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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ A Corporation
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100107
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100121
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20131212
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100114


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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents

Recent patent applications related to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015034127611/26/15  new patent  Method and system of bandwidth-aware service placement for service chaining in a software-defined networking (sdn) system
22015034192911/26/15  new patent  Method and arrangement for resolving a temporary block flow
32015033982311/26/15  new patent  Supporting and enhancing image-based positioning
42015034094911/26/15  new patent  Programmable voltage converter
52015034105911/26/15  new patent  Apparatus and load modulating an amplifier
62015034111711/26/15  new patent  Method of configuring an optical communication network configured for co-propagating raman amplification and an optical communication network element
72015034114611/26/15  new patent  Hybrid automatic repeat request with feedback dependent bit selection
82015034114811/26/15  new patent  Avoiding serving cell interruption
92015034115311/26/15  new patent  Method for estimating frequency offset using quasi-co-located reference signals
102015034124511/26/15  new patent  Network management model extension
112015034125311/26/15  new patent  Connecting a booting switch to a network
122015034127111/26/15  new patent  Distributed traffic inspection in a telecommunications network
132015034131711/26/15  new patent  Unidirectional deep packet inspection
142015034139211/26/15  new patent  Method for providing a law enforcement agency with sampled content of communications
152015034141111/26/15  new patent  Apparatus and controlling adaptive streaming of media
162015034144411/26/15  new patent  Token-based correlation of control sessions for policy and charging control of a data session through a nat
172015034148711/26/15  new patent  Mitigation of disconnect events in vectoring based dsl systems
182015034174911/26/15  new patent  Localized network service
192015034178811/26/15  new patent  Access through non-3gpp access networks
202015034184511/26/15  new patent  Ue accessibility indication for wi-fi integration in ran
212015034185111/26/15  new patent  Policy control for a machine-to-machine group
222015034185511/26/15  new patent  Network-controlled network selection procedure
232015034188411/26/15  new patent  Optimized synchronization procedure for prolonged periods of sleep
242015034189511/26/15  new patent  Positioning
252015034193411/26/15  new patent  Methods and apparatuses for radio resource management
262015034195111/26/15  new patent  Resource scheduling in a wireless communication network
272015034195211/26/15  new patent  Method for mapping logical channel on shared channel
282015034197111/26/15  new patent  Methods and apparatuses for enabling direct mode communication between user equipments
292015034197811/26/15  new patent  Increasing drx cycle length by adding higher order bits for system frame number sfn outside of sfn parameter
302015033189611/19/15 Method and managing distributed transactions
312015033350511/19/15 Method and apparatus relating to surge protection
322015033474611/19/15 Methods, apparatuses, user equipment, radio network node, and computer program product for random access procedures
332015033143411/19/15 Method and apparatus to minimize switching noise disburbance
342015033189611/19/15 Method and managing distributed transactions
352015033198411/19/15 Switched mode power supply output filter configuration
362015033204411/19/15 Technique for enabling a client to provide a server entity
372015033350511/19/15 Method and apparatus relating to surge protection
382015033364011/19/15 Forward-flyback topology switched mode power supply
392015033370411/19/15 Method for class-b amplifier mismatch correction
402015033372311/19/15 Pin diode circuit and pin diode attenuator
412015033381311/19/15 Method and adaptive resource allocation
422015033385911/19/15 Secondary synchronization sequences for cell group detection in a cellular communications system
432015033387711/19/15 Mitigating cross-link interference when using reconfigurable tdd
442015033388411/19/15 Beam forming using a two-dimensional antenna arrangement
452015033388511/19/15 Beam forming using a dual polarized antenna arrangement
462015033389111/19/15 Terminal, network node, system and methods for soft buffer handling in carrier aggregation
472015033399111/19/15 Method and device for handling dropped data packets
482015033399311/19/15 Method and node arrangement for providing more accurate estimation of data path conditions
492015033400611/19/15 Method to do fast traffic switchover based on server layer status
502015033401311/19/15 Method and device for handling inconsistency of psc states between two ends
512015033403811/19/15 Method and managing media access control addresses
522015033404511/19/15 Virtual flow network in a cloud environment
532015033413211/19/15 Security information for updating an authorization database in managed networks
542015033418111/19/15 Connection mechanism for energy-efficient peer-to-peer networks
552015033424111/19/15 Real-time monitoring/interrupting of voicemail message recording
562015033440711/19/15 Encoding and deriving parameters for coded multi-layer video sequences
572015033455211/19/15 Euicc subscription change
582015033456111/19/15 Method, wireless device, computer program and computer program product for assisting access to access protected services
592015033456611/19/15 Authenticating public land mobile networks to mobile stations
602015033459711/19/15 Method and non-access stratum signaling
612015033460011/19/15 Method and radio network node for managing a request for a radio access bearer
622015033462411/19/15 Network-controlled e-utran neighbor cell measurements
632015033465911/19/15 Methods and nodes of a wireless network for deciding on switching off of a network node
642015033466211/19/15 Power control for ack/nack formats with carrier aggregation
652015033466611/19/15 Technique for the base station to measure the internal uplink and downlink delays of the node without pre-calibration
662015033467111/19/15 Automatic calibration of processing delay of radio equipment
672015033469311/19/15 Network node and allocating uplink radio resources
682015033471411/19/15 System and resource allocation for device-to-device communications
692015033473711/19/15 Radio base station, wireless terminal, methods performed therein, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
702015033475511/19/15 Method in a radio communication system
712015033475611/19/15 Base station, user equipment and methods for random access
722015033476511/19/15 Assignment of component carriers in dual connectivity operation
732015033477111/19/15 Discontinuous transmission for a mobile phone network node
742015032484111/12/15 Context-sensitive advertising for internet protocol television
752015032667511/12/15 Scalable segment identifier allocation in segment routing
762015032686711/12/15 Radio access network-based transmission control of layer-encoded media frames
772015032701811/12/15 Method and network node for enabling position determination of a user equipment measurement
782015032719811/12/15 Handling of cells associated with timing advance groups in a wireless communications system
792015032364511/12/15 Radio network node and using positioning gap indication for enhancing positioning performance
802015032600511/12/15 Electronic circuit for protecting a load against over-voltage
812015032619011/12/15 Radio frequency power amplifier non-linearity compensation
822015032626411/12/15 Wireless communication device
832015032628711/12/15 Systems and methods for improving uplink transmission properties in a communication network
842015032629011/12/15 Assistance information for advanced receivers
852015032629911/12/15 Beam forming using an antenna arrangement
862015032630811/12/15 Code division multiple access (cdma) overlay to other multiplexing scheme
872015032630911/12/15 Protection for optical transport network with dual homed attachment circuits
882015032632711/12/15 Envelope tracking rf transmitter calibration
892015032635811/12/15 Radio base station and user equipment and methods therein
902015032637411/12/15 Methods and apparatuses in a mobile communication network
912015032641411/12/15 Transmission of pulse length modulation information
922015032642011/12/15 Receiver for multi carrier modulated signals
932015032645611/12/15 Pdcp and flow control for split bearer
942015032646911/12/15 Oam aided explicit path report via igp
952015032648711/12/15 Method for configuring the link maximum transmission unit (mtu) in a user equipment (ue)
962015032669411/12/15 Method, apparatus and computer program for providing a data object from a content server to a client device over a radio access network (ran)
972015032687011/12/15 Apparatus and methods thereof for video processing
982015032687411/12/15 Apparatus and coding a video signal
992015032695611/12/15 Routing in a wdm-based pon
1002015032699811/12/15 Pre-configuration of devices supporting national security and public safety communications
1012015032701811/12/15 Method and network node for enabling position determination of a user equipment measurement
1022015032703211/12/15 Method and apparatus in a telecommunication system
1032015032704211/12/15 System, billing a user for their consumption of mobile broadband services and virtualized cloud resources
1042015032705411/12/15 Measurement of deactivated secondary component carriers
1052015032707811/12/15 Base station and method thereof
1062015032708311/12/15 Mobile terminal, base station and methods therein
1072015032712411/12/15 Technique for terminating call set up in a csfb situation
1082015032712511/12/15 Radio access technology selection
1092015032712711/12/15 Handover procedures for user equipment in a wireless communication network
1102015032712811/12/15 User equipment, base station and handover
1112015032713111/12/15 Enhanced integration between wi-fi and mobile communication networks
1122015032719611/12/15 Guard period configuration for lte hd-fdd
1132015032723111/12/15 Methods and apparatuses for controlling control channel inter cell interference
1142015032723711/12/15 Equipment for femtocell telecommunications system
1152015032726811/12/15 Method and arrangement in a wireless communication system
1162015032727711/12/15 Method, network node, and computer program for determining rank
1172015032728911/12/15 Method and device for transmission scheduling
1182015032729711/12/15 Radio communication in unlicensed band
1192015031971211/05/15 Interference-improved uplink data rates for a group of mobile stations transmitting to a base station
1202015031894111/05/15 Method for robust ptp synchronization with default 1588v2 profile
1212015031736311/05/15 Load shedding in a data stream management system
1222015031888011/05/15 Digital pre-distortion for high bandwidth signals
1232015031891811/05/15 Communication network element and mitigating an optical jamming attack against an optical communication system
1242015031894411/05/15 Method, apparatus, and system for interference metric signalling
1252015031896211/05/15 System and method using a secondary network node for handling packet retransmissions
1262015031900711/05/15 802.1aq support over ietf evpn
1272015031900911/05/15 Method and device for vlan interface routing
1282015031905311/05/15 Method and assigning network resource
1292015031905711/05/15 Controller driven oam for split architecture network
1302015031905811/05/15 Selective event reporting in a mobile telecommunications network
1312015031919611/05/15 Method and system for transfer of call control
1322015031921011/05/15 Method and handling files in association with media content delivery
1332015031925411/05/15 Default initial filter criteria
1342015031927011/05/15 Assigning addresses in a communications network
1352015031945711/05/15 Decoding and encoding of pictures of a video sequence
1362015031963711/05/15 Signaling mechanisms for network-relay interface with reduced overhead
1372015031963811/05/15 Overload control in a communication network
1382015031967211/05/15 Method and controlling association of a station with a wlan
1392015031968611/05/15 Ran controlled wi-fi selection
1402015031971511/05/15 Method and device of performing multi-radio access bearer power scaling
1412015031972211/05/15 Monitoring of radio link synchronization in a user equipment's active set
1422015031973811/05/15 User equipment, a network node and methods therein for enabling device-to-device (d2d) communication in a radio communications network
1432015031974111/05/15 Stochastic radio source allocation for shared radio access network
1442015031974611/05/15 Techniques for enabling and performing harq transmissions in a d2d communication between wireless devices in a wireless telecommunications network
1452015031975711/05/15 Reference signal allocation for flexible data lengths
1462015031977011/05/15 Scheduling in mobile communications systems
1472015031977111/05/15 Scheduling for devices with limited signal processing capability
1482015031977211/05/15 Downlink resource allocation in ofdm networks
1492015031977811/05/15 Methods and nodes for detecting activation of serving cell
1502015031978311/05/15 Mobile terminal, base station and methods therein
1512015031979611/05/15 Physical channel design for network-assisted d2d
1522015031980211/05/15 Technique for operating communication devices in a heterogeneously deployed network
1532015031033410/29/15 Method and assessing user experience
1542015031178910/29/15 Determination of phase offsets in a power supply system having multiple switching converters
1552015031187710/29/15 Automatic gain control in a heterogeneous mobile communication network
1562015031190610/29/15 Oscillator crosstalk compensation
1572015031190810/29/15 Local oscillator interference cancellation
1582015031196310/29/15 Method and arrangement for adapting a multi-antenna transmission
1592015031196710/29/15 Mitigation of interference from a mobile relay node to heterogeneous networks
1602015031198810/29/15 Method and arrangement for signaling of parameters in a wireless network
1612015031205510/29/15 Methods and routers for connectivity setup between provider edge routers
1622015031206710/29/15 Training signals for egprs mimo transmissions
1632015031207510/29/15 Interference randomization of control channel elements
1642015031209410/29/15 Method and pilot configuration in a mobile communications network
1652015031215510/29/15 System and efectuating packet distribution among servers in a network
1662015031223410/29/15 Authenticating a device when connecting it to a service
1672015031233210/29/15 Systems and methods for event notification framework in a machine-to-machine (m2m) context
1682015031238310/29/15 Handling multipath trasnmission control protocol signalling in a communications network
1692015031238710/29/15 Methods and resolving data inconsistencies in an ims network
1702015031274910/29/15 Measurement based euicc fall-back
1712015031278210/29/15 Method, device and program for validation of sleeping cells in a communications network
1722015031279810/29/15 Overload control in a communication network
1732015031281410/29/15 Method and in-device coexistence (idc) indication
1742015031281510/29/15 Methods and nodes for fast handover using pre-allocation of resources in target nodes
1752015031281610/29/15 Methods for mobility threshold signaling
1762015031282510/29/15 Methods, a network node and a wireless device for supporting handover in a cellular communications network
1772015031284010/29/15 Positioning in a shared cell
1782015031286510/29/15 Uplink transmission power and bit rate control
1792015031287010/29/15 Over-the-air synchronization for small cells in a wireless communication network
1802015031290610/29/15 Methods and routing communication using slotted resources of radio access mesh networks
1812015031290810/29/15 Methods, systems and devices for decoupled interference randomization for uplink reference signals
1822015031291110/29/15 Method and resource allocation to maximize the total data rate in sc-fdma uplink
1832015031291610/29/15 Radio base station and a method therein for scheduling uplink resources
1842015031291810/29/15 Methods and devices for reducing interference in heterogeneous communication networks based on inter-cell interference coordination
1852015031293810/29/15 Mtc rach procedure
1862015031295810/29/15 Robust transmission on downlink discontinuous transmission carrier
1872015031296110/29/15 Method and determining dormancy timer value
1882015031301910/29/15 A power module
1892015030505710/22/15 Methods and arrangements for resource allocation
1902015030498610/22/15 Paging cancel procedure in a telecommunications system
1912015030486710/22/15 Backhaul communication in wireless networks
1922015030484010/22/15 Oam radio base station
1932015030397010/22/15 Prefiltering in mimo receiver
1942015030487510/22/15 Method and controlling cell aggregation
1952015030168310/22/15 Adaptable input
1962015030198110/22/15 Pre-buffering of content data items to be rendered at a mobile terminal
1972015030204810/22/15 Flexible profile grouping download
1982015030380410/22/15 Switched mode power supply compensation loop
1992015030398110/22/15 Transceiver front-end
2002015030398810/22/15 Efficient generation of spreading sequence correlations using lookup tables
2012015030403310/22/15 Power control in bidirectional wdm optical link
2022015030403510/22/15 Method of optimizing optical signal quality in an optical communications link, optical network element and optical communications link
2032015030406210/22/15 Network node and a method therein, and a radio base station and a method therein for protecting control channels of a neighbouring radio base station
2042015030406610/22/15 Distributing path delay data in a connection-oriented communications network
2052015030409510/22/15 Node and downlink scheduling and hybrid automatic repeat request timing
2062015030409610/22/15 Downlink subframe shortening in time-division duplex (tdd) systems
2072015030416210/22/15 Multiple operator radio access network (moran) in a telecommunications system
2082015030419710/22/15 System and network aware adaptive streaming for nomadic endpoints
2092015030420710/22/15 Route determination in a multi-hop network using multiple routing metrics
2102015030422110/22/15 Method for generating a load sharing vector
2112015030422810/22/15 Method and system for prioritising traffic flows
2122015030424710/22/15 A automatically detecting physical connections of ethernet bridges connected to a root bridge
2132015030436510/22/15 System, method, network entity and device for connecting a device to a communications network
2142015030444410/22/15 Distributed caching
2152015030481810/22/15 Handling location data in a mobile communications network
2162015030483410/22/15 Methods and arrangements for device discovery
2172015030486510/22/15 Quality of service monitoring for internet protocol based communication service
2182015030486710/22/15 Backhaul communication in wireless networks
2192015030488210/22/15 Telecommunications method, protocol and improved quality of service handling
2202015030488810/22/15 Methods and nodes in a wireless or cellular network
2212015030489310/22/15 Method an logging information
2222015030489710/22/15 Simultaneous hand over in different domains
2232015030489910/22/15 Method and apparatuses for maintaining service continuity to a centralization and continuity application server
2242015030490610/22/15 Methods and maintaining information regarding the movement of user terminals
2252015030490710/22/15 Methods and detecting possible repeated handover different radio access technologies
2262015030492610/22/15 Method and apparatus to postpone ue from handover to an overloaded radio network from another radio network
2272015030493310/22/15 Method and network node for handling handover
2282015030495210/22/15 Network device, method, computer program and computer program product for determining a set of power state parameters
2292015030496410/22/15 Methods and apparatuses for boosting channel transmission in a network
2302015030501110/22/15 Methods and apparatuses for enabling cell activation in a network
2312015030504410/22/15 Scheduling in cellular communication systems
2322015030505710/22/15 Methods and arrangements for resource allocation
2332015030505810/22/15 Non-consecutive subframes in multi-tti scheduling messages
2342015030507210/22/15 Entity of a mobile cellular network
2352015030507510/22/15 Neighbor discovery in device-to-device communications
2362015030508110/22/15 A controlling association between a station and a wlan
2372015029639510/15/15 Technique for evaluation of a parameter adjustment in a mobile communications network
2382015029367410/15/15 Resizing selection zones on a touch sensitive display responsive to likelihood of selection
2392015029378810/15/15 Scheduling of global voltage/frequency scaling switches among asynchronous dataflow dependent processors
2402015029396510/15/15 Method, apparatus and computer program for detecting deviations in data sources
2412015029431110/15/15 Efficient service authorization and charging in a communication system
2422015029437910/15/15 Method and apparatus to introduce billing architecture for different utility events and to grant cross domain promotions
2432015029447310/15/15 Processing of depth images
2442015029532710/15/15 Wireless communication node with 4tx/4rx triple band antenna arrangement
2452015029569310/15/15 Methods and arrangements for managing reporting of channel quality
2462015029575910/15/15 Method for configuring a communication device using a configuration file template
2472015029580710/15/15 Manipulation of streams of monitoring data
2482015029583610/15/15 Distribution of synchronization packets over wifi transport links
2492015029584910/15/15 Method and system for network function placement

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