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Tata Consultancy Services Limited
Tata Consultancy Services Limited_20131212

Tata Consultancy Services Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Tata Consultancy Services Limited. Tata Consultancy Services Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Tata Consultancy Services Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Tata Consultancy Services Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Tagging text snippets
03/23/17 new patent  System, method, article of manufacture of mixed reality based, biometrically signed reusable physical financial instrument
03/16/17Static analysis based efficient elimination of false positive
03/16/17Authentication system and method
03/16/17Prioritizing and planning issues in automation
03/16/17Method and system to enable realtime availability of accessible content through multimodal, multichannel ecosystem
03/09/17Method and device for continuous blood pressure monitoring and estimation
03/09/17Method and system for facilitating real time detection of linear infrastructural objects by aerial imagery
03/09/17Estimating prospect lifetime values
03/09/17Predicting attribute values for user segmentation
03/02/17System and determining information and outliers from sensor data
03/02/17System and analysing temporal text data
03/02/17Methods and systems for shape based image analysis for detecting linear objects
03/02/17Generation of proof explanation in regulatory compliance management
03/02/17Framework for provisioning network services in cloud computing environment
03/02/17System and real-time transfer of audio and/or video streams through an ethernet avb network
02/23/17Computer implemented automatically deploying and versioning scripts in a computing environment
02/23/17Method and system for process automation in computing
02/23/17Method and system for compressing a video using background subtraction and change detection in videos
02/23/17Methods and systems for planning evacuation paths
02/16/17Computer implemented identifying project requirements
02/16/17Credit limit management system and method
02/09/17Methods and systems for transaction processing
02/09/17Model driven computational platform for integrated design of products, materials and manufacturing processes
02/09/17System and smart alerts
02/02/17Methods and systems for financial account access management
01/26/17System and facilitating optimization of cooling efficiency of a data center
01/26/17Evaluating performance of organizational units using human capital values
01/26/17Systems and methods for dynamic allocation of mobile agents
01/26/17System and image inpainting
01/26/17Systems and methods of authenticating and controlling access over customer data
01/26/17Method and system for device-to-device offloading in lte networks
01/19/17Method and system to optimize energy consumption in a zone with a multi-air handling unit (ahu) setup
01/19/17Methods and systems for landing of unmanned aerial vehicle
01/19/17System and energy sample forecasting of hvac-r systems
01/19/17System and risk management in a supply chain
01/19/17Method and system for enabling dynamic capacity planning
01/19/17Detecting physical random access channel preambles in a long term evolution communication system
01/05/17Method and system for fusing business data for distributional queries
01/05/17Determining location of a user device
12/29/16Devices and methods for energy benchmarking of buildings
12/29/16Method and system for generating functional test cases for software systems
12/29/16A predicting thermal-insights of a data center
12/29/16System and managing virtual environments in an infrastructure
12/22/16System and detecting outliers in real-time for a univariate time-series signal
12/22/16Assurance-enabled linde buzo gray (albg) data clustering
12/22/16Methods and systems for searching logical patterns
12/22/16Self-learning based crawling and rule-based data mining for automatic information extraction
12/22/16Computer implemented recognizing and counting products within images
12/22/16Impact analysis system and method
12/15/16System and generating service operation implementation
12/15/16Method and system for performing secure banking transactions
12/08/16Estimating cache size for cache routers in information centric networks
12/01/16Leak localization in water distribution networks
12/01/16Artificial intelligence based health management of host system
12/01/16Lane detection
11/24/16Multi-dimensional sensor data based human behaviour determination system and method
11/17/16System and estimating three-dimensional measurements of physical objects
11/17/16Method and system for planogram compliance check based on visual analysis
11/10/16A computer implemented providing robust communication links to unmanned aerial vehicles
11/03/16Systems and methods for contextual recommendation of learning content
11/03/16Method and system to include tetra ss-le member in public safety (ps) long term evolution group call service
10/27/16Method and system for noise cleaning of photoplethysmogram signals
10/27/16Attrition risk analyzer system and method
10/27/16Grouping of entities for delivery of tangible assets
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10/27/16Methods and systems for multi-factor authentication
10/20/16Determining a heart rate and a heart rate variability
10/20/16Method and system for ground truth determination in lane departure warning
10/20/16System and method to provide classification of noise data of human crowd
10/13/16Anomaly detection system and method
10/13/16Method and system for geo-demographic classification of a geographical region
10/13/16System and generating recommendations
10/06/16Backtracking indoor trajectories using mobile sensors
10/06/16Non-uniform intensity mapping using high performance enterprise computing system
10/06/16Identifying and characterizing an analogy in a document
10/06/16Knowledge representation on action graph database
10/06/16System and candidate profile screening
10/06/16Implementing retail customer analytics data model in a distributed computing environment
09/29/16System and monitoring driving behavior of a driver
09/29/16Context based conversation system
Patent Packs
09/29/16Masking of different content types
09/29/16System and method enabling multiparty and multi level authorizations for accessing confidential information
09/29/16System and determining psychological stress of a person
09/29/16System and providing automomous contextual information life cycle management
09/29/16System and agricultural activity monitoring and training
09/29/16Method and system for dynamically tracing a value realized by an information technology (it) service
09/29/16Computer implemented image texture determination
09/22/16Method and system for efficient selective backup strategy in an enterprise
09/22/16System and providing context driven hyper-personalized recommendation
09/22/16Concurrent principal component analysis computation
09/15/16Methods and devices for computing optimized credit scores
09/15/16Dynamic data masking for mainframe application
09/08/16System and identifying web elements present on a web-page
09/08/16System and reducing size of raw data by performing time-frequency data analysis
09/08/16Implementation and management of information security for distributed data storage systems
09/08/16System and managing digital maturity of an organization
09/08/16System and accessibility assessment of a web application
09/01/16Methods and systems for designing correlation filter
08/25/16System and evaluating a cognitive load on a user corresponding to a stimulus
08/25/16Window management for stream processing and stream reasoning
08/25/16Predicting customer lifetime value
08/25/16System and optimizing cooling efficiency of a data center
08/18/16Method and system for employee assesment
07/28/16System and facilitating homogenized distribution of airflow in a data center
07/28/16Computer implemented classification system and method
07/28/16Data analysis system and method to enable integrated view of customer information
07/28/16Method and system for provisioning curated insurance service
07/28/16System and image based location specific password construction and authentication
07/28/16Secure data communication
07/14/16Maintenance toolkit for the implementation of computer programs
Social Network Patent Pack
07/14/16Driver assessment and recommendation system in a vehicle
07/14/16System and estimating speed of a vehicle
07/07/16Method and system for monitoring quality control activities during development of a software application
07/07/16Real-time categorization of log events
06/30/16Predicting performance of a software application over a target system
06/23/16Video surveillance fraud detection
06/23/16Interpretation of a dataset
06/23/16Using social media for improving supply chain performance
06/16/16Performance assessment
06/16/16Method and system for classifying plant disease through crowdsourcing using a mobile communication device
Patent Packs
06/16/16Providing requested content in an overlay information centric networking (o-icn) architecture
06/16/16Method and system for optimal caching of content in an information centric networks (icn)
06/09/16Modeling and simulation of infrastructure architecture for big data
06/09/16System and quantification of escherichia coli bacteria in water
06/09/16Alert management system for enterprises
05/26/16Method and system for efficient transition of information technology operations
05/19/16Method and system for efficient performance prediction of structured query for big data
05/19/16System and distributed computation using heterogeneous computing nodes
05/12/16Selection of electroencephalography (eeg) channels valid for determining cognitive load of a subject
05/12/16Securing data on a computing system
05/12/16Data privacy management
05/12/16Identifying an industry specific e-maven
05/12/16Content collaboration
05/12/16Method and system for scheduling interference aware optimal uplink for device-to-device communication underlying lte networks
05/05/16System and processing electronic forms
05/05/16Method and image matching
04/28/16Estimating physiological parameters
04/28/16Determining cognitive load of a subject from electroencephalography (eeg) signals
04/28/16Knowledge representation in a multi-layered database
04/28/16Recommendation engine
04/28/16Method and system for integrated crop quality management and crop certification
04/28/16User driven smartphone scheduling enhancement for running data analytics application
04/21/16System and cross enterprise collaboration
04/21/16Issue extraction based on ticket mining
04/21/16Inventory management system
04/21/16Method and system for performing crash analysis of one or more vehicles
03/31/16Method and system for reviewing of clustered-code analysis warnings
03/24/16System and providing multi objective multi criteria vendor management
03/24/16System and facilitating quality assurance of a software application
03/17/16Agile estimation
Patent Packs
03/17/16Methods and systems for randomized message generation for cryptographic hash functions
03/03/16Method and system for structured simulation of enterprise model and data
02/25/16Monitoring activities of a software application
02/18/16Creating a user's proximity model in accordance with a user's feedback
02/11/16Measuring blood pressure
02/04/16System and forecasting a time series data
02/04/16Systems and methods for multi-channel data aggregation
02/04/16System and recommending services to customers
02/04/16Digital watermarking
02/04/16Segmenting objects in multimedia data
01/28/16System and executing a sparql query
01/21/16Warranty cost estimation based on computing a projected number of failures of products
01/21/16System and power effective participatory sensing
01/14/16System and determining speed of a vehicle based on gps speed
01/14/16Task allocation in a computing environment
01/14/16Assessing an information security governance of an enterprise
01/07/16System and prescriptive analytics
12/31/15Detecting an event from time-series data sequences
12/31/15System and processing a transaction
12/31/15Automating a process associated with a web based software application
Social Network Patent Pack
12/24/15Task scheduling assistance
12/24/15Constructing a 3d structure
12/24/15System and aggregating and estimating the bandwidth of multiple network interfaces
12/24/15Device, system and method providing data security and attribute based data access in participatory sensing
12/17/15User interface designing
12/17/15A efficient designing and operating cooling infrastructure in a data center
12/17/15A smart public alerts and notifications
12/10/15System and providing sensitive information access control
12/10/15System and interactively visualizing rules and exceptions
12/03/15Assigning an annotation to a variable and a statement in a source code of a software application
11/26/15Accessing enterprise data
11/26/15Survey data processing
11/26/15System and classifying a plurality of customer accounts
11/19/15System and generating vehicle movement plans in a large railway network
11/12/15Quadratic optimum trading positions for asian options
10/29/15System and designing services delivering value to stakeholders
10/22/15System and measuring the crowdedness of people at a place
10/15/15Performance analysis of organizational programs
09/24/15System and extracting a business rule embedded in an application source code
09/24/15System and parallelizing grid search method facilitating determination of pk-pd parameters
Social Network Patent Pack
09/24/15Email analytics
09/24/15Encoding and decoding of rna data
09/24/15Privacy utility trade off tool
09/24/15Method and system for facilitating knowledge management
09/24/15System and generating a campus recruitment plan for an organization
09/24/15Action based activity determination system and method
09/24/15Control plane optimization of communication networks
09/17/15Method and system for controlling a speed of a vehicle
09/17/15Selective profiling of applications
09/17/15Method and system for identifying a sensor to be deployed in a physical environment
09/17/15Privacy measurement and quantification
09/17/15System and detecting sensitivity content in time-series data
09/17/15System and modelling and simulating a decision making process of an enterprise
09/17/15Quadratic optimum trading positions for path-independent
09/10/15Time series analytics
09/10/15Primary and foreign key relationship identification with metadata analysis
09/10/15System and rectifying a typographical error in a text file
09/10/15Entity resolution from documents
09/10/15Multi range object detection device and method
09/10/15System and method to provide inventory optimization in a multi-echelon supply chain network
09/10/15Locally optimum trading positions for path-dependent options
09/10/15User authentication
09/10/15Computer implemented wi-fi based indoor localization
09/03/15System and determining total processing time for executing a plurality of jobs
09/03/15Space planning and optimization
09/03/15Real-time traffic detection
08/27/15Loop abstraction for model checking
08/27/15System and designing services using value quadrants
08/27/15System and method to analyze gap between customer experience and service provider experience
08/27/15System and monitoring customer experience through a service scenario diagram
Social Network Patent Pack
08/20/15Computer implemented determining a multi stage facility location and allocation
08/13/15Object detection system and method
08/13/15Apparatus and sales data gathering using mobile phone
08/13/15System and generating a driving profile of a user
08/13/15System and determining total processing time for executing a plurality of jobs
08/13/15Portable electronic device and recording mobility of the portable electronic device
08/06/15System and converting format of jobs associated with a job stream
08/06/15System and providing crowd sourcing platform for task allocation
07/23/15Gps based water logging detection and notification
07/23/15Entity resolution from documents
07/16/15Estimation of direction of motion of users on mobile devices
07/16/15Correlation analysis of performance metrices
07/16/15System and identifying related elements with respect to a query in a repository
07/09/15Dynamic selection of reliability of publishing data
07/09/15System and data compression
07/09/15Static posture based person identification
07/02/15Optimizing application resources
07/02/15System and selecting features for identifying human activities in a human-computer interacting environment
07/02/15Inventory management
07/02/15System and designing a network for one or more entities in an enterprise
06/25/15System and method predicting effect of cache on query elapsed response time during application development stage
06/25/15System and optimizing memory utilization in a database
06/25/15System and determining number of computing resources for executing a plurality of jobs
06/11/15Monitoring motion using skeleton recording devices
06/11/15System and creating structured event objects
06/11/15Data partitioning in internet-of-things (iot) network
05/28/15System and methods for facilitating authentication of an electronic device accessing plurality of mobile applications
05/28/15System and method facilitating performance prediction of multi-threaded application in presence of resource bottlenecks
05/21/15Methods and systems for tactile code interpretation

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