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Texas Instruments Incorporated
Texas Instruments Incorporated A Delaware Corporation
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Texas Instruments Incorporated_20100107
Texas Instruments Incorporated_20100121
Texas Instruments Incorporated_20131212
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Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Texas Instruments Incorporated. Texas Instruments Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Texas Instruments Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Texas Instruments Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Texas Instruments Incorporated patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016004101302/11/16  new patent  Method of power-saving in mems sensor applications
22016004122402/11/16  new patent  Scan topology discovery in target systems
32016004183102/11/16  new patent  Autonomous sleep mode
42016004271902/11/16  new patent  Pre-discharge circuit for multiplexed led display
52016004295302/11/16  new patent  Methods to enhance effective work function of mid-gap metal by incorporating oxygen and hydrogen at a low thermal budget
62016004306402/11/16  new patent  Proximity sensor having light-blocking structure in leadframe and making same
72016004307602/11/16  new patent  Integration of analog transistor
82016004321702/11/16  new patent  Methods and ldmos devices with cascaded resurf implants and double buffers
92016004323602/11/16  new patent  High voltage depletion mode n-channel jfet
102016004353902/11/16  new patent  Short-circuit protection for voltage regulators
112016004356202/11/16  new patent  Adaptive rectifier and operation
122016004358602/11/16  new patent  Methods, electronic devices, and charger quick usb charging
132016004362402/11/16  new patent  Shared bootstrap capacitor for multiple phase buck converter circuit and methods
142016004369702/11/16  new patent  Front-end matching amplifier
152016004369802/11/16  new patent  Tunable power amplifier with wide frequency range
162016004372202/11/16  new patent  Transistor switch with back-gate biasing
172016004375602/11/16  new patent  Mixer sequence design for n-path filters
182016004376802/11/16  new patent  Front-end transceivers with multiple reception channels
192016004376902/11/16  new patent  Differentiator based spread spectrum modulator
202016004377302/11/16  new patent  Sub-band power scaling reporting and sub-band transmit power estimation
212016004469702/11/16  new patent  Coexistence of wireless sensor networks with other wireless networks
222016003357202/04/16 Dual mode test access port method and apparatus
232016003357302/04/16 Integrated circuit with jtag port, tap linking module, and off-chip tap interface port
242016003385402/04/16 Projector light source and system, including configuration for display of 3d using passive viewing glasses
252016003439602/04/16 Programmable address-based write-through cache control
262016003528702/04/16 Systems and methods for compensating parasitic couplings in display panels
272016003539902/04/16 Method and asynchronous fifo circuit
282016003541202/04/16 Fail-safe i/o to achieve ultra low system power
292016003561302/04/16 Integrated circuit package strip insert assembly
302016003565202/04/16 Integrated circuit device with wire bond connections
312016003565502/04/16 Semiconductor package having etched foil capacitor integrated into leadframe
322016003572002/04/16 Combining ztcr resistor with laser anneal for high performance pmos transistor
332016003589002/04/16 Low cost demos transistor with improved chc immunity
342016003631202/04/16 Method and peak switching to reduce losses in high frequency dc-dc converters
352016003638202/04/16 Low power wide tuning range oscillator
362016003643202/04/16 Wide input range, low output voltage power supply
372016003645302/04/16 Phase lock loop with dynamic lock ranges
382016003648602/04/16 Phase rotator for compensating transceiver impairments
392016003714702/04/16 Methods and optical display using multiple spatial light modulators for increased resolution
402016003727602/04/16 Method of identifying passive radiator parameters
412016003744902/04/16 Slot skipping techniques for reduced power consumption in time slotted channel hopping mac protocol
422016002553701/28/16 Flush mounted ultrasonic transducer arrays for flow measurement
432016002656901/28/16 Zero cycle clock invalidate operation
442016002736501/28/16 Power and brightness management of solid-state displays
452016002764701/28/16 High tilt angle plus twist drain extension implant for chc lifetime improvement
462016002772101/28/16 Leadframe strip and leadframes
472016002772201/28/16 Stacked synchronous buck converter having chip embedded in outside recess of leadframe
482016002788401/28/16 Integrated circuit having chemically modified spacer surface
492016002788801/28/16 Silicide formation due to improved sige faceting
502016002843301/28/16 Method and digital predistortion for a switched mode power amplifier
512016002843801/28/16 Dynamic medium switch in co-located plc and rf networks
522016002846001/28/16 Codebook sub-sampling for csi feedback on pucch for 4tx mimo
532016002853701/28/16 Phase detector and retimer for clock and data recovery circuits
542016002855801/28/16 Interference estimation for lte receiver
552016002932901/28/16 Mapping schemes for secondary synchronization signal scrambling
562016001679101/21/16 Optical electronic device and fabrication
572016001851101/21/16 Distributed radar signal processing in a radar system
582016001915101/21/16 Using l1 cache as re-order buffer
592016001917401/21/16 Universal serializer architecture
602016001994501/21/16 Power gate for latch-up prevention
612016002021401/21/16 Sram layout for double patterning
622016002060701/21/16 Shut-off circuits for latched active esd fet
632016002074301/21/16 Low power, low out-of-band harmonic content radio
642016002122001/21/16 Transmission control protocol (tcp) acknowledgement (ack) packet suppression
652016001124201/14/16 Capacitive current sensing using a current feedback amplifier
662016001164201/14/16 Power and throughput optimization of an unbalanced instruction pipeline
672016001165101/14/16 Discrete power control of components within a computer system
682016001257001/14/16 Transforming wide dynamic range images to reduced dynamic range images
692016001293001/14/16 Multiple-cavity vapor cell structure for micro-fabricated atomic clocks, magnetometers, and other devices
702016001306101/14/16 System and mitigating oxide growth in a gate dielectric
712016001308201/14/16 System and mitigating oxide growth in a gate dielectric
722016001308301/14/16 System and mitigating oxide growth in a gate dielectric
732016001311001/14/16 Less-secure processors, integrated circuits, wireless communications apparatus, methods and processes of making
742016001331401/14/16 Integrated circuit with dual stress liner boundary
752016001361701/14/16 Laser diode driver damping circuit
762016001375301/14/16 Relaxation oscillator with current and voltage offset cancellation
772016001378101/14/16 Laser diode driver damping circuit
782016001381201/14/16 Systems and methods for network coding using convolutional codes
792016001384501/14/16 4tx codebook enhancement in lte
802016001434801/14/16 Optimized algorithm for construction of composite video from a set of discrete video sources
812016001459901/14/16 Id-based control unit-key fob pairing
822016001463801/14/16 Enhancing packet aggregation performance in coexisting wireless networks
832016001469001/14/16 Network power optimization via white lists
842016001486301/14/16 Circuits and methods for reducing flicker in an led light source
852016000362201/07/16 Pedestrian navigation devices and methods
862016000364201/07/16 Number wheels read-out based on an inductance value
872016000366301/07/16 Capacitive liquid level measurement with differential out-of-phase channel drive to counteract human body capacitance
882016000390001/07/16 Self-test methods and systems for digital circuits
892016000390501/07/16 Blocking the effects of scan chain testing upon a change in scan chain topology
902016000390601/07/16 High speed double data rate jtag interface
912016000390901/07/16 Reduced signaling interface method & apparatus
922016000393701/07/16 Time of flight sensor binning
932016000426601/07/16 Apparatus and multiphase smps interleaving
942016000426901/07/16 Circuits and methods for trimming an output parameter
952016000545101/07/16 Fram cell with cross point access
962016000549201/07/16 Otp read sensor architecture with improved reliability
972016000562701/07/16 Ultra-thin power transistor and synchronous buck converter having customized footprint
982016000570501/07/16 Structure and batch-packaging low pin count embedded semiconductor chips
992016000571201/07/16 Structure and packaged semiconductor devices with bent-lead qfn leadframes
1002016000610101/07/16 Dielectric waveguide combined with electrical cable
1012016000627301/07/16 Method and reducing charge time
1022016000633601/07/16 Dc to dc converter and pwm controller with adaptive compensation circuit
1032016000640201/07/16 Edge correction to mitigate total harmonic distortion in class d amplifier
1042016000640301/07/16 Multistage amplifier circuit with improved settling time
1052016000656501/07/16 Id-based control unit-key fob pairing
1062016000748101/07/16 Assembly converting the precursors to capacitors
1072015037600012/31/15 Method for reducing discharge defects and electrode delamination in piezoelectric optical mems devices
1082015037743012/31/15 Hybrid illumination for headlamp
1092015037744212/31/15 Pixelated projection for automotive headlamp
1102015037744612/31/15 Methods and illumination with dmd and laser modulated adaptive beam shaping
1112015037781112/31/15 Analog floating-gate atmometer
1122015037796312/31/15 Ieee 1149.1 and p1500 test interfaces combined circuits and processes
1132015037796412/31/15 Programmable test pattern for a pixel array
1142015037806412/31/15 Piezoelectric optical mems device with embedded moisture layers
1152015037812712/31/15 Stress compensation for piezoelectric optical mems devices
1162015037831612/31/15 Timer reminder device and in-vehicle device
1172015037844912/31/15 Imaging input/output with shared spatial modulator
1182015038007112/31/15 Circuit and imprint reduction in fram memories
1192015038035812/31/15 Methods and apparatus using front-to-back alignment mark and placement for narrow wafer scribe lines
1202015038036312/31/15 Methods and apparatus to reduce semiconductor wafer warpage in the presence of deep cavities
1212015038055112/31/15 I-shaped gate electrode for improved sub-threshold mosfet performance
1222015038063512/31/15 Methods to improve the crystallinity of pbzrtio3 and pt films for mems applications
1232015038063712/31/15 Piezoeletric wet etch process with reduced resist lifting and controlled undercut
1242015038089512/31/15 Optoelectronic package
1252015038103512/31/15 Droop reduction circuit for charge pump buck converter
1262015038103912/31/15 Cascaded buck boost dc to dc converter and controller for smooth transition between buck mode and boost mode
1272015038119012/31/15 Frequency synthesizer for achieving fast re-lock between alternate frequencies in low bandwidth plls
1282015038119112/31/15 Variable delay component ring oscillator with phase shifting select switch
1292015038120912/31/15 Code block segmentation and configuration for concatenated turbo and rs coding
1302015038121912/31/15 Isolation circuits for digital communications and methods to provide isolation for digital communications
1312015038131712/31/15 Self-learning and self-correcting decoding of bmc encoded signal
1322015038135512/31/15 Power line communication (plc) network nodes using cipher then segment security
1332015036963112/24/15 Position sensing by asymmetric electric coil sensor
1342015036986312/24/15 Direct scan access jtag
1352015036988012/24/15 Inductive sensing based on b-h curve nonliniarity
1362015037003112/24/15 Lens driver circuit with ringing compensation
1372015037022212/24/15 Manufactureable long cell with enhanced sensitivity and good mechanical strength
1382015037029912/24/15 Tunneling in usb power delivery
1392015037071012/24/15 Optional acknowledgement for out-of-order coherence transaction completion
1402015037163812/24/15 Context aware sound signature detection
1412015037193012/24/15 Integrated circuit packaging method using pre-applied attachment medium
1422015037196312/24/15 Semiconductor device having non-circular connectors
1432015037198512/24/15 Positive strike scr, negative strike scr, and a bidirectional esd structure that utilizes the positive strike scr and the negative strike scr
1442015037263112/24/15 Motor fault detector
1452015037264512/24/15 Class-e outphasing power amplifier with efficiency and output power enhancement circuits and method
1462015037265112/24/15 Complementary current reusing preamp for operational amplifier
1472015037267812/24/15 Adaptive blanking timer for short circuit detection
1482015037268612/24/15 Microfabricated atomic clocks (mfac) & magnetometers (mfam):self-condensing silicon vapor cell cavity structure
1492015037269112/24/15 System and multi channel sampling sar adc
1502015037284412/24/15 Wideband parasitic capacitance cancellation for high speed switches in serial communication
1512015037355112/24/15 Audio stream identification by a wireless network controller
1522015037373812/24/15 Method for transmission of unicast control in broadcast/multicast transmission time intervals
1532015036233712/17/15 Gear sensing based on differential/asymmetric inductive sensing
1542015036293112/17/15 High-efficiency pump and dump circuit having reduced storage capacitor
1552015036298412/17/15 Power-saving mode for usb power delivery sourcing device
1562015036298712/17/15 Power mode management of processor context
1572015036302812/17/15 5-wire resistive touch screen pressure measurement circuit and method
1582015036333212/17/15 Hardware protection of inline cryptographic processor
1592015036333312/17/15 High performance autonomous hardware engine for inline cryptographic processing
1602015036333412/17/15 Speculative cryptographic processing for out of order data
1612015036437312/17/15 Quad flat no lead package and making
1622015036448012/17/15 Reducing retention loss in analog floating gate memory
1632015036460012/17/15 Method to enable higher carbon co-implants to improve device mismatch without degrading leakage
1642015036481612/17/15 Millimeter wave integrated circuit with ball grid array package including transmit and receive channels
1652015036508712/17/15 Duty cycle-controlled load switch
1662015036509412/17/15 Low power loss of lock detector
1672015036512812/17/15 System and leakage suppression by separating impairments from the receive path
1682015036566912/17/15 Signaling signed band offset values for sample adaptive offset (sao) filtering in video coding
1692015036569612/17/15 Optical flow determination using pyramidal block matching
1702015036578212/17/15 Phy layer parameter for body area network (ban) devices
1712015035500112/10/15 Extended range adc flow meter
1722015035523212/10/15 Testing interposer method and apparatus
1732015035527612/10/15 Adapting scan architectures for low power operation
1742015035527812/10/15 Scan-based mcm interconnect testing
1752015035588612/10/15 Random number generation with ferroelectric random access memory
1762015035594212/10/15 Energy-efficient real-time task scheduler
1772015035598712/10/15 At-speed test access port operations
1782015035604612/10/15 System and virtual hardware memory protection
1792015035704612/10/15 Testing of non-volatile memory arrays
1802015035705012/10/15 Reliability screening of ferroelectric memories in integrated circuits
1812015035723812/10/15 Method of making integrated circuit
1822015035745912/10/15 Integrated channel diode
1832015035746112/10/15 Integrated termination for multiple trench field plate
1842015035801112/10/15 Adaptive edge-rate boosting driver with programmable strength for signal conditioning
1852015035805012/10/15 Adaptive modulation system and method to minimize energy consumption
1862015035882712/10/15 Method and transmitting lte waveforms in shared spectrum by carrier sensing
1872015034357212/03/15 Window clamp
1882015034627812/03/15 Jtag bus communication method and apparatus
1892015034669912/03/15 Back emf monitor for motor control
1902015034687312/03/15 Capacitive touch panel having improved response characteristics
1912015034861512/03/15 Array power supply-based screening of static random access memory cells for bias temperature instability
1922015034888112/03/15 Solder coated clip and integrated circuit packaging method
1932015034889012/03/15 Converter having partially thinned leadframe with stacked chips and interposer, free of wires and clips
1942015034896812/03/15 Methods and artificial exciton in cmos processes
1952015034902212/03/15 Cmos-based thermopile with reduced thermal conductance
1962015034902312/03/15 Cmos compatible thermopile with low impedance contact
1972015034904612/03/15 Well resistors and polysilicon resistors
1982015034909212/03/15 Trench gate trench field plate semi-vertical semi-lateral mosfet
1992015034911012/03/15 Mosfet having dual-gate cells with an integrated channel diode
2002015034911212/03/15 Trench mosfet having reduced gate charge
2012015034973412/03/15 Differential amplifier with high-speed common mode feedback
2022015034978512/03/15 Fast acquisition frequency detector
2032015034978612/03/15 High speed current mode latch
2042015034979512/03/15 Common mode sampling mechanism for residue amplifier in switched current pipeline analog-to-digital converters
2052015034982312/03/15 Wireless network receiver
2062015034983412/03/15 Built in self test and rf transceiver systems
2072015034983912/03/15 Ultra wideband modulation for body area networks
2082015034984412/03/15 Long preamble and duty cycle based coexistence mechanism for power line communication (plc) networks
2092015034996312/03/15 Combined digital certificate
2102015035038712/03/15 Phy layer options for body area network (ban) devices
2112015035100512/03/15 Joining process for powerline communication (plc) networks
2122015033679111/26/15 Motion conversion system
2132015033844411/26/15 Apparatus for in situ current measurement in a conductor
2142015033845911/26/15 Scan response reuse method and apparatus
2152015033846211/26/15 Interface to full and reduced pin jtag devices
2162015033846311/26/15 3d tap and scan port architectures
2172015033847411/26/15 Integrated dual axis fluxgate sensor using double deposition of magnetic material
2182015033860411/26/15 Bond-pad integration scheme for improved moisture barrier and electrical contact
2192015033886611/26/15 Dc-dc converter controller apparatus with dual-counter digital integrator
2202015033923411/26/15 System and managing cache
2212015033942111/26/15 Sensor circuit design tool
2222015033947111/26/15 Device unlock with three dimensional (3d) captures
2232015034006211/26/15 Differential class ab output stage with differential mode on chip supply filter
2242015034008111/26/15 Array power supply-based screening of static random access memory cells for bias temperature instability
2252015034008411/26/15 Array power supply-based screening of static random access memory cells for bias temperature instability
2262015034024511/26/15 High-temperature isotropic plasma etching process to prevent electrical shorts
2272015034032411/26/15 Integrated circuit die and package
2282015034032611/26/15 Shunt of p gate to n gate boundary resistance for metal gate technologies
2292015034033811/26/15 Conductor design for integrated magnetic devices
2302015034035711/26/15 Isolation structure for ic with epi regions sharing the same tank
2312015034035811/26/15 Surrounded emitter bipolar device
2322015034040511/26/15 Integrated piezoelectric resonator and additional active circuit
2332015034042211/26/15 Method of manufacturing a micro-fabricated wafer level integrated inductor or transformer for high frequency switch mode power supplies
2342015034044811/26/15 Method for creation of the gate shield in analog/rf power ed-cmos in sige bicmos technologies
2352015034048611/26/15 Conductive spline for metal gates
2362015034049611/26/15 Transistor having double isolation with one floating isolation
2372015034095211/26/15 Circuits and methods to linearize conversion gain in a dc-dc converter
2382015034095311/26/15 Dead-time compensation in a power supply system
2392015034107811/26/15 Methods and frequency offset estimation and correction prior to preamble detection of direct sequence spread spectrum (dsss) signals
2402015034108411/26/15 Method to use a preamble with band extension in power line communications
2412015034119411/26/15 Closed-loop high-speed channel equalizer adaptation
2422015034128111/26/15 Systems, processes and integrated circuits for improved packet scheduling of media over packet
2432015033083111/19/15 Method, apparatus and system for portable device surface and material analysis
2442015033104511/19/15 Commanded jtag test access port operations
2452015033104611/19/15 Method and test connectivity, communication, and control
2462015033111411/19/15 Systems and methods for dynamically determining position
2472015033143511/19/15 Power supply design tool for power supply system designs including multi-channel regulators
2482015033143911/19/15 Electronic device and generating a curvature compensated bandgap reference voltage
2492015033177611/19/15 Switch monitoring system

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