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Texas Instruments Incorporated
Texas Instruments Incorporated A Delaware Corporation
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Texas Instruments Incorporated_20100107
Texas Instruments Incorporated_20100121
Texas Instruments Incorporated_20131212
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Texas Instruments, Inc.orporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Texas Instruments, Inc.orporated. Texas Instruments, Inc.orporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Texas Instruments, Inc.orporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Texas Instruments, Inc.orporated, we're just tracking patents.

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Texas Instruments

Battery charger

Texas Instruments

Low-cost cmos structure with dual gate dielectrics and method of forming the cmos structure

Texas Instruments

Mems device and method of manufacture

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Count Application # Date Texas Instruments, Inc.orporated patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014025176009/11/14 new patent  Die eject assembly for die bonder
22014025236709/11/14 new patent  Driver for normally on iii-nitride transistors to get normally-off functionality
32014025241909/11/14 new patent  Mems device and method of manufacture
42014025245709/11/14 new patent  Multi-landing contact etching
52014025248509/11/14 new patent  Low-cost cmos structure with dual gate dielectrics and method of forming the cmos structure
62014025303909/11/14 new patent  Battery charger
72014025309609/11/14 new patent  Electronic device and method for tracking energy consumption
82014025314109/11/14 new patent  Detecting power supply sag in an integrated circuit
92014025368809/11/14 new patent  Time of flight sensor binning
102014025375809/11/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for a time-of-flight sensor with charge storage
112014025423509/11/14 new patent  Power supply brownout protection circuit and method for embedded fram
122014025480909/11/14 new patent  Audio accessory circuitry and method compatible with both msft mode and digital communication mode
132014025493209/11/14 new patent  Content adaptive edge and detail enhancement for image and video processing
142014025704909/11/14 new patent  Wearable heart monitoring apparatus
152014025879909/11/14 new patent  Ip core design supporting user-added scan register option
162014025882009/11/14 new patent  Providing information during different stages of a design cycle
172014024559809/04/14Fabricating a power supply converter with load inductor structured as heat sink
182014024649309/04/14Novel nfc receiver architecture with improved power sensitivity
192014024704009/04/14Position detecting system
202014024707109/04/14Architecture for vbus pulsing in udsm processes
212014024708409/04/14Specifications support enablement
222014024717509/04/14Asynchronous to synchronous sampling using an augmented least squares solver
232014024756209/04/14Dc-dc converter vertically integrated with load inductor structured as heat sink
242014024764109/04/14Power reduction circuit and method
252014024764209/04/14Single sided bit line restore for power reduction
262014024874609/04/14Making a flip-chip assembly with bond fingers
272014025034209/04/14Automatable scan partitioning for low power using external control
282014023940908/28/14Non-volatile anti-fuse with consistent rupture
292014023947308/28/14Wire bonding assembly and method
302014023950008/28/14Integrated circuit (ic) having electrically conductive corrosion protecting cap over bond pads
312014023976808/28/14Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cmut) with through-substrate via (tsv) substrate plug
322014023976908/28/14Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cmut) device with through-substrate via (tsv)
332014023992208/28/14Apparatus and methods to control peak current mode controlled power converters using selective noise blanking
342014023992408/28/14Emulated current ramp for dc-dc converter
352014023993508/28/14Apparatus and method for selective and adaptive slope compensation in peak current mode controlled power converters
362014023997708/28/14Capacitive sensing
372014023997908/28/14Capacitive mems sensor devices
382014023998308/28/14Capacitive sensing
392014024006208/28/14Dielectric waveguide with deformable interface surface
402014024015308/28/14Advanced overload protection in sigma delta modulators
412014024046108/28/143d camera using flash with structured light
422014024057308/28/14Shared-field projection and imaging system
432014024098408/28/14Light emitting diode light bulb and incandescent lamp conversion apparatus
442014024106608/28/14Dual-function read/write cache for programmable non-volatile memory
452014024108308/28/14Read assist circuit for an sram technical field
462014024108908/28/14Read assist circuit for an sram technical field
472014024135808/28/14Packet processing match and action unit with a vliw action engine
482014024135908/28/14Packet processing vliw action unit with or-multi-ported instruction memory
492014024136108/28/14Packet processing match and action unit with configurable memory allocation
502014024136208/28/14Packet processing match and action unit with configurable bit allocation
512014024154908/28/14Robust estimation of sound source localization
522014024162008/28/14Illumination estimation using natural scene statistics
532014024184608/28/14Pick up tip assembly
542014024275508/28/14Making an integtated circuit module with dual leadframes
552014024422308/28/14Method for simulating circuitry by dynamically modifying device models that are problematic for out-of-range voltages
562014024496608/28/14Packet processing match and action unit with stateful actions
572014024509008/28/14Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
582014024530808/28/14System and method for scheduling jobs in a multi-core processor
592014023235908/21/14Resonance-based single inductor output-driven dc-dc converter and method
602014023242208/21/14Built-in self-test methods, circuits and apparatus for concurrent test of rf modules with a dynamically configurable test structure
612014023243908/21/14Negative edge preset reset flip-flop with dual-port slave latch
622014023244008/21/14Positive edge reset flip-flop with dual-port slave latch
632014023244108/21/14Positive edge preset flip-flop with dual-port slave latch
642014023244208/21/14Negative edge reset flip-flop with dual-port slave latch
652014023244308/21/14Negative edge preset flip-flop with dual-port slave latch
662014023293808/21/14Systems and methods for video processing
672014023327008/21/14Voltage conversion and charging from low bipolar input voltage
682014023349808/21/14Multiple cqi feedback for cellular networks
692014023350708/21/14Uplink synchronization management in wireless networks
702014023358608/21/14Carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols for power line communications (plc)
712014023360908/21/14Ultra wideband modulation for body area networks
722014023647508/21/14Methods and systems for navigation in indoor environments
732014023647908/21/14Attitude estimation for pedestrian navigation using low cost mems accelerometer in mobile applications, and processing methods, apparatus and systems
742014023730908/21/14Interconnections for plural and hierarchical p1500 test wrappers
752014023731108/21/14System and method for sharing a communications link between multiple communications protocols
762014022511008/14/14Default trim code technique
772014022511208/14/14Die testing using top surface test pads
782014022522608/14/14Multi-step deposition of ferroelectric dielectric material
792014022587408/14/14Touch panel apparatus and methods
802014022651808/14/14Cqi feedback structure
812014022670508/14/14Adaptive real-time control of de-emphasis level in a usb 3.0 signal conditioner based on incoming signal frequency range
822014022673908/14/14Pre-coder selection based on resource block grouping
832014022766908/14/14Guided tool tips for expression calculation
842014022780508/14/14Adhesion of ferroelectric material to underlying conductive capacitor plate
852014022785908/14/14Diffusion resistor with reduced voltage coefficient of resistance and increased breakdown voltage using cmos wells
862014022787708/14/14Method of forming a metal contact opening with a width that is smaller than the minimum feature size of a photolithographically-defined opening
872014022789108/14/14Interdigitated chip capacitor assembly
882014022974808/14/14Apparatus and method for optimizing use of nvdc chargers
892014022978008/14/14Ieee 1149.1 and p1500 test interfaces combined circuits and processes
902014022978108/14/14Hierarchical access of test access ports in embedded core integrated circuits
912014021651708/07/14Vertical thermoelectric structures
922014021749708/07/14Mosfet with curved trench feature coupling termination trench to active trench
932014021756808/07/14Semiconductor package with cantilever leads
942014021794408/07/14Permanent magnet motor with sinusoidal back-emf waveform and related motor controller for position sensorless drives
952014021801808/07/14Apparatus and method for in situ current measurement in a conductor
962014021807508/07/14Adaptive slope generator
972014021809008/07/14Negative edge flip-flop with dual-port slave latch
982014021809108/07/14Positive edge flip-flop with dual-port slave latch
992014021811208/07/14Compensation circuitry and method for amplifiers driving large capacitive loads
1002014021917308/07/14Uplink synchronization management in wireless networks
1012014021921808/07/14Downlink 8 tx codebook sub-sampling for csi feedback
1022014021921908/07/14Downlink 8 tx codebook sub-sampling for csi feedback
1032014021927708/07/14Conditional instructions for packet processing
1042014021929408/07/14Rotate-mask-merge and deposit-field instructions for packet processing
1052014022076108/07/14Reduction of polysilicon residue in a trench for polysilicon trench filling processes
1062014022305208/07/14System and method for slave-based memory protection
1072014022312708/07/14System and method for virtual hardware memory protection
1082014021005307/31/14Bi-directional esd protection circuit
1092014021006207/31/14Leadframe-based semiconductor package having terminals on top and bottom surfaces
1102014021006407/31/14Wire bonding method and structure
1112014021051107/31/14Error detection in nonvolatile logic arrays using parity
1122014021053307/31/14Edge rate control gate drive circuit and system for high and low side devices with large driver fet
1132014021053507/31/14Signal level conversion in nonvolatile bitcell array
1142014021076507/31/14Capacitive single layer multi-touch panel having improved response characteristics
1152014021134707/31/14Bi-directional esd protection circuit
1162014021143907/31/14Circuit assembly
1172014021153207/31/14Four capacitor nonvolatile bit cell
1182014021153307/31/14Two capacitor self-referencing nonvolatile bitcell
1192014021157207/31/14Nonvolatile logic array with built-in test result signal
1202014021157607/31/14Nonvolatile logic array with built-in test drivers
1212014021175507/31/14Radio bearer dependent forwarding for handover
1222014021188207/31/14Dynamic determination of volterra kernels for digital pre-distortion
1232014021386307/31/14Low-complexity sensor displacement tolerant pulse oximetry based heart rate measurement
1242014021528207/31/141149.1 tap linking modules
1252014021528307/31/14Integrated circuit with jtag port, tap linking module, and off-chip tap interface port
1262014021542507/31/14Adjustable dummy fill
1272014020338807/24/14Optical sensor with integrated pinhole
1282014020378007/24/14System and method for active charge and discharge current balancing in multiple parallel-connected battery packs
1292014020418207/24/14Multi-sensor video frame synchronization apparatus and methods
1302014020482507/24/14Methods for energy-efficient unicast and multicast transmission in a wireless communication system
1312014020629607/24/14Transceiver with asymmetric matching network
1322014020798407/24/14Signal conitioner
1332014020813407/24/14Host controller interface for universal serial bus (usb) power delivery
1342014020817607/24/14Scan chain in an integrated circuit
1352014020817707/24/14Circuits and methods for dynamic allocation of scan test resources
1362014019748607/17/14Power integrated circuit including series-connected source substrate and drain substrate power mosfets
1372014019753407/17/14Substrate with bond fingers
1382014019787507/17/14Circuits and methods for signal interference mitigation
1392014019789507/17/14Variability and aging sensor for integrated circuits
1402014019841507/17/14Electrostatic discharge protection apparatus
1412014019855007/17/14Frequency multiplier
1422014019897707/17/14Enhancement of stereo depth maps
1432014020150307/17/14Processor micro-architecture for compute, save or restore multiple registers, devices, systems, methods and processes of manufacture
1442014019137807/10/14Integrated circuit package
1452014019138007/10/14Integrated circuit package and method of making
1462014019138107/10/14Integrated circuit module with dual leadframe
1472014019173007/10/14Converter and method for extracting maximum power from piezo vibration harvester
1482014019174307/10/14Current mode control arrangement and method thereof
1492014019194707/10/14Using natural movements of a hand-held device to manipulate digital content
1502014019239707/10/14Mems device with sloped support
1512014019274007/10/14Methods and apparatus for dual connectivity operation in a wireless communication network
1522014019586907/10/14Serial i/o using jtag tck and tms signals
1532014019588007/10/14Rate matching and scrambling techniques for control signaling
1542014019615407/10/14Systems and methods for controlling access to secure debugging and profiling features of a computer system
1552014018365507/03/14High performance isolated vertical bipolar junction transistor and method for forming in a cmos integrated circuit
1562014018365707/03/14Embedded polysilicon resistor in integrated circuits formed by a replacement gate process
1572014018365807/03/14Poly resistor for metal gate integrated circuits
1582014018366307/03/14Raised source/drain mos transistor and method of forming the transistor with an implant spacer and an epitaxial spacer
1592014018371907/03/14Electronic assembly includes a composite carrier
1602014018374407/03/14Package substrate with bondable traces having different lead finishes
1612014018425907/03/14Method and device for testing wafers
1622014018431007/03/14Switch architecture at low supply voltages
1632014018433007/03/14Time gain compensation
1642014018435007/03/14Two layer differential pair layout, and method of making thereof, for reduced crosstalk
1652014018438107/03/14Single photomask high precision thin film resistor
1662014018485007/03/14System and method for generating 360 degree video recording using mvc
1672014018547207/03/14Method for incorporating invisible access points for rssi-based indoor positioning applications
1682014018551807/03/14System and method for wifi positioning
1692014018555607/03/14Channel quality report processes, circuits and systems
1702014018568107/03/14Hierarchical inter-layer prediction in multi-loop scalable video coding
1712014018569107/03/14Signaling decoded picture buffer size in multi-loop scalable video coding
1722014018962807/03/14System and method of crossover determination in differential pair and bondwire pairs to minimize crosstalk
1732014017559706/26/14Trench with reduced silicon loss
1742014017559906/26/14Integrated circuit package with printed circuit layer
1752014017562606/26/14Integrated circuit package and method of manufacture
1762014017730306/26/14Volt-second integration cable compensation circuit
1772014017774006/26/14Hexagonal constellations and decoding same in digital communication systems
1782014017906406/26/14Method for fabricating a package-in-package for high heat dissipation
1792014018116506/26/14Three-term predictive adder and/or subtracter
1802014018160606/26/14Direct scan access jtag
1812014018160706/26/14Lock state machine operations upon stp data captures and shifts
1822014018160806/26/14Tap and linking module for scan access of multiple cores with ieee 1149.1 test access ports
1832014018160906/26/14Semiconductor test system and method
1842014016718206/19/14Ztcr poly resistor in replacement gate flow
1852014016729506/19/14Coatings for relatively movable surfaces
1862014016779206/19/14Scan testing system, method and apparatus
1872014016779506/19/14Active feedback silicon failure analysis die temperature control system
1882014016836106/19/14Systems and methods for memory-bandwidth efficient display composition
1892014016903806/19/14Digital isolator
1902014016948506/19/14Asymmetric channels in power line communications
1912014016949606/19/14Crest factor reduction for multi-band system
1922014017096706/19/14Wireless powered ic card for sensor data acquisition, processing and radio frequency transmission
1932014017110806/19/14Dynamic access point based positioning
1942014017314106/19/14Robust cable-type detection for usb power delivery
1952014017316206/19/14Command queue for communications bus
1962014017354806/19/14Tool for automation of functional safety metric calculation and prototyping of functional safety systems
1972014015914206/12/14Recessed channel insulated-gate field effect transistor with self-aligned gate and increased channel length
1982014015920106/12/14Single pattern high precision capacitor
1992014015924706/12/143d semiconductor interposer for heterogeneous integration of standard memory and split-architecture processor
2002014015981406/12/14Differential receiver
2012014015985406/12/14Planar inductor floating shield for q enhancement
2022014015995006/12/14Method, system, and apparatus for reducing inaccuracy in global navigation satellite system position and velocity solution
2032014016034106/12/14Maintaining distortion-free projection from a mobile device
2042014016060006/12/14Reverse voltage condition protection in a power supply system
2052014016120206/12/14Method, system and apparatus for reducing the peak-to-average ratio of a signal
2062014016125206/12/14One-way key fob and vehicle pairing verification, retention, and revocation
2072014016483806/12/14At-speed test access port operations
2082014016484406/12/14Pbist engine with distributed data logging
2092014016485406/12/14Pbist architecture with multiple asynchronous sub chips operating in differring voltage domains
2102014016485506/12/14Pbist read only memory image compression
2112014016485606/12/14Pbist engine with reduced sram testing bus width
2122014015155906/05/14On-chip calibration system and method for infrared sensor
2132014015189506/05/14Die having through-substrate vias with deformation protected tips
2142014015268606/05/14Local tone mapping for high dynamic range images
2152014015269406/05/14Merging multiple exposures to generate a high dynamic range image
2162014015297406/05/14Method for time of flight modulation frequency detection and illumination modulation frequency adjustment
2172014015297506/05/14Method for dynamically adjusting the operating parameters of a tof camera according to vehicle speed
2182014015308206/05/14Method and system for generating a display
2192014015346806/05/14Access and power management for centralized networks
2202014015488006/05/14Post-polymer revealing of through-substrate via tips
2212014015695106/05/14Multicore, multibank, fully concurrent coherence controller
2222014015703906/05/14Using data watchpoints to detect unitialized memory reads
2232014015707006/05/14Selectively accessing test access ports in a multiple test access port environment
2242014015707106/05/14Low power scan & delay test method and apparatus
2252014014401305/29/14Microelectromechanical system having movable element integrated into substrate-based package
2262014014563405/29/14Circuit and method for generating a reference voltage for a power converter
2272014014576205/29/14Power supply sensing circuits in integrated circuits
2282014014576705/29/14Pulse generation circuits in integrated circuits
2292014014603605/29/14Electrophoretic display and method of operating
2302014014680805/29/14Power efficient tunneled direct link setup apparatus, systems and methods
2312014014689305/29/14Method and apparatus for predictive reference data transfer scheme for motion estimation
2322014014690005/29/14Building, transmitting, and receiving frame structures in power line communications
2332014014696305/29/14Detecting double talk in acoustic echo cancellation using zero-crossing rate
2342014014705705/29/14Content adaptive edge and detail enhancement for image and video processing
2352014014794005/29/14Process-compatible sputtering target for forming ferroelectric memory capacitor plates
2362014014893505/29/14Pressurized gas stopper for leadframe transporting apparatus
2372014014969005/29/14Multi-processor, multi-domain, multi-protocol cache coherent speculation aware shared memory controller and interconnect
2382014013880505/22/14System for no-lead integrated circuit packages without tape frame
2392014013882205/22/14Integrated circuit package and method of manufacture
2402014013929705/22/14Balun with integrated decoupling as ground shield
2412014013994105/22/14Preamplifier output current control
2422014014010905/22/14Flyback power supply regulation apparatus and methods
2432014014014105/22/14Read margin measurement in a read-only memory
2442014014038005/22/14Initialization sequence for bi-directional communications in a carrier-based system
2452014014039505/22/14Adaptive coding unit (cu) partitioning based on image statistics
2462014014045205/22/14Crest factor reduction for signals with dynamic power and frequency distribution
2472014014348605/22/14Flexible arbitration scheme for multi endpoint atomic accesses in multicore systems
2482014014362205/22/14Jtag bus communication method and apparatus
2492014014363205/22/14Method to extend data retention for flash based storage in a real time device processed on generic semiconductor technology

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