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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson pub patents (2012 archive)

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12/27/12Media gateway
12/27/12Communication entity with timing generator coupled via a digital protocol to sample-driven further communication entity
12/27/12Devices, systems and methods for run-time reassignment of a phy to mac devices interconnect
12/27/12System and method for passive location storage
12/27/12Communication system node comprising a transformation matrix
12/27/12Cellular communication system support for limited bandwidth communication devices
12/27/12Centralized adaptor architecture for power amplifier linearizations in advanced wireless communication systems
12/27/12Wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network apparatus and methods of configuration
12/27/12Method for reducing signalling
12/27/12Handover and neighbor management for mobile relay nodes
12/27/12Network node, user equipment and methods therein for configuring cells for downlink operations
12/27/12Systems and methods for controlling the power at which a communication device transmits an uplink signal
12/27/12Multi-path transmission control protocol proxy service
12/27/12Method and apparatus for a handling a cell change
12/20/12Method and node in an internet protocol television (iptv) network
12/20/12Technique of controlling discontinuous transceiving operations
12/20/12Devices and methods for managing quality of service for bearers depending on utilization
12/20/12Interferometer-based optical switching
12/20/12Optical fiber instrument system for detecting and decoupling twist effects
12/20/12Dynamic distribution of target selection algorithms
12/20/12Remote access with media translation
12/20/12Systems and methods that perform application request throttling in a distributed computing environment
12/20/12Communication system node comprising a re-configuration network
12/20/12Nodes for improved credit validation
12/20/12Multi-carrier peak power reduction in frequency hopping systems
12/20/12Method and arrangement in a dsl vectoring system
12/20/12Trust discovery in a communications network
12/20/12Indoor cellular network with position information of a mobile device
12/20/12Source code adaption based on communication link quality and source coding delay
12/20/12Composite services provision with code download on demand
12/20/12Content delivery control methods, apparatuses and computer programs
12/13/12Radio network node user equipment and methods therein
12/13/12Down-conversion using square wave local oscillator signals
12/13/12Predistorter for a multi-antenna transmitter
12/13/12Method for protection against superloops in an ethernet ring
12/13/12Uplink load prediction using kalman filters
12/13/12Closed loop precoding weight estimation
12/13/12Determining a coordinating set of cells for multipoint reception of uplink transmission from a mobile terminal
12/13/12Method and arrangement for adaption in http streaming
12/13/12Data storage method
12/13/12Ranking service units to provide and protect highly available services using the nway redundancy model
12/06/12Overcharging prevention by unsent downlink data volume record
12/06/12Methods and devices for controlling handover
12/06/12Methods and devices for content distribution
12/06/12Independent configuration identities in a heterogeneous cellular communication network
12/06/12System and method for passive communication services
12/06/12Methods and devices which enable considering a number of active user stations linked via relays when allocating radio resources
12/06/12Inter-frequency positioning measurements
12/06/12Methods and apparatus for use in a communications network
12/06/12Symbol fft rach processing methods and devices
12/06/12Context handling method
12/06/12Methods for routing of calls in internet protocol multimedia subsystem centralized services networks and related gateway mobile switching centres (gmsc) and home location registers (hlr)
12/06/12Nodes for communicating credit related information
12/06/12Carrier aggregation support for home base stations
12/06/12Distributed power system processing for communication device
11/29/12Packet routing in a network
11/29/12Method and call controller for screening calls using a voicemail system on command of the called party
11/29/12Implementing epc in a cloud computer with openflow data plane
11/29/12Method and arrangements for an event triggered drx cycle adjustment
11/29/12Outgoing communication barring service in the ip multimedia subsystem
11/29/12Method and arrangement of processing a packet of a harq system
11/29/12Including in the uplink grant an indication of specific amount of cqi to be reported
11/29/12Contention based access optimization
11/29/12Caching in mobile networks
11/29/12method and apparatus for seamless handover in a wireless communication network
11/29/12Scheduling of up-link transmissions of a wireless communication system
11/29/12Charging data record generating node
11/29/12Machine-to-machine device triggering using session initiation protocol uniform resourse identifier
11/29/12Methods and devices in a communications network
11/29/12Outer loop transmit power control in wireless communication systems
11/22/12Selecting a cell associated with a radio access technology
11/22/12Method and a device for saving power in a wireless user terminal
11/22/12Hierarchically related mobile user groups
11/22/12Method for generating a congestion flag based on measured system load
11/22/12Amplify-and-forward relaying in communication systems
11/22/12Distributed relay for multi-hop communication network
11/22/12Link adaptation in type-ii relay network
11/22/12Distributed base station with robust packet interface
11/22/12Virtual care-of address for mobile ip (internet protocol)
11/22/12Restriction of services for communication terminals to directed numbers
11/22/12Method, an apparatus and a network node for selective paging of user equipments in cellular mobile networks
11/22/12Method and apparatus for routing xcap requests
11/22/12Error floor reduction in iteratively decoded fec codes
11/15/12Heat conducting mounting structure, method and radio base station housing arrangement for mounting electronic modules
11/15/12Cell type information sharing between neighbor base stations
11/15/12Low noise oscillator
11/15/12Switching delay controller for a switched mode power supply
11/15/12Radio network node, a node and methods therein for enabling enhanced cell id timing measurement for positioning of a user equipment
11/15/12Multipoint-to-multipoint service for a communications network
11/15/12Method of and node b and user equipment for power control in case of segmentation
11/15/12Method, radio network controller, radio base station and user equipment for selecting downlink mode
11/15/12Wireless handover optimization
11/15/12Metallized structure layer for a window arrangement
11/15/12Femto base station, energy-saving coordination node, wireless communication system and computer program
11/15/12Method and apparatus for monitoring and theft prevention
11/15/12Service dependent inactivity timer
11/15/12Technique for managing call-routing numbers for mobile communication networks
11/15/12Radio node, positioning node, and methods therein
11/15/12Method for providing a recommendation such as a personalized recommendation, recommender system, and computer program product comprising a recommender computer program
11/15/12Method and apparatus for authorizing a transactional service by a policy and charging control architecture
11/15/12Spectrum agile radio
11/15/12Dynamic cache selection method and system
11/15/12Method, server, computer program and computer program product for caching
11/08/12Physical cell identifier (pci) adaptation to mitigate interference in heterogeneous cellular network
11/08/12Network entity for mobile communications towards a mobile station
11/08/12Apparatus and method for processing events in a telecommunications network
11/08/12M2m scalable addressing and routing
11/08/12Sms-based transport for instant chatting on multiple platforms
11/08/12Digital output power measurement in radio communication systems
11/08/12Adaptive multi-channel transmitter linearization system using a shared feedback receiver
11/08/12Decoding system and method operable on encoded texture element blocks
11/08/12Methods and apparatus for neighbor cell range extension
11/08/12Method, apparatus and system for a mobile virtual number service in a mobile telecommunications system
11/08/12Uplink power control
11/08/12Managing a navigation history
11/08/12Hardware/software debugging
11/08/12Technique for video quality estimation
11/01/12Mobile terminated call improvements
11/01/12Service event trigger
11/01/12Controlling uplink multi-antenna transmissions in a telecommunication system
11/01/12Chip package with a chip embedded in a wiring body
11/01/12Beamforming methods and apparatuses
11/01/12Random data stream sampling
11/01/12Optimized delay
11/01/12Generating uplink signals from user equipment nodes to identify interferers to a network node
11/01/12Handling call transfer in a communication network
11/01/12Configuration of reference signal transmission bandwidth
11/01/12Method and a decoder for attenuation of signal regions reconstructed with low accuracy
10/25/12Methods and devices for switching anchor carrier
10/25/12Connection set-up between two terminals
10/25/12Network-side positioning occasion adjustment via assistance data adjustment
10/25/12Route recommendation system
10/25/12Methods and systems for inter-currency transfers
10/25/12Location aware mass information distribution system and method
10/25/12Arrangement and method for providing data to a user
10/18/12Method and devices for a communication system
10/18/12Methods and nodes for probing types of interfaces
10/18/12Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system
10/18/12coded power converter system
10/18/12Call switching in packet-based communication networks
10/18/12Network controlled throughput for enhanced uplink fach
10/11/12Access control according to a policy defined for a group of associated electronic devices comprising a cellular modem
10/11/12Dynamic application charging identification
10/04/12Method for controlling ptm service transmission
10/04/12Adaptive waveguide optical switching system and method
10/04/12Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, program, and computer-readable storage medium
10/04/12Sctp endpoint migration
10/04/12Captcha method and system
10/04/12System and method for deatachment in wireless communication system
10/04/12Maximum allowed quality of service procedures using gn/gp
10/04/12Method and arrangement for video coding
10/04/12Method and arrangement for video coding
10/04/12Optical communications networks, optical line terminations and related methods
10/04/12Method and arrangement for coordinating polarizations in a wireless communication system
10/04/12Identification of instable service plan
10/04/12Method and apparatus relating to channel decoding
09/27/12System and method for preventing deadlock in direct tunnel release
09/27/12Method and arrangement for enabling play-out of media
09/27/12Adjustments of iub load measurements
09/27/12Load estimation in wireless communication
09/27/12Method and arrangement for processing of audio signals
09/27/12Method and arrangement for processing of audio signals
09/27/12Apparatus and methods for estimation of a subchannel power imbalance ratio (scpir)
09/27/12Method and arrangement for connectivity in a communication network
09/27/12Control entity and method for setting up a session in a communications network, subscriber database and communications network
09/27/12Method for switching between virtualized and non-virtualized system operation
09/20/12Data network elements, crossbars, and methods providing coupling between remote phy and mac devices
09/20/12Ranking service units to provide and protect highly available services using n+m redundancy models
09/20/12Method and device for compensating frequency response of a filter unit in remote radio unit in real time
09/20/12Spatial and temporal pre-equalization
09/20/12Passive optical network
09/13/12Id-programming by selt/melt
09/13/12Adaptive (rlc) segmentation
09/13/12Method and apparatus reducing malware detection induced delay
09/13/12Non-contact testing devices for printed circuit boards transporting high-speed signals
09/13/12Load balancing sctp associations using vtag mediation
09/13/12Sctp association endpoint relocation in a load balancing system
09/13/12Virtualization support in platform management (plm) information model
09/13/12Resource reservation in multiple accesses
09/13/12Serving gw triggered relocation
09/13/12Bandwidth extension of a low band audio signal
09/13/12Method and arrangement for providing user related traffic statistics
09/13/12Cell search procedure for heterogeneous networks
09/13/12Configuration based service availability analysis of amf managed systems
09/06/12Methods, devices and computer programs for supporting emergency communications
09/06/12Network fault detection method and apparatus
09/06/12Signal quality measurement based on transmitter status
09/06/12Reset functions
09/06/12Devices for variable traffic flow templates
09/06/12Handling of acknowledgement messages in a relay network node
09/06/12Local call local switching at handover
09/06/12Measurement-assisted dynamic frequency-reuse in cellular telecommunications networks
09/06/12System and methods for web-application communication
08/30/12Operation of user equipment when control and data information are supplied by different radio units
08/30/12User equipment reporting of connection loss
08/30/12Methods and arrangements for loudness and sharpness compensation in audio codecs
08/30/12Method and apparatus for estimation of interframe motion fields
08/30/12Multi-link scheduling to compensate for multi-path fading
08/30/12Single ended estimation of far-end crosstalk in a digital subscriber line
08/30/12Methods and devices for allocating scrambling codes
08/30/12Methods and apparatus for use in a generic bootstrapping architecture
08/23/12Offline device paging
08/23/12Method of designing weight vectors for a dual beam antenna with orthogonal polarizations
08/23/12Methods and arrangements for scheduling based on power consumption
08/23/12Node selection in a communication network
08/23/12Methods and systems for reducing service delays in ims systems
08/23/12M2m resource preservation in mobile networks
08/23/12Positioning devices and methods in cellular communication systems
08/23/12Method and a first network node of managing a sccp connection
08/23/12Methods and systems for presence publication using sip register feature tags
08/23/12P-cscf address discovery
08/16/12Controlling external network-media on a local network-ue using an external network-connected ue
08/16/12Ue-side removal of positioning assistance ambiguity
08/16/12Network-side removal of positioning assistance ambiguity via selective delay of assistance data transmission
08/16/12Enabling secure access to sensor network infrastructure using multiple interfaces and application-based group key selection
08/09/12Method of and equalizer for equalizing a radio frequency filter
08/09/12Method and arrangement in a communication network for selecting network elements
08/09/12Systems and methods for distributed offload of execution path monitoring
08/09/12Mitigation of interfering sounding reference signals in radiocommunication systems
08/09/12Provision of supplemental processing information
08/09/12Charging correlation for dedicated bearers
08/09/12Technique for instructing mobile stations communicating with cooperating access nodes
08/09/12Method and arrangements for mtc communication
08/09/12Method and arrangement in a wireless communication system
08/09/12Uplink selection using sounding reference signals in radiocommunication systems
08/09/12Co-occurrence serendipity recommender
08/09/12Methods and apparatuses for handling public identities in an internet protocol multimedia subsystem network
08/09/12Method and apparatus for exchanging data between a user equipment and a core network via a security gateway
08/02/12Terminal identifiers in a communications network
08/02/12Uplink transmit diversity
08/02/12Backplanes including optical bypass switches, and related circuit boards, computing systems, bypass switches, and methods
08/02/12Transfer of synchronization in a hybrid global satellite packet network system
08/02/12Minimizing tracking area updates in heterogeneous radio access network
08/02/12Composite reporting of wireless relay power capability
08/02/12Method and arrangement for noise floor estimation
08/02/12Method and arrangement for locating services in a peer-to-peer network
08/02/12Adaptive service discovery in structured peer-to-peer overlay networks and method
08/02/12Method for retrieving the implemented data model from a device
08/02/12User interest and identity control on internet
07/26/12Multicast scheduling and link adaptation
07/26/12Method, user equipment, computer program and computer program product for selecting an output stream
07/26/12Technique for determining usage of encrypted media content
07/26/12Methods and devices for improving session continuity
07/26/12System and method for assisting a user with searching multimedia objects
07/26/12Locating subscription data in a multi-tenant network
07/26/12Electromagnetic wave circuit disruptor and method
07/26/12Method and system for efficiently locating in a database a user profile in an ims network
07/26/12Http streaming with proved service quality
07/26/12Heuristic approach on checking service instance protection for availability management framework (amf) configurations
07/26/12Method and a network node for determining an offset for selection of a cell of a first radio network node
07/26/12Weighted soft buffer handling in radiocommunication systems
07/26/12Mobility anchor relocation
07/26/12Method and apparatus for initial ranging for establishing a time reference for a predefined signature signal
07/26/12Method and arrangement in a wireless communication system
07/26/12Sending protected data in a communication network
07/19/12Code allocation for uplink mimo
07/19/12Method and device for selection of mobile stations in coordinated multipoint transmission
07/19/12Method and arrangement for managing persistent rich internet applications
07/19/12Method and arrangement for supporting analysis of social networks in a communication network
07/19/12Managing roaming agreements between ims networks
07/19/12Multiple bearer support upon congestion situations
07/19/12Method and a device for saving power in a wireless user terminal
07/19/12Method and arrangement in a mobile system
07/19/12Crosstalk limitation between modems
07/19/12Reduced bandwidth backhaul for coordinated multi-point reception
07/19/12Hlr reset signaling via s6a in eps
07/19/12Http notification gateway
07/19/12Method and system of transferring a message in a session initiation protocol based communications network
07/19/12Service activation in a passive optical network (pon)
07/12/12Method and apparatus for adapting policy control
07/12/12Multipoint delivery entity and method
07/12/12Applying a table-lookup approach to load spreading in forwarding data in a network
07/12/12Mobile terminal, base station and methods therein
07/12/12Bandwidth configuration and reporting for relay links
07/12/12Data resource mapping for frequency-coded symbols
07/12/12Technique for monitoring a call
07/12/12Local switching
07/05/12Efficient information mapping for transmission grants
07/05/12Method and server entity for forwarding a message containing a host name or domain name in an internet based communications network
07/05/12Bonding line mismatch discovery method and node arrangements
07/05/12Device and method for synchronizing received audio data withvideo data
07/05/12Allocation of acknowledgement channels to channel groups having fixed transmit energies
07/05/12Controlling a transmission of information in a wireless communication network with a relay node
07/05/12Methods and systems for load balancing call sessions over a dual ring internet protocol (ip) network
07/05/12Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding of images
07/05/12Automatic signature generation for application recognition and user tracking over heterogeneous networks
06/28/12Node and method for quality of service (qos) control
06/28/12Multiple-algorithm congestion management
06/28/12Dynamic profile creation in response to facial recognition
06/28/12Systems and methods for self-learning and building web contents via a rich call center service
06/28/12Messaging center, user equipment, and methods for message translation
06/28/12Smart virtual keyboard for touchscreen devices
06/28/12Content access control for multi-user systems
06/28/12Flexible multimedia priority services
06/28/12Method and apparatus for improved data communication in cellular access systems
06/28/12Downlink control for wireless heterogeneous telecommunications
06/28/12Method and arrangement for improving radio network characteristics
06/28/12Power management of optical access networks
06/21/12Methods and apparatuses for facilitating reduction of interference in a wireless telecommunications system
06/21/12Method and arrangement in a wireless communication system
06/21/12Method and arrangement for detecting fraud in telecommunication networks
06/21/12Interworking for oam information exchange
06/21/12Ownership transfer of a label switched path
06/21/12Scheduling data transmissions between a mobile terminal and a base station in a wireless communications network using component carriers
06/21/12Sr/rach transmission strategy for half-duplex ues in lte
06/21/12Method and system for efficient homeless mpls micro-mobility
06/21/12Receiver power reduction methods and apparatus
06/21/12Solution for paging differentiation in communication network
06/21/12Method and apparatus for the execution of adaptable composed computer-implemented services with integrated policies
06/14/12Using the ecn mechanism to signal congestion directly to the base station
06/14/12Power control loop stability monitoring
06/14/12Extended qos support in epc
06/14/12Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in a telecommunication network
06/14/12Exchange of parameters relating to measurement periods
06/14/12Adaptive load prediction for interference suppression receivers
06/14/12Method and arrangements in a mobile communication network
06/14/12Reserving a path using gmpls extensions for odu signalling
06/14/12Positioning node, user equipment and methods therein
06/14/12User equipment, network node and methods therein
06/07/12Method and arrangement for transmitting uplink control
06/07/12Methods and systems for enterprise network access point determination
06/07/12Methods and communications node for routing communications using a bi-level addressing scheme
05/31/12Managing a power consumption of a mobile communication device
05/31/12Late abis activation
05/31/12Managing user registrations of roaming ims users
05/31/12Identification of a private device in a public network
05/31/12Supervision timer control mechanisms
05/24/12Method and arrangement for enabling multimedia services for a device in a local network
05/24/12Method for invoking a constituent service provided in a telecommunication network and an application server for providing a composite service
05/24/12Xdms for resource management in m2m
05/24/12Quality of service handling in a s4-serving general packet radio service support node
05/24/12Scheduling data transmissions between a mobile terminal and a base station in a wireless communications network
05/24/12Systems and methods for measuring available capacity and tight link capacity of ip paths from a single endpoint
05/24/12Methods and systems for programmable digital down-conversion
05/24/12Method and frequency agile pre-distorted transmitter using programmable digital up and down conversion
05/24/12Group handling for push-to-talk services
05/17/12Monitoring of delay in packet-switched networks
05/17/12Access network discovery and selection function, andsf, node distributing closed subscriber group, csg, information
05/17/12Method and apparatus in a telecommunication system
05/17/12Packet switched to circuit switched access handovers in an ims architecture.
05/17/12Methods and systems for precoder selection assisted by demodulation reference signals (dm-rs)
05/17/12Synchronous packet switches
05/17/12Signalling measurements for positioning in a wireless network
05/17/12Method and apparatus for handling subscriptions to changes in user data in a telecommunications system
05/17/12Investigating a communication aspect of a data flow
05/17/12Method and system for transfer of call control
05/17/12Method and arrangements for analysing multimedia content
05/10/12Information processing system and method providing a remote access
05/10/12Session switching during ongoing data delivery in a network
05/10/12Direct addressing of content on an edge network node
05/10/12Method for transferring a communication session in a telecommunications network from a first connection to a second connection
05/10/12Methods and social media portal servers for message transmission
05/10/12Methods and apparatus for enhancing network testing procedures
05/10/12Traffic acceleration in mobile network
05/10/12Scheduling data transmissions between a mobile terminal and a base station in a wireless communications network
05/10/12Monitoring optical parameters of a modulated optical signal
05/10/12Technique for anchor carrier selection in a telecommunication system
05/10/12Packet classification method and apparatus
05/10/12Method, apparatus and computer program for enforcing policy across associated sessions taking into account a total usage quota for associated user
05/10/12System and method for determining processing elements allocation
05/03/12Power supply with dynamic input current suppression
05/03/12Handling of access capability information in a mobile network
05/03/12Uplink power control for dual and multi carrier radio system
05/03/12Method and arrangements in a mobile telecommunications system
05/03/12Methods and arrangements for mobility management
05/03/12Estimating user-perceived tcp throughput
05/03/12Memory arrangement for accessing matrices
05/03/12Performance monitoring in a communication network
05/03/12Multicarrier radio receiver and method for receiving multiple carriers
05/03/12Power allocation in optical fiber transmission
05/03/12Transmitter with multiple transmit antennas using polarization
05/03/12Method and arrangement for determining terminal position
05/03/12Method and arrangement for enabling a media purchase
05/03/12Method and node for locating objects in a peer-to-peer network
05/03/12Cryptographically generated addresses using backward key chain for secure route optimization in mobile internet protocol
05/03/12Enhanced cryptographcially generated addresses for secure route optimization in mobile internet protocol
05/03/12Secure route optimization in mobile internet protocol using trusted domain name servers
04/26/12Method and arrangement for enabling link status propagation
04/26/12Method and arrangement handling pluggable modules and operating modes in a media converter system
04/26/12Intermediate bus architecture power supply controller
04/26/12Methods and systems for user equipment positioning using intercell interference coordination
04/26/12Scheduling different types of receivers in a radio base station
04/26/12Method and arrangement for adapting a signal in a wireless communications network
04/26/12Detection of jitter in a communication network
04/26/12Emergency call system using specific mobile user information
04/26/12Method and arrangements to reconfigure a radio base station in a wireless communication system
04/26/12Method and arrangement in a wireless communication system
04/26/12Soft cancellation of inter-layer interference within a mimo codeword
04/19/12Methods and devices for transmitting a control message
04/19/12Dielectric resonator rod and method in a radio frequency filter
04/19/12Congestion-based traffic metering
04/19/12Uplink coordinated inter-cell interference cancellation
04/19/12Method and arrangement in wireless communications network
04/12/12Transmit power control of channels transmitted in different frequency regions
04/12/12Method of load estimation
04/12/12Signalling mechanism for multi-tiered intra-band carrier aggregation
04/12/12Circuit switch fallback reselection
04/12/12Wireless communication node connections
04/12/12Methods and systems for inter-currency transfers
04/12/12Lawful interception and data retention of messages
04/05/12Mobile assisted handover in mobile communications networks
04/05/12Network cache architecture
04/05/12Methods and apparatus in a telecommunications network
04/05/12Language dependent positioning and signalling
04/05/12Methods and apparatuses for adaptive control of streaming
03/29/12Presentation of a digital map
03/29/12Method and arrangement for obtaining a media object for a device in a local network
03/29/12Network cache architecture
03/29/12Methods and arrangements in a telecommunication network
03/29/12Methods and arrangements for rendering real-time media services
03/29/12communications network and a method in a communications network
03/29/12Methods, testing apparatuses and devices for removing cross coupling effects in antenna arrays
03/29/12Pseudo-wire providing an in-band control channel using an offset
03/29/12Dual mode mobile terminal access to a wireless communication network
03/29/12Method and management agent for event notifications correlation
03/29/12Management of data flows between networked resource nodes in a social web
03/29/12Management of data flows between user equipment nodes and clusters of networked resource nodes
03/29/12Content sharing for social engagement
03/22/12Method and arrangement for estimating the quality degradation of a processed signal
03/22/12Method and arrangement for implementing policy rules in peer-to-peer communication
03/22/12Transition from a chip to a waveguide port
03/22/12Antenna arrangement
03/22/12Overload avoidance with home node b gateway (henb gw) in lte
03/22/12Passive selt
03/22/12Text-to-multi-voice messaging systems and methods
03/22/12Device specific tracking area identity lists
03/22/12Pcc control at pcrf failure
03/15/12Method for a radio base station and a radio base station in a communication network system for assisting in or obtaining assistance in the ul reception of signals
03/15/12Systems and method for communicating priority information for use in scheduling the transmission of data
03/15/12Automatic detection of erroneous connections between antenna ports and radio frequency paths
03/15/12Low sample rate peak power reduction
03/15/12Policy and charging control method, network entities, communication system and computer program therefor
03/15/12Methods and apparatus for transceiver allocation in mobile communication networks
03/15/12Sending protected data in a communication network
03/08/12Gesture-based addressing of devices
03/08/12Gesture-based control of iptv system
03/08/12Method of transmitting traffic in a communications network and communications network apparatus
03/08/12Automated traffic engineering for multi-protocol label switching (mpls) with link utilization as feedbank into the tie-breaking mechanism
03/08/12Automated traffic engineering for 802.1aq based upon the use of link utilization as feedback into the tie breaking mechanism
03/08/12Media playlist methods and apparatus
03/08/12Signaling support for antenna selection using subset lists and subset masks
03/08/12Challenging a first terminal intending to communicate with a second terminal
03/01/12Method and system for input precision
03/01/12Method and arrangement for white space allocation
03/01/12Systems and method for predicting the future location of an entity
02/23/12Method, apparatus and computer program product for invoking local communication application services
02/23/12Adaptation of receiver settings in a heterogeneous network
02/23/12Method apparatus and network node for applying conditional cqi reporting
02/23/12Method and arrangement in a wireless communication system
02/23/12Dedicated gateways for mobile broadband devices
02/23/12Methods and devices for point to multipoint traffic path encoding
02/23/12Multi-tier micro-ring resonator optical interconnect system
02/23/12Method and node for reduced transmission activity pattern configuration
02/23/12Arrangement and method for identifying pucch format 3 resources
02/23/12Methods and arrangements in a wireless communication system
02/16/12Ps to cs handover indicator
02/16/12Systems and methods for transmit diversity for dft precoded channels
02/16/12Method and apparatus for fault discovery in a passive optical network (pon)
02/16/12Dynamic tag control and fingerprinting event localization
02/16/12Means and method to prevent roaming of a home subscriber in a visited network restricted for roaming
02/16/12Nodes and methods for enhancing positioning
02/16/12Methods and systems for mobile device security
02/16/12Hybrid program balancing
02/09/12Method and receiver for jointly decoding received communication signals using maximum likelihood detection
02/02/12Method and a device for improved status reports
02/02/12Method and apparatus for deferred leg linking in pcrf in relation to handover
02/02/12Method and apparatus for grant loss detection and related processing in a wireless communication network
02/02/12Security key management in ims-based multimedia broadcast and multicast services (mbms)
02/02/12Phase noise compensation in coherent optical communications systems
02/02/12Switching between open and closed loop multi-stream transmission
01/26/12Optical interconnects in cooling substrates
01/26/12System and method for mobility with a split home agent architecture using mptcp
01/26/12Scheduling method
01/26/12Methods and devices for transmission line analysis
01/26/12Methods and apparatus for varying reduced transmission resources
01/26/12Optical backplane
01/26/12System and method for providing mobility with a split home agent architecture
01/26/12Group session management for policy control
01/26/12Radio link aggregation
01/26/12Attaching a sensor to a wsan
01/19/12Communications network
01/19/12Access node comprising voip cards with common ip/mac address
01/19/12method of and equipment for compensating carrier frequency offset in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing wireless radio transmission system
01/19/12Energy efficient ethernet network nodes and methods for use in ethernet network nodes
01/12/12Communications network node
01/12/12Antenna arrangements
01/12/12Power headroom reporting for carrier aggregation
01/12/12Secondary radio-nodes for mobile communications networks and related methods
01/12/12Method for redistributing license tokens for a service across a cloud computing environment
01/05/12Traffic control by ip multimedia subsystem
01/05/12Improved repeater
01/05/12Transceiver and a repeater
01/05/12Method and apparatus for verification of a telephone number
01/19/12Admission control
05/10/12Report sequence with performance data transmitted between two nodes of a comunication system
05/03/12Self-interference suppression in full-duplex mimo relays
03/08/12Ul/dl scheduling for full bandwidth utilization

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