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Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Texas Instruments Incorporated. Texas Instruments Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Texas Instruments Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Texas Instruments Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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02/23/17 new patent  Ultrasonic transducer device with through-substrate via
02/23/17 new patent  Hermetically-sealed mems device and its fabrication
02/23/17 new patent  Mask-less selective plating of leadframe
02/23/17 new patent  Methods and apparatus to measure and analyze vibration signatures
02/23/17 new patent  Direct scan access jtag
02/23/17 new patent  Method and system for ultrasound time-of-flight measurement
02/23/17 new patent  Using natural movements of a hand-held device to manipulate digital content
02/23/17 new patent  Packaged semiconductor device having leadframe features preventing delamination
02/23/17 new patent  Packaged device with additive substrate surface modification
02/23/17 new patent  Integrated circuit package
02/23/17 new patent  Electrostatic discharge protection device for high voltage
02/23/17 new patent  System and improving total harmonic distortion of an amplifier
02/23/17 new patent  Method and system for compression of radar signals
02/16/17Optical electronic device and fabrication
02/16/17Cpu bist testing of integrated circuits using serial wire debug
02/16/17At-speed test access port operations
02/16/173d stacked die test architecture
02/16/17Selectable jtag or trace access with data store and output
02/16/17Chirp frequency non-linearity mitigation in radar systems
02/16/17Wom code emulation of eeprom-type devices
02/16/17Semiconductor memory cell multi-write avoidance encoding apparatus, systems and methods
02/16/17Double side heat dissipation for silicon chip package
02/16/17Conductive through-polymer vias for capacitative structures integrated with packaged semiconductor chips
02/16/17Method to form silicide and contact at embedded epitaxial facet
02/16/17Proximity sensor having light-blocking structure in leadframe and making same
02/16/17Reverse current protection circuit
02/16/17Phase lock loop with dynamic lock ranges
02/16/17Diagnostic monitoring for analog-to-digital converters
02/16/17Analog-to-digital converter
02/16/17Method and system for constraining slice header processing overhead in video coding
02/16/17Id-based control unit-key fob pairing
02/16/17Allocation and logical to physical mapping of scheduling request indicator channel in wireless networks
02/09/17Low power photon counting system
02/09/17Method to improve cmp scratch resistance for non planar surfaces
02/09/17Position detecting system
02/09/17High current limit trim apparatus and methodology
02/09/17Methods and apparatus to create a physically unclonable function
02/09/17Low cost flash memory fabrication flow based on metal gate process
02/09/17Novel substrate contact etch process
02/09/17Zero current detection circuit for converter soft switching control
02/09/17Operational amplifier with class ab output
02/09/17Multiplexer charge injection reduction
02/09/17Continuous tracking of mismatch correction in both analog and digital domains in an interleaved adc
02/09/17Amplifier sharing technique for power reduction in analog-to-digital converter
02/09/17Histogram based error estimation and correction
02/09/17Calibration technique for current steering dac
02/09/17Delta sigma modulator with dynamic error cancellation
02/09/17Turn on method without power interruption redundant power over ethernet systems
02/09/17Non-linearity correction in phase-to-depth conversion in 3d time of flight systems
02/09/17Phy layer options for body area network (ban) devices
02/09/17Power efficient tunneled direct link setup apparatus, systems and methods
02/09/17Systems and methods of led color overlap
02/02/17Extended range ultrasound transducer
02/02/17Methods and compensation and current spreading correction in shared drain multi-channel load switch
02/02/17Apparatus and measuring and controlling the internal temperature of a semicondcutor device
02/02/17Jtag bus communication method and apparatus
02/02/17Distance determination based on reflected admittance
02/02/17Voltage transition control for usb power delivery sources
02/02/17High mobility transistors
02/02/17Opening in a multilayer polymeric dielectric layer without delamination
02/02/17Printed interconnects for semiconductor packages
02/02/17Esd protection device with improved bipolar gain using cutout in the body well
02/02/17Circuit reliability improvement by detecting and mitigating high voltage transient event at supply
02/02/17Safe operating area energy limit system and method in power application
02/02/17Galvanic isolator
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02/02/17Flyback converter with secondary side regulation
02/02/17Bulk acoustic wave (baw) device having roughened bottom side
02/02/17Method of achieving robustness of the device in short circuit condition by adjusting the current limit threshold based repetitive fault condition
02/02/17Isolated output switching circuit
02/02/17Millivolt power harvesting fet controller
02/02/17Methods and apparatus to perform serial communications
02/02/17Method and system for reducing slice header parsing overhead in video coding
02/02/17Method and parallel context processing
02/02/17Method and system to improve the performance of a video encoder
01/26/17Methods and peak-voltage measurement of ac signals
01/26/17Loopback techniques for synchronization of oscillator signal in radar
01/26/17Logical to multi-variable-record connect element to interface logical signals between analog and digital simulations
01/26/17Compensation design of power converters
01/26/17Static random access memory with reduced write power
01/26/17Flippable leadframe for packaged electronic system having vertically stacked chips and components
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01/26/17Semiconductor esd protection circuit
01/26/17Integrated channel diode
01/26/17Time-interleaved current feedback droop function for multiphase buck converters
01/26/17Hysteretic control for transformer based power converters
01/26/17Synchronous rectifier phase control to improve load efficiency
01/26/17Adaptive torque disturbance cancellation for electric motors
01/26/17Multi-resonator clock reference
01/26/17Coding unit quantization parameters in video coding
01/26/17Method and image and video coding using hierarchical sample adaptive band offset
01/19/17Open cavity package using chip-embedding technology
01/19/17Wafer scale testing using a 2 signal jtag interface
01/19/17Adapting scan-bist architectures for low power operation
01/19/17Dynamic enabling of redundant memory cells during operating life
01/19/17Sram timing-based physically unclonable function
01/19/17Method and system for preventing unauthorized processor mode switches
01/19/17Tamper detection
01/19/17Fusible link cell with dual bit storage
01/19/17Integrated circuit chip fabrication leadframe
01/19/17Self-aligned under bump metal
01/19/17Adaptive dc-dc converter
01/19/17Ultrasound lens cleaner driver with frequency selectable oscillator
01/19/17System and reconfigurable phase shifter and mixer
01/19/17Codebook sub-sampling for csi feedback on pucch for 4tx mimo
01/19/17System and determining phase change
01/19/17Three-dimensional dense structure from motion with stereo vision
01/19/17Audio accessory circuitry and method compatible with both msft mode and digital communication mode
01/12/17Adapting scan architectures for low power operation
01/12/17Using l1 cache as re-order buffer
01/12/17System and remotely managing functions of a device
01/12/17Efficient decision tree traversal in an adaptive boosting (adaboost) classifier
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01/12/17Window grouping and tracking for fast object detection
01/12/17Two pin serial bus communication interface and process
01/12/17Dual mode memory array security apparatus, systems and methods
01/12/17Semiconductor devices having metal bumps with flange
01/12/17Methods and power switch fault protection
01/12/17Adaptive slew rate control for switching power devices
01/12/17Inductive structures with improved common mode transient immunity
01/05/17Improved die testing using top surface test pads
01/05/17Motor winding fault detection circuits and methods to detect motor winding faults
01/05/17Methods and lidar with dmd
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01/05/17Apparatus for high efficiency laser static phosphor module
01/05/17Voltage conversion device and operation
01/05/17Variable gain power amplifiers
01/05/17Tunable power amplifier with wide frequency range
01/05/17Software reconfigurable digital phase lock loop architecture
01/05/17Video encoding
12/29/16Apparatus for spatially and spectrally adaptable dichromatic white light source using spatial light modulator
12/29/16Scan response reuse method and apparatus
12/29/16Robust feature extraction using differential zero-crossing counts
12/29/16Isolated semiconductor layer over buried isolation layer
12/29/16Semiconductor wire bonding and method
12/29/16High voltage device with multi-electrode control
12/29/16Telescopic amplifier with improved common mode settling
12/29/16Methods and reducing noise, power and settling time in multi-modal analog multiplexed data acquisition systems
12/22/16Use of metal native oxide to control stress gradient and bending moment of a released mems structure
12/22/16Touch and slide user interface on touch sensitive screen
12/22/16Method, system and computer program product for operating a keyboard
12/22/16Configurable serial communication hub
12/22/16System and designing power systems
12/22/16High performance isolated vertical bipolar junction transistor and forming in a cmos integrated circuit
12/22/16High quality deep trench oxide
12/22/16Cmos compatible thermopile with low impedance contact
12/22/16Input vector set for position detection of pm motors
12/22/16Normalization of motor phase measurements
12/22/16Programmable impedance network in an amplifier
12/22/16Optical system designs for generation of light fields using spatial light modulators
12/22/16Method and ssim-based bit allocation
12/22/16Hevc video encoder and decoder for multi-core
12/15/16Method of forming capacitive mems sensor devices
12/15/16Ldmos transistor and forming the ldmos transistor with improved rds*cgd
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12/15/16Dual mode memory cell apparatus and methods
12/08/16Removal of higher order magnetic interference in magnetic field based current sensors
12/08/16Method and test time reduction using fractional data packing
12/08/16Core circuit test architecture
12/08/16On-chip power-domain supply drooping for low voltage idle/standby management
12/08/16Power switch with source-bias mode for on-chip powerdomain supply drooping
12/08/16Memory interleaving on memory channels
12/08/16Time compensation-based led system
12/08/16Ferroelectric memory expansion for firmware updates
12/08/16Integrated termination for multiple trench field plate
12/08/16Driver with transformer feedback
12/08/16Bootstrap diode circuits
12/08/16Universal oscillator
12/08/16Method and die-to-die communication
12/08/16Apparatus for processing a serial data stream
12/08/16Adaptive time slot allocation to reduce latency and power consumption in a time slotted channel hopping wireless communication network
12/08/16Contention for shared wireless communication channel using multiple dedicated sensing intervals
12/08/16Led system with driver voltage clamping
12/01/16Methods and light efficient programmable headlamp with anamorphic optics
12/01/16Integrated circuit package with sensor and making
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12/01/16Scan testing using scan frames with embedded commands
12/01/16Addressable test access port method and apparatus
12/01/16Dynamic biasing circuits for low drop out (ldo) regulators
12/01/16Slotted touch-on-metal button structure integrated into edge panel of a portable computing/communications device
12/01/16Cryptographic accelerator
12/01/16User programmable voice command recognition based on sparse features
12/01/16Fail-safe i/o to achieve ultra low system power
12/01/16Creating unique device identification for semiconductor devices
12/01/16Method of forming metal contacts in the barrier layer of a group iii-n hemt
12/01/16Vertical thermoelectric structures
12/01/16Circuit and architecture for a demodulator for a wireless power transfer system and method therefor
12/01/16Method and channel state information feedback in a coordinated multi-point communication system
12/01/16User equipment (ue) a channel state information feedback in a coordinated multi-point communication system
12/01/16Partial cqi feedback in wireless networks
12/01/16Nlos wireless backhaul uplink communication
11/24/16Ieee 1149.1 interposer method and apparatus
11/24/16High speed illumination driver for tof applications
11/24/16Dual-mode error-correction code/write-once memory codec
11/24/16Uniform, damage free nitride etch
11/24/16Method for patterning of laminated magnetic layer
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11/24/16Hybrid active-field gap extended drain mos transistor
11/24/16Power factor correction
11/24/16Amplifier circuit and adaptive amplifier biasing
11/24/16Voltage regulator with load compensation
11/24/16Methods and apparatus to increase an integrity of mismatch corrections of an interleaved analog to digital converter
11/24/16Delta sigma modulator with modified dwa block
11/24/16Circuitry and generating cyclic redundancy check signatures
11/24/16Enhanced channel hopping sequence
11/24/16Simultaneous launching of multiple signal channels in a dielectric waveguide using different electromagnetic modes
11/24/16Multi-length cyclic prefix for ofdm transmission in plc channels
11/24/16Look-ahead convergence for optimizing display rendering of stereoscopic videos and images
11/24/16Still block detection in a video sequence
11/24/16Method and transmitting lte waveforms in shared spectrum by carrier sensing
11/24/16Hybrid automatic repeat request acknowledge resource allocation for enhanced physical downlink control channel
11/17/16Envelope based sample correction for digital flow metrology
11/17/16Low complexity super-resolution technique for object detection in frequency modulation continuous wave radar
11/17/16System and testing transceiver
11/17/16Locking/unlocking cpus to operate in safety mode or performance mode without rebooting
11/17/16Integrated clip and lead and making a circuit
11/17/16High-k metal gate
11/17/16Diluted drift layer with variable stripe widths for power transistors
11/17/16Usb controller esd protection apparatus and method
11/17/16Thermal compensation for amplifiers
11/17/16Sense amplifier latch with offset correction
11/17/16Method and reducing sar input loading
11/17/16Delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter topology with improved distortion performance
11/17/16Method and sample adaptive offset parameter estimation in video coding
11/17/16Leading-edge phase-cut dimmer detector
11/10/16Accuracy of heart rate estimation from photoplethysmographic (ppg) signals
11/10/16Low-stress low-hydrogen lpcvd silicon nitride
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11/10/16Dynamic programming of chirps in a frequency modulated continuous wave (fmcw) radar system
11/10/16Error correction code management of write-once memory codes
11/10/16Motion sensing power switch
11/10/16Multiple shielding trench gate fet
11/10/16Multilevel boost dc to dc converter circuit
11/10/16Regulated multiple output isolated dc to dc converter
11/10/16Diagnostic monitoring for analog-to-digital converters
11/10/16Adc design for differential and common mode signals
11/10/16Network communication system with node energy reduction packet protocol
11/10/16Structure for implementing openflow all group buckets using egress flow table entries
11/10/16Power line communication (plc) network nodes using cipher then segment security
11/10/16Method, system and intra-prediction in a video signal processing
11/10/16Enhanced broadcast transmission in unslotted channel hopping medium access control
11/03/16Modulated test messaging from dedicated test circuitry to power terminal
11/03/16System and sharing a communications link between multiple communications protocols
11/03/16Method for fabricating specific termination angles in titanium tungsten layers
11/03/16Low-cost cmos structure with dual gate dielectrics and forming the cmos structure
11/03/163d tap & scan port architectures
11/03/16Integration of backside heat spreader for thermal management
11/03/16Integration of analog transistor
11/03/16Integration of the silicon impatt diode in an analog technology
11/03/16Acoustic device package and making
11/03/16Stability controlled high frequency chopper-based oscillator
11/03/16Circuits and methods for frequency offset estimation in fsk communications
11/03/16System and preamble detection in mimo narrowband power line communications
11/03/16Security processing engines, circuits and systems and adaptive processes and other processes
11/03/16System and ultra low power mode transmission
10/27/16Dual mode test access port method and apparatus
10/27/16Scan topology discovery in target systems

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