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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ A Corporation
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100107
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100121
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20131212
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100114


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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents

Recent patent applications related to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015028921410/08/15  new patent  Controlling energy consumption of a wireless network node
22015028869010/08/15  new patent  Two factor authentication of icr transport and payload for interchassis redundancy
32015028843510/08/15  new patent  Determining a precoder of a codebook
42015028844510/08/15  new patent  Method and arrangement for monitoring optical transmission lines
52015028847310/08/15  new patent  Methods of time synchronisation in communications networks
62015028849610/08/15  new patent  Method and network node for determining an initial configuration of generation of uplink reference signals
72015028850810/08/15  new patent  Methods and apparatuses for device-to-device communication
82015028855110/08/15  new patent  Aas transmitter distortion improvement
92015028856210/08/15  new patent  Method and network node for cell configuration of lower power node
102015028861110/08/15  new patent  Base station, user equipment and tcp transmission with dynamic tdd reconfiguration
112015028870410/08/15  new patent  Methods and nodes for verification of data
122015028900310/08/15  new patent  Method and distributing media content services
132015028914110/08/15  new patent  Radio resource management in inter-operator time sharing of frequency spectrum
142015028916510/08/15  new patent  Introducing simple rlc functionality to node b
152015028917010/08/15  new patent  Subscriber node and shared network
162015028918210/08/15  new patent  Methods and devices regarding cell reselection for a user equipment
172015028918410/08/15  new patent  System and mitigrating congestion handling during hs cell change
182015028919010/08/15  new patent  System, s for enabling efficient hybrid route optimization between two mobile endpoints
192015028920010/08/15  new patent  Methods and enabling traffic steering between heterogeneous telecommunication networks
202015028920310/08/15  new patent  Service node selection in a communications network based on application server information
212015028923210/08/15  new patent  Method, broadcast control device, computer program and computer program product for controlling broadcast transmissions
222015028923310/08/15  new patent  Handling data in a communications network
232015028924310/08/15  new patent  Tti switching
242015028925610/08/15  new patent  Methods and apparatuses for processing uplink data
252015028926410/08/15  new patent  Transmission and reception of reference signals in wireless networks
262015028926710/08/15  new patent  Method and scheduling of a wireless device
272015028927210/08/15  new patent  Method and resource allocation satisfying multiple performance constraints
282015028927710/08/15  new patent  Method and arrangement for scheduling in shared communication networks
292015028928710/08/15  new patent  Controlling scheduling requests
302015028197210/01/15 Network node and handling spectrum bands in a mobile radio communication system
312015027752910/01/15 Method, node and computer program for reset of timers
322015027788210/01/15 Processing packets by generating machine code from pre-compiled code fragments
332015027792610/01/15 Efficient branch predictor history recovery in pipelined computer architectures employing branch prediction and branch delay slots of variable size
342015027802210/01/15 Methods and arrangements for handling file repair during mbms or embms delivery
352015027870610/01/15 Method, predictive analytics system, and computer program product for performing online and offline learning
362015027892010/01/15 Network nodes and methods for providing recommendations on gifts
372015027904210/01/15 Method and determining a depth of a target object
382015028084010/01/15 Method and test station for radio production test
392015028084510/01/15 Public warning system indication to users in connected mode
402015028089010/01/15 Methods and apparatuses for controlling glitch behavior in a network
412015028089110/01/15 Methods and devices for controlling the deactivation of transmission carriers
422015028090510/01/15 Method and detecting and correcting pdcp hyper frame number (hfn) desynchronization
432015028096710/01/15 Method and management agent for event notifications correlation
442015028101710/01/15 Method and server for dynamically determining a reference signal (rs) power boost level
452015028104010/01/15 Methods and network nodes for handling handover failures
462015028105410/01/15 Method and system for hitless upgrade of chassis in virtualized environment
472015028110510/01/15 Path discovery in data transport networks based on statistical inference
482015028170610/01/15 Coding and decoding of transform skipped blocks
492015028187210/01/15 Configuring a sensor device
502015028192410/01/15 Circuit-switched services over sae/lte networks
512015028195810/01/15 Method and securing a connection in a communications network
522015028197210/01/15 Network node and handling spectrum bands in a mobile radio communication system
532015028197410/01/15 Inter-operator time sharing of frequency spectrum
542015028199210/01/15 Other cell interference estimation
552015028200010/01/15 Apparatus and method relating to the streaming of content to one or more user devices
562015028201510/01/15 Session transfer in a communication network
572015028201810/01/15 Movement of user equipments between cells
582015028202310/01/15 Dynamic transport channel synchronization
592015028207410/01/15 Methods for deciding when to switch between communication channel states, and network nodes therefor
602015028207610/01/15 Wake-up for measurements during drx cycles
612015028210110/01/15 Splitter with adaptive power distribution
622015028211410/01/15 Method and node for positioning in combined cell
632015028211910/01/15 Methods, a broadcast management unit and a user equipment for handling digital content in a cellular communications network
642015028213710/01/15 Base station and transmitting control information to a user equipment (ue)
652015028213910/01/15 Method in a network node and method in a telecommunication system for cell edge band allocation and network node
662015028216210/01/15 System and improving pdp context activation latency
672015028217310/01/15 Frequency resource allocation for semi-persistent scheduling
682015028219810/01/15 Device and acknowledged mode qos
692015028220410/01/15 Scheduling request transmission decoupled downlink-uplink
702015028220510/01/15 Methods and nodes for controlling uplink transmissions
712015028221510/01/15 Random access procedures for machine-type communications
722015028222110/01/15 Machine-to-machine domain proxy
732015028223110/01/15 Method, apparatus and computer program for selectable operation of a network node
742015028224210/01/15 Methods and processing an ims session
752015028224610/01/15 Selection of rrc configuration in a wireless communication network based on network state
762015027171909/24/15 Method and device for calibrating mobile robustness optimization function
772015027134409/24/15 Method and online charging of pre-fetched content
782015027169609/24/15 Method and signal quality determination in a communication network
792015026901609/24/15 User equipment node, server node and methods performed in such nodes for performing file repair procedure
802015027059609/24/15 Power divider and fabricating the same
812015027086409/24/15 Transceiver front-end
822015027087709/24/15 Selection of access points for coordinated multipoint uplink reception
832015027092009/24/15 Optical communication system, bi-directional communication and operating a network element
842015027093709/24/15 Method, apparatus and system for using common and demodulation pilot signals in multi-antenna wireless communications
852015027097809/24/15 Method and data repair in a data communication network
862015027105209/24/15 Procedure to add alternate paths for is-is default route
872015027105609/24/15 Optimized approach to is-is lfa computation with parallel links
882015027105909/24/15 Better alternate paths for multi homed is-is prefixes
892015027106309/24/15 Handling of information related to off-line base stations
902015027107909/24/15 Method and device for evaluating a traffic shaper
912015027110109/24/15 Method and arrangement for admission control based on priority level based differentiation
922015027128009/24/15 Multi-objective server placement determination
932015027155409/24/15 Unified rating selectively blocking content
942015027156709/24/15 3d video warning module
952015027165609/24/15 Network node and managing radio resources dedicated to beacon signalling for d2d discovery
962015027166509/24/15 Mobile station, access node and various methods for implementing an accelerated system access procedure
972015027170909/24/15 Bearer management in the ran based on quality of service
982015027176309/24/15 Method for modifying parameter values for long range extension and corresponding node
992015027182009/24/15 System and allocating transmission resources
1002015027183709/24/15 Node and downlink scheduling and hybrid automatic repeat request timing
1012015027185209/24/15 Adapting carrier aggregation configurations for user equipment
1022015027125109/24/15 Method and system for cloud service deployment
1032015026150609/17/15 Methods and systems for dynamic runtime generation of customized applications
1042015026465609/17/15 Automatic transmit power control in los mimo nxn configuration for wireless applications
1052015026200909/17/15 Apparatus for, a , and a network server for detecting data patterns in a data stream
1062015026378209/17/15 Digital suppression of transmitter intermodulation in receiver
1072015026380109/17/15 Method and arrangement in a wireless communications system
1082015026381809/17/15 Physical downlink control channel (pdcch) inter-cell-interference coordination
1092015026384709/17/15 Tail end mbms bearer fault management
1102015026389209/17/15 Operations, administration, and management (oam) functions in a software defined network
1112015026392509/17/15 Method and ranking users within a network
1122015026393209/17/15 Procedure to identify multi-homed prefixes for is-is lfa
1132015026394009/17/15 Label stack encoding and processing to enable oam procedures for service segments in segment routed (sr) networks
1142015026439309/17/15 Method and arrangement for video coding
1152015026442309/17/15 Methods and systems for dynamic runtime generation of customized applications
1162015026453809/17/15 Message transmission for vehicle-to-vehicle communication enabled devices
1172015026456009/17/15 Handling of stream restriction in a cellular communications system supporting four branch mimo
1182015026460509/17/15 Method and device in a telecommunications system
1192015026462009/17/15 Interference mitigation in cellular networks
1202015026465109/17/15 Methods and network nodes for improving olpc functionality for hsupa mimo
1212015026465609/17/15 Automatic transmit power control in los mimo nxn configuration for wireless applications
1222015026466009/17/15 Nodes and methods for positioning
1232015026466209/17/15 Uplink multi-tti scheduling in tdd system
1242015026468009/17/15 System and allocating transmission resources based on a transmission rank
1252015025635909/10/15 Ue, filtering method thereof and computer-readable recording medium
1262015025602709/10/15 Device and power disturbance detection
1272015025620709/10/15 Multi-band receiver and signal processing method thereof
1282015025621009/10/15 Homodyne receiver with improved linearity
1292015025623509/10/15 Methods for selecting precoding vectors for multi-point mimo (multiple-input-multiple-output) communications and related wireless terminals and radio network nodes
1302015025625309/10/15 Optical path validation method
1312015025629509/10/15 Methods of communicating data including shared ack/nack messages and related wireless terminals and network nodes
1322015025629809/10/15 Encoding hybrid automatic repeat request acknowledgements in a multi-antenna wireless communications system
1332015025630209/10/15 Crs interference mitigation for epdcch/pdsch demodulation under comp
1342015025637209/10/15 Receiver arrangement and a method therein
1352015025645409/10/15 Method for informing a node in a radio access network (ran) about a type of service associated with an ip packet
1362015025650909/10/15 Identifying nated devices for device-specific traffic flow steering
1372015025656209/10/15 Method, system and network nodes for performing a sip transaction in a session initiation protocol based communications network
1382015025661909/10/15 Content delivery in a communications network
1392015025681509/10/15 3d camera calibration
1402015025690609/10/15 Method and distributing a media content service
1412015025698109/10/15 Apparatus and providing interactive services in a network
1422015025699509/10/15 Method for sending or receiving system information
1432015025700309/10/15 Protecting a payload sent in a communications network
1442015025703209/10/15 Handling data in a communications network
1452015025703409/10/15 Method and combined sequence numbers for drop precedence support
1462015025704909/10/15 Mechanism to handle ue assistance information upon handover
1472015025706409/10/15 Device and a providing neighboring cell lists for cells in a wcdma network
1482015025711109/10/15 Power control of uplink control channels in heterogeneous networks
1492015025711309/10/15 Network node and managing maximum transmission power levels for a d2d communication link
1502015025711809/10/15 Technique for adapting an rf receiver configuration
1512015025712109/10/15 Methods for enhancing positioning measurements with multi-antenna transmission schemes
1522015025714809/10/15 Semi-persistent resource allocation uplink transmission in wireless packet data systems
1532015025716209/10/15 Controlling bandwidth usage of an application using a radio access bearer on a transport network
1542015024998209/03/15 Power control for simultaneous transmission of ack/nack and channel-state information in carrier aggregation systems
1552015024949009/03/15 Adaptive transmission mode switching
1562015024949309/03/15 Prefiltering in mimo receiver
1572015024951609/03/15 Radio transceiver
1582015024952409/03/15 Channel quality reporting in a multi-antenna wireless communication system
1592015024953109/03/15 Methods and devices for radio communication configuration
1602015024953409/03/15 Radio transceiver having frequency synthesizer
1612015024954909/03/15 Encapsulating cpri frames
1622015024955309/03/15 Channel estimation in a multi-antenna wireless communications system
1632015024969009/03/15 Methods and processing an ims session
1642015024984209/03/15 Hierarchical deblocking parameter adaptation
1652015024990109/03/15 M2m services enablement architecture for cellular access networks
1662015024993209/03/15 Method for handling user consent for mdt data collection
1672015024993409/03/15 Bandwidth-based configuration of measurement gaps
1682015024993709/03/15 Method for d2d radiocommunication
1692015024993809/03/15 Interference-protected control message transmission in a mobile communications network
1702015024995009/03/15 Mobility and/or access selection between cells
1712015024997009/03/15 Device and information about plmn id
1722015024999409/03/15 Signaling of mgw identify in sip-i
1732015024999809/03/15 Efficient transmission of stand-alone aperiodic csi reporting for lte carrier aggregation
1742015025000709/03/15 Establishment of an rrc connection in a mobile communications terminal
1752015025001009/03/15 Discovery in device-to-device communication
1762015025001109/03/15 Method for d2d radiocommunication
1772015024527408/27/15 Network node and a shortcutting a communication path between user equipments
1782015024185808/27/15 Function handling in a building
1792015024453508/27/15 Power over ethernet supervision
1802015024509808/27/15 Methods, apparatus, and user interfaces for social user quantification
1812015024526108/27/15 Handover robustness in cellular radio communications
1822015024530108/27/15 User equipment, a network node and methods for device discovery in a device-to-device (d2d) communication in a wireless telecommunications network
1832015024190508/27/15 Glitch free clock frequency change
1842015024220008/27/15 Re-configuration in cloud computing environments
1852015024237908/27/15 Measuring web page rendering time
1862015024305108/27/15 Weight based image processing
1872015024329908/27/15 Method and device for voice activity detection
1882015024427008/27/15 Intermediate bus architecture power supply
1892015024432808/27/15 Ppa linearization
1902015024443508/27/15 Methods and systems for combined cyclic delay diversity and precoding of radio signals
1912015024444008/27/15 Scalable estimation ring
1922015024444908/27/15 Insertion of signals by an intermediate device
1932015024445308/27/15 Wson restoration
1942015024446408/27/15 Operating a node in an optical transport network
1952015024449308/27/15 Changing the spectral position of a lightpath
1962015024450708/27/15 Reference signal mapping
1972015024453508/27/15 Power over ethernet supervision
1982015024456008/27/15 Ipoe dual-stack subscriber for bridged residential gateway configuration
1992015024457808/27/15 Control of power consumption modes of communications apparatus
2002015024461408/27/15 Method and node realignment in a telecommunications network
2012015024461808/27/15 Baseband unit (bbu) implementation for facilitating 6lowpan data access
2022015024463008/27/15 Ipoe dual-stack subscriber for routed residential gateway configuration
2032015024472208/27/15 Mobile terminal, network node server, method and computer program
2042015024477608/27/15 Method and system for communication between machine to machine m2m service provider networks
2052015024483908/27/15 Technique for reliable bulk data delivery
2062015024484008/27/15 Active antenna element (aae) implementation for facilitating 6lowpan data access
2072015024487408/27/15 Method and managing charging in communication networks
2082015024516108/27/15 Method and system for communication between machine to machine m2m service provider networks
2092015024519608/27/15 Method and apparatuses for policy and charging control of machine-to-machine type communications
2102015024522208/27/15 Method and arrangement for configuring managed object model for combined cell
2112015024523808/27/15 Pcrf apparatus and traffic handling use in pcr
2122015024524008/27/15 Network resource modification
2132015024524508/27/15 Pico-rru-based network implementation for facilitating 6lowpan data access
2142015024526008/27/15 Updating of neighbor cell information in a radio communications system
2152015024526808/27/15 Traffic steering between wlan and cellular networks
2162015024528908/27/15 Device and improved drx for use with tcp
2172015024531408/27/15 Methods and content distribution within a sub-cell in a telecommunications system
2182015024532608/27/15 Methods and arrangements for semi-persistent scheduling
2192015024533208/27/15 Systems, methods, apparatuses, devices and associated computer-readable media for providing 6lowpan data access
2202015024535808/27/15 Wlan throughput prediction
2212015024539708/27/15 Method and device for d2d configuration
2222015024539808/27/15 Method for transferring a communication session between devices
2232015024538108/27/15 Reporting downlink control information in a wireless communication system employing dedicated pilots
2242015023677208/20/15 Method in a network node, method in a user equipment, a network node and a user equipment for selecting a beam candidate
2252015023680808/20/15 Method and radio link adaptation for flexible subframe communications
2262015023708608/20/15 Local media rendering
2272015023717308/20/15 Tcp proxy server
2282015023472108/20/15 Authentication in a data layered architecture network
2292015023482408/20/15 Method, content ranking system, and computer program product for ranking content based on subscriber information
2302015023483108/20/15 Federated database system
2312015023490108/20/15 Data collector and associated method, computer program and computer program product
2322015023564808/20/15 Generation of comfort noise
2332015023680508/20/15 Methods, a broadcast management unit and a user equipment for handling digital content in a cellular communications network
2342015023681408/20/15 Methods for performing link adaptation and related base stations
2352015023686308/20/15 High-availability, scalable policy and charging control systems, and methods therefor
2362015023689808/20/15 Mobile gateways in pool for session resilience
2372015023691008/20/15 User categorization in communications networks
2382015023691408/20/15 Method and node for controlling resources for a media service as well as a corresponding system and computer program
2392015023692008/20/15 Method and determining connection information of a link
2402015023696808/20/15 Denial of service prevention in a software defined network
2412015023709408/20/15 Method and arrangement for adaption in http streaming
2422015023712508/20/15 P2p for mobile providers
2432015023749108/20/15 Method and arrangement for handling d2d communication
2442015023749208/20/15 Network with isolated nodes
2452015023750608/20/15 White space channel selection for cellular networks
2462015023752008/20/15 Efficient use of reference symbol resources in a hierarchical heterogeneous cell deployment
2472015023752508/20/15 Traffic shaping and steering for a multipath transmission control protocol connection
2482015023752908/20/15 Methods and enabling load steering in heterogeneous radio access networks
2492015023755708/20/15 Detection of early inter-radio access technology (irat) handover triggering

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