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Texas Instruments Incorporated
Texas Instruments Incorporated A Delaware Corporation
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Texas Instruments Incorporated_20100107
Texas Instruments Incorporated_20100121
Texas Instruments Incorporated_20131212
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Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Texas Instruments Incorporated. Texas Instruments Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Texas Instruments Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Texas Instruments Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Texas Instruments Incorporated patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033083111/19/15  new patent  Method, apparatus and system for portable device surface and material analysis
22015033104511/19/15  new patent  Commanded jtag test access port operations
32015033104611/19/15  new patent  Method and test connectivity, communication, and control
42015033111411/19/15  new patent  Systems and methods for dynamically determining position
52015033143511/19/15  new patent  Power supply design tool for power supply system designs including multi-channel regulators
62015033143911/19/15  new patent  Electronic device and generating a curvature compensated bandgap reference voltage
72015033177611/19/15  new patent  Switch monitoring system
82015033263111/19/15  new patent  Electrophoretic display and operating
92015033297411/19/15  new patent  Layout method to minimize context effects and die area
102015033298911/19/15  new patent  Gang clips having distributed-function tie bars
112015033301011/19/15  new patent  Bond pad having ruthenium directly on passivation sidewall
122015033305511/19/15  new patent  High breakdown voltage microelectronic device isolation structure with improved reliability
132015033347411/19/15  new patent  Differential impedance matched laser diode driver with hybrid ac-dc match
142015033369411/19/15  new patent  Crystal oscillator startup time reduction
152015033369811/19/15  new patent  Method and apparatus having enhanced oscillator phase noise using high vt mos devices
162015033374711/19/15  new patent  Programmable ring oscillator used as a temperature sensor
172015033377811/19/15  new patent  Low power, low out-of-band harmonic content radio
182015033386811/19/15  new patent  Flexible prbs architecture for a transceiver
192015033390211/19/15  new patent  Data transfer clock recovery for legacy systems
202015033435311/19/15  new patent  Sensor synchronized networks using overlapping sensor fields
212015033472811/19/15  new patent  Systems and methods for time optimization for silencing wireless devices in coexistence networks
222015032334811/12/15 Rotational sensing with inductive sensor and rotating axial target surface
232015032359611/12/15 Method and test time reduction using fractional data packing
242015032359811/12/15 Selectable jtag or trace access with data store and output
252015032359911/12/15 Alternate signaling mechanism using clock and data
262015032360111/12/15 Semiconductor test system and method
272015032403011/12/15 Capacitive touch sensor and method
282015032420811/12/15 Fast startup behavior control of a cpu
292015032530811/12/15 Method and concurrent test of flash memory cores
302015032547211/12/15 Alignment to multiple layers
312015032550111/12/15 Cantilevered leadframe support structure for magnetic wireless transfer between integrated circuit dies
322015032557711/12/15 High voltage cmos with triple gate oxide
332015032557811/12/15 Low cost transistors
342015032563811/12/15 Vertical trench mosfet device in integrated power technologies
352015032610211/12/15 Minimum on-time control for low load dc/dc converter
362015032612111/12/15 Method and circuitry for sensing and controlling a current
372015032622311/12/15 Emulation of led input characteristics in bicmos process
382015032622611/12/15 Load switch for controlling electrical coupling between power supply and load
392015032623111/12/15 Tunable frequency-to-voltage controlled oscillation
402015032623611/12/15 Fractional-n synthesizer with pre-multiplication
412015032638611/12/15 Communication reception with compensation for relative variation between transmit bit interval and receiver sampling interval
422015032687111/12/15 Low-complexity two-dimensional (2d) separable transform design with transpose buffer management
432015031604711/05/15 Fluid pump having material displaceable responsive to electrical energy
442015031661211/05/15 Gating tap register control bus and auxiliary/wrapper test bus
452015031708711/05/15 Filler bank control circuit for synchronous fifo queues and other memory devices
462015031725911/05/15 Memory management unit that applies rules based on privilege identifier
472015031726311/05/15 Systems and methods for controlling a memory performance point
482015031741711/05/15 Methods and systems to control an adaptive time-step
492015031799311/05/15 Method and system to play background music along with voice on a cdma network
502015031823311/05/15 Dc-dc converter having terminals of semiconductor chips directly attachable to circuit board
512015031846111/05/15 Bulk acoustic wave (baw) device having roughened bottom side
522015031869111/05/15 Driver current control apparatus and methods
532015031883111/05/15 Current-limiting in an amplifier system
542015031886111/05/15 Software reconfigurable digital phase lock loop architecture
552015031896011/05/15 Transmission of acknowledge/not-acknowledge with repetition
562015031910811/05/15 Re-driver for bidriectional unidrectional high speed signaling while permitting low speed bidirectional signaling
572015031927211/05/15 Device and frame structure for powerline communications
582015030564810/29/15 Impedance measurement circuit
592015030735510/29/15 Method and sorting carbon nanotubes
602015030894910/29/15 Method and apparatus to mitigate ripple in a time of flight (tof) system
612015030908710/29/15 Overcurrent detector
622015030911110/29/15 Multiple rate signature test to verify integrated circuit identity
632015030911610/29/15 Adapting scan-bist architectures for low power operation
642015030911710/29/15 Scan testing system, method and apparatus
652015030952510/29/15 Voltage reference
662015030993010/29/15 Dynamic power reduction and performance improvement in caches using fast access
672015031090210/29/15 Static power reduction in caches using deterministic naps
682015031112610/29/15 Structure and metal gate stack oxygen concentration control using an oxygen diffusion barrier layer and a sacrificial oxygen gettering layer
692015031128110/29/15 High breakdown n-type buried layer
702015031130410/29/15 Inner l-spacer for replacement gate flow
712015031135510/29/15 Thermally-insulated micro-fabricated atomic clock structure and forming the atomic clock structure
722015031179210/29/15 Switched reference mosfet drive assist circuit
732015031179310/29/15 Series capacitor buck converter having circuitry for precharging the series capacitor
742015031179410/29/15 Adaptive boost driver charging circuit
752015031184410/29/15 Motor controller for position sensorless drives
762015031189310/29/15 Method, apparatus and system for an edge rate controlled output buffer
772015031201510/29/15 Channel quality report processes, circuits and systems
782015030096210/22/15 Assembly for inspecting machine parts used in the production of semiconductor components
792015030099010/22/15 Surface sensing corrosion sensing via magnetic modulation
802015030256110/22/15 Method, apparatus and system for performing geometric calibration for surround view camera solution
812015030267310/22/15 Relay attack prevention for passive entry/passive start systems
822015030306110/22/15 Dual pocket approach in pfets with embedded si-ge source/drain
832015030312110/22/15 Hermetic plastic molded mems device package and fabrication
842015030367810/22/15 Precision surge clamp with constant clamping voltage and near-zero dynamic resistance under various thermal, power and current levels
852015030385010/22/15 Current regulation in motors
862015030396110/22/15 Multi-branch outphasing system and method
872015030464810/22/15 Ensuring imaging subsystem integrity in camera based safety systems
882015029136910/15/15 Tray loading system for electronic components
892015029303910/15/15 Material detection and analysis using a dielectric waveguide
902015029304510/15/15 Measuring electrode impedance in an impedance measurement circuit
912015029315810/15/15 Contactless resistance measurement
922015029444910/15/15 Detect edge chip
932015029489510/15/15 Localized region of isolated silicon over dielectric mesa
942015029490110/15/15 Localized region of isolated silicon over recessed dielectric layer
952015029490210/15/15 Isolated semiconductor layer in bulk wafer by localized silicon epitaxial seed formation
962015029496710/15/15 Esd protection circuit with isolated scr for negative voltage operation
972015029498310/15/15 Isolated semiconductor layer over buried isolation layer
982015029511810/15/15 Inductive optical sensor utilizing frontside processing of photo sensitive material
992015029529710/15/15 Metallic waveguide with dielectric core
1002015029529810/15/15 Dielectric waveguide integrated into a flexible substrate
1012015029529910/15/15 Frequency selector for mm-wave communication using a dielectric waveguide
1022015029530010/15/15 Dielectric waveguide with integrated periodical structures
1032015029530510/15/15 Encapsulated molded package with embedded antenna for high data rate communication using a dielectric waveguide
1042015029530710/15/15 Dielectric waveguide with embedded antenna
1052015029556910/15/15 Binary frequency shift keying with data modulated in digital domain and carrier generated from intermediate frequency
1062015029562710/15/15 Efficient rank and precoding matrix feedback for mimo systems
1072015029565110/15/15 Matching impedance of a dielectric waveguide to a launching mechanism
1082015029574910/15/15 Blind i/q mismatch compensation apparatus and methods
1092015029621210/15/15 Processor instructions for accelerating video coding
1102015028586010/08/15 Compressed scan chain diagnosis by internal chain observation, processes, circuits, devices and systems
1112015028586110/08/15 Scan testing using scan frames with embedded commands
1122015028590410/08/15 Antenna configuration for parking assist radar
1132015028592610/08/15 Wireless power receiver and/or foreign object detection by a wireless power transmitter
1142015028660510/08/15 Message recipient discrimination using start-of-packet delimiters
1152015028744310/08/15 Default trim code technique
1162015028763110/08/15 Use of dielectric slots for reducing via resistance in dual damascene process
1172015028764110/08/15 Driver for normally on iii-nitride transistors to get normally-off functionality
1182015028764310/08/15 High-k / metal gate cmos transistors with tin gates
1192015028764710/08/15 Method of cmos manufacturing utilizing multi-layer epitaxial hardmask films for improved epi profile
1202015028771610/08/15 Method for creating the high voltage complementary bjt with lateral collector on bulk substrate with resurf effect
1212015028771710/08/15 Integration of analog transistor
1222015028772310/08/15 Dielectric liner added after contact etch before silicide formation
1232015028780110/08/15 Silicide formation due to improved sige faceting
1242015028780410/08/15 Spacer shaper formation with conformal dielectric film for void free pmd gap fill
1252015028817810/08/15 Power balancing between two power rails
1262015028833710/08/15 Reducing common mode transconductance in instrumentation amplifiers
1272015028836910/08/15 Digital phase locked loop
1282015028843310/08/15 Downlink 8 tx codebook sub-sampling for csi feedback
1292015028853410/08/15 Carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols for power line communications (plc)
1302015027668110/01/15 Scanning acoustic microscopy system and method
1312015027682410/01/15 On-chip ir drop detectors for functional and test mode scenarios, circuits, processes and systems
1322015027689210/01/15 Systems and methods for operating a hall-effect sensor without an applied magnetic field
1332015027691810/01/15 Synchronization in fmcw radar systems
1342015027746810/01/15 Multiplexed pin input circuit
1352015027766210/01/15 Capacitive position sensing with pressure compensation using dual-electrode sensor
1362015027800810/01/15 Crc-based forward error correction circuitry and method
1372015027813310/01/15 Real-time data acquisition using chained direct memory access (dma) channels
1382015027814010/01/15 Low power software defined radio (sdr)
1392015027842310/01/15 Device pin mux configuration solving and code generation via boolean satisfiability
1402015027948710/01/15 Memory repair categorization tracking
1412015027996610/01/15 Inner l-spacer for replacement gate flow
1422015028032010/01/15 Chip to dielectric waveguide interface for sub-millimeter wave communications link
1432015028041510/01/15 Logging esd events
1442015028062110/01/15 Method and apparatus to drive a linear resonant actuator at its resonant frequency
1452015028066210/01/15 Time gain compensation circuit in an ultrasound receiver
1462015028069910/01/15 Linearization circuit for high frequency signal phase adjustment
1472015028077210/01/15 Transceiver with asymmetric matching network
1482015028088510/01/15 Partial cqi feedback in wireless networks
1492015028177810/01/15 Automatic time extension of program recording
1502015026672709/24/15 Mems device with non-planar features
1512015026836009/24/15 Multi-sampling in x-ray receiver for noise reduction
1522015026909009/24/15 Performance and power improvement on dma writes to level two combined cache/sram that is cached in level one data cache and line is valid and dirty
1532015026927909/24/15 Loop detection in cuckoo hashtables
1542015026971709/24/15 Scene adaptive brightness/contrast enhancement
1552015027001609/24/15 Optimizing fuserom usage for memory repair
1562015027017409/24/15 Integrated circuit and forming the integrated circuit with improved logic transistor performance and sram transistor yield
1572015027018509/24/15 Tsv testing method and apparatus
1582015027025309/24/15 Programmable esd protection circuit
1592015027025609/24/15 Segmented npn vertical bipolar transistor
1602015027025709/24/15 Series connected esd protection circuit
1612015027033509/24/15 Hv complementary bipolar transistors with lateral collectors on soi with resurf regions under buried oxide
1622015027035709/24/15 Iii-nitride device and method having a gate isolating structure
1632015027039109/24/15 Semiconductor structure with a doped region between two deep trench isolation structures
1642015027070809/24/15 Esd protection circuit with plural avalanche diodes
1652015027086309/24/15 Control of tx/rx mode in serial half-duplex transceiver separately from communicating host
1662015027106209/24/15 Routing frame propagation in power line networks
1672015027123909/24/15 Trace protocol efficiency
1682015027149409/24/15 Low power ultra-hd video hardware engine
1692015027151109/24/15 Processing video data at a target rate
1702015027151209/24/15 Dynamic frame padding in a video hardware engine
1712015027191309/24/15 Electronic device package with vertically integrated capacitors
1722015026057109/17/15 Time-of-flight (tof) receiver with high dynamic range
1732015026079009/17/15 Serial i/o using jtag tck and tms signals
1742015026079109/17/15 1149.1tap linking modules
1752015026124609/17/15 Reference voltage generator system
1762015026171809/17/15 Signal conditioner discovery and control in a multi-segment data path
1772015026256909/17/15 Processor chip with ultrasound transducer for ultrasound chip debugging
1782015026264109/17/15 Method and circuit enabling ferroelectric memory to be fixed to a stable state
1792015026266809/17/15 Tcam providing efficient move contents operation
1802015026269209/17/15 Read margin measurement in a read-only memory
1812015026285209/17/15 Carrier tape packaging method and apparatus
1822015026290309/17/15 Packaged semiconductor devices having solderable lead surfaces exposed by grooves in package compound
1832015026291809/17/15 Structure and packaged semiconductor devices with bent-lead qfn leadframes
1842015026291909/17/15 Structure and packaged semiconductor devices with qfn leadframes having stress-absorbing protrusions
1852015026292009/17/15 Integrated circuit package
1862015026296509/17/15 Wire bonding method and structure
1872015026367409/17/15 Amplifier system
1882015026374409/17/15 Dual comparator-based error correction scheme for analog-to-digital converters
1892015026374709/17/15 Close-in tones
1902015026374909/17/15 Mismatch corrector
1912015026375309/17/15 Mismatch profile
1922015026375709/17/15 Digital to analog converter discharge circuit and associated analog to digital converter circuits
1932015026375909/17/15 Analog-to-digital converter
1942015026432809/17/15 Color space appearance model video processor
1952015026445509/17/15 Drivers and methods of driving tranducers
1962015025338009/10/15 Parametric test program generator
1972015025338609/10/15 Blocking the effects of scan chain testing upon a change in scan chain topology
1982015025341709/10/15 Phase compensation in a time of flight system
1992015025376409/10/15 Monitor data attachment to product lots for batch processes
2002015025398109/10/15 Method and system for processing gestures to cause computation of measurement of an angle or a segment using a touch system
2012015025415509/10/15 Maintaining coherent synchronization between data streams on detection of overflow
2022015025415709/10/15 Method for throttling trace data streams
2032015025482509/10/15 Method, apparatus and system for processing a display from a surround view camera solution
2042015025513809/10/15 Circuit and imprint reduction in fram memories
2052015025516409/10/15 Read margin measurement in a read-only memory
2062015025559609/10/15 Ldmos transistor and forming the ldmos transistor with improved rds*cgd
2072015025606409/10/15 Method, apparatus and system for a charge pump with a single capacitor and multiple outputs
2082015025608009/10/15 System and power transfer control
2092015025613609/10/15 Method, apparatus and system for level shifting of common mode voltage from input to output for capacitive feedback transimpedance amplifier
2102015025615109/10/15 Method and apparatus to reduce noise in ct data acquisition systems
2112015025621609/10/15 Method and digital predistortion for a switched mode power amplifier
2122015025621709/10/15 Dsss inverted spreading for smart utility networks
2132015025636809/10/15 Bi-phase communication demodulation techniques
2142015025692909/10/15 Method and system for acoustic echo cancellation using cascaded kalman filtering
2152015025338709/10/15 Programmable interface-based validation and debug
2162015024681009/03/15 Infrared sensor design using an epoxy film as an infrared absorption layer
2172015024772809/03/15 Systems for navigating using corrected yaw bias values
2182015024773909/03/15 Processes for more accurately calibrating and operating e-compass for tilt error, circuits, and systems
2192015024789709/03/15 Addressable test access port method and apparatus
2202015024792809/03/15 Cooperative location sensor apparatus and system for low complexity geolocation
2212015024813709/03/15 Method and circuitry for regulating a voltage
2222015024887909/03/15 Method and system for configuring an active noise cancellation unit
2232015024889009/03/15 Undetectable combining of nonaligned concurrent signals
2242015024892509/03/15 On chip characterization of timing parameters for memory ports
2252015024904009/03/15 Low-cost cmos structure with dual gate dielectrics and forming the cmos structure
2262015024908809/03/15 Low-cost cmos structure with dual gate dielectrics and forming the cmos structure
2272015024945309/03/15 Fast on-chip oscillator trimming
2282015024945809/03/15 On-chip analog-to-digital converter (adc) linearity text for embedded devices
2292015024965409/03/15 Security processing engines, circuits and systems and adaptive processes and other processes
2302015024988109/03/15 Power control for multichannel signal processing circuit
2312015024990709/03/15 Method and system for location estimation
2322015025006309/03/15 Molded power supply system having a thermally insulated component
2332015024147708/27/15 Effective and efficient solution for pin to pad contactor on wide range of smd package tolerances using a reverse funnel design anvil handler mechanism
2342015024151308/27/15 Core circuit test architecture
2352015024349408/27/15 Mechanically robust silicon substrate having group iiia-n epitaxial layer thereon
2362015024363908/27/15 Integrated passive flip chip package
2372015024364108/27/15 Integrated circuit package
2382015024364808/27/15 Quantum well-modulated bipolar junction transistor
2392015024374208/27/15 Method to form stepped dielectric for field plate formation
2402015024375708/27/15 Bi-directional esd diode structure with ultra-low capacitance that consumes a small amount of silicon real estate
2412015024426908/27/15 Switching mode power supply with adaptively randomized spread spectrum
2422015024435508/27/15 Low-power offset-stored latch
2432015024437208/27/15 Single supply level shifter with improved rise time and reduced leakage
2442015024438608/27/15 Background dac calibration for pipeline adc
2452015024454108/27/15 Enhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols
2462015024497508/27/15 Power supply architectures for powered devices
2472015024502608/27/15 Signaling signed band offset values for sample adaptive offset (sao) filtering in video coding
2482015024503808/27/15 Methods and reduced bandwidth pulse width modulation
2492015023369508/20/15 Inductive position-sensing

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