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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ A Corporation
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100107
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ0
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100114
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20131212
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100121


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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents

Recent patent applications related to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011902104/28/16  new patent  Providing orthogonality for reference signals by circular rotation of a base sequence in the frequency domain
22016011715404/28/16  new patent  Automated software include graph and build environment analysis and optimization in compiled language
32016011908204/28/16  new patent  Communications network using adaptable fec
42016011934304/28/16  new patent  Gateway, client facilitating communication between a client device and an application server
52016011743004/28/16  new patent  Baseband equivalent volterra series for behavioral modeling and digital predistortion of wideband transmitters
62016011900404/28/16  new patent  Multi-band radio-frequency digital predistortion
72016011901804/28/16  new patent  Leakage cancellation for a multiple-input multiple-output transceiver
82016011904804/28/16  new patent  Methods and arrangements in a wireless communication system
92016011905604/28/16  new patent  Security monitoring for optical network
102016011907904/28/16  new patent  Radio link with repeater
112016011908304/28/16  new patent  Transmission and reception methods and associated communication devices for use in ofdm-based communication network
122016011910104/28/16  new patent  Method and arrangement for csi measurement
132016011915704/28/16  new patent  Migrating embms into a cloud computing system
142016011917704/28/16  new patent  Semi-polar modulator
152016011923404/28/16  new patent  Content filtering for information centric networks
162016011941104/28/16  new patent  A method, nodes and a communication device for handling feedback information
172016011974004/28/16  new patent  Identifying resources from a device in a communications network
182016011976904/28/16  new patent  Proximity service
192016011979204/28/16  new patent  Systems and methods for controlling scell on/off durations
202016011980104/28/16  new patent  Network based determination of whether to add a device to a system using csma
212016011988504/28/16  new patent  Uplink interference suppression in a wireless communication network
222016011988604/28/16  new patent  Method and device for performing automatic gain control
232016011990304/28/16  new patent  Traffic optimization in a communications network
242016011991504/28/16  new patent  A user equipment and a transmitting sounding reference signals
252016011992404/28/16  new patent  Mitigation of periodic interference in a wireless local area network
262016011993504/28/16  new patent  Operation of wireless local area network in the presence of periodic interference
272016011994004/28/16  new patent  Method and bs for identifying ue transmits sr, and method and ue for transmitting sr to bs
282016010925904/21/16 Barometric calibration of user equipment
292016011210404/21/16 Methods and systems for combined cyclic delay diversity and precoding of radio signals
302016011221704/21/16 Traffic acceleration in mobile network
312016011205604/21/16 Analog phase-locked loop with enhanced acquisition
322016011209504/21/16 Leaky cable communication
332016011211904/21/16 Network unit and monitoring a fiber line
342016011217104/21/16 Nodes and methods for allocating reference signal parameters to user equipments
352016011222004/21/16 A method performed by a sphere decoder based turbo equalizer
362016011226104/21/16 Lawful intercept management modules and methods for li-configuration of an internal interception function in a cloud based network
372016011229804/21/16 Method and limiting topology and reachability information in an ospf area
382016011230504/21/16 Qos on a virtual interface over multi-path transport
392016011231604/21/16 Decision factory and its application in frr
402016011231704/21/16 Pre-built match-action tables
412016011232404/21/16 Networks having multiple paths between nodes and nodes for such a network
422016011232804/21/16 Method and system for implementing ethernet oam in a software-defined networking (sdn) system
432016011286004/21/16 Device-to-device (d2d) discovery
442016011296304/21/16 Methods, network node, wireless device, computer programs and computer program products for assisting downlink interference estimation
452016011299804/21/16 Distribution of cell-common downlink signals in a hierarchical heterogeneous cell deployment
462016011300704/21/16 Methods and network nodes for use in a communication network
472016011301004/21/16 Method and network node for determining channel state information in an upcoming time slot
482016011301504/21/16 Method and device for determining wlan channel
492016011303104/21/16 Predictive scheduling for uplink transmission in a cellular network
502016010583104/14/16 Methods and arrangements for enabling continuation of ongoing positioning measurements at handover
512016010525004/14/16 An optical wavelength selective switch, an optical network node, an optical network and methods therein
522016010526304/14/16 Method and hybrid automatic repeat request signaling
532016010530304/14/16 De-mapping technique with provision of probability information including a priori information
542016010534104/14/16 Determining asymmetries in a communication network
552016010537804/14/16 Method and system for data set migration over a circuit switching network
562016010556704/14/16 Methods and allocating service costs in a telecommunications network
572016010581704/14/16 Method for csi feedback
582016010581804/14/16 Measurement configuration method, measurement report method, base station and user equipment using the same
592016010582504/14/16 Mobility in mobile communications network
602016010583104/14/16 Methods and arrangements for enabling continuation of ongoing positioning measurements at handover
612016010588904/14/16 Method for managing transmissions of data from a plurality of machine-to-machine devices
622016010590304/14/16 Cooperating clusters in cellular communications systems
632016010591204/14/16 Random access procedure in wireless device, radio base station and methods therein
642016010591504/14/16 Methods and standalone lte ran using unlicensed frequency band
652016010592604/14/16 Frame number extension for long discontinuous receive (drx) cycles
662016009998804/07/16 Indicating bit stream subsets
672016010038804/07/16 Aggregation of resources in enhanced control channels
682016010045104/07/16 Extended redirect
692016009886304/07/16 Combining a digital image with a virtual entity
702016009976004/07/16 Uplink transmit diversity
712016009987304/07/16 Technique of operating a network node for load balancing
722016010034504/07/16 Activation and deactivation of a secondary cell for device-to-device user equipment
732016010035004/07/16 A node and handling information centric networking based communications
742016010038304/07/16 Method and network node for link adaptation in a wireless communications network
752016010040204/07/16 Multireceiver timing advance provisioning
762016010041004/07/16 Method and device for rank adaptation
772016010042904/07/16 Controlling random access failure on a secondary cell
782016010045004/07/16 Methods, network nodes, and computer program products for providing access point name (apn) based group congestion control
792016010045104/07/16 Extended redirect
802016010045204/07/16 Methods and devices for managing a cellular radio network
812016009428203/31/16 Methods and devices for uplink diversity transmission
822016009497703/31/16 Communicating with a radio network control node in a communication network
832016009502603/31/16 Handover in heterogeneous radio communication networks based on systematic imbalance differences
842016009194403/31/16 Hw-controlled power domains with automatic power-on request
852016009227003/31/16 Algorithm for faster convergence through affinity override
862016009341803/31/16 Insulated conductor assembly and its manufacturing
872016009435103/31/16 Service layer control aware control signalling in a communication network
882016009437403/31/16 Discovery signal design
892016009438003/31/16 Notification technique for network reconfiguration
902016009446203/31/16 Method and dynamically adjusting retransmission timing in a transport layer
912016009446603/31/16 Network node for controlling transport of data in a wireless communication network
922016009447003/31/16 Congestion control in a communications network
932016009497803/31/16 Device and information about plmn id
942016009505003/31/16 Methods, systems and computer program products for network-controlled selection of radio access networks
952016009514403/31/16 Method, communication device and computer program for enabling out-of-coverage device
962016009515403/31/16 Methods and handling connections to multiple radio access technologies
972016008489003/24/16 Method for preparing a current measuring arrangement, measuring an output current, controller, switched mode power supply, and base station
982016008853403/24/16 Method and performing radio measurements in autonomous gaps in multi-connectivity scenarios
992016008558003/24/16 Availability management of virtual machines hosting highly available applications
1002016008586003/24/16 Search engine for textual content and non-textual content
1012016008661403/24/16 Adaptive transition frequency between noise fill and bandwidth extension
1022016008661503/24/16 Audio signal discriminator and coder
1032016008734703/24/16 Communication system node comprising a re-configuration network
1042016008771703/24/16 Optical networks
1052016008776203/24/16 Methods and apparatuses for signaling in dynamic time division duplex systems
1062016008778103/24/16 Methods and apparatuses for signaling in dynamic time division duplex systems
1072016008785603/24/16 Resource budget determination for communications network
1082016008785703/24/16 Methods, network nodes, and computer program products for providing cost-information from multiple balances
1092016008789003/24/16 Automated determination of tree attributes and assignment of receiver identifiers by distributed election in multicast architectures relying on packets identifying intended receivers
1102016008799503/24/16 Procedure for platform enforced storage in infrastructure clouds
1112016008802903/24/16 Real-time communications methods providing pause and resume and related devices
1122016008829703/24/16 Method and pyramid vector quantization indexing and de-indexing of audio/video sample vectors
1132016008830603/24/16 Picture order count alignment in scalable video
1142016008837503/24/16 Method and management node for deciding ports suitable to be communicatively connected to each other in a communications network
1152016008847703/24/16 Coordinator and device in a radio communication network
1162016008850803/24/16 Reporting wifi channel measurements to a cellular radio network
1172016008851203/24/16 Reference signal density adaptation
1182016008854503/24/16 A node and small data communications
1192016008859603/24/16 Quasi co-located antenna ports for channel estimation
1202016008860303/24/16 Control signal aggregation in a multi-carrier wcdma system
1212016008860703/24/16 Devices and methods for d2d synchronization signalling
1222016008860803/24/16 Radio communication policy allocation in a network node
1232016008860903/24/16 Method, ue and base station for transmitting periodic signal/periodic system information, and method and base station for forwarding periodic system information
1242016008866403/24/16 A node and establishing direct communications
1252016008867103/24/16 Avoiding idle-state transition for wlan-connected mobile terminal
1262016008867703/24/16 Ue initiated evolved packet core (epc) and ip multimedia subsystem (ims) network usage optimization algorithm for lte capable smartphones connected to wireless lan (wi-fi) network
1272016008867803/24/16 Network initiated evolved packet core (epc) and ip multimedia subsystem (ims) network usage optimization algorithm for lte capable smartphones connected to wireless lan (wi-fi) network
1282016008109903/17/16 User equipment and a method therein for channel interference cancellation
1292016008011703/17/16 Method for sharing resources using individual harq processes
1302016008024903/17/16 Prevent vrrp master / master split in active / standby icr system
1312016008027603/17/16 Methods and arrangement for adapting quality of service for a private channel based on service awareness
1322016007783803/17/16 Single instruction multiple data (simd) architectures
1332016007888403/17/16 Method and background estimator for voice activity detection
1342016008013803/17/16 Method and timing synchronization in a distributed timing system
1352016008027503/17/16 User prioritization in a congested network
1362016008033203/17/16 Handling of performance monitoring data
1372016008042703/17/16 System, arrangements and methods relating to access handling
1382016008042903/17/16 Routing of sessions to other communication networks
1392016008048103/17/16 Methods of operating load balancing switches and controllers using modified flow entries
1402016008049603/17/16 Node in a telecommunications network, a virtual network element and methods for retrieving resource identification information
1412016008050503/17/16 Method and system of session-aware load balancing
1422016008057803/17/16 Enhanced qos control in pcrf
1432016008095103/17/16 Communications links assessment
1442016008098103/17/16 Fast wifi to lte handover
1452016008102003/17/16 Drx cycle configuration in dual connectivity
1462016008104503/17/16 Methods of providing power headroom reports arranged in order of component carrier indices and related wireless terminals and base stations
1472016008107303/17/16 Selection of scheduling policy for network communications links and d2d communications links
1482016008107703/17/16 Method, ue and basestation for reporting/receiving harq ack/nack for pdsch in dynamic tdd configurations
1492016008108403/17/16 Uplink sounding reference signals for machine type communications (mtc) user equipment (ue)
1502016008109903/17/16 User equipment and a method therein for channel interference cancellation
1512016007342403/10/16 Method and devices for specifying the quality of service in a transmission of data packets
1522016007269603/10/16 Forwarding table precedence in sdn
1532016007316203/10/16 Multi-person and multi-device content personalization
1542016006998403/10/16 Methods and determining relationships in heterogeneous networks
1552016007008203/10/16 Duct assembly and its manufacturing
1562016007059803/10/16 Transparent non-uniform memory access (numa) awareness
1572016007081303/10/16 Interactive web application editor
1582016007219703/10/16 An active antenna
1592016007252603/10/16 Computationally efficient convolutional coding with rate-matching
1602016007254203/10/16 Transceiver arrangement, communication device, method and computer program
1612016007259803/10/16 Antenna port detection
1622016007260403/10/16 Providing packet synchronization in a virtual private network
1632016007261403/10/16 Resource structure and indication for rel-13 mtc ue
1642016007261803/10/16 Tower mounted amplifier and filter thereof
1652016007264003/10/16 Mac copy in nodes detecting failure in a ring protection communication network
1662016007265603/10/16 Radio receiver for carrier aggregation
1672016007266403/10/16 Efficient identification of q-space in remote lfa
1682016007266503/10/16 Mbms session restoration in eps for path failure
1692016007266703/10/16 Method, node and distributed system for configuring a network of cdn caching nodes
1702016007278303/10/16 A node for use by a network, a system for interconnecting multiple networks and methods of operating the node and system
1712016007285003/10/16 Method and switch for lawful interception
1722016007285203/10/16 Network initiated cs services during ims call
1732016007289803/10/16 Method and optimising telecommunication services
1742016007292803/10/16 Simplified notification of network triggered reporting - first core network node (e.g., ggsn) and method
1752016007296103/10/16 Verification of network activity/usage data
1762016007314903/10/16 Method and improved network recording
1772016007327203/10/16 Device and improved closed loop diversity
1782016007327703/10/16 Method and testing mobile terminals in an ofdm system
1792016007327903/10/16 Admission control for allowing or rejecting a measurement request between a first and a second device
1802016007329203/10/16 Transmission of a random access response message
1812016007329303/10/16 Segmentation and reassembly of warning messages
1822016007329803/10/16 Cellular network control of channel allocation for vehicle-to-vehicle communication
1832016007330403/10/16 Method and frequency access restriction in cellular communications
1842016007330703/10/16 Handover control high speed mobility user equipment
1852016007332503/10/16 Systems and methods for selecting a network access system
1862016007334503/10/16 Drx method with tdm limitation and user equipment using the same
1872016007335303/10/16 Methods and nodes for controlling uplink power in a radio network
1882016007336503/10/16 Communication network nodes and methods performed therein
1892016007337003/10/16 Secondary cell synchronization for carrier aggregation
1902016007337503/10/16 Simplified notification of network triggered reporting - second core network node (e.g., sgsn) and method
1912016007338803/10/16 Simplified notification of network triggered reporting - wireless access node (e.g., bss) and method
1922016007339503/10/16 Simplified notification of network triggered reporting - wireless device (e.g., iot device) and method
1932016007340003/10/16 Mobile station, network node, and methods for assigning resource blocks to the mobile station
1942016007340203/10/16 Method and dynamic control of tti bundling sizes
1952016007341203/10/16 Network node, user node and methods for power boosting dpcch
1962016007343203/10/16 Timing alignment in an lte system
1972016007344703/10/16 Application of a discontinuous reception (drx) cycle
1982016007345003/10/16 Transferring information for selection of radio access technology
1992016007260403/10/16 Providing packet synchronization in a virtual private network
2002016006532503/03/16 Muxponder and converting a plurality of tributary optical communications signals having a first bit rate into an optical line signal having a second, higher bit rate
2012016006492803/03/16 System and control of multiple voltage regulators
2022016006540703/03/16 Method and system for supporting distributed relay control protocol (drcp) operations upon misconfiguration
2032016006523903/03/16 Methods and devices for vector segmentation for coding
2042016006528503/03/16 Wireless terminal, method therein, computer program and computer-readable storage medium
2052016006532203/03/16 Node and selecting synchronization source
2062016006533603/03/16 Mapping user data onto a time-frequency resource grid in a coordinated multi-point wireless communication system
2072016006535203/03/16 Transceiver arrangement, communication device, method and computer program
2082016006563903/03/16 Method and arrangement for representation switching in http streaming
2092016006606903/03/16 Power-saving communication system having leaky transmission lines and amplifiers to extend wireless coverage and power control unit included therein
2102016006612103/03/16 Methods and systems for managing charging information in a machine-to-machine (m2m) network
2112016006616803/03/16 Method and cooperative positioning in a wireless communication network
2122016006622803/03/16 Method and ue for performing random access to base station, and method and base station for establishing connection with ue
2132016006623203/03/16 Methods for connection handling of auxiliary rat
2142016006623903/03/16 A node arrangement and a method therein
2152016006624503/03/16 Method and arrangement in a communication system
2162016006629303/03/16 Method and reference time acquisition for positioning reference signals in a wireless communication network
2172016006630103/03/16 Method and radio network node for enabling switch of transmission mode for a user equipment
2182016006630803/03/16 Handling the ambiguity of the sending of hs-scch order in node b
2192016006631203/03/16 Methods receiving radiation pattern information and related network nodes and base stations
2202016006632903/03/16 Data resource mapping for frequency-coded symbols
2212016006633003/03/16 Methods communicating radiation pattern information and related network nodes and base stations
2222016006634003/03/16 A for enabling downlink coordinated multipoint communication
2232016006634103/03/16 Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system
2242016006635603/03/16 Improved handling of simultaneous network communication transmission and d2d communication reception or simultaneous network communication reception and d2d communication transmission
2252016005773402/25/16 Self backhauling in lte
2262016005671402/25/16 A voltage modulator
2272016005771902/25/16 Enabling interference mitigation for over-the-air synchronization
2282016005504502/25/16 Method and arrangement for fault management in infrastructure as a service clouds
2292016005549702/25/16 Method and polling system for supporting evaluation of a delivered service
2302016005550902/25/16 Method, computer program and node for distribution of sensor data
2312016005652302/25/16 Radio antenna positioning
2322016005652502/25/16 A radio antenna alignment tool
2332016005654102/25/16 A siw antenna arrangement
2342016005679202/25/16 Flip chip type saw band reject filter design
2352016005695902/25/16 Key management for secure communication
2362016005698402/25/16 Capacity for narrow-band hybrid modulation
2372016005705202/25/16 Method and system of checkpoint and rollback recovery for forwarding states of a software-defined networking (sdn) system
2382016005717802/25/16 Local control of additional media session for a packet based call
2392016005718502/25/16 Streaming service provision support in a p2p-cdn streaming system
2402016005725702/25/16 Handling of timers
2412016005764002/25/16 User equipment and access node and respective methods
2422016005764102/25/16 Interference estimation and devices therefore
2432016005764602/25/16 System overload control when in extended coverage
2442016005766202/25/16 Methods, radio network node and mobile station, for supporting inter-rat handover
2452016005766302/25/16 Preserving core network interfaces after selective handovers in a wireless network
2462016005767702/25/16 Traffic steering in a wlan based on transmit power control
2472016005768402/25/16 Co-channel deployment of new and legacy carrier types
2482016005770802/25/16 Performing inter-frequency measurements on carriers with overlapping bandwidths
2492016005771702/25/16 Network node and indicating to wireless device that system information (si) has changed for purposes of a system access procedure

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