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Thales Australia Limited
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Thales Inc
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Thales Rail Signalling Solutions Inc
Thales Rail Signaling Solutions Inc
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Thales Research Inc
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Thales Alenia Space Italia Spa
Thales Underwater Systems Pty Limited
Thales Alenia Space Italia S p a
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Stacking device for a space vehicle and associated space vehicle

A stacking device for a space vehicle comprises a plurality of hold down and release mechanisms and is configured to hold, temporarily, n space appendages, n being an integer strictly greater than 2, on one and the same support of a space vehicle using hold down and release mechanisms. The... Thales

Detection module of a disturbance signal during initial receiving by a receiver of navigation information, receiver comprising such module, associated method and computer program product

A module making it possible to detect a disturbance signal during initial receiving by a receiver of navigation information, the receiver including a plurality of elementary antennas able to receive, in a plurality of arrival directions, electromagnetic signals including navigation information, a forming unit able to form a resultant signal... Thales

Point location a vehicle moving on a constrained trajectory and associated system

A point location method for a vehicle moving on a constrained trajectory, implemented by a location device comprises tachometry means, odometry means, a group of at least one satellite geopositioning receiver and a time base synchronized to a satellite geopositioning system, the location device detecting the passage of the vehicle... Thales

Cavity-backed radiating element and radiating array including at least two radiating elements

A radiating element comprises a cavity that is axially symmetric about an axis Z, a metal central core that extends axially at the center of the cavity and N different successive metal elliptical planar elements that are stacked on top of one another parallelly to the lower wall of the... Thales

Method for modulating a microwave frequency wave, transmission system carrying out this method, and radar comprising a system of this type

A wave transmitted by an antenna made up of an array of radiating elements, two pulse waves are transmitted, each modulated by a phase shift law known as modulation phase shift, the phase shifts being in opposition, a first wave being transmitted by a sub-array of radiating elements referred to... Thales

Analysis embedded system dysfunctions, associated computer program product and analysis device

A method for analyzing dysfunctions of an embedded system including a phase for modeling this system and an analysis phase, the modeling phase including defining a set of resources, a set of services, a set of statuses and at least one rule for the acquisition of a status by a... Thales

Method of determining a direction of an object on the basis of an image of the object

The invention relates to a method of determining the absolute direction of an object of a scene (1), with a predetermined desired performance. It comprises a learning phase and an online operation phase, the learning phase comprising the following steps: acquisition by circular scanning by means of a first optronic... Thales

Planar transformer layer, assembly of layers for planar transformer, and planar transformer

A planar transformer layer is provided. The planar transformer comprises distinct electrical connections and thermal connections. An assembly of layers for a planar transformer is also provided. An electronic energy conversion equipment item for a satellite provided with at least one planar transformer is also provided.... Thales

Optical-fibre sensor device

A method for manufacturing an optical-fibre sensor device is provided, including an enclosure defining a recess and an optical-fibre sensor including an optical-fibre and a device for holding the sensor that is rigidly connected to the optical fibre, the optical fibre passing through the holding device between two attachment points... Thales

Method for measuring the frequency modulation of a laser source

A method for reducing the peak factor of a signal transmitted in a frequency band comprising several channels, the signal using a plurality of channels in the band comprises: a step of clipping the signal, a step of subtracting the clipped signal from the signal, so as to obtain a... Thales


The present invention relates to a system (14) for displaying avionic data on at least one display space of an aircraft cockpit, comprising a processing module (23) configured to receive a message to be displayed indicating an event and to associate the content of this message with one of the... Thales

Decision-making aid for revising a flight plan

A method is provided for managing the revising of a flight plan of an aircraft implemented by at least two systems, one being of avionics type (qualified, certified) and the other not. From a flight plan, flight plan revisions are determined, even assessed, then one or more of these revisions... Thales

Stirling cooler with flexible regenerator drive

A cooler operating on the Stirling cycle, of the type including a compressor with a compression piston moving in a compression cylinder, a regenerator with a regeneration piston moving in a regeneration cylinder, a driving crankshaft including a crank pin that can rotate with respect to the compression cylinder and/or... Thales

Stirling cooler with fluid transfer by deformable conduit

A cooler operating according to the Stirling cycle, including a housing including a compression cylinder and a regeneration cylinder, a movable compression piston and a movable regeneration piston, that can move in translational motion in the compression cylinder and in the regeneration cylinder, a driving crankshaft, including a rotating crank... Thales

Distributed optical fibre sensor for sensing stress state

A distributed optical fiber sensor of dynamic stress state comprises: an optical assembly configured to generate a series of optical pulses; an optical fiber of optical length L; an optical system configured to: inject through the first end at least the series of optical pulses; receive at the level of... Thales

Avionics system for creating a data cloud and for interacting with the data cloud and associated method

An avionics system comprises an analysis system for analysing the data input, arranged so as to ensure the following functionalities: recognition of the characteristics of each datum and creation of a raw alphanumeric datum; decomposition of the raw alphanumeric datum into numerical values and into referenced parameters or into unreferenced... Thales

Method of explaining a score

A score explanation method for explaining a score includes at least steps of: a1) providing a first score associated with a first vector containing the first values of the parameters; b) generating a first set of lists, each list including a second number of indicators; c) generating, from a list,... Thales

Method for determining tactical actions

Disclosed is a method for determining tactical actions for protecting a reference entity with respect to a plurality of entities in a battlefield environment, the method including: segmenting the battlefield environment into a plurality of layers; associating actable deterrent systems with each layer; obtaining data representative of the probability, for... Thales

Aid piloting an aircraft, associated computer progam product and aid device for piloting

An aid method for piloting an aircraft including acquiring an instruction intended to alter the flight plan, determining an applicability period of the instruction made up of a plurality of applicability moments of the instruction in which the application of the instruction is compatible with the operational capabilities of the... Thales

Frequency conversion device with dual local oscillators and satellite payload comprising such a device

A frequency conversion device, intended for installation on board a satellite, comprises an active assembly comprising at least one first radiofrequency processing chain comprising a first mixer, a first local oscillator operating at a first frequency and linked to the first mixer, at least one second radiofrequency processing chain comprising... Thales

Method for reducing the peak factor of a multichannel emission by adaptive and intelligent clipping/filtering

A method for reducing the peak factor of a signal transmitted in a frequency band comprising several channels, the signal using a plurality of channels in the band comprises: a step of clipping the signal, a step of subtracting the clipped signal from the signal, so as to obtain a... Thales

Multi-resolution fmcw radar detection method and radar implementing such a method

A detection method implementing an FMCW waveform is provided, the emitted waveform is formed of a recurring pattern of given period Tr covering an emission frequency band of given width B, each pattern being divided into a given number P of sub-patterns of duration Tr/P covering an excursion frequency band... Thales

Method for measuring the height of a target relative to the ground using a moving radar, and radar implementing such a method

Radar equipped with a transmission antenna array and with a reception antenna array is provided, the measurement of the height h2 is obtained by estimating the frequency of at least one time-dependent amplitude modulation produced on the reception antenna array, the modulation generated by the interference of the signals received... Thales

Method and system for 4d-tdma multi-user transmission

A method and a system for multi-user transmission in a network, comprising at least on network control center NCC and one or more terminals, wherein the method comprises at least the following steps: determining the number of 4D-TDMA carriers as a function of the number and needs of the terminals,... Thales

Method for handling a faired cable towed by a vessel

A method for handling a cable that is faired by means of a fairing, the cable towed by a ship on board which there is a winch allowing the faired cable to be wound in and paid out through a faired-cable guide device, the method comprises: a first step of... Thales

Method of graphical management of the symbology in a three-dimensional synthetic view of the exterior landscape in an on-board viewing system for an aircraft

A method for managing a symbology in an on-board viewing system for an aircraft, the graphical representation comprising the piloting and navigation symbology overlaid on a representation of the exterior landscape, the symbology comprises a first angular attitude scale comprising a first symbol called an aircraft mockup, a second speed... Thales

Method of depositing oxidized carbon-based microparticles and nanoparticles

A process for the deposition of nano/microparticles, including at least graphene sheets on a support, comprises the following steps: oxidizing at least the graphene sheets; suspending the nano/microparticles in at least one solution comprising at least water as solvent; spraying, by hydrodynamic instability, each suspension over the substrate; heating the... Thales

Method for the non-linear estimation of a mixture of signals

b) For each box, calculating the conditional expectation estimator of the signal, or of the signals, from the measurement X and an a priori probability density for the signals that is a Gaussian mixture.... Thales

Fish with variable hydrodynamic lift and tow line comprising the fish

In the field of bodies towed behind a ship, commonly called fish, a fish comprises a supporting structure configured to move in water in a horizontal main direction, at least one appendage configured to generate a hydrodynamic lift directed downwards when the fish moves in the water under the towing... Thales

Matrix touch surface of large dimensions comprising double injection electronics of the rows or of the columns

A device with touch surface with projected capacitive detection comprising a matrix touchscreen comprises a plurality of conductive rows and of conductive columns, the screen linked to electronic control means generating, for each conductive row and for each conductive column, transmission signals and electronic means for receiving and analysing the... Thales

Multilayer passivation of the upper face of the stack of semiconductor materials of a field-effect transistor

A field-effect transistor comprising a stack of semiconductor materials, the upper face of the stack being covered with a passivation layer comprises two sub-layers: a first sub-layer extending over a second zone of low intensity comprising a first material with electric breakdown field Ecl1, the charge of the first sub-layer... Thales

Photovoltaic cell and associated layout

times the diameter of the semicircle.... Thales

Device and calculating estimated navigation performance prediction

A method is provided for calculating the estimated navigation performance prediction for a trajectory associated with a list of segments of a flight plan. A method for displaying the navigation performance in a corridor trajectory so as to guarantee compliance with the navigation performance requirements while offering immediate viewing of... Thales

Method for automatically adapting the range of visibility in a three-dimensional synthetic representation of the outside landscape in an on-board display system for aircraft

A method for three-dimensional graphic representation of the outside landscape in an on-board display system for aircraft comprises a graphical computer and a display screen. The graphic representation is computed to a visibility distance. In the method the zero pitch line of the aircraft forms, with the real horizon line,... Thales

Method of calculation by a flight management system of a trajectory exhibiting improved transitions

A method of calculation, by a flight management system termed FMS, of a trajectory flown by an aircraft comprises the steps, calculated by the FMS, of: for at least one transition of the trajectory arising from the flight plan: 1) determining an initial transition comprising at least one arc exhibiting... Thales

01/11/18 / #20180012503

Device and calculating required navigation performance prediction

A method is provided for calculating the prediction of required navigation performance for a trajectory associated with a list of segments of a flight plan. A method is also provided for displaying the navigation performance as a corridor trajectory and adapted to guarantee compliance with the navigation performance requirements while... Thales

01/11/18 / #20180012694

Electromagnetic induction device configured as a multiple magnetic circuit

An electromagnetic induction device comprises a closed magnetic circuit, without air gap, of which at least one first part is substantially rectilinear and surrounded by a sleeve, the sleeve being surrounded by an electrical conductor which comprises at least one metal sheet electrically insulated on at least one of its... Thales

01/11/18 / #20180012723

Vacuum electron tube with planar cathode based on nanotubes or nanowires

A vacuum electron tube comprises at least one electron-emitting cathode and at least one anode arranged in a vacuum chamber, the cathode having a planar structure comprising a substrate comprising a conductive material, a plurality of nanotube or nanowire elements electrically insulated from the substrate, the longitudinal axis of the... Thales

01/11/18 / #20180013381

Airship equipped with a compact solar generator using local concentration and bifacial solar cells

An airship is equipped with a compact solar generator using concentration to supply the airship in flight with electrical energy from solar radiation. The compact solar generator comprises a first set of row(s) of bifacial photovoltaic solar cells, arranged parallel to a longitudinal central axis of the airship, and a... Thales

01/04/18 / #20180001969

Device for handling and towing a submersible object

A device for handling and towing a submersible object installed on a ship, comprises: a tilting structure supported by a support, and able to pivot with respect to the support about a first axis parallel to a plane to extend horizontally, the tilting structure equipped with a first guide device... Thales

01/04/18 / #20180001971

Device and protecting towed underwater objects from fishing lines

A protective device configured to protect a line-cutting device mounted on a cable towed by a surface vessel comprises a blade holder comprising a blade, the blade being formed in the blade holder and being retractable into a slot about a transverse spring pin, wherein the protective device comprises a... Thales

01/04/18 / #20180003551

Optical fibre sensor

A fiber optic sensor for detecting an excitation in proximity to a fiber optic assembly, the excitation inducing a modulation of the phase of an optical signal propagating in the fiber optic assembly, the sensor comprises: a laser assembly emitting at least one laser beam; a fiber optic assembly; an... Thales

01/04/18 / #20180005536

Method and system for displaying information relating to an aircraft, device for producing said information and related computer program product

This method for displaying information relative to an aircraft is carried out by computer and includes the acquisition of a message from among a meteorological message and an aeronautical information message, each message including at least one mission object identifier; searching, among the mission object identifier(s) contained in each acquired... Thales

12/28/17 / #20170371031

Method for measuring a direction of incidence of an incident wave for an instantaneous wideband receiver and associated receiver

This method involves, for an array of at least two antennas pointing in different directions and the respective radiation patterns of which overlap one another, each antenna including at least two radiating elements so as to be able to work in a first operating mode associated with a first radiation... Thales

12/28/17 / #20170373456

Device for generating a laser radiation and associated fabrication method

Disclosed is a device for generating a laser radiation including a box and an electrode, the electrode including a column extending along an axial direction and a collar surrounding the column and having a first face perpendicular to the axial direction and a second face parallel to the first face,... Thales

12/21/17 / #20170363733

Radar-assisted optical tracking method and mission system for implementation of this method

The method, implemented within a mission system that comprises an electro-optical camera which generates video images, detects movable/moving objects, and tracks a target object; and a radar sensor which generates signals and detects blips, consists of: acquiring a video image provided by the camera and blips provided by the radar... Thales

12/21/17 / #20170364168

Device for adjusting the braking force of a rolling ball or "trackball" and associated rolling ball

A device for adjusting the braking force of a rolling ball or “trackball” comprises: a rotating ring in the form of a straight circular hollow cylinder, the ring comprising a flexible annular seal, the outer periphery of the cylinder comprising: an inclined oblong; a plurality of identical notches; a fixed... Thales

12/21/17 / #20170366085

Switching energy converter with reduction of the static bias introduced by a stabilizing ramp

This converter includes a controllable switch (M) and a control device (311) for generating a signal for controlling the opening and closing instants of the switching switch, the control device being of the control device type in a current mode requiring the application of a current stabilization signal. The control... Thales

12/21/17 / #20170366223

Method for deinterleaving radar signals

Disclosed is a method for deinterleaving radar signals, the method including: the reception of electromagnetic signals by a receiver (12) and the extraction of the pulses from the received signals, and the formation of pulse trains grouping together at least three pulses spaced apart by a same pulse repetition interval,... Thales

12/21/17 / #20170366302

Method of guaranteed reception of common signals in an avionics system comprising a plurality of electronic computers

Methods of guaranteed reception and of processing of a digital signal in an avionics system comprise a plurality of computers, each computer comprising processing electronics and a software layer, which, on receipt of an event, carries out the following steps: at a first instant, sending to each of the other... Thales

12/21/17 / #20170366372

Method for very high throughput satellite data transmission

A method comprises a preprocessing step consisting, in the gateway station, in pre-segmenting the data as a function of the carrier frequency which is dedicated to them on the downlink DL, in reassembling and in encapsulating the pre-segmented data in successive basic frames DL BB-Frames, that can be transmitted over... Thales

12/14/17 / #20170358729

Capacitive rf mems intended for high-power applications

According to one aspect of the invention, there is proposed a capacitive radiofrequency MicroElectroMechanical System or capacitive RF MEMS comprising a metallic membrane suspended above an RF transmission line and resting on ground planes, and exhibiting a lower face, an upper face opposite to the lower face and a first... Thales

12/14/17 / #20170358901

Optoelectronic component for generating and radiating a microwave-frequency signal

An optoelectronic component for generating and radiating an electromagnetic signal exhibiting a frequency lying between 30 GHz and 10 THz referred to as a microwave frequency, comprises: a planar guide configured to confine and propagate freely in a plane XY a first and a second optical wave exhibiting an optical... Thales

12/07/17 / #20170354052

Assembly for attaching and connecting a computer data storage device to an on-board computer and associated use

The encapsulation structure (17) and the storage device (12) mounted therein are movable relative to the receiving structure (18) between an inserted configuration in which the encapsulation structure (17) and the storage device (12) are inserted into the receiving structure (18) and the connector of the storage device (12) is... Thales

11/30/17 / #20170343647

Method for processing a radar signal in land/sea detection mode; processing system and associated computer program product

A method (100; 200) for digital signal processing (S(t)) of a pulse and scanning radar during an observation of a coastal zone in land/sea detection mode, the signal being sampled according to a two-dimensional temporal map, a distance dimension (d) and a recurrence dimension (rec), comprising: selecting a digital terrain... Thales

11/30/17 / #20170343818

Head-borne viewing system comprising crossed optics

Monocular or binocular viewing systems worn on the head of a user are provided. Each monocular assembly comprises a display and an optical assembly including an optical relay and a partially transparent optical combiner taking the form of an inclined curved plate, each optical assembly arranged to form a second... Thales

11/30/17 / #20170345204

Method for discrimination and identification of objects of a scene by 3-d imaging

A method for discriminating and identifying, by 3D imaging, an object in a complex scene comprises the following steps: generating a sequence of 2D MIP images of the object, from a 3D voxel volume of the complex scene, this volume visualized by an operator by using an iterative process of... Thales

11/30/17 / #20170345778

Hyperfrequency housing occupying a small surface area and mounting of such a housing on a circuit

A package, able to encapsulate at least one component, forming a closed cavity of Faraday cage type having side walls resting on a base and that are surmounted by a cover, wherein at least one of the side walls includes exterior electrical connection elements linked electrically to the interior of... Thales

11/30/17 / #20170346189

Compact multifrequency dual-polarization radiofrequency exciter for a primary antenna source and a primary antenna source equipped with such a radiofrequency exciter

A radiofrequency exciter comprises a junction including an axial access intended to be connected to a horn antenna, at least four lateral accesses and at least four frequency filters that are associated with the four lateral accesses, respectively, the junction including, in series, a first coupling cavity equipped with two... Thales

11/23/17 / #20170336450

Method for detecting signals in a frequency-ambiguous digital receiver, and digital receiver implementing such a method

A digital receiver comprising at least two reception pathways, the method carries out a digital inter-correlation of the signals obtained as output from at least two filters of different central frequencies and different ranks, the rank and the central frequency of the filters being chosen as a function of a... Thales

11/23/17 / #20170336492

Method for passively locating a non-movable transmitter

A method for passively locating a non-movable transmitter on the ground implemented by a group of at least one receiving station, each of the receiving stations comprising a detector of radars and a time reference, the set of time references being mutually synchronized, the transmitter transmitting a set of periodic... Thales

11/23/17 / #20170338553

Self-complementary multilayer array antenna

An antenna array including a radiating structure formed from an array of radiating elements forming self-complementary patterns, the radiating surface separated from a ground plane by a dielectric layer, the antenna comprises an array of metallized vias passing through the dielectric layer between the radiating surface and the ground plane,... Thales

11/23/17 / #20170339045

System and transmitting data

A method and a system are provided implementing a mechanism for relaying by all the nodes, on all the networks and sub-networks connected and defined by the routing directive: as soon as a number of cells “n” of different index have been received, whatever the sender thereof, making it possible... Thales

11/23/17 / #20170339616

Soft handover method using gateway sites diversity and implemented in a space telecommunication system

A soft handover method with gateway site diversity between a first nominal gateway to a relay satellite of a space telecommunication system and a second redundant gateway to the same satellite comprises a soft handover preparation phase, and a soft handover execution phase that are executed in succession. During the... Thales

11/16/17 / #20170328985

Radar detection method distinguishing rain echoes and radar implementing such a method

The distinguishing of rain echoes from ground echoes is performed by an analysis of the attenuation of the radar echoes, a radar echo being classed as a rain echo if its attenuation on a logarithm scale as a function of distance fluctuates around an affine straight line according to a... Thales

Patent Packs
11/09/17 / #20170320547

System for launching and recovering marine and submarine devices assisted by tiltable protective components

A system for launching and recovering a marine or submarine device from a support vessel, the system comprises a carriage and at least one protective component, wherein each the protective component is connected to the carriage by a pivot connection of which the axis, when the device is secured to... Thales

11/09/17 / #20170321020

Composite structure comprising a resin loaded with flat graphene sheets having enhanced thermal and electrical conductivity, in particular for a satellite

A composite structure comprising an organic resin and carbon fibers comprises planar structure graphene nanosheets embedded in the resin. This structure combining good properties in terms of mechanical resilience, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity can advantageously be used for thermal dissipation devices, as solar generator substrate or else as housing... Thales

11/09/17 / #20170322244

System for analysis of a microwave frequency signal by imaging

a detector configured to receive an image of the zone in said direction X.... Thales

11/09/17 / #20170322313

Method and system to validate geopositioning by satellite

The radio navigation device (10) is capable of transmitting baseband digitized signals (IF1, . . . , IFN) from radio navigation signals received at the reference processing station (16), the reference processing station (16) is capable of carrying out processing (29) similar to the processing (20), carried out by said... Thales

11/09/17 / #20170323571

Method and device for generating a resulting setpoint trajectory of an aircraft, related computer program product and aircraft

The generating method is implemented by an electronic device and comprises selecting at least one mode from among several operating modes, acquiring a setpoint trajectory prepared by a flight management system, obtaining an alternative setpoint trajectory from an element from among a module for computing a trajectory and an external... Thales

11/09/17 / #20170323573

Method for automatically rejoining a reference vertical profile of an aircraft

A method, computer program and system are provided for calculating in an automatic manner a trajectory for rejoining a reference vertical profile of an aircraft. A reference vertical profile comprises a set of vertical constraints, and a method comprises a step of selecting an altitude constraint to be complied with,... Thales

11/09/17 / #20170324217

Method for producing a resonant structure of a distributed-feedback semiconductor laser

A reproducible method for producing a resonant structure of a distributed-feedback semiconductor laser exhibiting a narrow waveguide of the order of some ten micrometers, the production of the diffraction grating being carried out subsequent to the step of producing the strip is provided. In a last step, a diffraction grating... Thales

11/09/17 / #20170324465

Inter-satellite communication device, associated satellite and associated constellation of satellites

An inter-satellite communication device for satellites orbiting within a constellation of satellites comprises at least one optical terminal dedicated to intra-orbital plane communication links and at least one optical terminal dedicated to inter-orbital plane communication links, each optical terminal dedicated to intra-orbital plane communications configured to transmit and receive optical... Thales

11/02/17 / #20170313396

Submersible having variable lift depending on the navigation mode

An underwater vehicle designed for navigation at the surface or underwater, having a hull, and at least one normal-force generator of force normal to a longitudinal axis of the underwater vehicle, borne by the hull, wherein a forward part of the hull is asymmetric with respect to the longitudinal axis... Thales

11/02/17 / #20170315216

Method for optimizing the detection of marine targets and airborne radar implementing such a method

A detection method for a given mission comprises: a phase of analysing the environment, wherein phase elements of influence on the sea clutter perceived by the radar are sought and stored in memory; a phase of updating the path to be followed by the carrier depending on the requirements of... Thales

10/26/17 / #20170307734

Method for optimising the detection of marine targets and radar implementing such a method

A detection method for a given mission comprises at least: one phase of analysing the environment using a waveform chosen beforehand, the signals acquired with this waveform being analysed by processing means in order to deduce therefrom environmental characteristics; and one phase of generating an optimal detection wave depending on... Thales

10/26/17 / #20170307752

Method of optimizing picture captures carried out by an airborne radar imaging device, and mission system implementing such a method

A radar imaging device having a mission to produce a radar image of a given target, comprising a step of determining the trajectory of the carrier of the imaging device comprises at least: a phase of determining a segment of trajectory for the picture capture, as a function of the... Thales

10/26/17 / #20170308371

Method for processing an update file of an avionic equipment of an aircraft, a computer program product, related processing electronic device and processing system

This method makes it possible to validate an update file of at least one set of computer data of a piece of avionics equipment of an aircraft. The processing method is implemented within a processing system comprising a mobile terminal independent of the aircraft, an update unit integrated into the... Thales

10/26/17 / #20170310892

Method of 3d panoramic mosaicing of a scene

C) Projecting the selected textures onto each projection surface and fusing the textures in each projection surface so as to thus obtain a conformal mosaic on each projection surface.... Thales

10/19/17 / #20170297746

Orbit transfer a spacecraft using a continuous or quasi-continuous thrust and embedded driving system for implementing such a method

An orbit transfer method for a spacecraft using a continuous or quasi-continuous thrust propulsion, the method comprises: the acquisition, at least once in each half-revolution of the spacecraft, of measurements of its position and of its velocity; the computation of a thrust control function as a function of the measurements;... Thales

Patent Packs
10/19/17 / #20170299372

Automated computation of a dimension of a moving platform

Disclosed is a method and a system for the automated computation of a length or width dimension of a moving platform. The method includes sending radio waves toward the platform along a predetermined transmission axis and acquiring at least one digital power profile signal representative of a received reflected signal... Thales

10/19/17 / #20170299390

Compact three-frequency resonant optical gyroscope

A passive resonant optical gyroscope comprising a cavity and operating with three frequencies comprises: a first injecting laser to inject a first optical beam into the cavity in a first direction; a second injecting laser to inject a second optical beam into the cavity in an opposite direction; a third... Thales

10/19/17 / #20170301244

Secure sequencing of aircraft flight plan

A method for manipulating aircraft flight plan segments is provided. A result of an avionics calculation, such as a flight plan sequencing, is selected from among a plurality of results determined by a plurality of systems executed in parallel and placed in competition, each system communicating to at least part... Thales

10/19/17 / #20170301332

Omnidirectional antenna

An omnidirectional antenna to equip a sonar, the antenna centered around a longitudinal axis and comprises an assembly of emission rings stacked along the longitudinal axis, each emission ring formed around the longitudinal axis. The emission rings are assembled in groups of ring, the antenna comprises at least two groups... Thales

10/12/17 / #20170291666

Submerged object suspended from a towing cable optimized to neutralize disrupting hydrodynamic forces

An object that can be towed in a fluid by a cable along a substantially horizontal transport axis comprises a body suspended under gravity from the cable by a fixing arm, and an exterior hydrodynamic surface that is symmetric with respect to a vertical plane containing the transport axis, so... Thales

10/12/17 / #20170293022

Integrated antenna device

An integrated antenna device comprises a protective casing of hydrodynamic shape delimiting an inner cavity and an upper fixing interface suitable for being fixed mechanically on a carrier structure, the device further comprises an antenna housed inside the inner cavity and fixed to the internal wall of the casing at... Thales

10/05/17 / #20170287224

Method of synthetic representation of elements of interest in a viewing system for aircraft

A method of synthetic representation of elements of interest in a viewing system for aircraft, the viewing system comprises location sensors, a cartographic database and a database of elements of interest, an image sensor, a unit for processing images and a unit for generating three-dimensional digital images representative of the... Thales

10/05/17 / #20170287467

System for segregating audio messages in a cockpit

means for listening to the audio messages.... Thales

10/05/17 / #20170288853

System and dynamically calibrating one or more radiofrequency channels of a satellite payload

A system for dynamic calibration of a first radiofrequency chain to be calibrated comprises: an injection device for injecting a calibration signal whose waveform is predetermined, connected upstream of the radiofrequency chain to be calibrated, and a compensation device for compensating the amplitude-wise and phase-wise disparities caused by the first... Thales

10/05/17 / #20170289531

More reliable monochromatic stereoscopic image projector

The general field of the invention is that of monochromatic stereoscopic image projectors including two light sources that illuminate two imagers, the radiation of the two light sources having a spectral distribution centred on a central wavelength, the first imager and the second imager being connected to a generator of... Thales

09/28/17 / #20170276486

Device for displaying and updating an aerial trajectory pattern aligned with an area on the ground, in particular for an air-drop mission

A pattern able to be updated by an operator, the position, the orientation and/or the shape of the trajectory pattern dependent on trajectory parameters, the device comprises at least display means to view the trajectory pattern and the representation of the zone, and means for computing and storing the position... Thales

09/28/17 / #20170276782

Secondary radar able to detect targets at high elevation

A radar is equipped with a main antenna having three radiation patterns, sum, difference and control, corresponding to the antenna, the radar comprises an auxiliary antennal device, composed of an antenna and of a rear radiating element which is situated at the rear of the antenna, fixed above the antenna... Thales

09/28/17 / #20170276799

Satellite geopositioning method and associated terminal

The position is estimated by using the corrected pseudo-distances computed for each satellite.... Thales

09/21/17 / #20170268881

Method for estimating scattering coefficients of a laser gyro in operation and associated gyroscopic system

An iterative method for determining scattering coefficients of the cavity of a laser gyro in operation supporting two counter-propagating modes, comprises steps of: determining a set of variables dependent on characteristic physical quantities of the laser gyro, one reference variable per dependency relationship being selected from the variables; measuring values... Thales

09/21/17 / #20170269192

Method for filtering a numerical input signal and associated filter

A signal filtering method for filtering a numerical input signal that is sampled at a sampling frequency in order to obtain a filtered signal, the method including a first operation of application of a discrete Fourier transform to M points on a processed signal in order to obtain M points... Thales

09/21/17 / #20170269195

Method for determining parameters of a compression filter and associated multi-channel radar

A method for determining parameters of a finite impulse response pulse compression filter, implemented by a multi-channel radar comprises: a step Etp10 of transmitting a calibration signal and of acquiring this calibration signal after propagation through the transmission channel, a step Etp20 of injecting the signal acquired, at the input... Thales

09/21/17 / #20170272035

Digital frequency converter and processing in a digital frequency converter

determining y(n) by summation of the first and second terms.... Thales

09/14/17 / #20170259438

Pod repair unit

Disclosed is a repair unit (10) for a pod (11), especially a laser designation pod, including: a transportable casing (14); a bubble (18) attached to the casing (14), having a retracted state and a deployed state, the bubble (18) including an opening (46) for inserting part of a pod (11)... Thales

09/14/17 / #20170259945

Device for connecting objects using a strip

A link device comprising a first object and a second object comprises a first strip, capable of passing from a configuration wound about an axis Z about a support fixed to the first object to a configuration deployed along an axis X substantially at right angles to the axis Z,... Thales

09/14/17 / #20170263137

Method and system for managing a multi-destination flight plan

A method for managing a multi-destination flight of an aircraft comprises a first step of constructing an initial flight plan of a mission between an endmost departure point and an endmost arrival point, having a series of temporally ordered waypoints. A second step comprises selecting one or more waypoints from... Thales

09/14/17 / #20170264023

Compact electronic scanning antenna

An antenna comprises at least one cold plate serving as main mechanical structure and a set of transmission and reception modules, the modules supplied with electrical power by an electrical power distribution circuit connected to a power source delivering a power supply voltage, the distribution circuit formed by conductive tracks... Thales

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