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Telcordia Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Telcordia Technologies Inc. Telcordia Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telcordia Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telcordia Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/22/15Self-organizing distributed service overlay for wireless ad hoc networks
12/04/14Communication node operable to estimate faults in an ad hoc network and performing the same
05/15/14Architecture for open communication in a heterogeneous network
05/08/14Automated determination of quasi-identifiers using program analysis
03/20/14Method and system for improving personal productivity in home environments
03/20/14System and presenting customizable sports workouts
03/13/14Optimizing evaluation patterns and data acquisition for stream analytics in resource-constrained wireless environments
02/06/14Privacy-preserving aggregated data mining
01/16/14System and spammer host detection from network flow data profiles
01/16/14System and creating bgp route-based network traffic profiles to detect spoofed traffic
01/02/14Method for systematic modeling and evaluation of application flows
08/29/13System, method and program for embedding in line advertisements during a multi-factor authentication session
08/01/13System, method, control device and program for vehicle collision avoidance using cellular communication
08/01/13Critical date management
07/11/13Adaptive diversity for compressible return oriented programs
07/11/13Updating firmware in a hybrid computing environment
06/27/13Signaling protocol for multi-domain optical networks
06/06/13Method, system and program for verifying the authenticity of a website using a reliable telecommunication channel and pre-login message
06/06/13Security mobile ad hoc networks with efficient flooding mechanism using layer independent passive clustering (lipc)
05/16/13Model-theoretic approach to data anonymity and inference control
05/16/13Method, apparatus and program for detecting spoofed network traffic
05/02/13Method, system, network nodes, routers and program for bandwidth estimation in multi-hop networks
05/02/13System, method and program for customized voice communication
04/25/13Question conversion for information searching
04/18/13Open communication method in a heterogeneous network
04/11/13System and nonlinear optical devices
04/11/13System and nonlinear optical devices
04/11/13System and nonlinear optical devices
04/11/13Method and system for distributed, prioritized bandwidth allocation in networks
04/11/13System and nonlinear optical devices
02/28/13Method for automated distributed diagnostics for networks
02/14/13Distributed management of leo satellite networks with management agility and network efficiency
02/07/13Method and secure data representation allowing efficient collection, search and retrieval
01/17/13Ocdm-based all optical multi-level security
01/10/13System and assigning information categories to multicast groups
01/10/13Differential eye diagrams
01/03/13Oss support for control plane technology
12/27/12Switched link-based vehicular network architecture and method
12/27/12Network restoration under link or node failure using preconfigured virtual cycles
12/27/12Optimal network configuration repair
12/13/12Method and optimized analog rf optical links
11/22/12System and group communications in 3gpp machine-to-machine networks
11/08/12Directional notch filter for simultaneous transmit and receive of wideband signals
11/08/12Systems and methods for efficient radio frequency spectrum management in a scenario involving multiple mobile vehicles
11/08/12Method, system, user equipment and program for dynamically selecting proxies for communication with servers using known paths
11/01/12System and automated provisioning of services using single step routing and wavelength assignment algorithm in dwdm networks
11/01/12Computing diagnostic explanations of network faults from monitoring data
10/18/12Method and system for determination of routes in leo satellite networks with bandwidth and priority awareness and adaptive rerouting
10/18/12Architecture for open communication in a heterogeneous network
10/11/12Method and system for providing end-to-end qos in converged networks using probabilistic preferential admission control
09/20/12Distributed power level selection cellular wireless networks under joint constraints
09/20/12Multimedia service network and providing the same
09/13/12System and quantifying anchor placement impact placement on location accuracy
09/06/12Method and system supporting mobile coalitions
09/06/12System and a staggered execution environment
08/30/12System, method and program for telecom infrastructure virtualization and management
08/16/12Attention focusing model for nexting based on learning and reasoning
08/09/12Inter-local peer group (lpg) routing method
08/02/12Directional filter for separating closely spaced channels in an hf transceiver
08/02/12Architecture and realistic vehicular networking and applications visualization
07/26/12System and interactive projection and playback of relevant media segments onto the facets of three-dimensional shapes
06/21/12Low complexity iterative mimo receiver based on successive soft interference cancellation and mmse spatial filtering
05/31/12Context aware adaptive switching in reconfigurable low earth orbit satellite networks
05/31/12High rate rf link technology
05/24/12System and methodology for determination of advertisement effectiveness
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05/24/12Reconfiguration planning
05/10/12Skip ahead routing in wireless ad hoc networks
05/03/12Transponder pool sizing in highly dynamic translucent wdm optical networks
04/19/12Systems and methods for multi-beam optic-wireless vehicle communications
04/05/12P-cscf fast handoff for ims/mms architecture
04/05/12Obfuscating network traffic from previously collected network traffic
03/22/12Mobility policy updates for mobile devices
03/22/12Architecture, method, and program for generating realistic vehicular mobility patterns
03/22/12System and controlling and managing the delivery of digital media to devices on home networks
03/22/12Detection of global metamorphic malware variants using control and data flow analysis
03/08/12Virtual ad hoc network testbeds for network-aware applications
02/16/12Methods for reliable multicasting in local peer group (lpg) based vehicle ad hoc networks
02/16/12Self-organizing ims network and organizing and maintaining sessions
02/09/12System and method establishing trusted relationships to enable secure exchange of private information
02/02/12Method and system to support user-centric selection of point of attachment through momentary interactive multimedia experience conveyance and through correlation of web links to quality and experience metrics
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02/02/12Hybrid learning component for link state routing protocols
02/02/12Automated diversity using return oriented programming
01/26/12Public land mobile network selection procedures for simultaneous network connectivity through multiple accesses
01/26/12Cognitive network load prediction method and apparatus
01/26/12System and load balancing and handoff management based on flight plan and channel occupancy
01/26/12Robust information fusion methods for decision making for multisource data
01/19/12Query-based semantic analysis of ad hoc configuration languages for networks
01/19/12Verifying access-control policies with arithmetic quantifier-free form constraints
01/12/12Feasibility, convergence, and optimization of lte femto networks
01/05/12Optimizing evaluation patterns and data acquisition for stream analytics in resource-constrained wireless environments
12/08/11Real time monitoring, onset detection and control of congestive phase-transitions in communication networks
12/01/11Societal-scale graph-based interdiction for virus propagation slowdown in telecommunications networks
12/01/11System and a staggered execution environment
11/17/11System and preventing nformation inferencing from document collections
11/17/11System and determining firewall equivalence, union, intersection and difference
11/10/11Reconstruction of transient information in information delivery systems
11/03/11Method and detecting spoofed network traffic
10/27/11Distributed equitable bandwidth allocation for content distribution in a network
10/20/11Mode-locked optical amplifier as a source for a wdm-wdm hierarchy architecture
10/13/11Interference-adaptive uwb radio-based vehicle communication system for active-safety
09/29/11System and selective wavelength interleaved filtered technique (swift) adc
09/29/11Enabling capture, transmission and reconstruction of relative causitive contextural history for resource-constrained stream computing applications
09/22/11Automatic extraction of information from ongoing voice communication system and methods
09/22/11Multi-bit cryptographically secure encryptor for m-ary spectral phase encoder optical code division multiple access
09/22/11System and methods for ocdm-based optical encryption using subsets of phase-locked frequency lines
09/22/11System and methods for authenticating a receiver in an on-demand sender-receiver transaction
09/01/11Method to model vehicular communication networks as random geometric graphs
09/01/11High-probability heralded single-photon source and related method
09/01/11System and methods to perform public key infrastructure (pki) operations in vehicle networks using one-way communications infrastructure
09/01/11System and detecting and evicting malicious vehicles in a vehicle communications network
Social Network Patent Pack
08/18/11Secure key distribution for optical code division multiplexed based optical encryption
08/11/11Social network privacy by means of evolving access control
08/04/11Method and system for use in managing vehicle digital certificates
07/28/11Multi vendor npac administration peering
07/28/11System and methods for converting a temporally short and spectrally broad optical pulse into a train of spectrally narrow optical pulses
07/28/11System and resource allocation of a lte network integrated with femtocells
07/28/11System and a distributed fault tolerant network configuration repository
07/28/11Fault diagnosis employing probabilistic models and statistical learning
07/28/11Learning program behavior for anomaly detection
07/21/11Method and system for improving personal productivity in home environments
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06/30/11Non-blocking admission control
06/23/11Error-sensitive electronic directory synchronization system and methods
06/23/11Annotated advertisement referral system and methods
06/16/11Multimedia television program announcement system and methods
06/16/11Bridge protocol for flow-specific messages
06/16/11Modified overhead adjustment function
06/16/11Term-specific navigation information searching
06/16/11Systems and methods for authenticating a server by combining image recognition with codes
06/09/11Differential eye diagrams
06/09/11Automated testing of software with targeting of deep paths
06/02/11System and optical bypass routing and switching
06/02/11Privacy architecture for distributed data mining based on zero-knowledge collections of databases
06/02/11Secure content based routing in mobile ad hoc networks
05/26/11Mobile enabled social networking application to support closed, moderated group interactions for purpose of facilitating therapeutic care
05/19/11Automated determination of quasi-identifiers using program analysis
04/21/11System and multi-resolution information filtering
04/14/11Plmn selection and inter-system mobility policy conflict resolution for multi-interface user
04/07/11Method for a public-key infrastructure for vehicular networks with limited number of infrastructure servers
04/07/11Framework of media-independent pre-authentication
03/17/11Network restoration under dual failures using path protecting preconfigured cycles
03/17/11Flexible and integrated frame structure design for supporting multiple topologies with visible light communication
02/24/11Pre registration/pre authentication in wireless networks
02/10/11Distributed traffic navigation using vehicular communication
02/10/11System and the controlled introduction of noise to information filtering
02/03/11Dynamic traffic rearrangement to enforce policy change in mpls networks
01/27/11System and assigning information categories to multicast groups
01/20/11System and improving mimo performance of vehicular based wireless communications
01/20/11System and collecting consumer information preferences and usage behaviors in well-defined life contexts
01/20/11System and the selection of context sensitive user profile fragments
12/30/10Optical filter control
Patent Packs
12/09/10Full-duplex wireless communication using a single transmitter
11/18/10Converged personal area network service method and system
11/18/10Peer-to-peer mobility management in heterogeneous ipv4 networksapp 1784n
11/04/10Media independent handover protocol security
11/04/10Proactive authentication
10/28/10Code grouping for optical networks
10/21/10Self-correcting adaptive tracking system (sats)
09/16/10Scalable disruptive-resistant communication method
09/16/10Ocdm-based photonic encryption system with provable security
09/16/10System and privacy-enabled mobile locator services with dynamic encounter horizon
09/09/10Delivering media as compensation for cognitive deficits using labeled objects in surroundings
09/09/10System and capturing, aggregating and presenting attention hotspots in shared media
08/26/10System and policy based management for a high security manet
08/26/10Systems and methods for single session management in load balanced application server clusters
08/19/10Efficient and loss tolerant method and mechanism for measuring available bandwidth
08/19/10Network restoration under link or node failure using preconfigured virtual cycles
08/19/10Monitoring of vehicle conditions utilizing cellular broadcasts
08/05/10Redundancy detection and resolution and partial order dependency quantification in access control lists
08/05/10System and determining symantic equivalence between access control lists
07/29/10Seamless mobility for a multiple interface device in a co-located wireless environment
Social Network Patent Pack
07/22/10System and ocdm-based photonic layer security robustness to archival attack
07/15/10Intrusion-tolerant group management for mobile ad-hoc networks
07/08/10System, method, and computer program products for enabling trusted access to information in a diverse service environment
07/01/10Network discovery mechanisms
06/10/10Channel partitioning for wireless local area networks
05/06/10Pre-evaluation of multiple network access points
05/06/10Multiscale sampling for wide dynamic range electro-optic receivers
05/06/10Network selection mechanism
05/06/10Computing diagnostic explanations of network faults from monitoring data
04/22/10Multi-interface management configuration method and graphical user interface for connection manager
04/15/10Environmental monitoring using mobile devices and network information server
04/15/10Ocdm-based all optical multi-level security
04/01/10System and evaluating multiple connectivity options
03/25/10Achieving high-rate multi-hop data delivery in vehicular networks
03/25/10Method and system for ocdm-based photonic layer security robustness to spoof data integrity
03/25/10Three-way handshake (3whs) optical network signaling protocol
03/18/10Variable spectral phase encoder/decoder based on decomposition of hadamard codes
02/25/10Collaborative panel adminstrator
02/18/10Versioning relational database disjoint records
02/11/10Systems and methods for qos provisioning and assurance for point-to-point sip sessions in diffserv-enabled mpls networks
Social Network Patent Pack
02/11/10System and using networked mobile devices in vehicles
02/04/10Method and system for secure session establishment using identity-based encryption (vdtls)
02/04/10System and method to unify multiple service environments to optimize the delivery of telecommunications services
01/28/10System and a reactive and personalized exposure of mobile end-user context to a third party
12/24/09Distributable quantum relay architecture
12/03/09Method and system for generating and presenting mobile content summarization
12/03/09Method and system for multi-touch-based browsing of media summarizations on a handheld device
11/19/09Reducing power consumption of wi-fi enabled mobile devices
11/12/09Method and system to manage wireless communications of high-occupancy vehicles
10/29/09Mobility architecture using pre-authentication, pre-configuration and/or virtual soft-handoff
10/22/09Scalable and interactive generating and modifying network configurations to enforce compliance with high-level requirements
10/15/09Oss support for control plane technology
10/08/09Grammar and ontology for multicast communication
09/24/09Distributed minimum delay multi-hop data delivery in vehicular networks
09/17/09Method and function for maintaining mapping between media independent handover functions and transport addresses
08/27/09Efficient, fault-tolerant multicast networks via network coding
08/27/09Equitable bandwidth allocation for content distribution networks
08/27/09Populating and managing (pam) contact information in the network address book (nab)
07/30/09System for extracting and combining information from ip device configurations, inventory systems, and real-time network monitoring
07/23/09Approach to secure localization in wireless networks
03/26/09Method and system for improving wireless customer experience by anticipating and explaining communication quality problems through notifications
02/19/09Method for a public-key infrastructure providing communication integrity and anonymity while detecting malicious communication
02/19/09Method and system for using cellular/wireless phones and devices for retrieving emergency related personal data
02/19/09Data type encoding for media independent handover
02/05/09Systems and methods for photonically assisted rf filtering
02/05/09Method and system for mashing up and presenting contextual suggestions to mobile users
02/05/09System for intelligent context-based adjustments of coordination and communication between multiple mobile hosts engaging in services
01/28/10System and a reactive and personalized exposure of mobile end-user context to a third party

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