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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ A Corporation
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100107
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ0
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100114
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20131212
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ_20100121


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Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents

Recent patent applications related to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson publ patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003654102/04/16  new patent  Methods of performing inter-frequency measurements in the idle state
22016003750702/04/16  new patent  Simultaneous reporting of ack/nack and channel-state information using pucch format 3 resources
32016003414202/04/16  new patent  Selecting an adjacent file on a display of an electronic device
42016003457002/04/16  new patent  Creating associations to a service subscriber
52016003646002/04/16  new patent  A frequency selective circuit configured to convert an analog input signal to a digital output signal
62016003646202/04/16  new patent  Split gain shape vector coding
72016003648802/04/16  new patent  Apparatus and jointly selecting the tap values and delays of the fingers for a rake receiver of two carriers
82016003654102/04/16  new patent  Methods of performing inter-frequency measurements in the idle state
92016003654302/04/16  new patent  Method and measuring interference in a telecommunications system
102016003656602/04/16  new patent  Method and a device for improved retransmissions
112016003658602/04/16  new patent  Mobile terminal, control method thereof, onboard unit, control method thereof, backend server, and control method thereof
122016003669502/04/16  new patent  Self-bootstrapping bfd session over mpls lsp
132016003678402/04/16  new patent  Controlling write access to a resource in a reload network
142016003686002/04/16  new patent  Policy based data processing
152016003734002/04/16  new patent  Session and service control for wireless devices using common subscriber information
162016003737102/04/16  new patent  Technique for aggregating minimization of drive test, mdt, measurements in a component of an operating and maintenance, oam, system
172016003738502/04/16  new patent  Interference mitigation of d2d communications in different coverage scenarios
182016003740602/04/16  new patent  Handover request indicating split of a radio bearer between cells
192016003740702/04/16  new patent  Radio network node, a base station and methods therein
202016003741202/04/16  new patent  Methods and devices for conditional attachment to a network
212016003746302/04/16  new patent  Power headroom reporting accounting
222016003754002/04/16  new patent  Maximizing channel capacity for common downlink channels
232016002927101/28/16 Pcrf assisted apn selection
242016002941801/28/16 Resetting of network resources in wireless networks
252016002860301/28/16 Data path performance measurement using test messages in a software defined network
262016002583801/28/16 Methods and arrangements in a telecommunication system
272016002670801/28/16 Selection of data storage settings for an application
282016002835201/28/16 Efficient power amplification over large operating average power range
292016002850301/28/16 Controlling optical signal power levelling in an optical communication network
302016002851301/28/16 Group-based resource element mapping for radio transmission of data
312016002851801/28/16 A wireless device, a network node and methods therein for transmitting control information in a d2d communication
322016002853301/28/16 Adaptive uplink-downlink switching time for half duplex operation
332016002857401/28/16 Device of crest factor reduction
342016002858501/28/16 A master and second evolved node b and method performed thereby for modifying a radio resource of the senb with respect to a ue currently being connected to the menb
352016002860401/28/16 Data path performance measurement using network traffic in a software defined network
362016002861201/28/16 Method and system of shortest path bridging (spb) enhanced resilience with loop mitigation
372016002861401/28/16 Identifying influence paths in a communication network
382016002879001/28/16 Use of webrtc apis for improving communication services
392016002907601/28/16 Arrangements and method thereof for channel change during streaming
402016002923001/28/16 Methods, test systems and arrangements for verifying compliance with requirement specifications
412016002923101/28/16 Methods of controlling simultaneous transmission/reception of a radio node in a tdd system
422016002925301/28/16 System and automatic neighbor relation (anr) intelligence enhancement for boomer neighbor in lte
432016002927101/28/16 Pcrf assisted apn selection
442016002929601/28/16 Interworking between networks operating according to different radio access technologies
452016002929801/28/16 Method of controlling wlan access for wireless communication devices
462016002933001/28/16 Method and configuring enhanced timing measurements involving multifarious radio links
472016002942801/28/16 Network node, method, and mobile terminal for providing voice calls to a mobile terminal in a packet-switched-only network
482016001924501/21/16 Database connection tuning
492016002081701/21/16 Method and antenna calibration
502016002087701/21/16 Reference signal configuration
512016002155401/21/16 User equipment, network node and methods therein
522016002159201/21/16 Bearer configuration signaling
532016002164001/21/16 Paging mobile stations in a hybrid network
542016002169501/21/16 Technique for aggregating radio resources
552016002176201/21/16 Selective partitioning of via structures in printed circuit boards
562016001402801/14/16 Prefix distribution-based table performance optimization in sdn
572016001164801/14/16 Method and network units for handling states
582016001361101/14/16 Optical amplifier arrangement
592016001384801/14/16 Method in a network node and a network node for controlling communication between a radio base station and user equipments in a wireless communication system
602016001386101/14/16 Monitoring of communications network at packet and optical layers
612016001387401/14/16 Selectivity test
622016001387801/14/16 Signal transmission with interference mitigation
632016001397101/14/16 Network element for a telecommunications network having decoupled control and data planes
642016001402301/14/16 Forwarding table performance control in sdn
652016001402901/14/16 Method and congestion signalling for mpls networks
662016001403001/14/16 Methods and nodes for handling congestion in backhaul networks
672016001404601/14/16 Method for allocating frame transmission time slots
682016001423001/14/16 Systems, methods and computer program products for enabling a communication device to provide session improvement requests to a server of a network operator's access network
692016001454401/14/16 Machine type communication aggregator apparatus and method
702016001461501/14/16 Determination of network parameters in mobile communication networks
712016001465201/14/16 Activation time for target based high speed serving cell change
722016001466601/14/16 Methods and apparatuses for handling a handover event
732016001471201/14/16 Cluster based communication
742016001477501/14/16 System and methods for controlling the usage of a carrier
752016001479601/14/16 Medium or channel sensing-based scheduling
762016001480001/14/16 Control channel quality based scheduling of radio transmissions
772016001481601/14/16 Methods and apparatuses for performing random access in a telecommunication system
782016001479101/14/16 Methods radio network nodes and user equipment for alleviating interference in a radio communication network
792016001466501/14/16 Management of resources amongst parties sharing the same radio access network
802016000736201/07/16 Method and primary channel detection
812016000462401/07/16 Evaluation of an application
822016000540901/07/16 Methods and apparatuses for dtx hangover in audio coding
832016000615001/07/16 Orthogonal backplane design with reduced chassis depth
842016000640001/07/16 Distributed power amplifier circuit
852016000640401/07/16 Method and device for controlling a power amplifier capable of utilizing nonlinearity correction and a power amplifier system
862016000648901/07/16 A tool for verifying a line of sight mimo/simo system
872016000650201/07/16 Protection for optical transport network using operational status of dual homed attachment circuits
882016000652301/07/16 Method and network nodes for calibrating uplink measurements
892016000652801/07/16 Channel estimation for interference cancellation
902016000659401/07/16 A phase reference symbol format for ofdm phase synchronization
912016000662101/07/16 Method and service aware charging and control in a communication network
922016000666301/07/16 Method and system for compressing forward state of a data network
932016000670101/07/16 Method of and a device handling charging data in an ip-based network
942016000681701/07/16 System and pushing live media content in an adaptive streaming environment
952016000684301/07/16 Method for enabling interception, decoding and/or processing of a mac level message
962016000705001/07/16 Video transcoding
972016000722201/07/16 Methods and measurement configuration support
982016000722401/07/16 A network node and a a network node of controlling data packet delivery to a mobile terminal in case of data rate throttling after having reached a data download cap
992016000723601/07/16 Minimisation of handover gap time in the context of s2a ip session mobililty
1002016000725101/07/16 Measurement bandwidth configuration method
1012016000729401/07/16 Energy saving in wireless devices
1022016000730101/07/16 Method and apparatus relating to interferece estimation in cellular communication networks
1032016000733701/07/16 Methods and network nodes for performing a joint reception in a cellular radio communication network
1042016000735201/07/16 Controlling resources of radio terminal in radio access node
1052016000736101/07/16 Interference control in hetnets
1062016000737701/07/16 User equipment, network node and methods therein for handling preamble transmissions on a random access channel in a radio communications network
1072016000738501/07/16 Method and nodes for handling esm information
1082016000739301/07/16 Method and establishing a backhaul link
1092016000740701/07/16 Method and devices for releasing a channel using a variable expiration time
1102016000724501/07/16 Methods and devices for managing a cellular radio network
1112015038167512/31/15 P2p streaming support
1122015038232912/31/15 Aggregation of resources in enhanced control channels
1132015037842412/31/15 Memory management based on bandwidth utilization
1142015037871812/31/15 Systems, methods, and computer program products for a software build and load process using a compilation and deployment service
1152015037999812/31/15 Frame error concealment
1162015038115712/31/15 Series-resonance oscillator
1172015038129912/31/15 Time synchronous pluggable transceiver
1182015038131012/31/15 Method and radio node for enabling use of high order modulation in a radio communication with a user equipment
1192015038132412/31/15 Control for bfd return path
1202015038137412/31/15 Handling of digital certificates
1212015038142212/31/15 Handling of different control channel configurations for one or more wireless devices in a radio network
1222015038146312/31/15 Systems and methods for coexistence of mbms and voip services
1232015038161112/31/15 Method and network node for obtaining a permanent identity of an authenticating wireless device
1242015038203112/31/15 Network media program restart
1252015038223012/31/15 Aggregation of congestion information
1262015038225012/31/15 Technique for transferring a session with changeable session state
1272015038225112/31/15 Synchronizing call states of network component and mobile device at session transfer
1282015038225412/31/15 Methods, radio base station and ue for handling cell reselection
1292015038225512/31/15 Methods for handover configuration
1302015038226512/31/15 Classifying failure reports as either current or stale for mobility robustness optimization adjustments
1312015038227112/31/15 Method and handling a cell change
1322015038228912/31/15 Obtaining authorization to use proximity services in a mobile communication system
1332015038229412/31/15 Monitoring of radio blocks in extended radio coverage
1342015038229812/31/15 Method and network node for setting a mobile communication terminal in an idle mode
1352015038231412/31/15 A network node, a core network node, and methods therein
1362015038231512/31/15 Direct control signaling in a wireless communication system
1372015038232012/31/15 Conditional paging
1382015038233212/31/15 Handling identifiers for enhanced dedicated channels in cell forward access channel states
1392015038234912/31/15 Sector individual control of access to a cell of a mobile network
1402015038238612/31/15 Mobile gateway selection using a direct connection between a pcrf node and a mobility management node
1412015037239612/24/15 Antenna arrangement for multiple frequency band operation
1422015037067812/24/15 Systems and methods for monitoring hardware observation points within a system on a chip (soc)
1432015037085812/24/15 Dynamic input streams handling in dsms
1442015037157112/24/15 A telecommunications station enclosure
1452015037164112/24/15 Enhanced audio frame loss concealment
1462015037164212/24/15 Audio frame loss concealment
1472015037260512/24/15 Controlling a switched mode power supply with maximised power efficiency
1482015037273612/24/15 Beam-forming in a combined radio cell
1492015037274712/24/15 Relay device and associated vehicle and method
1502015037278912/24/15 Uplink coverage via autonomous retransmission
1512015037283912/24/15 Modem interface using virtual local-area network tagging
1522015037289512/24/15 Proactive change of communication models
1532015037290212/24/15 Traffic recovery in openflow networks
1542015037293112/24/15 Time slot allocation for burst switched network
1552015037293512/24/15 System and migration of active resources
1562015037296812/24/15 A and a processing device handling a protocol address in a network
1572015037297912/24/15 Packet filtering at an application-processor-to-modem interface
1582015037305812/24/15 Service control awareness for call routing between packet switched telephony domain and circuit switched telephony domain
1592015037307412/24/15 Technique for detecting an encoder functionality issue
1602015037342412/24/15 Apparatus and conveying information
1612015037349512/24/15 Enhancement of positioning quality of service
1622015037353212/24/15 Operating a data back end node in a data layered architecture network
1632015037359012/24/15 A node and a combined single radio voice call continuity and a packet switched handover
1642015037361112/24/15 An enhanced solution for handover
1652015037361912/24/15 Method and arrangement for pci assignment
1662015037363712/24/15 Method and network node for determining a recommended cell for a user equipment
1672015037366012/24/15 A radio base station and method therein for transmitting time alignment configuration to a user equipment
1682015037368312/24/15 Management of wireless devices in limited radio coverage
1692015037369312/24/15 Method and uplink resource allocation
1702015037369512/24/15 Allocation of uplink control channel resources from mapped resource region
1712015037371012/24/15 Residential local break out in a communication system
1722015037373412/24/15 Methods and arrangements for optimizing radio resource utilization at group communications
1732015037374012/24/15 Dynamic random access resource size configuration and selection
1742015037377112/24/15 Technique for connection attempt handling in a circuit switched fallback situation
1752015036584612/17/15 Ue selective control of downlink data
1762015036527812/17/15 Mobile network iot convergence
1772015036584312/17/15 Congestion monitoring of mobile entities
1782015036342312/17/15 Method and system for parallel data replication in a distributed file system
1792015036481812/17/15 A antenna alignment in a non line-of-sight scenario
1802015036511412/17/15 Power amplifier pre-distortion signal generator using an analog baseband envelope feedback loop
1812015036514012/17/15 Method and calibrating multiple antennas
1822015036514112/17/15 A alignment of multi-beam antennas in a non line-of-sight scenario
1832015036514412/17/15 Antenna device for a radio base station in a cellular telephony system
1842015036515112/17/15 Apparatus and digital beam-forming with low-resolution quantization
1852015036515212/17/15 Channel state information measurements for license-assisted access
1862015036519912/17/15 E-hich information transmitting method, base station and user equipment
1872015036521212/17/15 Transmission of probing pilots in a combined radio cell
1882015036527112/17/15 Optimization to expand is-is leaf nodes during lfa computation
1892015036541512/17/15 Method, system and handling terminal capabilities
1902015036550412/17/15 Control frame handling by a provider backbone bridge
1912015036553412/17/15 Advanced routing for telecommunications system users
1922015036553512/17/15 Device and gsm call identifier
1932015036573412/17/15 Apparatus and identifying events
1942015036579812/17/15 Method and providing broadcast or multicast of digital content in a cellular communications network
1952015036584112/17/15 Prediction of quality of service of a possible future connection of a device to a wireless network
1962015036586212/17/15 Vertical hand over scenarios considering application mobility
1972015036586412/17/15 Allowing access to wifi network based on network properties
1982015036587212/17/15 Adapting a mobile network
1992015036587512/17/15 Selecting a radio access network cell
2002015036588912/17/15 System and method employing resource sharing to reduce power consumption by a network node
2012015036589012/17/15 System and reducing power consumption by a network node
2022015036589112/17/15 Handling modes in a wireless device
2032015036595912/17/15 A protection system for wireless nlos backhaul
2042015036596612/17/15 Devices and methods in a heterogeneous network
2052015036597512/17/15 Processing of random access preamble sequences
2062015035884512/10/15 User equipment and method in a communications network
2072015035819212/10/15 Determining frequency errors in a multi-carrier receiver
2082015035580712/10/15 Systems and methods for selecting a still image from a live video feed
2092015035803012/10/15 Compression and de-compression of complex valued ofdm data for a radio base station
2102015035806112/10/15 Radio base station and precoding signal
2112015035806212/10/15 Transmitting node and rank determination
2122015035810112/10/15 Interference cancellation in a cellular communication network
2132015035810912/10/15 Reconfigurable optical swtich apparatus
2142015035811612/10/15 Coherent reception with noisy channel state information
2152015035813112/10/15 Determining signal transmission bandwidth
2162015035813212/10/15 Reference signal coupling in a wireless network
2172015035813412/10/15 Data transmission using precoded reference symbols from multiple subframes
2182015035818412/10/15 Equalization with noisy channel state information
2192015035822912/10/15 Re-routing of diameter commands
2202015035823712/10/15 Method for controlling user plane traffic flows in a wireless telecommunication network
2212015035828412/10/15 Method and firewall for soliciting incoming packets
2222015035833412/10/15 Method for authenticating a client program by a remote data processing system
2232015035866312/10/15 Personal linear channel
2242015035876012/10/15 Automatically connecting a user equipment device with a partner device
2252015035878512/10/15 Transmitting embms control information to wireless devices in a wireless telecommunications network
2262015035887912/10/15 System and supporting packet-switched handover
2272015035888012/10/15 Method of controlling a communication control entity
2282015035888212/10/15 Methods and apparatuses for managing radio access node cluster
2292015035888312/10/15 Method and a network node for improved resource utilization in a load balanced radio communication system
2302015035889112/10/15 Terminal, network node and methods therein for enabling access to a radio communications network
2312015035891012/10/15 Timing for radio reconfiguration
2322015035891412/10/15 Bs and ue, and power control methods used in the same
2332015035891512/10/15 User equipment and a power control of uplink transmissions
2342015035892012/10/15 Handling uplink transmit power reporting
2352015035892112/10/15 Fast fading power restriction
2362015035893112/10/15 Time and frequency synchronization
2372015035894512/10/15 A ue, a secondary enb and a master enb and respective method performed thereby for providing system information of a communication system to the ue
2382015035897612/10/15 Protecting ul control channels in dynamic/flexible tdd
2392015035898312/10/15 Method and arrangement for communication using a dynamic transmission parameter
2402015035899412/10/15 Method for use in wireless communication device reporting ack/nack in dynamic tdd configurations, wireless communication device, and computer-readable product
2412015035901112/10/15 Embms control plane synchronization
2422015035085312/03/15 Independent configuration identities in a heterogeneous cellular communication network
2432015034631812/03/15 Line of sight (los) detection in a cellular communications network
2442015034644112/03/15 Optical physical interface module
2452015034964612/03/15 A control circuit and a an energy based pulse skipping mode in a dc/dc converter
2462015034985512/03/15 Autonomous quasi co-location status redefinition by receiver in coordinated multipoint downlink
2472015034990812/03/15 Methods providing configuration parameters for inter base station coordinated multipoint communications
2482015034999412/03/15 Method and crest factor reduction
2492015035003812/03/15 Methods of generating community trust values for communities of nodes in a network and related systems

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