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Tencent Technology shenzhen Company Limited
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Tencent Technology shenzhen Company Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Tencent Technology shenzhen Company Limited. Tencent Technology shenzhen Company Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Tencent Technology shenzhen Company Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Tencent Technology shenzhen Company Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  3d model rendering method and apparatus and terminal device
04/27/17 new patent  Method and device for displaying instant messaging messages
04/20/17Remote image projection method, sever and client device
04/20/17Method and grouping network service users
04/13/17Voice communication method and system in game applications
04/13/17Display for menu key of touchscreen mobile terminal
04/06/17Application control method and terminal device
04/06/17System and updating information in an instant messaging application
03/30/17Method and testing compatibility of 3d engine
03/30/17Search method, server and client
03/30/17Voiceprint verification
03/30/17Video coding device, method, and apparatus and inter-frame mode selection method and apparatus therefor
03/30/17Video-based check-in method, terminal, server and system
03/30/17Mobile terminal flow identification method and apparatus
03/23/17Method, apparatus and terminal device for displaying application message
03/23/17Method for modifying webpage and modifying webpage
03/23/17Method and monitoring security of terminal system
03/23/17Video-based interaction method, terminal, server and system
03/16/17Method and apparatus of switching interfaces
03/16/17Startup accelerating method and appartus
03/16/17Position searching method and apparatus based on electronic map
03/16/17Wireless network connection method, apparatus, and system
03/09/17Input device and control system
03/09/17Information display method and apparatus
03/09/17Network service recommendation method and apparatus
03/02/17Method and system of moving character in online game
03/02/17Method and protecting application program password of mobile terminal
03/02/17Time synchronization method and apparatus
03/02/17Method and system for collecting statistics on streaming media data, and related apparatus
02/16/17Information category obtaining method and apparatus
02/09/17Gui display method and apparatus, and terminal device
02/09/17Information transmission control method, apparatus, and system
02/09/17Instant message processing method, apparatus, and system
02/09/17Network product display method, apparatus, system, server and terminal
02/02/17Network media information display system, method, apparatus and server
02/02/17Methods and devices for managing emails
02/02/17Privacy setting method, apparatus, and system
01/26/17Scheduling distributed computing system
01/26/17Sound effect processing , plug-in unit manager and sound effect plug-in unit
01/26/17Method and recording and replaying video of terminal
01/26/17Method, apparatus and device for exchanging name card
01/19/17Character string display method and apparatus
01/19/17File transmission method, file transmission apparatus, and file transmission system
01/12/17Interface adjustment method and terminal
01/12/17Data processing method and system based on asymmetric p2p network
01/12/17User classification method, apparatus, and server
01/12/17Method, system and automatically connecting to wlan
01/05/17Data processing method, terminal and server
01/05/17Method and system for measuring audio transmission delay
01/05/17Methods and systems for aggregating user generated content
01/05/17Video synchronous playback method, apparatus, and system
01/05/17Method, apparatus and system for network access
12/29/16Recommendation algorithm optimization method, device and system
12/29/16User behavior data analysis
12/29/16Method, apparatus and server for processing noisy speech
12/29/16Method and associating online accounts
12/22/16Contact management method and apparatus
12/22/16Method and system for extracting characteristic of three-dimensional face image
12/22/16Method, apparatus, and system for controlling publication of network media information
12/15/16Method and apparatus of preloading browser game on client
12/15/16Electronic device control method and system, and related device
12/15/16Screen content display method and system
12/15/16Url error-correcting method, server, terminal and system
12/15/16Information pushing method, terminal and server
12/15/16Method for controlling network media information publication, apparatus, and server
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12/08/16Method and simulating sound in virtual scenario, and terminal
12/08/16Method and classifying object based on social networking service, and storage medium
12/08/16Electronic travel album generating method and computing device
12/08/16Method, device, system for displaying media data
12/08/16Method and switching real-time image in instant messaging
12/08/16Method and device for voiceprint recognition
12/08/16Information sharing method, information sharing apparatus, and electronic device
12/08/16Method and sound processing in three-dimensional virtual scene
12/01/16Method and computing device for performing operation on icon cell
12/01/16Method, apparatus and medium for continuous playback of sound file
12/01/16Method and finding bugs in computer program codes
12/01/16Sensitive text detecting method and apparatus
12/01/16Information transmission method, information reception method and apparatus
12/01/16Information interaction method, apparatus and system
12/01/16Method and system for sharing data between social networking platforms
Patent Packs
11/24/16Method and performing interaction in chessboard interface
11/24/16Method and displaying popup window message
11/24/16Network acceleration method, apparatus and device based on router device
11/17/16Display control multimedia data
11/17/16Method and reducing load peaks in user group matching process
11/17/16Data processing method and apparatus
11/17/16Classifier training method and apparatus, identity authentication method and system
11/17/16Hand motion identification method and apparatus
11/17/16User attribute value transfer method and terminal
11/17/16Methods, devices, and systems for sending and receiving virtual goods
11/17/16Positioning method and apparatus in three-dimensional space of reverberation
11/17/16Client application adaptation method, terminal device, and system
11/17/16Information interaction method and terminal
11/17/16Web page vulnerability detection method and apparatus
11/17/16Method and system for pushing web application message
11/17/16Method, apparatus, and system for displaying message in mobile terminal
11/17/16Video playback method, device, and system
11/17/16Interaction method based on multimedia programs and terminal device
11/17/16Network connection method and user equipment
11/10/16Method and playing im message
11/10/16Method and determining morpheme importance analysis model
11/10/16Method and navigating information records
11/10/16Natural language question answering method and apparatus
11/10/16Authentication method and apparatus thereof
11/10/16Three-dimensional facial recognition method and system
11/10/16Resource reallocation method and server
11/10/16Method, system and application loading
11/10/16Method and processing data
11/10/16Item transfer apparatus, system and method
11/10/16Portrait deformation method and apparatus
Social Network Patent Pack
11/10/16Image processing method and apparatus
11/10/16Method and making personalized dynamic emoticon
11/10/16Information pushing method and apparatus
11/10/16Method and system for collecting statistics on network communication data
11/10/16Method and system for managing an informational site using a social networking application
11/10/16Method and system for providing notifications for group messages
11/10/16Data transmission method, apparatus, and system
11/10/16Methods, system, and server for constructing microblog management circle
11/10/16Method for controlling intelligent device and apparatus thereof
11/10/16Data distribution method and system and data receiving apparatus
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11/10/16Video shooting method and apparatus
11/10/16Method, system, and website server for playing website video
11/10/16Playback request processing method and apparatus
11/10/16Information obtaining method, server, terminal, and system
11/10/16Wireless network access method and apparatus, terminal, and server
11/03/16Scene audio effect controlling method and apparatus
11/03/16Method, apparatus, and system for processing desktop data of mobile terminal
11/03/16Method and scheduling concurrent task
11/03/16Method and processing text information
11/03/16Media content recommendation method and apparatus
11/03/16Information processing method and apparatus
11/03/16Transaction processing method and associated apparatus
11/03/16Method and system for processing resource exchange information
11/03/16Parking management method, server, user terminal and system
11/03/16Account binding processing method, apparatus and system
11/03/16Model parallel processing method and apparatus based on multiple graphic processing units
11/03/16Data parallel processing method and apparatus based on multiple graphic processing units
11/03/16Method and processing image
11/03/16Page display method and terminal
11/03/16Method, apparatus and system for disseminating routing information
11/03/16Method and system of operating a social networking application via an external device
11/03/16Ip management method, client and server
11/03/16Method and connecting automatic dialogue tool to third party
11/03/16Method and live broadcast of streaming media
10/27/16An interactive doll and a method to control the same
10/27/16Method and repairing dynamic link library file
10/27/16Webpage generating method and apparatus
10/27/16Method, server, and system for accessing metadata
10/27/16Method and system of searching a public account in a social networking application
10/27/16Web page recognizing method and apparatus
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10/27/16Information retrieval method, apparatus and system
10/27/16Method and invoking application programming interface
10/27/16Security verification method and apparatus
10/27/16Method, apparatus, and network system for displaying security identifier on page
10/27/16Method and system for mining churn factor causing user churn for network application
10/27/16Image processing method and apparatus
10/27/16Method and allocating information display amount
10/27/16Network information push method, apparatus and system based on instant messaging
10/27/16Control data display
10/27/16Web page information presentation method and system
10/27/16Distributed flow control
10/27/16Webpage pushing method, client, server, and system
10/27/16Filter realization method and apparatus of camera application
10/27/16Information release method, apparatus, and system
10/27/16Interface display method, device, terminal, server and system
10/27/16Group positioning method and system
10/27/16Information sharing method, device and storage medium
10/27/16Account login method, apparatus, and system
10/27/16Network access method and apparatus applied to mobile application
10/27/16Method and system for network interconnection between devices
Social Network Patent Pack
10/20/16Method and phonetically annotating text
10/20/16Group user level association method and system
10/20/16Method and recommending network service
10/20/16Method and system for determining property of user in social network platform
10/20/16Methods and terminals for generating and reading 2d barcode and servers
10/20/16Unlocking control intelligent terminal
10/20/16Virus signature matching method and apparatus
10/20/16Method and displaying information content
10/20/16Method, device, and server for friend recommendation
10/20/16Method and acquiring training parameters for a model
10/20/16Method, apparatus, and system for controlling delivery task in social networking platform
10/20/16Method, apparatus and system for processing information
10/20/16Data interaction method, verification terminal, server, and system
10/20/16Electronic information collection method and apparatus
10/20/16Method and processing target article information
10/20/16Method and device for processing service request
10/20/16Interactive method and apparatus based on web picture
10/20/16Method and system for testing and monitoring a real-time streaming media recognition service provider
10/20/16Method and system for heartbeat adaptation
10/20/16Instant messaging system and method
Social Network Patent Pack
10/20/16Method and system for account recommendation
10/20/16Method, apparatus and system for customer service information forwarding
10/20/16Exception prompting method, apparatus, and system using the same
10/20/16Application-based service providing method, apparatus, and system
10/20/16Method and apparatus of short uniform resource locator lookup and feedback
10/20/16Method and system for transmitting browser web page information
10/20/16Methods, devices, and systems for allocating service nodes in a network
10/20/16Method, server, and system for synchronizing group member information
10/20/16Photo check-in method, apparatus, and system
10/20/16User profile configuring
10/20/16Method and system for loading application-specific interfaces in a social networking application
10/20/16Method, apparatus, and system for playing multimedia file
10/13/16Method and system for collecting content
10/13/16Method and switching application interface
10/13/16Method and system of illustrating audio signal strength
10/13/16Method and processing computational task
10/13/16Character updating method and apparatus
10/13/16Retrieval method and retrieval apparatus based on browser
10/13/16Method and evaluating search prompting system
10/13/16Method, device and system for performing transactions
10/13/16Method and system for providing transaction information for multiple payment platforms
10/13/16Method, server, and storage medium for verifying transactions using a smart card
10/13/16Account processing method, apparatus, system and server for providing an alert message
10/13/16Animation playback method and apparatus
10/13/16Method, client and computer storage medium for processing information
10/13/16Method and device for processing audio signals
10/13/16Sensitive operation verification method, apparatus, and system
10/13/16Multimedia resource distribution method, apparatus and system
10/13/16Methods and devices for controlling machines
10/13/16Method and system for providing recommendations during a chat session
Social Network Patent Pack
10/13/16Method and downloading and displaying pictures
10/13/16Message sending and forwarding method, apparatus, and system
10/13/16Method and managing the display of messages of a group chat
10/13/16Method and system of sharing information in a social networking application
10/13/16Method and outputting recognizable identifier
10/13/16Method and system for interacting with audience of multimedia content
10/06/16Audio playback control method, and terminal device
10/06/16Method and switching audio output device
10/06/16Method, device and system for updating software configuration parameters
10/06/16Methods, terminal device, cloud server and system for recommending websites
10/06/16Verification method, apparatus and system
10/06/16Signature verification method, apparatus, and system
10/06/16Method and placing display information
10/06/16Devices and methods for acquiring data comparison information
10/06/16Method and collecting statistics on network information
10/06/16Method and computer system for performing audio search on a social networking platform
10/06/16Method and device for managing network acceleration software
10/06/16Speech transmission method and apparatus and speech service system
10/06/16Information sharing management on an instant messaging platform
10/06/16Method and system for controlling message dissemination from public accounts to user accounts
10/06/16Apparatus, method, and client for synchronizing jump context
10/06/16Account login
10/06/16Method and system for facilitating collaboration across multiple platforms
10/06/16Malicious website address prompt method and router
10/06/16Method and system for security protection of account information
10/06/16Method and presenting geographical location
10/06/16Method for unlocking terminal screen and terminal
10/06/16Method and device for image processing, and storage medium
10/06/16Method and device for playing video file

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