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Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Texas Instruments Incorporated. Texas Instruments Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Texas Instruments Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Texas Instruments Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  Resonant impedance sensing with a negative impedance control loop implemented with synchronized class d and output comparators
08/17/17 new patent  Method and otdr optical cable defect location with reduced memory requirement
08/17/17 new patent  Non-interleaved scan operation for achieving higher scan throughput in presence of slower scan outputs
08/17/17 new patent  Measuring internal signals of an integrated circuit
08/17/17 new patent  Device testing architecture, method, and system
08/17/17 new patent  Layouts for interlevel crack prevention in fluxgate technology manufacturing
08/17/17 new patent  Material-discernment proximity sensor
08/17/17 new patent  Method and system for merging of polygons in adjacent tiles
08/17/17 new patent  Sense amplifier with offset compensation
08/17/17 new patent  Integrated clip and lead and making a circuit
08/17/17 new patent  Integrated anisotropic magnetoresistive device
08/17/17 new patent  Bga spring probe pin design
08/17/17 new patent  Pulse-shaping amplifier system
08/17/17 new patent  Method and frame coding in vertical raster scan order for hevc
08/17/17 new patent  Method and decoding a progressive jpeg image
08/10/17Thermometer device and making
08/10/17Vertical probe card
08/10/17Multiple rate signature test to verify integrated circuit identity
08/10/17Dual mode test access port method and apparatus
08/10/17Falling clock edge jtag bus routers
08/10/17System and layout simplification
08/10/17Method to improve transistor matching
08/10/17Semiconductor substrate having stress-absorbing surface layer
08/10/17Millimeter wave integrated circuit with ball grid array package including transmit and receive channels
08/10/17Capillary jig for wire bonding and installing a capillary
08/10/17Power converter monolithically integrating transistors, carrier, and components
08/10/17Compact esd bootstrap clamp
08/10/17Integrated photodetector
08/10/17Integrated fluxgate device with three-dimensional sensing
08/10/17Methods and power loss calibration in a wireless power system
08/10/17Method and circuitry for controlling a power supply
08/10/17Method and a brown out detector
08/10/17Millivolt power harvesting fet controller
08/10/17Telescopic amplifier with improved common mode settling
08/10/17Methods and systems for estimating motion in multimedia pictures
08/03/17Wafer level packaging of mems
08/03/17Devices and methods for detecting usb devices attached to a usb charging port
08/03/17Adaptive bilateral (bl) filtering for computer vision
08/03/17Planar leadframe substrate having a downset below within a die area
08/03/17Dielectric liner added after contact etch before silicide formation
08/03/17Diluted drift layer with variable stripe widths for power transistors
08/03/17In-situ doped then undoped polysilicon filler for trenches
08/03/17Trench gate trench field plate vertical mosfet
08/03/17Trench having thick dielectric selectively on bottom portion
08/03/17Soi power ldmos device
08/03/17Logging esd events
08/03/17Multistage amplifier circuit with improved settling time
08/03/17Delta sigma modulator with dynamic error cancellation
08/03/17Wideband low distortion power amplifier
08/03/17Image processing for wide dynamic range (wdr) sensor data
08/03/17Preamble group selection in random access of wireless networks
07/27/17Capillary alignment jig for wire bonder
07/27/17Digital compensation for mismatches in a radar system
07/27/17Integrated circuit package
07/27/17Leadframe strip with vertically offset die attach pads between adjacent vertical leadframe columns
07/27/17Drift region implant self-aligned to field relief oxide with sidewall dielectric
07/27/17Drift region implant self-aligned to field relief oxide with sidewall dielectric
07/27/17Integrated fluxgate device
07/27/17Sense amplifier latch with offset correction
07/20/17Certificate-based pairing of key fob device and control unit
07/20/17Adaptive clock delay compensation
07/20/17Systems and methods for controlling access to secure debugging and profiling features of a computer system
07/20/17Confidence estimation for optical flow under low light conditions
07/20/17Feedback validation of arbitrary non-volatile memory data
07/20/17Power mosfet with metal filled deep source contact
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07/20/17Battery charging system
07/20/17Oscillator with pulse-edge tuning
07/20/17D latch circuit
07/20/17Adjusting drive strength for driving transistor device
07/20/17Digital to analog converter with passive reconstruction filter
07/20/17Data encoder for power line communications
07/13/17Structure and packaging stress-sensitive micro-electro-mechanical system stacked onto electronic circuit chip
07/13/17Electronic compass calibration based on visual code
07/13/17Sensor fluid reservoirs for microfabricated sensor cells
07/13/17Low cost insitu testing of packaged integrated circuits during stressing
07/13/17Low dynamic resistance low capacitance diodes
07/13/17Transistor with quantum point contact
07/13/17Pre-bias startup of a converter
07/13/17Methods and sensing current through power semiconductor devices with reduced sensitivity to temperature and process variations
07/13/17Calibration of interpolating string digital-to-analog converters
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07/13/17Common mode transient immunity circuit for opto-isolator emulation
07/13/17Hierarchical binary structured light patterns
07/06/17Ground plane estimation in a computer vision system
07/06/17Interface to full and reduced pin jtag devices
07/06/17Scan test method and apparatus
07/06/17Closed-loop device calibration using a wideband signal
07/06/17Embedded clock in a communication system
07/06/17Methods and instructions for 32-bit arithmetic support using 16-bit multiply and 32-bit addition
07/06/17Protecting data memory in a signal processing system
07/06/17Vehicle control with efficient iterative traingulation
07/06/17Real time traffic sign recognition
07/06/17Scene obstruction detection using high pass filters
07/06/17Feature point identification in sparse optical flow based tracking in a computer vision system
07/06/17Method for suppressing gate oxide tunnel current in non-volatile memory to reduce disturbs
07/06/17Isolation transformer topology
07/06/17Printed adhesion deposition to mitigate integrated circuit delamination
07/06/17Magazine for packaged integrated circuits
07/06/17Integrated circuit chip with a vertical connector
07/06/17Wire support for a leadframe
07/06/17Multi-channel mcm with test circuitry for inter-die bond wire checking
07/06/17Photo-sensitive silicon package embedding self-powered electronic system
07/06/17Self aligned active trench contact
07/06/17Integrated circuit with resurf region biasing under buried insulator layers
07/06/17Thermal treated semiconductor/gate dielectric interface for group iiia-n devices
07/06/17Advanced control circuit for switched-mode dc-dc converter
07/06/17Load regulation for the isolated output in an isolated buck converter
07/06/17Re-configurable single transformer quadrature voltage controlled oscillator
07/06/17Programmable impedance network in an amplifier
07/06/17Ultra-low power static state flip flop
07/06/17Area-optimized retention flop implementation
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07/06/17Vapor cell and making same
07/06/17Digital to analog converter
07/06/17Amplifier sharing technique for power reduction in analog-to-digital converter
07/06/17Phase rotator for compensating transceiver impairments
07/06/17Code block segmentation and configuration for concatenated turbo and rs coding
07/06/17Embedded clock in communication system
07/06/17Flow control for powerline communications
07/06/17Three dimensional rendering for surround view using predetermined viewpoint lookup tables
07/06/17Virtual boundary processing simplification for adaptive loop filtering (alf) in video coding
07/06/17Wireless sensor network and association request transmission method
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07/06/17Multi-band concurrent multi-channel receiver
07/06/17System and efficient wakeup for beacon reception
07/06/17Standoff connector for electrical devices
06/29/17Force biased spring probe pin assembly
06/29/17Force biased spring probe pin assembly
06/29/17Centralized built-in soft-repair architecture for integrated circuits with embedded memories
06/29/17System and ultrasound color doppler imaging
06/29/17Compute through power loss hardware approach for processing device having nonvolatile logic memory
06/29/17Capacitive touch-on-surface input apparatus with touch-force sensing using profiled capacitive electrode
06/29/17Stationary-vehicle structure from motion
06/29/17Method and system for real time structure from motion in a computer vision system
06/29/17Non-etch gas cooled epitaxial stack for group iiia-n devices
06/29/17Methods and backside integrated circuit high frequency signal radiation, reception and interconnects
06/29/17Force biased spring probe pin assembly
06/29/17Force biased spring probe pin assembly
06/29/17Methods and a low standby current dc-dc power controller with improved transient response
06/29/17Input path matching in pipelined continuous-time analog-to-digital converters
06/29/17Phase noise improvement techniques for wideband fractional-n synthesizers
06/29/17Temporal motion data candidate derivation in video coding
06/29/17Parsing friendly and error resilient merge flag coding in video coding
06/29/17Csi measurement, reporting and collision handling
06/29/17Method and calculating an average value of an inaccessible current from an acessible current
06/22/17End effector bump detector
06/22/17Infrared sensor design using an epoxy film as an infrared absorption layer
06/22/17Method of addressing film liftoff in mems fabrication
06/22/17Leak detection using cavity surface quality factor
06/22/17Magnetic field annealing for integrated fluxgate sensors
06/22/17Method and system for electroplating a mems device
06/22/17Scan frame based test access mechanisms
06/22/17Circuits and methods for determining chirp signal linearity and phase noise of a fmcw radar
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06/22/17Method of fabricating a microelectronic device with buried dark layers
06/22/17Capacitive touch sensing
06/22/17Systems and methods for optimal trim calibrations in integrated circuits
06/22/17Multilevel via placement with improved yield in dual damascene interconnection
06/22/17Fail-safe i/o to achieve ultra low system power
06/22/17Self-latch sense timing in a one-time-programmable memory architecture
06/22/17Methods and isolation barrier with integrated magnetics for high power modules
06/22/17Enhanced lateral cavity etch
06/22/17Interlocking nest wafer protector
06/22/17Low damage low-k dielectric etch
06/22/17Elongated contacts using litho-freeze-litho-etch process
06/22/17Semiconductor package having a leadframe with multi-level assembly pads
06/22/17Leadframe strip assembly and processing
06/22/17Oxidation resistant barrier metal process for semiconductor devices
06/22/17Self-aligned under bump metal
06/22/17Integrated circuit having chemically modified spacer surface
06/22/17Ldmos device with graded body doping
06/22/17Power fet with integrated sensors and manufacturing
06/22/17Tilted photodetector cell
06/22/17Low power zero inductor current detection circuit
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06/22/17Mitigating amplifier pop noise
06/22/17Method to reduce frequency distribution of bulk acoustic wave resonators during manufacturing
06/22/17System and a reduced harmonic content transmitter for wireless communication
06/22/17Gate energy recovery
06/22/17Loop filter with active discrete-level loop filter capacitor in a voltage controlled oscillator
06/22/17Joining process in a powerline communication (plc) network
06/22/17Apparatus for die-to-die communication
06/22/17Method and csi feedback in a mimo wireless communication system with elevation beamforming
06/22/17Embedded clock in digital communication system
06/22/17Memory bandwidth reduction for motion compensation in video coding
06/22/17Power efficient packet detection
06/15/17Reducing motion induced artifacts in photoplethysmography (ppg) signals
06/15/17Ultrasonic flowmeter using windowing of received signals
06/15/17Ic top/bottom surfaces coupled to test, scan, and comparator circuitry
06/15/17Interconnections for plural and hierarchical p1500 test wrappers
06/15/17Streaming engine with error detection, correction and restart
06/15/17System and mitigating oxide growth in a gate dielectric
06/15/17Flip-chip on leadframe having partially etched landing sites
06/15/17Method and diagonal scan and simplified context selection for parallel entropy coding of significance map of transform coefficients
06/08/17Area efficient parallel test data path for embeded memories
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06/08/17Dark current compensation for photon counting circuit
06/08/17Status register between test data i/o of scan port sut
06/08/17Test access port with address and command capability
06/08/17Compact wedge prism beam steering
06/08/17Voltage-to-current converter
06/08/17Quasi-parametric optical flow estimation
06/08/17Universal and adaptive de-mosaicing (cfa) system
06/08/17Flat no-lead packages with electroplated edges
06/08/17Method to improve cmp scratch resistance for non planar surfaces
06/08/17Packaged ic with solderable sidewalls
06/08/17Ldmos device with body diffusion self-aligned to gate
06/08/17Area-efficient active-fet esd protection circuit
06/08/17Linear hall device based field oriented control motor drive system
06/08/17Nonlinear class ab input stage
06/01/17Hermetically sealed mems device and its fabrication
06/01/17Thermal sensor combination
06/01/17Systems and methods of testing multiple dies
06/01/17Vapor cell structure having cavities connected by channels for micro-fabricated atomic clocks, magnetometers, and other devices
06/01/17Integrated dual axis fluxgate sensor using double deposition of magnetic material
06/01/17Static power reduction in caches using deterministic naps
06/01/17Highly integrated scalable, flexible dsp megamodule architecture
06/01/17Streaming engine with deferred exception reporting
06/01/17Sense amplifier in low power and high performance sram
06/01/17Selected-parameter adaptive switching for power converters
06/01/17Power conditioning circuit with hybrid full wave rectifiction using matched virtual junction rectifier
06/01/17Systems and methods of low power clocking for sleep mode radios
06/01/17Baseline compensation system
06/01/17Multi-level ladder dac with dual-switch interconnect to ladder nodes
06/01/17Reducing context coded and bypass coded bins to improve context adaptive binary arithmetic coding (cabac) throughput
05/25/17Heart rate estimation apparatus with state sequence optimization
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05/25/17Heart rate estimation apparatus using digital automatic gain control
05/25/17System and high voltage stress testing plurality of parallel units
05/25/17Integrated circuit with jtag port, tap linking module, and off-chip tap interface port
05/25/17Reduced signaling interface method & apparatus
05/25/17Calibrated measurement system and method
05/25/17Compact chip scale lidar solution
05/25/17Inductor detection
05/25/17Host controller interface for universal serial bus (usb) power delivery
05/25/17Dual endianess and other configuration safety in lock step dual-core system, and other circuits, processes and systems
05/25/17Methods and apparatus to detect and correct errors in destructive read non-volatile memory
05/25/17Computer and methods for solving math functions
05/25/17Configurable write current overshoot system for hdd write driver
05/25/17Method of fabricating semiconductors
05/25/17Mosfet having dual-gate cells with an integrated channel diode
05/25/17Isolated iii-n semiconductor devices
05/25/17Systems and methods of non-invasive continuous adaptive tuning of digitally controlled switched mode power supply based on measured dynamic response
05/25/17Oscillator frequency tuning using bulk acoustic wave resonator
05/25/17Mismatch correction in differential amplifiers using analog floating gate transistors
05/25/17Programmable gain amplifier with analog gain trim using interpolation
05/25/17Programmable resistor array for a continuous time pga filter
05/25/17High resolution capture
05/25/17Ultra low power reduced coupling clocked comparator
05/25/17Ldpc post-processor architecture and low error floor conditions
05/25/17Precision measurement of transmit power using loopback calibration in an rf transceiver
05/25/17Faster and more efficient different precision sum of absolute differences for dynamically configurable block searches for motion estimation
05/25/17Simplified context selection for entropy coding of transform coefficient syntax elements
05/18/17Method and automated surge stress testing using voltage and current waveforms
05/18/17Wafer scale testing using a 2 signal jtag interface
05/18/17Buffer sample size control for variable chirp radar

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