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Recent patent applications related to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ, we're just tracking patents.

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10/20/16 new patent  System and sla violation mitigation via multi-level thresholds
10/20/16 new patent  Clock generation circuit with fast-startup standby mode
10/20/16 new patent  Optimization of automatic gain control for narrow bandwidth operation
10/20/16 new patent  Method of changing operating mode of optical amplifier in an amplifier chain, optical apparatus and optical network
10/20/16 new patent  Network node, wireless device, methods therein, for sending and detecting, respectively, synchronization signal and an associated information
10/20/16 new patent  Selective steering of media data streams
10/20/16 new patent  Providing access network information for ims calls terminating to circuit-switched networks
10/20/16 new patent  Control of a chain of services
10/20/16 new patent  Dynamic compression coverage
10/20/16 new patent  Remote socket connection for data offload
10/20/16 new patent  Methods and relocating packet processing functions
10/20/16 new patent  Flexible bearer handling
10/20/16 new patent  First communication device, second communication device and methods therein, for sending and receiving, respectively, an indication of a subframe type
10/13/16User service prediction in a communication network
10/13/16Method and visual logging in networking systems
10/13/16System and analytics-driven sla management and insight generation in clouds
10/13/16Method and system for traffic pattern generation in a software-defined networking (sdn) system
10/13/16Volatile memory access mode in an electronic terminal for protecting application files from file operations
10/13/16Methods and antenna calibration
10/13/16Hidden node interference reduction
10/13/16Systems and methods related to flexible csi-rs configuration and associated feedback
10/13/16Broadcast in meshed networks
10/13/16Inter-chassis peer and method used therein
10/13/16Method and first network node for managing a first ip path used by a connection
10/13/16Method and system for burst based packet processing
10/13/16Method and system for synchronization of two databases in a lawful interception network by comparing checksum values
10/13/16Method and operating an icap server
10/13/16Encoder and video processing
10/13/16Device-to-device communication in a cellular communication system
10/13/16Methods and nodes for updating of mac address
10/13/16Authentication in device to device discovery
10/13/16Discarding a duplicate protocol data unit associated with a data transmission via a first signaling radio bearer or a second signaling radio bearer
10/13/16System and method to support inter-wireless local area network communication by a radio access network
10/13/16Reducing interference caused by uplink carrier aggregation
10/13/16Devices and methods for d2d transmission
10/13/16First and second base stations and methods performed therein
10/06/16User equipment and estimating and updating a timing of a cell in a wireless communications network
10/06/16Method for network monitoring using efficient group membership test based rule consolidation
10/06/16Evaluating the performance of a machine
10/06/16System and providing a content consumption journal to users in a multi-device environment
10/06/16Circuit for calibration measurements, method, computer program, and electronic device
10/06/16Transceiver arrangement and communication device
10/06/16Method and compensating synchronization timing in a distributed timing network
10/06/16Method and a device for provisioning control plane in multi-technology network
10/06/16Testing the performance of a layer 3 proxy device using traffic amplification
10/06/16Method for optimized placement of service-chain-monitoring probes
10/06/16Methods and devices for bootstrapping of resource constrained devices
10/06/16Method of packet marking for flow analytics
10/06/16A method, node and computer programe for providing live content streaming
10/06/16Methods and devices for facilitating emergency calls over wireless communication systems
10/06/16Centralised capabiity discovery
10/06/16Method and establishing intra-network calls
10/06/16Methods and subscriber data storage nodes for handling signaling requests in a communication system
10/06/16Exchanging load information in a radio access network
10/06/16A node and managing a data flow between networks of different access types
10/06/16Methods for handling a connection status
10/06/16Cellular base station and operation
10/06/16Method and efficient transmission from a dormant state
10/06/16Methods of subframe pairing for measurement gap length configuration in dual connectivity
10/06/16Methods and network node for activation of connection configuration for a secondary base station
10/06/16Device-to-device communication in a cellular communication system
10/06/16Reporting for direct link quality assessment
10/06/16Systems and methods of discontinuous operation for wireless devices
10/06/16Network node, wireless handling evaluation of a secondary cell for a wireless device
09/29/16Technique for data traffic analysis
09/29/16Apparatus, system, method, computer program, and computer program product for generating activity information for a cell
09/29/16Burst frame error handling
09/29/16Pilot signal transmission method, associated transmit-receive point, pilot signal reception method and associated user equipment
09/29/16Configuration of liveness check using internet key exchange messages
09/29/16Transformative requests
09/29/16Selecting a packet loss concealment procedure
09/29/16Methods and devices for media processing in distributed cloud
09/29/16Lock free flow learning in a network device
09/29/16Message handling in an ip multimedia subsystem
09/29/16Method, multimedia streaming service node, computer program and computer program product for combining content
09/29/16A network node and adjusting antenna parameters in a wireless communications system
09/29/16Signaling for interference reduction
09/29/16Method and device for controlling processing load of a network node
09/29/16Method and optimizing ue identification
09/29/16Method for adapting cell change time in a multi-cell wireless communication network
09/29/16Method for filtering uplink data based on the characteristic of a logical bearer
09/29/16Procedures for controlling alternative radio-access technology (rat) in multi-rat capable terminals
09/29/16Method and apparatuses for discontinuous reception cycle estimation by data packet monitoring
09/29/16Methods and systems for synchronizing a communication node in a communication network
09/29/16Method and coordinating inter-cell interference
09/29/16Method and controlling the activity state of a wireless device having device-to-device communication capabilities
09/22/16Methods, network nodes, user equipment, and computer program products for adaptive radio link monitoring
09/22/16Method for in-service software upgrade using version tolerance
09/22/16Coding and filtering for machine-type communication
09/22/16Determining the need for a routing area update for packet switched handover in multi-operator core network
09/22/16Listen-before-talk operation with freeze interval
09/22/16Amplifier apparatus and method
09/22/16Method of constructing a parity-check matrix for using message-passing algorithm to decode the repeat-accumulate type of modulation and coding schemes
09/22/16Cancelling crosstalk
09/22/16Secondary cell activation/deactivation in carrier aggregation
09/22/16Facilitating blind detection of pilot sequences in a wireless communication network
09/22/16Access node, control node, and various methods for adapting a reporting period for a user equipment
09/22/16Handling of network characteristics
09/22/16Mode selection for a communications session
09/22/16Shortest path bridge with mpls labels
09/22/16System and categorizing packet flows in a network
09/22/16Security activation for dual connectivity
09/22/16Processing of multimedia data
09/22/16Network function virtualization service chaining
09/22/16Method and device for the management of applications
09/22/16Arrangements and method thereof for video retargeting for video conferencing
09/22/16Evaluation measure for hdr video frames
09/22/16Reduced bit rate immersive video
09/22/16Methods and devices for device to device communication source address change indication
09/22/16Node and dynamic synchronization of communications for a wireless device
09/22/16Handling of transport conditions
09/22/16Method for dynamic csi feedback
09/22/16Methods and devices for improving connection procedures in radio access networks
09/22/16Methods and systems for controlling congestion in a communication network
09/22/16Devices and methods for multiplexing and demultiplexing common public radio interface data streams
09/22/16Method, system and device for inter-frequency load balancing in a mobile telecommunications network
09/22/16Controlling the operation of mobile terminals with respect to multiple radio access technologies
09/22/16Handing over a data bearer between access networks
09/22/16A first network node, a second network node and methods therein for handover preparation
09/22/16Selectively utilising mobility of ip flows
09/22/16Redundant scheduling information for direct communication
09/22/16Power control method in mixed cellular and d2d network and ue
09/22/16Method and device-to-device synchronization sequence processing
09/22/16Synchronization in the presence of large initial frequency error
09/22/16Node and radio measurement handling
09/22/16Method and arrangement for configuring csi measurements
09/22/16Lbt operation based on channel activity and/or traffic load
09/22/16Network nodes, a user equipment and methods therein for handling cellular and d2d communications in a wireless communications network
09/22/16Methods, network nodes, user equipment, and computer program products for adaptive radio link monitoring
09/22/16Method and apparatus in a wireless communication system
09/22/16Flexible transmission scheme for wireless communication
09/22/16Wireless device reporting
09/22/16Uplink subframe shortening in time-division duplex (tdd) systems
09/22/16Method to transmit signaling radio bearer messages in multi antenna wireless communication system
09/22/16Mac protocol for directive transmissions
09/22/16A network node, a user equipment and methods therein for random access
09/22/16Network nodes, a user equipment and methods therein for establishing a connection between the user equipment and a wireless communications network
09/22/16A connection pin, a converter assembly and a manufacturing a connection pin
09/15/16Enabling transmission encryption
09/15/16Range determination for an intermediate bus architecture power supply controller
09/15/16Method for determining operation coniditions for a selected lifetime of a semiconductor device
09/15/16Active subscriber count based charging and policy control
09/15/16Method for writing status data, computer program, computer program product, digital controller, power converter, and base station
09/15/16Methods, network nodes, computer programs and computer program products for managing processing of an audio stream
09/15/16Communications controller and wavelength control
09/15/16256 quadrature amplitude modulation user equipment category handling
09/15/16Transmitter, receiver and methods therein
09/15/16Method and peak to average power ratio reduction
09/15/16Allocation of resources for real-time communication
09/15/16Method and identifying changed mailboxes in an internet message access protocol (imap) list
09/15/16Enabling transmission encryption
09/15/16System and optimized delivery of live abr media
09/15/16Method and application server for executing a service-related operation for a device user
09/15/16Method and assisted emergency calls
09/15/16System and optimized delivery of live abr media
09/15/16Protocol version indication
09/15/16Nomadic node attachment procedure
09/15/16Method, a node, computer program and computer program product for adapting radio coordination schemes
09/15/16Procedures for class-based measurements on multiple carriers
09/15/16Gateway weight factor and load information
09/15/16Restoration of user equipment control in the presence of communication link failure between packet switched and circuit switched controlling nodes
09/15/16Wireless device, radio access network node and methods therein for providing handover information including cell identity
09/15/16Rrc connection reestablishment in a wireless communication network
09/15/16Network access through a second wireless network
09/15/16Channel-state information reference symbol scheduling in license-assisted access lte
09/15/16256 quadrature amplitude modulation user equipment category handling
09/15/16Preamble sets matched to uplink transmission conditions
09/15/16Methods and arrangements for device discovery
09/15/16A wireless device, a network node and methods therein for reporting channel state information (csi) in a radio communications network
09/15/16Changing semi-persistent scheduling interval
09/15/16Handling physical random access channel transmissions in multi-carrier scenarios
09/15/16Determination of ue band and synchronization capability in dual connectivity
09/15/16Nodes and methods for cn node selection at handover
09/08/16Method and system for routing a network function chain
09/08/16Switched mode power supply and operating a switched mode power supply
09/08/16Switched mode power supply and operating a switched mode power supply
09/08/16Cancelling intermodulation interference
09/08/16Multi-level ack defining decoding margin
09/08/16Precoder for spatial multiplexing, multiple antenna transmitter
09/08/16Statistical model based control signal outer-loop adjustment
09/08/16Flexible configuration of harq process feedback
09/08/16Harq feedback reporting based on mirrored information
09/08/16Methods and systems for configuring overlapping mbms configurations on multiple carriers
09/08/16Method for eliminating muting during evolved multicast broadcast service (embs) service change
09/08/16Bng / subscriber management integrated, fib based, per subscriber, opt-in opt-out, multi application service chaining solution via subscriber service chaining nexthop and meta ip lookup
09/08/16Methods, nodes and computer program for enabling of resource component allocation
09/08/16Wi-fi integration for non-sim devices
09/08/16Methods and arrangements for cloud caching
09/08/16Signalling assymetric media capabilities
09/08/16Performing an action on certain media streams in a multimedia communications network
09/08/16Packet data connectivity control with volume charged service limitation
09/08/16Coding and deriving quantization parameters
09/08/16Aligning measurement gaps and discovery signals
09/08/16Method and providing a service to a roaming ue via a packet data network gateway
09/08/16Authentication of wireless device entity
09/08/16Integrated cellular system with wi-fi-fallback
09/08/16Radio devices and methods for performing communication via licensed and unlicensed spectrum
09/08/16Reporting quality of experience of receiving digital content
09/08/16Method and arrangement for forwarding ue measurements
09/08/16Node and buffering downlink data
09/08/16Node and carrier aggregation compatibility reporting of a wireless device
09/08/16Handover control
09/08/16System information distribution in multi-operator scenarios
09/08/16Method and terminal for gsm cell searches
09/08/16Method, system and device for switching a transmission time interval
09/08/16Apparatus and inter cell interference coordination
09/08/16Ul control channel consideration for heterogeneous networks
09/08/16Method and network node for facilitating timing synchronization in network
09/08/16First device, second device and methods therein for the first device sending a modified encoded radio block to the second device
09/08/16Methods and nodes relating to system information acquisition during flexible subframe operation
09/08/16Methods and apparatuses for repeated radio block transmission
09/08/16Adaptive beacon transmission
09/08/16Communication system, network node, communication device, methods and computer programs
09/08/16Network assisted interference mitigation
09/08/16Methods, a wireless device and a radio network node in a wireless communication system
09/08/16A wireless device, a first network node and methods therein
09/08/16Listen-before-talk for discovery signal in license-assisted access lte
09/08/16Method and timing misalignment signalling
09/08/16Coding and deriving quantization parameters
09/01/16Reception of simultaneous downlink transmissions by a low complexity user equipment
09/01/16Method, apparatus, and system for supporting flexible lookup keys in software-defined networks
09/01/16Method and data storage and retrieval
09/01/16Audio coding method and apparatus
09/01/16Signal generator and associated phase shift apparatus and method
09/01/16Multicarrier communication system employing explicit frequency hopping
09/01/16Transmtting communications traffic across an optical communication network
09/01/16A node and establishing a radio link without a dedicated physical channel/fractional-dedicated physical channel
09/01/16Efficient medium access with direction awareness
09/01/16Classification of detected network anomalies using additional data
09/01/16Service chaining using in-packet bloom filters
09/01/16Communication between a communication device and a network device
09/01/16Method and arrangement for video transcoding using mode or motion or in-loop filter information
09/01/16Evaluation measure for images
09/01/16Method for inserting an advertisement into a video stream of an application on demand (aod) service, aod processing device and aod server
09/01/16Wireless area network (wlan) node, a wireless device, and methods therein
09/01/16Methods and apparatuses generating a radio base station key in a cellular radio system
09/01/16Technique for assigning spectral resources in a cellular network
09/01/16Method, communication device and computer program
09/01/16Node and monitoring an ability of a wireless device to receive downlink data
09/01/16Measurement report stopping method and enodeb using the same
09/01/16Sounding reference signal based small cell activity control
09/01/16Techniques for managing parameters used by terminal devices in access network selection and/or traffic steering or routing procedures
09/01/16Uplink reconfiguration for split bearer in dual connectivity
09/01/16Providing wireless terminal uplink data rate offsets
09/01/16Wireless device, network node and methods therein, computer programs and computer-readable mediums comprising the computer programs, for cell monitoring for cell reselection
09/01/16System and activating and deactivating multiple secondary cells
09/01/16Uplink power sharing in dual connectivity
09/01/16Power control of device-to-device synchronization signal
09/01/16Handling timing differences in timing advance groups in a communication device

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