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Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson publ patents

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05/18/17 new patent  Method for assisting a wireless device to perform uplink transmissions
05/18/17 new patent  System and supporting time-sensitive services in a communication network
05/18/17 new patent  Method and system of updating conversation allocation in link aggregation
05/18/17 new patent  Methods and first, second and network nodes for managing traffic characteristics
05/18/17 new patent  Accurate over the air synchronization
05/18/17 new patent  Rssi measurement during lbt
05/18/17 new patent  A live migration
05/18/17 new patent  An optical switch, an optical switching apparatus, an optical communications network node and an optical communications network
05/18/17 new patent  Enabling higher-order modulation in a cellular network
05/18/17 new patent  Method and communication device for controlling beam-forming tracking
05/18/17 new patent  Generating cryptographic checksums
05/18/17 new patent  Method and system for updating distributed resilient network interconnect (drni) states
05/18/17 new patent  Path setup in a mesh network
05/18/17 new patent  Group communication in a multicast-broadcast single frequency network
05/18/17 new patent  Accelerated re-establishment of emergency calls
05/18/17 new patent  Delivery of data services to a roaming network user
05/18/17 new patent  Methods and apparatuses for handling data traffic in a radio node having a split protocol stack
05/18/17 new patent  Changing ims supplementary service data in an ims network
05/18/17 new patent  Adapting qos for a radio bearer
05/18/17 new patent  Methods used in cluster manager, radio node and control node, and associated devices
05/18/17 new patent  Network node and method therein for handover in wireless communication network
05/18/17 new patent  Controller arrangement, method and computer program
05/18/17 new patent  Communication device and method therein for handover in wireless communication network
05/18/17 new patent  Cell search in a communications network
05/18/17 new patent  Multiple-layer beacon sweeping method, access node and user equipment
05/18/17 new patent  Location information in communications networks
05/18/17 new patent  Paging decoding
05/18/17 new patent  Method and base station for selecting a transport format
05/18/17 new patent  Systems and methods for detecting nodes or signals of a radio access technology (rat) by a node of another rat
05/18/17 new patent  Controlling access to a shared wireless medium
05/18/17 new patent  Support capability in communications networks for cs/ps coordination
05/11/17Coding and decoding of transform skipped blocks
05/11/17Radio network nodes and methods for managing information relating to a property of a first radio network node
05/11/17Signal amplification and transmission based on complex delta sigma modulator
05/11/17Remote radio head and associated method
05/11/17Wireless device, a network node and methods therein for enabling and performing a uplink control channel transmission
05/11/17256 quadrature amplitude modulation user equipment category handling
05/11/17Network topology estimation based on event correlation
05/11/17System and enabling services chaining in a provider network
05/11/17Methods and apparatuses for enabling an establishment of a second secure session over a communication network
05/11/17Methods and devices for signalling in a communication network
05/11/17Methods and devices for supporting transfer processes of data in wireless communications network
05/11/17Discovery in a wireless communications system
05/11/17Managing user access in a communications network
05/11/17Methods and arrangements for identification of user equipments for authentication purposes
05/11/17Method, wireless communication device and computer program for maintaining a set of monitored carriers
05/11/17Methods, nodes and system for enabling redistribution of cell load
05/11/17Signaling of system information to mtc-devices
05/11/17Adaptation of a maximum cell detection attempt counter for neighbor cell detection
05/11/17Direct control signaling in a wireless communication system
05/11/17Managing operation of multiple radio access technologies
05/11/17System and allocating transmission resources
05/11/17Methods and random access
05/11/17Improved drx configuration
05/04/17Privacy-preserving querying mechanism on privately encrypted data on semi-trusted cloud
05/04/17A user equipment and a link quality determination
05/04/17Simultaneous reporting of ack/nack and channel-state information using pucch format 3 resources
05/04/17Controlling cyclic shift for demodulation reference symbols
05/04/17Measurement reports
05/04/17Methods, wireless communication device and radio network node for managing paging
05/04/17Method, apparatuses and system for improved wireless device location in shared cells
05/04/17Hybrid coil circuit
05/04/17Method and entity in tdd radio communications
05/04/17Optical transceiver
05/04/17A user equipment and a link quality determination
Patent Packs
05/04/17Method and node for controlling an uplink noise figure and gain
05/04/17Methods and radio network nodes for measuring interference
05/04/17Harq in spatial multiplexing mimo system
05/04/17Method of providing a hash value for a piece of data, electronic device and computer program
05/04/17Method for trx installation in bsc
05/04/17Method and system for synchronizing with neighbor in a distributed resilient network interconnect (drni) link aggregation group
05/04/17Apparatus and establishing a repair path
05/04/17Packet processing in an openflow switch
05/04/17Methods and nodes for managing subscription-related information of users in an ip multimedia subsystem as well as a corresponding system and computer program
05/04/17Radio network nodes and methods for updating external cell information
05/04/17Methods and devices for maintaining a device-operated function
05/04/17Methods and network nodes for configuring almost blank subframe transmission patterns and corresponding measurement patterns for reducing intercell interference in an heterogeneous cellular radio communication system
05/04/17Methods and equipment for management of playback buffers
05/04/17Reliability during data transmission and adaptation of transmission strategy based on application
05/04/17Delayed response to requesting device
Patent Packs
05/04/17Network node, method, and mobile terminal for providing voice calls to a mobile terminal in a packet-switched-only network
05/04/17Determination of beam configuration
05/04/17Methods and arrangements relating to sending information repeatedly from a sending node to a receiving node in a cell of a wireless communication network
05/04/17Method and arrangement in a wireless communication system
05/04/17Method and devices for specifying the quality of service in a transmission of data packets
05/04/17Clear channel assessment threshold configuration
04/27/17Method and device for handling base sequences in a communications network
04/27/17Csma with adaptive carrier sensing threshold in laa networks
04/27/17Signal distribution network
04/27/17Digital upconversion for multi-band multi-order power amplifiers
04/27/17Estimation of impedances in a transmission medium
04/27/17Beam forming for reference signals using an antenna arrangement
04/27/17Protection switching across interconnecting node
04/27/17Rate control in circuit switched systems
04/27/17Method and user equipment for compacting harq feedback
04/27/17Network-based policy control for hybrid accesses
04/27/17Connectivity fault management in a communication network
04/27/17Mobile network handling of unattended traffic
04/27/17Method and system for protection against distributed denial of service attacks
04/27/17Optimized near-simultaneous distribution of multimedia content
04/27/17Accessing data services while roaming
04/27/17Method for informing multiple mobile terminals of an emergency event
04/27/17Methods and nodes for managing sensor values
04/27/17System and methods for providing monitoring services
04/27/17Carrier aggregation aware load distribution
04/27/17Event based euicc fall-back
04/27/17Method in user equipment for selecting access node in wireless communication environment
04/27/17Method and arrangement for triggering paging profiling
04/20/17Method and device for controlling an autonomous device
04/20/17Apparatus and handling the configuration of bundle sizes in communications involving the transmission and/or reception of more than one bundle in a transmission and/or reception attempt
Social Network Patent Pack
04/20/17Redirecting billing in radio network
04/20/17Predicting resource scheduling
04/20/17Observed time difference of arrival angle of arrival discriminator
04/20/17Coaxial filter and manufacturing the same
04/20/17Receiver front end arrangement, multi-band receiver and base station
04/20/17Transevier and monitoring of scm transmission on fibre cable
04/20/17Reference signal interference management in heterogeneous network deployments
04/20/17Physical resource block allocation of physical downlink control and data channels
04/20/17Dual-mode radio system having a full-duplex mode and a half-duplex mode
04/20/17Packet data unit (pdu) structure for supporting distributed relay control protocol (drcp)
Patent Packs
04/20/17Method of and communications handling equipment for controlling communication session establishment in a multimedia communications network
04/20/17Session control for media stream transmission
04/20/17A reporting data from a wireless device to a network node of a communication network
04/20/17Multi-user packet transmission, clustering and/or scheduling in a wireless local area network
04/20/17Method and network node for obtaining required latency based on context detectable by sensor modules
04/20/17Passive proximity detection of wireless devices in a synchronous, cooperative network
04/20/17Uplink power control method and user equipment supporting both common and separate tpc commands
04/20/17Resource control for wireless device detach
04/20/17Paging towards multiple devices in a group of devices
04/20/17Handling messages
04/20/17Connection setup between a mobile terminal and a moving base station based on joint movement detection
04/13/17Method and control information transmission
04/13/17Optical source, communications network optical apparatus and providing an optical signal
04/13/17Provision of an event message to a user
04/13/17Coordinated duty cycle assignment in mesh networks
04/13/17Accurate over the air synchronization
04/13/17Methods using downlink control information (dci) for sub-subframe control and related nodes and terminals
04/13/17An optical electrical measurement system, a measurement probe and a method therefor
04/13/17Moving device detection
04/13/17Frame error concealment
04/13/17Method and arrangement for providing a backwards compatible payload format
04/13/17Methods and arrangements in a telecommunication system for configuring transmission of sounding reference signals
04/13/17Methods of providing a hash value, and of deriving a time stamp for a piece of data, electronic device, server, network node and computer programs
04/13/17Method for estimating a channel, and network node
04/13/17Enhanced network security
04/13/17Reference picture list handling
04/13/17Reducing signaling load caused by change of terminal location
04/13/17Apparatuses and methods for discovery message formats distinction
04/13/17Technique for event reporting
Patent Packs
04/13/17Method and nodes for handling a ues access to networks
04/13/17Methods and arrangements in a mobile telecommunication system
04/13/17Cell boundary crossing in a unidirectional sfn for high speed trains
04/13/17Transmission of system information on a downlink shared channel
04/13/17Cell selection depending on relative speed between terminal and access point
04/13/17M2m service enablement over access networks
04/13/17Method and devices for mitigating error propagation in transmission assignments
04/13/17User equipment, network node and methods therein for determining a transport block size in downlink transmissions in a telecommunications system
04/13/17Method for enabling device to device communication in a radio communications network
04/06/17Methods and apparatuses for positioning in network cells having multiple transmission points
04/06/17Timer configuration for reduced channel state information reporting in a wireless communication system
04/06/17Methods and apparatuses for positioning in network cells having multiple transmission points
04/06/17Controlling a target device
04/06/17A transmitter, a receiver, and methods therein
04/06/17A method to provide elasticity in transport network virtualisation
04/06/17Method and coordinating resources between different networks
04/06/17Network node, radio network node, and methods for sending a second secondary cell of a wireless device
04/06/17Identification of a wireless device in a wireless communication environment
04/06/17Integrated antenna node, main unit, radio base station, methods, computer program and computer program products
04/06/17Priority handling for data flow transport in communication systems
Social Network Patent Pack
04/06/17Establishment of a wireless backhaul connection from a small cell rbs
04/06/17Technique for terminating call set up in a csfb situation
03/30/17Methods, user equipment and network node for supporting cell indentification
03/30/17Amplifier circuit and method
03/30/17Optical source, communications network optical apparatus and communications network base station
03/30/17Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system
03/30/17Method and node for supporting network assisted interference cancellation
03/30/17Random access preamble for minimizing pa backoff
03/30/17Apparatus, power system, computer program, and method
03/30/17Amplifier circuit and method
03/30/17Network node and a method therein enabling a first unit to connect or to be connected ad-hoc to a second unit
03/30/17Method of providing a hash value for a piece of data, electronic device and computer program
03/30/17Route refresh mechanism for border gateway protocol link state
03/30/17Device authentication to capillary gateway
03/30/17Stereoscopic imaging
03/30/17Extension data handling
03/30/17Methods providing public reachability and related systems and devices
03/30/17Methods and apparatuses for enabling use of un-licensed frequency band
03/30/17Adapting primary cell interruption based on a target quality
03/30/17Method, apparatus, system, computer program and computer program products for providing a plmn identifier to a node of a ran
Social Network Patent Pack
03/23/17Method and system to speed up flow routing in sdn network
03/23/17Control of user equipment identity dependent service
03/23/17Network nodes and methods therein for handling communications in a radio communications network
03/23/17Managing effects of a scheduled outage of mains power
03/23/17Method and devices for controlling usage of multi-path tcp
03/23/17Delay requirement aware packet forwarding control
03/23/17Indicating quality of service of a message intended for a machine type communication device in a capillary network
03/23/17Periodic management stabilization for internet of things
03/23/17Merging proxy
03/23/17Mbms bearer setup in a group communications system
03/23/17Mbms bearer handling in a group communications system
03/23/17Location information in managed access networks
03/23/17Techniques for providing wlan identifier lists to terminal devices
03/23/17Method and network node for adapting capacity to capacity need
03/23/17Volume-deadline scheduling
03/23/17Access to a communications channel in a wireless communications network
03/23/17Handling of control interface failure in multicast transmissions via a cellular network
03/16/17Setting initial transmission power for a secondary carrier after a transmission gap
03/16/17Method, apparatus and system for uplink rank adaptation
03/16/17Method and a handover using dedicated random access resource
03/16/17Systems and methods for beam selection for hybrid beamforming
03/16/17Method and arrangement in a wireless communications system
03/16/17Non-linear propagation impairment equalization
03/16/17Method and radio node for enabling use of high order modulation in a radio communication with a user equipment
03/16/17Wireless backhaul configuration
03/16/17Methods of deriving a time stamp, and signing a data stream, and electronic device, server and computer programs
03/16/17A transmitter, a receiver, and methods therein
03/16/17Configuration of wireless terminals based upon discovery of other wireless terminals in the vicinity using short range communications
03/16/17Routing path selection based on dynamical metric values
03/16/17Congestion level configuration for radio access network congestion handling
Social Network Patent Pack
03/16/17System and providing ip address translation services
03/16/17Systems and methods related to establishing a temporary trust relationship between a network-based media service and a digital media renderer
03/16/17Method, apparatus and communication device for handling broadcasted or multicasted content
03/16/17Apparatuses and methods therein for relaying an ongoing data session
03/16/17Synchronization of settings for supplementary services
03/16/17Radio access network fallback
03/16/17Method and a handover using dedicated random access resource
03/16/17Connection attempt to alternative access upon connection attempt rejection
03/16/17Centralized network management for different types of rat
03/16/17Method and network node for routing ip packets
03/16/17Method of controlling booster cell energy consumption
03/16/17Method and indicating and adapting the activity state of a wireless device having device-to-device communication capabilities
03/16/17Method and uplink power control in a radio communication network
03/16/17Evaluation performance between a network node and a radio head
03/16/17Inter-rnc transport channel synchronization
03/16/17Method and devices for unidirectional device-to-device communication
03/09/17A method and a first node for managing modes of operation of a service
03/09/17Streaming media content to a user equipment in an internet protocol multimedia subsystem
03/09/17Methods, wireless device, radio base station and second network node for managing eps bearer
03/09/17Availability-estimate based configuration generation
03/09/17Estimation of background noise in audio signals
03/09/17Low noise amplifier circuit
03/09/17Early harq packet retransmission
03/09/17Mapping user data onto a time-frequency resource grid in a coordinated multi-point wireless communication system
03/09/17Methods and arrangements for csi reporting
03/09/17Traffic management in the mobile network
03/09/17Method and neighbor cell relation configuration
03/09/17Triggering performance level re-configuration in radio base stations
03/09/17Clock synchronization with hysteresis state switching

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