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Synopsys Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Synopsys Inc. Synopsys Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Synopsys Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Synopsys Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/12/17 new patent  Modeling a bus for a system design incorporating one or more programmable processors
10/12/17 new patent  Incrementally distributing logical wires onto physical sockets by reducing critical path delay
10/05/17Parasitic-aware blockage
10/05/17Scheme and design markup language for interoperability of electronic design application tool and browser
10/05/17Custom layout of integrated circuit (ic) designs
10/05/17Power harvesting for integrated circuits
09/28/17Method for testing computer program product
09/21/17Security remediation
09/14/17Analyzing delay variations and transition time variations for electronic circuits
09/07/17Detecting errors for function calls with an implicit receiver object
09/07/17Signal reconstruction in sequential logic circuitry
09/07/17Circuit verification on a distributed database processing system
09/07/17Capturing time-slice of emulation data for offline embedded software debug
08/31/17Reuse of extracted layout-dependent effects for circuit design using circuit stencils
08/31/17Testbench chaining for multiple blocks in hierarchical circuit design
08/31/17Interactive routing of connections in circuit using auto welding and auto cloning
08/31/17Creating and reusing customizable structured interconnects
08/31/17In-design real-time electrical impact verification flow
08/31/17Integrated circuit design using generation and instantiation of circuit stencils
08/31/17Image processing method
08/17/17Static timing analysis with improved accuracy and efficiency
08/17/17Configurable and programmable multi-core architecture with a specialized instruction set for embedded application based on neural networks
08/17/17Integrated circuit system with memory support and manufacture thereof
08/10/17Layer class relative density for technology modeling in ic technology
08/03/173d resist profile aware resolution enhancement techniques
08/03/17Entry finder for single layer differential group routing
07/20/17Incremental multi-patterning validation
07/20/17Pessimism reduction in static timing analysis
07/06/17Separating test coverage in software processes using shared memory
07/06/17Isolated debugging in an fpga based emulation environment
06/29/17Selective execution for partitioned parallel simulations
06/29/17Tined gate to control threshold voltage in a device formed of materials having piezoelectric properties
06/01/17Power-aware dynamic encoding
05/25/17Annotating isolated signals
05/25/17Topography simulation of etching and/or deposition on a physical structure
05/25/17Clock jitter emulation
05/25/17Floating node reduction using random walk method
05/25/17Multiple patterning layout decomposition considering complex coloring rules
05/11/17Scheme for masking output of scan chains in test circuit
05/11/17Memory tamper detection
05/11/17Dynamically loaded system-level simulation
05/11/17Interleaved analog-to-digital converter and calibrating an interleaved analog-to-digital converter
05/04/17Constructing fill shapes for double-patterning technology
05/04/17Buffer chain management for alleviating routing congestion
05/04/17Knowledge-based analog layout generator
05/04/17Atomic structure optimization
05/04/17Deterministic identifiers for source code elements
04/27/17Automatic control a true random number generator
04/27/17Automatically generated schematics and visualization
04/20/17Overlaying of clock and data propagation in emulation
04/20/17Determining slack estimates for multiple instances of a cell in a hierarchical circuit design
04/20/17Logic yield learning vehicle with phased design windows
04/13/17Signal reconstruction in sequential logic circuitry
03/30/17Waveform based reconstruction for emulation
03/30/17Alternative hierarchical views of a circuit design
03/23/17Method to approximate chemical potential in a ternary or quaternary semiconductor
03/23/17Equivalence checking of analog models
03/23/17Saving and restoring an emulation environment
03/23/17Placing and routing debugging logic
03/02/17Identifying failure indicating scan test cells of a circuit-under-test
03/02/17In-design real-time electrical impact verification flow
03/02/17Adaptive content dependent intra prediction mode coding
02/23/17Identifying failure mechanisms based on a population of scan diagnostic reports
02/23/17Accurate glitch detection
02/23/17Using sense amplifier as a write booster in memory operating with a large dual rail voltage supply differential
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02/16/17Evaluation of voltage domains in the presence of leakage and/or dynamic switching
02/16/17Protection scheme for embedded code
02/16/17Reference voltage generator for an analog-digital converter and analog-digital conversion
02/09/17Pre-silicon design rule evaluation
02/09/172d material super capacitors
02/02/17Sub-resolution assist feature implementation for shot generation
02/02/17Identifying software components in a software codebase
02/02/17Low power voltage regulator
01/26/17System and managing and composing verification engines
01/26/17Internet of things (iot) power and performance management technique and circuit methodology
01/26/17Semi-local ballistic mobility model
01/26/17Method to program bitcells of a rom array
01/26/17Methods for manufacturing integrated circuit devices having features with reduced edge curvature
01/19/17Software and hardware emulation system
01/19/17Power-and-ground (pg) network characterization and distributed pg network creation for hierarchical circuit designs
Patent Packs
01/12/17System and hierarchical power verification
01/12/17Method and word-level netlist preprocessing and analysis using same
01/05/17System and debugging multi-threaded processes
01/05/17Netlist abstraction for circuit design floorplanning
01/05/17Look-ahead timing prediction for multi-instance module (mim) engineering change order (eco)
01/05/17Validating a clock tree delay
01/05/17Detecting and displaying multi-patterning fix guidance
12/22/16Isolated debugging in an fpga based emulation environment
12/08/16Method for generating workload models from execution traces
12/08/16Simulation modeling frameworks for controller designs
12/08/16Integrated circuit on corrugated substrate
12/01/16Integrated mask-aware lithography modeling to support off-axis illumination and multi-tone masks
12/01/16Determining eco aggressor nets during incremental extraction
11/24/16Scheme for masking output of scan chains in test circuit
11/24/16Placing and routing debugging logic
11/24/16Isolation of ip units during emulation of a system on a chip
11/24/16Method and system for checking and correcting shoot-through in rtl simulation
11/24/16Method and cipher detection
11/17/16Method and automatic relative placement generation for clock trees
11/17/16Multi-scale simulation including first principles band structure extraction
11/17/163d resist profile aware etch-bias model
11/17/16Design tools for converting a finfet circuit into a circuit including nanowires and 2d material strips
11/17/16Sensing scheme for high speed memory circuits with single ended sensing
11/10/16Efficient event detection
11/10/16Efficient waveform generation for emulation
11/10/16Cells having transistors and interconnects including nanowires or 2d material strips
11/03/16Generating a circuit description for a multi-die field-programmable gate array
10/27/16Fpga trace memory
10/27/16Efficient resolution of latch race conditions in emulation
10/13/16System and reactive initialization based formal verification of electronic logic design
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10/13/16Area-delay-power efficient multibit flip-flop
10/06/16Clock-domain-crossing specific design mutations to model silicon behavior and measure verification robustness
10/06/16Method and modeling delays in emulation
10/06/16System and power verification using efficient merging of power state tables
09/29/16Scalable chip placement
09/29/16Nanowire or 2d material strips interconnects in an integrated circuit cell
09/22/16Transparent editing of physical data in hierarchical integrated circuit design
09/15/16Integrity protection for data storage
09/15/16Management of placement constraint regions in an electronic design automation (eda) system
09/15/16Method for achieving uniform etch depth using ion implantation and a timed etch
Patent Packs
09/08/16System and netlist clock domain crossing verification
08/25/16Methods for processing a computer simulation program and computer program product for implementing such a method
08/25/16Estimation of effective channel length for finfets and nano-wires
08/11/16First principles design automation tool
08/04/16Visual quality measure for real-time video processing
07/28/16Parameter extraction of dft
07/28/16X-propagation in emulation
07/28/16X-propagation in emulation using efficient memory
07/28/16Method and system for selecting stimulation signals for power estimation
07/14/16Circuit placement based on fuzzy clustering
07/14/16Asymmetric dense floating gate nonvolatile memory with decoupled capacitor
07/07/16Approximate functional matching in electronic systems
06/30/16Circuit design and optimization
06/30/16Methods and systems of detecting and analyzing correlated operations in a common storage
06/23/16Optimization of parasitic capacitance extraction using statistical variance reduction technique
06/23/16Low power verification a circuit description and system for automating a minimization of a circuit description
06/23/16Circuit technique to enhance slew rate for high speed applications
06/09/16Mapping intermediate material properties to target properties to screen materials
06/02/16Selective annotation of circuits for efficient formal verification with low power design considerations
06/02/16System for testing computer application
05/19/16System on chip i/o connectivity verification in presence of low power design considerations
05/05/16Managing model checks of sequential designs
05/05/16Automatic generation of properties to assist hardware emulation
05/05/16Methodology using fin-fet transistors
05/05/16Drc-based hotspot detection considering edge tolerance and incomplete specification
05/05/16Data storage element and signal processing method
04/21/16Method and transaction recording and visualization
04/21/16Simplifying modes of an electronic circuit by reducing constraints
04/14/16Buffer chain management for alleviating routing congestion
04/14/16Method and emulation and prototyping with variable cycle speed
Patent Packs
04/07/16Efficient power analysis
04/07/16Efficient emulation and logic analysis
04/07/16Matrix reduction for lithography simulation
03/31/16Optimizing designs of integrated circuits
03/31/16Method for organizing, controlling, and reporting on design mismatch information in ic physical design data
03/24/16Organization for virtual-flat expansion of physical data in physically-hierarchical ic designs
03/24/16Linear complexity prioritization of timing engineering change order failures
03/24/16Finfet with heterojunction and improved channel control
03/17/16Ic physical design using a tiling engine
03/10/16Selectively reducing graph based analysis pessimism
03/10/16Atomic scale grid for modeling semiconductor structures and fabrication processes
03/10/16Exponentially fitted approximation for anisotropic semiconductor equations
03/10/16Augmented simulation waveform propagation in delay calculation
03/03/16System and method using pass/fail test results to prioritize electronic design verification review
03/03/16Arrays with compact series connection for vertical nanowires realizations
02/18/16Memory data transfer method and system
02/18/16Generating a circuit description for a multi-die field-programmable gate array
02/18/16Integrated circuit for storing data
02/11/16Periodic signal measurement using statistical sampling
02/11/16Path-based floorplan analysis
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02/11/16Fixing of semiconductor hold time
02/11/16Sub-resolution assist feature implementation with shot optimization
02/11/16Finfet cell architecture with power traces
02/11/16Methods for manufacturing integrated circuit devices having features with reduced edge curvature
02/04/16Memory power supply load management
02/04/16Latch-up suppression and substrate noise coupling reduction through a substrate back-tie for 3d integrated circuits
02/04/16Optimizing constraint solving by rewriting at least one bit-slice constraint
02/04/16Delay-locked loop arrangement and operating a delay-locked loop circuit
01/28/16Diagnosis and debug with truncated simulation
01/28/16Calibration unit for calibrating an oscillator, oscillator arrangement and calibrating an oscillator
01/21/16Chip cross-section identification and rendering analysis
01/14/16Ground offset monitor and compensator
01/14/16Incremental slack margin propagation
01/14/16Elimination of illegal states within equivalence checking
01/14/16Method for modeling a photoresist profile
01/14/16Equivalence checking between two or more circuit designs that include square root circuits
12/31/15Scheduling in a multicore architecture
12/31/15Sub-module physical refinement flow
12/31/15Method for inserting and removing padding from packets
12/24/15Evaluation of thermal instability stress testing
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12/24/15Measurement of aggressor/victim capacitive coupling impact on timing
12/24/15Design tools for integrated circuit components including nanowires and 2d material strips
12/24/15Memory cells having transistors with different numbers of nanowires or 2d material strips
12/24/15Nanowire or 2d material strips interconnects in an integrated circuit cell
12/24/15Array with intercell conductors including nanowires or 2d material strips
12/24/15Cells having transistors and interconnects including nanowires or 2d material strips
12/17/15Command coverage analyzer
12/17/15Circuit skew compensation trigger system
12/10/15Efficient mechanism in hardware and software co-simulation system
12/10/15Method and system for generating a circuit design, calibration of an inspection process control and yield management
12/03/15Debug in a multicore architecture
11/26/15Negative plane usage with a virtual hierarchical layer
11/26/15Virtual hierarchical layer usage
11/26/15Virtual hierarchical layer patterning
11/26/15Virtual cell model geometry compression
11/26/15Virtual cell model usage
11/26/15Virtual hierarchical layer propagation
11/26/15Resolution enhancement techniques based on holographic imaging technology
11/12/15Floating metal fill capacitance calculation
11/12/15Phase interpolator with phase traversing for delay-locked loop
11/05/15Static analysis of computer code to determine impact of change to a code component upon a dependent code component
11/05/153d tcad simulation
11/05/15Sequential structure extraction by functional specification
11/05/15Multi-bit standard cells for consolidating transistors with selective sourcing
10/29/15Modifying a virtual processor model for hardware/software simulation
10/22/15Mask3d model accuracy enhancement for small feature coupling effect
10/22/15Finfet cell architecture with power traces
10/15/15Incremental functional verification of a circuit design
10/15/15Systems and methods for increasing debugging visibility of prototyping systems
10/15/15Integrated circuit devices having features with reduced edge curvature and methods for manufacturing the same
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10/08/15Categorized stitching guidance for triple-patterning technology
10/01/15Most activated memory portion handling
09/24/15Network flow based framework for clock tree optimization
09/24/15Goal-based cell partitioning in the presence of obstacles
09/17/15Finfet cell architecture with insulator structure
09/17/15Quality of results system
09/17/15Notch detection and correction in mask design data
09/10/15Extreme ultraviolet/soft x-ray laser nano-scale patterning using the demagnified talbot effect
09/10/15Determining a user-specified location in a graphical user interface of an electronic design automation tool
09/10/15High voltage switch with two or more outputs
09/03/15Hollow backlight unit
09/03/15Multi mode address spaces for pc to device transfer optimization
09/03/15Automatic layout modification tool with non-uniform grids
08/27/15Assertion extraction from design and its signal traces
08/13/15Identifying layout pattern candidates
08/13/15Placement of single-bit and multi-bit flip-flops
08/13/15Configurable fpga sockets
08/13/15Dynamically loaded system-level simulation
08/06/15Protection scheme for embedded code
07/30/15Method and automatic relative placement generation for clock trees
07/30/15Invariant sharing to speed up formal verification
07/30/15Virtual layer generation during failure analysis
07/23/15Placing transistors in proximity to through-silicon vias
07/09/15N-channel and p-channel end-to-end finfet cell architecture with relaxed gate pitch
06/25/15Generating hardware accelerators and processor offloads
06/18/15Controlling timing of negative charge injection to generate reliable negative bitline voltage
06/11/15Integrated mask-aware lithography modeling to support off-axis illumination and multi-tone masks
06/11/15Fault insertion for system verification
06/11/15Method and floating or applying voltage to a well of an integrated circuit

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