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Tektronix Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Tektronix Inc. Tektronix Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Tektronix Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Tektronix Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/06/17Low complexity perceptual visual quality evaluation for jpeg2000 compressed streams
03/30/17Offset stacked compressor amplifiers in a discrete digitizer system for noise reduction and increased resolution
03/30/17Adaptive compensation for internal asymmetric delay in network based timing systems
03/23/17Method for automatically finding the optimum sampling point in an eye diagram
03/16/17Reduced stress electrical connector
03/16/17Test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing and a linear time-periodic filter
03/09/17Continuous rf signal visualization with high resolution
02/23/17Test connector for coaxial cables
02/23/17Test and measurement probe with adjustable test point contact
02/16/17Cable assembly with spine for instrument probe
02/16/17Synchronization of unstable signal sources for use in a phase stable instrument
02/02/17Apparatus and time correlated signal acquisition and viewing
01/26/17Time corrected time-domain reflectometer
01/19/17High bandwidth differential lead with device connection
01/12/17Method and system for optimizing a communication network feature prior to implementing a new service
01/05/17Automatic frequency prescaler
12/29/16Method for ordering monitored packets with tightly-coupled processing elements
12/22/16Electronically variable analog delay line
12/15/16High bandwidth and input impedance electro-optic probe
12/15/16Circulating resampling digitizer
12/01/16Electro-optic probe with multiple sensitivity ranges
11/24/16Anomalous pixel detection
11/17/16Dynamic calibration of data patterns
11/03/16Clock recovery for data signals
10/06/16Cable restraint system
10/06/16High impedance compliant probe tip
10/06/16Band overlay separator
10/06/16Intensity information display
10/06/16Mobility determination using likelihood estimation
10/06/16Systems, methods and devices for deriving subscriber and device identifiers in a communication network
09/01/16Locking foot
08/18/16Knowledge base radio and core network prescriptive root cause analysis
08/18/16Automated equipment characterization from wireless network data
08/11/16System and grouping an unbounded dataset into groups that can be subsequently binned
08/04/16De-embedding cable effect for waveform monitoring for arbitrary waveform and function generator
07/28/16Calibration for test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing
07/21/16Architecture for a transparently-scalable, ultra-high-throughput storage network
07/14/16Mechanism for determining location history via multiple historical predictors
06/30/16High impedance compliant probe tip
06/23/16Fault detection for a flexible probe tip
06/16/16Magnetic probe cable anchor with metal marker bands
05/26/16Apparatus enabling use of a reference diode to compare against a device under test in relative amplitude and phase measurements
05/26/16Test and measurement device for measuring integrated coherent optical receiver
04/28/16Hardware trigger generation from a declarative protocol description
04/28/16Deriving hardware acceleration of decoding from a declarative protocol description
04/21/16Method to determine ber (bit error rate) from an eye diagram
04/14/16Internal chirp generator with time aligned acquisition in a mixed-domain oscilloscope
04/07/16Stream-based object storage solution for real-time applications
03/17/16Automatic probe ground connection checking techniques
03/17/16Multi-scope control and synchronization system
03/17/16Systems, methods and devices for determining key performance indicators using inferential statistics
03/03/16Synchronization for multiple arbitrary waveform generators
03/03/16Methods and devices to efficiently determine node delay in a communication network
02/18/16Signal acquisition probe storing compressed or compressed and filtered time domain impulse or step response data for use in a signal measurement system
02/04/16Double quadrature with adaptive phase shift for improved phase reference performance
02/04/16Tri-mode probe with automatic skew adjustment
02/04/16Method for performing joint jitter and amplitude noise analysis on a real time oscilloscope
01/21/16Method for determining a correlated waveform on a real time oscilloscope
01/21/16S-parameter measurements using real-time oscilloscopes
12/31/15Dynamic selection of source table for db rollup aggregation and query rewrite based on model driven definitions and cardinality estimates
12/24/15Phase noise correction system for discrete time signal processing
12/10/15Bandwidth efficient processing and filtering across distributed databases
12/03/15Stop weighted waveform
12/03/15Millimeter-wave electro-mechanical stripline switch
12/03/15Methods and systems for analyzing decomposed uncorrelated signal impairments
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11/26/15Dynamic mask testing
11/12/15Selective real-time gtp session tracking using distributed processing techniques
10/29/15Multiple rasterizing displays for multiple rois in an overlaid display
10/29/15Methods and policies to support a quality-of-storage network
10/22/15Streaming video monitoring using cdn data feeds
10/15/15Test and measurement instrument having advanced triggering capability
10/08/15F-stop weighted waveform with picture monitor markers
10/08/15Depth of field indication using focus-peaking picture markers
09/24/15Integrated soldering device
08/27/15Dynamic compensation circuit
08/27/15Cable mounted modularized signal conditioning apparatus system
08/06/15Laminated punched sheet metal electronic enclosure/shield with integrated gaskets
07/30/15Method for probe equalization
07/23/15Pulse amplitude modulation (pam) bit error test and measurement
07/16/15Systems and methods for resolving clock time between asynchronous time domains
Patent Packs
07/09/15Computation of a mobile subscriber's social rank to indicate importance
07/09/15Model handset model churn in a mobile network by tracking unique subscribers over time
07/09/15Determine service impacts due to device software upgrades
07/02/15Systems and methods for providing location based services
06/18/15Apparatus and method to measure display quality
06/18/15Measurement system including accessory with internal calibration signal
06/18/15Method of controlling electro-optical probe gain and sensitivity
06/18/15Extended range electro-optic voltage accessory
06/18/15Jitter buffer emulation for rtp streams in passive network monitoring systems
06/18/15System and method to correlate handover transitions between 3gpp network access and untrusted non-3gpp network access
06/18/15Dual faced atca backplane
06/11/15Determining mobile device location in a mobile network having repeaters
05/28/15High performance liga spring interconnect system for probing application
05/28/15High performance multiport connector system using liga springs
04/30/15Releaseable probe connection
04/23/15Checking closed caption consistency in transport stream in real/deferred time
04/09/15Stochastic rasterization of waveform trace displays
04/09/15Determining quality of experience confidence level for mobile subscribers
03/26/15Switched load time-domain reflectometer de-embed probe
03/26/15Two port vector network analyzer using de-embed probes
03/26/15Time-domain reflectometer de-embed probe
03/19/15Asynchronous time-interleaved digital to analog converter using harmonic mixing
03/12/15Geolocation tool
03/05/15Occupancy measurement and triggering in frequency domain bitmaps
02/26/15Isolated probe with digital multimeter or digital voltmeter
02/26/15Serial bit stream regular expression with states
01/29/15Switching loss measurement and plot in test and measurement instrument
01/15/15Frame analysis - a new way to analyze serial and other packetized data
01/15/15Systems and methods to handle codec changes in call quality calculations
01/08/15Traffic distance wireless communications systems
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01/01/15Signaling message correlation in lte access and core networks
12/25/14Apparatus and analyzing the quality of a cell in a mobile device network
12/25/14Robust high frequency connector
12/04/14Test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing
12/04/14Equivalent-time sampling techninque for non-coherently modulated signals
11/20/14System and gtp session persistence and recovery
10/30/14Low insertion loss electrostatic discharge (esd) limiter
10/30/14Novel single custom control to set various waveform parameters for generating waveforms in awg
10/09/14Device and method to prevent inter-system interference
10/09/14Relay failure detection system
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10/02/14Apparatus and displaying waveforms
10/02/14Variable blocking artifact size and offset detection
09/25/14Asynchronous time-interleaved waveform generator using harmonic mixing
09/11/14Design verification and diagnostics for image devices
08/28/14Minimum-time signal leakage detector
08/28/14Measurement of dc offsets in iq modulators
08/28/14Instrument lo used as alignment signal source
08/21/14Image appearance framework and applications for digital image creation and display
08/14/14Test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing
07/31/14Compact shunt for current measurement
06/26/14High bandwidth differential lead with device connection
06/19/14Test and measurement instrument user interface with move mode
06/19/14System for detecting structured artifacts in video sequences
06/19/14Monitoring traffic across diameter core agents
06/19/14Automatic center frequency and span setting in a test and measurement instrument
06/12/14Test and measurement instrument and switching waveform display styles
06/12/14Scrolling measurement display ticker for test and measurement instruments
05/22/14Automatic quadrature network with phase and amplitude detection
05/22/14Monitoring 3g/4g handovers in telecommunication networks
05/22/14Measurement of iq imbalance in a vector modulator
05/22/14Amplitude flatness and phase linearity calibration for rf sources
05/22/14Combinatorial mask triggering in time or frequency domain
05/15/14Methods and systems for aiding the analysis of a signal
05/01/14Dct based black frame detection using varying block size
05/01/14Heuristic scene cut detection in digital baseband video
05/01/14Magnitude and phase response calibration of receivers
05/01/14Deciphering internet protocol (ip) security in an ip multimedia subsystem (ims) using a monitoring system
05/01/14Loudness log for recovery of gated loudness measurements and associated analyzer
04/24/14Internal chirp generator with time aligned acquisition in a mixed-domain oscilloscope
04/03/14Rare anomaly triggering in a test and measurement instrument
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03/27/14Methods and systems for generating displays of waveforms
03/27/14Method and digital demodulation and further processing of signals obtained in the measurement of electrical bioimpedance or bioadmittance in an object
03/20/14Multiple protocol session record mapper
03/20/14Identification of communication devices in telecommunication networks
03/06/14Multi-domain test and measurement instrument
02/27/14Modular probe assembly having force protection and articulation
02/27/14Phase coherent playback in and arbitrary waveform generator
02/27/14Trigger display
02/27/14Measuring channel signal to noise metric using constellation data
02/27/14Virtual model adapter removal and substitution technique for cascaded networks
02/27/14Test and measurement instrument with auto-sync for bit-error detection
01/30/14Cross domain triggering in a test and measurement instrument
01/30/14System for improving probability of transient event detection
01/23/14Time interleaved analog to digital converter mismatch correction
01/09/14Logical triggering in the frequency domain
01/02/14Reduced size bias tee
01/02/14Almost real-time sampling for ground-penetrating radar impulses
01/02/14Selective display of waveforms governed by measured parameters
01/02/14S1-mme and lte-uu interface correlation in long term evolution networks
12/26/13Re-sampling s-parameters for serial data link analysis
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12/12/13Serial data link measurement and simulation system
11/28/13Automatically detecting in-band but out-of-span power in a frequency-domain test and measurement instrument
11/28/13Time-domain density triggering in a test and measurement instrument
11/07/13Time-correlation of data
11/07/13Systems and methods for dqs gating
10/31/13Minimal intrusion very low insertion loss technique to insert a device to a semi-rigid coaxial transmission line
10/24/13Tiling or blockiness detection based on spectral power signature
10/17/13Session-aware gtpv2 load balancing
10/17/13Session-aware gtpv1 load balancing
10/17/13Adaptive monitoring of telecommunications networks
09/19/13Test and measurement instrument and providing post-acquisition trigger control and presentation
09/12/13Arbitrary multiband overlay mixer bandwidth multiplication
09/05/13Apparatus and performing burst triggering in a test and measurement instrument
08/29/13Apparatus and performing burst triggering in a test and measurement instrument
08/29/13Signal acquisition system having reduced probe loading of a device under test
08/22/13Intelligent and scalable network monitoring utilizing a hierarchy of devices
08/08/13Polarization mode dispersion measurement by observation of data-bearing signals
08/01/13Integrated combiner with common mode correction
08/01/13Speech processing in telecommunication networks
07/04/13Method of viewing virtual display outputs
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07/04/13Method of detecting visual stress and photosensitive epilepsy triggers in video and mitigation device
07/04/13Method of predicting perceptual differences between memory and directly viewed colors in video
07/04/13Ground spring with strain relief
06/27/13Data integrity scoring and visualization for network and customer experience monitoring
06/27/13Confidence intervals for key performance indicators in communication networks
06/27/13Web page download time analysis
06/20/13Frequency mask trigger with non-uniform bandwidth segments
06/20/13Determining mean opinion scores (mos) for variable bit rate audio streams
06/20/13Signal-sensitive data compression
06/06/13Real time spectrum analyzer with zoom display
06/06/13Stereoscopic video temporal frame offset measurement
06/06/13Bounded uncorrelated signal impairment deconvolution for total signal impairment extrapolation
05/30/13Signal acquisition system having reduced probe loading of a device under test
05/23/13Evaluation of perceptual visual quality
05/16/13Protocol sensitive visual navigation apparatus
05/09/13Dynamic variable inter-symbol interference (is) stress impairment system
04/18/13Arbitrary multiband overlay mixer apparatus and bandwidth multiplication
03/28/13Enhanced awg wavef0rm calibration using s-parameters
03/28/13Enhanced awg waveform calibration using s-parameters
03/14/13System and automatic discovery of topology in an lte/sae network
03/14/13Monitoring over-the-top adaptive video streaming
03/07/13Interleaved rf triggering on a test and measurement instrument
02/21/13Apparatus and providing frequency domain display with visual indication of fft window shape
02/21/13Apparatus and time correlated signal acquisition and viewing
02/14/13Two stage adaptive equalizer for a batch receiver
02/07/13Means of providing variable reactive load capability on an electronic load
02/07/13Self-retaining via probe
01/24/13Wideband balun structure
01/10/13Digital-to-analog conversion with combined pulse modulators
01/03/13Apparatus for generation of corrected vector wideband rf signals
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12/20/12Methods and systems for providing optimum decision feedback equalization of high-speed serial data links
12/20/12System and hierarchical visualization of data
12/13/12Dual probing tip system
12/06/12Apparatus and oscillator resonator power control
12/06/12Continuous rf signal visualization with high resolution
12/06/12Probing tip for a signal acquisition probe
12/06/12Interleaved digital down-conversion on a test and measurement instrument
11/29/12Test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing
11/29/12Multiple protocol correlation and topology detection in ehrpd networks
11/01/12Method for automatically setting frequency span in a spectrum analyzer
11/01/12Automatic network topology detection and modeling
11/01/12Method of grouping waveforms for a single channel on a single display
10/25/12Signal acquisition system having a compensation digital filter
10/25/12Minimal reconfiguration spectrum stitching with overlapped bands
10/18/12Full reference system for predicting subjective quality of three-dimensional video
10/18/12System for natural language assessment of relative color quality
10/11/12Semi-automatic 3d stereoscopic disparity cursor
09/20/12Coherent optical signal processing
09/20/12Coherent optical signal processing
09/06/12Methods and systems for analyzing decomposed uncorrelated signal impairments
08/30/12Stereoscopic image registration and color balance evaluation display
08/16/12Lossless real-time line-rate filtering using pcap style filters and hardware assisted patricia trees
08/09/12Variable inter symbol interference generator
08/02/12Df/dt trigger system and method
08/02/12Test and measurement instrument with common presentation of time domain data
07/26/12Determining mobile video quality of experience and impact of video transcoding
07/12/12In-circuit data collection using configurable selection networks
06/28/12Disparity cursors for measurement of 3d images
06/28/12System and methods to efficiently measure stereoscopic disparity and to generate related mismatch images

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