytotoxicity
11/12/15Insecticidal compounds based on n-arylsulfanylmethylcarboxamidearylthiosulfonamides derivatives
11/12/15Method and spraying ground surfaces
10/29/15Methods of safening sugar cane plants with n-acylsulfamoylphenylureas
10/22/15Pesticidally active tricyclic pyridyl derivatives
10/15/15Insecticidal compounds
10/15/15Methods and kits for detection of a pathogen in sugarcane
10/08/15Rice seed treatment composition
10/01/15Soybean cultivar cc1211818
10/01/15Soybean cultivar cc1217018
10/01/15Soybean cultivar ar1211262
10/01/15Soybean cultivar ar1211948
10/01/15Soybean cultivar cc1211481
10/01/15Soybean cultivar cc1216972
10/01/15Soybean cultivar ce1210923
10/01/15Soybean cultivar ce1211033
10/01/15Soybean cultivar ce1211211
10/01/15Soybean cultivar sj1210844
10/01/15Soybean cultivar sj1214029
10/01/15Dihydrothiophene derivatives as insecticidal compounds
09/24/15Soybean cultivar wn1116094-1
09/24/15Liquid agrochemical compositions comprising a polymeric thickener and an alcohol-containing solvent system, and liquid herbicidal compositions having an alcohol-containing solvent system
09/17/15Pepper plants producing fruits with extreme dark green color

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