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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ
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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents

Recent patent applications related to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ, we're just tracking patents.

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Packet data unit (pdu) structure for supporting distributed relay control protocol (drcp)

Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Packet data unit (pdu) structure for supporting distributed relay control protocol (drcp)

Packet data unit (pdu) structure for supporting distributed relay control protocol (drcp)

Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

System, method, and device for exposing wireless module data storage

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Count Application # Date Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014031423610/23/14 new patent  Radio base station initialization
22014031554110/23/14 new patent  Methods in a device-to-device, d2d, enabled user equipment, a d2d enabled user equipment, methods in a base station, a base station, computer programs and computer program products
32014031719610/23/14 new patent  Method and arrangement for the supervision of transactions in a peer-to-peer overlay network
42014031730010/23/14 new patent  Methods and network nodes for controlling resources of a service session as well as corresponding system and computer program
52014031769110/23/14 new patent  Dynamic client authorization in network management systems
62014031388610/23/14 new patent  Protection in a ring network of label switching routers
72014031389910/23/14 new patent  System and method of automatically configuring i-sids in gmpls controlled ethernet provider backbone bridged networks
82014031391910/23/14 new patent  Methods and devices for transmission line analysis
92014031393210/23/14 new patent  Method and system for updating distributed resilient network interconnect (drni) states
102014031393810/23/14 new patent  Packet data unit (pdu) structure for supporting distributed relay control protocol (drcp)
112014031393910/23/14 new patent  Method and system for synchronizing with neighbor in a distributed resilient network interconnect (drni) link aggregation group
122014031399010/23/14 new patent  Initiating network assistance in a wireless network
132014031402310/23/14 new patent  Methods and arrangements in a wireless communications system
142014031409410/23/14 new patent  Method and system of implementing conversation-sensitive collection for a link aggregation group
152014031409510/23/14 new patent  Method and system of updating conversation allocation in link aggregation
162014031409710/23/14 new patent  Method and system for network and intra-portal link (ipl) sharing in distributed relay control protocol (drcp)
172014031716810/23/14 new patent  System, method, and device for exposing wireless module data storage
182014031718010/23/14 new patent  Method, device and central server for providing service for ldap client
192014031725010/23/14 new patent  Method and system for synchronizing with neighbor in a distributed resilient network interconnect (drni) link aggregation group
202014031726910/23/14 new patent  Installation and enforcement of dynamic and static pcc rules in tunneling scenarios
212014030753810/16/14Apparatus and method for a communication network
222014030753710/16/14Method of communication between ims nodes
232014031042110/16/14Method of operating a first communication device for receiving a media data stream from at least one second communication device, including a communication device, a telecommunication server and a telecommunications system
242014030762110/16/14Signaling of system information to mtc-devices
252014030764210/16/14Method and wireless device for managing resources for d2d communication
262014030764410/16/14Methods and devices for enabling high user bitrates in mixed-traffic scenarios
272014030769910/16/14User equipment, a radio base station, rbs, and methods therein for transmitting a subframe comprising at least two reference signals, rss, to the rbs
282014030770610/16/14Homogeneous circuit switched voice support indication in a mobile network
292014030770710/16/14Network-instructed handover from wlan to another radio access network
302014030895810/16/14Methods and arrangements for identifying a neighbouring base station
312014031042610/16/14Devices and methods using network load data in mobile cloud accelerator context to optimize network usage by selectively deferring content delivery
322014030771310/16/14Method and apparatus for reducing co-channel interference
332014030120310/09/14Centralized data plane flow control
342014030124810/09/14Methods and apparatus for determining network support for other media during ims emergency sessions
352014030151010/09/14Method of channel cancellation, radio receiver, cellular communication device and computer program
362014030042610/09/14Quadrature power amplifier having increased efficiency
372014030119110/09/14User plane traffic handling using network address translation and request redirection
382014030119310/09/14Uplink load control method and apparatus used in a wireless communication system
392014030119410/09/14Ue control of downlink data
402014030125710/09/14Novel decoding algorithm for the hs-dpcch harq message exploiting the pre-and postambles
412014030127610/09/14Method and system for evaluation of sensor observations
422014030128310/09/14Aggregation of resources in enhanced control channels
432014030128710/09/14Method and apparatus for control channel resource allocations in constrained and unconstrained subframes in a wireless communication network
442014030133110/09/14Selecting a transport format for transmission of data blocks between a base station and a mobile terminal
452014030135010/09/14Prioritizing packets in a node of a radio access network by establishing, on intercepted first pdp context related information, a second pdp context
462014030135310/09/14Broadcast of information for new carrier type
472014030135510/09/14Signalling mechanism for multi-tiered intra-band carrier aggregation
482014030435010/09/14Method and an apparatus in a communication node for identifying receivers of a message
492014030470110/09/14Object-oriented open framework for campaign generation
502014030477710/09/14Securing data communications in a communications network
512014029379310/02/14Service-aware profiling for transport networks
522014029382410/02/14Policy controller based network statistics generation
532014029384510/02/14Scheduling apparatus and method for a tdd communication system
542014029377010/02/14Methods for performing and controlling retransmission and apparatus thereof
552014029377410/02/14Ring protection state aware bandwidth adaptation
562014029380110/02/14System and method for processing received data in a wireless network
572014029380210/02/14Interference estimation with tdm
582014029388010/02/14Transmit diversity for pre-coded radio control signals
592014029409110/02/14Method of and apparatus for compression encoding a picture in a picture sequence
602014029438310/02/14Apparatus and method for an optical network
612014029579310/02/14Technique for controlling loss and theft of remote radio equipment in a cellular ad hoc network
622014029583310/02/14Systems and methods for selecting a network access system
632014029583610/02/14Radio network node, user equipment and methods for enabling access to a radio network
642014029586510/02/14Scheduling of delay-sensitive traffic
652014029588410/02/14Radio network node, a network management node and methods therein
662014029590110/02/14Local wireless connectivity for radio equipment of a base station in a cellular communications network
672014028616109/25/14Uplink congestion control
682014028872309/25/14Filtering a stream of power control commands
692014028935209/25/14Divided multimedia messaging delivery
702014028617009/25/14Method in a radio network node for controlling usage of rat and frequency bandwidth in a radio communication system
712014028620209/25/14Beamforming with phase compensation
722014028621009/25/14Fast detection of discontinuous transmission
732014028629509/25/14Downlink transmission coordinated scheduling
742014028631309/25/14Methods and arrangements for improving transmission control protocol performance in a cellular network
752014028769209/25/14Method and apparatus for determining statistics for direction of departure
762014028775709/25/14Methods and devices for deriving a permanent ue identifier
772014028776109/25/14Base station controller selection for a roaming radio base station and method of operating the same
782014028777009/25/14Determination of ue location in a cell
792014028987009/25/14Apparatus and methods for obtaining a password hint
802014027405909/18/14Plmn selection at handover to a target shared location being shared between core network operators
812014026650609/18/14Transformer filter arrangement
822014026926109/18/14Method and apparatus for ip/mpls fast reroute
832014026945709/18/14Method and apparatus for handling the tdd tail problem for an abs pattern
842014027392609/18/14Method and apparatus for handling contacts
852014027410209/18/14Method and a network node for determining an indication of interference mitigation
862014027413709/18/14Methods and devices for providing, receiving or managing maps
872014026063809/18/14Automated fault localization in pipelines and electrical power transmission lines
882014026649309/18/14Microstrip to closed waveguide transition
892014026924509/18/14Method and system for initiating bi-directional communication in a time-division duplex communication system
902014026934009/18/14Methods and arrangements for determining an integrity of an air interface
912014026939709/18/14Method for improving battery life and harq retransmissions in wireless communications systems
922014026940909/18/14Explicit signaling of number of receiver antennas
932014026958909/18/14Methods and arrangements for downlink multi-carrier power control in a wireless communications system
942014026959909/18/14Routing system for transferring data packets of a call
952014026967309/18/14Sync interval determination
962014026972409/18/14Method and devices for forwarding ip data packets in an access network
972014026974009/18/14Method for pcc support for scenarios with nat in the gw
982014027080309/18/14Optical transmission using polarisation diversity
992014027406209/18/14Node and method for the management of a user equipment time offset measurement
1002014027406609/18/14User equipment and a radio network node, and methods therein for device-to-device communication
1012014027408109/18/14Coordinated virtual devices using disparate wireless communication technologies
1022014027408709/18/14Network node, user equipment and methods therein
1032014027412909/18/14Mapping of position data for a network service in a cellular telecommunications network
1042014028041509/18/14Feed-forward linearization without phase shifters
1052014028093809/18/14Network assisted upnp remote access
1062014028281009/18/14Media distribution network with media burst transmission capabilities
1072014028281109/18/14Media distribution network system with media burst transmission via an access network
1082014025633609/11/14Methods and network nodes for determining an indication of interference mitigation and for scheduling a transmission
1092014025449109/11/14Home routing for ims roaming using vplmn anchor
1102014025457309/11/14Methods and arrangements for allocation of radio resources
1112014025853509/11/14Network bandwidth allocation in multi-tenancy cloud computing networks
1122014025367409/11/14Real-time communications methods providing pause and resume and related devices
1132014025436809/11/14Content based overload protection
1142014025438109/11/14Congestion handling in a base station of a mobile network
1152014025442109/11/14Channel estimation using reference signals
1162014025448409/11/14Establishing a communication session
1172014025453409/11/14Method and apparatus for channel predicting
1182014025465609/11/14Method of transmitting data samples with reduced bandwidth
1192014025631109/11/14Methods and arrangement for handling a data transferral in a cellular network
1202014025633409/11/14Method and arrangement for handling device-to-device communication in a wireless communications network
1212014025633709/11/14Slow congestion control
1222014025782709/11/14Generation of a high band extension of a bandwidth extended audio signal
1232014025836309/11/14Management of functional interconnections between application modules on resource nodes in a social web
1242014025838709/11/14Distribution of content items to user devices in a mobile environment
1252014025852409/11/14Detection of load balancing across network paths in a communication network
1262014025899909/11/14System upgrade under high availability constraints
1272014025900209/11/14Staging calculation for upgrade campaign generation
1282014025901209/11/14Virtual machine mobility with evolved packet core
1292014024774509/04/14Method for controlling performance in a radio base station arranged for communication in tdd mode, and radio base station
1302014024777509/04/14Initializing reference signal generation in wireless networks
1312014024982809/04/14Audio encoding/decoding based on an efficient representation of auto-regressive coefficients
1322014024717909/04/14Motion detector device
1332014024773409/04/14Uplink coverage via autonomous retransmission
1342014024774709/04/14Method and node related to channel estimation
1352014024777309/04/14Method and arrangement in a wireless communications system
1362014024777609/04/14Methods and apparatuses for performing random access in a telecommunications system
1372014024778309/04/14Flexible radio link control packet data unit length
1382014024780709/04/14Moving access point indication
1402014024783309/04/14Prioritization of data packets
1412014024884309/04/14Apparatus and method for use with antenna array
1422014024884709/04/14Receiver and a method for mobile communications
1432014024887109/04/14Technique for preparing a roaming operation of a user equipment
1442014024889009/04/14Service aware interference management
1452014024892509/04/14Method and apparatuses for initialising a radio base station
1462014024980809/04/14Methods and arrangements in a telecommunications network
1472014024116108/28/14Method and apparatus for controlling data transmission in a communication system
1482014024130508/28/14Transmission of data to or from a node of a mobile network
1492014024293408/28/14Radio receiver for polarized antenna system
1502014024466708/28/14Method and apparatuses for enabling recommendations
1512014024019408/28/14Small-cell antenna arrangement
1522014024118308/28/14Aggregation of carriers of a cellular radio network with carriers of an auxiliary network
1532014024119708/28/14Power headroom reporting for carrier aggregation
1542014024124708/28/14Implementing a 3g packet core in a cloud computer with openflow data and control planes
1552014024125108/28/14Radio efficient tcp release
1562014024130408/28/14Power controller, method, computer program and computer program product for controlling transmission power
1572014024135608/28/14Method and system for flow table lookup parallelization in a software defined networking (sdn) system
1582014024146008/28/14Transmitter having an embedded zero amplitude differential phase tracking signal and corresponding receiver
1592014024295308/28/14Resilience operation of a data layered architecture
1602014024302608/28/14Paging a mobile entity in mobile networks
1612014024466408/28/14Method and apparatus for determining similarity information for users of a network
1622014024509508/28/14Methods of communicating data including shared ack/nack messages and related devices
1632014024536608/28/14Method and apparatus for establishing a time base
1642014023353908/21/14Soft cell inter-layer interference handling
1652014023658608/21/14Method and apparatus for communicating messages amongst a node, device and a user of a device
1662014023339108/21/14Method in a base station, a base station, computer programs and computer readable means
1672014023342908/21/14Method and system of enhancing multiple mac registration protocol (mmrp) for protocol internetworking
1682014023345708/21/14Systems and methods of triggering interference mitigation without resource partitioning
1692014023348908/21/14Prohibition of sounding reference signal transmission on newly activated secondary cells
1702014023349408/21/14Methods and apparatuses for handling reference signals in a cellular network
1712014023352108/21/14Method and apparatus for enabling assignment of a gateway to an access node
1722014023354208/21/14Method and mobile node for determining a point in time for transmissions
1732014023365308/21/14Decoder and encoder for picture outputting and methods thereof
1742014023373808/21/14Mechanism for co-ordinated authentication key transition for is-is protocol
1752014023395308/21/14Passive optical network optical network terminal apparatus and configuration method
1762014023521408/21/14Limiting processing of calls as text telephony calls
1772014023525008/21/14Local call local switching at handover
1782014023525708/21/14Controlling fast dormancy
1792014023633308/21/14Methods, devices and computer programs for transmitting or for receiving and playing media streams
1802014023707108/21/14Caching in mobile networks
1812014023712708/21/14Extending sip p-served user header over ims interfaces
1822014023712908/21/14Service redirection from a policy and charging control architecture
1832014023745908/21/14Method for exploiting massive parallelism
1842014023752808/21/14Apparatus and method for use with a data stream
1852014022654508/14/14Suppressing camel service invocation for diverting users
1862014022579008/14/14Antennas with unique electronic signature
1872014022645408/14/14Fast crosstalk limitation between modems
1882014022646608/14/14Systems and methods for packet classification
1892014022647608/14/14Methods providing packet communications including jitter buffer emulation and related network nodes
1902014022650708/14/14Dynamic provisioning of twamp
1912014022650808/14/14Method and network node for determining channel state information in an upcoming time slot
1922014022653108/14/14Multicast support for evpn-spbm based on the mldp signaling protocol
1932014022653508/14/14Methods and apparatus for configuring and implementing ip multimedia subsystem supplementary services
1942014022654708/14/14Selection of a transmission mode for wireless communications with a mobile device
1952014022657008/14/14Virtual macro cells
1962014022657308/14/14Efficient transmission parameter selection
1972014022658008/14/14Method and system for providing autonomous retransmissions in a wireless communication system
1982014022664208/14/14Method and apparatus for enabling data path selection in a virtual home gateway
1992014022664808/14/14High-precision time tagging for content synthesization
2002014022697008/14/14Pon supervision using otdr measurements
2012014022799208/14/14Method of and an operating support system for providing performance management in a mobile telecommunications system
2022014022799408/14/14Charging systems and methods for telecommunications
2032014022800308/14/14Identification of a manipulated or defect base station during handover
2042014022805108/14/14Nodes and methods for enhancing positioning
2052014022948808/14/14Apparatus, method, and computer program product for ranking data objects
2062014022957008/14/14Adaptive rate transmission over a radio interface
2072014021908208/07/14Network congestion control with adaptive qos bit-rate differentiation
2082014021909408/07/14Centralized control of data plane applications
2092014021910708/07/14Technique for determining correlated events in a communication system
2102014021965108/07/14Apparatus and method for a passive optical network
2112014022275508/07/14Assigning tags to media files
2122014021813308/07/14Flip chip type saw band reject filter design
2132014021846408/07/14User interface control in a multimedia conference system
2142014021907408/07/14Adjusted transmission in xdsl
2152014021909308/07/14Quality of service for serving node and method
2162014021910208/07/14Control unit and method for controlling the load in a mobile telecommunications network
2172014021910808/07/14Method and apparatus for improved data communication in cellular access systems
2182014021911308/07/14Methods and radio network nodes for measuring interference
2192014021912008/07/14Method and arrangement in a wireless communication system
2202014021914408/07/14Method and aparatus for controlling performance in a radio node
2212014021915208/07/14Method and an apparatus in a user equipment for controlling transmission power of the user equipment
2222014021916908/07/14Receiving network node, a transmitting network node and methods therein in a wireless communications network
2232014021919008/07/14Base station and method for selecting best transmit antenna(s) for signaling control channel information
2242014021919208/07/14Device-anchor base stations
2252014021921408/07/14System and method for allocating transmission resources
2262014021923108/07/14Method for mapping logical channel on shared channel
2272014021924908/07/14Methods of and nodes for informing a control node in a serving communication network of address information about a session anchor node in the serving communication network
2282014021927508/07/14Method and system of shortest path bridging (spb) enhanced resilience with loop mitigation
2292014021937608/07/14Methods and systems for precoder selection assisted by demodulation reference signals (dm-rs)
2302014021937708/07/14Channel estimation for a very large-scale multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) system
2312014021939608/07/14Methods and qam receiver for performing timing recovery
2322014021965008/07/14Network traffic monitoring apparatus for monitoring network traffic on a network path and a method of monitoring network traffic on a network path
2332014022090108/07/14Method for controlling interference from white space units
2342014022096908/07/14Dynamic vcc assignment
2352014022097008/07/14Device-anchor base station selection and detection
2362014022098008/07/14Inter-rat coordination of mobility settings
2372014022103708/07/14Control of transmitter configuration for base station
2382014022310708/07/14Cache replacement method and system
2392014022325208/07/14Reporting errors on serial interfaces to application layers for flexible error handling approach selection
2402014021174807/31/14Methods and arrangements for supporting random access in cellular communication system
2412014021178707/31/14Method, network node and application service for making available call detail records in an ip multimedia subsystem type network
2422014021189207/31/14Method and arrangement in wireless communications system
2432014021213007/31/14Methods and apparatuses for supervision of optical networks
2442014021507407/31/14Method and apparatus for placing services in a network
2452014021521707/31/14Secure communication
2462014021160607/31/14Determining root sequence
2472014021165207/31/14Methods and devices for reporting in a cellular radio network
2482014021167507/31/14Delivering a plurality of simultaneous sessions to a client via a radio access network
2492014021171907/31/14Method and arrangement in a wireless communication network

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