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Texas Instruments Incorporated
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Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Texas Instruments Incorporated. Texas Instruments Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Texas Instruments Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Texas Instruments Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Texas Instruments Incorporated patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015024147708/27/15 Effective and efficient solution for pin to pad contactor on wide range of smd package tolerances using a reverse funnel design anvil handler mechanism
22015024151308/27/15 Core circuit test architecture
32015024349408/27/15 Mechanically robust silicon substrate having group iiia-n epitaxial layer thereon
42015024363908/27/15 Integrated passive flip chip package
52015024364108/27/15 Integrated circuit package
62015024364808/27/15 Quantum well-modulated bipolar junction transistor
72015024374208/27/15 Method to form stepped dielectric for field plate formation
82015024375708/27/15 Bi-directional esd diode structure with ultra-low capacitance that consumes a small amount of silicon real estate
92015024426908/27/15 Switching mode power supply with adaptively randomized spread spectrum
102015024435508/27/15 Low-power offset-stored latch
112015024437208/27/15 Single supply level shifter with improved rise time and reduced leakage
122015024438608/27/15 Background dac calibration for pipeline adc
132015024454108/27/15 Enhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols
142015024497508/27/15 Power supply architectures for powered devices
152015024502608/27/15 Signaling signed band offset values for sample adaptive offset (sao) filtering in video coding
162015024503808/27/15 Methods and reduced bandwidth pulse width modulation
172015023369508/20/15 Inductive position-sensing
182015023400008/20/15 Real time semiconductor process excursion monitor
192015023400908/20/15 Test compression in a jtag daisy-chain environment
202015023440408/20/15 Low dropout voltage regulator circuits
212015023451908/20/15 Touchscreen controller and charger noise reduction through noise shaping
222015023599908/20/15 Converter having partially thinned leadframe with stacked chips and interposer, free of wires and clips
232015023667008/20/15 Output range for interpolation architectures employing a cascaded integrator-comb (cic) filter with a multiplier
242015023673008/20/15 Subtracting linear impairments for non-linear impairment digital pre-distortion error signal
252015023675308/20/15 Coexistence method by requesting access to the channel
262015023675908/20/15 Loop powered transmitter with a single tap data isolation transformer and unipolar voltage converters
272015023688208/20/15 Sounding reference signal processing for lte
282015023737008/20/15 Parallel motion estimation in video coding
292015023738008/20/15 Systems and methods for reducing blocking artifacts
302015022461508/13/15 Turntable
312015022661808/13/15 Piezoelectric thin-film sensor and use thereof
322015022679808/13/15 Boundary scan path method and system with functional and non-functional scan cell memories
332015022679908/13/15 Removable and replaceable tap domain selection circuitry
342015022714708/13/15 Load dependent biasing cell for low dropout regulator
352015022742108/13/15 Package on package memory interface and configuration with error code correction
362015022748508/13/15 Usb switch with multi-role ports
372015022748808/13/15 System and improving ecc enabled memory timing
382015022764008/13/15 File systems, processes, circuits, devices and electronic systems
392015022856308/13/15 Lead frame with abutment surface
402015022856608/13/15 High pin count, small packages having heat-dissipating pad
412015022858108/13/15 Integrated circuit package fabrication
422015022910208/13/15 Method and disabling a laser
432015022912408/13/15 Dynamic current pull-down for voltage regulator
442015022919908/13/15 Constant on-time control for power converter
452015022921508/13/15 Buck-boost converter with smooth transition circuits and methods
462015022924108/13/15 Mems electrostatic actuator
472015022925408/13/15 Angular frequency extractor for controlling a brushed dc motor
482015022927808/13/15 Chopped operational-amplifier (op-amp) system
492015022928008/13/15 Nonlinear class ab input stage
502015022945808/13/15 Electric vehicle and service equipment on a pilot wire
512015022961308/13/15 Methods and apparatus to provide extended object notation data
522015023031308/13/15 Led control system
532015023034508/13/15 Interdigitated chip capacitor assembly
542015021969008/06/15 Current sensor
552015021975408/06/15 Programmable wavelet tree
562015021976808/06/15 Cross coupled positioning engine (pe) architecture for sensor integration in global navigation satellite system (gnss)
572015022006508/06/15 Circuit for detecting and correcting timing errors
582015022151608/06/15 Process-compatible sputtering target for forming ferroelectric memory capacitor plates
592015022152408/06/15 Sloped photoresist edges for defect reduction for metal dry etch processes
602015022152608/06/15 Selective planishing making a semiconductor device
612015022158408/06/15 Stacked synchronous buck converter having chip embedded in outside recess of leadframe
622015022162208/06/15 Dc-dc converter having terminals of semiconductor chips directly attachable to circuit board
632015022174708/06/15 Avalanche energy handling capable iii-nitride transistors
642015022200408/06/15 Terminationless power splitter/combiner
652015022221708/06/15 Travelling wave motor pre-driver using high resolution pwm generators
662015022223708/06/15 Amplifier with reduced idle power loss using single-ended loops
672015022228208/06/15 Timing compensation using the system clock
682015022232708/06/15 Scaled power line based network
692015022232808/06/15 Scaled power line based network
702015022246308/06/15 Transmitter and transmitting
712015022262108/06/15 Auto-provisioning for internet-of-things devices
722015022265808/06/15 Relay attack countermeasure system
732015022290308/06/15 Method and sub-picture based raster scanning coding order
742015022290408/06/15 Parsing friendly and error resilient merge flag coding in video coding
752015021189507/30/15 Inductive sensing including inductance multiplication with series connected coils
762015021211607/30/15 Magnetically coupled dc current sensor
772015021214307/30/15 Kill die subroutine at probe for reducing parametric failing devices at package test
782015021215007/30/15 Dft approach to enable faster scan chain diagnosis
792015021215207/30/15 Testing of integrated circuits during at-speed mode of operation
802015021215307/30/15 System and sharing a communications link between multiple communications protocols
812015021292107/30/15 Debug trace stream timestamping using downstream correlation
822015021295507/30/15 Programmable interrupt routing in multiprocessor devices
832015021388307/30/15 Testing signal development on a bit line in an sram
842015021406907/30/15 Piezoelectric thin film process
852015021409607/30/15 Sinker with a reduced width
862015021413607/30/15 Semiconductor device having leadframe with pressure-absorbing pad straps
872015021419807/30/15 Stacked semiconductor system having interposer of half-etched and molded sheet metal
882015021422207/30/15 Monolithically integrated transistors for a buck converter using source down mosfet
892015021484607/30/15 Bi-modal voltage converter
902015021490707/30/15 System, for power amplification of a signal in an integrated circuit
912015021493407/30/15 Relaxation oscillator with low drift and native offset cancellation
922015021498807/30/15 Dual loop digital predistortion for power amplifiers
932015021501507/30/15 Multi-rank precoding matrix indicator (pmi) feedback in a multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) system
942015021591607/30/15 Physical downlink control channel and physical hybrid automatic repeat request indicator channel enhancements
952015021596807/30/15 Random access channel false alarm control
962015020492507/23/15 Method and lra real time impedance tracking and bemf extraction
972015020509807/23/15 Low cost window production for hermetically sealed optical packages
982015020740007/23/15 Control thermal balancing in multiphase dc-dc converters
992015020740507/23/15 Input offset control
1002015020752107/23/15 Usb power delivery multiple drop using cyclic redundancy check
1012015020754007/23/15 Systems and methods for implementing application profiles and device classes in power line communication (plc) environments
1022015020797407/23/15 Methods and apparatus to generate wide dynamic range images
1032015020845107/23/15 Access point discoverability in multi-role multi-channel devices
1042015019621307/16/15 Heart monitors and processes with accelerometer motion artifact cancellation, and other electronic systems
1052015019866407/16/15 Integrated circuit
1062015019869407/16/15 Positioning server
1072015019869507/16/15 Wireless device for indoor positioning
1082015019872107/16/15 System for crowd-sourced fingerprinting
1092015020077107/16/15 Methods and systems for clock drift compensation interpolation
1102015019491407/09/15 Automated motor control
1112015019500307/09/15 Enhanced cross correlation detection or mitigation circuits, processes, devices, receivers and systems
1122015018499307/02/15 Resonant inductive sensing with active resonator target
1132015018528307/02/15 Handling slower scan outputs at optimal frequency
1142015018529407/02/15 Resonant impedance sensing with a negative impedance control loop implemented with synchronized class d and output comparators
1152015018531607/02/15 Techniques for angle resolution in radar
1162015018658807/02/15 Multilevel via placement with improved yield in dual damascene interconnection
1172015018668207/02/15 Less-secure processors, integrated circuits, wireless communications apparatus, methods and processes of making
1182015018748807/02/15 Integrated circuit with micro inductor and micro transformer with magnetic core
1192015018757007/02/15 Process for forming pzt or plzt thinfilms with low defectivity
1202015018758307/02/15 Dilution doped integrated circuit resistors
1212015018758507/02/15 Dummy gate placement methodology to enhance integrated circuit performance
1222015018759707/02/15 Method to improve slip resistance of silicon wafers
1232015018759807/02/15 High precision capacitor dielectric
1242015018763207/02/15 Metal thin film resistor and process
1252015018763507/02/15 Method to reduce particles during sti fill and reduce cmp scratches
1262015018765307/02/15 High-k / metal gate cmos transistors with tin gates
1272015018765507/02/15 Method to improve transistor matching
1282015018765607/02/15 Laser anneals for reduced diode leakage
1292015018765807/02/15 Implant profiling with resist
1302015018765907/02/15 High quality dielectric for hi-k last replacement gate transistors
1312015018766107/02/15 Dual layer hardmask for embedded epi growth
1322015018767707/02/15 Lid for integrated circuit package
1332015018771107/02/15 Opening in a multilayer polymeric dielectric layer without delamination
1342015018772907/02/15 Wire stitch bond having strengthened heel
1352015018775207/02/15 Bi-directional esd protection device
1362015018775507/02/15 Npn heterojunction bipolar transistor in cmos flow
1372015018775807/02/15 Schottky diodes for replacement metal gate integrated circuits
1382015018775907/02/15 High sheet resistor in cmos flow
1392015018776007/02/15 Deep collector vertical bipolar transistor with enhanced gain
1402015018776807/02/15 Poly gate extension design methodology to improve cmos performance in dual stress liner process flow
1412015018777007/02/15 High mobility transistors
1422015018777107/02/15 Hybrid high-k first and high-k last replacement gate process
1432015018777207/02/15 Optimized layout for relaxed and strained liner in single stress liner technology
1442015018777307/02/15 High mobility transistors
1452015018790307/02/15 Fringe capacitance reduction for replacement gate cmos
1462015018793407/02/15 High voltage multiple channel ldmos
1472015018793707/02/15 Ldmos chc reliability
1482015018793807/02/15 Low cost demos transistor with improved chc immunity
1492015018795707/02/15 Transistor with improved radiation hardness
1502015018841307/02/15 Multiple output integrated power factor correction
1512015018843207/02/15 Switched mode assisted linear regulator with seamless transition between power tracking configurations
1522015018851907/02/15 Dual edge-triggered retention flip-flop
1532015018852207/02/15 Resonant impedance sensing with drive current pulse shaping to reduce noise folding
1542015018853307/02/15 Bootstrapped sampling switch circuits and systems
1552015018856107/02/15 Novel technique to combine a coarse adc and a sar adc
1562015018862607/02/15 Optical fiber defect detection
1572015018883807/02/15 Disabling network connectivity on student devices
1582015017732306/25/15 Scan test method and apparatus
1592015017732406/25/15 Scan topology discovery in target systems
1602015017732506/25/15 Semiconductor test system and method
1612015017732606/25/15 Waveform calibration using built in self test mechanism
1622015017822106/25/15 Level one data cache line lock and enhanced snoop protocol during cache victims and writebacks to maintain level one data cache and level two cache coherence
1632015017851306/25/15 Method and system of verifying proper execution of a secure mode entry sequence
1642015017857306/25/15 Ground plane detection
1652015017945206/25/15 High voltage depletion mode n-channel jfet
1662015017959206/25/15 Self-aligned under bump metal
1672015017965406/25/15 Epitaxial source/drain differential spacers
1682015017978306/25/15 Metal-gate mos transistor and forming the transistor with reduced gate-to-source and gate-to-drain overlap capacitance
1692015017979206/25/15 Scheme to align ldmos drain extension to moat
1702015017979306/25/15 Lateral mosfet with buried drain extension layer
1712015018033006/25/15 Apparatus and zero voltage switching in bridgeless totem pole power factor correction converter
1722015018053906/25/15 Enabling co-existence among power line communication (plc) technologies
1732015018059406/25/15 Self-calibrating shared-component dual synthesizer
1742015018068006/25/15 Overlapping priority contention windows power line communications networks
1752015018069206/25/15 Circuits and methods for transmitting signals
1762015018162106/25/15 Multiple nfc card applications in multiple execution environments
1772015018170606/25/15 High voltage polymer dielectric capacitor isolation device
1782015016832806/18/15 Capacitive sensing for paper tray
1792015016849206/18/15 Test access port with address and command capability
1802015016849306/18/15 Testing interposer method and apparatus
1812015016849406/18/15 Synchronizing a device that has been power cycled to an already operational system
1822015016981406/18/15 Harmonic distortion macro model correction using a memory table
1832015016981506/18/15 Harmonic distortion vs. output loading macro-modeling
1842015017096206/18/15 Metal on elongated contacts
1852015017097106/18/15 Methodology of forming cmos gates on the secondary axis using double-patterning technique
1862015017097206/18/15 Method to form silicide and contact at embedded epitaxial facet
1872015017097506/18/15 Elongated contacts using litho-freeze-litho-etch process
1882015017098306/18/15 Probe pad design to reduce saw defects
1892015017099806/18/15 Use of dielectric slots for reducing via resistance in dual damascene process
1902015017099906/18/15 Multiple depth vias in an integrated circuit
1912015017104606/18/15 Self-adhesive die
1922015017107706/18/15 Poly resistor for metal gate integrated circuits
1932015017109106/18/15 Self aligned active trench contact
1942015017115806/18/15 Low temperature coefficient resistor in cmos flow
1952015017121106/18/15 Reduced area power devices using deep trench isolation
1962015017121206/18/15 High voltage lateral dmos transistor with optimized source-side blocking capability
1972015017121306/18/15 High voltage lateral extended drain mos transistor with improved drift layer contact
1982015017121706/18/15 Design and integration of finfet device
1992015017163406/18/15 Data extraction threshold circuit and method
2002015017192206/18/15 Channel selection in power line communications
2012015017193206/18/15 Circuit and architecture for a demodulator for a wireless power transfer system and method therefor
2022015017193506/18/15 Circuit and architecture for a demodulator for a wireless power transfer system and method therefor
2032015017207306/18/15 Transmission of segmented frames in power line communication
2042015017271806/18/15 Low complexity large transform
2052015016922306/18/15 Dynamic processor-memory revectoring architecture
2062015016028506/11/15 Apparatus and methods for qualifying hemt fet devices
2072015016029406/11/15 Parallel and serial access to test compression architectures
2082015016029506/11/15 Method and device access port selection
2092015016035006/11/15 Antenna selection for gnss receivers
2102015016045406/11/15 Multiple illumination sources for dmd lighting apparatus and methods
2112015016231706/11/15 Fabricating a proximity sensor having light-blocking structure in leadframe
2122015016283006/11/15 Power converter soft start circuit
2132015016313406/11/15 Routing protocols for power line communications (plc)
2142015016320706/11/15 Pairwise temporal key creation for secure networks
2152015015341106/04/15 Ieee 1149.1 interposer method and apparatus
2162015015341206/04/15 Dual mode test access port method and apparatus
2172015015402406/04/15 Vector simd vliw data path architecture
2182015015578306/04/15 Switched mode assisted linear regulator with dynamic buck turn-off using zcd-controlled tub switching
2192015015649006/04/15 Virtual boundary processing simplification for adaptive loop filtering (alf) in video coding
2202015014369005/28/15 Forming integrated inductors and transformers with embedded magnetic cores
2212015014438905/28/15 Method of minimizing mold flash during dambar cut
2222015014503605/28/15 Power integrated circuit including series-connected source substrate and drain substrate power mosfets
2232015014504005/28/15 Metal oxide semiconductor and making
2242015014505805/28/15 Transistor with deep nwell implanted through the gate
2252015014509705/28/15 Photodiode with a dark current suppression junction
2262015014512505/28/15 Passivation process to prevent tiw corrosion
2272015014543005/28/15 Combined digital modulation and current dimming control for light emitting diodes
2282015014549705/28/15 Low-loss step-up and step-down voltage converter
2292015014617405/28/15 Projector with optical conversion media pumped by low etendue source
2302015014633005/28/15 Esd robust mos device
2312015014667605/28/15 Downlink multiple input multiple output enhancements for single-cell with remote radio heads
2322015014682305/28/15 Wireless network receiver
2332015014703405/28/15 Optical connector
2342015014784505/28/15 Dual sided embedded die and fabrication of same background
2352015014788105/28/15 Passivation ash/oxidation of bare copper
2362015014933105/28/15 Taking device inventory using dynamically generated symbols
2372015014983305/28/15 Embedding stall and event trace profiling data in the timing stream - extended timing trace circuits, processes, and systems
2382015014984405/28/15 Double data rate test interface and architecture
2392015014984505/28/15 Device testing architecture, method, and system
2402015013761905/21/15 Method and circuitry for controlling a depletion-mode transistor
2412015013770005/21/15 Systems and methods of driving multiple outputs
2422015013771305/21/15 Adaptive linear resonance actuator controller
2432015013800405/21/15 Method for calibrating a pipelined continuous-time sigma delta modulator
2442015013831205/21/15 Method and a surround view camera system photometric alignment
2452015013844605/21/15 Compact optical projection apparatus
2462015013899505/21/15 Method, system and phase noise cancellation
2472015013956805/21/15 Method and a optimal seam for surround view synthesis
2482015014076905/21/15 Raised source/drain mos transistor and forming the transistor with an implant spacer and an epitaxial spacer
2492015014237905/21/15 Method and forcing the measurements of the angles of a triangle

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