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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ A Corporation
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100107
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ0
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100114
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20131212
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100121


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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents

Recent patent applications related to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016018224406/23/16  new patent  Method and system for obtaining content location information enabling differential charging algorithms in multimedia broadcast and multicast service (mbms)
22016018237906/23/16  new patent  Adaptive load balancing in packet processing
32016018318006/23/16  new patent  Access network, selection and connection methods, devices, and computer programs
42016017957106/23/16  new patent  Method and device for scheduling communication schedulable unit
52016017962806/23/16  new patent  Method and system for packet redundancy removal
62016018191706/23/16  new patent  Switched mode power supply output stage configuration
72016018205906/23/16  new patent  Phase switching pll and calibration method
82016018218306/23/16  new patent  Channel quality indicator adjustment to account for network-assisted interference cancellation
92016018228806/23/16  new patent  Methods and devices for media processing in distributed cloud
102016018229706/23/16  new patent  Methods, network nodes, and computer program products for price signal feedback for network optimization
112016018236206/23/16  new patent  Inter-domain fast reroute methods and network devices
122016018237806/23/16  new patent  Method and system for load balancing in a software-defined networking (sdn) system upon server reconfiguration
132016018238006/23/16  new patent  Adaptive load balancing in packet processing
142016018259806/23/16  new patent  Packet analyzer device and method to measure a video quality of transmitted ip multicast media
152016018260806/23/16  new patent  Retransmission control network node and related method
162016018267506/23/16  new patent  User data management
172016018292306/23/16  new patent  End user-based personalized ad insertion in broadcast-broadband hybrid terminals
182016018294206/23/16  new patent  Real time combination of listened-to audio on a mobile user equipment with a simultaneous video recording
192016018297706/23/16  new patent  User interaction with advertisements on hybrid terminals
202016018309706/23/16  new patent  Filling empty symbols in cellular communications network transmissions in unlicensed spectrum
212016018311106/23/16  new patent  Method for transmitting data to a wireless device in a communications network which applies a combined cell deployment
222016018312106/23/16  new patent  Proactive admission control for multi-coverage d2d communications
232016018313306/23/16  new patent  Method and mobility management
242016018313406/23/16  new patent  Exploiting almost blank subframes for inter-cell scheduling
252016018314706/23/16  new patent  Reporting between base stations
262016018317506/23/16  new patent  Indication of packet based voice support in a mobile network with different radio access technologies
272016018317906/23/16  new patent  Methods and devices for cell selection
282016018320306/23/16  new patent  Method and arrangement for power control handling
292016018320606/23/16  new patent  Methods for adapting over-the-air synchronization to radio conditions
302016018323606/23/16  new patent  Determining a cluster set of mobile devices
312016018326106/23/16  new patent  Method and radio node for transmitting downlink signals
322016018326206/23/16  new patent  Method and signaling of ul-dl configuration
332016018327306/23/16  new patent  Access feedback by a multimode terminal
342016018328906/23/16  new patent  Method and performing downlink mu-mimo transmission
352016018330806/23/16  new patent  Method and devices for solving resource conflict issues among dynamic tdd capable ue
362016018332306/23/16  new patent  A node and random access in dual connectivity
372016018309906/23/16  new patent  Methods and devices for cell reconfiguration
382016017408606/16/16 Method and testing mobile terminals in an ofdm system
392016017333406/16/16 Configuration of forwarding rules using the address resolution protocol
402016017406706/16/16 Ranging procedure identification of enhanced wireless terminal
412016017419306/16/16 Ipv4 and ipv6 support in an mbms network
422016016614006/16/16 Device for and corneal imaging
432016017314806/16/16 Mitigating signal interference in a wireless network
442016017318206/16/16 Csi reporting for a set of csi-rs resources
452016017322506/16/16 Wdm single fiber ring protection
462016017325106/16/16 Transmission of probing pilots in a shared radio cell
472016017337206/16/16 Method and selecting path from paths between label edge routers
482016017338206/16/16 Methods and packet network devices for forwarding packet data traffic
492016017339006/16/16 Confidence degree of data packet flow classification
502016017341006/16/16 Quality of service (qos) for information centric networks
512016017368206/16/16 Systems and methods for determining non-linear precoding coefficients
522016017389806/16/16 Methods, decoder and encoder for selection of reference pictures to be used during encoding
532016017406506/16/16 Methods providing wireless device subscription information and related network nodes and wireless devices
542016017408206/16/16 Method and reducing cell identifier conflicts when deploying a new cell into a telecommunications network
552016017409706/16/16 Minimizing drive test logged data reporting
562016017410406/16/16 Inter-rat systems access network (an) load balance and congestion control mechanism
572016017411606/16/16 Methods and devices for sector selection
582016017412206/16/16 Transport format for communications
592016017412306/16/16 Avoiding mass migration of wireless communication devices from one access point to another
602016017414506/16/16 Connecting to radio access networks selected based on charging data for subscription of a user
612016017417206/16/16 Mobile terminal, first wireless network access point and methods performed therein
622016017419306/16/16 Ipv4 and ipv6 support in an mbms network
632016017420706/16/16 Methods, network node, wireless device, computer programs and computer program products for use with discontinous reception
642016017423706/16/16 Methods and devices for contention based random access
652016017424506/16/16 Method for use in bs (re)configuring ue to switch from fixed ul-dl tdd configuration to flexible ul-dl tdd configuration, and bs
662016017424906/16/16 System and signaling control information in a mobile communication network
672016017425906/16/16 Preemptive retransmissions on listen-before-talk cells
682016017426106/16/16 Method and preamble determination
692016017428206/16/16 Systems and methods providing improved success rate for rrc connection reestablishments
702016016457906/09/16 Performing coordinated multipoint transmission and reception (comp) in a wireless communication network
712016016472806/09/16 Mobile network iot convergence
722016016563606/09/16 Conditional parallel execution of access stratum (as) and non-access stratum (nas) signaling
732016016256006/09/16 Providing an electronic book to a user equipment
742016016256706/09/16 Organization and retrieval of information items
752016016319406/09/16 Method, alert control device, street light, computer program and computer program product for alerting traffic
762016016417206/09/16 Node in a wireless communication network with at least two antenna columns
772016016442606/09/16 A frequency converter
782016016454406/09/16 Adaptation of forward error correction code and/or modulation
792016016455406/09/16 Transmitter with quantization noise compensation
802016016455706/09/16 Method and apparatus relating to reception of radio signals
812016016458006/09/16 Transmission mode allocation in lte networks
822016016459206/09/16 Distributed digitally convertible radio (ddcr)
832016016465706/09/16 Methods and devices for random access
842016016475206/09/16 Node and service usage reporting and quota establishment
852016016479106/09/16 Method and network node for congestion management in a wireless communications network
862016016495206/09/16 Systems and methods for information centric networking
872016016496606/09/16 Peer-to-peer communication of non-common data
882016016497906/09/16 Transcription of communication sessions
892016016529706/09/16 Seamless playback of media content using digital watermarking
902016016547106/09/16 Measurement report triggering for inter-cell coordination in cellular deployment
912016016548906/09/16 Ps to cs handover indicator
922016016549606/09/16 Inter-rat/frequency automatic neighbor relation list management
932016016550206/09/16 Method and arrangement in a communication network
942016016550706/09/16 Handling of access capability information in a mobile network
952016016551106/09/16 Mobility control function for user equipment
962016016551806/09/16 Access information handling in a mobile network with cellular network accesses and wireless local area network accesses
972016016552006/09/16 Release-independent modifications of network parameters
982016016553006/09/16 Wlan network selection
992016016554606/09/16 Method, network nodes, and computer program products for load based adaptive crs power adjustment
1002016016556506/09/16 Dedicated gateway for mobile broadband devices
1012016016562606/09/16 Methods providing coordination for uplink (ul) coordinated multipoint (comp) reception and related network nodes
1022016016563306/09/16 Method and apparatus in a wireless communications system
1032016016566206/09/16 Method of controlling a base station system
1042016015545006/02/16 Audio encoding/decoding based on an efficient representation of auto-regressive coefficients
1052016015712406/02/16 Topology discovery based on sctp/x2 snooping
1062016015718806/02/16 Method and arrangement for uplink power control
1072016015723706/02/16 Method and device of performing multi-radio access bearer power scaling
1082016015471306/02/16 Managing service availability in a mega virtual machine
1092016015484706/02/16 Control of a distributed data grid layer in a federated database system
1102016015544606/02/16 Method and controlling audio frame loss concealment
1112016015545706/02/16 Method and arrangement for controlling smoothing of stationary background noise
1122016015638106/02/16 Leakage cancellation a multiple-input multiple-output transceiver
1132016015642206/02/16 Methods, computer program, network node and network node site
1142016015642706/02/16 Clock recovery in a packet based network
1152016015644406/02/16 Signaling of sequence generator initialization parameters for uplink reference signal generation
1162016015646406/02/16 Encrypting and storing data
1172016015649406/02/16 Communication method and user equipment in mixed cellular and d2d network
1182016015650006/02/16 Method of providing performance management data, corresponding network element and corresponding radio communication system
1192016015652906/02/16 Methods and apparatuses for control of usage of one or more services for a user
1202016015654506/02/16 Network state digest for convergence check
1212016015654606/02/16 Method and local path protection
1222016015656306/02/16 Network assisted rate adaptation
1232016015656506/02/16 Sequence number update
1242016015671806/02/16 Enf selection for nfvi
1252016015672906/02/16 State information offloading for diameter agents
1262016015674806/02/16 Node and obtaining priority information in a header of a control plane message
1272016015692706/02/16 Decoder and encoder and methods for coding of a video sequence
1282016015698806/02/16 Im client and method performed thereby for providing a subscriber of an iptv service provider with information
1292016015705306/02/16 Method and device for positioning user equipment
1302016015709406/02/16 Methods and arrangements for enabling data transmission between a mobile device and a static destination address
1312016015711806/02/16 Methods and devices for link adaptation
1322016015712306/02/16 Systems and methods for determining measurement power offsets
1332016015714406/02/16 Communication improvement after handover
1342016015717106/02/16 Technique for providing service availability indications
1352016015718106/02/16 Radio resource control technique
1362016015722706/02/16 Method and arrangement for adapting guard time based on timing advance
1372016015723106/02/16 Method and network node for providing radio resources for radio communication in a cellular network
1382016015723606/02/16 Radio resource management for a high-speed shared channel
1392016015724706/02/16 Method, network node, computer program and computer program product for assisting downlink interference estimation
1402016015725306/02/16 Prioritizing location request of a certain type in a congestion situation
1412016015726706/02/16 System and beam-based physical random-access
1422016015728006/02/16 Signalling reduction for ip traffic in wireless networks
1432016015729406/02/16 Discontinuous transmission for a mobile phone network node
1442016015046405/26/16 Methods, apparatus, network node, and computer program product for dynamically providing cdn service through mobile network
1452016014931605/26/16 Inverted f-antennas at a wireless communication node
1462016014954105/26/16 Amplifier circuit and method
1472016014962605/26/16 Mapping codewords
1482016014963805/26/16 Optical monitoring in an optical communications network
1492016014967905/26/16 Method for dynamic csi feedback
1502016014978405/26/16 Passive performance measurement for inline service chaining
1512016014985405/26/16 Framework for application to application interworking in the m2m world
1522016014986905/26/16 Key establishment for constrained resource devices
1532016014991305/26/16 Access control in an information centric network
1542016014991405/26/16 User consent for generic bootstrapping architecture
1552016014991605/26/16 Method and nodes for authorizing network access
1562016014996505/26/16 Methods and implementing a communication barring service
1572016014997905/26/16 Interworking between first protocol entity of stream reservation protocol and second protocol entity of routing protocol
1582016015005205/26/16 Gateway, client facilitating communication between a client device and an application server
1592016015020905/26/16 Depth range adjustment of a 3d video to match the depth range permissible by a 3d display device
1602016015038205/26/16 Node and private mobile radio services
1612016015038305/26/16 Network nodes, methods performed therein, computer programs and a computer readable storage medium
1622016015041905/26/16 Detecting neighbor cell system information by low complexity user equipment
1632016015043305/26/16 Polling and reporting mechanism
1642016015043605/26/16 User equipment reporting of connection loss
1652016015044105/26/16 Load sharing in cellular networks
1662016015047505/26/16 Proactive radio resource allocation
1672016015052005/26/16 Pre-emption and resource allocation prioritization for d2d communications
1682016015053105/26/16 Allocating baseband resource capacity to cells based on baseband processing deadline margins
1692016015057705/26/16 Lte based wireless backhaul connection to cellular network base station
1702016014250705/19/16 Caching content
1712016014207305/19/16 Access control in a network
1722016014231905/19/16 Dynamic bandwidth adjustment in packet transport network
1732016014304505/19/16 Method, network node, computer program and computer program product for determining a dropped connection
1742016013984605/19/16 Method and an integrated circuit for executing a trusted application within a trusted runtime environment
1752016014016905/19/16 A method and a network node in a communication network for correlating information of a first network domain with information of a second network domain
1762016014176305/19/16 Antenna arrangement
1772016014202105/19/16 Amplifier circuit and method
1782016014218205/19/16 Demodulation technique
1792016014224105/19/16 Cell search procedure frame format
1802016014230105/19/16 Method and system for virtualizing flow tables in a software-defined networking (sdn) system
1812016014239205/19/16 Identity management system
1822016014243605/19/16 Methods, nodes and computer programs for reduction of undesired energy consumption of a server node
1832016014250705/19/16 Caching content
1842016014255205/19/16 Mechanism for dynamic signaling of encoder capabilities
1852016014273905/19/16 Deblocking filtering
1862016014275005/19/16 Arrangements and method thereof for a channel change during streaming
1872016014289705/19/16 Enriched d2d discovery content
1882016014291905/19/16 Method and network node for providing radio resources for radio communication in a cellular network
1892016014293105/19/16 Automated measurement and analysis of end-to-end performance of volte service
1902016014294505/19/16 Methods of and nodes for selecting a target core network for handing over a voice session of a terminal
1912016014294805/19/16 Determination of radio resource usage
1922016014295505/19/16 Methods and network nodes for enhanced mobility between mobile communications networks
1932016014296905/19/16 First network node, second network node, and methods therein, of providing a last used public land mobile network identifier
1942016014297405/19/16 Power saving in wireless transceiver device
1952016014297505/19/16 Method for managing a user equipment device
1962016014298705/19/16 Synchronization in communications networks
1972016014298905/19/16 Cell search procedure frame format
1982016014300105/19/16 Controlling a transmission of information in a wireless communication network with a relay node
1992016014300205/19/16 Resource configuration
2002016014301405/19/16 Channel access in listen before talk systems
2012016014301905/19/16 System and allocating transmission resources
2022016014303905/19/16 Methods and devices for controlling resource usage
2032016014304705/19/16 Scheduling and admission of radio bearers in a communications system applying carrier aggregation
2042016014305505/19/16 Signaling adapted csi-rs periodicities in active antenna systems
2052016014305705/19/16 Method and network node for managing collisions
2062016014307705/19/16 Cluster head selection in a communications network
2072016013500205/12/16 Methods and systems for user equipment positioning using intercell interference coordination
2082016013412505/12/16 Configuration of voltage converters in a power supply system
2092016013431305/12/16 Distortion suppression for wireless transmission
2102016013432505/12/16 A duplex unit
2112016013434705/12/16 Method and arrangement for polarization control in a communication system
2122016013439605/12/16 Establishing a communication link between user equipments
2132016013439805/12/16 Transmitting node, receiving node and methods performed therein
2142016013444105/12/16 Equalization in the receiver of a multiple input multiple output system
2152016013446405/12/16 Core network node, radio access network node and methods therein for controlling overload in core network
2162016013460705/12/16 Method of rsvp authentication with non-directly connected neighbor
2172016013476005/12/16 Advanced policy and charging control methods, network nodes and computer programs for sponsored data connectivity by peers
2182016013488505/12/16 Encoder and decoder and methods thereof for encoding/decoding a picture of a video sequence
2192016013492205/12/16 A exchanging video between media devices
2202016013506605/12/16 Method and device for calculating reference signal received power
2212016013507305/12/16 Method, apparatus and computer program for updating a prioritization level of a service data flow based on traffic size per time unit of said data flow
2222016013507405/12/16 Method for enabling control of data packet flows belonging to different access technologies
2232016013507505/12/16 Methods and apparatuses for recovering data packet flow control against radio base station buffer run away
2242016013508205/12/16 Terminal-aided backhaul compression
2252016013509405/12/16 Event notification in a hybrid network
2262016013509905/12/16 Method and arrangements for handling an intra frequency sai list
2272016013510005/12/16 Traffic steering from a first access network to a second access network
2282016013510205/12/16 Load sharing in a cellular radio communication system
2292016013514505/12/16 Telecommunications apparatus and method relating to a random access procedure
2302016013516905/12/16 Optimized access request message
2312016013520005/12/16 Managing resources for device-to-device d2d discovery in an ad-hoc radio communication network
2322016013520105/12/16 Method and radio node for managing resources for d2d discovery in an ad-hoc radio communication network
2332016013522605/12/16 Methods and devices for controlling antenna points
2342016012719805/05/16 Method and architecture for distributed cloud domains
2352016012731205/05/16 Optimization of resource urls in machine-to-machine networks
2362016012448405/05/16 A mobile platform and a method therein
2372016012689305/05/16 Quadrature mixer arrangement
2382016012690205/05/16 Amplifier circuit and method
2392016012691205/05/16 Attenuator control for a signal processing chain
2402016012701805/05/16 Codebook restriction
2412016012702305/05/16 Node in a wireless communication system where antenna beams match the sector width
2422016012703705/05/16 Method and determining transmission quality
2432016012713705/05/16 Selection of a policy and charging control unit by a diameter routing unit
2442016012713905/05/16 Explicit list encoding of sparse multicast group membership information with bit index explicit replication (bier)
2452016012714205/05/16 Explicit block encoding of multicast group membership information with bit index explicit replication (bier)
2462016012722305/05/16 Method for assured network state configuration and rollback in link-state packet networks
2472016012788005/05/16 Methods, wireless communication networks and network nodes for recovering a public warning system
2482016012789105/05/16 Identifying a user equipment in a communication network
2492016012791305/05/16 Methods and nodes for sharing frequency carriers of a public safety network

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