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Teijin Limited
Teijin Limited A Japanese Body Corporate Of

Teijin Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Teijin Limited. Teijin Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Teijin Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Teijin Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Separator for a non-aqueous secondary battery, and non-aqueous secondary battery

A separator for a non-aqueous secondary battery, the separator including: a porous substrate; and an adhesive porous layer provided on one or both sides of the porous substrate and including a polyvinylidene fluoride-based resin, the adhesive porous layer would exhibit a ratio of an area intensity of a β-phase-crystal-derived peak... Teijin Limited


A film having high transparency, weather resistance, moist heat resistance, excellent tensile characteristics, a good hue and high surface hardness. The film comprises: (a) 100 parts by weight of a polycarbonate resin (component a) containing a carbonate unit (A) represented by the following formula (A) and having a specific viscosity... Teijin Limited


Ticking having excellent flexibility is described. A woven fabric is obtained by using a multifilament having a monofilament fineness of not more than 0.5 dtex, the number of filaments of 100 or more and a total fineness of not more than 50 dtex and used as ticking. The woven fabric... Teijin Limited

Flame-retardant resin composition and molded article produced from same

wherein AL represents a branched or linear aliphatic hydrocarbon group having 1 to 5 carbon atoms, Ar represents a phenyl group, a naphthyl group, or an anthryl group each optionally substituted, n represents an integer of 1 to 3, and Ar can be bonded to any carbon atom in AL.... Teijin Limited

Carbon-fiber-reinforced resin composite material

A carbon-fiber-reinforced resin composite material includes: carbon fibers including carbon fiber bundles and a thermoplastic resin, in which (1) a coefficient of variation (CV1) of a total areal weight of the carbon-fiber-reinforced resin composite material is 10% or lower, (2) a coefficient of variation (CV2) of a carbon fiber volume... Teijin Limited

Fiber material for cement reinforcement

Provided is a fiber material for cement reinforcement, configured such that a resin A containing an isocyanate compound as a constituent component is present inside a fiber bundled body, and a resin B containing an epoxy resin as a constituent component is present on a surface of the fiber bundled... Teijin Limited

Polycarbonate resin composition and molded article thereof

A polycarbonate resin composition which has excellent low-temperature impact resistance and flowability high enough to enable thin molding and provides a coated molded article having a good appearance and high impact resistance. The resin composition comprises 100 parts by weight of a resin component including a polycarbonate resin (component A)... Teijin Limited

Separator for a non-aqueous electrolyte battery, non-aqueous electrolyte battery, and manufacturing non-aqueous electrolyte battery

In an embodiment of the present disclosure, provided is a separator for a non-aqueous electrolyte battery, the separator being composed of a composite membrane comprising: a porous substrate; and an adhesive porous layer provided on one side or both sides of the porous substrate and containing an adhesive resin, wherein... Teijin Limited

Protective equipment comprising alarm system

A protective equipment with an alarm system capable of ensuring safety, workability and convenience, as well as alerting to a life-threatening danger such as heatstroke is provided. The alarm system includes (i) a sensor for detecting a biometric information of a wearer of the protective equipment; (ii) a means for... Teijin Limited

Cosmetic repair of a thermoplastic carbon fiber composite

Methods of repairing a defect in a polymeric composite structure are provided. The methods include disposing a patch over a defect in a polymeric composite structure; disposing a textured sheet over the polymeric patch, applying pressure to the polymeric patch and the textured sheet; and heating the polymeric patch. The... Teijin Limited

Fabric and fiber product

In order to provide a fabric and a fiber product, which have hygroscopicity and durability as well as flame retardancy, a hydrophilizing agent is added to a fabric containing aramid fibers.... Teijin Limited

Resin composition

Provided are a resin composition controlled such that after keeping under a severe environment as in high temperature hot water or in hot water under chemically severe condition, such as an acidic or basic condition, etc., for a fixed period of time, it is quickly decomposed; and a structure thereof.... Teijin Limited

Thermosetting resin composition

(wherein Ar1 to Ar4 are each independently a phenylene group or naphthalene-diyl group which may be substituted by a substituent).... Teijin Limited

Impact resistant component for a vehicle

Provided is a load-carrying or non-load carrying structural component for a vehicle having improved impact resistance, such as a gas tank protection shield, an underbody shield, a structural panel, an interior floor, a floor pan, a roof, an exterior surface, a storage area, a glove box, a console box, a... Teijin Limited

In-situ polymerization of polyamides for composite part repair

Methods of repairing defects in polymeric composite structures are provided. The methods include filling or bonding defects with a pre-polymerization solution and polymerizing the pre-polymerization solution in situ. Patches or support structures can be disposed at the site of the defect to increase the strength of the repair or to... Teijin Limited

Multilayer body

at least one layer made of an aromatic polycarbonate resin (B).... Teijin Limited

Uniaxially stretched multi-layer laminate film, and optical member comprising same

Provided is a uniaxially stretched multi-layer laminate film including a first layer and a second layer alternately laminated each other, wherein the first layer is a layer containing a polyester, the polyester containing an ethylene naphthalate unit in an amount of 50 mol % or more and 100 mol %... Teijin Limited

Substrate for liquid filter and producing the same

An embodiment of the invention provides a substrate for a liquid filter, the substrate including at least one A layer which is a microporous membrane-like layer containing a polyolefin, and at least one B layer which is a microporous membrane-like layer containing a polyolefin and a filler, the substrate having... Teijin Limited

Reinforcing fiber bundle and producing same

A fiber reinforcing bundle with a sizing agent adhering to the surface thereof is provided, in which the sizing agent contains a thermoplastic resin as a main component and an emulsion or a dispersion, and in which a melt viscosity of a solid content of the sizing agent at 150°... Teijin Limited

Polylactic acid composition, formed article obtained from polylactic acid composition, and producing polylactic acid composition

Even when a tin-based polymerization catalyst and a phosphorus-based compound are present in a poly-L-lactic acid (A) and a poly-D-lactic acid (B), by using a specific proportion of an organic acid metal salt or an organic metal salt for stereocomplex crystallization, a stereocomplex polylactic acid composition having a high stereocomplex... Teijin Limited

Carbon fiber reinforced resin processed product having end surface and manufacturing the same

The present invention is aimed to provide a carbon fiber reinforced resin processed product which is almost free from the problems described above on a processed surface subjected to cutting or the like and has an end surface where generation of a burr is suppressed, has favorable surface properties, and... Teijin Limited

Polymer substrate with hard coat layer and manufacturing such polymer substrate

A polymer substrate with hard coating layer is provided that comprises a polymer substrate (60) having a thickness of 1 mm to 20 mm and a hard coating layer (70,80) on the surface thereof. Here, in this polymer substrate with hard coating layer, the hard coating layer (70,80) is laminated... Teijin Limited

Fibrous carbon-containing electrode mixture layer for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries, electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries comprising same, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery

The present invention provides an electrode mixture layer for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries, which contains an electrode active material, a carbon-based conductive agent containing fibrous carbon having an average effective length of 10 μm, and a binder, and which has a thickness of 50 μm or more. This electrode mixture... Teijin Limited

Shaped product of fiber-reinforced composite material and manufacturing the same

A shaped product of a fiber-reinforced composite material includes a well-shaped part and a surface-shaped part, in which the well-shaped part includes a fiber-reinforced composite material C including both discontinuous reinforcing fibers and a thermoplastic resin, and the surface-shaped part includes a thermoplastic-resin-based material, and the shaped product includes no... Teijin Limited

Information processing apparatus and information processing method

An information processing apparatus includes: a first storage to store correspondence data that includes a plurality of mental and physical states and keywords related to each of the states; a second storage to store messages representing contents tweeted for an observed target by a plurality of observers; and a data... Teijin Limited

Composite material including unidirectional continuous fibers and thermoplastic resin

0.001≦(1−dc/(dr*(Vr/100)+df*(Vf/100))≦0.1  Expression (3).... Teijin Limited

Flame-retardant resin composition and article molded from same

wherein AL is a branched or linear aliphatic hydrocarbon group having 1 to 5 carbon atoms, Ar is a phenyl group, a naphthyl group, or an anthryl group optionally having a substituent in an aromatic ring, n represents an integer of 1 to 3, and Ar can be bonded to... Teijin Limited

Fiber-reinforced plastic joined body, producing fiber-reinforced plastic joined body, and fiber-reinforced molded article

(3) an application surface of the molded article (X) to which ultrasonic sound is applied is smooth.... Teijin Limited

Quilt cover

The quilt cover has a part composed of cloth “a” containing fibers “A” having a monofilament diameter of 10 to 10,000 nm.... Teijin Limited

Polycarbonate resin composition

wherein R1 is an alkylene group, a cycloalkylene group, or an arylalkylene group which has 1 to 22 carbon atoms and may be linear or branched.... Teijin Limited

Colored organic fiber, cloth, and garments, and producing cloth

A problem of the invention is to provide a colored organic fiber that has a deep color and excellent flame retardancy, a cloth and garments each composed of the foregoing organic fiber, and a method for producing a cloth. To solve this problem, a colored organic fiber having a content... Teijin Limited

Marked composite material and producing the same

Disclosed is a composite material including a black pigment, carbon fibers, and a resin, wherein marking is applied with a laser having a wavelength of 100 to 2,000 nm on the composite material having 1) an area proportion of the carbon fibers in its topmost surface layer of 10 to... Teijin Limited

Transducer including fibers and outputting and inputting an electric signal

A transducer in the form of cloth having high flexibility obtained by manufacturing a conventional woven or knitted fabric structure using general-purpose fiber materials. The transducer includes piezoelectric units, each including two conductive fibers and one piezoelectric fiber arranged substantially on the same plane in the order of the conductive... Teijin Limited

Molded product having stay portion and production molded product

The present invention provides a molded product containing carbon fibers and a thermoplastic resin. The molded product has a stay portion, and the volume V of the stay portion and the thickness t of the molded product satisfy 1<V/t<60 (unit: mm2).... Teijin Limited

Fiber cord for reinforcement and producing the same

A fiber cord for reinforcement has an adhesive treatment agent attached to a surface thereof and includes, in an inner layer part thereof, two kinds of compounds each having a molecular weight of less than 1,000. The main compound is an aromatic compound or contains an α-dicarboxylic acid component, and... Teijin Limited

01/19/17 / #20170016503

Resin-made impact absorption member

L={r×tan(45°−A/2)}/t1   (1)... Teijin Limited

01/19/17 / #20170017117

Reflective polarizing film for liquid crystal display polarizer, polarizer for liquid crystal display comprising same, optical member for liquid crystal display, and liquid crystal display

A reflective polarizing film for a liquid crystal display polarizer that has a high polarization performance and eliminates a hue shift at an oblique azimuth of 45°, a polarizer for a liquid crystal display composed of the same, an optical member for a liquid crystal display, and a liquid crystal... Teijin Limited

01/12/17 / #20170008260

Molding material for multi-layered structure and molded article of multi-layered structure

where q is the number of flow units of carbon fibers included in the thermoplastic resin layer per 1 mm2 unit area, Ln is a number-average fiber length (mm) of the carbon fibers, and h is a thickness (mm) of the thermoplastic resin layer.... Teijin Limited

01/05/17 / #20170005307

Separator for nonaqueous secondary battery, and nonaqueous secondary battery

A separator for a nonaqueous secondary battery, including a porous substrate and an adhesive porous layer that is formed on at least one side of the porous substrate and contains a carbon material and a polyvinylidene fluoride resin. The separator has an initial static voltage of 0 V as measured... Teijin Limited

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