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Texas Instruments Incorporated
Texas Instruments Incorporated A Delaware Corporation
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Texas Instruments Incorporated_20100107
Texas Instruments Incorporated_20100121
Texas Instruments Incorporated_20131212
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Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Texas Instruments Incorporated. Texas Instruments Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Texas Instruments Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Texas Instruments Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Texas Instruments Incorporated patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011653004/28/16  new patent  Interposer instrumentation method and apparatus
22016011653504/28/16  new patent  Alternate signaling mechanism using clock and data
32016011654304/28/16  new patent  System and sensing battery capacity
42016011654404/28/16  new patent  Battery capacity monitor
52016011657004/28/16  new patent  Method to "zoom into" specific objects of interest in a radar
62016011657304/28/16  new patent  Method and generating alignment matrix for camera-radar system
72016011726104/28/16  new patent  Response validation mechanism for triggering non-invasive re-test access of integrated circuits
82016011727404/28/16  new patent  Usb port controller with automatic transmit retries and receive acknowledgements
92016011755704/28/16  new patent  Apparatus for detecting faults in video frames of video sequence
102016011756904/28/16  new patent  Efficient feature point selection
112016011826904/28/16  new patent  Gate slot overetch control
122016011830004/28/16  new patent  Wafer die separation
132016011888804/28/16  new patent  Soft start controller of a converter
142016011888904/28/16  new patent  Adaptive controller for a voltage converter
152016011897704/28/16  new patent  Dc-dc converter with temperature, process and voltage compensated dead time delay
162016011902704/28/16  new patent  Asymmetric channels in power line communications
172016011902804/28/16  new patent  Coexistence primitives in power line communication networks
182016011909404/28/16  new patent  Pseudorandom sequence generation for ofdm cellular systems
192016011957504/28/16  new patent  Image data processing for digital overlap wide dynamic range sensors
202016011959504/28/16  new patent  Color recapture using polarization recovery in a color-field sequential display system
212016011961704/28/16  new patent  Fault detection and detecting faults in digital imaging systems
222016011965004/28/16  new patent  Block-based parallel deblocking filter in video coding
232016011966004/28/16  new patent  Selective picture-based encryption of video streams
242016011971404/28/16  new patent  Audio power limiting based on thermal modeling
252016011998804/28/16  new patent  Dual control led driver
262016010926104/21/16 Sensor power management
272016010932704/21/16 Method and otdr optical cable defect location with reduced memory requirement
282016010951804/21/16 3d stacked die test architecture
292016010956604/21/16 Camera assisted tracking of objects in a radar system
302016011011304/21/16 Memory compression operable for non-contiguous write/read addresses
312016011089404/21/16 Method and apparatus to render lines on a display screen
322016011134904/21/16 Packaged semiconductor devices
332016011200604/21/16 Digital controlled oscillator and switchable varactor for high frequency low noise operation
342016011203304/21/16 Efficient implementation of cascaded biquads
352016011205504/21/16 Phase frequency detector (pfd) circuit with improved lock time
362016011254804/21/16 Building, transmitting, and receiving frame structures in power line communications
372016011295604/21/16 Access and power management for centralized networks
382016011308504/21/16 Combined hybrid and local dimming control of light emitting diodes
392016010150104/14/16 Permeated grooving in cmp polishing pads
402016010321304/14/16 Three dimensional (3d) tracking of objects in a radar system
412016010346004/14/16 Digital shunt regulator for nfc devices
422016010471004/14/16 Self aligned active trench contact
432016010509404/14/16 Pre-bias startup of a converter
442016010515604/14/16 Integrated resonator with a mass bias
452016010518704/14/16 Fll oscillator/clock with an fll control loop including a switched capacitor resistive divider
462016009672704/07/16 Integrated circuit package method
472016009763804/07/16 Method and tilt sensing using eccentric motor
482016009781304/07/16 Minimizing the amount of time stamp information reported with instrumentation data
492016009781404/07/16 Method and circuitry for detecting faults in field oriented controlled permanent magnet synchronous machines
502016009837304/07/16 Control of tx/rx mode in serial half-duplex transceiver separately from communicating host
512016009922604/07/16 Circuit substrate interconnect
522016009963904/07/16 System and method to improve standby efficiency of llc converter
532016009964304/07/16 Configurable power supply circuit with external resistance detection
542016010016904/07/16 Quantization matrix compression in video coding
552016010019204/07/16 Method and diagonal scan and simplified context selection for parallel entropy coding of significance map of transform coefficients
562016010049004/07/16 Making a plurality of integrated circuit packages
572016009114603/31/16 Light emitting diode light bulb and incandescent lamp conversion apparatus
582016009134203/31/16 Multi-level rotational resolvers using inductive sensors
592016009156703/31/16 High speed interconnect circuit test method and apparatus
602016009217003/31/16 Low area full adder with shared transistors
612016009262403/31/16 Filler insertion in circuit layout
622016009352503/31/16 Printed interconnects for semiconductor packages
632016009354803/31/16 Semiconductor package with printed sensor
642016009355103/31/16 Integration of heat spreader for beol thermal management
652016009355203/31/16 Integration of backside heat spreader for thermal management
662016009355803/31/16 Packaged device with additive substrate surface modification
672016009357503/31/16 Optoelectronic packages having magnetic field cancelation
682016009359503/31/16 Optically pumped sensors or references with die-to-package cavities
692016009361203/31/16 High voltage multiple channel ldmos
702016009376103/31/16 Optoelectronic packages having through-channels for routing and vacuum
712016009395103/31/16 Pcb beam-forming antenna
722016009406303/31/16 Controlling polarity in an active balancing system for a battery
732016009420303/31/16 Low area flip-flop with a shared inverter
742016009420403/31/16 Flip-flops with low clock power
752016009420503/31/16 Digital open loop duty cycle correction circuit
762016009427803/31/16 Control of a tank circuit in a wireless power transmission system providing fsk communication
772016009435003/31/16 Automatic power budget management for power-over-ethernet apparatus
782016009437303/31/16 System and preamble detection in mimo narrowband power line communications
792016009517503/31/16 Poe pd automatic mps
802016008640403/24/16 Circuit and using capacitive touch to further secure information in rfid documents
812016008648203/24/16 Inductive security sensor not susceptible to magnetic tampering
822016008693603/24/16 Mutual ballasting multi-finger bidirectional esd device
832016008696003/24/16 Low-temperature passivation of ferroelectric integrated circuits for enhanced polarization performance
842016008751803/24/16 Circuit for driver control of switching circuit
852016008756303/24/16 Angular position estimation for pm motors
862016008756703/24/16 Normalization of motor phase measurements
872016008756803/24/16 Input vector set for position detection of pm motors
882016008763303/24/16 Differential driver with pull up and pull down boosters
892016008767803/24/16 Adaptive sub-band algorithm for point-to-point communication in plc networks
902016008775403/24/16 Packet header protection for utility networks
912016008780203/24/16 Homogeneous atomic pattern for double, add, and subtract operations for digital authentication using elliptic curve cryptography
922016008793603/24/16 Address generation for networks
932016008821403/24/16 Compensating angular misalignment in optical image stabilization (ois) systems
942016008851703/24/16 Compression of internet protocol version 6 addresses in wireless sensor networks
952016008869903/24/16 Led bypass and control circuit for fault tolerant led systems
962016007554803/17/16 Multi-phased mems plate lowering and lifting system and method
972016007715203/17/16 3d tap & scan port architectures
982016007715503/17/16 Optimized jtag interface
992016007715603/17/16 Selectable jtag or trace access with data store and output
1002016007715703/17/16 System and sharing a communications link between multiple communications protocols
1012016007741903/17/16 Laser illumination on phosphor for projection display
1022016007763903/17/16 Material-discerning proximity sensing
1032016007764103/17/16 Adaptive thresholding for touch screen input
1042016007913203/17/16 Die testing using top surface test pads
1052016007922703/17/16 Esd protection circuit with plural avalanche diodes
1062016007922803/17/16 Esd protection circuit with plural avalanche diodes
1072016007934303/17/16 Multiple depth vias in an integrated circuit
1082016007936403/17/16 Deep collector vertical bipolar transistor with enhanced gain
1092016007939203/17/16 Drain extended cmos with counter-doped drain extension
1102016007975003/17/16 Esd protection circuit with plural avalanche diodes
1112016007986003/17/16 Direct conversion output driver
1122016007986103/17/16 Overcurrent recovery in flybuck converters
1132016007992503/17/16 Programmable filter in an amplifier
1142016007994503/17/16 Programmable impedance network in an amplifier
1152016007994903/17/16 Resistor attenuator with switch distortion cancellation
1162016007995903/17/16 Programmable step attenuator with cross connection
1172016008009303/17/16 Ultrasonic transducer system and method using selective interleaved excitation pulse frequency
1182016008010803/17/16 Lte transmission mask adjustment to maximize performance and reduce interference
1192016008016903/17/16 Efficient fairness allocation in powerline csma/ca protocols
1202016008051103/17/16 Enabling proximity operations with long-range wireless communication interfaces
1212016008074003/17/16 Signaling signed band offset values for sample adaptive offset (sao) filtering in video coding
1222016006689003/10/16 Method for ultrasound color doppler imaging
1232016006838703/10/16 Semiconductor cavity package using photosensitive resin
1242016006966203/10/16 Inductive position detection
1252016006994903/10/16 Semiconductor test system and method
1262016006995003/10/16 Devices under test
1272016006995503/10/16 Shadow access port method and apparatus
1282016006995703/10/16 Double data rate test interface and architecture
1292016006995803/10/16 Compressed scan chain diagnosis by internal chain observation, processes, circuits, devices and systems
1302016007001703/10/16 Material-discerning sensing by measurement of different points of impedance
1312016007151303/10/16 Cloud based adaptive learning for distributed sensors
1322016007157703/10/16 Static random access memory with reduced write power
1332016007172503/10/16 Method of forming a thin film that eliminates air bubbles
1342016007174303/10/16 Integrated circuit package fabrication with die attach paddle having middle channels
1352016007178803/10/16 Packaged semiconductor devices having solderable lead surfaces exposed by grooves in package compound
1362016007183803/10/16 Embedded tungsten resistor
1372016007183903/10/16 Embedded tungsten resistor
1382016007184903/10/16 Mode-variant adaptive body bias scheme for low-power semiconductors
1392016007192303/10/16 Trench gate trench field plate vertical mosfet
1402016007217303/10/16 Coupler to launch electromagnetic signal from microstrip to dielectric waveguide
1412016007231603/10/16 System and battery pack management using predictive balancing
1422016007233103/10/16 Method for limiting battery discharging current in battery charger and discharger circuit
1432016007238003/10/16 Charge pump power supply with output voltage sensing using residual charge on a flying capacitor
1442016007238203/10/16 Controlling a power supply voltage for a high-side gate driver
1452016007238403/10/16 Hysteretic control dc/dc converter switching frequency with reduced dependence on voltage and current
1462016007238503/10/16 Feedforward loop to stabilize current-mode switching converters
1472016007251603/10/16 Voltage regulator with load compensation
1482016007251803/10/16 Pipeline adc and reference load balancing circuit and method to balance reference circuit load
1492016007251903/10/16 Hybrid digital-to-analog conversion system
1502016007254803/10/16 Techniques for generation of a frequency hopping sequence
1512016007258903/10/16 Mitigation of interference between wireless networks
1522016007265303/10/16 Method and circuit for transmitting data
1532016007273503/10/16 Low voltage feedforward current assist ethernet line driver
1542016006010803/03/16 Coatings for relatively movable surfaces
1552016006187703/03/16 Capacitor combination stress testing
1562016006188703/03/16 Wafer scale testing using a 2 signal jtag interface
1572016006189303/03/16 Test access port with address and command capability
1582016006194203/03/16 Range resolution in fmcw radars
1592016006194703/03/16 Fmcw doppler processing algorithm for achieving cw performance
1602016006286903/03/16 Embedding stall and event trace profiling data in the timing stream - extended timing trace circuits, processes, and systems
1612016006288703/03/16 Flexible arbitration scheme for multi endpoint atomic accesses in multicore systems
1622016006292403/03/16 Simultaneous video and bus protocols over single cable
1632016006406903/03/16 Low voltage sram
1642016006407003/03/16 Low power sram
1652016006431303/03/16 Integrating multi-output power converters having vertically stacked semiconductor chips
1662016006436103/03/16 Integrating multi-output power converters having vertically stacked semiconductor chips
1672016006463003/03/16 Flip chip led package
1682016006518803/03/16 Low leakage shadow latch-based multi-threshold cmos sequential circuit
1692016006524903/03/16 Capture selection for digital pre-distortion adaptation and capture concatenation for frequency hopping pre-distortion adaptation
1702016006528103/03/16 Transmission modes and signaling for uplink mimo support or single tb dual-layer transmission in lte uplink
1712016006626303/03/16 Systems and methods of power efficient wi-fi
1722016005277802/25/16 Use of metal native oxide to control stress gradient and bending moment of a released mems structure
1732016005278102/25/16 Wafer level packaging of mems
1742016005414602/25/16 System of power-saving in mems sensor applications
1752016005437002/25/16 Ground fault detection based on capacitive sensing
1762016005443802/25/16 Vibration parameters monitoring using fmcw radar
1772016005509602/25/16 Multi-processor, multi-domain, multi-protocol cache coherent speculation aware shared memory controller and interconnect
1782016005622702/25/16 Well resistors and polysilicon resistors
1792016005670902/25/16 Method and inductive-kick protection clamp during discontinuous conduction mode operation
1802016005672402/25/16 Switching power supplies and methods of operating switching power supplies
1812016005683102/25/16 Enhanced resolution successive-approximation register analog-to-digital converter and method
1822016005683402/25/16 Multi-level ladder dac with dual-switch interconnect to ladder nodes
1832016005684902/25/16 Method and circuitry for transmitting data
1842016005692002/25/16 Networking coding system in a network layer
1852016005699002/25/16 Tx iq mismatch pre-compensation using direct learning adaptation
1862016005753302/25/16 Electromechanical system with predictive back-emf protection
1872016004786002/18/16 Reduced signaling interface method & apparatus
1882016004788102/18/16 Wireless local area network based positioning
1892016004815202/18/16 Current mirror with depletion mode mos and embedded noise filter
1902016004826002/18/16 Resonant line driver including energy transfer inductor for driving capacitive-load lines
1912016004847002/18/16 Master-slave system with triggered remote function calls
1922016004941002/18/16 Sram well-tie with an uninterrupted grated first poly and first contact patterns in a bit cell array
1932016004980502/18/16 Converter and extracting maximum power from piezo vibration harvester
1942016004998402/18/16 Wireless transceiver with tx/fbrx sequential qmc calibration using separate/shared plls
1952016005003502/18/16 Wireless receiver with signal profiler monitoring signal power per frequency band
1962016005004502/18/16 Network throughput using multiple reed-solomon blocks
1972016005004602/18/16 Wireless network with power aware transmission control
1982016005043102/18/16 Method and system for organizing pixel information in memory
1992016004101302/11/16 Method of power-saving in mems sensor applications
2002016004122402/11/16 Scan topology discovery in target systems
2012016004183102/11/16 Autonomous sleep mode
2022016004271902/11/16 Pre-discharge circuit for multiplexed led display
2032016004295302/11/16 Methods to enhance effective work function of mid-gap metal by incorporating oxygen and hydrogen at a low thermal budget
2042016004306402/11/16 Proximity sensor having light-blocking structure in leadframe and making same
2052016004307602/11/16 Integration of analog transistor
2062016004321702/11/16 Methods and ldmos devices with cascaded resurf implants and double buffers
2072016004323602/11/16 High voltage depletion mode n-channel jfet
2082016004353902/11/16 Short-circuit protection for voltage regulators
2092016004356202/11/16 Adaptive rectifier and operation
2102016004358602/11/16 Methods, electronic devices, and charger quick usb charging
2112016004362402/11/16 Shared bootstrap capacitor for multiple phase buck converter circuit and methods
2122016004369702/11/16 Front-end matching amplifier
2132016004369802/11/16 Tunable power amplifier with wide frequency range
2142016004372202/11/16 Transistor switch with back-gate biasing
2152016004375602/11/16 Mixer sequence design for n-path filters
2162016004376802/11/16 Front-end transceivers with multiple reception channels
2172016004376902/11/16 Differentiator based spread spectrum modulator
2182016004377302/11/16 Sub-band power scaling reporting and sub-band transmit power estimation
2192016004469702/11/16 Coexistence of wireless sensor networks with other wireless networks
2202016003357202/04/16 Dual mode test access port method and apparatus
2212016003357302/04/16 Integrated circuit with jtag port, tap linking module, and off-chip tap interface port
2222016003385402/04/16 Projector light source and system, including configuration for display of 3d using passive viewing glasses
2232016003439602/04/16 Programmable address-based write-through cache control
2242016003528702/04/16 Systems and methods for compensating parasitic couplings in display panels
2252016003539902/04/16 Method and asynchronous fifo circuit
2262016003541202/04/16 Fail-safe i/o to achieve ultra low system power
2272016003561302/04/16 Integrated circuit package strip insert assembly
2282016003565202/04/16 Integrated circuit device with wire bond connections
2292016003565502/04/16 Semiconductor package having etched foil capacitor integrated into leadframe
2302016003572002/04/16 Combining ztcr resistor with laser anneal for high performance pmos transistor
2312016003589002/04/16 Low cost demos transistor with improved chc immunity
2322016003631202/04/16 Method and peak switching to reduce losses in high frequency dc-dc converters
2332016003638202/04/16 Low power wide tuning range oscillator
2342016003643202/04/16 Wide input range, low output voltage power supply
2352016003645302/04/16 Phase lock loop with dynamic lock ranges
2362016003648602/04/16 Phase rotator for compensating transceiver impairments
2372016003714702/04/16 Methods and optical display using multiple spatial light modulators for increased resolution
2382016003727602/04/16 Method of identifying passive radiator parameters
2392016003744902/04/16 Slot skipping techniques for reduced power consumption in time slotted channel hopping mac protocol
2402016002553701/28/16 Flush mounted ultrasonic transducer arrays for flow measurement
2412016002656901/28/16 Zero cycle clock invalidate operation
2422016002736501/28/16 Power and brightness management of solid-state displays
2432016002764701/28/16 High tilt angle plus twist drain extension implant for chc lifetime improvement
2442016002772101/28/16 Leadframe strip and leadframes
2452016002772201/28/16 Stacked synchronous buck converter having chip embedded in outside recess of leadframe
2462016002788401/28/16 Integrated circuit having chemically modified spacer surface
2472016002788801/28/16 Silicide formation due to improved sige faceting
2482016002843301/28/16 Method and digital predistortion for a switched mode power amplifier
2492016002843801/28/16 Dynamic medium switch in co-located plc and rf networks

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