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Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh. Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Head resistance buffer
06/22/17 new patent  Continuous coarse-tuned phase locked loop
05/25/17Bandgap reference voltage failure detection
05/25/17Low voltage current mode bandgap circuit and method
05/25/17Precision measurement of transmit power using loopback calibration in an rf transceiver
05/18/17Low voltage current mode bandgap circuit and method
05/18/17High dynamic range ask wake-up receiver
05/11/17Guided near field communication for short range data communication
05/04/17Power converter load current control
04/27/17Method and ghosting suppression in capacitive key matrix and touch pads
04/20/17Nonvolatile logic memory for computing module reconfiguration
04/13/17Tracking energy consumption using a boost technique
03/30/17Event controlled clock switching
03/16/17Capacitive sensing apparatus and methods
03/16/17Startup circuit for reference circuits
03/16/17Guided near field communication for short range data communication
02/16/17Optical interface for data transmission
02/02/17Tire monitoring based on inductive sensing using embedded circumferential tire inductor coil(s)
01/26/17Operating a pipeline flattener in order to track instructions for complex breakpoints
01/12/17Modulator for a mux lcd
01/05/17Processor with instruction concatenation
12/08/16Ferroelectric memory expansion for firmware updates
12/01/16Integrated fluxgate magnetic gradient sensor
12/01/16Methods and plaintext analysis as countermeasures against side channel attacks
12/01/16Methods and plaintext analysis as countermeasures against side channel attacks
11/17/16Fluxgate magnetic field detection method and circuit
11/17/16Tracking energy consumption using a boost-buck technique
11/10/16Multilevel boost dc to dc converter circuit
10/27/16Processor with debug pipeline
10/06/16Low energy accelerator processor architecture with short parallel instruction word and non-orthogonal register data file
10/06/16Low energy accelerator processor architecture with short parallel instruction word
09/29/16Simulation models for integrated fluxgate magnetic sensors and other magnetic circuit components
09/29/16Metal bond pad with cobalt interconnect layer and solder thereon
09/22/16Miniature rfid tag with coil on ic package
08/25/16Compute through power loss approach for processing device having nonvolatile logic memory
08/11/16Control for voltage regulators
08/11/16Processor with efficient arithmetic units
07/21/16Instruction cache with access locking
07/14/16Hybrid closed-loop/open-loop magnetic current sensor
07/07/16Cost effective low pin/ball count level-shifter for lcd bias applications supporting charge sharing of gate lines with perfect waveform matching
06/30/16Processor with instruction iteration
06/16/16Single-transceiver ultrasonic flow meter apparatus and methods
06/09/16Fluxgate magnetic sensor readout apparatus
06/02/16Vibration and dynamic acceleration sensing using capacitors
05/26/16Processor with multiple execution pipelines
05/19/16Power transfer estimation
05/05/16Electronic device, half duplex data transmission
04/28/16Tracking energy consumption using a boost-buck technique
04/28/16Integrated fluxgate magnetic sensor and excitation circuitry
04/21/16Energy tracking circuit
03/31/16Switched mode dcdc converter efficiency improvement by adaptive driver stage
03/24/16Led bypass and control circuit for fault tolerant led systems
03/17/16Tracking energy consumption using a sepic-coverter technique
03/10/16Shared divide by n clock divider
03/03/16Hall sensor excitation system
02/18/16Central processor-coprocessor synchronization
02/11/16Multiple-band identification and ranging
02/04/16Cross-point shifting techniques
01/28/16Computing register with non-volatile-logic data storage
01/21/16Electronic device and tracking energy consumption
01/14/16Dual-comparator circuit with dynamic vio shift protection
01/07/16Adjustable and buffered reference for adc resolution and accuracy enhancements
12/31/15Programmable supply domain pulldown
12/31/15Adaptive system controlled power supply transient filter
12/17/15Power mode management of processor context
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12/17/15Programmable level shifter for lcd systems
11/19/15Short-circuit protection system for power converters
11/19/15High speed, rail-to-rail cmos differential input stage
11/12/15Fault current detection with an integrated magnetic sensor array
11/12/15Fast startup behavior control of a cpu
11/12/15Radio system for simultaneous multi-channel reception
11/05/15Integrated thinfilm resistor and mim capacitor with a low serial resistance
10/29/15Verification of bandgap reference startup
10/29/15Electronic device and data processing using virtual register mode
10/22/15Processor with variable pre-fetch threshold
10/22/15Processor with debug pipeline
10/08/15Tire pressure monitoring using half duplex transponder frequency shift
10/08/15Control for voltage regulators
10/08/15Bandgap reference voltage failure detection
10/08/15Processor subroutine cache
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10/01/15Transceiver with asymmetric matching network
09/24/15Electronic device package with vertically integrated capacitors
09/10/15Parametric test program generator
09/10/15System and single phase transition for multiphase dcdc converters
08/06/15Configurable analog front ends for circuits with substantially gate enclosed inner electrode mosfet switch
07/30/15Processor loop buffer
07/23/15Efficient central processing unit (cpu) return address and instruction cache
06/25/15Waveform calibration using built in self test mechanism
06/25/15Self-calibrating shared-component dual synthesizer
06/18/15Primary side current regulation on llc converters for led driving
06/11/15Cpu compiler configuration for low power applications
06/04/15Adaptive bus termination apparatus and methods
05/28/15Rfid transponder and operating the same
05/07/15Startup clamp circuit for non-complimentary differential pair in dcdc converter system
04/16/15Heart pulse monitor including a fluxgate sensor
04/09/15Switched mode dcdc converter efficiency improvement by adaptive driver stage
04/09/15Pipelined finite state machine
03/26/15Non-volatile logic based processing device
03/12/15System and energy monitoring
03/12/15System and distributed regulation of charge pumps
03/12/15System and reduction of bottom plate parasitic capacitance in charge pumps
03/12/15System and energy aware program development
03/05/15Embedded die package
02/26/15Vibration and dynamic acceleration sensing using capacitors
02/26/15Rfid tag with integrated antenna
02/26/15Electronic device for average current mode dc-dc conversion
02/26/15Processor with efficient arithmetic units
02/26/15Processor with adaptive pipeline length
02/19/15Integrated fluxgate magnetic sensor and excitation circuitry
02/19/15Fluxgate magnetic sensor readout apparatus
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02/19/15Apparatus and testing of successful operation of transimpedance amplifiers
02/12/15Hybrid closed-loop/open-loop magnetic current sensor
02/12/15Automatic test equipment for testing an oscillating crystal and operating the same
01/22/15Single-transceiver ultrasonic flow meter apparatus and methods
01/22/15Capacitive sensing apparatus and methods
01/22/15Driver current control apparatus and methods
01/15/15Low dropout voltage regulator
01/15/15Tracking energy consumption using a buck-boosting technique
01/15/15Method and demagnetizing transformer cores in closed loop magnetic current sensors
01/15/15Function accelerator
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01/08/15Semiconductor device and low resistive thin film resistor interconnect
01/01/15Central input bus termination topology
12/18/14System and accelerating evaluation of functions
12/18/14Processor with execution unit wait control
12/18/14Processor with inter-execution unit instruction issue
10/16/14Apparatus and transimpedance amplifiers with wide input current ranges
10/02/14Voltage regulator
10/02/14Method and system for determining proximity of an object
09/18/14Capacitive high pass pre-emphasis circuit
08/28/14Three precision resistors of different sheet resistance at same level
07/31/14Phase locked loop and operating the same
07/03/14Digital-encryption hardware accelerator
04/24/14Electronic device, fiber-optic communication system comprising the electronic device and operating the electronic device
04/17/14Electronic device comprising a semiconductor structure having an integrated circuit back end capacitor and thin film resistor and manufacturing the same
03/27/14Hall sensor excitation system
12/19/13Oscillator comprising an rc-circuit and a push-pull stage and electronic device comprising the oscillator
12/05/13Electronic device for average current mode dc-dc conversion
11/28/13Low power dc-dc converter and operating the same
10/17/13Electronic device and low leakage switching
09/26/13Method and electronic device for a simplified integration of high precision thinfilm resistors
09/12/13Single inductor-multiple output dc-dc converter, operating the same and electronic device comprising the converter
08/08/13Electronic device and protecting against damage by electrostatic discharge
07/04/13Generation of activation list for memory translation and memory access protection in industrial ethernet standard
05/09/13Electronic device and providing a digital signal at a level shifter output
05/02/13Electronic device, half duplex data transmission
03/14/13Electronic device and dc-dc conversion with low power mode
03/14/13Load current sensing circuit and method
02/21/13Electronic device and measuring dnl of an sar adc
01/31/13Self-timed multiplier
01/10/13Electronic device and an amplifier with resistive feedback
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10/18/12Power supply unit and a operating the same
09/06/12Electronic device and a limiter in an ac application
08/23/12Chip module and providing a chip module
08/23/12Electronic device for optimizing the output power of a solar cell and operating the electronic device
08/02/12Rfid transponder and connecting a semiconductor die to an antenna
07/26/12Lighting system, electronic device for a lighting operating the electronic device
07/19/12Multi chip module, operating the same and dc/dc converter
05/17/12Electronic device and rfid
05/10/12Automatic test equipment for testing an oscillating crystal and operating the same
05/03/12Electronic circuit with a floating gate transistor and a deactivating a floating gate transistor temporarily
04/19/12Electronic device and kickback noise reduction of switched capacitive loads and operating the electronic device
03/29/12Electronic device and buffering
03/29/12Electronic device and spread spectrum clock (ssc) modulation
03/22/12Electronic device and direct mounting of passive components
03/15/12Adaptively biased comparator
12/22/11Electronic device for switched dc-dc conversionand operating the same
11/24/11Apparatus and efficient level shift
10/06/11Switching converter control circuit
09/22/11Buffer for temperature compensated crystal oscillator signals
09/08/11Electronic device for controlling a current
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08/25/11Dc-dc converter with automatic inductor detection for efficiency optimization
08/18/11Apparatus and increased address range of an i2c or i2c compatible bus
08/11/11Level shifter for use in lcd display applications
08/04/11Device and inert gas cure for leadframe or substrate strips
07/21/11Electronic device for controlling a frequency modulation index and a frequency-modulating
07/07/11Method of producing bipolar transistor structures in a semiconductor process
04/21/11Electronic device and dc-dc conversion
03/24/11Electronic device and dc-dc conversion
03/24/11Electronic device for power-on-reset
03/10/11Apparatus and offset drift trimming
03/03/11Electronic device and inductor current measurement
02/17/11Apparatus and efficient level shift
02/17/11Electronic device and verifying correct program execution
11/25/10Cml output driver
11/25/10Apparatus and driving an led
11/18/10Half-duplex rfid transponder and a operating a half-duplex rfid transponder
11/04/10Self biased gate controlled switch
10/21/10Charge pump with self-timing and method
10/07/10Electronic device and dc-dc conversion with slope compensation
10/07/10Power level indicator
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09/16/10Switched mode power supply with current sensing
09/16/10Jtag mailbox
09/02/10Apparatus and driving displays
08/26/10Digital trimming of sar adcs
08/19/10Apparatus and detecting defects in wafer manufacturing
08/19/10Apparatus and buffering data between memory controller and dram
07/15/10Self-protecting core system
07/01/10Device and generating clock signals for dc-dc converters
07/01/10Transponder demodulator for a low antenna limiter threshold
07/01/10Rectifier circuit
06/24/10Multiple slot memory system
06/17/10Circuit for compensation of leakage current-induced offset in a single-ended op-amp
06/10/10Rfid transponder with improved wake pattern detection and method
06/03/10Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit
03/04/10Polyphase electric energy meter
02/18/10Current driver circuit
02/04/10Sar adc
12/31/09Technique to improve dropout in low-dropout regulators by drive adjustment
12/31/09Linear voltage regulator with accurate open load detection
12/31/09Automatic test equipment
12/31/09Electronic device including a protection circuit for a light-emitting device
12/10/09Enhanced charger over voltage protection fet
12/03/09Electronic device and evaluating a variable capacitance
11/19/09Timer for low-power and high-resolution
10/29/09Switch state detector and encoder
10/29/09High precision power-on-reset circuit with an adjustable trigger level
09/10/09Rfid tag
08/27/09Method of manufacturing an electronic device including a pnp bipolar transistor
08/27/09Transponder back scatter modulator with regulated modulation depth
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08/20/09Dc-dc converter and minimizing battery peak pulse loading
08/20/09Current limited voltage source with wide input current range
08/20/09Incrementing counter with extended write endurance
08/20/09Circuitry and detection of network node aging in communication networks
08/06/09Charging system
08/06/09On-chip voltage supply scheme with automatic transition into low-power mode of msp430
08/06/09High performance rfid transponder with fast downlink
07/30/09Bias current generator for multiplie supply voltage circuit
07/30/09High dynamic range ask demodulator for use in an rfid transponder
07/23/09Optimized resistor network for programmable transconductance stage
07/09/09Power supply circuit
07/09/09Switched capacitor measurement circuit for measuring the capacitance of an input capacitor
07/09/09Self-calbrating rfid transponder
07/09/09Rfid transponder with pll
07/02/09Dc-dc converter usable for dual voltage supply
06/18/09Low-leakage switch for sample and hold
06/18/09High-side driver for providing an off-state in case of ground loss
06/18/09Comparator with sensitivity control
06/18/09Rfid transponder with high downlink data rate
06/11/09Digital-encryption hardware accelerator
05/14/09Adaptive algorithm for camera flash led power control vs. battery impedance, state of discharge (sod), aging, temperature effects
04/30/09Led driver with adaptive algorithm for storage capacitor pre-charge
04/16/09Driver for light emitting semiconductor device
04/09/09Circuit board and automatic testing
03/19/09Light-emitting semiconductor device driver and method
03/12/09Spread spectrum clocking in fractional-n pll
03/12/09Increasing pwm resolution by modulation
03/05/09Self-oscillating converter
02/05/09Oscillation maintentance circuit for half duplex transponder

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