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Thales Holdings Uk Plc
Thales Canada Inc
Thales Avionics Inc
Thales Nederland B v
Thales Alenia Space Italia S p a Con Unico Socio
Thales Defense x26 Security Inc
Thales Visionix Inc
Thales Australia Limited
Thales raytheon Systems Company Llc
Thales Inc
Thales Rail Signalling Solutions Inc
Thales Deutschland Gmbh
Thales Research Inc
Thales Rail Signaling Solutions Inc
Thales Italia S p a
Thales Communications Inc
Thales Alenia Space Italia Spa
Thales Underwater Systems Pty Limited
Thales Alenia Space Italia S p a
Thales Alenia
Thales Energy Inc
Thales Atm Gmbh
Thales Deutschland Holding Gmbh
Thales Avionics

Thales patents

Recent patent applications related to Thales. Thales is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Thales may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Thales, we're just tracking patents.

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02/10/11Laboratory scale continuous flow hydrogenation process
12/07/17 new patent  Assembly for attaching and connecting a computer data storage device to an on-board computer and associated use
11/30/17Method for processing a radar signal in land/sea detection mode; processing system and associated computer program product
11/30/17Head-borne viewing system comprising crossed optics
11/30/17Method for discrimination and identification of objects of a scene by 3-d imaging
11/30/17Hyperfrequency housing occupying a small surface area and mounting of such a housing on a circuit
11/30/17Compact multifrequency dual-polarization radiofrequency exciter for a primary antenna source and a primary antenna source equipped with such a radiofrequency exciter
11/23/17Method for detecting signals in a frequency-ambiguous digital receiver, and digital receiver implementing such a method
11/23/17Method for passively locating a non-movable transmitter
11/23/17Self-complementary multilayer array antenna
11/23/17System and transmitting data
11/23/17Soft handover method using gateway sites diversity and implemented in a space telecommunication system
11/16/17Radar detection method distinguishing rain echoes and radar implementing such a method
11/09/17System for launching and recovering marine and submarine devices assisted by tiltable protective components
11/09/17Composite structure comprising a resin loaded with flat graphene sheets having enhanced thermal and electrical conductivity, in particular for a satellite
11/09/17System for analysis of a microwave frequency signal by imaging
11/09/17Method and system to validate geopositioning by satellite
11/09/17Method and device for generating a resulting setpoint trajectory of an aircraft, related computer program product and aircraft
11/09/17Method for automatically rejoining a reference vertical profile of an aircraft
11/09/17Method for producing a resonant structure of a distributed-feedback semiconductor laser
11/09/17Inter-satellite communication device, associated satellite and associated constellation of satellites
11/02/17Submersible having variable lift depending on the navigation mode
11/02/17Method for optimizing the detection of marine targets and airborne radar implementing such a method
10/26/17Method for optimising the detection of marine targets and radar implementing such a method
10/26/17Method of optimizing picture captures carried out by an airborne radar imaging device, and mission system implementing such a method
10/26/17Method for processing an update file of an avionic equipment of an aircraft, a computer program product, related processing electronic device and processing system
10/26/17Method of 3d panoramic mosaicing of a scene
10/19/17Orbit transfer a spacecraft using a continuous or quasi-continuous thrust and embedded driving system for implementing such a method
10/19/17Automated computation of a dimension of a moving platform
10/19/17Compact three-frequency resonant optical gyroscope
10/19/17Secure sequencing of aircraft flight plan
10/19/17Omnidirectional antenna
10/12/17Submerged object suspended from a towing cable optimized to neutralize disrupting hydrodynamic forces
10/12/17Integrated antenna device
10/05/17Method of synthetic representation of elements of interest in a viewing system for aircraft
10/05/17System for segregating audio messages in a cockpit
10/05/17System and dynamically calibrating one or more radiofrequency channels of a satellite payload
10/05/17More reliable monochromatic stereoscopic image projector
09/28/17Device for displaying and updating an aerial trajectory pattern aligned with an area on the ground, in particular for an air-drop mission
09/28/17Secondary radar able to detect targets at high elevation
09/28/17Satellite geopositioning method and associated terminal
09/21/17Method for estimating scattering coefficients of a laser gyro in operation and associated gyroscopic system
09/21/17Method for filtering a numerical input signal and associated filter
09/21/17Method for determining parameters of a compression filter and associated multi-channel radar
09/21/17Digital frequency converter and processing in a digital frequency converter
09/14/17Pod repair unit
09/14/17Device for connecting objects using a strip
09/14/17Method and system for managing a multi-destination flight plan
09/14/17Compact electronic scanning antenna
09/07/17Deployment and aiming device
09/07/17Method for managing crossovers in the tracking of mobile objects, and associated device
09/07/17Skyrmion generation system
08/31/17Device comprising a radio communication terminal
08/24/17Method for controlling peripherals, associated peripheral driver(s) and computer program
08/24/17Integrated radio communications system using an ordered hierarchical cellular coverage
08/17/17Hitching a fish up to a towed sonar
08/17/17Wide spectral band subwavelength diffractive component
08/10/17Radioelectric device for transmitting and receiving radioelectric waves and associated radio altimetry system
08/10/17Method for calibrating a satellite radio navigation receiver
08/10/17Hybrid electronic device protected against humidity and protecting a hybrid electronic device against humidity
08/10/17Method for transparent on-board routing of data packets at very high bit rate in a space telecommunication system using a network of at least one regenerative satellite(s)
08/10/17Method for end-to-end transparent transport of data packets within a space telecommunications system using a network of regenerative satellites with isls
08/03/17Deformable mirror
07/27/17Method for detecting targets on the ground and in motion, in a video stream acquired with an airborne camera
07/27/17Airborne optoelectronic equipment for imaging, monitoring and/or designating targets
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07/20/17Accelerometer device
07/13/17System for acquisition of at least one physical variable, in particular for a critical on-board avionics system, and associated acquisition method
07/13/17System for spatial recombination of ultrashort laser pulses by means of a diffractive element
07/13/17System for phasing a large number of laser sources
07/13/17Antenna adapter
07/06/17Current-detection device
07/06/17Magnetometric sensor
06/29/17Method for three-dimensional graphic representation of a landing runway on an aircraft display device
06/29/17Method for graphic representation of the relative position of the sky and the earth in an onboard display system for aircraft
06/29/17Display of meteorological data in aircraft
06/29/17Display of meteorological data in aircraft
06/29/17Method for graphically representing an image from an image sensor superimposed on a synthetic second image of the outside landscape
06/29/17Open architecture for flight management system
06/29/17Method of three-dimensional graphical representation of a landing runway axis
06/29/17Method for graphically representing a synthetic three-dimensional view of the exterior landscape in an on-board visualisation system for aircraft
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06/29/17Solution with massive spatial distributing for telecom constellation
06/22/17Device for retaining and releasing appendages
06/22/17Device for displaying and updating trajectory patterns, in particular sar trajectory patterns
06/22/17Method of satellite communication with flexible capacity distribution based on beam hopping and on a fractional reuse scheme
06/22/17Method for allocating radio resources in a communication system using non-gso satellites with interference level constraint to a geostationary system
06/15/17Method of displaying an "attitude director indicator" in a head viewing system for aircraft
06/15/17Multi-band elementary radiating cell
06/15/17Dual-band modular active antenna
06/15/17Compact bipolarization excitation assembly for a radiating antenna element and compact array comprising at least four compact excitation assemblies
06/15/17Splitter/combiner system for rf waves
06/15/17Methods and devices for validating the synchronization between a geolocalizing receptor and an emitting satellite
06/08/17Deployable structure comprising a set of solar generators, system for deploying such a deployable structure and satellite comprising such a system
06/08/17Device for towing a very long tubular object
06/08/17System comprising a headset equipped with a display device and documentation display and management means
06/08/17Active antenna architecture with reconfigurable hybrid beamforming
06/01/17Method for computing and representing deviations from the trajectory of an aircraft in flight
06/01/17Method for computing the representation of the trajectory of an aircraft in flight
06/01/17Method for using a human-machine interface device for an aircraft comprising a speech recognition unit
05/25/17Electronic assisting an aircraft pilot, related computer program
05/25/17Method and system for acoustic communication
05/25/17Image compression method allowing a set compression quality to be obtained
05/18/17Method for determining a wrong synchronization of a receiver with a satellite, associated module and computer program product
05/18/17Method for randomly texturing a semiconductor substrate
05/11/17Method and system for pilot decision aid for the aircraft piloting and associated computer program product
05/11/17Starting circuit for generator-starter with three terminals and starting method
05/11/17Control device for linear actuator, and associated actuator, method and use
05/11/17Managing the trajectory of an aircraft in case of engine outage
05/11/17Rf frequency window
05/11/17Method of characterizing the performance of a payload of a satellite in orbit and associated iot system
05/11/17Method for acquisition of images by a space or airborne optical instrument with wide field of view
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05/11/17Photonic radiofrequency signal cross-connect and frequency conversion device and space-borne telecommunications payload comprising such a device
05/04/17Audio communications and display system worn on the head of a user and comprising a retractable nape support device
05/04/17Umbilical antenna structure
05/04/17Locking and extraction device for an electrical connector
05/04/17Dynamic limitation device and dynamic limitation method implementing a device of this kind
04/20/17Microelectromechanical system and fabricating process
04/20/17Optimized buffer layer for high mobility field-effect transistor
04/20/17Compact antenna with modular beam aperture
04/13/17Compact multi-frequency horn antenna, radiating feed and antenna comprising such a horn antenna
04/13/17Architecture of a wideband distributed amplification device
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04/06/17Method for transmitting data packets switched between a random access channel (rach) and a demand assigned multiple access (dama) channel
04/06/17Method for dynamically adapting the capacity of a contention transmission channel
03/30/17Deployable assembly
03/30/17Device for controlling data carried by an item of on-board equipment, associated fee collection system and method
03/30/17Flexible solar generator provided with electrical protection against the impact of celestial objects, spacecraft and satellite comprising at least one such solar generator
03/23/17Gyroscopic actuator with double gimbal guidance, suspension element and end-stop element
03/23/17Device for securing a client application for a symbology display system of the client-server type
03/23/17Logic circuit based on spin valves of the spin-polarized supercurrent type and circuit integrating such logic gates
03/16/17Test pattern and calibrating an x-ray imaging device
03/16/17Avionics calculator with integrated routing module, related communication network and communication installation, and aircraft comprising such a communication installation
03/09/17Method of deploying a set of software application(s)
03/02/17Synthetic antenna sonar and forming synthetic antenna beams
02/23/17Method for detecting people and/or objects in a space
02/23/17Avionic system comprising means for designating and marking land
02/16/17Proximity fuze, and projectile provided with such a proximity fuze
02/16/17Power switching cell with normally conducting field-effect transistors
02/09/17Head-mounted display system comprising heading selection means and associated selection method
02/02/17Non conducting material
02/02/17First equipment heating device
02/02/17Avionic equipment heating
02/02/17Heating for an avionic equipment
02/02/17Biphase heating
02/02/17Heating device for an avionic equipment
02/02/17Plane equipment heating
02/02/17Additive manufacturing an avionic equipment
02/02/17Man-machine interface for managing the flight of an aircraft
02/02/17Digital detection method
01/19/17Balloon equipped with a concentrated solar generator and employing an optimised arrangement of solar cells to power said balloon in flight
01/19/17On board computerized system for operating certified functions
01/19/17Method of controlling access to a reserve zone with control of the validity of an access entitlement installed in the memory of a mobile terminal
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01/12/17Method for integrating a constrained route(s) optimization application into an avionics onboard system with open architecture of client server type
01/12/17Method for integrating a new service into an avionics onboard system with open architecture of client-server type, in particular for an fim manoeuvre service
01/05/17Method for locating a jamming source jamming signals of a satellite navigation system and associated system
01/05/17Device for sampling a large, high-energy laser beam combined with a compressor
01/05/17Viewing system comprising means for selecting, sharing and displaying graphical objects in various viewing modes and associated method
01/05/17Method for reducing noise in sequences of fluoroscopic images
01/05/17Method and device for displaying vertical constraints of an aircraft, associated computer program product and aircraft
01/05/17Quasi-optical beamformer with lens and plane antenna comprising such a beamformer
01/05/17Multi-output power converter with phase-shift control
01/05/17Circuit for generating at least two rectangular signals with adjustable phase shift and use of said circuit
12/29/16Control system for a plurality of electric satellite thrusters and electric propulsion device comprising such a control system
12/29/16Optronic device
12/22/16Space based or aeronautical augmentation system with simplified management of its navigation messages
12/22/16Terminal for displaying elements of a database hierarchized in n levels
12/22/16Communication device for airborne system
12/22/16Multibeam telecommunication satellite, associated telecommunication system and handover method
12/15/16Method and system for automatic determination of an optimized descent and approach profile for an aircraft
12/15/16Electronic device and aiding the piloting of an aircraft, with calculation and display of at least a roll margin, related computer program product
12/15/16Data communication method between a plurality of aircraft
12/15/16Method for correcting locally the routing path in an ad hoc network and corresponding ad hoc network
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12/08/16Method and system for determining the compatibility of an angular guidance with an approach
12/08/16Trajectory monitoring
12/08/16Rack d'ensemble electronique modulaire et ensemble electronique modulaire comprenant un tel rack
12/01/16Transmission system for avionics application data
11/24/16Korsch-type compact three-mirror anastigmat telescope
11/24/16Method and system for generating a taxi routing of an aircraft in an airport area, related computer program product
11/17/16Procedure for reutilization of means implemented for boarding, particularly for boarding an aircraft
11/17/16Method for detecting and classifying events of a scene
11/10/16Method of estimation of the speed of an aircraft relative to the surrounding air, and associated system
11/10/16Method of estimation of the speed of an aircraft relative to the surrounding air, and associated system
11/10/16Telecommunications satellite architecture
11/10/16Compact omnidirectional antenna for dipping sonar
11/10/16Modular and reconfigurable electrical power conversion device
11/03/16Moisture-resistant electronic component, notably microwave, and packaging such a component
10/27/16Radiator deployable for a satellite stabilized on three axes
10/27/16Triple software redundancy fault tolerant framework architecture
10/27/16Method of maintenance of equipment
10/27/16A memory device, comprising at least one element and associated method spintronics
10/27/16Architecture for an antenna with multiple feeds per beam and comprising a modular focal array
10/27/16Structural antenna module incorporating elementary radiating feeds with individual orientation, radiating panel, radiating array and multibeam antenna comprising at least one such module
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10/27/16Method and system for communicating and sharing of information for aircraft
10/20/16Method for arranging a plurality of spacecraft under the fairing of a launcher, assembly resulting from such a method and dispenser suited to such an assembly
10/20/16Multifunction probe for primary references for aircraft, associated measuring system, aircraft and obtaining physical quantities
10/20/16Analog spectrum analyzer
10/20/16Coding and decoding methods with differentiated protection
10/20/16Broadband multibeam satellite radio communication system with improved reuse of frequencies on the forward channel, and associated reuse
10/13/16Satellite electric propulsion power supply unit and system for managing the electric propulsion of a satellite
10/13/16Heating of an aerodynamic measurement probe
10/06/16Critical system and associated monitoring method
10/06/16System for monitoring access to a restricted area, comprising a module housed below or above the gate
10/06/16Method and electronic device of control of messages exchanged between an aircraft and a ground station, associated computer program product
10/06/16Method and electronic device for managing, in the form of sequences, messages exchanged between an aircraft and a ground station, related computer program product
10/06/16Improved radiofrequency power limiter, and associated radiofrequency emitter and/or receiver chain and low-noise amplifying stage
10/06/16Device for protecting at least one active component of an electronic module
10/06/16Communication network, communication installation within an aircraft and aircraft comprising such a communication installation
09/29/16Sensor with high-sensitivity optical fiber
09/29/16Compact butler matrix, planar two-dimensional beam-former and planar antenna comprising such a butler matrix
09/22/16Electronic card comprising magnetic elements
09/22/16Method of manufacturing a printed circuit and the corresponding printed circuit
09/15/16Mechanical fixing system for aeronautical display device
09/15/16Operator terminal with display of zones of picture taking quality
09/15/16Method for orienting the beam of an electronic scanning antenna, and sending/receiving system implementing such a method
09/15/16Connector technology for embedded electronic equipment with two connectors
09/08/16Anticollision radar, especially for an aircraft when taxiing, and anticollision system
09/01/16Neuromimetic circuit and fabrication
08/25/16Method for managing and representing a rate of turn indicator for an aircraft
08/25/16System for securing the critical data of an on-board airplane system of an aircraft
08/18/16X-ray generator with a built-in flow sensor
08/18/16Pixel of a cmos imager of an optical detector
08/11/16Laser anemometry system and method
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08/11/16Method and system for determining a reception configuration and a duration of a time interval
08/11/16Method for detecting targets and associated multifunction radar
08/11/16Process for manufacturing a josephson junction and associated josephson junction
08/11/16Consumption management method, and receiving chain for implementing such a method
08/11/16Dynamically adjusting the transmission mode in a satellite communication system
08/11/16Equalization a parsimonious communication channel and device implementing the method
08/04/16System for detecting and locating submerged objects having neutral buoyancy such as moored mines and associated method
08/04/16Method for improving a flight trajectory of an aircraft as a function of meteorological conditions
07/28/16Spectral separation component without a visible ghost image
07/28/16Method for avoidance of one or more obstacles by an aircraft, and related computer program product, electronic system and aircraft
07/28/16Hybrid architecture for avionics data transmission and corresponding system
07/21/16Method and device for electric satellite propulsion
07/21/16Metal weld inspection device, associated system and method
07/21/16Method for non-supervised deinterleaving by n-dimensional enrichment
07/21/16Navigational aid method depending on meteorological conditions
07/21/16Navigation aid method based on meteorological conditions
07/14/16Assembly for aiming an instrument
07/14/16Device for assisting in the detection of objects placed on the ground from images of the ground taken by a wave reflection imaging device
07/14/16Active-matrix display with power supply voltages controlled depending on the temperature
07/07/16Marine object able to float on water, comprising a deployable device for emitting and/or receiving electromagnetic waves
07/07/16Method for the detection of an electromagnetic signal by an antenna array, and device implementing said method
06/30/16Tape with smooth deployment
06/30/16Towing device with a two-piece fairlead
06/30/16Electrode-gel electrolyte assembly comprising a porous carbon material and obtained by radical polymerisation
06/30/16Method for the detection of an electromagnetic signal by an antenna array with pattern diversity, and device implementing said method
06/30/16Authentication infrastructure for ip phones of a proprietary toip system by an open eap-tls system
06/30/16Access method and protocol in an ad hoc network
06/23/16Codeur optique robuste
06/23/16Method of guidance for placing a satellite on station

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