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Recent patent applications related to Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson publ. Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson publ is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson publ may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson publ, we're just tracking patents.

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10/20/16 new patent  Method and devices for configuring csi resources
10/20/16 new patent  Scheduling of delay-sensitive traffic
10/20/16 new patent  Wireless communication system node with re-configurable antenna devices
10/20/16 new patent  Oscillator circuit
10/20/16 new patent  Split gain shape vector coding
10/20/16 new patent  Digital suppression of transmitter intermodulation in receiver
10/20/16 new patent  Method and devices for configuring csi resources
10/20/16 new patent  Bandwidth signalling
10/20/16 new patent  Pre-coding in a faster-than-nyquist transmission system
10/20/16 new patent  Correlating web traffic events to a web page session
10/20/16 new patent  Method and data connectivity sharing
10/20/16 new patent  Dynamic packager network based abr media distribution and delivery
10/20/16 new patent  Method and network node for broadcasting
10/20/16 new patent  Network node and detecting false base stations
10/20/16 new patent  Apparatus and controlling congestion in a cell of a mobile communications network
10/20/16 new patent  Measurement fingerprinting positioning
10/20/16 new patent  Paging extension for enhanced coverage global system for mobile (ec-gsm)
10/20/16 new patent  Stage-by-stage successive mimo decoding for multihop communications
10/20/16 new patent  Multipath tcp subflow establishing on single ip connection
10/13/16Method and requesting an initial attachment of a ue to ps mobile communication network
10/13/16Method and automatic gain control
10/13/16Autonomous lte-wlan interface setup and information exchange
10/13/16Selective power amplifier
10/13/16Methods and apparatuses for performing preamble assignment for random access in a telecommunications system
10/13/16Testing a feedback shift-register
10/13/16User service prediction in a communication network
10/13/16Vector quantizer
10/13/16Feedback channel transmission and detection in multi antenna wireless communication systems
10/13/16A node in a wireless communication system with four beam ports and corresponding method
10/13/16Provision of public service identities
10/13/16Preemptive credit control
10/13/16Obtaining authorization to use proximity services in a mobile communication system
10/13/16Backhaul beam searching
10/13/16Bandwidth limitation of non-gbr bearers
10/13/16System, method, and preventing offload return
10/13/16Backhaul of client network nodes
10/13/16Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system
10/13/16System, method, and offloading wireless devices
10/13/16Methods of ue power saving with multiple receivers
10/13/16Systems and methods for reporting pilot signal power information in a four branch mimo system
10/13/16Mbsfn area configuration in self-organizing networks
10/13/16Resolving colliding signals
10/13/16Pucch resource allocation and fallback operation
10/13/16Systems and methods for mapping control information on carriers
10/13/16A of resource allocations for scheduling assignments in device to device communications
10/13/16Method and contention-based granting in a wireless communication network
10/13/16Methods for managing interruptions with multiple deactivated scells
10/13/16Reporting wireless local-area network terminal connections to 3gpp nodes
10/06/16Radio unit with internal parallel antenna calibration
10/06/16Evaluating the performance of a machine
10/06/16Generation of comfort noise
10/06/16Circuit for calibration measurements, method, computer program, and electronic device
10/06/16Sub-carrier allocation in a wireless communication system using relays
10/06/16Localized and distributed transmission
10/06/16Signaling of precoder-related information in a mimo system
10/06/16Performance metric of a system conveying web content
10/06/16Controlling a transmission control protocol congestion window size
10/06/16Service profile handling in the ims
10/06/16Centralised capabiity discovery
10/06/16Protecting wlcp message exchange between twag and ue
10/06/16Defining logical cells
10/06/16A network node, a wireless communication device and methods therein for handling uplink transmissions
10/06/16Methods and arrangements for optimized scheduled delivery
10/06/16Data compression in wireless communications network
10/06/16A node and managing a data flow between networks of different access types
10/06/16Enhancements to load reporting from a wireless local-area network to an lte network
10/06/16Optimizing cre configuration
10/06/16Measurements on lte for csfb rat prioritization
10/06/16Extending earfcn value range in geran
10/06/16A network node and determining amounts of downlink transmission power for downlink shared channels in a wireless communications network
10/06/16Method, base station and computer-readable storage media for downlink power allocation in a wireless communication system
10/06/16Improved receiver overload protection
10/06/16Formatting for d2d synchronization signals
10/06/16Load power consumption management in discontinuous reception
10/06/16Use of blank subframes for d2d
10/06/16Device-to-device communication collision resolution
10/06/16Receiver sharing between d2d and cellular operations in multi-carrier system
09/29/16Data collection device and method to support multiple profiles in a utility meter system
09/29/16Method and online charging of pre-fetched content
09/29/16Method and base station for supporting d2d communication
09/29/16Methods and means for radio bearer release
09/29/16Method and multiband predistortion using time-shared adaptation loop
09/29/16Dynamic dm-rs sequence selection by pql indicator
09/29/16Radio access network node and mobile station with increased ack/nack space for packet downlink ack/nack message
09/29/16Ue, network node and methods of assisting measurements in mixed signal configuration
09/29/16Improved adjacent channel interference protection
09/29/16Systems and methods for selecting beam-reference signals for channel-state information reference-signal transmission
09/29/16Mobility robustness in a cellular network
09/29/16Enabling load balancing in a network virtualization overlay architecture
09/29/16Methods and user equipments for exchanging service capabilities
09/29/16Method, multimedia streaming service node, computer program and computer program product for combining content
09/29/16Interworking for geographically targeted distribution of application service messages via ad-hoc network
09/29/16Methods and network nodes for compression and decompression of data packets
09/29/16Euicc subscription change
09/29/16Methods of adapting measurement rate accounting for carrier frequency
09/29/16Network access selection between access networks
09/29/16Data resource mapping for frequency-coded symbols
09/29/16Re-establishment of a failed communication session
09/22/16Technique for providing content via a mobile communications network
09/22/16Short range communication in a wireless communications system
09/22/16Controlling the operation of mobile terminals with respect to multiple radio access technologies
09/22/16Downlink interference coordination in a radio communication network
09/22/16Sending and detecting synchronization signals and an associated information message
09/22/16Technique for providing content via a mobile communications network
09/22/16Load balancing in a distributed network management architecture
09/22/16Method and system of transferring a message in a session initiation protocol based communications network
09/22/16Method, system and device for detecting a silence period status in a user equipment
09/22/16Handling of transport conditions
09/22/16Systems and methods for uplink control information signaling design
09/22/16Method and mapping identities to device-to-device synchronization sequences
09/15/16Resource utilization for uplink transmission based on indicated interference
09/15/16Reporting serving cell packet loss rate
09/15/16System and insertion of a program clock reference during packetization of an encoded data stream
09/15/16Localized network service
09/15/16Handling of authorization requests for a packet-based service in a mobile network
09/15/16Gateway weight factor and load information
09/15/16Wireless device, radio access network node and methods therein for providing handover information including cell identity
09/15/16Rrc connection reestablishment in a wireless communication network
09/15/16Downlink inter-cell interference determination
09/15/16Rrc diversity
09/15/16Mobile station, core network node, base station subsystem, and methods for implementing longer paging cycles in a cellular network
09/15/16Methods and adjusting maximum output power level
09/15/16Methods and wireless devices for enabling d2d communications in a wireless network
09/15/16Narrowband orthogonal frequency-division multiple access cell search
09/15/16System and selecting and adapting carrier aggregation configurations
09/15/16Dmrs with shortened scheduling
09/15/16Receiver channel reservation
09/08/16Encoding hybrid automatic repeat request acknowledgements in a multi-antenna wireless communications system
09/08/16Methods and systems for programmable digital down-conversion
09/08/16Prioritization of energy over system throughput in a wireless communications system
09/08/16Managing of paging of a wireless device in a wireless communication network
09/08/16Electronic load module and a method and a system therefor
09/08/16Audio signal classification and coding
09/08/16Radio access node, relay node and methods performed therein
09/08/16Method for eliminating muting during evolved multicast broadcast service (embs) service change
09/08/16Alarm prediction in a telecommunication network
09/08/16Wi-fi integration for non-sim devices
09/08/16Signalling assymetric media capabilities
09/08/16Measurement based euicc fall-back
09/08/16Handover control
09/08/16Assisting measurements in small cells with an on/off scheme
09/08/16Inter-network assisted power control for interference mitigation of d2d communications
09/08/16Signaling of core network restart to wireless devices
09/08/16Method of controlling operation of a communication device, transceiver operating accordingly, and computer program
09/01/16Tunable inductor arrangement, transceiver, method and computer program
09/01/16Current-limiting circuit
09/01/16Inter-cell coordination in cellular deployment
09/01/16Efficient medium access with direction awareness
09/01/16Communication between a communication device and a network device
09/01/16Method of access provision
09/01/16Technique for video conferencing
09/01/16Method and arrangement for video transcoding using mode or motion or in-loop filter information
09/01/16Method, communication device and computer program
09/01/16First service network node, a second service network node and methods relating to handling of a service session
09/01/16Wireless communication device as context forwarding entity
09/01/16Methods, network control nodes and communication devices for routing signalling requests in a communication system
09/01/16Providing access control parameters to a user equipment
09/01/16A network node and handling cellular and d2d communications in a wireless communications network
08/25/16Shared path recovery scheme
08/25/16Transfer of synchronization in a hybrid global navigation satellite packet network system
08/25/16Method and hybrid automatic repeat request signaling
08/25/16Devices and methods for handling blind (re) transmissions in a network
08/25/16Service chaining in a cloud environment using software defined networking
08/25/16Providing information to a core network relating to a cache in an access network
08/25/16Redirection in a content delivery network
08/25/16Systems and methods for a location server to efficiently obtain location information from a location management entity
08/25/16Methods and arrangements for processing of measurement data in cellular communication systems
08/25/16Method and paging ue smartly in mme pool
08/25/16Extended monitoring window for robust paging
08/25/16Measurement procedures for operation in unlicensed spectrum
08/25/16Methods and network nodes for communication between a first network node and a second network node over a twisted pair wire
08/25/16Service aware admission control
08/25/16Controlling user equipment nodes for enhanced uplink and user equipment nodes configured for enhanced uplink
08/18/16Radio receiver for carrier aggregation
08/18/16Methods, wireless device and network node for handling signal measurements in a dynamic tdd scenario
08/18/16Method and a decoder for attenuation of signal regions reconstructed with low accuracy
08/18/16Phase switching pll and calibration method
08/18/16Node for high-rise building coverage
08/18/16Power amplifier for amplification of an input signal into an output signal
08/18/16Down-conversion circuit
08/18/16Mimo coverage over bi-directional leaky cables
08/18/16Precoder structure for mimo precoding
08/18/16Wireless communication system with single-subband user equipment
08/18/16Channel quality index determination
08/18/16Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for generating fractional guard periods
08/18/16A receiver and estimating large-scale channel properties
08/18/16Service specific traffic handling
08/18/16Lawful interception in a wi-fi / packet core network access
08/18/16Pixel pre-processing and encoding
08/18/16Enabling mitigation of interference between an external wireless system and a mobile communication system
08/18/16Reporting intra-wlan mobility to 3gpp
08/18/16Managing radio traffic load
08/18/16Methods and devices for scheduling
08/18/16Selective distribution of system information for mtc
08/18/16Mobile terminated call improvements
08/18/16Exchanging patterns of shared resources between machine-type and human traffic
08/18/16Efficient operation of user equipment in a wireless communication network
08/11/16Lawful interception of encrypted communications
08/11/16Method and mobility management
08/11/16Passive intermodulation detection
08/11/16Parameterized codebook subsets for use with precoding mimo transmissions
08/11/16A method and apparatus of adapting an association of physical resources with a summarized resource
08/11/16Information on navigation behavior of web page users
08/11/16Active antenna element (aae) implementation for facilitating 6lowpan data access
08/11/16A controlling 3gpp-wlan interworking and devices for use therein
08/11/16Flexible subframes
08/04/16Method apparatus and network node for applying conditional cqi reporting
08/04/16Tunable inductor arrangement, transceiver, method and computer program
08/04/16Radio unit and method performed by a radio unit operable in a base station system of a wireless communication network for reducing interference at the radio unit
08/04/16System and priority-based rule generation with consistency check and policy enforcement
08/04/16Device to device (d2d) control information relay
08/04/16Method for detection of epdcch using dmrs quality measure
08/04/16System and handling uplink transmissions
07/28/16Method and system for wireless communication baseband processing
07/28/16Method and determining the location of a subscriber
07/28/16Method, system, computer program and computer program product for monitoring data packet flows between virtual machines, vms, within a data centre
07/28/16Methods, computer program, computer program product and indexing systems for indexing or updating index
07/28/16A device and a antenna alignment
07/28/16Narrowband machine-to-machine cell search
07/28/16Frequency offset correction in narrowband machine-to-machine
07/28/16Connecting radio base stations via a third party network
07/28/16Dependent random access point pictures
07/28/16Information presentation device and method
07/28/16Method and monitoring centre for supporting supervision of events
07/28/16Systems and methods for blocking excessive transmitter message signaling
07/28/16Method and network node for handling agc and tpc scaling
07/28/16Method of detecting cell identity and frame number information
07/28/16Wireless communications-dynamic coverage class update and aligning coverage class paging groups
07/28/16Gsm evolution packet data traffic channel resource transmission management - flexible downlink allocation technique
07/28/16Gsm evolution packet data traffic channel resource transmission management - fixed uplink allocation technique
07/28/16Resource allocation in a wireless network
07/28/16Pico-rru-based network implementation for facilitating 6lowpan data access
07/28/16Imsi acquisition by base station controller
07/21/16Methods, devices and computer programs for providing a service or service component requiring a specific packet-forwarding treatment
07/21/16A method and arrangements in a communication system for enabling feedback transmission
07/21/16Methods, radio base station and radio network controller
07/21/16Method, content owner device, computer program, and computer program product for distributing content items to authorized users
07/21/16Performing an operation on a data storage
07/21/16Multicarrier communication system employing explicit frequency hopping
07/21/16Beam forming using a two-dimensional antenna arrangement
07/21/16Method and arrangement for inter-cell interference coordination using precoding/beamforming
07/21/16Signaling of precoder-related information in a mimo system
07/21/16A method and arrangements in a communication system for enabling feedback transmission
07/21/16Extended discontinuous receive (edrx) cycles
07/21/16Supervision of faults in a receiver chain based on noise floor monitoring
07/21/16Apparatus and communicating over a plurality of communication links
07/21/16Multicast delivery
07/21/16Method and arrangement for transcoding
07/21/16Coordination for pbch

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