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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ A Corporation
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100107
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100121
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20131212
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100114


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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents

Recent patent applications related to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ, we're just tracking patents.

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Measurement based qos adaptation

Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Measurement based qos adaptation

Methods and  cell selection

Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Methods and cell selection

Methods and  cell selection

Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Inter-cell interference mitigation

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Count Application # Date Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015002470301/22/15 new patent  Handover of emergency call anchored in ims to a circuit switched access network
22015002321001/22/15 new patent  Network device control in a software defined network
32015002323501/22/15 new patent  Flexible downlink subframe structure for energy-efficient transmission
42015002328301/22/15 new patent  Methods and cell selection
52015002106601/22/15 new patent  Housing for electronic components
62015002226901/22/15 new patent  Device and controlling an input signal of a power amplifier
72015002315601/22/15 new patent  Extended remote lfa fast reroute
82015002319501/22/15 new patent  Measurement based qos adaptation
92015002321801/22/15 new patent  Node and service specific management
102015002323401/22/15 new patent  Method for revocable deletion of pdn connection
112015002330301/22/15 new patent  Interworking between systems using different ip mobility management protocols
122015002337301/22/15 new patent  Adaptive (rlc) segmentation
132015002343901/22/15 new patent  Apparatuses, methods, and computer program products for selecting a cyclic prefix length
142015002344301/22/15 new patent  Technique for generating a filter for data reception
152015002365801/22/15 new patent  System, a wavelength isolator and methods therein for supervision of a passive optical network
162015002366501/22/15 new patent  Dynamic control of optical attenuators to enable ip multicast
172015002474101/22/15 new patent  Service profile handling in the ims
182015002475401/22/15 new patent  Methods and nodes supporting cell change
192015002477001/22/15 new patent  Inter-cell interference mitigation
202015002624301/22/15 new patent  Methods and configuring and implementing announcements for ip multimedia subsystem supplementary services
212015002645801/22/15 new patent  Managing user access in a communications network
222015002671101/22/15 new patent  Method and video content distribution
232015002674601/22/15 new patent  Method and iptv server for enabling playout of one or more media objects
242015001643301/15/15Enhanced dedicated-channel signaling in a cell_fach state
252015001644801/15/15Session establishment in an ip multimedia subsystem network
262015001645601/15/15Method and system of dynamic next-hop routing
272015001681501/15/15Adding new alternative paths for restoration in wson network
282015001970301/15/15Methods and apparatuses for determining a user identity token for identifying user of a communication network
292015001624201/15/15Method and optimized lfa computations by pruning neighbor shortest path trees
302015001625001/15/15Capacity estimates using burst-trailer trains
312015001625601/15/15Method and content caching in a wireless communication network
322015001630601/15/15Autonomous transport layer connection setup by a transport layer concentrator
332015001634801/15/15Predictable scheduler for interference mitigation
342015001638401/15/15Method to notify node in multi point transmission
352015001638701/15/15Methods and inter-cell interference coordination with protected subframes
362015001638901/15/15Simultaneous reporting of ack/nack and channel-state information using pucch format 3 resources
372015001640201/15/15Transmission s in a communication system with contention-based data transmission
382015001642001/15/15Handover of user-equipment (ue) undetected emergency calls
392015001643201/15/15Retransmission protocol feedback handling with multiple feedback times
402015001646101/15/15Duplicate mac address detection
412015001650501/15/15Reference picture list handling
422015001687701/15/15Ejector assembly
432015001798001/15/15Method for allowing a successful first mobile terminated call towards a mobile subscriber initially assigned to a failing core network node
442015001803601/15/15System and supporting switching between a packet-switched network and a circuit-switched network
452015001951401/15/15Method and storage of data records
462015001974701/15/15Session persistent data and use thereof
472015000984201/08/15Reverse power metering
482015001011201/08/15Methods for determining a beam-forming gain parameter, user equipment, base station, computer programs and computer program products
492015000909101/08/15Node for high-rise building coverage
502015000980201/08/15Method and arrangement for connection re-establishment in a telecommunication system
512015000983001/08/15Methods of operating load balancing switches and controllers using matching patterns with unrestricted characters
522015000983801/08/15Transmission rank selection when deploying a shared radio cell
532015000986101/08/15Technique for handling a status change in an interconnect node
542015000986601/08/15Cancellation of spurious responses from local oscillator cross-coupling
552015000988401/08/15Method for content synchronization when broadcasting data in a wireless network
562015000989701/08/15Data block transmission with variable retransmission feedback time
572015000995001/08/15Extension of radio link control transmit window
582015000998701/08/15Call handling for ims registered user
592015001001101/08/15802.1aq support over ietf evpn
602015001029001/08/15Identifying media relating to a primary media on a personal video recorder
612015001123201/08/15Method and load balancing in cellular communication systems
622015001123301/08/15Methods and apparatus enabling information exchange between network nodes
632015001279201/08/15Method and providing a transmission control protocol minimum retransmission timer
642015001292901/08/15Network controlled streaming
652015000311601/01/15Control of transformer flux density in an isolated switched mode power supply
662015000357101/01/15Method, apparatus and system for using common and demodulation pilot signals in multi-antenna wireless communications
672015000327901/01/15Devices and guaranteeing quality of service per service data flow through the bearer layer
682015000330301/01/15Tdd time slot splitting
692015000331801/01/15Adapting output power of a radio transmitting entity
702015000332801/01/15Circuit switched fallback proxy
712015000333701/01/15Method and signal quality reporting for interference-cancellation receivers
722015000336301/01/15Random access mode fallback in wireless networks
732015000340901/01/15Multiplexing control and data in one resource block
742015000345501/01/15System and enabling services chaining in a provider network
752015000354501/01/15Method of data modulation adapted to selected modulation rotational angle
762015000355301/01/15Method and device for selecting precoding matrices based on representations of speed of related devices
772015000491901/01/15Analog phase-locked loop with enhanced acquisition
782015000495001/01/15User terminal with improved feedback possibilities
792015000496301/01/15Technique for evaluating events in a telecommunication network
802015000498201/01/15Adaptive control of channel quality offset for cell association
812015000498601/01/15Interference management in wireless heterogeneous networks
822015000502301/01/15Method and device for selecting radio access technology
832015000503301/01/15Soft changing of mobile communication system
842015000654801/01/15Method, computer program, computer program product and system for handling sensor data
852015000723901/01/15Smart pre-load for video-on-demand in an http adaptive streaming environment
862014037692012/25/14Network node and a method therein enabling a first unit to connect or to be connected ad-hoc to a second unit
872014037989112/25/14Methods and apparatuses to identify user dissatisfaction from early cancelation
882014037563012/25/14Method and processor for 3d scene representation
892014037635812/25/14Symbol detection technique
902014037639612/25/14Method for reporting service quality for over the top services in a communication network
912014037644112/25/14Technique for delivering schedule information for an mbms user service
922014037647012/25/14Policy and charging control (pcc) for nat64 and dns64
932014037648012/25/14Connection setup with an access selection of a terminal
942014037656512/25/14Sub flow based queueing management
952014037691212/25/14Optical access network
962014037807812/25/14Conversion circuit for converting complex analog signal into digital representation
972014037809312/25/14Synchronizing charging for telecommunication service with notification of applicable tariff
982014037811912/25/14Method and configuring service settings for a mobile subscriber
992014037813012/25/14Technique for hlr address allocation in a udc network
1002014037814212/25/14Triggering a handover process based on the activity of a connection
1012014037090612/18/14Method and controlling interference coordination between cells
1022014036920412/18/14Methods of load balancing using primary and stand-by addresses and related load balancers and servers
1032014036926112/18/14Method, server and user equipment for accessing an http server
1042014036928212/18/14Method of controlling operation of a communication device, transceiver operating accordingly, and computer program
1052014036928512/18/14Physical cell identity allocation
1062014037256712/18/14Methods of forwarding data packets using transient tables and related load balancers
1072014037261612/18/14Methods of forwarding/receiving data packets using unicast and/or multicast communications and related load balancers and servers
1082014036840512/18/14Inverted f-antennas at a wireless communication node
1092014036919712/18/14Method, apparatus, system, computer program and computer program product for mitigating end user congestion in a wireless network
1102014036920612/18/14Node and ran congestion status handling
1112014036922012/18/14Uplink power control for mu-mimo
1122014036924312/18/14Frequency synchronization nodes in a downlink coordinated multiple point transmission scenario
1132014036927412/18/14Methods and devices for optimal selection of core network nodes in a cellular communication network
1142014036928012/18/14Methods providing assignment messages and related mobile stations and base station subsystems
1152014036930812/18/14Method and device for determining a number of mimo layers
1162014036931412/18/14Method and seamless handover in a wireless communication network
1172014036931512/18/14Operation of a serving node in a network
1182014036932512/18/14Terminal and handling timing reference in a wireless network
1192014036933512/18/14Method and a network node for connecting a user device to a wireless local area network
1202014036935712/18/14Session initiation protocol stack optimisation
1212014037083312/18/14Down-conversion circuit with interference detection
1222014037084212/18/14Geographically redundant and multiple eatf nodes
1232014037228712/18/14Method and subscriber account selection
1242014037261812/18/14Method and apparatuses for making use of virtual ims subscriptions coupled with the identity of a non sip compliant terminal for non-registered subscribers
1252014037301212/18/14Virtual machine management using a downloadable subscriber identity module
1262014037303612/18/14Hybrid video recognition system based on audio and subtitle data
1272014036076912/11/14Arrangement for connecting a pluggable transceiver
1282014036190212/11/14Methods, user equipment, property device, and computer program products for detecting movement of the property device and of indicating such movement at the user device
1292014036277012/11/14Method and activation and deactivation of radio network functionality
1302014036287212/11/14Method and device for resident time calculation and synchronization
1312014036293712/11/14System and allocating transmission resources
1322014036295612/11/14Method, network node, computer program and computer program product for decoding a signal
1332014036411212/11/14Minimizing drive test logged data reporting
1342014036412712/11/14Method and radio network node for ranking cells in a cellular network
1352014036519612/11/14Infrastructure model generation system and method
1362014035572712/04/14Adaptive phase shift apparatus and method
1372014035549012/04/14Apparatus and conferencing
1382014035549212/04/14Method and monitoring performance, and remote radio unit
1392014035556812/04/14Method and arrangement for relaying in case of extension areas having uplink/downlink imbalance
1402014035598612/04/14Interface and enabling interconnection of a host device and a small-formfactor pluggable module
1412014035730712/04/14System and maintaining location information in a database
1422014035891812/04/14Method and handling data-related requests
1432014035541912/04/14Pseudo wire end-to-end redundancy setup over disjoint mpls transport paths
1442014035543612/04/14Method and system of bandwidth-aware service placement for service chaining
1452014035545312/04/14Method and arrangement for fault analysis in a multi-layer network
1462014035554212/04/14Server selection in communications network with respect to a mobile user
1472014035726412/04/14Method and arrangement for connectivity in a communication network
1482014035727712/04/14Method and node for increasing radio capacity in isolated area
1492014034800211/27/14Relayed cspf computation for multiple areas and multiple autonomous systems
1502014034851411/27/14Method of converting an optical communications signal and an optical receiver
1512014034964711/27/14Radio base station, method in a radio base station, relay station and method in a relay station
1522014035136711/27/14Caching in wireless communication networks
1532014034712511/27/14Efficient power amplification over large operating average power range
1542014034712611/27/14Low complexity digital predistortion for concurrent multi-band transmitters
1552014034745111/27/14Depth adaptation for multi-view system
1562014034798411/27/14Data transfer in mobile networks
1572014034799211/27/14Common pilot gating in a multi-antenna wireless communication system
1582014034799311/27/14Systems and methods for scalable and resilient load balancing
1592014034803011/27/14Method and controlling charging in a communication network
1602014034805511/27/14Relaying unicast and multicast data in a wireless network
1612014034807411/27/14Method and controlling a signal path of a radio communication
1622014034812911/27/14Method, apparatus, system, computer program and computer program products for providing a plmn identifier to a node of a ran
1632014034826311/27/14Multi-band radio-frequency digital predistortion
1642014034827011/27/14Handling of signals transmitted through a human body
1652014034827711/27/14Differential phase tracking in the presence of unknown interference
1662014034966011/27/14Resource scheduling in a mobile communication network supporting machine-to-machine (m2m) and user equipment (ue) traffic
1672014034969511/27/14Method and arrangements for scheduling wireless resources in a wireless network
1682014035163911/27/14Recovery of operational state values for complex event processing based on a time window defined by an event query
1692014034119411/20/14Method and arrangement for controlling transmission of delay sensitive data in a packet data communication network
1702014034157211/20/14Routing and bandwidth assignment for flexible grid wavelength switched optical networks
1712014034103711/20/14Rerouting technique
1722014034447111/20/14Progressive download prioritisation
1732014034015311/20/14Automatic gain control of a received signal using a power target
1742014034101611/20/14Method and enabling efficient resource allocation
1752014034102911/20/14Encoding a payload hash in the da-mac to facilitate elastic chaining of packet processing elements
1762014034104211/20/14Conditional routing technique
1772014034110411/20/14Method of selecting a transmission mode of a cell in an e_utran system
1782014034111911/20/14Method and rank override
1792014034112411/20/14Methods and nodes for improved network signaling
1802014034113811/20/14Deferred address allocation of ipv4 or ipv6 in case of interworking between non-3gpp access and evolved packet core
1812014034113911/20/14Method and transmitting and receiving data in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
1822014034114411/20/14Method and a central base station for interference management in a cellular network
1832014034118111/20/14System and configuring a radio access network
1842014034126011/20/14Robust, fast unused-code detection
1852014034159411/20/14Optical homodyne coherent receiver and receiving a multichannel optical signal
1862014034443911/20/14Method and providing network services orchestration
1872014034447211/20/14Sharing resource reservation
1882014034487911/20/14Weighted ingest policy management in a content distribution network
1892014034101511/20/14Reduction of packet header compression overhead due to high ecn rate
1902014033586511/13/14Mobility management method and apparatus in high speed railway
1912014033430911/13/14Application-aware flow control in a radio network
1922014033433111/13/14Method and arrangement for relaying
1932014033439411/13/14Method and base station for power allocation in wireless system
1942014033750711/13/14Method and providing network applications monitoring
1952014033750811/13/14Method and providing network applications monitoring
1962014033750911/13/14Method and providing network applications monitoring
1972014033428611/13/14Inter-domain fast reroute methods and network devices
1982014033429411/13/14Method and arrangement for smooth change of bandwidth usage for a rat in a radio communication system
1992014033439311/13/14Apparatus and dynamically selecting a random access response window value for use with random access procedures in a network
2002014033440411/13/14Radio access network node and mobile station with increased ack/nack space for packet downlink ack/nack message
2012014033445111/13/14Methods and devices for adjusting resource management procedures in heterogeneous communication networks
2022014033445211/13/14Extended qos support in epc
2032014033445511/13/14Uplink scheduling when using interference suppression
2042014033446211/13/14Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for determining a resource index
2052014033447811/13/14Synchronization sequences and carrier type detection
2062014033588311/13/14Method and arrangement for dynamic allocation of a shared bandwidth
2072014033722211/13/14Devices and methods providing mobile authentication options for brokered expedited checkout
2082014033746211/13/14Delivering identity related data
2092014033790511/13/14System and delivering extended media content
2102014033794011/13/14Remote provisioning of 3gpp downloadable subscriber identity module for virtual machine applications
2112014032741411/06/14Method for operating a power converter module and a device therefor
2122014032816011/06/14Methods and network protection
2132014032816611/06/14Method and path switching
2142014032817011/06/14Enhanced performance service-based profiling for transport networks
2152014032821411/06/14Building topology in communications networks
2162014032834811/06/14Classification of the intercepted internet payload
2172014032858711/06/14Path computation in wavelength switched optical networks
2182014032860111/06/14Optical modulator and encoding communications traffic in a multilevel modulation format
2192014032955411/06/14Telecommunications system, base station, user equipment and ensuring high quality connections
2202014032815811/06/14Protection group switching for circuit emulation
2212014032815911/06/14Recovery of split architecture control plane
2222014032816111/06/14Enhancing a mobile backup channel to address a node failure in a wireline network
2232014032818911/06/14Method and determining an event instance
2242014032821511/06/14Fast opportunistic distributed resource reallocation for established connections in a multihop network
2252014032825511/06/14Method and conveying demodulation pilot information in a multi antenna wireless communication system
2262014032825911/06/14Systems and methods for determining measurement power offsets
2272014032830811/06/14Radio base station with asymmetric interface between baseband unit and rf unit
2282014032832611/06/14Network node and method in a network node
2292014032951611/06/14Traffic characteristic based selection of serving base station
2302014032952011/06/14Line of sight (los) detection in a cellular communications network
2312014032955011/06/14Paging for longer paging cycles
2322014033096811/06/14Method and trend analyzer for analyzing data in a communication network
2332014033107911/06/14Disable restart setting for amf configuration components
2342014032136810/30/14Method and apparatus of mapping one or more messages onto transmission resource
2352014032503610/30/14Defining disjoint node groups for virtual machines with pre-existing placement policies
2362014032128310/30/14Technology aware diffserv marking
2372014032128410/30/14Optimised packet delivery across a transport network
2382014032128910/30/14Methods and devices in an ip network for congestion control
2392014032131410/30/14User equipment and a radio network node, and methods therein
2402014032509010/30/14Discovery and disconnection of client addresses in an access node for an ip network
2412014032021410/30/14Doherty power amplification apparatus and method
2422014032033710/30/14Method and determining a position of user equipment, and an antenna set therefor
2432014032126510/30/14Fast traffic recovery in vrrp based routers
2442014032126810/30/14Method and system for supporting distributed relay control protocol (drcp) operations upon communication failure
2452014032127110/30/14Signal reduction based on radio load
2462014032127510/30/14Method and system of transmission management in a network
2472014032131810/30/14Communications link configuration
2482014032136110/30/14Method and arrangement for load management in heterogeneous networks with interference suppression capable receivers
2492014032136210/30/14Automatic security alert system and method using mobile communication devices

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