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Recent patent applications related to Telefonica S a. Telefonica S a is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Telefonica S a may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Telefonica S a, we're just tracking patents.

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10/12/17Method to assure correct data packet traversal through a particular path of a network
05/25/17Method, system and device for error detection in ofdm wireless communication networks without full forward error correction decoding
05/18/17Method, a device and computer program products for protecting privacy of users from web-trackers
04/27/17Method to perform joint scheduling in the downlink or in the uplink of a centralized ofdm radio access network for a plurality of users considering time, frequency and space domains, scheduler device thereof and computer program products
01/05/17Method and system for an automatic traffic offloading in a wireless telecommunication network with son and andsf capabilities
12/29/16Method, system and device for error detection in ofdm wireless communication networks
10/20/16Method and system for restoring qos degradations in mpls networks
10/06/16Computer implemented method, a system and computer programs for congestion control in a transport node of a communication network
09/15/16Method, system and devices for reducing interferences in ofdma wireless communication networks
06/30/16A distributed health-check web caching in a telecommunication network
06/23/16Method for performing multiple access in wireless ofdm cellular systems over multipath wireless channels considering both space and frequency domains, base station and computer programs thereof
06/23/16Method and system for dynamic managing of subscriber devices in mobile networks
05/19/16Network controller and a computer implemented automatically define forwarding rules to configure a computer networking device
04/07/16Method and system of cyclic prefix overhead reduction for enabling cancellation of inter-symbol and inter-carrier interferences in ofdm wireless communication networks
03/31/16Method and system for assisting user devices in performing interference cancellation in ofdma wireless communication networks
12/24/15Method and system for the creation, modification and removal of a distributed virtual customer home gateway
12/10/15Method for increasing coverage and robustness against frequency offsets in wireless networks, user device and computer programs thereof
12/03/15Method for improving a messaging service in a communication network
12/03/15System, method and live streaming optimizer server for live media content distribution optimization from a content delivery network
11/26/15System and method to perform textual queries on voice communications
11/19/15Method and system of caching web content in a hard disk
11/12/15A method and a system for creating a user profile for recommendation purposes
11/12/15Method and transmitter for channel coding and modulation in the frequency domain of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing wireless networks
11/12/15A computer-implemented method and a system for providing a networking service, and a computer program product adapted to perform the method
11/05/15A method and a system for sharing wireless broadband connection between devices
11/05/15Method and system for energy saving and minimizing interference level in a radio access node network deployment
10/22/15System and method to provide a wireless connection to a communication network and a portable communication device
10/15/15A method and a system for generating context-based content recommendations to users
10/15/15Method and a system for communication in lte networks
10/08/15Method for dns resolution of content requests in a cdn service
10/01/15Method and a system for attaching a wireless or non-wireless device to a platform and establishing communication there with
09/24/15User-profiling providing advertisement data and/or online content to a user and a computer program
09/10/15Method and system for creating two independent wireless networks with an access point
08/27/15Method for providing phase synchronization to non-phase synchronized cellular base stations
08/13/15Web caching content distribution network
07/23/15Method for implementing a cell load balancing mechanism in wireless networks
07/23/15Method for reducing signaling messages and handovers in wireless networks
07/16/15Method, system and efficient multilayer optical networking
07/09/15Method for managing a network access user policy for offloading data traffic, using access network discovery and selection function
07/09/15Method and a system for assigning radio resources to small cells in 3gpp networks
07/09/15Method for cancelling downlink interference in a lte-advanced network
07/02/15Method and a system implementing a turbo-diversity scheme for wireless ofdm systems
07/02/15Method and system for notifying subscriber devices in isp networks
07/02/15Method and a system for csi reporting in lte networks according to the mobility of the user equipment
06/25/15Method and a system for generating a realistic 3d reconstruction model for an object or being
06/25/15Method and a system for performing virtualization of a radio access technology over orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ofdma) wireless networks and computer program products thereof
06/25/15Method and cross-stratum path computation in a network
06/18/15Method, system and computer program product for inter-working between different wireless technologies
06/18/15Method, system and computer program product for inter-working between different wireless technologies
06/18/15Method for radio resources usage reporting in a lte network and uses thereof for interference reduction and for energy optimization
05/14/15Method and a system for scheduling the downlink in long term evolution (lte) networks based on quality of service (qos)
04/30/15Method and a system for bandwidth aggregation in an access point
04/16/15Method and a system for beam coordination between base stations in wireless cellular systems and computer program thereof
02/19/15Method and a system to detect malicious software
01/29/15Method to optimize almost blank subframe usage in a wireless network
01/22/15Method to optimize the power assignment of user streams transmitted from base stations in coordinated base station transmission systems
12/18/14Method for the automatic detection and labelling of user point of interest
11/27/14Method and system for performing multiple access in wireless ofdm cellular systems considering both space and frequency domains
11/27/14Method to implement a multiple input multiple output transmission mode
11/27/14A method to minimize network and information technology resources consumption in converged networks when provisioning services
11/13/14Method to measure quality of experience of a video service
10/30/14Method an a system to perform a distributed content acquisition process for a content delivery network
10/23/14Computer-implemented method and system to manage user profiles regarding user preferences towards a content
10/16/14Method to generate audio fingerprints
10/09/14Method and a system to minimize post processing of network traffic
Patent Packs
08/28/14Method, system and computer program for cancelling uplink interference in a wireless network
08/28/14Method to facilitate the minimization of inter-cell interference by exploiting its known characteristics
08/28/14System and method to trigger cross-layer optimizations in a network
08/14/14Method to switch subscriptions of a personal device supporting multiple subscriptions
08/07/14Method to minimize inter-cell interference in a lte deployment
08/07/14Method and system for improving security threats detection in communication networks
07/31/14Method and a system to discover and establish an enriched communication channel in a voice call
07/31/14Method and a tracker for content delivery through a content delivery network
07/24/14Method and system for pre-reservation timer adaptation in pce based networks
07/17/14Method and device for quality measuring of streaming media services
07/17/14Method and system for managing user's reputation information for a given service
07/03/14Method for collecting and storing annotations associated to a voice audio data
06/26/14Method for cell reselection and cell handover in a wireless communication system
06/26/14Method for context-aware recommendations based on implicit user feedback
06/12/14Method and a system for managing resource allocation in scalable deployments
Patent Packs
06/12/14Procedure for a multiple digital signature
06/12/14Method and end point for distributing live content stream in a content delivery network
06/05/14System for connecting radio access nodes of a radio access network
05/29/14Method for cell reselection and cell handover in a wireless communication system
05/29/14Method for a cheating-proof user experience based loyalty program and a computer program product for assigning loyalty points to users
05/29/14Method for providing social presence information in telecommunication networks
05/29/14Method for content delivery in a content distribution network
05/15/14Method for exchanging information about network resources
04/17/14Method and a system to generate and manage native applications
03/20/14Method for mobile location in a wireless network offering location-based services
03/20/14Method and system for transmission of application status between different devices
03/13/14Method and a system for physical layer monitoring in passive optical networks
02/20/14Method and a system for avoiding interferences in frequency division duplex operating areas
02/20/14System and content distribution internetworking
02/06/14Method for providing authorized access to a service application in order to use a protected resource of an end user
01/30/14Method, computer programs and a use for automatic identification and classification of land uses
01/30/14Method, computer programs and a use for the prediction of the socioeconomic level of a region
01/30/14Method for executing widgets in a processing device
01/23/14Optical connection device for plastic optical fibre
01/23/14Method and computer programs for the construction of communting matrices using call detail records and a use for providing user's mobility information
01/16/14Procedure and system for optical network survival against multiple failures
01/16/14Multilayer communications network system for distributing multicast services and a such a distribution
01/09/14Identification accessing mobile broadband services or applications
01/09/14Method for providing cloud computing resources
12/26/13Method for a fine optical line monitoring in communication lines through qkd systems
12/19/13System for exchanging ptt messages for brief multi video conferences
12/12/13Home gateway system for accessing broadband services
11/28/13Method for residential localization of mobile phone users
11/21/13Method and system for calculating the geo-location of a personal device
11/21/13Method for distributing long-tail content
Social Network Patent Pack
10/31/13Method and a system for service lifecycle management in networked environments
10/24/13Method and system for managing communication in industrial supervision and control systems
10/17/13Method for the reduction of energy comsumption and radio interference in a radio access node
10/10/13Method and system for classifying traffic
10/10/13Communications system and a communications between internet and ngn/ims subsystems
09/19/13Method and system for images foreground segmentation in real-time
09/19/13Method and system for real-time images foreground segmentation
08/29/13Method, a system and a network element for ims control layer authentication from external domains
08/15/13Method and single radio station for managing station throughputs from a wireless multiple access points backhaul
08/15/13Method for generating a model of a flat object from views of the object
Patent Packs
08/08/13Method for managing presence information
07/25/13Method to assess aesthetic quality of photographs
07/25/13Hybrid system for distributing broadband wireless signals indoors
07/04/13Computer-implemented method to characterise social influence and predict behaviour of a user
07/04/13Method and system for managing social notifications for mobile devices
06/20/13Method for classification of videos
06/13/13Method for calculating perception of the user experience of the quality of monitored integrated telecommunications operator services
06/06/13Unattended backup system
05/30/13Method and system for managing high capacity traffic offload in an ip network nucleus in the transport layer
05/23/13Method and system for generating unpredictable pseudo-random numbers
05/23/13Method and a device for bulk data transfer in delay-tolerant networks
05/02/13System and synchronizing the profile of a user in social networks and the user's personal contact card (pcc)
04/18/13System and generating a confidence criterion for relationships over telecommunications networks
04/18/13Educational and game-based banking application whereby youth earn real money toward specific savings, spending and charity goals
04/11/13System and validating a user equipment location in a telecommunication network
04/04/13Method and network entity for resource allocation in mobile radio communication networks
02/28/13System for integration of channels with quantum information in communication networks
02/28/13Method for the detection of speech segments
02/14/13System and generating trust among data network users
12/20/12Method for distributing of routing information for redundant connections
12/20/12Method and system for subscribing to services via extended upnp standard and nass tispan authentication
12/13/12Method for reporting channel quality information and system thereof
11/22/12Method and system for service composition in a service e-marketplace
11/15/12Method of characterizing a social network communication using motifs
11/08/12Method for an automatic identification of urban dense areas from cell phones records
11/08/12Customer cognitive style prediction model based on mobile behavioral profile
10/25/12Tracker in p2 p systems with dvd functionalities
10/18/12Active microfilter for vdsl2 communication standard
09/13/12Method for managing widgets in an electronic device to improve the user experience of the device
08/16/12Method of monitoring a bittorrent network and measuring download speeds
Patent Packs
08/09/12System and controlling access to contents
07/26/12Method for distributing wireless audio and video signals indoors
06/07/12Method for preparing an optimal alternative billing plan for mobile telephony users managed through a call center
05/31/12Collaborative security system for residential users
04/05/12Method for gender identification of a cell-phone subscriber
03/08/12Method and system for identifying and characterizing the impact of network incidents on telecommunication services offered to users
03/08/12Content recommendation method and system based on psychological factors from a use profile
02/16/12Method for automatic characterization of telephony users trough labels
01/19/12Method for automatic storytelling for photo albums using social network context
01/12/12Offering incentives under a flat rate charging system
01/05/12Method and system for operations management in a telecommunications terminal
12/29/11Method for indexing multimedia information
12/29/11Coding, modification and synthesis of speech segments
11/10/11Method for efficient partition and replication of social-based applications
09/22/11Real-time music to music-video synchronization method and system
09/15/11Fast partial pattern matching system and method
09/08/11Method and system for operations management in a telecommunications terminal with a state machine
08/25/11Access point which sends geographical positioning information from the access point to mobile terminals and mobile terminal which receives the information and estimates the position thereof based on said information
08/25/11Method for optimizing the consumption of a telecommunications service
08/18/11Method of video playback
Social Network Patent Pack
08/11/11Efficient scale-space extraction and description of interest points
08/11/11Cloud desktop system with multi-touch capabilities
08/04/11Method for downloading segments of a video file in a peer-to-peer network
06/30/11System for distributing broadband wireless signals indoors
06/09/11Recommender system based on expert opinions
05/12/11Data storage device
05/06/10Method and system of real-time identification of an audiovisual advertisement in a data stream
05/06/10Method and system of classification of audiovisual information
12/12/13Home gateway system for accessing broadband services

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