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Texas Instruments Incorporated
Texas Instruments Incorporated A Delaware Corporation
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Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Texas Instruments Incorporated. Texas Instruments Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Texas Instruments Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Texas Instruments Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Texas Instruments Incorporated patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
07/28/16 new patent  Drivers and methods of driving transducers
07/28/16 new patent  Scan response reuse method and apparatus
07/28/16 new patent  Gating tap register control bus and auxiliary/wrapper test bus
07/28/16 new patent  Efficient implementation of distance de-aliasing for ranging systems using phase domain computation
07/28/16 new patent  Customizable backup and restore from nonvolatile logic array
07/28/16 new patent  Dc-dc converter having terminals of semiconductor chips directly attachable to circuit board
07/28/16 new patent  Thin film resistor integration in copper damascene metallization
07/28/16 new patent  Wafer substrate removal
07/28/16 new patent  Isolated semiconductor layer in bulk wafer by localized silicon epitaxial seed formation
07/28/16 new patent  Buffer stack for group iiia-n devices
07/28/16 new patent  Fault detection and self-recovery crystal oscillator
07/28/16 new patent  Signal cancellation of amplitude/angle modulation noise using feedforward and feedback topologies
07/28/16 new patent  Harq design for high performance wireless backhaul
07/28/16 new patent  Gear shifting from binary phase detector to pam phase detector in cdr architecture
07/28/16 new patent  One-way key fob and vehicle pairing verification, retention, and revocation
07/28/16 new patent  Iir dfe updating gain and time constants using lms equations
07/28/16 new patent  Ctle gear shifting to enable cdr frequency lock in wired communication
07/28/16 new patent  Transmission scheme for sc-fdma with two dft-precoding stages
07/28/16 new patent  Methods and systems for facilitating multimedia data encoding
07/28/16 new patent  Low overhead signaling for point to multipoint nlos wireless backhaul
07/28/16 new patent  High performance nlos wireless backhaul frame structure
07/21/16Core circuit test architecture
07/21/16Robust connection for low-energy wireless networks
07/21/16Inductive binary coded lock mecanism
07/21/16Integrated fault-tolerant augmented area viewing system
07/21/16Method and csi feedback in comp (coordinated multi-point) systems
07/21/16Apparatus and system for an active star/stub/ring controller area network physical layer transceiver
07/21/16Duty-cycling microphone/sensor for acoustic analysis
07/14/16Controlling clock measurement with transistors, capacitor, opamp, adc, external enable
07/14/16Selectable jtag or trace access with data store and output
07/14/16Serial i/o using jtag tck and tms signals
07/14/16Scan frame based test access mechanisms
07/14/16Scan testing system, method and apparatus
07/14/163d tap & scan port architectures
07/14/16Packaged semiconductor device having leadframe features preventing delamination
07/14/16High mobility transistors
07/14/16Mosfet having dual-gate cells with an integrated channel diode
07/14/16Dead-time compensation in a power supply system
07/14/16High speed data transfer for analog-to-digital converters
07/14/16Network device with frequency hopping sequences for all channel-numbers for channel hopping with blacklisting
07/14/16Unique device address assignment technique for bidirectional daisy chain system
07/14/16Projector with rotating refractive actuator
07/07/16Navigation assistance based on visual codes
07/07/16Resonant inductive sensing with algorithmic control loop for tuning negative impedance to resonator impedance
07/07/16Single photomask high precision thin film resistor
07/07/16Trench mosfet having reduced gate charge
07/07/16Trench mosfet having reduced gate charge
07/07/16Communications device for multi-tone mask mode operation
07/07/16Multi-pass video encoding
07/07/16Luma-based chroma intra-prediction for video coding
07/07/16Low power harmonic wake up radio
07/07/16Reception of downlink data for coordinated multi-point transmission in the event of fall-back
06/30/16Current, temperature or electromagnetic actuated fasteners
06/30/16Coupled inductor current sensing apparatus and systems
06/30/16Bi-directional electric energy meter
06/30/16Frequency synthesizer output cycle counter including ring encoder
06/30/16Scan topology discovery in target systems
06/30/16Multiple chirp generation in a radar system
06/30/16Phase noise measurement in a cascaded radar system
06/30/16Side-illuminated excitation optics apparatus and systems
06/30/16Low power ideal diode control circuit
06/30/16Ultra-wide-angle touch detection for interactive projection
06/30/16Rear projection display with near-infrared emitting touch screen
06/30/16Protection of memories, datapath and pipeline registers, and other storage elements by distributed delayed detection and correction of soft errors
06/30/16Circuit and interfacing universal serial bus
06/30/16Standard cell design with reduced cell delay
06/30/16Data processing system and method thereof
06/30/16System and remapping of image to correct optical distortions
06/30/16Methods and displaying video including variable frame rates
06/30/16Power gate for latch-up prevention
06/30/16Elongated contacts using litho-freeze-litho-etch process
06/30/16Metal on elongated contacts
06/30/16Latchup reduction by grown orthogonal substrates
06/30/16Overvoltage protection circuit for usb interface
06/30/16Electrostatic discharge protection apparatus
06/30/16Fast mode transitions in a power converter
06/30/16Current sense controller for a dc-to-dc converter
06/30/16Integrated circuit with configurable control and power switches
06/30/16Reconfigurable amplifier
06/30/16Low area enable flip-flop
06/30/16Multi-supply output circuit
06/30/16Universal oscillator
06/30/16Method and apparatus to suppress digital noise spurs using multi-stage clock dithering
06/30/16Oscillator with frequency control loop
06/30/16Reduction of input dependent capacitor dac switching current in flash-sar analog-to-digital converters
06/30/16Dsss inverted spreading for smart utility networks
06/30/16Periodic bandwidth widening for inductive coupled communications
06/30/16Dynamic measurement of frequency synthesizer noise spurs or phase noise
06/30/16Simple mesh network for wireless transceivers
06/30/16Transmitter and transmitting
06/30/16Conditional instructions for packet processing
06/30/16Rotate-mask-merge and deposit field instructions for packet processing
06/30/16Generation of a media profile
06/30/16Shared-path illumination and excitation optics apparatus and systems
06/30/16Methods and systems for masking multimedia data
06/30/16Transmission bit-rate control in a video encoder
06/30/16Loudspeaker protection against excessive excursion
06/30/16Method and uplink control signaling with massive carrier aggregation
06/30/16Systems and methods of wireless usb service discovery
06/23/16Mems electrostatic actuator device for rf varactor applications
06/23/16On-chip circuit and accurately measuring die temperature of an integrated circuit
06/23/16Material determination by sweeping a range of frequencies
06/23/16Scan test method and apparatus
06/23/16Local page translation and permissions storage for the page window in program memory controller
06/23/16Hiding page translation miss latency in program memory controller by next page prefetch on crossing page boundary
06/23/16Hiding page translation miss latency in program memory controller by selective page miss translation prefetch
06/23/16Calibrating a gyroscope based on visual codes
06/23/16Embedded coil assembly and making
06/23/16Embedded coil assembly and production method
06/23/16Making a flat no-lead package with exposed electroplated side lead surfaces
06/23/16Packaged semiconductor device having attached chips overhanging the assembly pad
06/23/16Method for preventing die pad delamination
06/23/16Corrosion-resistant copper bonds to aluminum
06/23/16Multiphase dc-to-dc switching power converter with leading edge and cross channel blanking
06/23/16Single ended charge to voltage front-end circuit
06/23/16Reset selection cell to mitigate initialization time
06/23/16Controllable wide frequency range oscillator
06/23/16Background calibration for digital-to-analog converters
06/23/16Forward error control coding
06/23/164tx codebook enhancement in lte
06/23/16Generation of a video mosaic display
06/16/16System and fast modification of register content
06/16/16Circuit design synthesis tool with export to a computer-aided design format
06/16/16In-situ doped polysilicon filler for trenches
06/16/16Method of forming a gate shield in an ed-cmos transistor and a base of a bipolar transistor using bicmos technologies
06/16/16Power field-effect transistor (fet), pre-driver, controller, and sense resistor integration for multi-phase power applications
06/16/16Silicon package for embedded electronic system having stacked semiconductor chips
06/16/16Semiconductor device with electro-static discharge protection device above semiconductor device area
06/16/16High breakdown voltage microelectronic device isolation structure with improved reliability
06/16/16Method and apparatus to tune threshold voltage of device with high angle source/drain implants
06/16/16Modulation circuit for enhanced load transient response
06/16/16Noninvasive monitoring of a photovoltaic system
06/16/16Hot-swap current-sensing system
06/16/16Method and a brown out detector
06/16/16Security processing engines, circuits and systems and adaptive processes and other processes
06/16/16Mimo pgrc system and method
06/16/16Camera assisted two dimensional keystone correction
06/16/16Camera-assisted two dimensional keystone correction
06/16/16Method and system for location estimation
06/09/16Multicore, multibank, fully concurrent coherence controller
06/09/16Display driver
06/09/16Circuits and methods for performance optimization of sram memory
06/09/16Heated capacitor and forming the heated capacitor
06/09/16Method of forming a bicmos semiconductor chip that increases the betas of the bipolar transistors
06/09/16Interposer with extruded feed-through vias
06/09/16Esd protection device with improved bipolar gain using cutout in the body well
06/09/16High precision capacitor dielectric
06/09/16High breakdown voltage microelectronic device isolation structure with improved reliability
06/09/16Radiation hardened mos devices and methods of fabrication
06/09/16Vertical high-voltage mos transistor and forming the mos transistor with improved on-state resistance
06/09/16High voltage lateral dmos transistor with optimized source-side blocking capability
06/09/16High voltage lateral dmos transistor with optimized source-side blocking capability
06/09/16Optoelectronic packages having magnetic field cancelation
06/09/16Systems and methods of direct cell attachment for batteries
06/09/16High-speed resistor-based charge pump for active loop filter-based phase-locked loops
06/09/16Magnetic sensing technique for power supply systems
06/09/16Clock conditioner circuitry with improved holdover exit transient performance
06/09/16Load current compensation for analog input buffers
06/09/16Mixer sequence design for n-path filters
06/09/16Method and csi feedback in a mimo wireless communication system with elevation beamforming
06/09/16Color component checksum computation in video coding
06/09/16Method and system for video picture intra-prediction estimation
06/09/16Novel nfc receiver architecture with improved power sensitivity
06/09/16Scrambling sequences for wireless networks
06/09/16Reduction of power consumption in a half-duplex transceiver
06/02/16Blocking the effects of scan chain testing upon a change in scan chain topology
06/02/16Device testing architecture, method, and system
06/02/16High performance fluxgate device
06/02/16Dynamic low power states characterization
06/02/16System and secure authentication of a "smart" battery by a host
06/02/16Integrated circuit with single wire haptic vibration control and selective open loop operation
06/02/16Method and system for lossless value-location encoding
06/02/16System and mitigating oxide growth in a gate dielectric
06/02/16Method of forming a cmos-based thermoelectric device
06/02/16Process for nife fluxgate device
06/02/16Esd protection circuit with stacked esd cells having parallel active shunt
06/02/16Dual-mode filtering actuator driver apparatus, systems and methods
06/02/16Packet processing vliw action unit with or-multi-ported instruction memory
05/26/16On-chip field testing methods and apparatus
05/26/16Techniques for high arrival angle resolution using multiple nano-radars
05/26/16Controlling radar transmission to enable interference mitigation
05/26/16Multi-sensor proximity sensing
05/26/16Systems and methods for object detection
05/26/16Efficient methodology to process wide dynamic range images
05/26/16Bond pad having ruthenium covering passivation sidewall
05/26/16Poly sandwich for deep trench fill
05/26/16Very high aspect ratio contact
05/26/16System and optimizing constant power, constant current and constant voltage operation
05/26/16Method and sample adaptive offset without sign coding
05/26/16Bootstrapping server for joining process in powerline communication (plc) networks
05/26/16Best-effort scheduled access
05/19/16Displaying walking signals variously rotated, estimating variance, vertical, lateral direction
05/19/16Current sense circuit that operates over a wide range of currents
05/19/16Capacitive touch sensing
05/19/16Dynamic ram sharing in software-defined tdd communication
05/19/16Trench having thick dielectric selectively on bottom portion
05/19/16Wafer with die map
05/19/16Method to match soi transistors using a local heater element
05/19/16Method of improving lateral bjt characteristics in bcd technology
05/19/16Radiation hardened mos devices and methods of fabrication
05/19/16Inductor-based active balancing for batteries and other power supplies
05/19/16Baluns for rf signal conversion and impedance matching
05/19/16Finger sensing device and method
05/19/16Differential odd integer divider
05/19/16Digital phase locked loop
05/19/16Enhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols
05/19/16Transmitter path for power line communication devices
05/19/16Temporal motion data candidate derivation in video coding
05/19/16Voltage/current regulator supplying controlled current with pvt adjusted headroom
05/12/16Ultrasound transmitter
05/12/16Scan throughput enhancement in scan testing of a device-under-test
05/12/16Efficient implementation of a multiplier/accumulator with load
05/12/16Parallel processing in hardware accelerators communicably coupled with a processor
05/12/16Hub module with a single bridge shared among multiple connection ports to support role reversal
05/12/16High performance implementation of the fft butterfly computation
05/12/16Devices having inhomogeneous silicide schottky barrier contacts
05/12/16Silicon package for embedded semiconductor chip and power converter
05/12/16Silicon package having electrical functionality by embedded passive components
05/12/16Scribe seals and methods of making
05/12/16Qfn package
05/12/16Photo-sensitive silicon package embedding self-powered electronic system
05/12/16Forming a panel of triple stack semiconductor packages
05/12/16Schottky diodes for replacement metal gate integrated circuits
05/12/16Reliability improvement of polymer-based capacitors by moisture barrier
05/12/16Methods and high voltage integrated circuit capacitors
05/12/16Fast high-side power fet gate sense circuit for high voltage applications
05/12/16Circuits and methods of determining position and velocity of a rotor
05/12/16Method and circuitry for cmos transconductor linearization
05/12/16Output discharge techniques for load switches
05/12/16System and adaptively allocating resources in a transcoder
05/05/16Battery fuel gauge
05/05/16Operation/margin enhancement feature for surface-mems structure; sculpting raised address electrode
05/05/16Sloped electrode element for a torsional spatial light modulator
05/05/16Apparatus and multiphase smps interleaving
05/05/16Method for performing random read access to a block of data using parallel lut read instruction in vector processors
05/05/16Method of providing timing information for interrupts
05/05/16Multicore bus architecture with non-blocking high performance transaction credit system
05/05/16Multicore bus architecture with wire reduction and physical congestion minimization via shared transaction channels
05/05/16Optimized fast feature detection for vector processors
05/05/16Method to compute sliding window block sum using instruction based selective horizontal addition in vector processor
05/05/16Detection of plunger movement in dc solenoids through current sense technique
05/05/16Method for processing a semiconductor wafer using a thin edge carrier ring
05/05/16Method of reducing gate leakage in a mos device by implanting gate leakage reducing species into the edge of the gate
05/05/16Method of fabricating a tungsten plug in a semiconductor device
05/05/16Triple stack semiconductor package
05/05/16Method and circuitry for on-chip electro-static discharge protection scheme for low cost gate driver integrated circuit
05/05/16Bipolar transistor including lateral suppression diode
05/05/16Thermal treated semiconductor/gate dielectric interface for group iiia-n devices
05/05/16Segmented power transistor

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