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System of power-saving in mems sensor applications

A system comprises a plurality of sensors, a sensor processor, and a sampling rate engine. The sensor processor is coupled to an output of each sensor of the plurality of sensors. The sensor processor estimates user dynamics in response to a first output signal of a first sensor of the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Securing a touch sensor assembly for a touch button

A touch button structure for a mobile communications or other device, including a sensor slot with front-side and back-side slot walls formed in the device wall, an interior surface of a touch button area forming the front-side slot wall, and a sensor component inserted within the sensor slot. The sensor... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Screening for data retention loss in ferroelectric memories

A data retention reliability screen of integrated circuits including ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) arrays. Sampled groups of cells in the FRAM array are tested at various reference voltage levels, after programming to a high polarization capacitance data state and a relaxation time at an elevated temperature. Fail bit counts... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Heated capacitor and forming the heated capacitor

A heated capacitor runs current through either a lower metal plate, an upper metal plate, a lower metal trace that lies adjacent to a lower metal plate, an upper metal trace that lies adjacent to an upper metal plate, or both a lower metal trace that lies adjacent to a... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Electrostatic discharge guard ring with snapback protection

An electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection structure that provides snapback protections to one or more high voltage circuit components. The ESD protection structure can be integrated along a peripheral region of a high voltage circuit, such as a high side gate driver of a driver circuit. The ESD protection structure includes... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Power mosfet with metal filled deep sinker contact for csp

A method of forming an IC including a power semiconductor device includes providing a substrate having an epi layer thereon with at least one transistor formed therein covered by a pre-metal dielectric (PMD) layer. Contact openings are etched from through the PMD into the epi layer to form a sinker... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Gate driver with vgth and vcesat measurement capability for the state of health monitor

An isolated insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) gate driver is provided which integrates circuits, in-module, to support the measurements of threshold voltage, and collector-emitter saturation voltage of IGBTs. The measured gate threshold and collector-emitter saturation voltage can be used as precursors for state of health predictions for IGBTs. During the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Compact rotator and making a beam steering device

An apparatus for a beam steering device includes a rotator constituting a cylindrical body extending along an axis and defining a central passage therethrough. A wedge-shaped prism is secured to the body within the central passage. The prism has a first surface extending perpendicular to the axis and a second... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Embedded clock in a communication system

A method for transmitting a plurality of data bits and a clock signal on a return to zero (RZ) signal includes: transmitting a first voltage that is greater than a first threshold, the first voltage being decodable to first order of data bits; transmitting a second voltage that is between... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Fluxgate device with low fluxgate noise

An integrated fluxgate device, which includes a magnetic core, an excitation coil, and a sense coil. The magnetic core has a longitudinal edge and a terminal edge. The excitation coil coils around the longitudinal edge of the magnetic core, and the excitation coil has a first number of excitation coil... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Process for forming leadframe having organic, polymerizable photo-imageable adhesion layer

A lead frame that is partially covered with an adhesion layer. A method for forming a lead frame with an adhesion layer starting with a lead frame and using a photo-imageable polyimide or epoxy material to form the adhesion layer. A method for forming a lead frame with an adhesion... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Leadframe having organic, polymerizable photo-imageable adhesion layer

A lead frame that is partially covered with an adhesion layer. A method for forming a lead frame with an adhesion layer starting with a lead frame and using a photo-imageable polyimide or epoxy material to form the adhesion layer. A method for forming a lead frame with an adhesion... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Isolated semiconductor layer over buried isolation layer

An integrated circuit may be formed by forming an isolation recess in a single-crystal silicon-based substrate. Sidewall insulators are formed on sidewalls of the isolation recess. Thermal oxide is formed at a bottom surface of the isolation recess to provide a buried isolation layer, which does not extend up the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Photo-sensitive silicon package embedding self-powered electronic system

A self-powered electronic system comprises a first chip (401) of single-crystalline semiconductor embedded in a second chip (302) of single-crystalline semiconductor shaped as a container bordered by ridges. The assembled chips are nested and form an electronic device assembled, in turn, in a slab of weakly p-doped low-grade silicon shaped... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Esd protection charge pump active clamp for low-leakage applications

Disclosed examples include an electrostatic discharge protection circuit including a shunt transistor coupled between first and second power supply nodes, a sensing circuit to deliver a control voltage signal to turn on the shunt transistor in response to a detected change in a voltage of the first power supply node... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Synchronous clock generation using an interpolator

In some embodiments, an apparatus comprises a device clock configured to generate a device clock signal a synchronization (SYSREF) clock generation circuit configured to receive the device clock signal from the device clock. The SYSREF clock generating circuit comprises a SYSREF divider configured to generate a SYSREF clock at least... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Integrated high-side driver for p-n bimodal power device

An integrated circuit chip includes a bimodal power N-P-Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor (LDMOS) device having an N-gate coupled to receive an input signal and a level shifter coupled to receive the input signal and to provide a control signal to a P-gate driver of the N-P-LDMOS device. A method... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Fractional frequency clock divider with direct division

Disclosed examples include fractional frequency divider circuits, including a counter to provide phase shifted pulse output signals in response to counting of an adjustable integer number NK cycles of an input clock signal, an output circuit to provide an output clock signal having a first edge between first edges of... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Analog-to-digital converter non-linearity correction using coefficient transformation

Circuitry for correcting non-linearity of an analog-to-digital converter. A non-linearity correction system for an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) includes coefficient storage, coefficient transformation circuitry, and correction circuitry. The coefficient storage is encoded with a first set of coefficients for correcting non-linearity of the ADC at a first sampling rate. The coefficient... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Mitigation of interference between wireless networks

A system and method for minimizing or preventing interference between wireless networks is disclosed. A network hub broadcasts a beacon signal within repeating beacon periods. The position of the beacon signal shifts within each beacon period based upon a predetermined pseudo-random sequence. The beacon signal includes data identifying the current... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Embedded clock in digital communication system

A digital receiver for decoding input data having three states includes a first input coupled to a first data line, a second input coupled to a second data line, a third input coupled to a third data line, and a fourth input coupled to a fourth data line. A first... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Methods and ultrasonic lens cleaner using configurable filter banks

Methods and apparatus for ultrasonic lens cleaner using configurable filter banks are disclosed. In certain described examples, the methods and apparatus can expel fluid from a droplet on an optical surface using an ultrasonic transducer mechanically coupled to the optical surface and having first and second resonant frequency bands.... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Methods and apparatus using multistage ultrasonic lens cleaning for improved water removal

Methods and apparatus for using two stage ultrasonic lens cleaning for water removal are disclosed. An apparatus can expel fluid from a droplet on an optical surface using an ultrasonic transducer mechanically coupled to the optical surface and having first and second resonant frequency bands. A signal generator can generate... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Process for nife fluxgate device

An etchant for simultaneously etching NiFe and AlN with approximately equal etch rates that comprises phosphoric acid, acetic acid, nitric acid and deionized water. Alternating layers of NiFe and AlN may be used to form a magnetic core of a fluxgate magnetometer in an integrated circuit. The wet etch provides... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Assembly for mounting touch sensor within device case

A touch sensor mounting assembly includes a carrier with a front-side surface for attaching a touch sensor circuit (such as a flex circuit board), and a back-side spring structure. The touch sensor mounting assembly can be used for mounting at least one touch sensor in a device case with at... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Method and system for secure communication

A method for secure communication between an initiator and a recipient is provided that includes sending to the recipient by the initiator a command packet, the command packet including a randomly generated time offset designating a time window in which the initiator expects to receive a response packet from the... Texas Instruments Incorporated


A leadframe has a peripheral frame. A die attach pad (DAP) is positioned inwardly and downwardly of the peripheral frame. Two spaced apart parallel arms engage one side of the DAP. In one embodiment the arms are portions of a U-shaped strap.... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Methods and scribe street probe pads with reduced die chipping during wafer dicing

An example apparatus includes a semiconductor wafer with a plurality of probe pads each formed centered in scribe streets and intersected by saw kerf lanes. Each probe pad includes a plurality of lower level conductor layers arranged in lower level conductor frames, a plurality of lower level vias extending vertically... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Switching field plate power mosfet

A power MOSFET IC device including a source-down enhancement mode transistor formed in a semiconductor substrate and a depletion mode transistor formed in a doped region of the semiconductor substrate. A gate terminal of the depletion mode transistor is formed over at least a portion of the doped region as... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Embedded memory with enhanced channel stop implants

An integrated circuit contains a logic MOS transistor and a memory MOS transistor of a same polarity. The logic MOS transistor has a logic channel stop layer. The memory MOS transistor has a memory channel stop layer. An average dopant density of the memory channel stop layer is higher than... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Resonant rectifier circuit with capacitor sensing

A wireless power transfer system using a resonant rectifier circuit with capacitor sensing. A wireless power transfer system includes a power receiver resonant circuit and a synchronous rectifier. The power receiver resonant circuit includes an inductor and a capacitor connected in series with the inductor. The synchronous rectifier is configured... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Soft-start switch circuit

One example includes a switch circuit. The switch circuit includes a transistor configured to activate in response to an activation voltage at an activation terminal of the transistor. The switch circuit also includes a current source coupled to the activation terminal and being configured to generate an activation current. The... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Interleaved resonant converter

One example includes an interleaved resonant converter circuit. The circuit includes a plurality of resonant converter circuits that are each coupled to an output node and are configured to collectively generate an output voltage on the output node in response to a respective plurality of sets of switching signals at... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Pullable clock oscillator

A clock oscillator includes with a pullable BAW oscillator to generate an output signal with a target frequency. The BAW oscillator is based on a BAW resonator and voltage-controlled variable load capacitance, responsive to a capacitance control signal to provide a selectable load capacitance. An oscillator driver (such as a... Texas Instruments Incorporated

Dual-mode filtering actuator driver apparatus, systems and methods

In an actuator driver array, each actuator driver includes a transition stage to initiate a state change of a driver output signal, a static stage to maintain the state change, and an isolation resistor to couple the driver output signal to an output node of the actuator driver during a... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/29/18 / #20180091157

Dual-pfd feedback delay generation circuit

A dual-PFD circuit with delay feedback generated by a dual-modulus prescaler based on mode control from a feedback delay generation circuit. The PFD circuit can be used with a PLL feedback divider to divide a VCO clock signal VCO_clk and generate FB and FB_DLY signals. The PLL feedback divider includes... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/29/18 / #20180091245

Open real-time ethernet protocol

A real-time Ethernet (RTE) protocol includes start-up frames originated by a master device for network initialization including a preamble, destination address (DA), source address (SA), a type field, and a status field including state information that indicates a current protocol state that the Ethernet network is in for the slave... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180080988

Programmable test compression architecture input/output shift register coupled to sci/sco/pco

The disclosure describes novel methods and apparatuses for accessing test compression architectures (TCA) in a device using either a parallel or serial access technique. The serial access technique may be controlled by a device tester or by a JTAG controller. Further the disclosure provides an approach to access the TCA... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180081221

Touch sensing apparatus with dual touch sensors

A touch sensing apparatus for dual (adjacent) touch buttons (areas) defined on a touch surface (such as a sidewall of a mobile communications device). The apparatus includes first and second touch sensor assemblies, each including a support structure, a mounting structure to mount the touch sensor assembly to the back-side... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180081733

Bandwidth controlled data synchronization for image and vision processor

A hardware thread scheduler (HTS) is provided for a multiprocessor system. The HTS is configured to schedule processing of multiple threads of execution by resolving data dependencies between producer modules and consumer modules for each thread. Pattern adaptors may be provided in the scheduler that allows mixing of multiple data... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180081734

Data synchronization for image and vision processing blocks using pattern adapters

A hardware thread scheduler (HTS) is provided for a multiprocessor system. The HTS is configured to schedule processing of multiple threads of execution by resolving data dependencies between producer modules and consumer modules for each thread. Pattern adaptors may be provided in the scheduler that allows mixing of multiple data... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180082867

Universal load port for ultraviolet radiation semiconductor wafer processing machine

A semiconductor cassette universal load port. The universal load port comprises a frame, three pins coupled to the frame forming a first portion of a kinematic coupling system configured to locate a 12-inch semiconductor wafer cassette for access by a robot arm of an ultraviolet (UV) radiation (RAD) machine, a... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180082930

System in package device including inductor

Described examples include a system in package (SIP) device, including: a first leadframe having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface; an integrated circuit die including solder bumps on a first surface and having a second opposite surface, the solder bumps mounted to the second surface... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180083535

Integrated circuit with configurable control and power switches

Disclosed examples include integrated circuits configurable according to sensed circuit conditions to provide configurable power converter topologies with externally connected circuitry to implement buck, boost, buck-boost, low dropout and/or hot-swap power converters. The ICs include one or more sets of series connected high and low side transistors connected with corresponding... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180083580

Programmable filter in an amplifier

The disclosure provides an amplifier. The amplifier includes a first transistor that receives a first input and generates a first load current. A first output node is coupled to a power supply through a first load resistor. The first load resistor receives the first load current. A first capacitor network... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180083644

Software reconfigurable digital phase lock loop architecture

A novel and useful apparatus for and method of software based phase locked loop (PLL). The software based PLL incorporates a reconfigurable calculation unit (RCU) that is optimized and programmed to sequentially perform all the atomic operations of a PLL or any other desired task in a time sharing manner.... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180083757

Method and configuraton, measurement and reporting of channel state information for lte tdd with dynamic ul/dl configuration

A method of operating a time division duplex (TDD) wireless communication system is disclosed. The method includes establishing communications with a remote transceiver. A subframe configuration including static and flexible subframes is determined and transmitted to the remote transceiver. A channel state information (CSI) report is received from the remote... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/22/18 / #20180084531

Method and circuitry for wireless communications between different networks

Methods and circuitry for transmitting data between a first network operating in a first frequency band and a second network operating in a second frequency are disclosed. An example of a method includes receiving a first data frame transmitted in the first network in the first frequency band. A transmitter... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180073874

Analog floating-gate inclinometer

An analog floating-gate (AFG) inclinometer where a plurality of AFG sensors are provided to detect the presence of a discharge caused by settling of a conductive liquid droplet contained in a sealed microchannel under gravity. A plurality of sensor port electrodes associated with the AFG sensors are placed along the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180073895

Angular resolver imbalance detection

An angular resolver system includes, for example, an imbalance detector for detecting degraded resolver output signals. The imbalance detector includes a first and second power averaging circuits and a comparator circuit. The first power averaging circuit includes a first integrator for generating over a first time window a first average... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180074025

Ultrasonic vibration sensing

Mechanical vibration may be sensed by a remotely located ultrasonic sensor. An ultrasonic wave may be transmitted from a transmitter to a vibrating surface, in which the transmitter is separated from the vibrating surface by a distance. A reflected portion of the ultrasonic wave that is reflected from the vibrating... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180074118

Heatable interposer for temperature-controlled testing of semiconductor devices

A contactor having the top ends of its pogo pins contacting the leads of a semiconductor device package positioned in a handler at controlled temperature, and the bottom ends of the pogo pins contacting the pads of electrically conducting vias extending vertically through a heatable interposer. The heatable interposer has... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180074168

Noise mitigation in radar systems

A noise-mitigated continuous-wave frequency-modulated radar includes, for example, a transmitter for generating a radar signal, a receiver for receiving a reflected radar signal and comprising a mixer for generating a baseband signal in response to the received radar signal and in response to a local oscillator (LO) signal, and a... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180076038

Method for producing two n-type buried layers in an integrated circuit

A method of fabricating an integrated circuit includes forming a patterned dielectric layer, which includes a first pattern of openings, over a substrate and implanting a first n-type dopant into the substrate through the patterned dielectric layer to form a first doped region. The method continues with forming a patterned... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180076072

Air blow for semiconductor wafers in a vacuum semiconductor wafer laminator system

A vacuum semiconductor wafer laminator system. The system comprises a fan, a first outer air duct coupled to the fan and configured to direct air blown by the fan towards a first side of a semiconductor wafer box, a second outer air duct coupled to the fan and configured to... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180076116

Spot-solderable leads for semiconductor device packages

A semiconductor device that has at least one semiconductor chip attached to a leadframe made of sheet metal of unencumbered full thickness. The leadframe has leads of a first subset that alternate with leads of a second subset. The leads of the first and second subsets have elongated straight lead... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180076277

Integrated trench capacitor

A deep trench capacitor and a method for providing the same in a semiconductor process are disclosed. The method includes forming a plurality of deep trenches in a first region of a semiconductor wafer, the first region having well doping of a first type. A dielectric layer is formed on... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180076320

Power mosfet with metal filled deep source contact

A planar gate power MOSFET includes a substrate having a semiconductor surface doped a first conductivity type, a plurality of transistor cells (cells) including a first cell and at least a second cell each having a gate stack over a body region. A trench has an aspect ratio of >3... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180076707

Discrete capacitor structure

A discrete field coupled capacitor with a cross-connected capacitor-pair, such as for use as a discrete bypass capacitor. The FCC includes a first port with first and second terminals, and a second port with third and fourth terminals. A first capacitor structure is connected between the first and second terminals,... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180076749

Stator resistance estimation for electric motors

A method of controlling an electric motor (motor) includes providing a processor having an associated memory storing a stator resistance (Rs) estimation (RSE) algorithm that is programmed to implement the RSE algorithm to execute steps including injecting a current waveform at an arbitrary frame of reference into the stator using... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/15/18 / #20180077129

Methods and apparatus to provide extended object notation data

Methods and apparatus to provide extended object notation data are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a data handler having a first input to receive object data and a first output to output an object notation key-value pair for the object data; a string processor having a second input coupled to... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/08/18 / #20180067161

Automatic test equipment (ate) platform translation

A system that can include a computing device, upon implementing a host test program, can be configured to generate compiled host test instructions based on a non-host test program code that has been prepared in accordance with performance characteristics of a non-host automatic test equipment (ATE) and based on calibration... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/08/18 / #20180067164

Multiple input signature register analysis for digital circuitry

A system includes a multiple input signature register (MISR) to receive outputs from M different scan chains in response to N test patterns applied to test an integrated circuit. The MISR provides N test signatures for the integrated circuit based on the outputs of the M different scan chains generated... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/08/18 / #20180068042

Low drop-out voltage regulator modeling systems and methods

A specialized low drop-out voltage regulator (LDO) computer system stores a generalized base model of an LDO. The base model includes values representing a circuit topology and a set of analog behavior blocks associated with the generalized LDO. Values of a set of operational parameters associated with a specific model... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/08/18 / #20180068713

Array power supply-based screening of static random access memory cells for bias temperature instability

A method of screening complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor CMOS integrated circuits, such as integrated circuits including CMOS static random access memory (SRAM) cells, for transistors susceptible to transistor characteristic shifts over operating time. For the example of SRAM cells formed of cross-coupled CMOS inverters, separate ground voltage levels can be applied to... Texas Instruments Incorporated

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03/08/18 / #20180068894

Methods and scribe seal structures

An example integrated circuit die includes: a plurality of lower level conductor layers, a plurality of lower level insulator layers between the plurality of lower level conductor layers, a plurality of lower level vias extending vertically through the lower level insulator layers, a plurality of upper level conductor layers overlying... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/08/18 / #20180068908

Smart in situ chamber clean

A microelectronic device is formed using a fabrication tool such as a plasma thin film deposition tool or a plasma etch tool. A smart in-situ chamber clean begins with an initial plasma. A first physical signal is measured while the initial plasma is in progress, and the measured value is... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/08/18 / #20180069316

Combining power amplifiers at millimeter wave frequencies

A system having a set of power amplifiers each having a primary inductive structure configured to provide an output signal. A secondary inductive structure is configured to inductively couple to each of the primary inductive structures. A transmission line is provided with a signal trace and a ground trace. The... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/08/18 / #20180069471

Optimizing the efficiency of a boost pre-converter while maintaining input power factor

A power factor correction (PFC) pre-converter includes a boost converter and a PFC controller. The boost converter is configured to step up a boost converter input voltage by generating a boost converter output voltage. The boost converter includes an inductor, a switch, and a diode. The PFC controller is configured... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/08/18 / #20180069546

Methods and low current control for a power connection

Described examples include a controller having a first current source. The first current source has an output terminal coupled to a control terminal of a switch. A second current source has an output terminal coupled to the control terminal of the switch. The second current source provides current to the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/08/18 / #20180069566

Inbuilt threshold comparator

A comparator includes a first input stage coupled to a first signal input and a first reference input, wherein the first input stage is coupled between a first node and a second node. A second input stage is coupled to a second signal input and a second reference input, wherein... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180059151

Methods and circuitry for analyzing voltages

Circuitry and methods for measuring the voltage at a node are disclosed. A capacitive divider is coupled to the node, wherein the capacitive divider provides a first output. A resistive divider is coupled to the node, wherein the resistive divider provides a second output.... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180059180

Self test for safety logic

Methods and apparatus for self test of safety logic in safety critical devices is provided in which the safety logic includes comparator logic coupled to a circuit under test (CUT) in a safety critical device and the self test logic is configured to test the comparator logic. The self test... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180059697

Low dropout nanoamp bandgap

A reference generator provides a reference output voltage that is continuously available while providing certain efficiencies of a duty-cycled voltage regulator. The reference output voltage is generated by a sample-and-hold circuit that is coupled to a voltage regulator. On command, the sample-and-hold circuit samples a low dropout voltage regulator that... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180059703

Reference voltage generator system

One example includes a reference voltage generator system. The system includes an amplifier configured to generate a reference voltage based on a respective input voltage provided at each of at least one input of the amplifier. The system also includes at least one input transistor that is coupled to the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180060163

Error correction hardware with fault detection

Error correction code (ECC) hardware includes write generation (Gen) ECC logic and a check ECC block coupled to an ECC output of a memory circuit with read Gen ECC logic coupled to an XOR circuit that outputs a syndrome signal to a syndrome decode block coupled to a single bit... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180061723

Scan testable through silicon vias

The disclosure describes a novel method and apparatus for testing different types of TSVs in a single die or different types of TSV connections in a stack of die. The testing is facilitated by test circuitry associated with each type of TSV. The test circuitry includes a scan cell adapted... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180061828

High quality deep trench oxide

An integrated circuit including a trench in the substrate with a high quality trench oxide grown on the sidewalls and the bottom of the trench where the ratio of the thickness of the high quality trench oxide formed on the sidewalls to the thickness formed on the bottom is less... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180061932

Method for forming trench isolated capacitor and substrate contact

An integrated trench capacitor and method for making the trench capacitor is disclosed. The method includes forming a trench in a silicon layer, forming a first dielectric on the exposed surface of the trench, performing an anisotropic etch of the first dielectric to expose silicon at the bottom of the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180062510

Methods and circuitry for sampling a signal

Circuitry and methods for sampling a signal are disclosed. An example of the circuitry includes a node for coupling the circuitry to the signal being sampled and a plurality of capacitors, wherein each capacitor is selectively coupled to the node by a switch. An analog-to-digital converter is coupled to the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

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03/01/18 / #20180062626

Methods and a low power relaxation oscillator

In a described example, an apparatus includes: a capacitor coupled to receive a current at a first terminal and having a second terminal coupled to ground; a first comparator coupled to a voltage at the first terminal of the capacitor and to a first reference voltage; a second comparator coupled... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180062643

Methods and circuitry for driving a device

Methods and circuitry for driving a device through drive cycles wherein each drive cycle has a plurality of drive stages are disclosed. An example of the circuitry includes an output for coupling the circuitry to the device and a plurality of drive slices coupled in parallel to the output. Control... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180062772

Wake up receiver using multiphase peak detector and demodulator

A wireless receiver is disclosed that includes a peak detector coupled to receive a plurality of phases of an input signal, said plurality being substantially in quadrature, and to provide a detector output and a demodulator comprising an analog comparator coupled to receive said detector output and to provide a... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180063100

Thread ownership of keys for hardware-accelerated cryptography

An embedded processor with a cryptographic co-processor operating in a multithreading environment, with inter-thread security for cryptography operations. A secure memory block accessible by the co-processor stores a plurality of key entries, each key entry storing data corresponding to a cryptography key, and a thread owner field that identifies an... Texas Instruments Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180063866

Signaling of random access preamble parameters in wireless networks

User equipment (UE)-initiated accesses within a cellular network are optimized to account for cell size and to reduce signaling overhead. A fixed set of preamble parameter configurations for use across a complete range of cell sizes within the cellular network is established and stored within each UE. A UE located... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180052013

Methods and apparatus to increase resolver-to-digital converter accuracy

Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture to increase resolver-to-digital converter accuracy are disclosed. Example methods and apparatus compare a first induced signal and a first threshold signal to determine a first zero-cross signal, compare a second induced signal with the first threshold signal to determine a second zero-cross signal,... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180052202

Scan testing system, method and apparatus

Test circuits located on semiconductor die enable a tester to test a plurality of die/ICs in parallel by inputting both stimulus and response patterns to the plurality of die/ICs. The response patterns from the tester are input to the test circuits along with the output response of the die/IC to... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180053764

Process enhancement using double sided epitaxial on substrate

Disclosed examples include semiconductor devices and fabrication methods to fabricate semiconductor wafers and integrated circuits, including forming a first epitaxial semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type on a first side of a semiconductor substrate of the first conductivity type, forming a nitride or oxide protection layer on a top... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180053765

Dual deep trenches for high voltage isolation

A semiconductor device adopts an isolation scheme to protect low voltage transistors from high voltage operations. The semiconductor device includes a substrate, a buried layer, a transistor well region, a first trench, and a second trench. The substrate has a top surface and a bottom surface. The buried layer is... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180054116

Controlling a power supply voltage for a high-side gate driver

This disclosure describes techniques for controlling a power supply voltage for a high-side gate driver that is used in a power converter. In some examples, in response to an overvoltage condition that occurs on an input voltage lead of a power converter, a power converter may decouple a terminal of... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180054125

Time-interleaved current feedback droop function for multiphase buck converters

Methods and apparatus for providing a time-interleaved current-feedback droop function for multiphase buck converters. An example method includes outputting a first control signal to enable a first set of switches corresponding to a first voltage of a first phase from a multiphase converter, the first phase included in a plurality... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180054138

Powering electricity meter circuit front end with coreless pcb transformer

An apparatus. The apparatus includes a source of radio-frequency energy and a first transformer coil coupled to the source of RF energy. A second transformer coil, the second transformer coil electromagnetically coupled to the first transformer coil. A modulator is coupled to the source of radio frequency energy, wherein the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180054204

Digitally reconfigurable ultra-high precision internal oscillator

A system, method and apparatus for tuning an internal oscillator to a desired frequency F1 is shown and uses an RC delay element that comprises a resistor, a capacitor and a comparator. The method includes receiving a clock signal from an oscillator to be tuned, triggering charging of the RC... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180044040

Circuits and methods for reducing flicker in an led light source

Method and circuits for balancing a first waveform used to drive an LED are disclosed herein. The first waveform has a first cycle with a first amplitude and a second cycle with a second amplitude. An embodiment of the method includes adjusting the first amplitude of the first cycle to... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180045550

Capacitive liquid level measurement

A system for capacitive liquid level measurement of liquid in a container, including a level sensor with level+ and level− electrodes, driven out-of-phase to project a sensing electric field into the container, and a reference sensor with ref+ and ref− electrodes, driven out-of-phase to project a sensing electric field into... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180045776

Tsv testing method and apparatus

An integrated circuit die includes a substrate of semiconductor material having a top surface, a bottom surface, and an opening through the substrate between the top surface and the bottom surface. A through silicon via (TSV) has a conductive body in the opening, has a top contact point coupled to... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180045777

Addressable test access port method and apparatus

The disclosure describes a novel method and apparatus for making device TAPs addressable to allow device TAPs to be accessed in a parallel arrangement without the need for having a unique TMS signal for each device TAP in the arrangement. According to the disclosure, device TAPs are addressed by inputting... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180045778

Full pad coverage boundary scan

An integrated circuit, comprising functional circuitry and testing circuitry. A first set of pads is operable in a first state for communicating testing signals to the testing circuitry and operable in a second state for communicating input/output signals to the functional circuitry. A second set of pads, differing from the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180046591

Usb port controller with automatic transmit retries and receive acknowledgements

Described examples include USB controllers and methods of interfacing a host processor with one or more USB ports with the host processor implementing an upper protocol layer and a policy engine for negotiating USB power delivery parameters, in which the USB controller includes a logic circuit implementing a lower protocol... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180046596

Method and system for interpreting clicks on a multi-function input device

A method for interpreting clicks on a multi-function input device included in a digital device is provided that includes receiving a click from the multi-function input device, determining a position of the click on the multi-function input device and a cursor displayed on a display comprised in the digital device,... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180046830

System and secure authentication of a "smart" battery by a host

Systems and methods for providing a battery module 110 with secure identity information and authentication of the identity of the battery 110 by a host 120. In one embodiment, the system for providing a battery module with secure identity information includes: (1) a tamper resistant processing environment 200 located within... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180047149

System and electronic die inking after automatic visual defect inspection

A method of providing a semiconductor device and a computer-readable medium having instructions for performing the method are disclosed. The method includes receiving a first wafer defect map that defines comparison regions and identifies visual defect locations for a wafer. A format of the comparison regions is determined, with the... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180047728

Method to form silicide and contact at embedded epitaxial facet

An integrated circuit with an MOS transistor abutting field oxide and a gate structure on the field oxide adjacent to the MOS transistor and a gap between an epitaxial source/drain and the field oxide is formed with a silicon dioxide-based gap filler in the gap. Metal silicide is formed on... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180048233

Precharging a capacitor with an offset to mitigate control delays in a buck converter

One example includes a power supply system. The system includes a power stage comprising at least one power switch that is periodically activated during an on-time of a duty-cycle based on a switching signal to generate an output voltage at an output. The system also includes a switching controller configured... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180048236

Hybrid hysteretic control for llc converters

An LLC converter includes an input having a first node and a second node. A first switch is coupled between the first node and a third node and a second switch is coupled between the third node and the second node. A transformer having a first transformer input is coupled... Texas Instruments Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180048354

Systems and methods for implementing application profiles and device classes in power line communication (plc) environments

Systems and methods for application profiles and device classes in power line communications (PLCs) are described. In some embodiments, a PLC device has the device class defined by a PHY layer and may include a processor and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory may be configured to store... Texas Instruments Incorporated

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